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Vogue, Glam!

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glamglam2.jpg glamglam3.jpg glamglam1.jpg

More vintage Glambert!

Publicly closeted homosexual Adam Lambert channels his inner gay porn star.

Work it out!

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292 comments to “Vogue, Glam!”

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  1. 1

    ewww nasty

  2. 2

    Wow, that's extremely gay, even for you Perez.

  3. 3

    well, clearly he likes men. i have no issue with this, but why is he lying? everybody knows. and it is cool with us!

  4. 4

    ew thats why he lost! thank God

  5. 5

    uh why are all the hot ones gay?

  6. 6

    He's not lying, he's facetiously keeping people hanging. It's all in good fun. Leave the boy alone!

  7. 7

    he says he hasn't nothing to be ashamed of, so why do you keep reaming him about being "publicly closeted". maybe he just wants to take the focus off of his sexuality and keep it on the music.

  8. 8

    disgusting, but with this evidence why keeps lying???. disgusting and idiot.

  9. 9

    I am so glad he lost. That whole thing with Katie Perry wearing his name on her cape when she performed on AI was so annoying.

  10. 10

    Lmao. Oh lord….
    At least he looked better then than he does now.

  11. 11

    perez, you are such a bully. leave him alone.

  12. Bren says – reply to this


    That's fuck'n ugly

  13. 13


  14. Low says – reply to this


    Way to make friends Perez….. It's not up to you what he does…

    … this makes you so lame Perez you don't even know.

  15. 15

    Lmao. Oh lord….
    At least he looked better then than he does now.
    The moment he admits that he's gay = publicity and media interest drops, so I guess I see some financial point in his denial….
    Either way, I'm tired of him…. As someone said on a previous Adam Lambert topic, I'm tired of having gay showed down my throat. And I say that as a homo.

  16. 16

    Glad he ain't the idol winner. Shouldn't he be out there protesting prop 8 with you MARIO???

  17. 17

    Uh, didn't he get the club Kids are no longer cool memo??

  18. 18

    He's so not gay

  19. 19

    sheesh hes a cutie

  20. 20

    extremely gay.
    but to each his own.

  21. 21

    he's just gross!

  22. 22

    his hair is different….

  23. 23

    love him! lolo …he looks fab

    p.s wow lots of homophobic posts here

  24. 24

    How can you be such a supporter of gays rights and yet BULLY people who don't feel like talking about their sexuality. You really come across as an idiot. And that's coming from someone who fights for equality.

  25. 25

    Seriously Perez your site has become a gay site instead of a celebrity site. I have nothing against Gays, but your site has become boringggggggggggggggggggg, with your talk of gay gay gay…who the fuck cares who is gay. Your constantly shoving down your readers throats gay bullshit. enough already damn

  26. 26

    hmm once again perez you only liked adam because you believed he was gay and now you are getting angry because he wont publicly stand up and say "im gay" why does he need to? i dont need to tell the world that im straight! why does it matter its none of anyone elses business but his and his families! LEAVE HIM ALONE and get over it and, he is not publicly closeted he hasnt said im straight he just has not commented

  27. 27


  28. 28


  29. 29

    go pens

  30. 29 says – reply to this


    he's like the male version of jenna jameson. whore-ish and skanky.
    gay, straight, who the fuck cares??? just show some damn class!

  31. 31

    God this kid is hot. He's gonna be a huge star.

    Adam is so not in the closet. Get it right Perez. Why does he have to give a lame "coming out" interview? They're intrusive and just strange. He lives openly and doesn't hide anything so get it right. It's not like he tried to cover up these pictures and pretend they don't exist.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    When you came out didn't you get to do it in your own time & in your own way? WHY don't you give that same opportunity to others? I find it rather disgusting!

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Re: Bren – That's HOT and you know it!

  36. 36

    Re: talgrem – sure. blame him for her actions. That makes A LOT of sense!

  37. 37

    Re: BritneyBarnes – No, he lost because jaded Americans don't like to see anyone succeed.

  38. 38

    Fierce bitch!
    It's like any other night in a gay club, fabulosity abound.

  39. 39

    Re: paulina=dan radcliffe fan #1 – Daniel Radcliffe is gay. He just can't say a word until after the final movie is released. With the last book being made into two movies, this may take a while, but I'm sure you will approve of his boyfriend when you finally see who it is! :)

  40. 40

    I can stomach alot, but this picture is making me really nauseous!

  41. 41

    Is it really necessary for him to make an official statement saying he's gay? He's clearly comfortable with his sexuality and has nothing to hide. Leave the guy alone already and quit being a bully!

  42. 42

    great, now i have indigestion.

  43. 43

    ha fucking hot. and hes not really closeted, just not open. well i guess thats closted. actually closted means denying it, and hes not.

  44. snl89 says – reply to this


    Oh. My God. Perez, cut it out already! HE IS IN NO WAY CLOSETED. He is out, he just simply hasn't made an "official announcement" about it, and he shouldn't NEED TO. He's out in the way that it actually matters: through example. He gets out there, remains entirely true to himself, and encourages people to embrace each others differences. He gets out there and assures kids that it's okay to be "different", and in doing so helps them to be more comfortable in their own skin.

    THAT is what is important about being publicly out anyway, is it not? The ability to say "I am who I am, and in being true to myself I am going to let other gay people out there know that it's a okay to do the same". So why is it so important to you that he actually make an official announcement about it? What will that symbolize that he hasn't ALREADY SHOWN?

  45. snl89 says – reply to this


    Oh and for the record, those pictures are smexyyyy :P

  46. 46

    Seen these. Give the guy a break. Oh it is ok for Beyonce or another heterosexual star not to talk about there love life, but because he doesn't want to either, you are out to get him? Because he is gay. ? Respect his privacy. He is entertaining us with his voice not what he does in bed. We as a society is to involved in stars personal life. I think their kids and lovers are really not our business and should be protected. As long as that star is not telling us how to live our lives. Anyways the way he handles himself so gracefully everytime he is interviewed and how he treats others is what we should learn from… m

  47. 47

    he… actually looks hot….

  48. 48

    adam lambert is the most talented person on AI yet.

    and we all know he is gay, so why does he have to go on the cover of US magazine and give us an interview on him being gay? who cares whether he gives a verbal statement, the pictures above show he is obviously not hiding anything nor has he. why does he have to be the loudest and proudest member of the gay community?

  49. 49

    Why is everyone saying he's "lying"? He hasn't denied anything. He just hasn't made an issue of his sexuality, and he shouldn't. It's not like we all have to wear badges saying "I'm straight" or "I'm gay" or "I don't know what the eff I am." Why does anyone care? If one day, he announces that he's gay, will everyone finally get a good night's sleep?

  50. 50

    YES PLEASE! *foams at the mouth*

  51. 51

    Why does he have to have a public announcement of something that seems obvious? Obama doesn't go around wearing a sign saying he's black. Get over it.

  52. 52

    I have to agree with # 26, 27, & 28! They hit it dead on with you Perez. You are acting like the bully you claim to fight against. It's not up to you to "out" Adam, he's out already! Just because he is not flaming around in public, you are pissed because he's not saying anything, just because YOU want him to! All you do on this site anymore is drool over underage guys like Zac Efron & oh yeah, it's so bullshit how you call him Zaquisha, because you are a gay man lusting over a straight guy so bad, that you want to call him "Zaquisha" to put it in peoples minds he might be gay & create some sort of doubt about his sexuality. It's pretty pathetic if you ask me….so if Adam Lambert hasn't came "out" when YOU think he should, you should butt out! Why not support Adam, not slam him. You were all for Adam when he first started AI, but when Adam didn't come out as you say, you start slamming him. Why don't you start practicing what you preach Perez & maybe people would respect your opinion more. GROW UP!

  53. 53

    I still love him!
    Hes fucking amazing and hot!
    Perez, I love you but stop posting things that would make people hate him! Who cares if he hasn't confirmed his homosexuality? He dosent want to loose his teenage girl fan base!

  54. 54

    What the hell is up with all these homophobic posts?
    I think he looks hot in these pictures.
    If you don't like it then don't come to this website because Perez ALWAYS posts things like this.
    Anyway, Adam wants to be known for his voice, not his sexuality. And he's NOT the one "shoving gay down your throats", its the media thats doing all the shoving.

  55. 55

    Re: snl89

    OMG! You are exactly right about Perez, I couldn't have said it better myself!

  56. 56

    WOW,THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT! It makes my stomach turn to ses these pictures.When he ha such a beautiful voice.I'm sorry I cant picture him as that beautiful person singing the graduation song!sorry.I cant imagine what we haven't sen yet!! Good Luck Adam you're gonna ned it.

  57. 57

    Re: "This is exactly the kind of thing that makes people detest homos." How so? This behavior is seen in like EVERY boy/girl music video on MTV. You're crucifying gays just because your "straight" population is more powerful. Get a life, Hitler.

  58. 58

    All I want to say——The boy is hoooooooooooottttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 59

    Seriously, P…get off it! You claim to want equal rights, but to what extent? You "out" people who don't need to be? I don't think there's anyone in this country in their right mind who thinks Adam is straight…not that it matters. It apparently does to you, though. Why? What does it matter? He has an amazing voice…let it go. If he wanted you, I'm sure he'd find a way to let you know.

  60. 60

    Give it another 5-6 years he will be another hollywood trainwreck ala Britney Spears. I like his hair like that though better

  61. d&g says – reply to this


    The guy on the left is totally sporting American Apparel high waisted leggings! I have them in hot pink!!! Awesome… ;)

  62. 62

    Perez… I'm a huge fan..but I'm sure you wouldn't have appreciated someone constantly calling you out on your sexuality. Not everyone is as comfortable with themselves are you are. Give the guy a break. Let him come out in his own time!

  63. 63

    please get some therapy

  64. 64

    I already saw these sexy pics weeks ago Perezers!! You really need to be looking at the internet sweetie.
    I wonder what his parents think of all these pics of their son ALL over the place, DRAG & all. IF they didn't know what their son has been up to in Hollyweird for 9 years ~~ They sure know now (They might be conserves)??
    Anyway ~~ I think Adam is amazing at what he does on the stage and can't wait to see what he does ~~ After American Idol. I'm sure the offers are fl00ding in!! :)

  65. 65

    Perez, do you have so much self hatred that you feel the need to slam other celebrities who you believe are gay? Do you not understand that some people like to keep their sexual lives separate from their work? Maybe some people just don't want to be an attention whore like you… they like their work to speak for themselves?

    Come on.. trust me, Perez. Just like Mr. Rogers told you all those years ago - you are fine just the way you are. Quit pushing your agenda on every other person in the world who doesn't feel the need to be like you. Whether you are some reincarnated crusader or some secret self hating cutter that's angry because of the shit you have had shoved in your face because of your sexual preference, get off your soapbox. Adam Lambert fans love him no matter what. I'm sure that's a concept that is rough for you to wrap your head around.


  66. 66

    And HEY PEREZ … how can someone who has probably been treated poorly because of his sexual preference bully other people? You are just a homophobe in disguise. Get some counseling before your cuts get too deep and there's no one left to run your bigot website.

  67. 67

    Keep 'em coming, Perez! I love your 'vintage Glambert' posts. He's just so very gorgeous. His sexual orientation is nobody's business, however, and personally I think it's refreshing that he's keeping a little mystery about himself. Celebrities live their lives way too much in the public eye these day.

  68. 68


  69. 69

    I find these pictures disturbing.
    This dude is clearly a whore.

  70. k-lee says – reply to this


    This guy's gorgeous! Is there any chance he becomes straight?

  71. 71

    sick shit

  72. 72

    What closet does he have to come out of…there are pics all over the Internet that show he really, really likes men. Who cares? Let him be, Perez…stop ranting about him being "publicly closeted." Your anger about it is really showing through with all your "publicly closeted" posts. Get over it.

  73. 73

    glambert kinda looks like gloria estefan!

  74. 74


  75. 75

    and you need to question why he didn't win AI? I'm sure posting all these slutty-looking pics didn't help him. Most Americans don't vote for sluts… gay OR straight. He has an amazing voice and is probably a really great guy but, these pics make my skin crawl. Obviously, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  76. 76

    Adam is so talented. Meatloaf just said that he is one of the few talented singers today. Black Eyed Peas wants to work with him as well as Slash and Queen. Nobody gives a shit about his sexuality. He's a super nice person with a huge future.

    Only homophobes would say his career is over because he's gay. The guy doesn't hide a thing. It's all about his singing.

  77. 77

    Aww Perez, you and your anal rapers lost today…..

  78. 78

    its ok to be gay….but being a whore is nasty. a gay whore is even worse. more sex…more diseases. stop trying to glamorize being gay!!! if you want to be with the same sex keep that shit in the bedroom. all this public gayness just doesnt feel right.

  79. 79

    Adam is awesome and he should have one idol! When did you become such a bully!

  80. 80

    gross…just pain and simple…gross!

  81. 81

    Gawd, why do people think that an open mouth like that is seksi? Just makes him look retarded.

  82. 82

    These are old. You suck Perez. These have been out for a long ass time.

    Is he really closeted? He basically just said people can draw their own conclusions, like its pretty fucking obvious, and you can figure it out for yourself.

  83. 83

    I think he looks fantastic! Love him and his hammy ways!

  84. 84

    Why do people even bother coming to a site like Perez of all places just to gay bash. Good god, get a life already.

  85. 85

    He looks different in those, maybe just younger? I

  86. Regan says – reply to this


    I saw those pics last week. Way to be current, there, Perez.

  87. 87

    For a gay guy u really push other ppl to come out u should kno urself how hard it is and u are always pushing ppl or forcing them I dont care if Adam is gay or not his music is awesome and that should count but in la la land secrets or drama are what ppl are more focused

  88. 88

    So what PErez??? When he wants to come out he will… leave him alone!
    See… that's why you will never win this gay rights thing cause you have no RESPECT for others rights… stupid!

  89. 89

    Look at all these judgmental people. What - do none of you have pictures that aren't the most classy from your past??? Perez is trying to ruin Adam. These are old and he's admitted to mistakes. He's been the classiest guy on Idol this year. He was classy when he lost and he continues to be classy during his media stuff this week.

  90. Regan says – reply to this


    Why do you insist on being a one man OUT magazine. If he wants to say he's gay he will. It's not your job to out him…not that he NEEDS to be outted anyway. It's not like he's hiding it anyway. He's just not using his orientation as a platform. If you choose to that's your business but get off your high horse and don't insist that everyone share your need to jump on every soapbox.

  91. 91

    perez, everyone knows he is gay so there is no reason for him to come out like lance bass and shout out to the world "IM GAY"… and did it ever occur to you that he doesnt want to become the newest poster boy for homosexuality, and perhaps just wants people to focus on his music…? there is no reason for him to put a label on himself just because it will make YOU feel better.

    Just because he hasnt spelled it out for you doesnt mean he is ashamed of who he is or is hiding any [art of himself… so stfu perez and stop taking a personal offense to things that dont have anything to do with you.

    Team Glambert!

  92. Regan says – reply to this


    Re: snl89 – YES!!!!Well said!!!

  93. 93

    freaken LOVE ADAM, hes a free spirit. his talent is beyond words.

  94. 94

    You know, posting these dumbass over the top pictures really isn't helping your gay equality cause. It's shit like this that make people hate homosexuals. It makes me sick when I think of how your actions could actually be hurting my gay/lesbian friends.

  95. 95

    Well we see he likes the brothers, once you go black….What?? Shut yo mouth, that's right! Not really.

  96. 96

    one more thing… adam has never DENIED being gay. not once has he said "I am not gay". He simply hasnt verbally confirmed it to the public. but he has alluded to it on several occasions. i.e. when he talks about how grateful he is that kris allen was open minded to different lifestyles and how happy he was that AI allowed him to be himself even though he was afraid that he would scare people at first. He has also said that speculation keeps things interesting and that his sexuality isnt dangling over his head… he knows who he is and thats all that should matter.

  97. 97

    I am really starting to get turned on by all these yummiee guys.. maybe Adam will let me play too :D mmmm goooood!!

  98. 98

    You are a jerk! Quit trying to "out" people. It is a personal decision!

  99. 99


  100. 100

    Adam Lambert is a genuine artist. No other labels are significant. HE WILL NOT CARRY FLAGS FOR ANYONE, NOT FOR GAYS, NOT FOR STRAIGHTS, certainly not for your cause, Mario. His name is Adam Lambert, and he is a MAN. LEARN IF YOU CAN.

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