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Keanu Reeves Sued For Child Support!

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Lying much?

Karen Sala, a Canadian woman claiming to have know Keanu Reeves since childhood, has filed a request for the actor to provide DNA samples as part of a plan to seek support for herself and four children.

By the way, her children are all between 20 to 25 years old!

"I'm pissed. I just want him to stand up and be a man," says Sala, who is acting as her own lawyer.

Sala is seeking a DNA test along child support of $150,000 per month as well as $3 million per month in spousal support.

This woman is crazy!!!!!!!!!

Keanu's spokesperson states, "Karen Sala's allegations are completely false and absurd. Mr. Reeves has no knowledge of who she is."

Thought so!

His business manager added, "Before you disparage my client and lend validity to this, there's clearly something wrong with someone who claims child support after all the kids have grown. I'm just pointing that out."

Supposedly, there are witnesses to their relationship but Sala has not been able to provide proof.

Nice try but Keanu's not your baby daddy!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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46 comments to “Keanu Reeves Sued For Child Support!”

  1. 1

    WTF??? This woman is insane…Spousal support?? Child support for a 25 yr old…lmao…

  2. 2

    wtf - what a joke lol

  3. 3


  4. 4

    sorry by keanu only sleeps with men.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a crazy woman who says you fathered her children. They are now all adults between 20-25. If you don't pay $150k per month for child support and $3 million per month for spousal support the bomb goes off. What do you do? What do you do?

  7. 7

    Now, if she was from Hawaii, that might be a different story.

  8. 8

    UM… isn't he gay? I mean in the closet, but pretty much one of the "known" hollywood 'mo's? When he used to tour with his band, Dogstar, I know he hooked up with guys in at least one town!

  9. 9

    LAWL poor woman. I can understand her though, I'd want Keanu to be my babydaddy…so fucking hot.

  10. 10

    Who needs $150,000 per month for the kids and 3 MILLION each month for themselves??? She makes herself look insane with those amounts…that is not rational!

  11. 11

    Maybe she was visualizing Keanu while she was with the real baby daddy and has lost her mind and now thinks her imaginary life is real? IDK…….definitely funny.

  12. Kerrs says – reply to this


    I am left to wonder, why the hell would she come forward now? However by the same token, if she really didn't believe it was true, why subject herself and her children to all the ridicule….there must be SOME truths in her claims in the article, of them being together and what not. I guess a DNA test is in order.

    And maybe she waited because she was happier doing it on her own. Who knows.

  13. 13

    Why are these mental cases given press time, anyway? It is obvious that this poor woman has a serious problem. there must be someone in a position who cares enough about her to get her seek professional help.

  14. TKH says – reply to this


    I wish he were my baby-daddy.

  15. 15

    maybe she waited because she had high hopes he would evenutally do the right thing?

  16. 16

    Keanu Reeves fathered 4 children? Hahahahaha

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Re: Yellow Peeps – thank you. I don't think he could father any children unless he donated sperm and she turkey basted herself… I'm surprised Perez doesn't say more about it because this guy is known to be GAY!

  19. 19

    4 grown children?
    This has to be a joke.
    Another thing.. Whats with the beard he has going on? wooooww

  20. 20

    Oh please. I can't believe there are morons who even believe this shit. Thank God I am not famous.

  21. 21

    WOW! Only 3 million dollars a month for spousal support? plus child support for grown children? We got a crazy one here. LOL

  22. 22

    poor guy

  23. 23

    omg 150,000 a month … thats what i paied for my HOUSE and its gonna take me 35 years to pay it off…!!!! if i got that much my house could be mine ….and dosent normal child support say in a divorice end at 18????unless there in collage or something ??

  24. 24

    DAMN!!! Not one but four kids. Four grown ass kids. THIS BITCH IS A NUT….LMAO

  25. 25

    EEwww. Yella teeth and wolfy facial hair…I used to think he was soo hot in his Wayn's World and Devils Advocate days. Now he lookin like a bum. Why Lord, Why??

  26. 26

    Re: Devotion – By the way I looves your Avatar!

  27. 27

    Funny. It made me snicker.

  28. pj88 says – reply to this


    I read the full article in the Toronto Start today.. this is one crazy bitch! She even looks crazy.. I mean, she makes Octomom look like Mother Theresa!!!!

  29. 29

    I'd withhold judgment until the DNA test. Might have been one of his drunk nights and one of the kids might be his lol.

  30. 30

    Firstly, I have been dragged through the unjust family court system of Barrie, Ontario (Where this claim was filed) and know first hand what tyranny they can wield against an innocent man. Secondly, it is law here in Ontario that if he was the father, she could only get 3 years retroactive on the child support and spousal support (Good luck though on that!)

    Thirdly (and most importantly at all) this woman is definitely delusional, bipolar, schizophrenic or most likely all three!

    Would somebody please get in touch with the ultimate gold digger, Heather Mills and borrow her artificial leg to beat this woman over the head with it until she stops her gold digging ways!

  31. 31

    how that could be possible…….keanu is closeted gay. he and dead river phoenix wer'e lovers.

  32. 32

    that is so funny
    next time choose a target that's straight you idiot

  33. 33

    Oh for the luv of God how did this crazed loon get this far in her bizarre claims - I mean seriously did you see a pic of her -she looks coco for coco puffs nuts - but great publicity for her - please someone get her the help she so needs and oh yeah throw in a new throw pillow for her next photo op - seroiusly what gives?.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    LMAO. Good luck getting child support for a 25 year old ADULT.

  36. 36

    Re: lakerfan100 – Hey, if he «only sleeps with men» nothing happen, right? s l e e p s…

  37. 37

    wtf is he even old enough to have a 25 yr old child? Spousal support? You have to be MARRIED for that shit. I hope a judge just laughs and throw that away. That lady just wants her name in the news

  38. 38

    I think she needed to make this allegation about 15 years ago, not now when he is earning millions. She just wants his money. I would love Keanu to be my childrens' daddy but it ain't gonna happen.

  39. 39

  40. 40

    if anythong he'd get Sandra Bullock nocked up… Isn't Keanu Reeves gay anyway…..

  41. 41

    I've had crush on this guy since i was 17 i turn 40 next month….i saw him play with his band a couple of times back in the 90's and he was super shy on stage and when women approached him….i got an autograph and a quick kiss on his check i was happy with that…how many people can say they even got that from their teenage crush but i've pretty much come to the conclusion that he is gay….yeah there where those photos with china chow on the beach but shes to stupid to know gay if it slapped her in the face…i think there has only been one reported relationship with a woman who had his stillborn child and about a year later she passed away as well….sorry to say i think she may have been his unknowing hag that was hopelessly in love with him…. being a clueless hag is so, sad its one thing when u know its a whole different story when u dont know the guy u totally are in love with gave u a pity screw!!!

  42. 42

    I will say…at least it gave our local news station something to talk about….too bad it is so embarassing for our city. This lady is clearly delusional. Even one of her own sons called her out about it on the news saying he has no idea what she is thinking. Personally…I think Keeanu should take the test…and then someone should throw a book (not the book) at her.

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    You never know. The DNA can speak before you come to any conclusions.

  44. 44

    LOL! I have heard it all now! Even if remotely true, the kids are adults! How do you claim support now! LOL!

  45. 45

    This woman is crazy! Just another famewhore! Haha why does she tell us this NOW? Why not 20 years ago or something??
    If this story is true, which I think is not, then Keanu must have been 20-25 years old when they made the babies!!

    Poor Keanu! I wish him all the best!

  46. 46

    Seriously, we can all WISH we had tapped Keanu, however wishing doesn't make it true!!!!!!!!!