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State Issues Investigation On The Go$$elins

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With all the drama surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin, it was only a matter of time until people started paying attention to the welfare of the children.

In fact, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor is paying very close attention. They've even started a state labor investigation!

Officials are looking into whether TLC's show Jon & Kate Plus 8 is legally complying with all child labor laws.

According to Justin Fleming, the Labor Department's spokesman, the organization is looking into the family after a complaint was issued against the show.

Maybe the complaint came from Kate's envious $ister-in-law and brother?

As for TLC, they claim the show "fully complies" with the state laws and regulations.

If someone issued a fake complaint, we hope they get fined.

What do U think about the kids? Are they being over worked?

[Image via TLC.]

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119 comments to “State Issues Investigation On The Go$$elins”

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  1. 1

    Who gives a shit about this family? (of course we care about the kids.)

  2. 2

    thoze kidz could b makn my new reebokz..hurry up! and get meh sum onion rangz too!!

  3. 3

    Jon is an asshole for cheating on Kate!

  4. 4

    I bet its Aunt Jodi…she seems like a bitch!

  5. 5

    I don't know if they are being overworked, cause they aren't exactly doing anything but standing around and looking cute, but they are definately being exploited, no doubt in my mind.

  6. jennd says – reply to this


    People seem to forget that this isn't the only reality show that includes the children. 18 Kids and counting and Table for 12 also record the children. Table for 12 has a child with a severe form of Cerebral Palsey…is she being exploited? Why is everyone so focused on the Gosselins?

  7. 7

    if the children really are protesting have the cameras in their face all the time, they should do something about it. If a kid cries, and wants privacy rather than having someone zoom in on his face while he cries, I don`t know if that is considered child abuse but it`s extremely rude and may have an effect on their behavior in the future. I don`t think it`s a bogus complaint. There's a possibility these children will be effected by all of this.

  8. 8

    Hate to say it, but this show stopped being about the kids the moment Kate got that tri-sided weird ass haircut and Jon started hating his life. It should be canceled. Nobody gives a shit about those kids. That's not a good thing. TLC should cancel the show, send Kate Gosselin to parenting classes and try to revert these freaks into normal people again so they can give their kids a good life. Not a rich life. A good life. There IS a difference.

  9. 9

    It's about damned time!!!

  10. 10

    Those kids probably don't even think of the show as "work." I just think it's sad that they're caught in the middle of all this mess. People need to learn how to NOT air their dirty laundry everywhere when there are kids involved.

  11. 11

    Re: jennd – Because this show has been based on fraud, and IMO, the children are neglected by their mother while she chases around the country pretending to be a star.


  12. 12

    I have seen every single episode *thanks to the memorial weekend marathon* and the children seem perfectly well adjusted and very happy children. Kate has said if the kids don't want to be filmed then they won't film them straight from the camera guys themselves as well. This is ridiculous and unfounded, I can see where Jon could have so much disdain for the paps, but they also have to understand that they signed up for this when they signed that contract with TLC. I think they need to get together and do whats best for the interest of those children, yes money is good but they are starting to grow up and understand better now that their parents and themselves are being used for publicity!

  13. 13

    how are they being overworked when cameras are simply documenting what they do? exploited - maybe, overworked - no.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    If the kids do not want to be filmed they are to put there hand up to the camera, this started many seasons ago.

    Side note: jon gosselin is being a huge baby. you want the fancy new sports car, but not the job that got you it. You don't want you wife to yell at you then GROW SOME BALLS!!!!! Get over it, your in the spot light.

  16. 16

    get rid of this show immediately. I hope they are shut down soon.

  17. 17

    Those poor kids have had cameras up theirs *sses since they were born so Kate can get fancy hairdos, tan, travel without the kids (but with her 'bodyguard'), wear high-end clothes, live in a mansion, and stay gone all the time. I don't see the other TV parents you mentioned doing this. She's an explotative witch, IMO. She deserves everything she's brought on herself.

  18. 18

    Physical abuse is more tangible than emotional or mental abuse. It is abusive to the children for their family's issues to be spread out for all to see. I don't know if there are laws that govern that aspect of these shows, but there should be. These parents have chosen to live a public life, but the children aren't savvy or mature enough to realize all this entails. Hell, I don't think the parents do either. Hopefully someone who cares for the kids steps in.

  19. 19

    This is ridiculous. Whomever reported them is being spiteful. They are not delivering lines, this show is supossed to be recording them in thei rnatural "habitat" so to speak. Are the being exploited? absolutely but are they really working no way. Like a previous poster brought up, there are SEVERAL reality shows involving children. Why is this the only one brought into question.

  20. 20

    i LOVE this show and my fav is alexis and on the quiz on fb it said i was her! ahhhh they are sooooooooooo cute! ppl need to stop hating on these people they are only people and they are trying their best! you try having six five year olds and twins! i dont think the children are over worked what about every other reality show with kids? LOVE THIS FAMILY STOP HATING!

  21. 21

    PA child labor laws are not anything like CA laws.They need to make some changes,Hopefully PA and all other states as well.

  22. 22

    I'd say it's at least worth looking into. For all we know, they could be making the kids log ungodly hours at shoots for the show. It's not the hardest work in the world, but they're little kids and aren't going to understand when it's time to say "no more."

  23. 23

    The children seem fine. All they do is really smile and look cute for the camera. I dont think they're being overworked at all. It's the media that's turning this show into trash. They're concentrating on the cheating too much and losing the main focus of the show which is how a family copes with 8 children. Now the Octomom, that's another issue.

  24. 24

    You know, Im really tired of hearing about Kate and her problems, she just needs to fall on her face, and hopefully not mess up those board straight ridicuously hideous bangs of hers. UKKK, but i

  25. 25

    how can they be overworked? This isn't a scripted show. It's more like a documentary. They don't have lines to learn. The film ccrew just follows them around. I happen to love this show. Kate can seem like a bitch, but I think she's a good mom. I would think one would need to be very strick and stern with that many children. Jon has always seemed to be a bit of an idiot to me. If he is/has cheated on Kate, he'll eventually will get what's coming to him. Who's going to want anything long term with an aging/balding guy with 8 kids? Sounds to me like family life is just too much for Jon to handle. He wants his youth back. I'd love to be a fly on the wall the moment he realizes it's gone forever. Way to be a man, Jon!

  26. 26

    Anyone with half a brain can see that those kids are being exploited fast and furiously for money, and that there are also paid "PR" posters on here to try and save the cash-cow show (which is carried on those kids' backs).

    Shame on TLC.

  27. 27

    This is kinda silly.
    They are at home-not the set. They are not acting-they are living. Are they gonna investigate living because that is what reality T.V. is suppose to be about. Is Kate suppose to put the kids in a room for the rest of the day. Maybe they should only film for 2 hours a day since they are worried about it.
    Just saying…

  28. 28

    And nobody, except maybe Kate's mother, is buying the "just a bodyguard" thing. This whole show is a big, fat fraud that exploits children.

  29. 29

    It isn't fair to force these kids to have a camera sitting on their faces throughout the day, ESPECIALLY if they have made it clear that it makes them unhappy. Kate and Jon could care less so long as the lining of their pockets are being filled. Greed is a real monster folks! It causes "some" parents to sell the souls of their children for fancy cars, jewelry, white teeth, and fame.

  30. 30

    Not sure that they are really being "overworked", but there have been episodes where the children are participating in all day photo shoots or appearances on talk shows. The photo shoot episode did show them getting very upset and cranky, but I don't that will amount to anything legally. Even still, I think the show should end. Most of it is cute, but the kids will probably not like looking back at their potty training on tape, their mood swings on tape, their showers on tape. Anyone remember the episode where Collin was constipated and Jon had to "help" get the poop out while Kate was shopping? Not sure I'd want to relive that childhood memory!

  31. 31

    Re: Iamthequeenofhearts – I totally agree. I believe the children will be affected by this in their future. Can you imagine when the Cara & Mady start their periods for all the world to know?!! OMG!! We've already seen them all do their toilet training. The kids are going to be thrilled about that when they're older! My guess is, in about 20 years, probably only 1 or 2 of those kids will speak to Kate. After having 8 kids, she will be a very, very lonely old lady.

  32. 32

    Re: leahbean – Please learn how to spell and punctuate properly. It's really not that difficult.

  33. 33

    I dont think the kids are being over worked. everyday of their lives have been taped and if the cameras weren't there the kids wouldn't know what to do. the big problem is jon and kate, if they get everything worked out then the pennsylvania department of labor wouldn't bother them. but its all for ratings. Good Show

  34. 34

    They should most definetely investigate and send in children's services as well. I feel sorry for those kids, their parents are insane!

  35. 35

    Overworked? That is ridiculous! They are being exploited thanks to Kate but I don't believe they are overworked! FYI, Jon allegedly cheated on Kate vice versa. We don't know the true facts, but it is obvious that Kate has changed into an egotistical witch! IF people believe the children are being overworked, then the the Dept. of Labor should also investigate on the Duggers, Hayes, and Little People Big World. The Gosselins are a controversial family because of the allegations made between Jon and Kate's infidelity, Kate's bitchiness towards Jon and Kate's "job" book touring and Kate's hair! The children are so adorable, but I do believe the show should be canceled ASAP!

  36. 36

    I'd never watched it until the marathon this past weekend and was bored stoopid. the show is more about Kate than the kids and Jon just sits there like a stump on a log. personally, I see nothing interesting about watching a family with a litter of kids, but especially via fertility drugs = a big nothing. everybody does it these days.

  37. 37

    Leave them alone!! The show is fine!

  38. 38

    Can't believe this is coming up now….only because their personal problems are in the media. So sad. These kids are well taken care of and this show is wonderful….it's even helped me with issues with my own child. What about all the other shows with children….Toddlers and Tiaras, Supernanny, 18 Kids & Counting, etc.????

  39. 39

    Really… It's been 5 seasons and they're just "now" checking into the status and well-being of these kids. Why didn't anyone care before? This is what happens when you get a reality show! Didn't they learn anything from Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey?! ;)

  40. 40

    no way man, they're just being taped running around in their own house pooping and stuff!

  41. 41

    Re: cheerioko – Gee, I'm so surprised.

  42. 42

    wouldn't it be great if somehow they could throw kate's whiny nagging bitch ass in jail? i can just see her shrieking at the jailers though. she'd probably drive them crazy with all her entitled, spoilt bullshit. this bitch needs to go down hard.

  43. 43

    The kids aren't even on the show that much. Most of it consists of the interviews with Kate and Jon. And from what I can tell when they are, they love all of the attention. They talk and play with the crew. It saddens me how people can be so vindictive.

  44. 44

    The kids are not being overworked. They are doing what they would normally be doing. The camera crew stops by 3 to 4 hours a day and not everyday. The kids are doing things for themselves on their own time. Laws only apply to children doing OTHER work on their time. LEAVE them alone. Kate has EVERY right to continue with the show… she is providing for 8 kids!!!! That is EXPENSIVE. She's not like Nadya Suleman who is bat shit crazy. Kate is educated, intelligent, ambitious and, yeah, maybe she is not Mary fucking Poppins but she get shit done. Her kids have culture, fun, and a set of parents who care immensly about them along with a world that's fallen in love with them too. Maybe Kate doesn't have fun when they have these outings and trips, but her children do.

  45. 45

    the kids arent working at all , there just being kids , they dont know what its like to not have cameras around since they have grown up with them there

  46. 46

    This disgusts me. All the kids in danger in the world and Dept. of Labor is going to focus on 8 happy, healthy, loved children? That's really sad. You know Jodi & Kevin are behind this. The 2 most pathetic people in the world.

  47. 47

    I think an investigation is a little much. I don't think TLC would be stupid enough not to comply with the laws as this is there #1 rated tv show.

    On that note, if it's true any of the kids are unhappy about the cameras (which it seems that they are not) then I think it's time Kate and Jon actually do as they say and take care of their kids needs first and stop trying to make it about $$$ or fame.

  48. All says – reply to this


    I wonder who's in charge of making sure that all eight of those children are getting their fair share of the money being paid to the parents for the show. The children are absolutely being exploited for the benefit of the parents, I just hope that when they hit 18 they all at least have money in the bank and mommy and daddy haven't squandered it all.

  49. 49

    overworked? it's a camera crew video taping their growing up. how about these sick shows about parents forcing their little girls to become the next "jean bonet ramsey"? that's overworking children. i feel for john and kate…they didn't ask for 'celeb' status when they got into this. as for the red-headed in-law bitch, she wasn't shy about being on the show in the beginning… she's the one that wants the celeb status. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE.. i mean, leave the gosselin's alone!!!

  50. 50

    these kids ARE NOT overworked-there are only so many shows each season on TLC- Kate is securing her kids future with the show. Because of the show, her kids have been able to take art classes, golf lessons, gone to disney and so many other places. They are intelligent, well mannered, taken care of and are clean and well fed. there is no evidence of abuse-ANYONE CAN FILE A COMPLAINT AND BY LAW THE STATE HAS TO LOOK INTO IT.

  51. Tulip says – reply to this


    Please, of course they are. These children are Kate's bread and butter, her ticket to fame and fortune. It's disgusting that these kids can't be kids without the cameras in their faces.

  52. 52

    Exploited? Maybe. Overworked? Definitely not. They're just living their life. God knows that little bitch Mady is a diva already.

  53. 53

    while I don't think it's a good idea the show continues on, I don't think you can really play the "kids are over~worked card"! The cameras just follow them as they go about what they would be doing anway. They don't have to memorize lines, or block scenes, or take cues….. I think people are getting a little carried away here!

  54. 54

    First of all, they are not being overworked.

    Secondly, think about the number of celebrity moms who must travel and leave their children behind at times in order to work… this does not make them a bad mom or mean they are neglecting their duties. In fact, my mom (who was a single mom) used to travel for work all the time to support us, and I turned out fine and we have a great relationship. Think about parents who are in the military and are deployed overseas… does this make them bad parents? No! Absolutely not! Kate is simply doing her JOB when she travels… give her a break! Give the entire family a break!

  55. 55

    Look closely at Kate's crazy ass bangs….they cover a "lazy eye" that was never treated during her trailer park childhood. That's not all she is covering up though. Glad someone is on her tail.

  56. 56

    everyone seems to forget how kate is. anyone who has watched the show since the beginning will be able to vouch that kate yells at her children when they become rowdy but aunt jodi would get on their level and talk to them in a way they could understand. is kate a horrible parent? no. is jon a horrible parent? no. a lot of married couple go through hard times and this is something that they need to work on privately instead of being filmed. they need to take a break because those kid are gonna grow up and be so resentful. they are going to wonder why their parents allowed their failing marriage to be filmed for the entire world to see. how can they have a normal adult life when they know that the world knows what their parents went through. no one should be blamed for a partner cheating but themselves. whether kate did it or jon did it is on them. you cant blame kate for jon cheating or jon for kate cheating. there are things on the show that should never be broadcast and i feel that the kids will be horrified when they grow up and see it. in one episode kate mentioned that the camera became maddy's conscience because she had seen herself on the show. we need to stop placing blame and come together to get them to end this show. its necessary

  57. 57

    From what I'VE seen, they're busy being as big a bunch of brats as anybody else's kids. All they have to do is just BE and let the camera get in their faces. And it seems like they get all the regular sleep and naps that any other kid gets. They're okay. At least they're not starving.

  58. 58

    the kids are not being overworked…like come on they have camaras follow them around as they go to the store and at their birthdays or eating dinner..the adults deal with the business aspect..the kids are NOT BEING OVERWORKED!! PEOPLE NEED TO STOP MAKING SHIT UP!!! just leave the family alone let them continue with their show like they intended to in the beginning.

  59. 59

    They're not being exploited?!

  60. 60

    Re: MornGlor – The first season (their first year) consisted of eight episodes and was supposed to be a like a documentary. Last year (the 4th season) they did 20. This year (5th season), TLC DOUBLED that to 40 episodes because of the major drama playing out and the high ratings they are getting. Somewhere along the line (the $$$$$ trail), the line got blurred, and it has turned into a greed. 40 episodes is unfathomable. Those kids will have cameras shoved in their faces 24/7 at that rate. They never look happy anymore. They only want to spend time w/their parents w/o the cameras. Real time. Not 'forced' time for ratings. Really, really sad. Kate traded 8 little souls to the devil for this. She wants to continue to do this show. It is obvious Jon does not. I think it is obvious the kids do not want to do it either. They are so going to hate her when they are grown up! She should end it now, save her marriage and her family, go back to work (she can work part-time while the kids are in school — MILLIONS OF FAMILIES DO IT!), and Jon can go back to work. Now that's reality.

  61. 61

    Re: xbfeltx – I agree totally! Many are saying that 8 kids are expensive so they need to keep doing it. I would think they've made enough to keep themselves going. With $75,000 an episode… last season was 40 episodes and this season is too. Also, all the book sales, speaking engagements, etc… they should be pretty set if they are responsible with the money.
    I just think about the kids when they get to high school… there peers will have a lot to say and it won't be pretty~

  62. jennd says – reply to this


    Re: Scrappy-Doo – What about all the actors and actresses who have children and travel for their jobs…the dads that travel for work. What makes her the villian here? In my opinion those parents seem to know their children pretty well, they allow the kids to have their own privacy and are not allowed in their rooms, so if they need to get away from the cameras they can.

  63. 63

    It's about time someone investigated this situation. That money grubbing porcupine haired beeotch needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Pimping her kids out.. how disgusting!

  64. 64

    You people need to get your facts straight. If the show were filmed in CA or NYC, they would be sued for child exploitation. That's why TLC chose to keep them in Pennsylvania upon buying their new house. Ask OctoMom who is being sued for child exploitation for trying to create a reality TV around her multiples. This is rightfully ILLEGAL behavior in several states that know all too well the perils of children growing up around fame which none of them asked for. It should be in all 50 states as well, and all of these reality shows profiting off of families should be subject to every other rule in the entertainment industry.

    Yes, the kids are working. They are selling sponsor products which is making money for other people and by speaking on camera on a show that makes ratings - much of which is scripted like every other reality show - their babble, scripted and unscripted alike, constitutes as paid work as it makes nets money for sponsors and networks. People don't seem to realize that it's not even the TV appearances that are what's going to screw these kids up besides their hideous parents, it's the effect that fame is having on their lives which is what messes up any child star. It's the infringement on their privacy and personal lives that is the major bulk of the destruction and they have every right to be protected legally.

  65. 65

    the kids are filmed running around and being children 3 days a week. that's not even work!!!!

  66. 66

    Definitely Aunt Jodie behind this. I like how they claim the kids are being exploited and are doing the rounds but they are also exploiting the situation for MULA $$$$.
    Hey, Kriders, if its not you then why don't you come out and say it isn't you?

  67. 67

    Look at those babies, they look so happy and let's hope that they are not over-worked.

  68. 68

    Re: DamnYankee
    Ha, ha.. tri sided hair cut and Jon hates his life.. LOL.. You're so right! Its a schizo haircut and reflects all her personalities, personally hate it, and think she could even look better with a normal style. Another problem with her haircut is what can you do with it after this? Also, its kind of freaky that depending from what side you are on, her head looks totally different!

  69. 69

    You can tell that the kids are well taken care of, so for someone to say otherwise is simply BULLSHIT!!! Maybe it's apparent that Jon is never around but for someone who is called a "MONSTER", Kate seems like she is a great mother. People are so sensitive to any negative attitudes she portrays, its called Reality….Real Life. Nobody has a perfect life, if they did it would be boring and it would more than likely fail!

  70. 70

    its not possible for them to be overworked! they're lives are being recorded… they're not acting…

  71. 71

    All of you MOTHERFUCKERS defending these assholes need to be investigated too, sick fucks.

  72. 72

    Anyone can make a complaint and ask the state to investigate. If the state feels there are issues to investigate, they will do so. No one is going to jail for making a complaint concerning children.

  73. 73

    I heard the rule about kids on a work set was 3-4 hours every 2 or 3 days maximum. I think that reality tv needs to be held accountable just like network tv and movie production. These kids are doing 40 shows a year. The production must go on constantly to get this show on air. I feel bad for these kids because I too don't see the show about the children as it was in the beginning. I will say that this show is no different than other reality shows when it comes to "reality". THe first season is all about home but from that point on it becsomes about setting up situations and traveling with whomever the show is about. How is that reality?

  74. 74

    aunt jodi
    hey girl…umm
    can u do all of america a favor and shut the hell up. that will be GREATLY apperciated.
    u dint have nethin to say b4 the jon and kate thing. all of a sudden u just JABBA JAWWIN.
    ya 15 mins of fame is almost ova.

  75. 75

    Reality shows like J and K plus 8 have set a scary precedent. You have couples having way to many children they can't afford so how do make money to support the family? Give up your privacy and the privacy of your children. And now TLC has a new show about the family of 18. It's sad that these people are being rewarded for multiplying like rabbits.

  76. 76


  77. 77

    I like this show. I'm waiting to see Jon grow up, grow a pair, and tell Kate "No, I do not agree. You are wrong and STFU because we are going to do it MY WAY this time."
    Can Jon do it? Do it John. Rip Kate a new one.
    Kate and Jon are doing a great job providing their family a beautiful home, they eat healthy and organic, get to do loads of fun stuff, and have money in the bank. Jon and Kate's marriage is failing miserably .
    Jon and Kate need marriage counseling. Many couples have trouble in their marriage. I would like to see Jon and Kate work things out on TV. I think it might help other couples.
    I do not like Aunt Jodie or Uncle Kevin. They are Kate's side of the family so I will say that's where Kate gets her many shortcomings.
    I'm loving all the drama. This show will not be canceled. It's too juicey.

  78. 78

    I personally don't feel that its right to have camera's in those kids faces every hour of everyday, not to mention that vacation time should be family only and not those intruding cameras.

  79. 79

    Re: itsk4yl4duh
    U R talking about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and I soo agree!
    I wouldn't let my pets around those freaks. Not because she has 3000 kids, it's the way the kids are brainwashed to believe that is normal. They make their own clothes-which is kinda sad in 2009, they are lil maids and are forced to watch the younger siblings because not one Stay at home can watch 17 kids. The oldest is married with a lil freak on the way!!

  80. 80

    the kids arent working they are just living their life. it just happens to be on camera..its kate thats working with her book deals and the like

  81. 81

    The children are not being overworked. They don't do anything. They live their lives and go with the flow. This is all a publicity stunt that has gone to far. They did it for ratings and now its tearing them apart and the kids are getting the worst of it. E

  82. 82

    The children are not being overworked. They don't do anything. They live their lives and go with the flow. This is all a publicity stunt that has gone to far. They did it for ratings and now its tearing them apart and the kids are getting the worst of it. Everyone needs to back off and realize that families have problems like everyone else.

  83. 83

    I think that despite whatever is going on with their parents, I think these kids are extremely happy. There is no way they could fake the happiness that I see when I watch the show. I'm sure they don't even consider it work—you can tell how much the kids love the producer and the camera guys, especially Scott. Whatever he looks like!

  84. 84

    The kids are healthy and well behaved for their ages. They are playing on the show not working or learning parts like child actors. They are being themselves. Jodi go enough people upset about this and she, Kate's brother, or someone that believed them filed the complaint.

  85. 85

    no I dont think they're being over worked at all

  86. 86

    Jon may be an asshole for cheating, as all cheaters ARE assholes. However, the fact is that he should have left the domineering and pathetic Kate before any of those kids were even conceived! I watched the show only 4 or 5 times when the little ones were in their potty training days. The woman was a total bitch and a nightmare! The scene she pulled at the store while shopping for presents for the kiddies, was ridiculous and humiliating to her husband. There is no cause to treat another human being that way, especially your MATE ffs! message to kate….you aint ALL THAT, so get over yourself you stupid COW. (God help those babies of hers!) message to jon….grow a pair buddy….its sad when your wifey has a bigger set than you do. tsk tsk

  87. 87

    Thats ridiculous. Those children are filmed doing what they do in they're everyday life. Does the show force them to go to Disney Land?? Do they whip em until they go? Give it a rest with these poor people already. Worry about the kids who are actually being put to work in america. Not the ones making millions by going on trips and smiling into the camera. What a waste of tax payers dollars. No wonder the economy is going to shit.

  88. 88

    my fav comment about kate's crazy hair was in a magazine and they called it the reverse mullet! haha amazing. i have been a fan of this show for a long time and since this whole thing has happened it has become sad to watch. its not about the cute kids and this family just trying to live their life anymore. its all drama that is become sooo rediculous it makes me sad. in the end the kids are the ones who are going to suffer. yea, they are getting lots of money and providing for their kids but is all this baggage really worth their family falling apart? jon and kate obviously cant stand to be in the same room together and its sad because in the beginnning they actually seemed to enjoy eachother (most of the time). they dont even seem like they want to work on things they just want to give up. they need counseling lol. i also find it strange how they both said they are in it for the kids, nothing about their wife/husband and also when they talk they say "MY kids", not OUR kids. interesting. sad sad story, i hope things work out to benefit the kids cuz they deserve to be happy1 love those kids!

  89. leo32 says – reply to this


    I think the kids should be able to say, go away, to the camera crew if they are having a bad moment (or just want mom and dad to themselves that particular day). It is NOT cute to see older children have a private moment or struggle, and see the camera angle zoom in on their crying face. So for that reason alone they are being exploited
    I have been a nanny for two different multiple birth situations and they ALREADY get alot of attention everywhere they go becuase it is like - oh - stroller with four or stroller with six all the same age, and they're swarmed by well meaning, curious, intrusive people. My job was partially to block people from approaching and to just help them avoid that so they wouldn't be afraid of going out in public.
    I say this to say even without camersa they don't like attention on them all the time. If the show ends they will have to endure INTENSE scrutiny for many many years after the fact. Someone should project what each child will face as adults based on their temperaments and how they presently feel about thier parents relationships, parent's priorities, and having cameras thrust in their lives.

  90. 90

    The children are getting the short end of the stick overall. Now matter how you cut it money or not it still sucks for them. Plus having you mother and fathers trouble board-cast everywhere and anywhere. The just never had a chance at normal from the get-go.

  91. 91

    Re: TurnThatFrownUpsideDown

    Kate's job is a luxury!! Being a "celebrity" is a choice and she could stop it at anytime!

  92. 92

    They are being paid to exist. They'll be grateful for it when there are 8 college tuitions to be paid.

  93. 93

    Perez, this is your first post that really pisses me off. Many of us have been complaining to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor for months. MANY people withing the Pennsylvania State government have complained. The violations are shown on the show. TLC lied and said they only shoot 2 days a week. They've shot over 100 episodes in only 5 years and their "hiatus" was about a month, with a special in between.

    If cameras are in their faces and it will be shown on television, that is work. I don't care if they are "living their lives." they are working.

  94. 94

    Re: XjadorevintageO – Mady put a sign on her bedroom door "Cameras Keep Owt" and how many times have you seen her put her hand in front of the camera??

  95. 95

    Re: Cleojonz – "On this episode of Jon and Kate plus 8."

    "It's another life experience for the babies." Mady.

    Yeah, not scripted at all.

  96. 96

    Re: seeitlikeitis – Good Post!

  97. 97

    Re: Perezismyboy/girl – Over worked? They shouldn't be working at all!!

  98. 98

    Re: Tulip – Why do so many have a hard time believing this? People are not "natural" when they are being filmed and I don't care how comfortable they are in front of a camera. These kids deserve better.

  99. 99

    Re: CuddlyCarla – I love you, Carla!

  100. 100

    Re: doggiebreath – They have a completely different crew now. The kids are happy because the crew is paying attention to them. I've seen some very unhappy kids while watching but I guess we all see things differently.

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