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Clay Aiken Talks Prop 8

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Over on his official fansite message board, Clay Aiken was asked his opinion on the California Supreme Court's ruling on Prop 8, which makes gay marriage illegal in the state, and the Gayken answered the question quite well!

Thank goodness!

Writes Clay:

"Loaded question. Hope I don't get myself in trouble here again…

I will say that I am QUITE disappointed that Prop 8 passed in the first place. I could argue all day the myriad of reasons that I believe the US Constitution provides for equal rights for all people. And, as much as it is their right to have a differing opinion, I think that some of the arguments coming from the anti-gay side are stupid, hypocritical, and even contradict themselves.

That said, I can't say that I am too upset by the CA Supreme Court's ruling. While it is disappointing that same sex couples in CA will have to wait longer to have equal rights, at the same time I worry that a different ruling from the court would have caused far more trouble than good.

The bottom line is… no matter how much I hate it…. Prop 8 passed with the majority of the public vote. I don't agree with them. I don't think it is right, but it happened. I don't think I would be comfortable allowing the courts the power to override the will of the people. Yes, I know the argument can be made that had the courts not struck down segregation in the south we may still have Jim Crow laws in place. However, (A) segregation was instituted by the states based on public opinion and not necessarily by an official vote and (B) the US Supreme Court struck down the practice of segregation. It didn't overturn a specific vote.

I strongly believe that the next time that Californians go to the ballot box to vote on legalizing same sex marriage, the tides will turn. I truly believe that the majority of CA voters will support the equal rights of all people next time they are given the chance. While the CA Supreme Court may now be composed of justices who believe that same-sex marriage should be legal (remember they are the ones who made it legal in the first place), what happens when the public votes for same-sex marriage to be legalized, yet the CA Supreme Court is made up of justices who feel it should be illegal? Will they then have the power to overturn the vote? Its not a precedent I want set.

As much as I disagree with Prop 8, I don't want to give the courts the power to ignore the will of the people. Because I expect that one day, even in North Carolina, the majority of voters will allow me the right to get married, and when that happens, I don't want nine justices being able to change the outcome.

We can't only agree with the system when it agrees with us.

That said…. Way to go Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and (fingers crossed) New Hampshire… and, bring on the next ballot California!

Yes yes yes!

The 2010 elections won't know what hit them!

Fight for equal rights!

[Image via WENN.]

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94 comments to “Clay Aiken Talks Prop 8”

  1. 1

    Wow. Didn't think he had it in him to be so graceful when answering such a debated question. Way to go Clay!

  2. 2

    stop leaking Gaga's motherfucking videos
    is your precious L gaga angry at you :P
    and good to see your gay equal rights thing is still going strong :)

  3. 3


  4. mabel says – reply to this


    Clay stated exactly how I feel about the entire issue of same sex marriage.
    I have never been against it. I have only been against those judges who overturned the "will of the people" last year.
    And anyone who respects the Rule of Law should feel that way exactly how Clay stated it.
    Waaay to go Clay. You said it well :)

  5. 5

    wow. Perez, you're so fabulous!

  6. 6

    He forgot Iowa. He gives a reasonable argument even if I don't completely agree with it."the will of the people " is too changeable, based on the heat of the moment, on emotions, and not always reasonable and rational. I really am sick and tired of all this B.S. Every human being in this country is protected by the Constitution. No one has the right to deprive anyone of their rights. Ever. Period. We should have legalized civil unions ages ago for everyone, and let various religious groups decided HOW they wanted to recognize them and bless them with ceremonies, not IF they would recognize and bless them.

  7. 7

    He is only tryin to get your love Perez…When are people gonna understand that this whole thing is a popularity contest between celebs??

  8. 8

    excellent answer clay! as for you PIGGEZ in your dreams, CALI will not pass it so soon, so best thing to do is to move outta there, your stinking up the place anyway! go back to cuba or miami

  9. 9

    He's absolutely correct, no courts. That said, state to state will eventually lead to only about a third of them passing it. So a population shift, which is already happening, will occur more rapidly. The divides as of this, and so many other issues (taxes!!) will continue to get worse. There will be problems down the road, and like all things, money will be the main reason.

  10. 10

    Re: emberfusion – I agree he isn't usually this tackful haha but I agree with him, as much it is frustrating for gays in CA if they over turned the general publics vote, then their freedom of speech and opinion would be taken away…although then at least they know what it would feel like to have your rights taken away : )

  11. 11

    well it looks like you got shot down again fatty.

  12. 12

    And also it seems like a bunch of celebrities are coming out of the closet as bi or homosexual. What, are heterosexuals OUT now?

  13. 13

    Well said! Way to respect the integrity of our system of government and the political process!

  14. 14

    BRAVO!! Finally, someone reasonable steps to the forefront on this issue. The courts are NOT the place for this to be decided, it always has been and always will be the ballot box.

  15. 15

    well said, too bad he said and not someone like Pres Obama lol

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Perez wears a dress when he cooks dinner for Teddy and sings show tunes at the top of his lungs!

  18. 18

    A good example of an intelligent and articulate gay man. He's a whole lot smarter than you Perez.

  19. 19

    Clay is a smart man.
    Not only is this comment well thought out and correct, but so were the other comments he made recently.

  20. 20

    He should sing now because he won't be singing when he spends eternity in HELL!

  21. 21

    Bravo Clay! You were right about American Idol going to the dogs too.

  22. 22


  23. 23

    Wow. Very well put, Clay. :) I seem to take a hit on this one, but I still think New England should be rewarded with $$ for being sensitive to this issue and California should feel financially what it is like to alienate people. That would change the way the ballot box rolled.

  24. 24

    The correct spelling of LOSER:


  25. 25

    The people have spoken.Perez must die!!!! Gayken is our new Leader!!

  26. 26

    Aiken makes a nice argument.
    Keep in mind, though, that while the Supreme Court eventually did get its act together (Brown v. Board), they have made some pretty dumbass decisions in the past (Plessy v. Ferguson, the Dred Scott decision).
    What is a happy medium? I love it when we get to vote on things, but that doesn't always happen. And sometimes people don't make the right decisions, so you want the courts to step in…but is that really fair? And since when are the courts infallible, anyway?
    American can be complicated at times.

  27. 27

    Re: JohnnyD
    *rolls eyes*

    Absolutely spot on Clay. I hate the fact that the Prop 8 is in place in the first place. But he's absolutely right, if we push and push and push for and protest until we get what we want, how long until the Supreme Court turns it around?
    I don't agree however, that the majority should be voting on the rights of minorities, just cuz some don't believe in the lifestyle, shouldn't give THEM the right to take away OTHERS rights.

  28. 28

    Re: The DOUCHEess

    # 7
    I respectfully disagree.
    This issue effects real people .. celebrities are the least of the problem.
    Who cares what famous people think? Most of them can easily buy
    special favors (such as adoptions, legal matters, etc) … most real folks cannot.
    Real folks need equal rights .. not celebritiy opinions.

  29. 29

    WOW. Who knew Clay Aiken could be so eloquent and articulate?
    Well said .. good points. (Possible political future??)

  30. 30

  31. 31

    Just another person pissed about Prop 8 who didn't lift a finger before the vote. Quit whining and take action. And protesting isn't action. It's just more whining. The gay community needs to preform a financial slowdown in California while the state is vulnerable. Quit supporting a state that doesn't support you.

  32. 32

    I'm actually very surprised to read such a well written answer to a difficult question. I have to say that FINALLY someone stated my feelings completely.

  33. 33

    Why is his hair always green

  34. 34

    Very intelligent opinion. Learn from him Perez. This is a gay man that UNDERSTAND the power of the people. You wanted the people's vote to be reversed at yoyr cnvenience and when that didn't happen, like always, you cried like a baby.

    We do not live, (so far) in a totalitarian country we live in a country with laws, a democracy….We don't like bullies to tell us how to vote or think. I know you want USA to be Cuba in which the government dictates the way people must live..This is not the case.

    Clay just make you look like an inmature fool. And you are so fucking stupid you even publish his opinion.Wat a fool you are, pathetic!!!!

  35. 35

    Wow! Clay is smarter than I thought he was. The courts should not decide this issue! I agree totally with Clay. We can't have judges overturning the will of the people. Go Clay!!!!!

  36. 36

    As a conservative Republican, I have to say that not only do I agree with the vast majorityof what Mr. Aiken said, but I am also thrilled to see someone from the gay community finally address this issue with tact and rationality. If the members of the pro-gay marriage movement learn to carry themselves more like Clay Aiken and less like Perez Hilton, then I can almost guarantee that Prop.8 will come up on the ballot again and be defeated. And when it IS beaten, it will be a legitimate victory won by a fair vote and the will of the people, not through thuggery and unconstitutional court mandates.

  37. 37

    Very intelligent opinion. Learn from him Perez. This is a gay man that UNDERSTAND the power of the people. You wanted the people's vote to be reversed at you convenience and when that didn't happen, you cried like a baby.

    We do not live, (so far) in a totalitarian country we live in a country with laws, a democracy….We don't like bullies to tell us how to vote or think. I know you want USA to be Cuba in which the government dictates the way people must live..This is not the case.

    Clay just make you look like an inmature fool. And you are so fucking stupid you even publish his opinion.What a fool you are, pathetic!!!!

  38. 38

    what about way to go Iowa

  39. cdv says – reply to this


    Ya know whats annoying- everyone is saying that their rights are being taken away. This is false. Mario you can get married……to a chick. If you wanna do something with another dude- its a civil union not marriage. You get the same rights just not a word. Be happy w/that. Why on earth would any gay person wanna be married anyway…… it sucks. Trust me, I know.

  40. 40

    i think prop 8 is a disgrace, its a violation of human rights!

    h t t p: / / w w w . b e b o . c o m / w e h a t e l a d y g a g a

    join me…take out the spaces

  41. 41

    Someday Perez will man up and stop bashing Clay. He always uses the worst pictures he can find and it is so damn childish. Clay is a good looking man but you wouldn't know it because the nasty gossips always use only bad pictures.

  42. 42

    y is he even talking? llike honestly who in the world is like ooo lets go see clay's blog no stfu jezz

  43. 43

    Re: lolololo – Hey, we don't want him in Miami!!! You can keep him! :D

  44. 44

    Re: Renfamous – Bravo! Very well said. I couldnt agree with you more.

  45. 45


  46. 46


  47. MP says – reply to this


    He's completely right. It's a states' rights issue that should be put up to a vote by the people. The courts should have no part of it. I think during the next election cycle, every state should be required to address this issue on their ballot.

  48. 48

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  49. 49

    Redfamous, you are absolutely right. I, too, am a conservative Republican, and no matter what someone thinks about the issue of PROP 8, the fact remains that the popular vote (the voice of the majority) was heard and upheld. If we can simply overturn votes through the courts, why even have a vote to begin with?? If we all voted against higher taxes and won with a majority of the vote, and then the Supreme Court went back and overruled our vote, we would be PISSED! And when (and it will happen) the gay marriage issue goes back up for a vote, it will likely pass. Instead of throwing hissy fits on the streets, get out there and change people's perceptions of the gay community so that when it is time for the next vote, the result will be what you want.

  50. 50

    RickneedstotellU: Me and the Muttonhead have been together for 19 years, 2 years ago we legally married in Massachusetts. The sky did not fall. Our marriage didn't negatively affect or impact the marriages of our straight neighbors in any way. Legal gay marriage is is coming nationally.

  51. 51

    WHO gives 2 shits WHAT Clay has to say!! His 15 minutes has EXPIRED!! HOLLA bitches!!

  52. 52

    Everyone gives 2 shits about what Clay has to say. If they didn't you wouldn't be here yapping about it.

  53. 53

    ummm the judges are suppose to interpret the law and up hold it regardless of public opinion….the majority should not be able to vote on minority rights, it puts the minorities at the whims of the majority. This is exactly what the gays went through when they were fighting for the rights to keep their jobs! Do you think that the public should be able to decide with a vote whether gays should have the right to keep their jobs when their employer wants to fire them for being gay? Its the same principle.

  54. 54

    Re: Rickneeds2kno – Is Muttonhead your dog???

  55. 55

    Clay Aiken is an idiot. Just because someone is eloquent does not make their sentiment worthwhile, relevant or correct. First, he's no hero an no authority. He didn't come out until all his checks had been cashed, even though the whole world knew he was flaming. Unknowns all over the country put their lives, careers and families on the line daily to be out and live proud. Now he has the audacity to rationalize the continued oppression and discrimination against those same people by hiding behind his "will of the people" argument. The will of the people can not ever, and should not be allowed to ever, trump The Constitution. People in the South absolutely DID vote to maintain segregation and Jim Crow laws, Geniuses. Further, despite all the known lynchings, house burnings, rapes, etc. that blacks in the South endured, no white defendant was ever convicted of violence against a black victim until the late 20th Century…there's your "will of the people."

    Until GLBT "activists" are ready to put everything on the line, throw down the gauntlet, and demand the rights that their American citizenship guarantees them, this movement will stall. Until all the high-minded closet cases who hide behind their gated homes and publicists are outed, this movement will falter.


  56. 56

    Re: Yellow Peeps


  57. 57

    and we care what this z-lister thinks because….?

  58. 58

    Re: CGSmith28 – I think it is OK to vote on my gay marriage when it's OK to vote on your straight marriage.

  59. 59

    Re: lemonbird – Clay did address Iowa. He said that he didn't add Iowa because they were given rights due to the legislature, however it is up for the vote and the vote can knock it down

  60. 60

    Re: brofoski

    Absolutely brilliant.

  61. 61


  62. 62

    Great answer Clay!

  63. 63

    2010 HERE WE COME! hopefully this time around we need to make sure that the prop is written very clearly. numerous people who voted in the last election thought they were voting in favor of gay marriage by voting for prop 8. (even judge judy discussed this on larry king live).

  64. 64


  65. 65

    Re: .perezhilton – Muttonhead is my husband, darling.

  66. 66

    It's refreshing to have a clear, well thought out answer on such a debated topic (48% - 52% is considered debated topic folks). Either way you feel about Prop 8, the underlying message of the dangers of courts over ruling VOTES (vs the practice of discrimination) is an important one.

  67. 67

    Re: vudugrrrrl – And you are a very angry and mad homosexual. Your type make the rest of America puke.-

  68. 68

    It is so weird that people think the "will of the people" is a good reason to pass a law. The "people" used to think it was OK to keep slaves and to deny women the vote. Things only changed when lawmakers changed the law. Mob rule by the people is not a good idea… That is WHY we have laws.

  69. J2thb says – reply to this


    He is soo ugly!

  70. 70

    WOW!!! What an articulate, well-thought out answer! I think he makes a lot of good points.

    Don't know why I'm so surprised about this response. I'm impressed :D

  71. 71

    1865: California shows discrimination and violence against 12,000 Chinese immigrants. 2009: California shows discrimination towards thousands of homosexuals. The message is CLEAR. Repeal prop 8, because we know it's NOT right!

  72. 72

    Re: Rickneeds2kno – I never said it the outcome was fair to gay marriage proponents. I just said that if there is going to be a majority vote, then the courts should not be able to overturn it. That is the way our system works. In the next election, I am sure it will be BACK on the ballots. If if falls the way you want it to, with the majority voting for the legalization of gay marriage, do YOU want the courts to be able to overturn it? Of course not!

  73. 73

    Re: CGSmith28 – I meant to type, I never said THAT the outcome…not it. Sorry about that.

  74. 74

    Question: If the homosexuals are awarded the right to legally marry, will you please stop having promiscuous anal sex and spreading AIDS everywhere? Please? Our economy cannot bear the continued burden.

  75. 75

    honestly i understand the issue but why are you giving clay aiken more attention .. i honestly don't like him after him literally just attacking adam for attention i understand it was his opinion but it was stupid and we all know it was just for some attention.. honestly who even wants actually paid $30 to join his stupid blog anyway lol

  76. 76

    Re: mrsadamlambert23 – i meant who actuall paid for that crap anyway**

  77. 77

    Lameberts are worse than Claymates ever were. mrs adam lambert is a shining example of a rabid Lamebert looney tune. Waaah! Aiken didn't like ROF. I'm telling! I hate you for life! Hahahaha.

  78. 78


  79. 79


  80. 80

    Can we be any more desperate for some recognition!?!

  81. 81

    Wow, who knew Clay Aiken could be so articulate? Well said!

  82. 82


    one of clay's fans thought he forgot Iowa too.

    Here is that Q& is A.

    Q. Don't forget Iowa too! Were you surprised by that one? We are more liberal than people realize. Very proud it is legal here.

    A. The legislature didn't make it legal there nor did the voters, the courts did. As long as a ballot initiative doesn't overturn it there like they did in CA then congrats to Iowa too. I worry that we haven't heard the last from there though. I hope I am wrong.

  83. 83

    ok so now you want to be on board and for the rights….bull shit…I'm sick of all the hypocrytical homo bullshit….first off…the people voted for this…and if there is any irregularity with the poeple's vote then pursue the fight…but bottom line was that he was not at the rally's and it just seems like this is an effort on his half to stay in existance. Him coming out was him staying relavent. He's just a fame whore….keep takin a fist up the ass, fattie…

  84. 84

    Re: lemonbird You are right and that right INCLUDES THE RIGHT TO VOTE AND THE RIGHT TO THE PEOPLE TO CHOSE THE SPECIFIC LAWS THAT APPLY TO THEM. Just as Clay said - "We can't only agree with the system when it agrees with us." Did you not even get what he said, or did you just feel the need to whine some more hypocrisy?

  85. 85

    Re: vudugrrrrl Check your facts before spouting off. These types of arguments are exactly the ones causing backlash. "I'll say some lies, those who don't know better just MIGHT believe me, and the ones who do will hate me anyways." Secondly, statements like yours are also creating an even larger backlash within the minority community. Comparing MASS murders, MASS rapes, BURNING ALIVE on a daily basis to not getting married? What an insult to those who DID live through it, and an insult to the real civil rights leaders.

  86. 86

    how scary he looks…I came across an online community for individual seeking interracial love. It is blackwhitemeet.com All singles there are seeking interracial relationships. Interracial is not a problem there, but a great merit to cherish!

  87. 87

    Re: Apt. 54 Those events you mentioned were long before organized voting was in proper place. Had all votes been able to be tallied throughout the US, the Northern states would have outvoted Southern for slavery. The legislators were elected, however the issues they debated in Congress were NEVER brought to the people to begin with. And too many people go on rampages about minority rights to vote, when a minority had the opportunity to vote before white people. That would be when male minorities were given that right before ALL women.

  88. 88

    Re: razzipost If it really was a "we" know, then it wouldn't be an issue, now would it? So because a small minority think it's right, therefore it is? Regardless of what's behind it? I swear, these arguments on here…

  89. 89

    I Just Don't want to read this or for it to pass!!

  90. 90


  91. 91

    Oh god I am so sick of this fucking gay soap box. Your gossip sucks too as it appears like 3 days after it has been everywhere else already.

    Do get a grip.You are still a chubby little z lister of no importance, not even on gay rights.

    We get that gays want the right to marry of they chose to .I doubt many have too much problem with that.But to carry on as if it is the most important issue in fact the ONLY issue worth commenting on is beyond insane now.This is a gossip site not a fucking soap box for side line political issues.

  92. 92

    Re: Apt. 54

    Touche.Well put.

  93. 93


  94. 94

    Why does he look like Michael Myers?