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Beth Ditto Slams Katy Perry!

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Beth Ditto graces the cover of the new issue of Attitude magazine and inside, the singer has a few bones to pick with Katy perry.

Ditto calls I Kissed A Girl a "boner dyke" anthem for "straight girls who like to turn guys on by making out or like faking gay".

Beth righteously adds, "I hate Katy Perry! She's offensive to gay culture, I'm so offended. She's just riding on the backs of our culture, without having to pay any of the dues and not being actually lesbian or anything at all. She's on the cover of a fucking gay magazine."

And Ditto doesn't stop there! She goes on to say that she would like to incite a "band feud" with the singer.

Well, Ditto, we think you've definitely got the ball rolling on that!

Now it's time for Katy's response!

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289 comments to “Beth Ditto Slams Katy Perry!”

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  1. J2thb says – reply to this


    I dont know anything about her but she looks disgusting!! Katy is a rockstar and it sounds like fatty is just jealous!!

  2. 202

    Wow, it is just a FUCKING SONG, enjoy the music people…relax.

  3. 203

    get over yourself ditto ,she's saying she kissed a girl and she liked it ,do you have to be a comitted lesbian to say those words your just jealous cause she killed with that song and you've never had a hit

  4. 204

    It's one thing to be healthy and curvy, but she is freaking obese and disgusting! No reason to flaunt that nasty shit!

  5. 205

    Who the EFF is this FAT B$TCH anyway??? Does she really think she is better than Katy Perry? She shouldn't be mad that Katy doesn't want to kiss her UGLY ASS nor does any man, is that why she's a lesbian?

  6. 206

    Re: PDidda

    I love you!! I also agree that Ditto's comment is right on and what I've been trying to say for a long time. I still do not know why Katy Perry is famous!

  7. 207

    Im sorry who is this sal?

  8. fiera says – reply to this


    Remember Jill Sobule's song about kissing a girl, like, over 15 years ago. Katy Perry is not doing anything original and I really don't give a crap about her!!

  9. ksev says – reply to this


    wow, she's fat as fuck.

  10. 210

    Uhm if you are that fat why the fuck would you wear that… it is NOT attractive, sorry. I'm fat but I am certainly not gonna wear that shit or go around celebrating it.. seriously. She's fucking gross as all hell. And not to mention her comment about Katy Perry.. if you're fucking gay everything is about gay vs. straight and it's lame. Get the fuck over it!

  11. 211

    Who gives a shit about either Katy Perry or this broad? I'm so sick of gays defining themselves so completely by who they sleep with. You people are obsessed with sex to the point of being boring. Do you have any hobbies besides notching your bed posts for fuck's sake? Get a life. You are just as bad as the women who have to have a man, any man, just to feel good about themselves.

  12. 212

    Beth is an idoit! Katy Perry has been very suportive of the gay community!

  13. 213

    Ditto is a jealous, fat, bitch…

  14. 214

    Even though Katy Perry cant sing to save her life, its a bit harsh to actually say you HATE someone publicly…..shame on Beth but she has a point about the song being pretty atrocious……

  15. 215

    stilettos can't make everyone sexy,wow what a hideous monster that chick is.

  16. 216

    Dear, Bethdittowatever

    I think ur lame for your lame interview.

    She should be worryed about wat she puts in her mouth cause she's soooooo FAT


  17. 217

    Seriously, talk all the shit you want about Beth Ditto. The amazing thing about her is she is truly confident and doesn't give a shit about the negative things people say about her. That is why I love her!!! Go Beth Ditto!!

  18. 218

    there goes my breakfast, please remove that nasty pic!

  19. 219

    I agree with the comment about the ridiculous "boner dyke" phenom. Its been going on for years, though. Nothing new. Megan Fox, Gaga, Madge…they all fall into this category. For purposes of entertainment, they have all cashed into that trend. I look forward to the day when it stops. Its hideously fake and disgustingly so.

    However, what I get from Beth's comments is that she encourages segregation. At a time when the gay and lesbian community is trying so hard to convice the heterosexual population that they are no different, Ditto speaks words that are exceedingly divisive. I am also struck by her reference to "gay culture." What an idiot. Culture is environmental. It is subjective. Does she think homosexuality is determined by nurture or nature? Sounds like nurture, which in that case all arguements for there being no choice in the matter fall out the window. If you;re gay and fit perfectly into some type of culture becasue of your homosexuality, you are full of it. Being gay is a sexual preference, NOT a musical preference or otherwise. OPE! That is unless a perosn's homosexuality is FAKE.

  20. 220

    You solidify stereotypes that gays are already plagued with when you refer to them as some sort of single culture…*frustrated*

    Forget the Financial Institution VP that enjoys the thatre on the weekend…and happens to be gay.

    Forget the Organic Strawberry farmer that stays home on the weekends to enjoy movies…but is gay.

    Forget the pageant girl that is in the National Honor Society and wants to be a botanist…but is a lesbian.

    Girlfriend is referring to "club/party culture…not GAY or lesbian culture. Again, idiot. Propogating sterotypes.

  21. 221

    Who's Perez gonna side now ?
    His gay community or his close friend ?

  22. 222

    those stilleto booties must be made out of steel!!! o_O uhm… she reminds me of Ursula (from Little Mermaid).

  23. Jvn says – reply to this


    Thank you! I am so not gay, would never kiss a chick- but all you lesbians go for it. I hate bitches that kiss each other just to make guys want to fuck them in the ass.


  24. 224

    shut up beth, you ugly fat bitch.

    another thing.. pretty sure nobody cares about beth or really knows who she is.

    stop posting about this obese bitch.

  25. 225

    Yeah, Katy Perry's song is annoying to real gay people. And Beth Ditto's body is annoying to healthy people.

  26. 226

    really? Who cares if Beth Ditto hates Katy Perry. Who cares if she is a lesbian. It is extremely gross to see someone who is not only obese but morbidly obese "grace" the cover of a magazine. People come in all shapes and sizes but there is truly nothing beautiful about being so humongous that you are risking your life.

  27. 227


  28. 228

    urg, she's disgusting.

  29. 229

    She's right though. That's exactly what the song is about. Where is her pants?

  30. 230

    Wow, hate is a strong word. Ditto could have (I think should have) handled herself and worded her speech differently, but she is on point about Katy Perry. I never heard the phrase Boner Dyke Anthem, but it sums up "I Kissed a Girl" pretty well…not to mention she ripped off the title from that '90's song.

  31. 231

    I know for sure that here in Belgium 99.9 % of the people does not know who Beth Ditto is.
    And what is it about her being a new rolemodel?
    Ok, anorexic models aren't a nice example for young girls, but she doesn't seem that healthy either..

  32. 232

    And in response to way too many people to count on this page: disgusting is focusing on someone's weight or appearance because you are too shallow and/or unintelligent to think of anything better. Disgusting are all the Paris Hilton-wannabe plastic straight girls who go to clubs and pretend to make out with their friends because they think it will attract guys. Ditto is right on and I'm sure she doesn't give a fuck what anyone has to say about her weight or overall looks…otherwise she wouldn't be out there, working it on the cover of a magazine.

  33. LDD says – reply to this


    I hate Beth Ditto she is a fat fucking swineeee… I'm not a huge fan of Katy Perry either, but I'd take katy over this fat fuck any day….Don't you mean "Beth Ditto beaches herself on the cover of Attitude Magazine"?

    No wonder there are people For prop 8, when something like this is advertised….And who gives a fuck if this Tub O' lard is offended by Katy perry.. I'm offended by the grotesque whale…..

  34. 234

    OMG this Fat cow is disgusting!! No wonder she's a lesbo. What man would F@ck her nasty azz. Casper on twinkies OMG it's scary. I think gays and lesbos love attention they could be gay only for that exact reason. Negative or not they eat it up. So get outta here with all that bull about paying dues and crap get over it she's a freakin entertainer for christ sakes.

  35. 235

    She has one hell of a voice' but does she seriously think all that fat is cool…it will kill her before she is 30, silly cow.

    Perry and Gaga two of the latest on the bi ego trip bollocks are both utterly shite vocalists.Pop/ electro /dance sucks.All Perez ever puts up here is music from the bottom of the barrel.

  36. 236

    i totally agree she has a valid point on the issue HOWEVER

    that bitch is just jealous cuz katy perry is sexy.
    & SHE IS NOT.

  37. irmaa says – reply to this


    Omg, WHY DO PPL COMMENT ON THE WAY SHE LOOK? That has nothing to do with anything. All she said is true: Katy is a waste a space, she should just shut up. She cant sing, have no talent, and look pretty. Thats all. She just pretend to be gay to sell albums!

    So sad that most ppl think looks are more than talent.. :(

  38. irmaa says – reply to this


    Re: przjerk – haha, are you kidding? You should really look up Ditto before you speak..

  39. 239

    and i find your unimaginabe gut offensive u fat lesbo. sweaty bitch, i bet her fanny smells like an otters pocket.

  40. 240

    If she thinks she curvy, she's wrong. I hate when people are generaly fat and their always like 'Yeah, I'm just curvy.' Curvy is about a size 14 -18 and MAYBE a size 20, she's just fat, and just because she doesn't like ONE SONG one artist sings, she shouldn't of completely raged at Katy Perry..she should grow up and loose some weight.

  41. 241

    you guys are ohhh so creative with all the "fat" comments. I mean, seriously. So shes fat! Big fucking deal. She has a point, and shes not afraid to make it. How many girls nowadays make out with others girls soley for attention? As a girl, I can tell you that the numbers are astounding. I think Katy Perry is super gorgeous and a great performer, but Beth is right.

  42. 242

    Beth is right on! Katy Perry is a talentless hack. Who's load did she swallow to get her deal?
    Big deal. Beth is Fat. She fucking owns it and all the haters can't deal.

  43. 243

    "Riding on the backs of our culture"?? Seems like the BIG woman is jealous. Gay magazines swoon over pretty follywood types and have them on the cover all the time. If you want to be mad how about getting mad at the "stars" who are always talking about loving their gays like: Cher, Kathy Griffin, Madonna or Joan Rivers. By the way, do you think they really love you or is it just a publicity move to say they do. The only reason for Ditto to want a public feud with Katy Perry is to become more popular outside rainbow world. What's the matter Ditto? Not enough money to be made on your gay planet? You want equality but you want segregation too? Give me a fackin break.

  44. 244


  45. 245

    Im bi-sexual, and i think that its pathetic when gay people take what other people say so personally, its got nothing to do with gay culture, its just a song, get the fuck over it fat ass, shes just angry cause she cant get no pussaaaay and nobody can find hers under her flaaaaaaaab!!!!

  46. 246

    Hahaha… Beth is so awesome, she is so funny! Saying it how it is… loves it

    p.s everyone needs to ease of on the fattest remarks… not cool

  47. 247

    hopefully katie will just ignore her — boring

  48. 248

    and perez, why aren't you telling beth to grab a salad — you mock every other overweight person — oh, yeah, that's right — she's out, so that's okay

  49. 249

    Re: *stars101* – All of your posts are spot on! Agree 1000%!

  50. 250

    AHEM. The only reason people are constantly commenting on Beth Ditto's performance is because they are insecure themselves. Come on, what do you expect from Top 40 fans anyway? They obviously have a limited ability to seek out good music. So they bash someone for being overweight and consider Katy Perry to be a LEGEND. Which makes absolutely no sense. I mean, sure she has fun and catchy tunes — but have you HEARD Beth Ditto's voice? This girl is amazing and edgy and like someone else said, a fucking breath of fresh air!! But of course, most of you don't care about that because in order for you to appreciate an artist, they have to be aesthetically pleasing.

  51. Roz says – reply to this


    f*ck this fat pig!!!
    im straight and you know what. i have kisses girls and i liked it. problem?

  52. 252

    ohh hey'll nahh!!
    i know she just didnt mess with katy!!…pfft she can get that ugly picture of hers and stick it wher the sun dont shine!!!!!!!! u mess with her yew mess wit me! :] love ya katyy

  53. 253

    Why is it that Beth Ditto "GRACES THE COVER" and Kirsty Ally was a fat pig Perez????? Is it because beth is a big fat dyke bitch and she reminds you of you????

  54. 254

    Wait.. what!? Seriously? Beth get a grip you crazy cow. I think that Gay people are starting to think this too far. I'm sure if she was singing about how she loves gay people and she thinks they should be married you all would give her a fucking award.

    And WOW Beth you are soooooo fat. You should deifinatly wear jeans to cover up those pasty, fat thighs. They seriously look like a vat of cottage cheese. D:

  55. 255


  56. 256

    Re: Rickneeds2kno – That is hilarious !!!!

  57. epic says – reply to this


    she has a point, but to me it looks as if 70% of the homosexuals are in fact heteros who want to be hip. the whole GAYGAYGAY is such a hype, that it may seem as if it's cool to be a little gay (and to earn money with the idea). btw is there something like "bi" anymore? i haven't heard that in a while.
    but: do gays (in the western countries) really have to pay "dues"? when i hear something from someone who's gay it's always judging, sexistic, or something about sex (or whining that life's so cruel - we know, pussies, we know) boring and immature (except lily allen who seems to be hetero and talks shit all the time). after all i haven't heard so much clever things from katy, she might be lesbian as well.
    (no judgement of sexual affections, but of social behaviour that seems to come with it)

  58. 258

    Re: *stars101* – look u fugly photo fuckwit! KATY PERRY
    is the best singer about these days and she aint promtining girl on girl action to straight men !!"!
    beth dito is a motherfuckin fat bitch and i had to look her up cause no one knows who she is? she is fake lesbian!!
    fat bitch!
    you wanker!
    so stop commentin on everyone's comments !! it's nothing to do with u!

  59. 259

    Ewww what a pig! This cover should be censored! Ewww so disgusting!

  60. 260

    JEALOUS FAT PIG!!!!!!!!!! KATY PERRY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 261


  62. 262

    What a jealous fat pig……….i fucking hate her

  63. 263

    she has a point, it is offensive to them. and to be honest i love the gossip so she can pretty much say what she wants as far as im concerned

  64. 264

    Yuck , who is this ugly, pale fat ass woman!!! sounds like shes jealous!!

  65. 265

    i'm not really sure where beth ditto gets off calling *anyone* fake gay. she is a woman who dates a MAN who happens to dress like a woman. it's still a male+female relationship. thus. NOT GAY.

  66. 266

    Re: *stars101* – why dont u!!

  67. 267

    This cow is Porkez in a dress…

  68. 268

    Talk about a disgusting fat beached whale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's enough blubber to make anyone puke! This fat cow is an embarrassment to the gay community. Only the drugged out tweakers in WeHo and Chelsea think she is something. the rest of humanity knows her to be worthless human trash.

  69. 269

    Re: *stars101* – no i dont think mario is a good AUTHOR !
    i dont think she gave her manager a blow job!!
    thats wot ZOOEY DESCHANEL done!
    ur a fuckwit with to many comments ! if u dont mario then why are you on this site?

  70. 270

    Ditto is a bit of a shit stirrer, though I do think what she says is partially true, that many women only lez off to satisfy men. I don't think this is all cases though.

  71. 271

    Love Miss Beth Ditto, who actually CAN sing. Rock on with your sexy self and fuck haters who judge you. :)

  72. 272

    Good job Beth! Keep doing what you do!
    Beth Ditto is right. Katy Perry isn't talking about her own fantasy, she is trying to create one for the teen boys watching.
    As for certain people commenting; you should be ashamed of yourselves. It is comments like those that keep the eating disorder rate high and girls' self-esteem low.

  73. gems4 says – reply to this


    what makes me laugh the most is that some of you fuckwits think that kazakhstan is in eastern europe!! twats. but no, beth is totally right, all these girls like perry and megan fox know exactly what they're doing- it gets the boys' attention and gets them plenty of shoots and interviews in lads mags.

  74. 274

    Re: no beer makes homer -go crazy!! – Yip Beth Ditto is gay

  75. 275

    I bet she would EAT Katy Perry!!!!

    Perhaps this crazzzzy fatso should focus a little more on weight loss rather than bashing people with real talent.

  76. 276

    Re: azulle – LMFAO Ursula from little mermaid!! Thats the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life. Thanks I couldn't place where I've seen her b4.

  77. 277


  78. 278

    Re: *stars101* – Informed!

  79. 279

    Beth is right when stupid little whores try to get male attention by kissing other girls is insulting to gay women. Katy perry is just trying to be shocking. p.s yes Beth Ditto is gay

  80. 280

    Big fat fuck too much deep fried squirrel. Clogged archeries and a weak heart. It ain't big or clever. She comes over to London and eats us all out of house and home chases our women and breaks our beds. Fuck off back to the land of the obese you fat redneck fuck. WEAR DUNGAREES AND COVER YOUR FACE YOU DOG

  81. 281

    Re: bellanita – thanks!:D

  82. 282

    Re: *stars101* – Okay well this is where I nip this in the bud, because it's obvious that you are a few pills short on your meds. What's that abt people in glass houses? Yeah, you should stop and think before you drop the word "crazy" in reference to anyone else on here. I would also like to point out, that you're accusing Katy Perry of encouraging violence against women and lesbians, but I think trying to use rape as a method to measure your hatred for someone, is even more demeaning and insensitive. Also, everyone in Hollywood is marketed for their sex appeal… ahem at least those who have any…FHM is a shit example, because it's hardly a reputable magazine. It's a MENS magazine, just like Playboy and Maxim, all of which are sold to titillate MEN! Do you think that anyone who really gave a shit about gay rights or experience, is reading FHM to find out about it? No, they want to see titties and ass, and anything they can fantasize about or to. And as in favour of gay rights as I am, it doesn't have to be everyone's fight. That editor of Diva, according to you, is undecided and doesn't think it's homophobic, just insensitive and dumb…

  83. 283

    wtf ??? who the hell is this tub-o-lard ?

  84. 284

    For all of you crying foul about this and asking "Who is Beth Ditto?", please educate yourself.

    Whether you like it or not, she is going to be an icon for the upcoming generation of women. She's got a message and she conveys it well. Making fun of her size is the oldest insult in the book, she doesn't care and neither do her fans. The musical underground is what inspires your favorite musicians so don't discount her. Sorry, but we need more Beth Dittos in the world than Jessica Simpsons.

  85. 285

    Careful Katy this one might eat you and your cherry chapstick.

  86. 286

    Pathetic attention grab. Oh Beth, I thought you were better than that.
    The gay community will be fine. I mean the black community survived suburban white kids ripping off their culture. How is this any different?

  87. 287

    Re: Rae108 – Seriously? Please, give me a break. Why do you people think that EVERY thing revolves around you? Let me say this again. NOBODY CARES!!!! NOBODY IS READING INTO "I KISSED A GIRL" LIKE THE GAY'S DO. It's a fucking song. A song that launched Katy into the lime light. Im sure her intentions weren't to offend anyone, it's the enterainment world after all!! You can't please everyone. So quit getting your panites in a bunch and get over it. Oh yah, and if your so educated, you should learn to put periods where they are needed. Thanks Bitch ♥

  88. 288

    I never thought a day would come when I defended Katy Perry, but I guess here it is. I believe that there may be more behind that "I kissed a girl" song. I hated her before I scored a free VIP pass from her bassist, and actually realized she, infact, is a good live performer and has a very nice voice! but I guess to each their own.
    but I do agree with Beth partially (not enough to freak out like she did, though). I was very offended by the song at first. but you gotta keep an open mind sometimes! like I said, there may be a story behind it.
    also, I'm not trying to bash Beth or anything, but I do agree with most of you. she needs to put on some more clothes. I mean, no one wants to see that. I don't even want to see Katy Perry (OR ANYONE, FOR THAT MATTER) in clothes like that. unless its a baby in a damn diaper. (in public, anyways)

    I hope that I didn't offend anyone by my post, haha. but everyone else is being pretty harsh.

  89. 289

    I think a lot of people need to look PAST Beth's body and FOCUS on what she ACTUALLY HAS TO SAY! I think she is making a very valid point here. Now, I like Katy Perry, but the fact that she has become famous by 'being gay' (when she isn't, she's just doing it to get famous and to get guys, like Beth said) isn't fair. Plus, she's become a gay role model, when she isn't gay! That's Beth's point! Stop being judgemental about her size, because that's irrelevant and a little pathetic, if we're honest! She's a large woman who LOVES herself! Get over it!

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