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Twilight Romance Rumors Still Going Strong

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Gossip about a "more-than-friendship" relationship between Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has been floating around ever since the first movie was filmed. And it doesn't look like there is any end in sight.

OK! is reporting that the couple are even closer now with the filming of the sequel New Moon, and friends of Kristen tell the mag that the actress is having a hard time choosing between her on-screen love and her real life boyfriend, Brooklyn-born actor, Michael Angarano.

And Rob seems to have a similar dilemma: "Robert and Kristen spent a lot of alone time together when they filmed the first Twilight movie — they'd stay up most of the night talking, laughing, playing music. Although [Robert] knew Kristen had a boyfriend, he made no secret of the fact that he was crazy about her."

They certainly did look somewhat cozy at the MTV Movie Awards as they both racked in the awards. The same source confirms that the pair "couldn't keep their eyes off each other" while at the festivities.

For Kristen's sake, this better be false. A million fans already hate her for being with him on-screen. Imagine what they would do to her if she had him off-screen as well!

Besides, she really isn't good enough for him. He should be with a certain caliber of actress, like one that can actually act!

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293 comments to “Twilight Romance Rumors Still Going Strong”

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  1. ohjen says – reply to this


    So jealous.

  2. 102

    Well bugger me!!! Someone else that can see Kristen Stewart is a crap actress!!!

  3. 103

    ok wow that picture of "TWILIGHT EXCLUSIVE " in the pink box was from the MOVIE. people are so gullible. they are filming in italy there!

  4. 104

    ROB deserves so much better. Kristen cant act. That bitch cant smile either.

  5. 105

    as much as i am crazy about rob, it's time for him to find a girlfriend who has the same interests as him. kristen fits the bill, and if the rumors are true, im happy for them.

  6. 106

    she really isn't good enough for him??? !!!
    and i guess YOU are, huh, pretzels?
    put down that glass of haterade sweets, the green-eyed monster ALWAYS gives one a terrible look.
    boo on you.

  7. 107

    haters lol

    i think they're both fabulous

  8. 108

    if it cant be me i want it to be her

  9. 109



  10. 110

    Is anyone really surprised either? How many of these people act in a movie and then date? Most of them. For everyone who is upset, they'll stay together probably until these movies are done then they'll break up. It happens everytime. If they dont, more power to them. I still hate her for sucking in the movie but perez as much as i hate her, I can admit she's pretty. Annoying but pretty.

  11. 111

    Why does Perez hate Kristen Stewart so much? Has anyone seen her in Cake Eaters? She is a wonderful actress. Besides, what does her acting ability have to do with her "good enough" status with Robert? They are two humans, who have understandibly bonded, if they fell head over heels so be it. It will not decrease my love for Mr Pattinson nor devalue Kristen as a human being. This Twilighter Approves.

  12. 112

    let's face it… even though rob would date the most gorgeous and smart woman, we would still find a fault then bash her for it. he is the most coveted guy right now, and girls, women, and gays would hunt his girlfriend down. but i can't blame the delusionals, rob is hot. his jaw alone is to die for.

  13. 113

    I guess I see things differently than everyone else, but in some Rob and Kristen interviews, Kristen looks annoyed by Rob.

    I don't know..maybe it's just me lol

    So what's with him and Nikki? I haven't heard much about them.

  14. 114


  15. 115

    Aw I want them together!! She is really awkward but I don't know it makes her a little interesting. I'm a dye-hard fan of Twilight too but I want them together! If I can't have she might as well! ;]

  16. 116

    God, who cares?! Look at Kate Gosselin! She looks amazing! Yes, yes–I know she got a free tummytuck, and I'd get one too if someone offered it to me. Just wish she'd grow out that ridiculous haircut.

  17. 117

    You can tell that there is some kind of chemistry there..
    I can't tell if they're just acting or if its real.
    Seems real..if they are acting, they are fooling me!

  18. 118

    So lame. I am totally one who believes that celebrities sacrifice SOME privacy, but the amount of invasion occurring in the lives of these two is insane!! Even if they are developing more than a friendship, let them do it and have some chance of normalcy! Perez, she has more acting credits than RP does. It's crazy that people hate her because she *might* be with him…like any *normal* person has a chance!! If that's what makes him happy isn't that would people would want for him, just like you'd wish it for anyone??

  19. 119

    Lol this is hilarious. When are people gonna stop believing the LIES!

  20. 120

    Honestly she is just shy good fucking lord perez i love her shes adorable as a button

  21. 121

    OK them kissing in public? NO!!! that small pic on the cover is from shots on set when Edward is about to step out into the public to reveal himself but Bella comes just in time. that was not OUT IN PUBLIC!!!!! nor did they kiss at MTV movie awards as I'm sure all of u saw.

  22. 122

    I thought they were dating a while ago because I saw an interview on much (before twilight came out ) and they were showing clips and they asked Rob if he was dating someone and he said no and if you look at Kristen, she was noding her head in agreement basically saying good job, don't let everyone know that we are dating. Many on screen couple try dating so I def think that they have something going on

  23. 123

    jealous much perez…?

    the only reason you don't like kristen is
    because she HAS a CHANCE with robert…

  24. 124

    stupidddddddddd! they are nott togetherr!
    i want them to be together.
    they are so cute as a couple.
    but lets face it, they arent!

  25. 125

    For those of you complaining you need proof–go to x 17 online dot com. Their photographers followed K/R back to the Charlie hotel, and waited for them to reemerge. Which they did–the next day. There's footage Kristen seeing him off as he got ready to head to LAX. They're together, it's no big deal. Costars hook up all the time.

  26. 126

    This dude is obsessed with her,
    I wish them the very best of luck he is very lucky.

  27. 127

    I agree Perez!! She sucks, can't act at all!!! C'mon Robert you can do better!! And she has a boyfriend!! What a whore!!

  28. 128

    Listen you fat a$$ fu ck er she is an amazing actress, what is he going to get with you not in a lifetime, and last i checked he has been persuing her for years.
    She will win an Oscar, all the directors she works with are in awe of her. So suck on that. I'd rather she be with Shia but it ain't my life so i am pretty sure they dont give a rats behind what i think.

  29. 129

    Re: hobieluv83 – you know, I always thought she was lesbian, and I'm not being discriminative.But there's something in the way she acts, for example with Nikki Reed lol. I don't really care if she is, just saying…

  30. 130

    shut up.. Kristen is great.. and if they are really a couple it's their life.. just let it be perez you asshole!

  31. ashay says – reply to this


    idk if its true or not but OK magazine is never correct. they were in italy and because they were still filming new moon.

  32. 132

    This is silly
    people just want them to be together
    wait until they come out about if they actually are

  33. 133

    Okay, People, stop the living in fuckin' La-La Land. I am quite convinced that this is all just a media majah hype/hope to lure in the Twilighter super-stars. Ahhhhhh… a romance… where the actors get to majorly manipulate the audience.l

  34. 134

    HORRIBLE actress.

  35. 135

    I think its a load of crap! Ever since these movies were started there have been so many rumors rob and kristen, rob and nikki, now its also rumored that rob is with ashley greene because they travel together. Either none of these are true or Rob's kind of a man whore!

  36. 136

    Love them together..I hope it's TRUE:) They seem like they can just be themselves around eachother and it's nice to see that in "hollywood" stars just don't know how to be REAL and these two are definatly that….So good luck you two!

  37. 137

    It's not fair to say she's isn't good enough for him. Do you even know her beyond whats on the screen? They seem to understand each other and if they are in love, best of luck to them.

  38. 138

    im pretty sure that the smaller picture they used is actually from when they were filming.. haha whatever though.

  39. 139

    No quiero, noooooo!

  40. 140

    No quiero, nooooooo!

  41. 141

    is it just me or has this site gotten a lot more mean lately? seriously, its less fun to read when the potential love interest of every hetero guy is attacked as not good enough….

  42. 142

    was kristen on crack at the mtv movie awards? like really, did anybody notice her moving uncontrollably and looking in need of another hit?

  43. 143

    i believe kristen can act, such as i've seen her in movies like 'speak' and 'into the wild'. but for some reason in twilight she looks so WOODEN. got that dumb look that's kinda maddening and not very lively at all. but that's perfect for bella's character? lol. and what if he's dating her. its not like you or the 1000 tweenage girls out there will :P

  44. 144

    Why do you use a shitty .99c magazine as your source? Why don't you just call up Rob or KStew, and get the facts for yourself?

  45. 145

    loved the last remark about him being with a higher caliber actress!! i totally agree!!

  46. 146

    damn look at kate's bod on that cover dayyumm:P xD

  47. 147

    One who can act?! Don't get me wrong, Rob is amazing looking but I wasn't impressed with either of them in Twilight. But I've seen Kristen Stewart in other stuff, and I think she's a good actress.

  48. 148

    they should be together.

  49. 149


  50. 150


  51. 151

    Re: toula darlin

    You mean, They're both boring as fuck, and have have the artistic integrity of peanuts for even bothering to look at Twilight script.

    Jesus, when will this twilight bullshit be over already?

  52. 152

    Fuck up Mario! Kristen is too good for Rob; she's an extremely talented actress (he can't act) and she's extremely beautiful (he's ugly)! Enough said!

  53. 153

    They can have each other so that the rest of us can stop following this ugly bus. Talk about a fugly couple. EWWW

  54. 154

    another round of what i like to call twilight bullshit……i love all the stories people tell about these 2….keeps people like me interested in shity movies lol.

  55. 155

    Like if RP could act, please!!! the only good thing about him is that he is hot as hell!!! they make a pretty good couple, you´re just jelous as a high school girl, you are a bitch!!!

  56. 156

    I love Kristen! And I would love it if these two ended up together. They make a HOT couple.

  57. 157

    why won't this go away?! they are actors, they are doing their job which is ACTING and until they release a statement or at least a photo of them kissing (that isn't being filmed for a movie) just let it go!! yes it might be happening but her and her bf have been together for 4 years and you can't break up with someone after that long within a week. There are photos of them together while she was shooting in Vancouver!

  58. epic says – reply to this


    "Besides, she really isn't good enough for him."
    sorry, he isn't gay - know that breaks your heart.
    " He should be with a certain caliber of actress, like one that can actually act!"
    he can't either, so they are a perfect match, i think. (i like both of them and i do hope that they are in love)

  59. 159

    yuck… please why is he so infactuated with her.. yeah she may be beautiful but her personality can range as much as i can fit on a teaspoon.

  60. 160

    i love you perez but they're hot together.
    i love robsten and he wants Kristen and she dumped that loser michael.
    adorable much?

  61. 161

    publicity stunt……love puff….yea sure…

  62. epic says – reply to this


    Re: um!!!COLON!!! whatever – it has been meaner. at least perez didn't scribble SLUT all over kstews face. but you may have noticed the L(oser) on her face the last couple of pics.

  63. 163

    they should be toghether!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. epic says – reply to this


    Re: dumbbroad4sure – and can you please communicate in a decent way? dont know if you're rpattz or kstew themselves (i doubt it) so i don't think that you know the truth behind this. so: SHUT THE FUCK UP. thanks.

  65. 165

    and she's a great actress!!!!!!!

  66. 166

    Perez, THANK YOU!!! I could not agree more. He could do much, much better, and if they are together, he shouldn't forget "If they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you!" I really don't think they are together though, I just think she is a major skank. She holds hands with everone!!!! Ever heard of personal space Kristen?? Also, where the hell HAS her boyfriend been???

  67. 167

    Dude…what a bunch of shit. First off the picture of them kissing is from the new film whilst filming in Italy. Secondly, she has a boyfriend. Thirdly, he has said he's not interested in her. Why can't anyone be "just friends" in this fucking industry. Tabloids will do anything to make a buck.

  68. 168

    I think that she cannot act. She ruined the part of Bella in the movie Twilight and acted very awkward at the movie awards. If he dates her, he must be just a tad bit crazy, if I do say so myself.

  69. 169

    Kristen Stewart, what the fuck is the big deal with her anyways? If RPatz is going to hook up with someone can they at least be hot?!

  70. 170

    HATE her, you can do better RP xo

  71. 171

    i dont care about what people think about kristen. i think both of them look fucking cute together.
    id rather have robert pattinson

  72. 172

    or perhaps a "normal" girl 6 years his junior. Not that I'm as big of a twilighter as i was in november (i've gone potter-head) but i have to say, from his interviews and his clothing style, i think he and i would get on well. better than kristin and him, at least…

  73. 173

    Ok…so i dont buy it. They've already started shooting Eclipse so ever thought that they could be rehearsing….or as some other people have said, it could be a publicity stunt. All in all…..i think that all it is and has been is RUMORS!

  74. 174

    i swear if they think that photo of them (the one in the twilight exclusive box) is them kissing in real life they need to get a life.. lol its them filming new moon bahahaha but im happy if they are together LOLZ

  75. 175

    This is going to be completely off subject but whatever, so i work at the airport and i see a lot of British people there, and way before Robert became so mainstream, I've always had a thing for British guys and that accent….I THINK ITS SUPER CUTE, anyway I told one that i loved their accent and they said it was funny cause they liked the American accent, anyway i was taking away his mountain dew and he was upset because he cant buy it over there i asked why and he said because the law prohibits them to consume anything with that much sugar. Can you believe it and they say that even the bread and butter tastes much sweeter over here and that they don't like it much but funny how Robert likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch and that stuff is super sweet, guess he got used to all the excess sugar we put into stuff here. Lol a little fun fact.

  76. 176

    Omdz how many times do they have to mention this rumour for them to deny it just because there in the same film they have to be dateing :l

  77. 177

    It does look like they are together-It must be an open secret surely?
    The Vanity fair shoot footage is very intimate .
    No hollywood executive is going to say it's a bad thing.
    it's very old hollywood -romance And…. to keep movie interest generated.
    The 17online.com site stuff does look like it was a bit set-up-either that or they are that close, or needy.
    They are filming a set of 'love genre' movies and get to develop those acting skills….maybe method acting….???

  78. 178

    I feel a bit sorry for them, all I have to worry about with my relationship is whether my boyfriend and I should go out for dinner or not. I'd hate to be Kristen's boyfriend - do the people who write these articles for OK! and the assorted tabloids care at all about the consequences of what they write? Obviously not. If they have fallen in love, so what? As long as they do the right thing by the other people involved I would have respect for them. It's crazy how in the 1940's Errol Flynn could have "liasons" with 15 year olds and no one particularly cared, now in the media era if two people, say Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart, stand too close to each other or if some person looking for his/her 15 minutes of fame says something unfounded, they are regarded as being "in like Flynn" to put it nicely. It's pathetic that movies, which are an artform, are pushed aside to discuss the love interests of the actors. People used to get dressed up to go to the movies, now no one seems to care about the actual content of the films.

  79. 179

    i dont think theyre dating theyre just friends and its good that theyre close coz it helps make the on screen chemistry more believable and they'll be filming together for aaagess coz theyre releasing all the films real fast. which is good, obviously. so yeah, theyre not dating. at all.

  80. 180

    just get together already …. seriously everyone know it

  81. eb123 says – reply to this


    Totally agree with Perez! She cant act…is completely unlikeable…in all interviews she looks like she doesnt want to be there and is too good for all of that and that she is better than most actresses out there!…comes off as a total b***h…plus wonder why someone who is so likeable like Rob Pattinson would wanna date someone like her…

  82. eb123 says – reply to this


    Re: Haylee-bee – totally agree!

  83. eb123 says – reply to this


    Re: Haylee-bee – totally agree!Re: Juzinha
    agreed on this as well…i think she totally underplays her crush on him…

  84. 184

    Who cares??Oh yeah 10000million fangirls…creeps..

  85. 185

    sometimes i imagine i'm bella….

  86. 186

    Made up, obviously. Kristen's been with Michael for five years. I wish all the gossip mags would stop paring them, and get over it.

  87. 187

    kristen stewtwat is so effing annoying, I can't stand her. She's awkward and bitchy and can't act for shit. R Patz can do so much better!

  88. CM17 says – reply to this


    kristen was a bad actress in Twilight, i thought so too, and shes soooo not prettier enough for gorgeous Rob!, but hey maybe she has personality off screen? lol

  89. 189

    why are they mean to her i think they would be a cute coupel and she can act !

  90. 190

    "Besides, she really isn't good enough for him. He should be with a certain caliber of actress, like one that can actually act!"
    uhm, maybe you should watch some of her other movies, like Speak or Cake eaters! She can act! very much so!

  91. 191

    well if they r dating good 4 them still love rob lol but good luck to them they make a cute couplke 4 sure :)

  92. 192

    i'm sorry but that is not true
    first she has a boyfriend
    second they are really great friends
    third he would never go there, i mean she wore fricking converse on the red carpet! demi lovato can sing about it but you can't actually do that!!!! it should be a crime.

  93. 193

    Like he can act that well anyway! He was stiff and wooden in Twi, as was she.

  94. 194

    she can act!!!
    geez drop the jelousy…oyu'll never end up with him anyways Perez (^^,)

  95. 195

    i love them together!! you can so tell too the way that they look at each other and like at one point kristen was like embarassed about the way he accepted his award like basking in the glory of the millions of girls screaming for him.. only a girl in love does this i swear.

  96. 196

    check out my dance to BOOM BOOM POW.. awesome song..BEP 4ever
    w w w(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=-kDDIGsdtEk

    rate and comment pls

  97. 197

    They are just Drug Buddies!

  98. 198

    You are toxic to women, Perez! How dare you say she's "not good enough for him'?! He's straight, get over it. And just because she doesn't give the same old fake, canned PR answers that all the other airhead actresses give in every interview doesn't mean she's a bitch, or stupid, or ungrateful. She's just more genuine than what we are used to.

  99. 199

    What's with the pic of Kate??

  100. 200


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