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These two radio DJs in Sacramento should be fired!!!!

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137 comments to “Disgusting!!!!”

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  1. bee85 says – reply to this


    it is so rare to see Perez actually appalled by someone!!!!!!

  2. bee85 says – reply to this



  3. 3

    1st biatchesssssss

  4. 4

    awesome, I wish we had those stations here!

  5. 5

    I live in Sacramento, and I hate these guys, they are the most judgemental people, and they are a disgrace to our town, and to all radio dj's. I didn't hear them talk about this, because I refuse to listen to these pompous asses! They should have been fired a long time ago, this is not the first time I have been very offended by their comments.

  6. 6

    whatever. they kinda are freaks

  7. 7

    OMG! That is horrible, they should get fired!

  8. 8

    wow so0o very sad that such idiots are on the radio goes to show what kind of schooling they had…. none! i agree they must be fired

  9. 9

    I didn't see an article or anything…

  10. 10

    That honestly makes me sick to my stomach. I'm all for freedom of speech, but that is honestly too far.

  11. 11

    OMG!!! You've GOT to be kiddin' me….maybe, though, they are kin to Miss Prejean! LOL :-P

  12. 12

    They should be fired and charged with something, anything. Morons.

  13. 13

    Tough, tough situation…

  14. 14

    fuckin retards

  15. 15

    There are boys at my daughters daycare that dress up in Cinderella dresses and one little boys fatehr freaked out and told the daycare workers to never allow his son to dress up in a dress again. The poor kid was crying one day because he wanted to put on a costume and all that was left was a dress and the dayvcare worker wouldnt allow him to use it in case his father walked in. To the kid it was just a costume…sad!

  16. 16

    What pieces of shit–! :(

  17. 17

    Absolutely sickening. I can't believe there are such hateful people out there. My heart goes out to all those feeling pain because of intolerance and ignorance.

  18. 18

    What utter bullshit.

  19. 19

    This is beyond horrifying. I have emailed their station manager at jfox@entercom.com to demand that these two be fired. I'm not normally a very soft-hearted person, and I do tend to find really awful things extremely hilarious, but this was just way over the line and I hope the station does the right thing and fire those assholes.

  20. 20

    WTF is this world coming to? I hope these people are fired NOW! As a parent, it brings tears to my eyes to hear this being said about another human being. It prompts me to call my daughter, just to tell her I love her, NO MATTER WHAT.

    These people are obviously ignorant. Sounds like their own parents didn't do a well enough job of teaching them tolerance and love for all. Make me just sick.

  21. 21

    Assholes!!!! Horrible , horrible…They should be fired!

  22. 22

    Re: SoCal – Didn't you read the article or what?? Perez is not judging those guys by the fact that they're not gay. The thing here is that those guys are inciting violence and kids are the targets! You gotta fucking pay attention to what you read and THINK before posting, you dumbass.

  23. 23

    I live in Ireland and just read the article about these a**holes, seriously why oh why do people get away with saying this kind of shit!! it absolutley disgusts me

  24. LiLo says – reply to this


    That is DISGUSTING!

  25. 25

    Completely uncalled for. I just went to the website and there is a poll on the page… Almost like they purposefully did this to get a rise out of people!! I'm absolutely disgusted to live in Sacramento and know that there are people like this who are allowed to be on the radio… It's one thing to disagree with a lifestyle it's a whole other thing to say the horrible and hateful things that they said…

  26. 26

    That's just sick. They need help, what a couple of fuckers.

  27. 27

    I listen to these dj's every morning… I believe they truly think this way, they think they are above everyone else and have the world figured out. Its not shocking this came from them, if you actually listen to them you will know they have said far worse things… its all about shocking the audience… thats their "schtick"…

  28. 28

    "Free Speech" does not include inciting hate or slander, or inciting violence towards someone. Free speech means you do have the right to state your opinion, in an intelligent, well thought out matter.

    Telling people to beat their children because they are transgendered is completely despicable. I don't care if you feel that being transgendered or gay or whatever is wrong and immoral. That's your opinion. Freedom of speech protects that. Freedom of speech does not protect you from telling people (and stating that you too will) "beat your child if he ever puts on girls clothes". And they speak as if it's some sort of disease that children are inflicted with!

    The audacity of these people!

    Oh and one of the host has these "movie reviews" blog, and he found that "The Dark Knight" was one of the worst films of last year. This guy needs to get the pinecone taken out of his asshole and maybe learn a thing or two about equality (and taste in movies).

  29. 29

    I listen to Rob, Arnie and Dawn everyday. They have the best radio show I've ever listened too.
    I doubt they meant it like that. That's what they do, they joke around.

  30. 30

    This is terrible! This hate reminds me of when Denis Leary recently made fun of children afflicted with autism calling them idiots and freaks, too. Hateful, dreadful, shameful people.

  31. 31

    other people being different shouldn't bother you unless you are really insecure. This whole discrimination about sexual orientation is ridiculous. If gay people gross you out then don't look - it's not like they are out making out in the streets forcing you to see- at least no more than straight couples. These guys are always horrid and no one takes them that seriously (they are like mencia - nothing they say is for real) but it's not funny to promote closed-minded overly judgemental ideas!

  32. jbb11 says – reply to this


    Those guys are awful. I hope that someone they love is LGBT and one day they'll understand that we're all the same! Who gives a flying fuck what someone does in their bedroom?! They'll get theirs one day though. Karma, bitches.

  33. 33

    [re=3867424]Re: Kathryn

  34. 34

    tell me about it, they are the most annoying DJ's on air around here. i live in the sacramento area, and ROB and ARNIE are a discrace to this town.

  35. 35


  36. 36

    Re: SoCal – No. What a society when a guy who speaks out against the provoking of violence towards children is accused of closed mindedness simply because he's gay.

  37. 37

    ive never been more diqusted with anyone in my whole life probably by these guys, i went and checked out their websites and what fuckin radio dj puts porn on their website too!! i almost want to call them and be a flaming bitch

  38. 38

    jfox@entercom.com is the station managers email…feel free to send your comments

  39. 39

    Yeah these guys are assholes, but an interesting question comes out of this. How do you know at the age of 5 you want to be a different sex? Should you support your child's choice or help them explore all options

  40. 40

    Truth be told… these dj's only get their listeners through "shocking" comments… they strive to be #1, and the only way they attain this media attention is by saying shocking and offensive comments to incite anger and agression from the audience… thus creating their own media for themselves… you know the saying, any press is good press…. stop giving these dj's attention and they will go away… just understand, if they have no more listeners then they will have no more jobs…

  41. 41


  42. 42

    im all for gay people getting married.
    seriously they should be able to do that.
    but i dont know if this is because im not a big fan of plastic surgery(i think its just too unnatural) but i dont really approve of sex changes. i just dont think its right.

  43. Nikku says – reply to this


    I have personally e-mailed several of these sponsors asking them to pull their ad. This is the most disgusting thing I've heard in awhile!!

  44. 44

    That's so disturbing.

  45. 45

    I hope they fire their asses….. pricks!

    Keep us posted if they do.

  46. 46

    very sad to read :(

  47. 47

    Apparently those guys are the "nuts" and the freaks of nature. What sane person would ever think to verbally and physically abuse children? Seems like those guys are the ones that need counseling.

  48. 48

    Hey everyones got their own opinions..I say fire em..give them a huge deal at sirius and speak freely on what you want! No one can condemn someones opinions…gay, straight etc…thats the great thing about being a human being..you can speak and say whatever you'd like. Down with perez!

  49. 49

    that is fucking disgusting.

  50. 50

    I live in Sacramento and these djs suck. They have been on the show forever and they are offensive like this every single show I have ever heard. I used to listen to their show and got over it quick. Rob is a balding 50 year old man with a white trash hideous wife that he covers with cheap ass Tiffany sterling silver jewelry to make it seem like they have money.

  51. Niobe says – reply to this


    Re: Bellicose – — I am with you. It breaks my heart because I have a six year old son, and if anyone were to refer to him in this way there would be hell to pay. I love my son, no matter what he chooses to be or how he chooses to live his life. I never knew unconditional love until I became a mother. These people need to realize that they are speaking about children, who already face so many hurdles in life, why add to their situation. I hate it when people speak about children in this matter, look at those two boys who recently committed suicide! It scares me as well as my friends that have children, the constant teasing is too much to bear, you just hope and pray that your children tell you these things before resorting to suicide.

  52. 52

    in the comments for the article the station manager's email address is given: jfox@entercom.com

  53. 53

    look guys. they are SHOCK JOCKS. get over it. they say shit to make you mad. its their job. chill out. if you actually lsitened to the entire shows (like i do) youd realize that they dont actualyl believe this shit, they report and give different POV to show you what other people acutally believe. they wouldnt REALLY treat their own kids like that.
    and WTF ever, to everyoen who is truly offended.. i dont get it. freedom of speech is a neat thing, just like all of you crying about it on this website.

  54. 54

    I love their show, I get their schtick of 2 overbearing males (with Arnie being the uber caveman) and Dawn the annoying overly sensitive liberal, but this show they totally crossed the line. Rob & Arnie went to far by attacking children. I hope they dont get fired because their show is the best thing on out here in the morning. They do need some kind of reprimand, actually meet some transgender kids and do some PSAs to try and undo some of the damage theyve done.

  55. Niobe says – reply to this


    Re: vincenotvance – well stated. Freedom of Speech is misinterpreted all the time, you nailed it. LOL he is an A**H**** and has bad taste in Movies! my free speech goes for 40 hours of viewing "The Dark Knight" consecutively and for getting beat with a shoe for being so dumb.

  56. 56

    Re: SoCal – Thank you oh so much for using this post as an excuse to express your opinion on homosexuality, ignoramus. Unfortunately, you seem to have selective reading, so perhaps you go back to that link up there and re-read–you just might notice that these people were verbally abusing, advocating verbal abuse, and stating their intention to commit situational domestic abuse against CHILDREN.

    You know, that cute little short thing you used to be?

    *sigh* Seriously though–it shouldn't matter what their sexual orientation or their sexual identities are. They're KIDS. They are CUTE, they are OFFSPRING, and every person who will end up in heaven (along with quite a few who won't) think hurting or in any way not being nice to children is very, very bad.

    So please–go re-read and reconsider your stance on Perez's (entirely human) reaction, before I start to think bad things about you and lose faith in my fellow human beings.

  57. 57

    WOW! I read the article and am actually crying as I type.

    Remind me again, what principles this country was built upon.

    As over-populated as the world is; it's pathetic low-lives like these idiots who somehow have the job they have, get to voice their rancid ideas of HATE and BIGOTRY.

    Being Iranian (and hating the current regime in Iran) I can't help but mention that even in effing Iran, where that dumbass twin of Bush's: Ahmadinejad rambles aimlessly, they are tolerant of Transgender people.


    These radio-fux should be held liable and made to endure the same treatment they so ignorantly preach.

  58. 58

    Re: Nikku – can you post the emails of the sponsers? I'd like to email them as well. I've emailed the radio station already. I have a 4 year old and 2 year old, both boys, and both very "masculine". But if one were to be more feminine, I wouldn't care one bit. They are born that way, not created. You can't "beat" or "verbally abuse" a child into being masculine. Gay people don't choose to be gay, just as straight people don't chose to be straight. Transgendered kids don't decide one day that they'd rather be the other sex. And that comment "Men are hunters, women are gatherers" ticked me off too. I "hunt" for my family - because this day and age, its almost impossible for the mother to stay at home. We need two incomes to make it by. My husband and I do both the "hunting and gathering". These nuts are living in the stone ages.

  59. 59

    Wow….. just… speechless.
    I do hope they get fired… that's just…… wrong on so many levels.

  60. 60

    Re: Random Life – Honestly, (if I had a transgendered kid) I wouldn't want them to meet my child. They need to stay away from children, since they think its okay to verbally abuse and beat children.

  61. 61

    These dj's get higher ratings through increasing offensive comments… by you posting this perez, you are increasing their ratings… if people would just stop listening to them, you will have depleted their ratings thus destroying their job to publicly condone abuse.

    I have listening to these dj's for years… they have said many offensive comments, including staring and berating gays in public, berating families with children in restaurants, offending mentally disabled and so on. Their whole basis of their show is based upon shocking the audience to increase publicity… I am not offended by what they say, because its a mere opinion from some shock jocks… nothing more than stupid entertainment on the radio. But the more publicity you give these dj's the more you push them to continue this awful behavior… ignore them… thats the best you can do to show them your unappreciation for their "freedom of speech".

  62. 62

    Fuck the station manager.

    Rob Williams: robw917@strarstream.net

    Thanks, job in radio.

  63. 63


  64. 64

    Re: laineymcgee – ROT IN HELL YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!

  65. 65


  66. 66

    Re: SoCal – So violence against children is okay with you? We know who the real pervert is then!

  67. 67

    Re: Random Life

    Nah, dude, that's letting off way too easily.

    I host my own radio show; if I have one slip-up, just one, I'm fired, Let go from my station and they'll have nothing to do with me, ever again.

    It should be the same for these guys. Again, this is not "free speech", this is "slander, hate speech", and under no circumstances is this allowed on-air.

    I feel no remorse, especially because I put myself in the same position weekly.

  68. 68

    i couldnt even finish the article. it was so hateful. i want to freaking beat them up. could they just grow up?

  69. 69

    if russle brand got sacked from the bbc for ringing some old bloke to tell him he had his wicked way with his stipper granddaughter, i thinks its only fair that these to inbred rednecks are shot between the eyes!

  70. 70

    I can't believe how much this is being blown out of proportion. If you listened to it, you would see that it was a joke. Everybody has the right to offend others. If you don't like them, then don't listen or support their advertisers. However, it's ridiculous for anybody to say they should be fired. Isn't this America???

  71. 71

    OMG!!! Stop being so sensitive about everything. They just stated an opinion. Jesus H Christ! Shut the FUCK UP about it!!!!!

  72. 72

    They now have a "poll" on their website where you can vote/express yr opinion on these idiots without having to register first…….I could even vote from GERMANY! :-)

    www dot robarnieanddawn.com/newsite/index.html

  73. 73

    I am listening to their response to the public in regards to the comments that were made… and straight from Arnie States mouth, he said the comment about throwing a shoe at a son if he wanted to dress as a woman… he said, it was a joke… then he said, he apologizes if people don't understand his joke but it was a joke, and he isn't advocating violence against children. Unfortunately, when you are in the media… jokes are not always taken as funny to everyone… and we have seen many jocks making racial comments or what not, then retracting those comments as "not that big of a deal" or that they didn't mean it… yet, they were still taken of the air… as this dj should be.

  74. 74

    The general managers email is jfox@entercom.com

  75. 75

    Jesus, I just re-read that article. It's so sickly slanted to make them sound bad it's ridiculous. Anybody that is commenting really should try to find the audio because I guarantee you would mellow out.

  76. 76

    i can't believe people like this are on the radio. well, then again, i suppose they're the "crazy controversial hosts". regardless… i agree, Perez. Fire them!!!

  77. Kdel says – reply to this


    Why in the hell did Bill O'Reilly's name get put in that article. It is nowhere near the same thing. Tiller was killing babies that had already formed in their mother's womb and Bill has been calling him to task on it since 2005. Having an abortion in the first trimester is not good but waiting until the baby is developed is sick and frankly murder. He never advocated killing the man. He just pointed out how wrong it was. What these two DJs did was to absolutely advocate violence and for that they should be fired.

  78. 78

    Arnie States… the dj that made the statement to hit his potential boy with a shoe.. has stated in response to this controversy, that what he said was a joke and he doesn't think he needs to make a disclaimer on the radio for the comments he makes. He then compares the statement he made, to an uncle that makes a racial joke to a child being berated by people… unfortunately the example he tried to make here by comparing his statements to that of a person that makes a racial joke is far from similar… if a person makes a racial joke, its still not funny and can be offensive to people… also the difference is, that person is not getting on the public broadcasting system to announce a racial joke to the public… and if he did make a racial joke to the public, then he should be prepared for the backlash in response to his "joke".

    The big deal here is the lack of moral ethics in these dj's, especially arnie states that thinks he can say whatever he wants on the air… unfortunately, for him… being a radio dj is a job and if you want to say whatever you want on public radio, be prepared to take a lashing if you offend people by what you say and also be prepared to lose your job by making "jokes" about child abuse. not funny in the least…

  79. 79

    That is possibly one of the most disgusting and appalling articles I have read in a very long time. To attack someone for their sexuality or orientation or whatever is unacceptable, but to say those awful things about children? Who barely understand what they're going through let alone defend themselves.
    Vile. Absolutely vile.

  80. 80

    Re: The Radical Queen
    lmao :D so… you can call me a nazi but they can't be against transgender kids..
    i dont get it. :P

  81. 81

    I LOVE these guys. RAD is awesome! hehe

  82. 82

    i live just outside of sacramento and I am a high school studen. and Rob Arnie and Dawn is the only talk show i will listen to in the mornings. But when i heard this conversation this morning on the way to school i was disgusted. For all of you who do not know, rob and arnie are the defination of close minded conservatives and it is no shock that they would say this. and yes there should be action taken against them for advocated violence against transgendered children. that is just plain right ridiculous no matter anyones view on a topic, you should not wish that upon any children!

  83. 83

    Re: redhead27
    yeah, it is kinda hard to realize they are joking when you dont listen to the show everyday and "get" their humor. people just need to relax, imo.
    is it offensive? yeah, sure. have we heard worse? definitely. do people take things out of context, like this article? YES!

  84. 84

    That was absolute verbal abuse of young children, and these three people should not only be fired; but more importantly all three of them should be arrested and highly fined!!! That would not only teach them a valuable lesson; but also send a necessary lesson to other abuseres!!!!!!!!!

  85. 85

    Fair enough Lainey, yes they are shock jocks and were joking. Hm, some things are just NOT funny. And they were here in Reno for many years doing the same junk brand of predictable "humor" before heading to Sac. I don't think a reprimand or apology is in order, I certainly wouldn't buy it if they did. Do they do charity work? Sure. Do they also make it quite known how awesome they are for "giving back" ? All the damn time. Bit or not, things like that don't fall out of your mouth if that's not how you feel.

  86. 86

    going after kids not cool, but i do think the parents are freaks. its not normal. a kid does not have the mental capability to figure this out. they have to be encouraged

  87. 87

    Also, it's laughable how people are saying that it has been "taken out of context".
    That's just a way off trying to make it okay that they said such awful things. Like when someone says "No offense, but…" when they're about to say something offensive.
    Whether they said it to get a rise out of people or not, it's just plain wrong to make comments like that about children.

  88. 88

    what losers. they need to be arested- who would even listen to that shiz! losers

  89. 89

    isay move all the straight and normal people out of california, move all the gays/lez/and transtesticles to california. onces they are all there, break california off into the ocean and that way they can do whatever they want and nobody would give a shit. personally i dont give a fat pigs ass what the queer force has to say. their choice of life style is gross and i will NEVER EVER accept them. hate me if you want, call me whatever you want but its a reality! im tired of turning on the tv and catch have a show without some fag character on it. its enough! stfu and get over it and accept the fact that majority of america dont like the gay community. glad i live in a state where gays cant get married. woohoo!!!!

  90. 90

    Re: Dmorgan
    i totally get how this is offensive.. trust me, i do. but, thats kinda why i like it. not because they say rude stuff.. but because it gets people talking and it pushes peoples buttons. its refreshing, lol. i have my own opinions on transgender kids.. and its cool to hear different opinions rather than "mine is right and you are wrong" (which is what most people will spew). they really like to debate stuff. they might be stubborn about it, but, its still interesting to hear about.
    Oh, and they don't really advocate violence, they just have a weird sense of humor. im sure you have said REALLY offensive stuff before in private. they just get to say it to a larger audience.

    its just too bad people cant just discuss their own views on the matter of transgender kids.. instead they just gotta get butthurt over people who brought it up and said some shock jock shit.

    and just for the record, they have all stated many times they don't hate gays, they feel bad for this kid, they are for gays and gay marriage (except arnie.. he is a redneck) and they have no problem with transgender people. they just think its kinda weird.

    oh but im sure ill get called a nazi again for saying anything. lolol

  91. 91

    This is horrendous!

  92. 92

    Re: jaime-lee
    shrug, sometimes things ARE taken out of context. its easier to understand when youve listened to the entire show and then read the article. i live in sacramento, i listened to that entire show, and they quote things and dont say "this was said sarcastically" or "then they laughed because they said it jokingly"

    havent you ever heard celebs bitch about how after an interview their words get twisted? it does happen :)

  93. 93

    Re: Dmorgan
    oh i also wanted to say, to the "doesnt come out of your mouth unless you mean it" there might be SOME truth to how they feel. they are against it. but they totally exaggerate the abuse they wanna give kids. would they tell their kids to stop wearing mommys heels because its wrong? totally. but would they hit their kid or kick them out? nah. well, maybe arnie would kick his kid out. hahah. he is an ass.
    oh and yeah, they totally brag about all the shit they do. its semi-annoying but i do like that they help out charities. their rad-athon is cool, they raise a lot of money.

  94. 94

    Re: laineymcgee – there's no excuse, joke or no joke, sarcastic or not, to make comments like that about children. maybe they should pick on someone their own size?

  95. 95

    Here is the station manager's email address:


  96. 96

    i live in sac and used to listen to these guys (i dont anymore because i have kids). they say things simply for the shock value, because people will listen. and even though the crap they say is completely rude and offensive, people still listen to them because its entertainment. they know they are going to piss people off and thats why they do it. dont make more out of it than what it is, they talk a lot of shit. its no different than the crap you say when you're around your friends. the goal for them is to say the most outragous, offensive things. if u dont get the station, you can stream them online. personally, i think they are assholes, but they are funny.

  97. 97

    Re: munkysmama – Not being funny but I don't joke around with my friends about beating up kids.
    The only thing that bothered me about this so much is the fact that it was aimed at children. I think that's probably what has upset alot of people. Not necessarily what they said.
    Eh, each to their own and all that.

  98. 98

    this is so disgusting to me. it doesn't matter if they were joking or not…what kind of people joke about that? being transgender is nothing to be ashamed about. im not even transgender but i have friends who are, and they are like everyone else.

  99. 99

    Re: jaime-lee – jaime, totally understand your POV. you shouldnt joke about beating children, its is definitely wrong. but i think people were taking them seriously. which, ehh. they shouldnt.

    it just seems like people want to blame them for voicing opinions.. blame them for hate crimes and shit, when they arent doing anything. like munksmana said, its just like joking around with your friends. the point of their radio show is to just talk about their personal lives and voice opinions on entertainment news.
    its like parents who blame video games or music because a kid killed himself or someone else. RAD is very pro-children.. they are just anti-parents. haha.

  100. 100

    I live in sacramento and am a loyal listener to the show. Maybe before somebody writes a whole article on what happened should listen to the segments and not take them out of context. The Rob, Arnie and Dawn show have NEVER advocated child abuse. They are one of the only radio shows in the area that talk about how horrible it is and every year they do a 29 RAD athon and raise money for the UC Davis childrens hospital and have raised millions. They also have numbers and places you can go to find help with abuse. What arnie and rob said was taken out of context and they were kidding. Yes, I'll agree that what they said can be take offensively but I know that they never meant anything by what this article says. Today they addressed these issues on the air and the follow up was very, very well put and I think they cleared the air. What they said people might not like but unfortunately if you don't like it the dial should be turned to another radio station. That is part of America.

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