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These two radio DJs in Sacramento should be fired!!!!

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137 comments to “Disgusting!!!!”

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  1. 101

    OMG! I listen to them every day and this has been taken WAAAAAAY
    out of context. They are a show of opinions, and sometimes when trying to get their opinions across, they exagerate situations. Anyone who listens to the show knows they don't literally mean to do what they say, or advocate it. They have the right to express their opinions just as much as you have the right to express yours. If you don't like theirs, don't listen.

  2. 102

    I live in sacramento and listen to them on occasion. That is just how they are. Im not saying its right, or they should be talking about it on air, but if anyone listens to them and knows the topics they talk about, shouldnt be surprised how they would feel about it. Arnie is a narrow minded redneck, and Rob is right along with him.

  3. 103

    These guys are still the best! They did NOT advocate violence against anyone. Have any of you actually listened to what was said?

  4. 104

    Re: jaime-lee – nor do i joke about beating up kids. but i agree with zenseed, they take a subject and they exagerate the situation because thats what they do..and if u ever get a chance to listen to the show, you'll realize that it gets worse than this!!! and keep in mind, the majority of the crap on perez's website is offensive and rude as well. perez is the oppitomy of the pot calling the kettle black. the only difference is that perez is not funny.

  5. 105

    I emailed the station manager and demanded that they be fired. I think everyone who is appalled by this story should do the same so they don't think that this behavior is ok. His email is jfox@entercom.com , please email and demand they be fired.

  6. 106

    The article was way to long but I got the gist and I say whatevs.

  7. 107

    their show is fucking crap! they're all a bunch of fucking bigots

  8. 108

    Re: Bamala – All they will do is laugh at you. They have already handled the situation by dedicating their entire show today to this topic. Unless you listen to the show, you will never understand what is really going on with the article that was written and should leave it alone because you don't really know what you are talking about. Also, lets just say you succeed and get them fired. Congratulations. You just took millions of dollars from children's hospitals. You wouldn't believe the amount of money they raise every year for charities.

  9. 109

    way to delete my post perez!! guess you're queer ass can't handle taking it, but you sure can dish out the hate can't you?

  10. 110

    They are TRASH.
    So fucking disgusting.

  11. 111

    try again - Freedom of speech f*cktard!! Shouldn't they be allowed to voice their opinions the same way your queer ass does Perez?? You all need to go back in the closet as the MAJORITY of people do not want to see your queer faces!! Oh look I see a rainbow, let's all skip our way over to the queer friendly coffee shop!! Happy happy joy joy! Can you guys be anymore gayer?

  12. 112

    Since when does Perez have the nerve to consider anything disgusting! If you want to see disgusting just look in the mirror!!!

  13. 113

    I live in Sacramento and these three morons are an embarrassment to the city! They are the reason why I stopped listening to the radio! They should be fired! Shame on KRXQ for allowing these morons to remain on the air!

  14. 114

    Oh, they are soooooooooooooooo done in the radio biz. Kiss your shitty radio show bye bye, dumbasses.

  15. 115

    I had a feeling it was going to be these two assholes before I even clicked the link. I live in Sacramento and my boyfriend listens to these idiots all the time. They say the most sickening thing. Rob and Arnie were both for prop 8 being passed and when Dawn would say no on 8. They would call her an idiot and a moron. She is the only one with a heart and a soul and that show and when she shows compassion for anyone who isn't "normal" Rob and Arnie call her horrible names. Nobody in Sac likes these guys. The radio hosts on 98.5 all talk shit about them on their radio shows because they are just awful.

  16. 116

    Rob, Arnie and Dawn have been on the air forever, and I've wished they would get taken off for just about as long. They are fucking annoying (especially Dawn's laugh…*shudder*).

    I didn't hear the show in which they allegedly advocated hate crimes against children, but goddamn you just made Sacramento look bad by posting this without doing a little research. It is true that Rob, Arnie and Dawn devote their entire shows during the UC Davis Children Hospital's charity weekend to taking donations for children of ALL COLORS, BACKGROUNDS, AND ORIENTATION, whether it's a young child or a teenager. I agree it's nothing to be joked about, and from what I've read they've apologized.

    Congrats on taking millions of dollars away from the UC Davis Children's Hospital, which is one of the best children's hospitals in the world, I might add, because now half your dumbass readers won't donate to KRQX.

  17. ass says – reply to this


    Although this is a horrible story, you're NOT a real news site Perez, so please stop trying to be one. Laaaame.

  18. 118

    This article is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! I live in sac and have been a listener to RAD for 10 freaking years!! These people go above and beyond for kids and our military. What was said was 100% taken out of context!!!! The story is sooo slanted!!!! I was listening that morning, and nothing was EVER said to harm a child!!!!! It makes me so sad that some dumb ass person heard a snipet of the show and wrote that they are horrible people! They are getting death threats how is that right?!!!! They do think it is weird to be transgender but it is American and they can have that view, but they never ever ever would advocate violence especially to children!!!!!!!

  19. 119

    These two assholes crossed the line. They need the boot.

  20. 120

    Re: Nikki1012 – hi5 I didn't know they are getting death threats. People, open your dang minds and listen to the show before you try and take them down. Like I said before, you can't judge them by "hear-say". You have to see what the show is about and how these topics get brought up and examples. You can't take Arnie seriously. lol

  21. 121

    What fucking morons my god keep your thoughts to yoiurself and go to hell!!

  22. 122

    I literally got sick to my stomach reading that. Those two should no only be FIRED but should have their children taken away from them because NO GOOD PARENT WOULD EVER, EVER advocate the beating of a child. This is just sick.

  23. 123

    You know what we used to do out here when the Klan showed up to town? We didn't go. No one showed up, not even to protest, and eventually the Klan went elsewhere. Apply the same logic here.

  24. 124

    Everybody really needs to listen to the actual segment. Rob and Arnie never advocated violence against children. And while Arnie may not accept anyone who is a transgender, he does not advocate violence towards them. This article really took their words out of context.

  25. 125

    I think in our day we take "freedom of speech" to mean we can bloody say whatever the hell we feel like. Many in the media exercise this "right" and go out of their way to offend any group or individuals they don't like without taking responsibility for the consequences. When you misuse your freedom to bash other vulnerable groups, then it is no longer a freedom, but a tool of oppession.

    Obviously their level of intelligence wasn't taken into consideration when hired for their positions. Their lack of knowledge in the area of child development is evident. But most people who go out of their way to degrade another group of people are ignorant. They refuse to educate themselves and become well-informed. Studies have shown that the most people who think of themselves as very intelligent are actually unaware of the fact that they're not. But more worrying is the lack of emotions.

  26. 126

    Having more freedom, especially evident in mainstream media and the internet, results in more awareness. People know a lot more than previous generations. We have more access to knowledge. But there is also more crap out there too; the mind-numbing meaningless trash, the excessive violence, and obviously self-righteous bullying. All in the name of "freedom"!

    As a member of society, it is admirable to march for a cause that calls on freedom for an oppressed group. As a citizen of humanity we should all be outraged at the desensitization of the human race. We should be fostering emotional intelligence and not allowing these sub-cultures to undermine it. Yes laws are needed to protect the vulnerable, but it doesn't really change the psyche of an oppressor.

    It's wonderful to celebrate what makes one unique, but it also means we focus so much on what makes us different from others. We don't need to agree with everyone but for the sake of humanity, could we on some basic level care about others? Can't we start focussing on what brings us together?

  27. 127

    ((( huge sigh ))) - some people will do/say anything for ratings :( .
    tweet me @morenamami :) .

  28. 128

    Hey Perez, why don't you start a petition?

  29. 129

    I live in the sacramento area I listened to this show a couple of times when I droped my daughter off to school. I cant stand this show. When dawn gets into stupid laughing fits I want to choke the shit out of her, She is so damn annoying. & for the other judgemental racist other two they can go to hell too. They think they are soooo above everyone. They serious need to be cut off the air. They are Pathetic Howard Stern show wannabes. I HATE THIS SHOW WITH A PASSION!!!

  30. 130

    Re: sssusannn – transgendered doesn't mean a sex change, it means you identify more with the gender you weren't born as. Sometimes it's the result of having XY chromosomes but being physically male or vice versa, and sometimes it's just hormones.
    I believe you are referring to transsexual people, who get an operation.
    I identify myself as female. That's my gender.
    I am physically female. That's my sex.
    Transgendered people change their gender, while transSEXUAL people change their sex.

  31. 131

    I live in the sac area and these guys are complete tools. I can't stomach to listen to them. This is not the first time they have talked about something in this way. They are horrible excuses for human beings.

  32. 132

    im from sac, and i cant stand this show. its not funny, arny is just a fucking moron.

    i hope they shut this shit down. we dont need it

  33. 133

    Re: nickpick1111 – ya, and arny is a fat worthless fuck,. gawd i'd love to punch that fat fuck in the face. dawn is an irritating asshole who laughs a very irritating laugh at jokes that arent funny. i hope these fucktards get it up the ass. good ridence.

  34. 134

    that is just disgusting …… advocating hate of a child ……. and all of you out there putting down Gays, bisexuals and trans gender…WTF how are they hurting you in any way, how are their lives impacting on you huh? Leave them alone no one is bothering you so live and let live

  35. 135

    Wow. They definately should be fired. Some SF DJs were fired for playing 30 seconds of an unreleased Green Day song. And if they could be fired for something so minor, these guys should definately be fired.

  36. 136

    Nothing to see here, move along. This is over already and they aren't going anywhere.

  37. 137

    What a couple of a**holes…

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