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A Little Photoshop Goes A LONG Way!

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Left: Rumer Willis at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Right: Potato Head after some digital "plastic surgery."

Thanks to Perezcious reader Matti B!

[Original image via WENN.]

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199 comments to “A Little Photoshop Goes A LONG Way!”

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  1. 101

    You know I find it really bizarre that you go on and on about how you embrace Beth Ditto and the way she flaunts her beautiful badass figure and then turn around and continuously bash Rumer Willis for her massive chin. You're working on a massive double standard here. She can't help it. She's got a chin that would put Leno's to shame, but what's she gonna' do about it? We're all different, we all have these f'd up weird physical characteristics that we can't do a damn thing about, but we gotta' keep getting out there don't we? We have to accept and believe that we're beautiful and stay confident right? Idk…Perez I dig you, I dig a grand majority of what you write, but wtf did Rumer Willis ever do to you…did she perhaps violate you with her giant manly chin? Just curious…

  2. 102

    You guys are superficial jerks. She probably looks better than 99.9% of you that posted smack about her.

  3. 103

    Re: stooooooph – HAHA!

  4. 104

    Poor thing got the worst genes from both parents.

  5. 105

    awww they made her look normal

  6. 106

    Wow! She looks so much better with the Jay Leno chin! She should take a cue from Ashley Simpson and get that shit done already!

  7. 107

    she should do it….no one would think bad of her

    seriously…she looks so much better with a smaller chin

    even a tiny bit of shaving would be good…can they do that?

  8. 108

    hmmm…. I dont know which one is more photoshopped! C'mon now….

  9. 109

    Oh my god the first picture is hidious.

  10. 110


  11. 111

    Maybe she should consider getting that made perminant

  12. 112

    you are disgusting. i can't believe anyone actually agrees with that.

  13. 113

    well she almost looks normal on the photoshop picture…. sucks to have a potato instead of a head… ha!

  14. 114

    she looks great in the 2nd pic… i would consider plastic surgery. Can they shave your chin off? OUCH! I had a small bone on my foot shaved, i can't even imagine having that huge growth shaved off! will hurt sooo bad!

  15. 115

    She's still one of the ugliest people I have ever laid eyes on.

  16. 116

    Run fatboy, run! (Straight into the garbage incinerator.)

  17. 117

    I think she also needs some nostrils. How the hell does she breath out of those slits in her nose. It looks like someone grabbed her nose when she was little and said "got it" and it stayed that way!

  18. 118

    Re: Madness – If she sees this post I think she'll DEFINITELY go under the knife. Probably to her wrists. So sad that this picture was posted. Cruel that fatty Mario would do such a thing.

  19. 119

    way hotter, hate to say it, with the smaller chin

  20. 120

    Seriously, so what if she has a big chin. Everyone has quirks- encouraging somebody to get plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons, which are usually complicated procedures and involve a lot of risks is just plain stupid. If she is happy in her own skin then more power to her.

  21. 121

    ha. she kinda looks sick.

  22. 122

    Her nose and chin def need some work

  23. 123

    she need plastic surgery asap!

  24. 124

    I like the way she looks, not boring and bland like the usual cookie cutter, cloned starlets in Hollywood. Rumer has a much more interesting look.

  25. 125

    in the right pic she looks a bit like natalie portman

  26. 126

    she really needs to stop pouting

  27. 127

    lol this is awful but the photo shop is better i must admit…although her head looks to small for her shoulders then… Hmm oh well, you can see at least that she truly does have a pretty face.

  28. 128

    I hate to sound vain but I would get a chin reduction if I were her.

  29. 129

    She really needs to explore that option….she would be gorgeous

  30. 130

    She can fix that ..like her mom fix herself (ALL)…she got the $$ so DOIT idiot..u know it looks bad..FIXED. That's all.

    XTRA- one of a kind supenatural almost never seen……MAJOR SURGERY.

    and done.

  31. Bri21 says – reply to this


    I don't think you're really one to judge, you don't look any better.

  32. 132

    yes, one on right doesnt look anything like her .

  33. 133

    Wow, does she ever look like Jay Leno, poor girl.

  34. 134

    She really needs to have a belt sander taken to the that ugly mug.

  35. 135


  36. 136

    oh, perez, just when it seems that you have real intelligence and leadership (ie, all of your great prop 8 campaigning), you go and shoot yourself in the foot by being a bully and trashing yet another young woman for no reason. she's not lindsay, she's not your beloved madonna or lady gaga–she's a young woman who seems to have been brought up decently (esp considering who her folks are) and who is trying to carve out a career for herself. and so…you constantly say vicious things about her face? don't you remember how you felt when kids said stuff about you back in miami? shame on you.

  37. 137

    She looks so gorgeous in the "after" photo. I have no clue why someone with so much money wouldn't RUN to the plastic surgeon to improve themselves. I would if I could afford it!

  38. 138

    Rumer Willis is a Queen!!! Fuck all the haters…

    She is the sweetest person…

  39. 139

    damn, shes almost as ugly as dita von-teese

  40. 140


  41. 141

    if her mouth was a bit smaller on the photoshopped one then shed look…dare i say it? pretty

  42. 142

    The Potato Shop photo makes her look great!! Some how it makes the dress look better too.

  43. 143

    Hey, if Drew & Leno can make it, potato head can too (Ashton & Demi just need to produce a film for her to be in, that's all).

  44. 144

    she looks way better in the original, she kinda looks like an alien in the photoshopped pic

  45. 145

    she shud really consider getting her chin filed down, and changing that damm hair color

  46. 146

    Wow- she is actually pretty here. Maybe Demi should look into getting her a chin job.

  47. 147

    This is a very cruel thing to say and do Perez. Do this to your own face Perez, I dare you!

  48. 148

    thats super hott…but even if she got rid of the mega chin..there still is the subject with that oddly shaped nose.

  49. 149

    In the second picture she looks like Priscilla Prestley. If she was going to get the chin done I'd suggest adding something to the nose to balance out the face.

  50. 150

    She's not that bad looking when you see her in a movie, but in still photographs she looks awful!! Love the hair color on her, but she really needs to have someone teach her how to style her hair. Or better yet, have someone do it for her. Pulling it back makes her chin look even bigger. That said, I think it's awful that everyone says she should get plastic surgery. If she did, none of you would ever let her live it down! Look at the comments said about other women who succumb to the knife. You can't have it both way, people.

  51. 151

    It looks like her features were blended w/Charlize Theron and the end result is somewhat Kiera Knightly, either way big improvement! I didn't read the story, and just saw the pic and thought "Wow she had plastic surgery, nice!".

  52. 152

    She def looks SO much better in the photoshop'd pic. Looks a lot like Demi when she was younger… before all the plastic surgery. Well isn't that ironic lol…

  53. 153

    Her hair is awful. Her dress was fucking ugly.

  54. 154

    I like the edited one….Sorry, but that Bruce Willis chin gots to go!! So sad none of those girls took on the Demi gene, what a waist

  55. 155

    hahahha, thats fuckin funny, i did that with my cursor yesterday.. lopped off that chin…

  56. 156

    I don't usually say this, but that girl should get some plastic surgery done. Her chin is so large it's almost a deformity.

  57. 157

    Potato Head/No Potato Head

  58. 158

    You guys crack me up. Photoshopping is EASY … having half your jaw and chin carved away (not to speak of the teeth issue) is another thing. Do her looks offend you THAT MUCH that you would continue with this pointless attack on a girl who has done NOTHING to you other than to show her face in public? You are a bunch of mean-spirited bitches on here, and Perez … YOU are the worst. Do you think trashing Rumer Willis is scoring any Karma for you? I think not … leave this girl ALONE!!!

  59. 159


  60. Jai says – reply to this


    She looks like Keira Knightley in the after pic. She has a very odd looking nose as well. She should start a support group for girls who look too much like daddy with Harlow Madden and JLo's daughter.

  61. 161

    She looks like Natalie Portman in the after. But an improvement nonetheless.

  62. 162

    thats what she looks like..poor girl can't help her chin for fook sake let her live in peace

  63. epic says – reply to this


    maybe the reader/artist should work on your pics, too.

  64. 164

    Yeaaaahhhh… She REALLY needs a nose job and to change her chin. The original picture is just hideous! I'm sorry, but it's true.

  65. 165

    HAAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! They chopped off a foot of chin!

  66. 166

    I feel really mean for saying this but, none of her features match. A funny pointy nose and tiny little eyes and the huge mutha of a chin! Love the hair colour though…

  67. 167

    It is perfectly possible to perform surgery to reduce the size and alter the shapt of the lower jaw and chin. The photoshopping shows that Rumer could look pretty and more proportional if her chin size was altered. So -o-o-o? Why not? Look what surgery did for Mom Demi - go for it, Rumer. The Potato-Head thing is keeping you from a career in show-biz, and you must be tired of hearing all the jokes about it. Do it, girlfriend!

  68. jule says – reply to this


    she looks like natalie portman in the photoshopped one

  69. 169

    oh god! the left one looks like it's the one that's photoshopped!! I would kill my dad if he had given me that chin!!

  70. 170

    She should def get plastic surgery to reduce her chin. She would look pretty!

  71. foxy3 says – reply to this


    Too bad they did not alter her nose as well

  72. 172

    She looks like Carnie Wilson in the original pic. And, duh, Mrs. Potato Head. The one on the right is a major improvement, I think.

  73. 173


    i admit…she does look better photoshopped.


    there is no one in the world that is 100% beautiful.

  74. 174

    Re: stooooooph – lol!

  75. 175

    kind of looks like keira knightley ;)

  76. 176

    again ur a dick its something she was born with but i agree she should get it operated

  77. 177


  78. Tatti says – reply to this


    He didn't photoshop the shadow though. Potato shadow follows along.

  79. 179

    She looks sooooo much better without a massive chin.

  80. 180

    LOL! She's going to print that out and take it to her fave plastic surgeon. At least that's what she NEEDS to do.

  81. 181

    God Damn. She is a fucking mutant!

  82. 182

    I THINK THIS IS 2 MEAN …BUT SHE DOES LOOK BETTER =)..cruelty aside RUmer u should thing about fixing that jaw/chin

  83. 183

    That's a good look for her. She looks almost enchanting.

  84. 184

    Wow from fug to fabulous

  85. 185

    gross. she looks better how she is. why does everyone have to look exactly the same and UGLY?

  86. 186

    She looks Asian in the photoshopped pic.

  87. 187

    OMG she looks so hot after that edit. Why doesn't she just visit a plastic surgeon?!?

  88. 188

  89. 189

    in the after pic she looks like natalie portman

  90. 190

    she still looks like an alien!!!!!!!!

  91. 191

    Wow she actually looks feminine and not so tranny-like

  92. 192

    You fucking disgust me Perez.

  93. 193

    WTF..omg. Can they really do this s*(*t on a person face?? Now i dont believe how any of the beyatches look…

  94. 194

    wow she looks amazing with a smaller chin.It's a bit cruel to point it out tho.

  95. 195

    Wow…she looks like a completely different person w/o the chin!

  96. 196

    Wow…she looks like a completely different person w/o the chin!

  97. 197

    you should do a separated at birth thing with you and rumer. idk why you criticize her so much when your heads look so similar.

  98. 198

    Ummm, Perez, you need to do the EXACT SAME THING SO SHUT IT DOUCHE!

  99. 199

    crimson chin

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