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Guess The Celeb!

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Maybe it's obvious, but we were a bit shocked!

No, it's not Kurt Russell.

It's Val Kilmer!

We've adjusted to the fuller figure, but that new long hair is doing nothing for him.

The Top Gun alum was spotted making a hesty entrance into a building in Beverly Hills on Wednesday after being spotted by the paparazzi.

[Image via WENN.]

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75 comments to “Guess The Celeb!”

  1. 1

    To think he used to be hot… He looks like an old lady :-(

  2. 2

    Aaaaand he's wearing crocs. Oh jesus.

  3. 3

    He let himself gooooo…

  4. 4

    I totally guessed Phillip Seymour Hoffman! Oops

  5. 5

    and to think, this man was once Batman. Dame wtf.

  6. 6

    you face is doing nothing for you Perez!

  7. 7

    i thought this might be rosie o'donnel's new lover.

  8. 8

    This just isnt right… My heart is broken

  9. 9

    perez dont be mean dont joke about special people they have special needs

  10. 10

    nice crocs…heh

  11. 11

    he looks like a fat, old, lesbian :-(

  12. 12

    Jim Morrison didn't get older, remember?
    And neither did BatMan.
    You're fine, Val, good to see you, to hell with these idiots.

  13. 13

    as if the hair isn't bad enough…he's wearing crocs. oh god

  14. 14

    Re: marie-eve
    heheeRe: Perezismyboy/girl
    an a dang fine 1 he wazzzzzzzzz….
    wtm happened???????
    what happened
    to the TopGun hottie….?

  15. 15

    GOD just to remember him as batman…what the fuck happened? looks like someone ate all the pies hehe

  16. eekO! says – reply to this


    Oh my God! I used to have a huge crush on him.. Ugh.. It's like Phillip Seymour Hoffman ATE the OLD Val Kilmer…

  17. 17

    At first glance, it looked like Rosie O'Donnell just grew out her moptop or something.

    That's Val Kilmer? The one time "Batman"? Oh noes.

  18. 18

    Gerard Depardieu anyone?

  19. 19

    that is sick

  20. 20

    OMG! He used to me my celeb crush back when he did Batman Forever…oh Val what happened??

  21. 21


  22. 22

    He's a dead ringer for Susan Boyle.

  23. 23

    He's turning into Marlon Brando!!!

  24. 24

    Re: ballsdeep88 – Who cares about spelling mistakes? I find it more disturbing that you scour this board fussing about spelling errors!

  25. 25

    he's wearing crocs with socks

  26. 26

    OMG…I thought this was a woman at first glance. I still think he's a good actor.

  27. 27

    Ohhhh the crocs! The crocs!

  28. 28

    Val Kilmer used to be one of the best looking men in Hollywood :(

  29. 29

    NO WAY! Thought is was a lady…ugly lady!

  30. 30

    Oh Iceman, what happened, babe? I understand that people age, but he's not even making an effort to look halfway decent. Cut the hair. Lose the Crocs.

  31. 31

    I thought it was Rosie O'Donnell

  32. 32

    Damn those crocs.

  33. 33

    crocs blah

  34. 34

    We're not blind so yeah…its pretty easy to guess that its Val Kilmer.

  35. 35

    OH MY GAHHH!!!!!! that sucks.

  36. 36

    haha, i got the same Croc's…lmao…who knew Val was a gardner…anyhow he is a total WTF!!! what ever went wrong with him, he used to be soooo hot back in the day, like way back in the day….like when he played Batman, but now, he could play the Michelin man in the new ghost busters movie…lmao

  37. 37

    OH GOD! Why aren't you mentioning his WORST fashion faux-pas here?

  38. 38

    omfg!! What the hell happend to him??? Awful.

  39. 39

    love the crocs!!!!

  40. 40


  41. 41

    His face is red like someone who drinks the hard stuff heavily

  42. 42

    the grossest thing about this pic is the crocs…ew

  43. 43

    whoa…. CROCS??????
    weird man….

  44. 44

    OMFG, CROCKS!!!!!!

  45. ydur says – reply to this



  46. 46

    I seeeeriously thought that was Rosie O!!! SO sad. He was soooo hot in his hey day. So hot! He needs to get back in shape, cut the hair and ditch the clogs. I know men can grow old and gain weight and still be great, but it's a shame for such a great looking individual to just let it go to waste!!

  47. 47

    crocs should be banned for adults. ESPECIALLY men

  48. 48

    God help us all he is wearing those crocs things on his feet, the end is NEAR.

  49. 49

    How did this happen????????? i used to be all up on him… now he's fat, and beat. damn. feel bad bout sayin it, but man.

  50. 50


  51. 51

    I thought that word roar said rosie so I thought it was Rosie O'Donnell who had dyed her hair blonde.

  52. 52

    doesn't he look kinda like Ted Kenedy?? all I can say is wow! I used to think he was sooooooooooooo freaking hot in the 80's..damn and i thought "I" got old!…lol

  53. 53

    when will people learn that crocs are the most horrible and hazardous thing, both to your style and health??

  54. 54

    All wrong Luvvies, i swear that's Kathy Bates.

  55. 55

    I thought it was the resident 'Priory' favorite, Susan Boyle!

  56. 56

    Susan Boyle or Rosie O'Donnel?

  57. 57

    Val, you're one Big Mac away from a coronary. Eat a salad for God's sake. Remember, SLOTH and GLOTTONY are two of the seven deady sins. REPENT NOW you fat sack of shit before you drop dead and find yourself spending etrnity burning in hell with the sodomites and sinners!!!!

  58. Dargy says – reply to this


    OMG what happened ? Kurt Russell is hotter than that !

  59. 59

    holy sh**** wow… did he change for a role in a movie, or did just get lost a bit?

  60. RJP3 says – reply to this


    I can forgive hair, age and fat - but not Crocs

  61. 61

    From hot to pot, Mal what has he done ? Long hair and the Crocs are just wrong.
    I do hope the building he was rushing into was an upmarket, over priced celeb health institution.

  62. 62


  63. 63

    Separated at birth? Val Kilmer and Rosie O'Donnell?

  64. 64


  65. 65

    OMG! That's just not right!

  66. 66

    Hey Perez + all folks, I tell you what:
    Doesn't matter to me if the man is still hot or not, and I wouldn't give a shit to his hair or even to his «bad fame» about been a difficult guy to work with…
    The man is such a good actor!
    Really, I love to have him a new movie!

  67. 67

    LOL I thought that was Rosie O'Donnell that had dyed her hair

  68. 68

    I met him at a premiere and he was really nice. He's also still really good looking in person. Either way, like others here have said, he's still a great actor.

  69. 69

    He looks like a stereotypical lesbian

  70. 70

    You've "adjusted" to the fuller figure because he is a man. If that were a woman, you would be calling her a cow.

  71. Ofra says – reply to this


    Thank god he's wearing crocks so we don't have to look at his polished toes!!

  72. eekO! says – reply to this


    Why does everybody think this is Rosie O'Donnell?? Rosie is CLEARLY more fuckable than this clown..

  73. 73

    Re: eekO! – I'd fuck Rosie and I would fuck the gay right out of her!

  74. 74

    Ugh…talk about letting yourself go…

  75. 75

    Holy Hell, that man is NOT aging gracefully! Its hard to believe I used to think he was hot!