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Kelly Ripa And Husband Pimping It Out

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It's so nice to know that television's exploitation of everyday people knows no limits!

Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelo's production company has signed a deal with TLC (Famous for exploiting a certain 8 children family) to produce a show which helps sad lonely women develop their product ideas and then feature them on HSN for other sad lonely women to purchase.

Kelly will grace each episode and auditions are currently underway.

So if you own more than 2 cats this might be your big chance!

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Kelly Ripa And Husband Pimping It Out”

  1. 1

    What a pretty couple

  2. 2

    So being on one tv show doesn't earn her enough money? Those two are so obnoxious and irritating. If Kelly gets any thinner she'll disappear. I sure won't be watching the show.

  3. 3

    I have no Idea who they are???

  4. 4

    4 cats and I'm the winner

  5. 5

    hey, daer, find your match guys on ___ClassyMingle.com____ just like them~~ a professional dating place for all the single people.go and meet your own classy single!!

  6. 6

    Blahhh You bore me…

  7. 7

    From what I can tell a lot of sad, lonely homos watch that dreck as well.

  8. 8

    Mark Consuelo desperately wants a big fat juicy cock in his mouth…come out already

  9. 9

    you're so mean!

  10. 10


  11. 11


  12. 12

    awww! That is kinda sad… for everyone to know you are a loser who wants to put crap on HSN…. some goal….

  13. 13

    You hatred of women is so strong and disgusting you fucking fag.

  14. 14

    The show sounds boring and pathetic

  15. 15

    Finally, a show that will be helpful!

  16. 16

    Perez is it that time of the month or what? You're being a ginormous asshole! I think it's a great idea. Did you know that something like 85% of the people in the world under the poverty level are single moms? Yeah so good for them for making a show where women can get somewhere in life.

  17. 17

    Careful Perez, your misogyny is showing. I think it's great that they are trying to help female inventors get their products on the market.

  18. 18

    hmmm… next…

  19. 19

    thank god i only have 2 hahaha

  20. 20

    How horrible, a show that actually helps real people make money. As opposed to "Who Wants to be a Supermodel" which only helps beautiful assholes that don't really need a TV show to make money.

    I like you Perez Hilton, but I also like rooting for the underdog, so even if this show is similar to "Pitchmen," it's still a great idea.

  21. 21

    Perez, I can't figure out if you really hate women or you are just on the rag today. Why would you call women who have the initiative to be creative and try to make a living for themselves sad and lonely? Are you projecting your own feelings?

  22. 22

    boring!! has anyone seen her body lately….we all have compromises!!!

  23. 23

    Uhm, I don't ge tit. SO because they are having a show that means it is only for sad lonely women? Looks like you are their prime audience.

  24. 24

    That sounds incredibly boring!

  25. 25

    God you are a dick.

  26. 26

    Re: DirrTeee – Uh…putting stuff on HSN is a MAJOR coup for a business. It is very difficult to do. So, yeah, actually it IS quite a goal.

  27. 27

    Re: sweptaway – Of course he hates women. Haven't u noticed? PS Perez, ConnieTalk had this news up 2 months ago. Ur slow & sucky.

  28. 28

    I have three cats and no intention of producing or buying that crap.
    However, the people that sell stuff on that channel make a sh*tload of money. It is not a bad goal if you are more concerned with money and less concerned about what a douche you look like.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    oppose to people who sit twittering u around..I call that shit lonely as all hell.
    and the ones who sit here all day and comment on your every post..But then they make you money so you won't call that shit lonely…hypocrite..

  31. 31

    Bravo Mark & Kelly!!

    I wish you Good Luck on your Two TLC Series!!

    The First one airs June 12!! Can't Wait!!

  32. 32

    It's amazing to see no wrinkles on his forehead.BOTOX!!!!!!!!!

  33. Typh says – reply to this


    If you own a cat be aware it secretly dislikes you.

  34. 34

    hay!!! i used to have 3 indoor cats…when my boyfriend and i just started talking he offered to watch them when i went on a trip with friends to Vegas…..when we dated he still would feed them….when he moved in he threw them out!!! but he still feeds them….they come to him more than they do to me now….anyhow the only time i see the shopping networks is when i have insomnia but i never buy the shit they try to sell there….i watch it like i watch comedy shows especially when semi celebrities try to sell their ugly bags, jewelry, and underwear!!

  35. 35