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They're Back!!!

| Filed under: Lindsay LohanAnglophiliaSamantha Ronson


Ready for another round of Lezlo and saMAN?

If you're not… Tough! It's happening.

Lindsay Lohan was seen at Bungalow 8 nightclub in London last night. When she left, she was on the heels of ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. The two ladies left the club within minutes of each other.

It's nice that they are taking their shitstorm of a relationship on the road. Now, other countries can enjoy their drunken mess hook-ups.

P.S. Does anyone else think that saMan looks an awful lot like Wino Ryder circa 1988 in Beetlejuice? Just wondering!

[Image via WENN.]

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63 comments to “They're Back!!!”

  1. 1

    cant you just shut the fuck up about it?

  2. 2

    who cares…is this bigger news than David Carridine dying?

  3. 3

    I think they're both ugly as shit. You are too, Perez.


  4. 4

    Omg she does look like Wino! haha

  5. 5

    SAman is most beautiful woman in the world. Lindsay is a lesbian!

  6. nayna says – reply to this


    I can't believe a pretty girl like Lindsay likes this fugly looking Samantha and losing her mind of her….to lindsay: "Get over it!!! there are better looking and much nicer women out there that would treat u better than this idiot u fell for!! "

  7. 7

    She doesn't look anything like Winona. At all.

  8. 8

    Those two lesbians will burn in hell for all eternity along with the rest of the sodomites and sinners. Samana is as ugly in a bull dyke kind of way as Perez is in a peverted sodomite kind of way.

  9. 9

    Samantha's tongue must be a Fire Hydron.

  10. 10

    this is just great…i chose a fucking perfect day to blog on your site about these meaningless assholes….
    man i'm irritated today…

  11. 11

    Re: JigSaw

    You could always, you know, not click on the link perhaps?

  12. 12

    Girl. I so wish you'd stop calling her Man

  13. 13

    Lighten up!!! Sam is actually Sasha Baron Cohen in disguise. And he's got an actual dick. Ask Eminem!!

  14. 14

    They are both batshit crazy……

  15. 15

    Why do people sign up to this site if they hate Perez so much? & why click on a link about Sam & Lindsay if you don't care about them? I realise this is a bit statetheobvious.com but seriously… why be so angry about something which in no way affects you.. get lives bloggers - be happy.

  16. 77777 says – reply to this


    She looks nothing at all like Winnona but its good to see you are still making things up for the hell of it. Here's one, doesn't Lindsay look just like the girl from Gilligan's Island, yeah totally!

  17. 17

    Re: sopski – ahh shut the fuck up blogger…

  18. 18

    never say never, but we'll see.. maybe you can find a girl like her, many nice and single girls have a account on __classymingle.com___. so dont miss them. dont miss your classy lover!!

  19. 19

    She looks like what Winnona Ryder would have looked like if she was annorexic.

  20. 20

    Oh my god you totally cracked me up Perez!!!!!!! i LOVE what this one has written on it! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! You're pure comedy!

  21. 21

    They are both dirty looking….like they stank!

  22. 22

    no she just looks gross…. the both of them.

  23. 23

    Re: JigSaw – jig this site has been sucking ballz for a long time. which is why i hardly come here anymore.
    with that said if someone has a problem with the shit u or i write about this site sucking can go suck perez's ballz …. u can say whatever the hell u want. They have 2 choices: 1) read it and keep it moving. 2) don't read it n keep it moving. So keep your dumb comments about not clicking on the link or if someone doesn't care about a particular celeb to not blog about it… cuz that's as pointless as "stating the obvious"…

  24. 24

    When she wind up, she bottom, she go like a rocket

    (Jump in de line, rock your body in time) OK, I believe you!

    …..yea that girl totally looks like wino

  25. 25

    Good Morning to the Regulars, JigSaw, LaDiva, LizardKing….lol

  26. 26

    To anyone who was delusional enough to think that things between these two goobers were actually over….GET REAL, and a GRIP!….thats like thinking Britney isnt CR@zy anymore….Yeah Riiiight!

  27. 27

    Nope, Winona Ryder was never that ugly and coked-up looking.

  28. 28

    Re: JigSaw – #1 you could not click on the story if you don't want to read it =DICKWAD

  29. 29

    No, she looks nothing like winnona except short hair!!

  30. 30

    Samantha looks like Mike D from the Beastie Boys.

  31. 31

    F'ing dyke drama!

  32. 32

    Re: Sodomites burn in hell – awh fuck its johnny d, didnt like what i had to say about you judging, huh?Re: LaDiva – I hear you, ms poetry has a weird sense of humorRe: Medieval Poetry – true, or make the point that perez obsessed with certain people to the point where it is strange

  33. 33

    PLEASE…take a poll and ask if anyone wants info on these two losers. I vote to NEVER have to see a post about them again.

  34. 34

    I still cant believe lezlo munches out on sam's snatch

  35. 35

    Do these girls ever get tired of partying. I mean I love going out as much as the next one. But, after a while it gets monotonous.

  36. 36

    i was just gonna say SAM looks PRETTTY!!!! prettier than lindsayyyy!!

  37. 37

    Lindsay doesn't have a forehead, she has a six-head! She needs some bangs and also needs to get a life and stop following fug Sam around everywhere!

  38. 38

    Sam looks hot .. =P

  39. 39


  40. 40

    Re: JigSawRe: LaDiva Re: LizardKinG [re=3871814]Re: UrMajestyMsG

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Re: sopski – I CANT AGREE WITH U MORE

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Re: jasonwallace – why don't u learn to finish a sentence before you start with your ridiculous rantings a-hole….

  45. 45

    um no, she really doesn't…

  46. 46

    Re: LaDiva – frigging tell me about it, this site has gone to hell so fast..
    How have you been?

  47. 47

    Re: JigSaw – I've been good. As u can see I don't come here too often. Miss my posse. Nothings the same… But well that was all fat ass' doing…

  48. 48

    Sam looks like the female version of Eminem

  49. 49

    I think Emma Watson's new pics make her look like Saman.

  50. 50

    Re: LaDiva – #47 thats because your both a bunch of losers with no life.Except the double wide trash trailor.So sit on a spike!!LOSERS

  51. 51

    Re: JigSaw – #23 you and la(puke)diva get a room!

  52. 52

    Re: LaDiva – #10 Put some cloths on u skank.

  53. 53

    Please Lilo, go back to boys. Or at least, beautiful girls.

  54. 54

    Re: Sodomites burn in hell – burn in hell asshole…
    Re: SHITNEY SHITNEY – your point is what….. nothing. so shut the fuck up.
    Re: FABOOSH!!! – asshole it's just a fucking avie…

  55. 55

  56. 56

    ohmygod yesss!

    i've been thinking that for like ever!

  57. 57

    Oh GOD no she does NOT look ANYTHING like Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice… dude get your eyes checked. I know you're gay so you may not have the keenest eye for attractive LADIES, but that chick looks like a boy, and Winona Ryder is gorgeous.

  58. 58

    No, Ronson looks like a prepubescent boy. Ryder is stunning, even gothic Beetlejuice, she's a living doll.

  59. 59

    Of course they are back, didn't Lindsey just sign a contract for a new gig.

  60. 60

    MAN thing, I just saw a pic of part of Lindsays meat flaps, you can do much better. No need to risk your health on that diseased looking thang. Of course, I havent seen your beef curtains yet. You DO have a vajayjay dont you?? SOmetimes when I look at you, you look like the little punk boy next door.

  61. 61

    I don't get it. When she was at her peak, Lindsay was a smoking little number. THEN, for some reason she decided to hook up with this dirty,ugly skank. And she went downhill,fast. If I was a chick and looked like Lohan, I would be grabbing every lipsticker I could get myself and my tongue wrapped around. Does this guy Ronson, EVER bathe or take a shower? EEEWWW.

  62. 62

    Re: UrMajestyMsG – Good morning.

  63. 63

    Re: JigSaw – Hi there. So did Johnny D get banned? I had an argument with him/her/it here that got deleted- did he get kicked off?