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Joe Jonas Disses His Ex

| Filed under: Jonas BrothersTaylor Swift

Write what you know, they say!

She wrote about him. Now, it's his time to write about her!

In the song Much Better off the new Jonai album, Joe Jonas takes a shot at his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, with the lyrics "And all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter. But now I see, Everything I'd ever need, Is the girl in front of me, She's much better."

J.J. is clearly referencing Taylor's hit Teardrops On My Guitar.

According to the boys, the album's material is all "about things we've gone through, personal experiences."

Like that one time their dad told them they couldn't rent the limo past midnight!

Check out the clip above for a preview of the song, which they say is "influenced muscially by the Bee Gees & Neil Diamond."

All right, we give them credit for acknowledging their pop predecessors!

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249 comments to “Joe Jonas Disses His Ex”

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  1. 1

    what a douche. Taylor Swift is MUCH BETTER than him!

  2. 2

    taylor's angel!! J.J THE DeVIL!!

  3. 3

    Taylor is wayyy prettier than Camilla! but whatever its their problem

  4. 4

    um thats a mean dig, taylor is sweet, why do that to her? ive lost respect for him completely. bad for the girls self esteem.

  5. 5

    jonas brothers are at 12 minitues, with 3 to go.

  6. 6

    Umm she actually deserved this. She has been so bitter and mean about it, trying to ruin his image. She's a vengeful little thing. Why is it that she's allowed to write a song (many songs about different guys), but they aren't allowed to write one or two about her? Just because she's Taylor Swift? That's really stupid. If she can dish it, she should be able to take it.

  7. 7

    Not bitter? Then y even mention it A-hole! What an immature prick!

  8. 8


  9. Laury says – reply to this


    Haha! I love when these pop twats diss each other in their songs. Does Nick talk about Miley in one of their songs?

  10. 10

    and how the song "before the storm" is about slutty cyrus.yesterday there was a live chat about it and when they brought up that subject they hinted and acted awkward like when joe askd nick about why before the storm is personal,he smiled and got out of the camera,and then nick asked joe about much better and nick is like "its a song about a song" and kevin goes "yeah i wrote it in a dixie cup".TEAM SWIFT! cuz atleast she called them out cuz she has cojones unlike jb who doesnt say shit str8 up and has to hint and lahblahblah.

  11. 11

    This is lame and immature. If I was his girlfriend, I'd have to wonder why he's still thinking about, much less writing/singing about his girlfriend. I think Camila should move on to someone who's actually over their ex cause lame boy isnt.

  12. 12

    I hate them. Ugh. Taylor roxs. All of her fans we've got her back

  13. 13

    too bad taylor swift is doing so much better in cd sales and on the charts.

  14. 14

    1. Joe said the song was about their fans they all 3 said that. Why would they lie about it?
    2. The chorus doesn't even make sense about Joe dissing Taylor Swift.
    3. Don't go jumping to conclusions. NO ONE has heard the full song except JB.

  15. 15

    And I know she was mad about it and was very public. But, come on, all girls would have been angry if a guy broke up with her on the phone. And they don't have to bash her song she just wrote a song about she didn't make it that obvious.

  16. 16

    Swifty is amazing. I love her. She can do no wrong.

  17. 17

    So, I love the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift.. And I think we all know that it is obviously about Taylor and Camilla Belle… But just about the song itself I think that it sounds kind of like elevator music.. I feel bad saying that though, huge fan of the Jobro's! haha

  18. 18

    ASS HOLES!! That was just mean. Her's at least was just about her heartbreak his is saying how the fugly skank he replaced her with is much better than her. That's just inappropriate. He's just bitter cause she's sold more albums than him. Little prick.

  19. 19

    taylor swift is adorable!!!!!

    team taylor all the way

  20. 20

    lol Jonas Brothers are such lame ass losers who are so gay, I mean did you see J.J. single ladies? what is he hitting on? cracks? loser, fuck yourself while your at it

  21. 21

    At least his song will never be played on the radio well accept the Disney radio station for little kids

  22. 22

    Such lovely Christian gentlemen. Talentless clones.

  23. 23

    So much for taking the higher road approach. These jerks are total douche bags! Did their mommy teach them that, too?

  24. Dani says – reply to this


    you're an asshole, the lyrics in the vid dont even say that.

  25. 25

    wow, lame. time to get over it joe. but forever & always is amazing.

  26. 26

    they've turned into such pricks. joe jonas can diss taylor swift all he wants… and write shitty songs about her. but in the end when their new cd comes out and flops… who will be the REAL winner? that's right, the girl who sold the most records in 2008. go tay.

  27. 27

    He's so stupid, it's a love song adressed to DREW as in "DREW looks at me…"
    So arrogant.

  28. 28

    Re: lovelikeasong – umm…"tear drops on her guitar…" how does that not DIRECTLY relate to Taylor Swift?!?

    anyways, who the fuck cares the jonas brothers a so lame. This whole JB obsession is worse than Nsync and BSB back in the day. I don't understand why people think they are so great…i saw them on SNL and I thought my ears were going to bleed.

    in the end Taylor is an amazing artist who made it on her own and didnt have to team up with her brothers to make it. She will go way farther than they could ever dream of going….Disney Channel only makes a hand full of stars (i.e. Shia LaBouf) She's got so many fans its rediculous and Country is a MUCH better genre than teen pop…good luck with that boys when your 25!

  29. 29

    i dnt like jonas or taylor
    but u gooo joeee
    4 once u sed summin smartt

  30. 30

    i hate the jonas brothers. what douches.

  31. 31

    I hate them. Taylor is so much better, she deserves much better.

  32. 32

    those little bitches,
    imma punch them out, GO TAYLOR

  33. 33

    Re: workingirl

    right on sistah!

    not to mention, taylor is very down to earth! she'll go a long way. I bet she'll still be a hit when she gets old. The jonas brothers will become HAS BEENS! lol!

    nsync and backstreet boys have better voices than these guys! jonas brothers suck! bigtime!

  34. 34

    these guys are so lame. cant stand them.

  35. 35

    down with joe!!!

  36. 36

    Worst music of all time. Where is Hanson when you need them?

  37. 37

    Taylor did the same thing in Forever & Always…
    I hold onto the night, you looked me in the eye And told me you loved me. Is clearly a reference to JB song "When you look me in the eyes".
    And he's not the one promoting the song as a Taylor song like she did, he's only saying it's a song for the fans.

  38. 38

    the jonas is over taylor career is only starting

  39. 39

    I hope this is the last of the high school drama. They both need to grow up and move on. Let it go already.

  40. 40

    What a punk! That Camilla "ugly" is not much better than Taylor! Taylor is talented!

  41. 41

    Taylor has so much potential, and her career will only soar. Wait till the tweens grow up and the Jonas will be no more.

  42. 42

    Honestly I dislike both sides. Swift and Jonas, I do not care for either. Both are VERY very immature for their ages…. It's pathetic. Taylor lives in a lala land and Joe is an arrogant player. Time for some REAL freakin talent, music producers…..

  43. 43

    both Jonas and Swift will be hasbeens in a few years. Neither one has staying power in the biz. I'm just saying. None of them sing well AT ALL… Both sides have sh!t songs…. It's sad what music has become and then to make it worse they are all immature and dissing eachother. It's funny, but all this crap gets old really fast. I'm over every single one of these young "stars".

  44. 44

    i love them thts gr8 becuz she wrote a song about him now hes gettin back at her.
    good for him.
    ily guys!

  45. 45

    for all of u saying taylors an angel, y did she end the :27 second phone call? why was she announcing it to the world and being a devil to him?
    yall r dicks

  46. 46

    i agree w/ u 101% soda pop lover.
    btw i love the outsiders too!

  47. 47

    This song isn't all that good. Sorry Jo-Bros.

  48. 48

    he's such an ass

  49. 49

    COOL but Camilla Sucks but whocares but im a huge fan #1 fan :) and that song is really good love you Ta Ta

    - Tiffany King (smiles sweetly)

  50. 50

    jonas fans say taylor is 'immature' for writing a song and needs to 'let go',

    but look whos still talking now?

    taylor wrote the song about him the DAY AFTER they broke up and didn't make a direct reference to him in the song.

    clearly joe is the mature one, and since taylor is dating lucas, she has clearly moved on.

    you don't see her releasing songs now about what happened last year. in the words of taylor on dateline "i've forgotten that. that was last year, this is this year."

  51. 51

    He seems like a real dick to go out with…first he dumps her by text then writes shit about her …wow…id hate to go out with that full-of-himself-arrogant-prick…..taylor got a lucky escape

  52. 52

    wow…these losers suck for making a comment about Taylor Swift like that. Immature bitches. Icky just like the Cyrus biyotch lol.

  53. 53

    Wow Perez this live chat was last week. o.O Really old news…

  54. 54

    Too Bad None of them will ever be as talented or succesfull as Taylor Swift. She comes out smelling like a rose, and when she writes about her life, she actually writes GOOD songs. Oh and her voice isn't flat and off key like Joes. I mean none of them can really sing, but vocally and musically I'd say Joe is actually the least talented and just the best looking. Sorry boys your 5 minutes is up. Go give Hansen a call!

  55. 55

    She has a life and is just SO Much more talented then him.
    She just needs a steady type and not a 'girl=flavor of the week'
    type like Hoe/Joe.

  56. 56

    The Jonas brothers are LAME and their pants are too tight. I hate them. Who likes them anyway?

  57. 57

    wow 2 words… douche bag

  58. 58

    taylor swift > joe jonas

  59. 59

    i can't believe i wasted a year of my life being "in love" with these boys. joe & kevin are just riding on the coat tails of nick. he's the only one i see achieving anything with a solo career, and joe will end up in rehab in 5 years, i guarantee it.

    taylor swift is SO talented and has a bright future. team taylor for sure.

  60. 60

    Seriously, GET OVER IT, BOY! And the song sucks too…

  61. 61

    Re: stephnm10 – LOL

  62. 62

    these guys are such losers. too bad they dont have 1/10 of taylors talent. the song sucks… atleast forever and always is catchy! in ten years no one will know who these talentless brothers are but taylor will still be writing her songs and selling records.

  63. 63

    Anyone else think that girl he's dating looks like a female version of him…?

  64. 64

    Taylor totally deserved it! At least they arent using the song to promote their new ablum like she did! Taylor had a last minute recording session so she could record Forever and Always, put it on the album, then talk about it so people would want to buy her album! Which was smart on her part! I like taylors music but the song definitely made me want to go out and buy the cd even more! She is still bitter about it! Go see her on the fearless tour and you will know what I mean!

  65. 65

    Eeew, that is such a cheap shot!
    Thats pretty low, but she came out on top.
    The Jonas Brothers are Disney's little bitches. She is way more succesful than him. I hate that just because hes dating Camilla Belle, he can just diss her like that. Like hello, lets see you when the Jonas Brothers are old news and Disney is pimping the next best thing!

  66. 66

    Re: mrznickjonas
    Hop off their dick!
    Lmao seriously, JoBro fans obviously have no taste in music.
    Go get a life

  67. 67

    Re: mrznickjonas
    The only dick is you and the jonas brothers. taylor rocks. Shes amazing. Joe is just mad that her album did better than his.

  68. 68

    Jonas Bros=white trash

  69. 69

    wow that sucks. i really liked the jonas brothers back when fame didnt get to there head. i still really like nick but joe and kevin suck. i was debating on whether or not to buy there cd but now i definately am not. joe is extremely bitter because taylor is way more successful then they are now

  70. 70

    hahah taylor deserves it.. she bashed him in public now hes fighting back

  71. 71

    taylor bashed joe in public so that she could get more fame.. and guess what? it worked. she deserves to be fought back and joe should show her not to mess with the jonai. I LOVE JOE

  72. 72

    haha taylor just got poned!

  73. 73

    taylors a loser and nows shes paying for her mistakes… ppl. should learn not to mess with jb

  74. 74

    I LOVE JOE.. and taylor should have thought twice before bashing joe in public

  75. 75

    taylor is a douche and joe is just amazing

  76. Wassy says – reply to this


    Forever and Always is much better.

  77. Wassy says – reply to this


    Um, how would you feel if you got dumped on the phone for another girl. Hmm forever and always is much better

  78. 78

    Re: mrznickjonas – totally agree, she was being a douche to joe by making him look bad, but the true fans know joe better than how she made him look

  79. 79

    Re: Mary-Kate – you got it wrong.. joe is the angel and taylor is the bad girl

  80. 80


    Omg. Like. Come on little boy. Get over yourself. YOU broke up with her like ages ago. That's ridiculous.

  81. 81

    Re: mrsxpoynter – you took the words out of my mouth… totally agree with you

  82. 82

    dont you find it weird that all the boys taylor dated dumped her? maybe its not the boys.. maybe its her

  83. 83


  84. 84

    Re: shrimmi – HA! look whos talking! taylor couldnt let go of joe for like a month after their breakup.. she kept talking about him and she wouldnt stop nagging

  85. 85

    i love joe and i cant wait until their new record comes out!

  86. 86

    Camilla is much better than Taylor

  87. 87

    taylor just got ponedddd

  88. Wassy says – reply to this


    Re: StavLovesJonas – Your a bitch. Sorry but you shouldn't be spreading rumours that aren't true. So please get a life. At least I know I have one

  89. Wassy says – reply to this


    I used to be big fans of JB but they are now overated and their new songs aren't even that good compared to their old stuff. Like I know we aren't supposed to compare because this album is supposly more mautre and different but from what I hear.. it sucks. Paranoid is a good song but not compared to Burning up or SOS. This will probably be their last cd

  90. 90

    The Fly with Me new single premieres on sunday!

  91. Wassy says – reply to this


    Wait I don't get this, why is joe writing a song about taylor if he broke up to be with Camilla. Who gives a fuck if she is much better cuz in my opionion Taylor is much better. And I bet you Nick Jonas wrote this, Joe Jonas doesn't have the brains to do so

  92. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Uh…Taylor Swift is gonna be around a long time because she has talent. On the other hand these 3 twats are doomed to go the way of Hanson because they have no real talent. When Joe Jonas sounds like a dying cat when he sings.

  93. 93

    i hate taylor i love joe

  94. Wassy says – reply to this


    Re: StavLovesJonasRe: StavLovesJonas
    Aren't you too young to be on here?

  95. Wassy says – reply to this


    Re: StavLovesJonas – No, really? We didn't know that. Its kinda obvious because left like a million comments already. And obivously you are too young to be here because you do not know the hate means. Hate is when you hate someone with passion and someone who know, who did something to you. Taylor Swift is a celebirty who you never met and you hate her for a stupid reason. So please stop living in someone else's life. She moved on and its time to give up and move on

  96. 96

    what rumors am i spreading? saying that taylor was a bitch when she made joe look like a jerk in public and she wouldnt stop talking about their breakup over and over again?

  97. 97


  98. 98

    seriously i dont need to have a "fight" with you, i dont even know you, but what i know is that i love the jonas brothers and they are such talented guys and no one should bash them in public like talyor did and thats all i have to say

  99. 99

    Dayum Joe, that was cold blooded, but true. Camille ( or what ever her name is) is beautiful & he can fit her jeans. HA HA!

  100. 100

    why are all you people defending taylor swift??? she's not exactly the angel in this dissing game either! remember that she wrote the first song about joe and their break up…

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