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Jon Gosselin Caught On Tape!

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Hey, buddy! You're going to need a new shovel if you keep digging deeper and deeper into this hole of yours.

Jon Gosselin can't seem to comprehend that all of America is watching his every move and insists on hanging out with other women while his wife is away. And now, the National Enquirer has video footage!

While his wife Kate Gosselin and his eight children are vacationing in North Carolina, Jon had been enjoying the company of his "friends" like 23-year-old Hailey Glassman, daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate's tummy-tuck surgery.

What is it with this guy and 23-year-old girls?

The pair were seen having a secret "date" at bar in Nyack, NY. An eyewitness noticed that the young woman was "hanging on every word he said, and looked really happy to be with him."

Surveillance cameras at the restaurant caught Jon arriving, talking, and then abandoning his young blonde companion when he spotted a photographer. He quickly left her by fleeing through the back door. While Jon has publicly denied he's romantically involved with Hailey or anyone else for that matter, a friend of Hailey's confirmed she's been secretly meeting with Jon.

No need to meet in secret if nothing is going on!

We are really beginning to dislike Jon more and more. He better get his act together if he wants anyone in America to support him when he and Kate split.

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149 comments to “Jon Gosselin Caught On Tape!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – Some of us think the kids are more than "nothing" and the kids need to be saved from these asswipes!

  2. 102

    Re: Obnoxious_Joe – No they won't. She will have to pay him child support since she's the breadwinner.
    Child support is determined by income . . . not how many kids there are.

  3. 103

    I don't think that's him. He had a hair transplant. Why is he all of a sudden bald again?

  4. 104

    Oh, for fuck's sake! Enough with this bullshit.

  5. 105

    Who gives a shit about these losers??

  6. 106

    Re: PunkRocky – It is him.

  7. 107

    Jon thinks he's hot because he got hair plugs and lost some weight. He needs a visit form Lorena Bobbit.

  8. 108

    He looks like a drunk.

  9. 109

    He's going for the 23 year olds, because only the younguns are dumb enough to find a FUGLY, MARRIED guy with EIGHT fucking KIDS who is most likely about to go through a very public and nasty divorce attractive. Seriously, he has absolutely NOTHING to offer these girls except notoriety.

  10. 110

    hey at least Kate is with the kids……………… see now who's the bad one?

  11. 111

    Re: ClownsFreakMeOut

    It should matter which one will get the kids. If she gets the kids, he must pay.

  12. 112

    They both in wrong. Kate prob not very nice to him cause he never mans up so she has to put her foot down and act the way she does at times. Things look bad now and look like they headed towards divorce but hopefully they will rethink and work things out. I hope so

  13. 113


  14. 114

    its fake,
    the guy's hair is bald in the back
    jon got a hair transplant surgery like 3 seasons ago
    i really do feel bad for the family, especially the kids. the public just needs to leave them alone, let them work out their problems on their out of the public eye

  15. 115

    no need to keep it secret? how about just having lunch w/ a friend without people taking photos and claiming he's cheating on his wife by meeting up with a friend … a friend that SHE KNOWS.

  16. 116

    I am soooooo tired of hearing about these two. Another reason to hate reality TV and the TLC network.

  17. 117

    While negative news and gossip swirls around the web about Jon & Kate Gosselin and their family, a new blog is joining the ranks of those praying for this couple and their family - JonandKatePrayers.com. The purpose of this blog is to refocus attention on praying for this couple, their marriage, and their family's healing.

    Featured also are many resources and tools to help strengthen your marriage.


  18. 118

    It seems they both totally have checked out of the marriage. She's doing her whoring while he's with the kids, then he does his. Nice arrangement if you ask me. Kate's horrible.

  19. 119

    I don't think that's him, that guy has a huge bald spot, and didn't Jon have surgery to fix that???

  20. 120

    people this is both kate and jon plastic surg. daughter and her mom was there as well…nice try

  21. efab says – reply to this


    VOTE FOR JON! i'm a fan and would date him in a heart beat. i'd be a great step mom. :)

  22. 122

    Well, I for one cannot stand Kate. I know that most women are siding with her because none of us likes to think our men would leave us. But, girls, I have watched their show for years and she has treated him like crap for years. If you read her book, you find out he didn't want her to have the eight babies. She could have died or worse yet, they kids could have all been born with birth defects. She's a selfish narsacitic pig and I hope he leaves her. Also, her family AND his family have both gone on the news programs and talked about how Kate sees her kids as nothing more than a way to make money. When she doesn't know the carmeras are still rolling, you hear her mistreating the kids. John probably just got fed up with her. Good for him. Move on.

  23. 123

    Re: CuddlyCarla – Well said!!!

  24. 124

    Where is the video? I can't tell thats him by just looking at the back of his head. Post the video so we can see it.

  25. 125

    they are probably already split up, but doing a bad job of faking being together for the show…

  26. 126

    Poor Jon. They're split up-he can do whatever the hell he wants. Everyone thinks he's "cheating," but it's all good.

  27. 127

    Yeah she's with the 8 younger kids but Jon is with the 2 older girls. Probably b/c the two older girls can't stand their mother! The younger ones are still too young to understand what a bitch their mother is!

  28. leo32 says – reply to this


    This guy just wants out and who can blame him. Kate has been emotionally abusing him and is so controlling. You wouldn't go to a party and tell everyone what an idiot he is or to stop breathing so loud but Kate does stuff like that all the time - she talks to the camera and the crew in the room and just rails on him. It's abusive and he's had enough!!! I think when he had some space from her (when she was out and about with her book talks) he realized how much he liked it and missed just making his own decisions. You can't blame the man, he's still a good father, very loving, but he doesn't want the cameras or his wife anymore. She's regretful about her actions towards Jon but its too little too late.

  29. 129

    so… yeah, it REALLY sucks for the kids (and I think they should have stopped the show when this shit started to go down)…
    But WHY THE HELL is Kate's absolutely HORRIBLE hair o.k with everyone? I would cheat too if i had to look at that every day, or at least shave it off in her sleep.
    As for the two of them choosing to have the second batch of kids, he should of spoken up when they found out in the docs office…equal responsibility.

  30. 130

    Hailey Glassman goes to Indiana University and is the reason Jon was wearing an IU t shirt at the kids' birthday in the season opener …just in case anyone was wondering about that or thought it was random!

  31. 131

    they aren't kissing, or holding hands or anything. If they are 'smiling and laughing' it does not mean they are having an affair. I am happy when i'm around my friends, does NOT mean I am dating them. Relax, until we ACTUALLY have proof, people should stop making it worse, they already have enough shit to deal with

  32. 132

    he is such a fucking idiot!!!!

  33. 133

    Jon and Kate's marriage is over. if there was any help for this marriage and if he still wanted to work it out after woman # 1 ( the school teacher) there would have NEVER been another photo of him with anyone other than Kate. there is going to be no reconcilation between them. this is soooo over. its time for them to get a divorce and make it final. other wise the media will never leave them alone as long as their married and seeing other people.

  34. 134

    he is ugly. their show was pathetic. promoting having twins and sextuplets/mutant children is cruelty to a womans vagina and mental stamina… kate is the controlling devil who deserved it… and if he ever gets bent EVER AGAIN he isso lucky because he looks like a mongoloid monkey. they never should have children to begin with. who would want 8 kids….? REALLY… WHO?! (besides joli who is taking ever child from every part of the world to be a do gooder bad ass.)

  35. 135

    I,ll believe he cheated if him or Kate admit to it..until then, the guy is just at a bar talking to someone. Big whoop.

  36. 136

    Yeah, I don't care. If I had to choose sides, I would TOTALLY choose Jon's side! Kate seems to be a bitch, and Jon? Well, I like him to be honest. I don't believe for a second that Kate is exactly an angel! Just the poor kids in the middle of all of this….poor things.

  37. 137

    Leave Hailey alone. Nothing is going on. She is too smart. And by the way, no where does it say anything happened out of the ordinary in that video. Friends are allowed to hang out.

  38. 138

    I live right near this chick and her daddy dr. and they have been seen all over the place this last few days!….They do not give a shit who sees them ….they arent ducking out back doors at all. They are prancing around proudly!…and by the way the girl was a slut in high school …LOL

  39. 139

    id do him

  40. 140

    he loves the attention people…… he is just eating.. if everyone blows everything out of proportion its just keeps escalating and he just keeps on LOVING the limelight

  41. 141

    You said it all PEREZ, " the young woman was "hanging on every word he said, and looked really happy to be with him."

    Maybe if KATE did it, He wouldn't stray!

    TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  42. 142

    Re: dandaman62 – Thanx 4 the cool info! I had a feeling she was a slut, but good to know!!!! Why would he waste time with a nice girl?

  43. 143

    I agree that perhaps the Gosselins are exploiting their children to a certain degree. But if the media is truly at all concerned for the well being of these children, then stop sensationalizing this show. It seems to me that everybody in the media circle, is taking advantage of the situation, by over exploiting these kids almost as bad, if not worse, than Jon and Kate put together. In the media's case, more ratings and juicy gossip, the better. As much as I despise the papa-stalkers, I'm beginning to loathe these "news" anchors, just as much. After all, aren't these people who are so outspoken against Jon and Kate just as hypocritical. I don't imagine these folks are putting these stories out for free.

  44. 144

    leave them alone!
    i think the public needs to relax and give them their space.
    jon and kate need to finsih this season and leave the show.
    none of this would of happened if it wasnt for the public.
    they would of lived just fine but we all buy into the magazine adds and the radio.
    we pulled this marriage apart and we should all feel guilty.

  45. 145

    who cares? he's cheater, we know already. poor kids

  46. 146

    i don't know the poor people have 8 kids… i for one would have committed suicide by now if i had 8 children. but I still think it's all mainly for publicity…

  47. 147

    Re: PunkRocky

    i thought the very same thing about the picture… i watched the episode where it talked about him getting a hair transplant and going to the gym and all that stuff.

  48. 148

    i would cheat on kate too!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE her

  49. 149

    i just love how this footage has surfaced and the lies have been told in the aforementioned blog about Jon. I quote Perez when i say this…"While his wife Kate Gosselin and his eight children are vacationing in North Carolina, Jon had been enjoying the company of his "friends" like 23-year-old Hailey Glassman, daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate's tummy-tuck surgery…", whats funny is that Jon was in North Carolina on vacation with his family. I have sources that saw him. I know people that worked with his family. What people need to do is start giving him a chance to talk, and stop listening to his controlling pig headed wife that is demeaning to not only him, but also their children.

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