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Heidi Diagnosed With Gastric Ulcer Due To "Torture"!!

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Details of Heidi's emergency trip to a Costa Rican hospital are starting to spill out!

The Hills star was reportedly "convulsively throwing up" due to the 'torture' she was subjected to on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!!

Heidi was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer, and has since left the hospital after being put on a round of antibiotics.

And one of the primary causes of gastric ulcers? Stress!

As both punishment and in order to redeem themselves to their fellow I'm a Celebrity… cast mates, Speidi spent one day and one night in a dark room with the bare essentials to survive - water, rice and beans.

A chatty cathy on the set of the NBC reality program has described the "punishment" as "the same as Guantanamo Bay."

Hey, they didn't have to return to the show!

Although it is more than a little shady that NBC Alternative Programming VP, Paul Telegdy, described the treatment of Spencer and Heidi as torture!

"They are now going to be examined, and their value system utterly deconstructed …These people really are going to bare their souls," Telegdy told Ryan Seacrest last week.

Spencer has given his current lawyer the boot because Pratt is claiming he was the one who convinced the two to stay, and has plans to sue the pants off NBC.

No surprises here!

With the "torture" of Speidi, you can bet the ratings for Monday night's show are going to be phenomenal!

What smart cookies those folks are over at the home of the Peacock.

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156 comments to “Heidi Diagnosed With Gastric Ulcer Due To "Torture"!!”

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  1. 101

    NBC is just mad because Speidi took over the show and used it for their own fake-ass famewhoring purposes. Like no one could see that coming.

  2. 102

    This is fucking stupid. They both need to be dropped in the middle of a poverty ridden country and left there. At least they had food and water. UNLIKE some of the THOUSANDS even MILLIONS that go hungry on a daily basis. Suck it up Heidi!!! Your fake ass tits and face job could have fed lots of hungry little mouths.

  3. F18 says – reply to this


    Yeah, Perez, another example of your shitty level of education.

    Google Robin Warren and Barry Marshall, dumbass!

  4. 104

    hey don't being giving out medical statements when you state myths as facts.
    it has been proven that ulcers cannot be caused by stress AT ALL and its only caused by a certain bactera that begins eating away at the stomach lining.
    so saying that the primary cause of ulcers is stress is completely false….and you don't have to be a doctor to know that…only dumbasses still believe that ulcers are caused by stress.

  5. pryme says – reply to this


    NBC and speidi are friends and planned all this for ratings. simple. they are not to be trusted.

  6. 106

    :These two idiots deserve NO Attention! They should have left her dumb ass out there! No one would miss her!

  7. 107

    Oh Plezzz Perez You dramatic Queen!

    They suck just like You!

  8. 108

    People like that DESERVE to be put in harsh situations just to humble them back down to earth with the rest of human kind. These rejects actually think they are better than everyone else, that they are "too rich and famous" to be in the jungle with the caliber of celebrities they are stuck their with (when in fact most of the people on that show have 10 times the talent that these tools have, and that isn't saying much!), and that the network should for some reason be treating them special….well they read the contract, and knew the consequences of what they were getting into. They are talentless publicity whores who will do ANYTHING to get a camera in their face. It's so true, they are everything thats wrong with America….and for the asshole that called them liberals, no idiot…they are republicans…isn't that obvious by their sense of entitlement. They are douch-bags just like the people in hollywood they try to emulate, without an ounce of success. They make Paris look good, and that takes a REAL piece of shit….Oh, and how much do you want to bet the people who actually stick up for them on these blogs is actually Heidi or Spencer (or one of their paid off family memebers!)…I have never met ONE person who even remotely likes them as people, as entertainers, or even finds them attractive for that matter. Heidi has a tranny face and Spencer is just flat broke busted ugly…..yuck!

  9. 109


  10. 110

    Even stress induced ulcers take quite a while to develop. It's just these two fame whores wanting more attention. Why do you think they keep leaving the show and coming back? Just a hint: it's not because they are talented people who got their "fame" by being special. Quite frankly these two make me sick. I just love spencer saying they are the most famous people in the world. Haa haa sorry idiot you're not. The ONLY reason I even know these people's names is because mario keeps reporting on these two no tallent assholes.

  11. 111

    Although I feel bad for Heidi being sick. I still think Spencer is redonkulous! He will do anything to get attention. Hopefully we wastes some of his Hills money on a new lawyer.

  12. 112

    Spencer Pratt is the biggest fucking waste of breath I've ever witnessed. He should shoot himself and do this world a favor.

  13. PHfan says – reply to this


    Rice and beans? Dark, quiet place? Oh, the horror!

  14. 114

    they are such fucking liars.
    i am sick of hearing about them!
    but i think i might watch the show just because they tortured speidi!

  15. 115

    We the public should be diagnosed with ulcer for having to endure all the press these two losers get!! WE DON"T CARE!!! Stay in the jungle and shut the fuck up please!!

  16. 116

    Torture is the definition of having to hear all her shitty ass music. She deserves all the pain inducing ulcers that she gets. She's bestowed enough on the world already. I hope Spencer gets eaten by an alligator.

  17. 117

    Re: justtfax – "stress related ulcers normally take months, years to occur. like the time length that she has spent with spencer." LOLLLLLLLL!

  18. 118

    come on, have anyone seen survivor … gosh this divas!! i cant wait for hasselback to give her opinion on the view. spedi and heidi = bs.. they shouldn't of brought them back…

  19. 119

    I know a thing or two about ulcers. In order to diagnose an ulcer, you need to do either an upper GI or endoscopy. Both procedures require fasting for a certain period of time and generally aren't done in the ER. Therefore, I am doubtful that she was actually DIAGNOSED with an ulcer. Also, like others have said, stress can contribute to an ulcer, but they are indeed caused by bacteria. It would be pretty impossible to develop an ulcer in a week.

    Heidi and Spencer have runied this show, like most everything they touch. I thought about watching it but I refuse to give those losers extra ratings. Why won't the public just turn their backs on them? It's only attention and money those douches want.

  20. 120

    The primary cause of ulcers that respond to antibiotics is the heliotrope bacterium. Not stress.

  21. 121


  22. 122

    Re: HEIDI THE GREAT – LOL…I do? Doubtful.

  23. Typh says – reply to this


    Lies lies lies yah!

  24. 124

    i dont knoe if its fake or real
    but i dont watch this show

  25. 125

    Water, rice and beans give you ulcers? Gosh all those 3rd world people must have ulcers out the ya ya. And think, their water isn't clean and I'm sure the rice and beans are sub par. Poor widdle Spency boy. Wuss.

  26. 126

    oh wait, SHE is the one with the ulcer? I thought she was the butch of the two.

  27. 127

    can somebody please please please smite them off the face of the earth. I've never seen bigger pieces of trash in my life!!!!!

  28. 128

    Please, please please, can't somebody get rid of these two? Unless they are both getting lobotomies, who the fuck cares…..

  29. 129

    Re: carolineyy – God you so need some therapy.

  30. 130

    Oh, and one more thing….Beans and rice are a staple of the southern diet. Does everyone in every southern State have an ulcer after one day? I DON'T THINK SO.

  31. 131

    thats what you get when, you signed up.

  32. MP says – reply to this


    I still don't understand why people watch this ridiculous show. The majority of gastric ulcers are caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria. That doesn't happen overnight.

  33. 133

    can you die from an ulcer? because that would be super.

  34. 134

    Gastric ulcer my ass. She probably had diareah (sp plz I dont even know how to spell suck a disguto word) but anyways yea or sharted on her self during getting spooked. Freaked out when to the er.

  35. 135

    Rubbish! Speidi are media and money WHORES…and will stop at nothing to revel in both! Appalling, conniving and scheming EVIL creatures! Be gone!

  36. 136

    Re: carolineyy – Ummmm…..girl…SHUT THE FUCK UP…!!!

  37. 137

    i would be so so so happy if i never heard anything about these 2 ever again. they are a JOKE and i wish people would stop reporting on them–that's the only way they'll ever go away. please perez, i beg you to stop writing about them!!!!! oh, and i've had an ulcer…they develop over a long period of time. if she does have an ulcer, my guess is she got it from listening to her douche bag hubby for the past few years.

  38. 138

    Re: HEIDI THE GREAT – are you seriously nuts?

  39. 139

    Re: carolineyy – Jesus Christ, calm down. Honestly do you get worked up for all bs or did this one just come near and dear to your heart.

    These idiots got what they deserved.

    They run around manipulating everyone for attention/money, why shouldn't they finally suffer for being cruel and heartless to everyone else?

    If the dumb twosome had stayed their asses home this would have never happened.

  40. 140

    Those two should get a real job.

  41. 141



  42. 142

    In 1990 2 Australian Gastric Professors discovered that gastric ulcers are a bacterial infection and easily cured with a cocktail of antibiotics..The "stress" is CAUSED by the agonising pain, it is NOT the cause of ulcers..it merely exacerbates them.
    Do not give out disinformation of medical facts.

  43. 143

    Re: soangryicouldspit – I could not agree more! Also if she is that concerned then maybe she should get some protein by eating insects in the bush tucker trials (if they are the same as here in the UK).
    To compare herself to Guantanamo prisoners just shows her stupidity.

  44. 144

    YAY!! Now update us when she's dead. Then I'll "fake" like I care! ;-)

  45. 145

    Re: carolineyy – Are you mildy or moderately retarded?

  46. 146

    Stress is not a key factor in gastric ulcers! They are caused by peptic ulcer disease which is caused by a bacteria named heliobacter pylori or H. pylori. The other cause is from a constant and continual use of medicines such as asprin that eventualy eat away at the stomach lining

  47. 147

    I hope she dies from it!

  48. 148


  49. 149

    Although I can't Stand Heidi & Spencer - I have to give them Credit for All the Publicity they have Achieved this past ten days!

    But - Tortured - WTF????
    Give me a Break!
    When are we going to get Over these Two????

  50. 150

    Wonder which excuse she would give if she really did have an ulcer?

    A. Tell her stop popping too many NSAID's (aspirin, Tylenol, or maybe Percocet or vicoden… those last two actually may make sense if she really has an ulcer…)

    B. Will the girl own up to having a bacteria infection in her gut called Helicobacter pylori? I just don't see her owning up to that one, she isn't the bacteria type who want to broadcast that kind of excuse over the media.

    Well, those are the two main causes. Then there is the chance of getting it from smoking too damn much, drinking too damn much and also living off the coffee and caffeinated soda.

    The fact she blames stress shows that she is a dumb ass. I just don't get why the dumb ones tend to be the most popular, I have never watched a show with them in it and I plan that I never will!

  51. 151

    torture?!?! the us military punishes its own troops for infractions by putting them in a cell for 3 days and giving them nothing but water and a loaf of bread!

  52. 152


  53. 153

    well, I may hate Spencer, and not care all too much for Heidi (although its mainly because of him) but I think these big studios could really care less about their 'stars' and people in their shows, so I wouldnt be surprised if they barely fed them and what they did was crap (and probably put them in places that werent so healthy) I mean its not like she's saying 'oh I have a tummy ache, they were mean' she is saying they were basically torturing them and she actually had something medically wrong! Yeah, speidi are blowing it out of proportion but I think NBC goes too far for things (not just NBC, many stations, and not just TV, movies, papers, magazines, news…)

  54. 154

    When doctors don't know what's wrong with your stomach, they always will say gastritis or random ulcer. These two have cried wolf too many times. I hope they don't ever have any REAL trouble, because no one will believe them. You just don't do that. I learned that when I was, oh, about THREE years old.

  55. 155

    I cannot believe these people are famous.

  56. 156

    Ummm…ulcers do not develop that quickly…have had them myself.

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