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Ramsay Mans Up & Apologizes

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Time to do some damage control!

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has offered an apology to Australian reporter Tracy Grimshaw for the sexist, homophobic remarks he made towards Grimshaw over the weekend.

A spokesman for Ramsay released the following statement to the media on Tuesday:

"He has unreservedly apologized both to her and anybody else who may who may have been upset," the rep for the Hell's Kitchen host told Sky News in the UK.

He continued:

"His comments relating to Tracy Grimshaw, who had interviewed Gordon the previous evening, were off the cuff and in response to heckling from the audience. His intention was to make a joke and indeed he did raise a big laugh at the time. However, with hindsight he realizes that his comments were inappropriate and offensive to Tracy Grimshaw. And he has unreservedly apologized both to her and anybody else who may who may have been upset."

In case you forgot, Ramsay name-called Ms. Grimshaw a "lesbian pig" during a rant on Saturday afternoon while giving a public demonstration in Melbourne.

And what does Grimshaw think of the foul-mouthed chef?

She still thinks of Ramsay as an "arrogant narcissist".


[Image via WENN.]

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45 comments to “Ramsay Mans Up & Apologizes”

  1. 1

    'Chef Ramsay,' you're getting as boring as f*ck.

  2. Cura says – reply to this


    "He has apologized"…..? Huh? Give me a break using a spokesperson. Man up and REALLY apologize and put out your own press release.

  3. Typh says – reply to this


    Brits are notoriously sarcy as 'ell.
    Americans tend to be a bit more thin skinned when it comes to sexuality comments in the current political climate.
    Did he not get the memo or does he need an American handler to define this?

  4. 4

    I hate gays and lesbians demanding apologies for using the word gay or dyke to insult someone. Forget the poor pigs that had to be associate with such a fat bitch, wait that insults dogs too, hmmm, maybe Perez should apologize to everyone he's called names, start the crusade Perez lead by example, mass apologies on everyone!

  5. 5

    How come this fuck didn't get a lot of air time play about his stupid ass remarks. The fuck Rants all the time and when Christian Bale say's one thing to some ass hole on the set the world goes insane for no reason. Bitches

  6. 6

    Arrogant narcissist? Yep.

    One of the most entertaining personalities on TV? Definitely.

    Love this guy.

  7. 7

    …why are you attacking Chef Ramsay?

  8. 8

    FFS. I was there. He never called her a lesbian!!! It was a JOKE! Geez.

    I hate when people get all angry. Everyone hates when people act PC but then get up in arms about little tiny things. And why the hell did our prime minister get involved??? This country is a joke.

  9. Wingy says – reply to this


    He can call me whatever he wants, as long as he fucks me afterwards.

  10. hotbb says – reply to this



  11. 11

    you hate all homophobic comments but don't mind spewing hatred to others..who is the ignoramous? Hmmm, starts with a P and ends in a Z…hahaha. Loser.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    He did NOT call her a Lesbian. Shit Perez, you can't even quote correctly from your own stories. You are such an idiotic dope.

  14. 14

    Arrogant narcissist, like fat Mario.

  15. trash says – reply to this


    You can't just walk into someones country, take their money, and then bag out their celebrities.

  16. 16

    Tracey Grimshaw is the most Arrogant narcissist of them all. She's an awful journalist who bullies her perceived lesser subjects to push her narrow minded view on everyone else.
    Besides, she's in the public eye - how is what Gordon Ramsay said any different to any other stand up comedy routine or sketch show that pokes fun of those in the spotlight? Everything he said was meant in good fun, the media and herself need to get over it and take it for what it was, a joke. Albeit, a tastless one according to some.
    Its becoming perfectly clear this is just a media campaign by Channel 9 in Australia to boost ratings for Tracey Grimshaws horribly mundane Current Affairs show. Nothing boosts ratings like a slinging match…or maybe a sex tape. But if you've seen Tracey Grimshaw you'd know that's out of the question.

  17. 17

    His "joke" might have been funny at a late night standup gig, but at a food & wine show? Not so much. The man is allegedly a really great chef - let him figure out some line of work where he doesn't have to subject any human beings to his vile personality.

  18. 18

    Yeah well us heterosexuals LOVE Gordon.


    Can't get enough of him. He can cook for me anytime.

  19. USFit says – reply to this


    Definitely a douche. Can't stand this guy. Didn't know who he was before, and I definitely don't care who he is now!

  20. 20

    Maybe that apology isn't enough for calling someone "a lesbian pig".
    Pretty cold .. harsh words

  21. 21

    Mwah Ramsay, mwah.

  22. 22

    Tracy Grimshaw is getting what she deserves. She berates and humiliates people at every chance she gets. Karma really sucks eh.

  23. 23

    He needs some serious Botox. Preferably in his nasty tongue. Icky-poo on every level. Just get back in the kitchen, Gordo.

  24. 24

    Notice how everyone who has actually seen Tracey Grimshaws horrendous attempt at journalism doesn't give a damn?
    Amen to it being karma for the way she's treated her interviewees over the years!
    And jenjavitis, if you think Gordon Ramsay has a 'vile personality', don't watch him. The fact that he's both famous and wealthy goes to show that a lot of people must like his 'vile personality'.
    Its like, I know tracey grimshaw is an awful reporter because I've watched her reporting…and then I stopped, because I found her methods terribly belittiling. Same deal with Ramsay, dont like him…dont watch him. Easy.

  25. 25

    Looks like Ramsay will need everyone of his 14 Michelin stars to keep his head above water, the one thing you don't want is the Australian Press in attack mode - Mr Ramasy where you arrested in a London public toilet 16 years ago with 2 other men in the same cubicle? He'd be best cutting his losses in Australia and head home; otherwise the "other" stories will come out….. Now F@*k Off ya short order cook.

  26. 26

    Gordon Ramsay your an arrogant fuck!

  27. ELL says – reply to this


    hahahaha oh god the australian pm got involved? woah………
    ffs it”s only a joke.
    and you say us poms are silly?

  28. 28

    Tracy Grimshaw and ACA suck ass always pickin on poor folks and kids Fuck her!

    She is like Australia Bill Oriely!!


    This whole thing was a raitings stunt thought up in the channel nine news room.. Gorden Ramsey and Tracy are friends and work on the same networt!


    Fuck them both

  29. 29

    Re: Typh – Thin skinned? Or maybe Brits are a$$holes?

  30. 30

    hes not the host anymore im from uk hahaha..GordanFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK Ramsey Shut Up With the Fucks. So Last Fucking Century Omg TYPH Watver her name and you are basically a wag wannabe retard.. :D

  31. Dargy says – reply to this


    I used to think he was funny and cool, now I just think he's frustrated and boring…………………………..

  32. 32

    woooo- go tracy!

  33. 33

    what an asshole. fuck you gordon ramsay.

  34. 34

    I love chef Ramsay….He always has had a bed mouth why do people take it so to heatr please!!

  35. 35

    this is getting so stupid.
    i was there when he first did it.
    it was a joke, he didnt expect it to leave the room.
    sure what he said was bitchy but seriously get over it
    this is between him and tracy grimshaw so we dont need every stupid reporter out her getting involved.
    you cant watch tv for 5 minutes without this whole story/bitchfight coming up.
    tracy said what she had to say which was completly bitchy and was worse than what he said.
    its becoming a full on chinese whispers game.
    what he said has now become something worse.
    do people not have better things to do with there time than chase poor ramsay on his morning run. its pathetic.

    he is now done an official apology which of course is expected after the publicity his stupid comments caused.
    but come on people, get over it. a jokes a joke.

  36. 36

    …i think Ramsay is awesome ..and Tracy is just being a sook ..wants the attention… she has in the past said many things against gays so she should just shut her mouth … " if you dont stand up to bullies they think theyve won" (Tracy)
    -stupid woman he wanted her to bite …. hellooo??

    being one of the Australians who has to listen to her crap "news" report.. and who went to the Food and Wine show to see Ramsay .. i say she needs to get over it..and the only reason perez is "insulted" is because it had something to to with gay … doesnt mean he hates you all ..calm down


  37. 37

    Re: ihypes – i like what your thinking …exactly my point … they seem to think their special now …i know there are still problems and i think they should b treated fair and all that …but they think they are special

  38. 38

    Think it's all been a bit overblown, like the Russell Brand/Jonothan Ross incident. It's kind of the Brit sense of humour. I'm sure he didn't really mean it, it was a joke! Obviously if she was hurt by it then an apology should be given, but really I think it's all a bit of an over reaction.

  39. 39

    Since when does having your publicist write something up make an apology?

  40. 40

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41

    i found it annoying that she was "offended" at being called a lesbian and came out with the huge denials….
    wtf is wrong with being called a lesbian?

    then the lame apology "i have many gay friends …."
    o puhleez

  42. 42

    I would consider it an honor to be cussed at by Gordon Ramsay. I wouldn't expect him to apologize to Ms. Grimshaw. Why should he? Doesn't she know who his is? Doesn't she realize that's WHAT he is? This man makes a living doing 2 things he does well, cooking and insulting people. He's a modern Don Rickles!! I actually find the verbal abuse kind of uh…hot…

  43. 43

    Omg. People are all nuts. He's clearly apologized just to get everyone to shut the fuck up. HE NEVER CALLED HER A LESBIAN. IT WAS A JOKE. I hope he doesn't leave Oz just because of shit journalist Tracey. If she had any talent, she wouldn't be on a crap tv show that only gullible old ladies watch. If you have a brain, don't listen to her!!! Why the fuck would you need to make a tv special out of that?? She's made herself look like a pathetic idiot. I'm so not apologizing for this.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    his apology was about as sincere as yours…you both suck