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Mike Tyson Marries After Daughter's Death

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Former boxer Mike Tyson has married his girlfriend, Lakiha Spicer.

The wedding comes less than two weeks after the accidental death of their four-year-old daughter Exodus.

The couple took out a marriage license on Saturday and married the same night at the La Bella Wedding Chapel at the Las Vegas Hilton with no guests in attendance.

This will be Tyson's third marriage.

Congrats to the couple!

Our thoughts are with them!

[Image via WENN.]

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46 comments to “Mike Tyson Marries After Daughter's Death”

  1. BB11 says – reply to this


    let them have their privacy and not hzve us judge them. no one knows what they need but them.

  2. 2

    strange timing.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I'm surprised they feel like marrying so soon after the little girl's sad death…but who am I to tell them how to grieve? Much as a despise Tyson, I couldn't ever wish on anybody what he's going through. Terribly tragic.

  5. 5

    those wings look like they r comin out of his head. ha

  6. 6

    thats pretty early to be getting married …
    oh well maybe that way he'll be happpier :]

  7. 7


  8. 8

    I wish them the best!…its going to be hard

  9. 9

    thats messed up fo real

  10. 10

    Who the hell names their kid "Exodus" anyway??

  11. 11

    who the hell gets married two weeks after their babies died!! thats soooo fucked up.

  12. 12

    Hmmmm….weird timing. But I guess his daughter's death taught him that Life was short so maybe they didn't want to wait.

  13. 13

    Well good for them. You don't have to have a formal wedding. My husband and I got married over 20 years ago in a very small dusty chapel room by a Navey Captain. Their was no one there except both our brothers. We just went home and called our partents and said, "Hey we got married today" and everyone was ok with it.

  14. 14

    Hmmm I dont know how HE grieves but normal people don't even consider marriage just 2 weeks after a child's death. I dont know, that's just me. Anyway, good luck in his marriage, let's hope that he doesn't beat on this one.

  15. 15

    what a douche. Ur daughter just died!!!!

  16. 16

    This doesn't surprise me at all…The death of a child usually does one of two things - It either brings a couple closer or it tears them apart. I guess in this case it brought them together. In spite of him being somewhat crazy I still feel for him. No parent should EVER have to bury a child.

  17. 17

    So much for giving the allusion of grief.

  18. 18

    I hope this helps them heal.

  19. 19

    To bad Spencer Pratt doesn't play on treadmills more. :-/

  20. 20

    I wish it were me that he married! I would pay to sleep with that man!

  21. 21

    Mike have strong sperm. Mike make more Mikeletts.

  22. 22

    my guess is they now realize how short life truly is and they probably had talked about marriage before and didn't want to wait any longer. I guess they are hoping that the happiness from the marriage can help them in their grief process….or that is my hope anyway. that there isn't some sort of weird reason behind it.

  23. 23

    He's obviously crazy as a bat and this chick should be brought up on child neglect charges for not keeping a close eye on a four year old wandering around the house.

  24. 24

    I take it that none of U have lost a parent or a child.
    I met my ex-fiance 7days AFTER I buried my mom. I was 19 and needed someone in my life to take away all the anger and pain that I had.
    Grief is a sick emotion and U WILL do anything to make it go away.
    He saved me from myself and kept me from doing all of the REALLY bad shit I did after we broke up.
    Yes it seems strange to U…but U never know what U will do when a parent or child dies so suddenly. U do what U can to make it better.

    Congrats Mike. I hope that U and Ur family are happy.

  25. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I'm sure he'll bite something of hers off,, eventually!!!

  26. 26

    Good for them either way. The tragedy probably brought them closer then ever, realizing how short life can be. Thoughts are with them, losing a child is just unthinkable.

  27. 27

    he can't be that sad about his loss if he can get married two weeks after and be all happy again………..i'm disgusted

  28. 28

    Fuck him!!!! He is a rapist!

  29. 29

    You guys can be so mean and judgmental. He has a young baby with the woman he married. You don't know the circumstances. Grief brings people closer together and a lot of times. They didn't have a lavish wedding. They just did their vows. Stop being so judgmental and let him be at peace.

  30. 30

    Everyone grieves in their own ways. Personally, I would look into the little girl death more. What kind of parent would not have had a 4 year old in eyesight? And for long enough time to die like that? Something is off here. But either way, maybe Mike relizes that life is too short and he needs to be with his family full time now, hopefully his other child does better and whatever futre children he may have survives.

  31. 31

    The creep factor is through the ceiling on this one!
    Who the hell gets married with their childs body not even cold in the grave yet??

  32. 32

    First off I agree he should have waited, but secondly with his track record and current financial situation who in their right mind would marry this man?

  33. 33

    BTW Love the wings behind his head.. What an angel.. LOL…

  34. 34

    He's Bipolar, so this might be how he's dealing with his depression. He shouldn't be alone.

  35. 35

    That poor woman! She's got a really rough road ahead of her. What woman in her right mind would marry him?! I hate to say this, but marrying Mike knowing the history he has, unless he's truly changed, which I doubt, she'll get what she deserves.

  36. 36

    Well well, how appropriate! Planning to dodge questionning from police? If they are married, they cant testify against each other, no??
    I just think it is suspicious…

  37. 37

    Re: lovesFUR – i totally agree with you.

  38. 38

    Smells fishy — like maybe now neither will have to testify against the other. Oh, the secrets these two must have!

  39. 39

    that's an odd reaction to the kid's accidental death. hmm.

  40. EMJ3 says – reply to this


    Give him a break!! Losing a child may have given him some perspective on life, that its never guaranteed and maybe, just maybe he decided not to take life for granted and do what he wants to do.

    Fuck people who think they know how someone else should grieve. Its different for everyone. Let it go!

  41. 41

    I'd be surprised if he really took his daughter's death hard. He has like 7 or 8 kids, 2 with his second wife and 5 or 6 more with assorted women. WTF? For him to up and marry yet another woman (not the mom of Exodus) tells me he's not too involved with his kids. That's not surprising, alot of men live that way.

  42. 42

    The one he married is NOT the little girls mom!

  43. 43

    He probably realized life is short and can change on a dime and thought it was something he needed to do. It's very sad for him.

  44. 44

    you dumb fucks its the baby's mother !! these assholes that write these story left that out to get negative press on this story cause it keeps it going ….ask yourself when you re-read the story above….WHY WOULD THEY NOT SAY HE MARRIED THE MOTHER OF THE CHILD THAT DIED ?

  45. 45

    They couldn't be bother to get married when they had a child but they decide to get married in their time of grief. They aren't thinking straight right now; I don't give this marriage much chance of success.

  46. 46

    loosing some1 so close makes ppl realize shit…maybe they just decided to tie the knot,til death pulled dem apart..who knows