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79 comments to “Whoa! Say What Now Travis Barker?”

  1. 1

    they'll get back together.

  2. 2

    post something on people that are funny. these two just make me sad :(

  3. 3

    He sucks and so did Blink 182. Stupid pop-punk crap for 6th graders.

  4. 4

    These two have a love hate relationship…they LOVE to HATE each other…
    I have a feeling it wont be the last public thing either of them say about each other. So sad, their children will be able to see this stuff when they are older.
    Knock it off you two. Either make it work together or make it work apart!

  5. 5

    Um, she went to his bedside even though they were divorced and stayed with him while he was recovering, in spite of the fact that he has made himself look like a demented freak. I give her points for that.

  6. 6

    thats kinda fucked up!

  7. 7

    The thing is Perez you hated Shanna Moakler until she sided with you during the Miss USA controversy. So lets call a spade a spade. This girl is a role model for no one and I guarantee you Travis is not lying with regards to her mothering skills.

  8. 8

    Good for him…I am so sick of her stupid little tweets about staying strong and living life like each day is your last. She is dumb…and smells
    take her kids from her

  9. 9

    Haha! These douche "celebrities" are reDONKulous!

    This does not include Perez who is just a fat pathetic loser.

  10. 10

    What do u expect Barker??? You expected to turn a whore into a housewife!!!! Thats a BIG no-no

  11. 11

    That's so sad…

  12. 12

    Mr. Hilton: Your commentary is repulsive; opinions are plain smut-filled slander, and the mark of a person with too much time, too little intelligence, and a desire to justify your own existance by mocking others. The constitution gives you the right to behave in the manner in which you do, however, perhaps you ought to predicate each derogatory remark and grand-stand with gratitude for the freedom to behave like nothing more or less than a prick.

  13. 13

    They need to grow up. Their kids are going to hate them when they are older. Total dysfunctional family.

  14. 14

    True…Cant turn a whore into a house wife.

  15. 15

    I feel bad for those kids!!

  16. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I CALL BULL~SHIT!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
    When will this DOUCHE`BAG ever LEARN?? He sounds like the typical jealous MAN here.. Seriously!!

  17. Yesi5 says – reply to this


    Why is she crossing a busy street like that…with his kids dangling??

  18. 18

    sometime I wish I could slap the shit outta this fool. he wasn't such a "good daddy" when he was shoving his tongue down Paris's disease infested throat…humiliating his wife and family…now that Shanna is returning the favor and hanging on some hot guys' arms all of a sudden "she's the devil"??? cry me a fukking river loser…if I remember correctly Shanna was by your bedside night and day when your ass was burnt to a crisp, have some respect and STFU dumbass.

  19. 19

    Ahhh Perez… what a douche you are. Trying to get him to cough up "I still love her" - you are ridiculous… and I don't even know why people listen to your fat face dick mouth speak. Just go suck some dick and stop egging people on. Hopefully someone will get rid of you soon… oh please god strike him down and never let him get up again! Dumbass

  20. 20

    These 2 dumb asses say they're never getting back together everytime and they ALWAYS do. She even had a divorce party and they got back together. He is right though, and anyone that ever saw their reality show knows that all she does is sleeps.

  21. 21

    you missed yesterday when Travis tweeted " I've been their "Mother" and "father" since they were born. Taking them 2 Robertson 2 shop and get photographed doesn't count. ha" and "Kids are not to be used as weapons. Deadbeat moms that sleep all day,seeking money, attention like 2 do so. Just hurts the kids in the end." anddddddd "Giving birth 2 a child doesn't make u a good mom. Taking care of them, loving them,waking up with them, spending time with them does." STOP IT, TRAVIS!! YOU HAVE CHILDREN!! DON'T FIGHT YOUR BATTLES WITH THEIR MOTHER IN PUBLIC! so hurtful for those kids!!

  22. 22

    I give her props for not responding back publicly. Even if what he says is true and she sucks, twitter is not the place for it. Think of the children…

  23. 23

    Travis can do better than her. He is the better parent.

  24. 24

    I'd bet u a dolla they're fucking right now… And next week they will wed and all the trailerpark is invited!

  25. 25

    LOL! Shanna choose to spend way too much time being bitter and twitting idiotic shit about Miss California than caring about her kids… what a surprise!
    She is known for being white trash and NOT a good mom so what's new? Travis is an idiot too for coming back to her everytime… it's obvious that all Shanna does is care about her man and eventual girls (yeah she is bi). I still can't believe how Trump had her on Miss California.

  26. 26

    Dr. Perez.
    Go for it.
    When kids are involved, adults need to do the right thing.

  27. 27

    Wtf weren't they just about to get back together? I swear to god they're the original LezLo and Saman.

  28. 28

    A friend of mine's brother hooked up with her. He said he went down on her and she had poop balls hanging from her taint. Said she smelled horrible

  29. 29

    Travis' other tweet was better - he said he has been both Mom AND Dad to those kids since the beginning and I believe him 100% - Didn't anyone watch their reality show a couple years ago? She couldn't even get out of bed, it was like a major issue. Shanna's daughter from some other guy is older, hopefully she can take care of herself, although she goes with Travis a lot too.

  30. 30

    Maybe he's hoping if he says something publicly she will get her ass out of bed and take care of her kids, since *not* saying anything publicly hasn't worked for a the last couple years.
    She is a slob.

  31. 31

    This guy is a loser. Why does he have to say these awful things in public about the mother of his kids?? I don't care what she did–there's no need to air it publically. Way to show that you're a low class piece of shit, and after you got a second chance at life. FUCK YOURSELF, travis

  32. 32

    Also, Shanna has never mentioned her kids in her tweets, then 24 hours ago, she suddenly tweets that she was buying food to make for them and about to see a movie with them - it is OBVIOUS they had been fighting about the fact she can't get her ass out of bed to bother taking care of her kids and she was trying to say "see, I'm doing stuff for them". What a loser. I hope Travis gets full custody.

  33. 33

    Re: Puffin – You sound like an asshole. You are a shallow fucking media whore who only reads internet chatter. Just because she was by the father of her babies bedside doesn't make her a good mother you dumbfuck hillbilly.
    You personally hate this guy because you suck at life and he doesn't.
    Go fuck yourself

  34. 34

    I think everything he has said about her lack of mothering skills is probably 100% true. But I don't see why these 2 have to deal with every issue in their lives on the freaking public internet. And they'll be back together and "in love" by next week.

  35. 35

    Perez, you are seriously a moron. You have said FAR WORSE about stars who didn't deserve it, and yet you sit around and defend a woman who is arguably a strong contender for the "Worst Mother of the Year Award" simply because she thinks gays should be allowed to marry. You need to get a grip, really. Defend her all you want, that will never change the fact that Travis is right, she's a dead beat mom.

  36. 36

    Re: Blind Baby – hahaha…an you sound like a bitch on her period…take some midol and STFU bitch! btw retard…you do realize that you are on PEREZHILTON.com right? pot…kettle…black and so on. LMAO! idiot.

    P.S. newsflash moron…him having diarrhea of the mouth on TWITTER of all places about the mother of his kids doesn't make him anything special either…just some poor irrelevant loser who seems to have gotten outta high school before he was ready…since he's still acting like he's there. now maybe if he sees you defending him on perezhilton.com he'll let you suck his dick and all your dreams will come true ;-)

  37. 37

    Does this UGLY fool realize that his kids will be able to read all of these pathetically immature comments he makes about their mother? He's so sad and starved for attention it's almost comical. I hope Shanna packs up her shit and moves on for good this time. She can do way better than this FUG piece of $hit.

  38. 38

    I feel sorry for the children. Looks like he forgot to dress his son. Things have gotten far out of control with those two, their b.s. is starting to affect the kids. When they get older, they're going to look up all the bad (somewhat ridiculous and hilarious) shit they've both said about one another, and totaly alienate them. Perhaps we should mind our own biz, but when they're publicaly airing all their dirty laundry, it's hard not to respond. Perhaps K-Fed should step in and get guardionship of those poor babies, until Shannon and Travis can get their shit together and focus on what's really important.

  39. 39

    nice job kissing shana's ass peretzel, but i think him twittering about her being a skank isnt going to help matters any..one because the general popluation already knows that, and two its never good to air ur dirty laundry in the public like that having kids in the mix also…

  40. 40

    I agree, Perez. Your sensitive side is really nice…it's too bad we don't get to see it all that often.

  41. 41

    Judging by the ammount of comments you get insulting you, and the way you still act, i'm guessing you don't read much of what you get on here.

    But all i'm trying to say is: you are everything that is wrong with the world. Peoples lives are their lives and the media should leave things lke that the hell alone, and start reporting on the REAL shit that is happening in this world, rather than peoples personal lives and their twitter pages. The only reason i respect anything that you say even slightly is your great stance on gay marriage. THAT is real news, report on that all the time. Just start to realise that maybe these kind of stuff isnt any of your business??

    I actually felt it necessary to sign up to this site to tell you that,a nd you're probably not even going to read it. But now at least i can close this website and know that i gave a little insight into what people really do think.

  42. 42

    Shame on both of them for allowing their personal life to become public. Think of your kids you halfwits.

  43. 43

    They are both childish and and I doubt either one of them are fit parents…

  44. Kdel says – reply to this


    Go Travis. Be done with that bitch already. She's a lazy party hound and a no-good mother.

  45. 45

    isnt he taking care of the son that slut had for oscar de la hoya??

  46. 46

    so does that mean his fucking tweets are going to be dragged into court during his divorce? if i were the judge in that case i'd take the kids away from him and give them to shana. clearly he has no self-control and is terribly immature if he can't manage his life without tweeting about his children to his fans. let him tweet about his stupid music or how he's healing from his burns. his children do NOT belong in his communication with the public. he's an idiot and i hope this selfish, childish behaviour comes back and bites him in the ass. fucking idiot rockstars need to grow up.

  47. 47

    Re: Legal Eagle
    you're about as much fun as a box of rocks. why don't you take your legal opinions to some site that gives a shit - you are totally out of place on a gossip website. LOSER.

  48. 48

    Re: Legal Eagle – Ahhhh love your comment !

  49. 49

    Re: Puffin – Oh wow…I believe everything here also. You painted yourself into a corner on that one. Let me guess…10th grade education? You are a fucking loser. Go sell some crack and grab your food stamps. You obviously have a bunch of crack babies. I see you are also a homophobe…
    Go get a job and stay off your baby mamas computer.
    there is crack to be sold.
    Or you could just fuck your mother for cash.
    Now Die

  50. 50

    again beautiful kids.

  51. 51

    Re: Blind Baby – LMAO!! all this talk about crack…are you looking for a new hook up crack ho? and EW you twisted bitch, you fuck your own mother for cash? what kinda twisted fu.ck even comes up with that kinda shit? you must have BEEN a crack baby. :-)

  52. 52

    Re: tigrrrlilly – your comments dont mean anything, you have a pot leaf for your icon… you do realize that makes everyone think you are a lame loser, right?

  53. 53

    Re: Puffin – Oh that whole reversing what I said is real original. You are from L.A bitches. Who is your bitch here?
    seriously….you are a crack head and live on food stamps.
    Now get off your baby mommas computer and get a job.
    You dont belong here
    You dont belong anywhere
    You suck at life
    Now go tie your hands up and fuck your mother.
    And make me a sandwich

  54. 54

    Re: Blind Baby – hahahah…repeating what you already said…like I already said RETARD!!!

    and thank you, I'm flattered you went thorough the trouble of checking my profile BITCH! :-)

    btw, you really should see someone about that hang up you have about fucking mother…it's kinda gross and troubling.

  55. 55

    These fucking celebs are making them selves (not all) look like the asses they are on twitter. Famous people/Celebs are using twitter as their new Pap's and PR people. Most of them are so dumb and twitter is just confirming that for the rest of us. Not all are ass holes but most celebs suck big time. Bitches.

  56. 56

    People are just mad cause Travis called her out finally on her bullshit. Perez wouldn't be posting it if he wasn't talking directly to Travis, you know its true!@

  57. 57

    Once again, all you have to do is look at the fact that Travis always has his KIDS with HIM. You NEVER SEE SHANNA WITH THE KIDS, EVER!!!

  58. 58

    Re: Blind Baby – p.s. just because mother f*cking is a regular occurrence at YOUR house it doesn't mean it's normal. kisses.

  59. 59

    This is sad for the kids. They are acting worse than the gosslings!

  60. 60

    Re: Puffin – You are worst than a tool. I bet you wear Ed Hardy and affliction clothing.
    I asked you to die
    at least admit that you are a loser
    and that your fat momma raped you as a kid
    And that you stole cars to buy her crack.

  61. 61

    Re: Puffin – worst part about this is you are a girl probably.

  62. 62

    Re: Blind Baby – LOL…again with the momma issues…poor baby. who hurt you? who hurt you? LMAO!!!!

    I just want to thank you for the endless entertainment you are providing me…I couldn't even pay for comedy like this. I'll admit I'm a loser if you finally admit you have mommy issues. deal? ;-)

  63. 63

    im glad he's ditching her to the curb, she never works, she quit the one job she's had in the last 10 years. how can she provide for the kids?

  64. 64

    Such a cute family, without Shanna around I mean. Shanna is a virus that needs to go away. She hates on girls just because she is uglier than them. She only wishes she was as hot as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

  65. 65

    No way he's taking her back, she sucks.

  66. 66

    This women is the worst mother in the world, no matter how much she tries in the future its not gonna help everyone knows that she is a deadbeat mother….
    she has 3 main concerns in life
    1. Sleep
    2. Sleep
    3. Get Drunk

  67. 67


  68. 68

    Re: tigrrrlilly – You are soooo right! Loves it! Rock on….

  69. 69

    Re: LAgolddigger – Ummm, and LA GOLDDIGGER makes you look good? Fucking retard….

  70. 70

    Re: LAgolddigger
    you go ahead and buy into what nancy reagan told you about weed, dickhead.

  71. 71

    i'm passing the bong straight to you, katee did didn't, enjoy! :)
    we'll let cranky old buttoned-up killjoy, LA golddigger, sit in his/her little stew of self-righteous sobriety by his/her self. sounds like SO much fun, don't it???

  72. 72

    Re: BennyTheJet
    i'm not picking a fight with you, benny. but did you ever consider that he parades his kids around so people will take pictures of him with them? using your child as paparazzi-bait doesn't necessarily mean he is a good dad. maybe shana chooses to spend time with them in private - she doesn't need to "prove to the world" how much she likes being with her kids.
    maybe i've got it wrong about this guy. but i just think tweeting your personal private family business about your kids and their mom is super trashy. don't fight in the court of public opinion about your kids. do it in a real court.

  73. 73

    Im glad Travis is expressing how he feels, because when was the last time there was a pic of her holding the kids?
    I couldnt find one

  74. 74

    Its 4pm and shes is still sleeping most likely…..kids went to school and came back home by ow and mommy is still getting her beauty sleep….shes needs 3 months of none stop sleeping to get a little beauty

  75. Typh says – reply to this


    Me thinks Prezzy makes good love counselor.
    I would watch that show.
    Bring it!

  76. 76

    Wow, even she is a horrible mother and he is a saint of a man and father (doubt it's that black and white), he should not be handling a divorce is such a nasty and immature way. Especially when kids are involved. Trashy. Sad.

  77. 77

    you just wanted to put your two cents in.

  78. 78

    Travis is a Scorpio. Scorpios don't get mad so much as they get even which explains his need to call this tramp out. Scorpios also put everything into it when they are truly in love and that would explain why he has repeatedly taken this whorebag back so many times. Travis and Shanna probably always fought because Travis, the Scorpio, is more than likely very jealous and possessive. If he is officially done with Shanna then she blew it big time because he was probably one of the few people in the world that really cared about her.

  79. 79

    isnt he taking care of the son that slut had for oscar de la hoya??
    Re: carolineyy

    LOL. match point. That cooze doesn't even realize how good she had it.