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Camilla And Her Sister

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Prince Charles' wife, Camila The Duchess of Cornwall, took a trip to Ashwick to tour the Exmoor Pony Centre and visit with the staff, supporters, and volunteers, on Tuesday.

The lovely Camilla even took some time to pose with her sister for a photo.

The resemblance is uncanny!

We're just grateful Camilla and Charles are too old to have children.

Could you imagine what their kids would look like?!?

[Image via Abaca USA.]

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69 comments to “Camilla And Her Sister”

  1. 1

    your such a dick

  2. 2

    uh…she doesn't look like a horse

    she's on the same level as attractiveness as you are Perez

  3. 3

    Are you looking in the mirror? damn you're bitchy, time of month or what?

  4. SusyQ says – reply to this



  5. 5

    YOU of all people criticizing somebody on their appearance? What next, diet & fashion advice?

  6. 6

    Perez, this is incredibly disrespectful. You would never say anything like this about the US president. You are an embarrassment as an American. I am not a woman or from the UK, but I would feel disrespected if I were.

  7. 7

    i think her sister looks better then her…

  8. 8

    ahahahahahaha i lol'd

  9. 9

    He gave up Princess Di for THAT.
    Charles is seriously brain damaged.
    He should be in a padded room on meds.
    Or maybe he is gay, and Camila is the closest he can find to a man without coming out of the closet.

  10. 10

    Lay off Perez!!

    Camilla is Wonderful!!

    Obviously you have Not met her!!

  11. 11

    who the f*ck touches a horse like that?!

  12. 12

    She's nor pretending to be some sort of supermodel….you criticize people who try too hard, so why do you criticize normal people?

  13. 13

    Actually, I think Lady Ga Ga has more of a horse face!

  14. 14

    shut up u idiots - camilla is perfectly nice and lovely! people, esp u yanks, should shut up hatin her, she's done NOTHING WRONG -

  15. 15

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  16. 16

    What, exactly, is the difference between this tactless and infantile, insult from you and the "disgusting" show of disrespect from Gordon Ramsay? Both of you idiots are guilty of making immature comments based on hurtful stereotypes and yet, according to you, Ramsay should go to the gas chamber and you should pass go and collect 200.00? Personally, I think you look more closely-related than Camilla does.

  17. 17

    Somebody else is writing Perez's blog for him.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    The kids would look like the rest of the Royal Family…………….

  20. 20

    Wonder what if felt like when they didn't have to sneak around after all those years of cheating. I remember that intercepted cellphone conversation they had where Charles said he wanted to be her tampon. Those two were skanky lol. Good to see that even Royals can be lewd.

    It's funny to see people apply a different set of principles to Camilla than they do to some Hollywood stars. It's ok that she cheated with Charles during his ENTIRE marriage. She's called wonderful,nice and lovely. As for the 'she's done nothing wrong' statement. What rock have you been living under?

  21. 21

    Re: AmbrosiaRose – ewwwwwwwwwwww her tampon information that i didnt need

  22. 22

    she is prettier than Lady Gaga

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Her sister…
    U R funny.
    Naaaaaaaayyy…that was funny!

  25. 25

    Re: Megsmith – I agree. It is obviously someone from the UK because so many posts have been about obscure, orange UK celebrities lately.

  26. 26

    Youre a fat fuck.

  27. 27

    what is wrong with you? now your just being rude for the sake of it. i'm from the UK and i think you just represent exactly what people don't like or what people pecieve Americans to be: loud, rude and obnoxious.

  28. 28

    You're mean perez!

  29. 29

    You crack me up. Seriously…snort through my nose laughter.

  30. 30

    who cares about these british fucks stop pandering to foreign readership

  31. 31

    uh, excuse me, the horse is insulted, she looks better than Camilla.

  32. 32

    The poor horse is trying to pull away. Must think it's contageous.

  33. 33

    Re: AmbrosiaRose
    sing it, ambrosia rose. you are 100% correct. this woman is a foul bitch. she and charles destroyed poor diana with their antics. i still can't believe she's been accepted into the fold of that family. shows what fucks they are.
    diana was a sweet young girl who only wanted true love and thought she found it. charles and camilla humiliated her over and over again. it's sick.

  34. 34

    Total uncalled for hateration right there Perez.

  35. 35

    Re: female version of a hustler – #21 I wish I was her bloody tampon so you could dip me like a teabag up and down into her tight tingling twat!!

  36. 36


    I don't care if Perez makes fun of that slut… Team Diana!

  37. 37

    That's just mean Perez. I like Camila and I think she does a lot of good in the World. I like you too, but that's too far. :0(

  38. 38

    Oh but her sister is so much cuter!!!

  39. 39

    Diana wasn't as innocent as she'd have liked for us to think. It was wrong for charles and Camilla to have their affair but Charles only saw Camilla. Diana had several lovers during the course of the marriage and it has been suggested she may have been involved with married men as well. I adored Diana just the same and don't mean to disrespect her memory, but she was not an angel, just a human being with faults too.

  40. 40

    perez, stop trying to act like the english in hating camilla…it's lame coming from someone like you, you wannabe.

  41. 41

    Re: Apt. 54
    Don't be.
    Camilla Parker Bowels Windsor is a whore.
    I am a women and it's true.
    The Queen won't let even let her be an HRH!
    She isn't even a Princess. All that scheming for what?

  42. 42

    She looks like Jennifer Aniston's future.

  43. 43

    hahaha I love it, ahhaha sooo funny! i hope you continue like this because im almost leaving you perez.

  44. 44

    This is bullshit. This woman is NOT ugly and does NOT look like a horse, but she pales compared to Princess Diana. I think it's high time we LEFT HER ALONE.

  45. 45

    Camilla grabs Charles the same way. They were made for each other.

  46. 46

    bitch, you have a go at Gordon Ramsey for calling a woman a pig, then you compare THE DUCHESS to a horse!? whats the fucking difference?
    is it because Gordon insinuated she was a lesbian?? is that the difference, Mario? only gay people have feelings and rights?
    you make me sick.

  47. 47

    horsey dirty pig camilla sneaking around all those years behind dianas back disgusting

  48. 48

    LMFAO Perez!

    Your funny

  49. ganza says – reply to this


    you're finally funny Perez….good one!!!!!

  50. 50

    You are such a fuckin pig! Normally, I dont go to these extremes and use such language..but you have hit an all time LOW.
    Just WHO died and named YOU the one who calls someone ugly??
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  51. Pinkz says – reply to this


    LMFAOOOOO HAHAHHAHA omg my fave post ever!!!! Ugh I hate this nasty bitch!!!

  52. 52

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Team Princess Diana til the end.

  53. 53

    Okay I read it again and I have to say it's STILL FUNNY! You know how much this bitch tortured Princess Diana when she had an affair with Charles? Muy bien Perez!

  54. 54

    That horse has better teeth than the average Brit! Seriously people learn to use a toothbrush and visit a dentist more than once in a lifetime!

  55. 55

    Actually the horse on the left is cute. The horse on the right is fugly. Ride the ugly horse.

  56. 56

    always thought she looked like her sister. a real hooorrrrse

  57. 57

    Re: Kodes100 – who would want to?

  58. 58

    You are such an ass Perez. Yeah you, not the Duchess of Cornwall.

  59. 59

    LOL. I don't mind Camilla but that was pretty funny.

  60. 60

    Well, ICK!
    Camilla is the Dutch-ASS of CORNHOLE (or how ’bout CornHOLIO?)

  61. 61

    What a beautiful couple!Next time i want to see Camila and Leno.

  62. 62

    Yeah, and you're a real looker yourself…

  63. 63

    Re: Apt. 54 – yah but few people over here actually like the royals or feel they are relavent. they dont run the country yet they live off tax-payers money

  64. 64

    Chuck has loved this woman for forty years. That he was finally allowed to marry her is the fairytale ending everybody pretends they want to see. Too bad he didn't stick his middle finger up at Buck House a long time ago. Diana could then have gone her vapid whorish way and nobody would ever have heard of her.

  65. 65

    Hahahahahaha! BANG!

  66. chlyn says – reply to this


    She was actually very pretty when she was young. She was a wholesome looking blonde, kind of like a sorority sister.

  67. 67


  68. 68

    Lovely Princess Diana - elegance, social concience, loving mother
    Camilla - fugly, homewrecking slut, parasite

  69. 69

    why do americans like Diana so much? jesus, Charles loved Camilla for years, long before Diana. He wanted to marry her not diana. i like Camilla. diana was just a stupid whore who couldn't figure out how to put a seatbealt on.