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World Premiere! Gaga & Manson

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We've just gotten our hands on the most amazing remix/reworking of GaGa's new U.S. single, the Top 10 smash Love Game, which the Lady worked on with Chew Fu.

It features guest vocals by Marilyn Manson and this version is bananas. Crazy bananas!


Check it out below!!!!

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393 comments to “World Premiere! Gaga & Manson”

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  1. 201

    she sucks.she looks worst than him.hahaha manson fans are hating this

  2. 202

    love it. love her hair in those pictures.

  3. 203

    absolutely god awful

  4. 204

    Chew Fu Rockzzzzz!!!! Aaiiightt!!!!

  5. 205

    Re: die happy
    Uh..you need to learn your idol's history. Madonna's first album wasn't successful at first. It took a few years and a couple of failed singles for her to finally get noticed by the mainstream. She used to tour nightclubs with her brother and another dancer, singing and dancing to pre-recorded background music. That was her first "tour." It wasn't until her second album that she became famous worldwide, and her second album was produced by Nile Rodgers, who produced everyone and everybody before her. People collaborate and tour with artists all the time…there's nothing wrong with that. Justin and Christina did it. Madonna writes all her songs with someone else; she's collaborated with an assortment of producers and songwriters. You keep saying Lady Gaga is copying Madonna, but you're the only who is comparing them and bringing Madonna up for no reason. People don't give a shit how many albums Madonna sold except Madonna fans; you guys got that shit memorized. Sorry, when I listen to another artist, I don't think about how many albums they sold compared to Madonna; most of the time I'm just think how much more talented other people are compared to her.

  6. 206

    I't Okey but are you serious.,marilyn manson sounds like shit!

  7. 207

    One word: OHMYGOSH.
    I love both of them and I can't wait to listen to that song ♥♥♥

  8. 208

    the remix is crap, but is is doing its job, creating controversy, cause that is the only reason why you would want manson on your song.

  9. 209

    Good for her, but she is not my cup of tea. Neither is he.

  10. 210

    Good song to exercise to
    Strangely, they look good together

  11. 211


  12. 212

    Re: madonna the queen – Your comments make my eyes bleed. Learn to type!

  13. 213

    VERY good…..

  14. 214

    this is amazing!!

  15. 215

    We just jammed our clams off!!! That shit is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 216


  17. 217

    *This beat is sick*


  18. 218

    Ok so now Marilyn is not a douche becuase he is making "music" w/ a bigger douche… Whatever..
    Don't get all the fuss over that GAG.. or that other idiot!

  19. 219

    sorry to inform you Perez, but anyone can do this. All they need are vocal cords and a synthesizer…

  20. 220

    love the photos LOL :)

  21. 221

    Re: YoungTaurus – Uhhh, it's blatantly obvious the bitch rips off Madonna, along with Wendy O Williams and Grace Jones among others. Hell, everyone sees it, even the people that hate Madonna.

  22. 222


  23. 223

    loooves it

  24. 224

    HuUuge!!! that remix is beyond sick!!!! i love it and i love her!!!!

  25. 225

    if there was ever someone that i cared less about than gag…its manson

  26. 226

    join me and take out the spaces
    h t t p : / / w w w . b e b o . c o m / w e h a t e l a d y g a g a

  27. 227

    Perez, jump off of her dick…it's actually not that great. I definitely prefer the original sans Manson.

  28. 228

    Re: slooshy
    The bitch? Did she do something terrible to you? If she's copying Madonna, she's only copying one of the biggest rip-off artists ever.

  29. 229

    Remixes always suck and this one is no different. It's TERRIBLE, ANNOYING… I couldn't stand to listen to the whole thing.

  30. 230

    Marilyn Manson is a talentless piece of crap :(

  31. 231

    not sure how much I like this yet. i think they should have made it a little darker since Manson is on it

  32. 232

    like it but he is a nazi-lover

  33. 233

    LOL! Two pucktards on the same cd. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of human airspace these two are! Their carbon footprint is appalling!

  34. 234


    where can I find this version to download it?

  35. ozmed says – reply to this


    manson's voice does not fit in the song.. sounds like a remix made at a community college.

  36. ISSA says – reply to this


    amazing!!!! I need to know where I can get it.

  37. 237

    just annoying Euro dance beat…nothing original about it…

    But i will say even though i'm not a HUGE fan of Gaga, she's a smart musician. She does it all on her own, write produce and so on which is cool

  38. 238


  39. KBoyd says – reply to this


    I love Manson what is he doing with her …I hope its good .Cant wait to hear it!!!

  40. 240

    sick she looks cute in the photos

  41. 241

    where can i get this!!!

  42. 242

    MY EYES MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. 243

    uh thise deserves the same description that u gave to danny noriegas song
    is just you avergare gay club shit it sucks
    stop kissing lady butterface cacas ass
    her music is good
    but this is not

  44. 244

    cokeheads always find their way to eachother… Gaga should b careful with that stuff…

  45. 245

    thats brilliant!!

  46. 246

    LOVE IT! She's so freakin' awesome. Love her!

  47. 247

    holyyyy shitttt!!!!

    this is fucking amazinggg
    i love lady gaga!

  48. 248

    Where can we get this song Perez?! This song is sick!!!

  49. 249


    there cute together.

  50. 250

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 251

    i dont know how to feel about this..i love lady gaga….and the beat is sick…but manson wasnt meant to sing this song…sorry

  52. 252

    They should go on a date.

  53. 253

    ahaha omg id so listen to that!!!

  54. 254

    I've listen to this song now soo many times now..Its crazy..luv it

  55. 255

    Re: YoungTaurus – madonna is not about sold albums.madonna is so much more.madona is rich and im nopt talking about money.her career has full of amazing moments and yes madonana sold 8 millions with her first album and them she bumm.like a virgin and true blue witch one sold 20 millions moron.madonna is the most sucessfull female artist ever.her tours are huge.yes justin did with xtina but wheres is xtina now???and tours should always be world tour,something huge.thast why madonna at 50 still breaking records.gaga sucks.she will be over cause she is work with other artists.justin and xtina worked together but in their first album and tour they did it alone.gaga is stupid.

  56. 256

    Re: die happy – Please kill yourself.

  57. 257

    Wow. It's a nice little song, but Manson ruins it. Back in his Portrait years he would've never even considered doing something like this…

  58. 258


  59. 259

    Re: YoungTaurus – madonna cant has the best voice and she already said that but she is the most smart,she is a genious.madonna sons are amazing.gaga can have a great voice but her music sucks.very poor and empty,gaga is fake.she copies madonna inteviews,madonna style,the way she acts,now she is lesbian.lol.she makes me laught.gaga has no talent at all.and she will be over soon.madona is the best live.forbes said this year madonna is toping the list once againthe best live artist ever.madonna shows are always the best.gga sucks.no one will remember who she was cause she only works with someone else.dumb

  60. 260

    Dude, this was sick. LOVE IT

  61. 261

    Re: YoungTaurus – no asshso.e.madonna never copy what other artist said.madonna took ideas and sometimes pay tributes to them.gaga is trying damn hard,she never will be madonna,madonna at 50 still number one and breaking records,madonna is smart and caca tries to look smart too.but madonna is a leo,she is the bitch,madonna took the world by storm,gaga is not doing that.,everybody knows she copies madonna,even in her clip paparazie she made her own money like madonna did.shitney is another wannabe but at least she is not so dumb than gaga.gaga tries damn hard and no one wants her anymore.just u stupid crap.even perez prefers madonna.she already sold again her tour.shame on u.gaga sucks.she is not controversial cause madonna did it all before.she made duets with 2pac so many other artist.by the way her songs are crap.empty.even sandra bernard said.justin.etc etc.she is boring as hell.she is hipocrite.she tries to look rebel like madonna but she isnt.madona did lots of things that even gaga will bever have courage to do.madonna has balls.she is sassy like sean penn said.madonna is a legend.she solds out in mere minutes her tickts.in time records always.she is better and better and she has so many hits.everybody knows all her songs and that doesnt happen to gaga.we dont hear her on radio

  62. 262

    this is pretty damn good
    any manson touches is gold. and this is just awesome

  63. 263

    Re: Long Dong Connery

  64. 264

    i like it! something new and different :-)

  65. 265


  66. 266

    Re: die happy
    Wow. You're really not too bright. I don't even know where to start. First of all, there is no written rule that tours have to be huge. Some artists feel that there is a loss of intimacy among huge crowds and actually PREFER playing smaller venues. It's obvious you're a typical heterosexual male, because you think everything is a competition. Where's X-Tina now? Well, she's doing what she normally does–taking time between albums, and probably raising her son like a real mother. Breaking records doesn't mean a thing when the records you're making are shit. Madonna's music is a dime a dozen–nothing original, nothing profound–just glorified ear candy. When she comes out with a self-produced album (that means NO co-producers) and writes all her songs with NO co-writers, and plays numerous instruments that actually use chord changes (sorry but her guitar strumming is a joke), then I'll be impressed. If you want someone original, look up Kate Bush, Patti Smith, Sinead O'Connor, etc., but you probably won't because they don't sell a shitload of albums. Cursing on TV just because you lack anything intelligent to say does not make you a rebel, just like shocking for the sake of shocking doesn't make you such, especially when there's no substance behind it. BTW, Madonna's tickets sell out as quickly as the scalper that buy them up.

  67. KRX1 says – reply to this


    Chew Fu - July 25th in L.A. at the Hollywood Canteen!

  68. 268

    Re: die happy
    PS. Madonna played faux-lesbian in the early 90s, but she was basically mind-fucking her fans and trying to add more to her "shocking" personality. Fact is, she never said she was bi or a lesbian, so I don't see how Gaga claiming she's bi is any way copying. I guess by your reasoning, Pink and Melissa Etheridge copied her too.

  69. 269

    Re: YoungTaurus – gaga is far from originality.madonna is the first and the last.gaga songs are nothing.she is sick,she is not controversial like madonna,madonna is the only artist that is on top all those years.gaga is nothing.when amdonna started it was huge.nothing compare to gga,even brit had a bigger start than gaga,this song sucks like all of her.her songs arent dance.maybe good for usa taht have bad taste in music,she is ovarreted.madonna confessions aldum that wa so dance house,tecno was amazing,and comparing that album to gaga ,gaga is empty,very poor,madonna write all the songs in confessions album and she write them when she was on tour in 2004.madonna is perfectionist thats why everything is so sucessfull for her and gaga tries to imitate.gaga is over,believe me.madonna made many duest but only her solo songs are hits,immortal and gaga has nothing of it .no one will remember that manson did a remix.she should be more smart.and doing her first tour is rubish.this could be a great opportunity to see what her shows looks like but she will be with kanye and kanye is sucessfull than gaga.gaga lost it completely.thats why she never will be as big as madonna.at 50 she still selling more than other artist and still be the most popular artist ever(female)

  70. 270

    Re: YoungTaurus – im not wasting my time on u or gaga ,lots of madge fans are gaga fans and they all prefer madonna cause madonna is schocking,she kicks ass,like sean penn says she is sassy and she has courage.she did sex book,gaga will never do that.madonna is a rebel,love it.gaga tries to be like that but she doesnt have madonna sexuality

  71. 271

    Absolutely awesome!!! Definitely would download this if I could get my hands on it… any suggestions??

  72. 272

    I love Gaga, but Manson is a creep and THEY ARE AN ITEM OR SOON TO BE ITEM, IT'S DISGUSTING. LADY GAGS, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??????????

  73. 273

    Re: die happy
    You bore me. Same old tired replies. So what if Madonna sold more than any female artist. Here's a hint: I DON'T CARE. Go kill some more brain cells by listening to Madonna's music..it doesn't take much to enjoy hers.

  74. 274


  75. 275

    This beat is sick!!!

  76. 276

    AMAZING!!! I can't stop dancing!

  77. 277

    marilyn manson RUINS this song…other than him, this is sickkkk.

    lady gaga forever:))))

  78. 278


  79. M666 says – reply to this


    wow this shit sucks! 2 posers, 0 talent

  80. 280

    EW! I hate Marlyn Manson. He ruined the song…

  81. iJosh says – reply to this


    what an epic combination!
    baddest bitch in a while

  82. 282

    terrible, i don't uderstand, how could manson do somtehink like this. he said, he's antichrist, isn't he? bullshit. amarican idiot.
    everytime he says, how is he proud of his image. what's this?
    how did it happend, that he record this fuc*ing disco song with this fuc*ing disco goose?

  83. 283

    Its Che Fu you ding dong Perez. when I lived in New Zealand and was working on Lord of the Rings, I met him. His songs are very mellow and amazing. He's a cute guy. My favorite lyric is when he quotes Flora, New Zealand's favorite butter/spread.

  84. 284

    Awesome love it !!!!!

  85. 285

    OMG people. Stop being so rude. This is completely crazy. Can't people criticize without being so dam disrespectful. There's a way to having a very well built criticism you guys simply suck at that. Learn to respect choices and taste.

  86. 286

    Re: die happy – you suck. Madonna was cool 100 years ago.


    Gaga is new, if you don't like her fine don't but seriously you don't need to compare all her shxt to Madonna.

  87. 287

    sick!!!! Love it :D

  88. 288

    Gotta. Love. It.

  89. 289

    This song reminds me nazi germany and their music with Adolf Hitler "on stage"… Heil from Finland!

  90. 290

    Gaga + Manson = MUSICAL HEAVEN

  91. 291

    Re: die happy
    This is not a duet, dumb fuck…it's a remix.

  92. 292

    It's sounds great. I wonder where I can download this.

  93. 293

    hell yeah! :)

  94. 294

    King and Queen of the Hot Topic generation !

    The music is fucking boring !

  95. 295

    Re: TotallyGaGa

    It's not fierce at all

  96. 296

    Lady GaGa is NOT over rated at all… maybe the jobros..*nothing against them* just because there talked about SOOOO MUCH. but lady gaga is complete individuality, you cant call her a whore based on what YOU see or THINK. because i bet alot of you have done shit thats pretty sickass nasty and categorized under SKANK. but to hate manson and GaGa because of there talent and amazing OUTSTANDING preformances…then its just sad. Jealously is a Virtue

  97. 297

    Re: titismack

    New ?

    Take a music history lesson, you twat

  98. 298

    Ahhh song is SUPER hot as well as Marilyn Manson. & Lady Gaga too..I guess.

  99. 299

    I WANT IT NOW!!!

  100. 300

    loves the beggining :P

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