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World Premiere! Gaga & Manson

| Filed under: Exclusives!Marilyn MansonLady GaGa

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We've just gotten our hands on the most amazing remix/reworking of GaGa's new U.S. single, the Top 10 smash Love Game, which the Lady worked on with Chew Fu.

It features guest vocals by Marilyn Manson and this version is bananas. Crazy bananas!


Check it out below!!!!

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393 comments to “World Premiere! Gaga & Manson”

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  1. 301

    Re: Lola_ah – -

    You fuckin retard , Gaga went commercial in 2008.
    Go eat shit, moronic cum guzzler.

  2. 302

    Madonna never needed to collaborate w/ Marilyn Manson to be edgy…Lady Gaga, love her, but she is getting in way over her head. She is seriously going to have a tough sophmore slump.

  3. 303

    Re: m ciccone – you idiot!

    of course people like it when artist work together!


    Your precious Madonna worked with Lil Wayne and Justin Timberlake on her last two atrocious "songs".


    You're a moron, who needs to get out from under the rock your living in.

  4. 304

    fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 305

    Re: madonna the queen – Her past 3 songs have been hits!?


    Your really demented and quite ridiculous and moronic if your trying to make believe that Gaga hasn't had a hit record.


    And quit bringing Madonna into this! Everytime Gaga does something your the 1st to mention how Madonna did the same thing!

  6. 306

    Re: madonna the queen – Her past 3 songs have been hits!?


    Your really demented and quite ridiculous and moronic if your trying to make believe that Gaga hasn't had a hit record.


    And quit bringing Madonna into this! Every time Gaga does something your the 1st to mention how Madonna did the same thing!

  7. 307

    Honestly, This sounds like SH*T.
    WTF was Manson thinking?! (Obviously just wanted her vagina.)

  8. 308

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind
    Madonna has never been edgy. Even when she worked with "obscure" French producers, she just regurgitated the same mindless, commercial crap.

  9. 309

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – Marilyn Manson & Gaga are friends.


    He helped with her rolling stone cover, and thats not part of her sophomore album. And why bring Madonna into it?

  10. 310

    love it! I love any thing Lady GaGa touches

  11. 311

    this is the sickest match up ever!!!!!!! love the REMIX
    LADY GAGA is AAAAAmazing :)

  12. 312

    Re: slooshy – Clearly you've made a GIANT misapprehension, theres a difference between inspired by/similarity and rip off.


    In Madonna's age she was prancing around cone bra's and part of the breakfast club and as a dancer. She was snide in interviews, and made claims like she was bisexual but could never back it up. She tried to shock people and came down from crosses and talked about sex with members of church.


    Lady Gaga is not copying off of her, the only similarities she has with Madonna are there both blond Italian-American women who have a fond perspective of pop music.


    If anything Katy Perry is more Madonna-esque , and Lady Gaga is more of a Cyndi Lauper!

  13. 313

    LOVE IT!!!

  14. 314


  15. 315

    OMFGGGG i love it BUT i hate manson but its still my new fav beat yooo

  16. 316

    GAGa looks like she just snorted some coke….and this song is boring and its sucks.

  17. 317

    That's music and no shit!!!

  18. 318

    it rocks……………..manson should cum in sooner……coz he tears it up!

  19. 319

    OMG! SHE is soo Fu*king sexY! and now she is making music with marilynn manson! i mean wow!!! ugh she is just so amazing!

  20. 320

    jesus her lyrics are so stupid. and im disappointed that manson would hop on board a shitty song to (i assume) reclaim his relevancy. AND that's the least original remix i've ever heard. lame and lame.

  21. 321

    Holy fuck, hes so hott(opinionated- i know) but really, the top one? hes hott.
    I love marilyn manson and i love that song by lady gaga …
    the two together makes me have a conniption fit of happy(:

  22. 322

    Re: mandatron – why would you even search for lyrical depth in a pop song?

  23. 323

    Re: KupKate – The song is the furthest thing from boring.

  24. 324

    i am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-S-E-D!
    thankss perez

  25. 325

    eww. they are both so fucking gross.

  26. 326

    Love it!!!!

  27. 327

    ahh i love lady gaga (= notice all the wannabe pop singers are trying to sound like her now
    suck it haters! this is amazinnn (=

  28. 328

    lol theres so many hatersssss
    maybe thats why shes so big (= hahaha! team gaga (=

  29. Sezzy says – reply to this


    manson kinda sounds like a frog. well

  30. 330

    Re: grace-e – hate sites are for loser bitches, who are incredibly bored and jealous with their lives.

  31. 331

    This ridiculous mix is made, so stupid ppl think this is "amazing", "awesome", blah,blah, blah… This is SO commercial.

  32. 332

    This is good and Love Game is the hottest song on her album to me. Now watch Manson jealous ex best friend Trent Reznor talk crap out of his ass because Manson is working with Ga Ga. Fuck you old Reznor this song is the shit.

  33. 333

    Re: BRITNEY SPEARS IS (THE QUEEN OF POP ) – Shittney is a fat hillbilly cow with a vagina that could beat jello in a jiggling contest.


    And her musical skills are on par with those of an autistic cat.

  34. 334

    This might rebirth Manson career again. Stick with Ga Ga Manson and you can't go wrong. Lady Ga Ga is hot hot hot and mad talented.

  35. 335

    Re: titismack – oh but it IS boring, btw she's a couple years too late, house music hit it's peak a couple years back(or more), just goes to show she think's she's so edgy but she's an out of touch loser and so are you! haha.

  36. 336


  37. 337

    Re: HausGaga – Ga Ga is the shit,. this girl rule this business. Work that shit Ga Ga…bust that stick.

  38. 338

    There's no stopping this bitch… sometimes I love her, sometimes I can't stand her, but she is a talent. This was awesome and reminded me so much of the Boston club scene c. 1992.

  39. 339

    oh gaga!!
    loves it!

  40. 340

    Re: Lopez Hyatt – Damn, if you think Manson is a Cookie Monster vocalist, you've obviously never listened to Cannibal Corpse and such.

  41. 341

    manson is gone to a new low! his old music was way better this sucks!

  42. 342

    Re: Perezismyboy/girl – manson doesnt need rebirthing he is awsome & doesnt need "lady gaga" to get fame

  43. 343

    Even though manson might not need this 'rebirth' because he still has a large following, this will bring him back into the mainstream. Awesome remix, the Marilyn Manson feature is amazing, so much better than hearing Akon in every friken song out there. Akon needs to disappear, more collaborations like this are welcomed! Manson+Gaga is a GREAT idea. Sounds good!

  44. 344

    Re: Perezismyboy/girl
    My thoughts exactly! Yes, we should see Trent’s rant about this tweeted any moment now. haha

  45. 345

    the meat of a meatball the meat of a meatball

  46. 346

    Again - it's really not your job to save Marilyn or Kanye's careers…

    Select who you work with as carefully as you select your clothes.lol

  47. 347

    Love ittt! Two of my favourite artists, insaneee.

  48. 348

    the papers are ascue…she usually aligns them up neatly…at least in the
    one picture all her papers were neat…
    Is Manson's energy affecting her?


  49. 349

    Is it just me or is Manson looking a little like the Brandon 'greasy bear' Davis of late…?

  50. 350

    Electronic shit. No talent. All digital and kindergarten lyrics. Sux! Where, oh where , are the Van Morrison's, Bob Dylan's, Tori Amos and Rolling Stones of this generation? Sad. Truly sad.

  51. 351

    fucking love it!!!
    10 times better than the orig!

  52. 352

    finally, i got this song.. yeaaayyyy this song is rocks

  53. 353

    yeh amazeballs is shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt….it'll never catch on

  54. 354

    They are very alike, they both changed their names and what not. HOpe they get together =]

    I like her song with NKOTB and I like mansons new album!

  55. 355

    Re: titismack – gaga is not cool.madonna is rebel,at 50 she still selling more than gaga moron.and when madonna started she was much more cool than gaga is now.i wanna see gaga at 50.she will be nothing.she has not hits.her songs sucks.madonna at 50 solds out her tours and in huge stadiums,not a small crowd like gaga moron.madonna is the queen.theres lots of gaga coming every year and where are they now??thats what will hapen to gaga moron

  56. 356

    gaga lost it.maybe sucess in usa but not in the rest of the world.she is working with ovarreted people and its very bad working with someone at her first year.she is dumb.no one will remember her work in a year.what she id trying to do madnan did it much better before asshole.gaga sucks.thast whyb she is not number one,thast why she is open pcd show.disgusting.madonna at 50 still kicking her ass moron.and lots of gaga fans are madge fans and they all refer madonna,gaga is making a mess,she isnt art at all.her songs are empty and poor.shitious culaboration.she tries to imitate madonna so bad.but madonna was so much more rebel and hot.gaga is ugly and no talent at all.just cloths.she diodnt make anything controversial or hit

  57. 357

    my two favorite singers!! AMAZINGGGGG love them.

  58. 358

    I hope my computer was malfunctioning…horrible! Marilyn, what were u thinking??

  59. 359

    hahahaha! Somehow pressing play triggrered my itunes to go off simultaneously! LMFAO. I like :)

  60. Brtt says – reply to this


    Re: die happy
    How is working with someone your first year bad? People work with people all the time. You'd be stupid not to. You think Madonna works alone? The people she works with may not be other artists, but she writes all her songs and produces them with other people. If it weren't for Steve Bray, her songwriting partner in the 80s, she wouldn't have had all those worldwide hits you like to brag about. For your information, Lady Gaga signed on to tour with the PCD last year; it was part of a deal she signed when she first came out. The fact is she's doing a lot better than PCD, and critics have said that she stole the show. Instead of quoting Madonna facts and figures, how about learning how the music industry works before you go on another tireless rant.

  61. Brtt says – reply to this


    Re: die happy
    ..and Patrick Leonard…look them up..they're responsible for Madonna's success.

  62. 362

    I HATE IT! :-(

  63. 363

    this sucked! i'm all ready getting tired of gaga.

  64. 364

    To me the song was alright. I like Manson. Lady GaGa isnt my kind of music but I dont hate her. I was reading the comments on here and some people (I'm not going to say any names)are just hating on her. It takes alot of energy to hate someone. It's not healthy. Ha

  65. 365

    I thought it would be a hell of a lot better than this. My local radio station could come up with something better.

    LOVE GAGA though - I wish they'd remake it to more of a "dope show" feel when Marilyn sang, "Let's play a love game" in that morbid tone would've been MUCH better!!!


  66. 366

    Re: die happy

    You are quite deluded, her success is everywhere even out of the US she's touring Japan for heavens sakes!


    And Madonna wasn't a rebel! She never did anything rebellious all she did was sing about controversial things and stand on crosses impersonating Jesus. She did that for attention and her music is over 20 years old already she's had almost 25 years to sell all those records.

  67. 367

    this is sick!!

  68. 368

    Re: Iamthequeenofhearts – -

    1st off moron, if you've ever stepped out from the bubble of edward cullen you'll have noticed house music hasn't left some clubs and is the most frequently played genre at raves.


    2nd, no one ever said she was "edgy" so where the hell did you pull that out of. She never even said that, her music is different and catchy.


    And lastly, and out of touch loser would be someone trying reprise the past in a pathetic form. Like Madonna, or Michael Jackson. She's had international success in rather short period of time.
    And you are still at home hating, the most thrill you receive is probably seeing Edward Cullen merchandise at your local mall.

  69. 369


  70. 370

    I love this beat! Great work Gaga and Manson.

  71. 371

    rad, i like it.

  72. 372

    I'm not into a lot of dance/club music, but it's not that bad. I still like the original version better. I just have to say LOL to the person posting under all those different names. Wow, just go suck Madonna's dick already. I like Madonna, but I don't feel the need to bash anyone else that is similar. GaGa is pretty cool. She's no Madonna, but no one else is either.

  73. 373

    its good. i poke her face is lady gagas best remix though

  74. 374

    Nice. Perhaps another hit for her. But, eeeeeeeewww, Marilyn Manson ? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!

  75. 375

    This is amazing and wonderful :)

  76. 376

    It's not that great. Manson ruins it.

  77. 377

    he looks like hes dead :S he scares me

  78. 378

    he looks like hes dead :S he scares me but GREAT song! i liike manson's voice tho

  79. 379

    Excruciatingly retarded.. why did Manson decide to collaborate with this wench? WHYYY!?? I guess for the same reason he collaborated with FEMinem… to get his ass back in the spotlight. Bad choice, though, in my book - a VERY HUGE fan of Manson since 1994.

  80. 380

    Interesting. First time ever I would ever discribe Marilyn Manson tone as "Aqua-isk"… but over all it's a good dance mix.

  81. 381

    love love love it

  82. 382


  83. Ipek says – reply to this



  84. 384

    Re: m ciccone – Hi. Learn to spell, okay hater?
    And while you're at it, take a grammar class or two.
    I would read your insults but I'm sure I'd get something more consistent from my 4 month old son.

  85. 385

    omfg! this song is probably one of her best! love it! and its so catchy, its been stuck in my head for two days! lol

  86. 386

    Re: titismack – you're a loser and so is she, please don't try to give me the low down on what's what, you just make yourself look stupid. Her music is garbage, you have no taste. The end.

  87. 387

    LADY GAGA ALWAYS ROCKS! Now teamed up with MManson this is the club song of summer 2009.

  88. 388

    Re: caca is ovarreted – kaay, aha good thing you have a life right? chirpin' people that comment that they like her? how bout you do everyone a favour and shut the fuck up because to be honest, nobody gives a shit about your opinion except mabye your mom. Lady Gaga is a visionary, and nobody is loved by everyone, but she is loved more than she is hated. Walk into a club or turn on the radio and who do you hear? her. Are you honestly cocky enough to believe that you are more important/smarter than the general public? yea, that's what i though. She IS better than %99.99 of popstars today, is creatively insane, never lipsyncs, and designs all of her own crazy outfits. Where as you are just some trashy nobody who cant even spell or use proper punctuation. Get a life seriously, cause nobody cares about what you have to say in a good way. I care because you need to stop spreading your little bullshit comments all over here acting like you're hot shit while hiding behind a computer. You sir' are the true definition of a dooooouchebag. :) !

  89. 389

    coool love it

  90. 390

    Re: DanielDax
    So fucking tired of this poseristic anti commerical attitude towards music. Like that's what determines what makes music good or not. I hope all your music turns into amount of merchandise one day because it wouldn't change the fact that you liked it. If you want recording artists to feed themselves and their family you better hope they get popular one day.

  91. 391

    I love Manson. and it really disappointed me that he is associating with this stupid, overrated, pop whore.

    and i find it really funny that almost every person on here has spelled his name wrong… its MARILYN not marylin.

    and have any of you actually listened to him? guess not… whatever

  92. 392

    stupid fucking whore

  93. 393

    I love Marilyn Mason's voice. Lady Gaga is a really intelligent singer.

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