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Alex Blimes Is A Douche

| Filed under: Beth Ditto


In a recent column, British journalist Alex Blimes blasted Beth Ditto, her band the Gossip, and the entire fashion industry, calling them outright "stupid."

Blimes calls the fashion industry's love for Ditto a transparent ploy to "get the feminazis off their case," adding that Ditto is "just as bad an example to young women as a girl ten stone lighter than her."

Commenting on the release of the Gossip's fourth album, Music for Men, Blimes calls them a "deeply average, resolutely unsuccessful rock band."

Um, let's see…which name do you recognize more instantly? Beth Ditto and the Gossip or Alex Blimes?

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127 comments to “Alex Blimes Is A Douche”

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  1. 1

    um perez…NOBODY LIKES THE GOSSIP EXCEPT YOU!!! Nobody really gives a shitttt

  2. 2

    When one woman's opinion becomes, just that, an opinion rather than an entirety like a "bad example of women"…then and only then will you get "feminazis" off of anybody's case. What a stupid fuck.

  3. Uker says – reply to this


    he's right, they suck.

  4. 4

    SHIT! She's fugly!

  5. 5

    Um, let's see…the only time that I have ever heard of these people, ever in life, is on your website. What does that tell you?

  6. 6

    i don't care for beth, but he didn't have to call her a fat lezzzzz.

  7. 7

    Perez, maybe because you're a fatty, or maybe because you have horrible taste in fashion, but this guy is a breath of fresh air.
    Beth Ditto IS a horrible example or embracing morbid obesity. Her fashion is simply a desperate scream for attention, to be hip, ironic, and frankly, vapid.

  8. 8

    i agree with him! the gossip sucks and beth ditto IS SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE. she's promoting obesity which is just as bad as the anorexic celebs. shes a talentless blubber shithead.

  9. SoCal says – reply to this


    What an asinine comparison - did you ever get out of third grade? Blimes is a journalist - they don't go for recognition, but they do write on the state of the music industry which is what he is talking about.

    You are a douche. And quit fucking Teddy.

  10. 10

    Um… NEITHER. who th e fuck are these people?

  11. 11

    lol actually I agree with him

  12. hinge says – reply to this


    he's kinda right when he says the Gossip is an unsuccessful rock band - I know who Beth Ditto is the lead singer of the Gossip, but I can only think of one of their songs. More is reported about Beth Ditto being an outspoken big girl than about the Gossip and their music.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    I agree with that journalist, that lady is unhealthy and should not be on magazine covers pretending to look sexier than size zeros!

  15. 15

    What is your interest here? She looks disgusting. It's not even that she is big… she doesn't even have a pretty face. =/ LAME!

  16. hinge says – reply to this


    It's BiLmes.

  17. 17

    Definitely Blimes.

    Beth Ditto is a female version of a douche.

  18. 18

    nah his in the right

    beth ditto makes me sick in the mouth because she is so fat

  19. 19

    Fame doesn't equal success.
    The journalist states elements of truth; you shouldn't glorify obesity, just the same as you shouldn't emaciated models. The fashion industry just go from one extreme to the next!

  20. Laury says – reply to this


    Perez, The Gossip is NOT a household name and Beth Ditto is not a fashion icon. It's okay for a woman to have curves, but being morbidly obese like Beth is just plain unhealthy. And Alex Blimes is right, Beth is just as bad an example for young girls as skinny models. Being obese doesn't just affect your self esteem, it also affects your health. You of all people should know this Perez. You worked hard to lose weight, so why are you putting Beth on a pedestal saying she's a role model?

  21. Sky says – reply to this


    alex blimes for sure! Who the hell is beth ditto dude???

  22. 22

    no one listens to them because they suck…and she's mad fugly

  23. 23

    Perez, to answer your question, I've NEVER ever heard of Beth Ditto or knew of her existence until I saw her mentioned on your site.

  24. 24

    That's hilarious. You rip on celebrities all the time for being *fat* that are actually normal sized! Always such a double standard with you. And, I don't recognize either name. The only reason I have heard of this woman and her band is because of this site.

  25. 25

    Its true though Perez. Anorexic chicks are horrible role models for young girls and so are obese chicks.

  26. 26

    kirstie alley is a much hotter fatty

    yet you bash her and praise this ugly chick with no talent?


    that girl is ugly as fuck, even if she was 110 lbs she still be fugly

  27. 27

    ha, oh wah wah they dissed your fat ugly weird friend. she is odd.

  28. 28

    which name do you recognize more instantly? Beth Ditto and the Gossip or Alex Blimes?


  29. 29

    Very true. She's a horrible role model for women; it's a terrible thing to aspire to be stick thing, but to be comfortable being obese and to promote obesity…it's disgusting.

    He's a journo, you fucking idiot, when do journos ever get famous?! No need to be retarded.

  30. 30

    Just because she's an overweight homosexual who is pretty average at what she does, you see the need to defend her and promote her ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME, I wonder why, maybe because you see yourself in her? Stop pushing your own agenda on this website, it's not about you, your stupid dog, gay rights or what shit music you like, it's about actual celebrities, please get back to that!

  31. 31

    Beth Ditto is not promoting obesity. If anything she's trying to show that she's just fine with the way she is, and that other people should be too.

  32. 32

    Beth is only known for her big fat ass, not for her music.

  33. 33

    They are pretty shit tbh, In the UK people only know her!! they have ONE song!! THATS IT!! Although I have to say they are great live! Seeing them at Reading!!! WOOOOOOO XD

  34. 34

    Given that I've never heard of them outside of THIS site - and given Perez's constant smack down on women gaining weight or being "fat" (Kirstie Alley and Jess Simpson ring a bell?), I wonder more how much she paid Perez or what fab butt screw she hooked up for him to be so far up HER butt. It's not that she's plus sized, it's that she dresses like AN OLD LADY who doesn't think she's let herself go, except Beth is YOUNG. Above pic, perfect example - NASTY NASTY outfit and not because she's big, it's FUGLY. I won't even get started on that makeup…

  35. 35

    "which name do you recognize more instantly? Beth Ditto and the Gossip or Alex Blimes?"

    No one! Both of them are huge unknowns.

    BTW: Obesity is disgusting. And your "taste" in music sucks. Why do you always promote unknowns, Perez?

  36. 36

    Re: bunnythesaint – It's NOT fine to eat yourself to death dearest. Obesity is like drug addiction,self inflicted and shouldn't be tolerated.

  37. 37

    Um. I'm with the journalist. The Gossip are pretty average. Beth Ditto suddenly became a lesbian mouthpiece, and Perez jumps on the bandwagon.

  38. 38

    Also, it shouldn't matter that she's overweight. Anyone who finds fault with her for that reason if a fucking ass. Which is pretty much half of the trolls on this site who live in the sticks. I bet you all work as dental office receptionist and have multiple kids from different fathers.

  39. 39

    he's right they aren't successful. they had "that one song" and there is no point going on about how amazingly fashionable and fabulous beth ditto is cos face facts she is disgustingly overweight and it poses a serious threat to her health. this is just as bad as glamorising stick thin models

  40. 40

    beth ditto is the only hater in the article. the gossip sucks perez…sorry! shes a terrible example to young women everywhere…rude, obnoxious..and the only reason i even know who the hell she is is because of this site. lets not post about them anymore!!

  41. 41

    Firstly, Anyone who uses the term "feminazi" is a douche. Anyway, While I like Beth Ditto's personality, I do think its pretty cynical of the fashion industry to be parading her around like some exotic novelty, while at the same time telling skinny girls to lose more and more weight to become "run-way perfect". Its time the fashion industry started praising and celebrating the normal healthy female figure, rather than glorifiying unhealthy extremes to remain shocking and avante garde.

  42. Laury says – reply to this


    Re: AliciaMay

    AMEN!!!! Although I like Teddy…. :P

  43. 43

    Perez, can't YOU think of another word than "dou***"?

    It's DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 44

    I don't know who Alex Blimes is, but I totally agree with them on everything they said. Beth Ditto sucks. Her band sucks. Get over it.

  45. 45

    Yeah….who the hel are these people?

  46. 46

    beth ditto is OVER RATED.

    i never even heard of her before i saw her on here!!!!

  47. J1025 says – reply to this


    Actually he is right. It is ridiculous to praise her for her size when it is clearly unhealthy, just as it is ridiculous to have adult women who strut down the run way with the body of a 12 year old. There needs to be balance to everything. The fashion world needs to focus on healthy women who aren't rail thin or fat like that singer.

  48. kland says – reply to this


    answer to ur question… NEITHER!!! i wouldnt know about this arse hole of an "artist" if it wasnt for you… r u and her in cahoots too?? like the way u and speidi are?? gawd… get over it…

  49. LDD says – reply to this


    first off, beth ditto is a fat lesbian who can't control her huge yap cutting up the likes of katy perry… sooo she can go choke on a piece of lard…shes no example for any women either.. soo maybe she'll have a heart attack

  50. 50

    errrrrrrrr…… hmmmmmm…….. Well, I don't recognize either name. I see that Beth Ditto girl on your website now and then, but that's about it! ….just being honest!

  51. 51

    Well, I wouldn't have heard of either of them but you've drooled over Beth Ditto in many posts and bashed Alex Blimes in just this ONE, so Ditto is more recognizable. I completely agree with Blimes though.

  52. 52

    She is glamourising being overweight. I think we often forget that it has serious health implications to be that overweight.

  53. 53

    I think he is right. She is no better role model. It is bad beeign to skinny, but there are also not healthy to be as fat as Ditto. She is not a good role model Just as badas the pro-ana kids. People should just try to be healthy….

  54. 54

    Re: urdumb
    I agree, she should lose weight, however I think that there's no harm in at least showing people she's fine with herself. I mean really, there ARE teenagers that are her size out there. You may not care, or anybody here for that matter, but it really hurts when you see someone trying so hard to be able to tell other girls who are like her that it's okay to like yourself. Some people need to be educated about nutrition, and making fun of, teasing, mocking, etc, is not going to help ANYBODY lose weight.
    I will admit, her singing is not that great, she is def. not a healthy weight, she really could learn some fashion sense, and quite frankly she is not even remotely pretty, but I think it's great to be able to see someone loving themselves the way they are. I mean, yeah, obesity is gross, but if you can't love yourself fat, you're never going to love yourself skinny no matter what.

  55. 55

    someone actually has the courage to bag them out
    i will definitely remember alex blimes after this!
    beth ditto is horrible example for young women i certainly never want to be like her and from what i read from your website she seems like a bitch!
    and seriously what band calls themselves Gossip it doesn't make sense!

  56. 56

    how about neither haha!
    Perez, you're the only one on Beth Ditto's twat.

  57. 57

    When your so fat that it could cause health problems, then you really shouldn't be "comfortable" with it. This guy has a point, fat is just as unhealthy as skinny. And Beth Ditto setting an example to people that it's ok to be like this is fucking stupid. Fatties need to sort it out and get down the gym.

  58. 58

    i dont recognize any of those names. the only time i see her name is on your site

  59. 59

    um why does the recognition of the name have anything to do with the validity of his point?
    the dudes right on every point….her fashion is nothing special and shes setting a bad example for young girls by making it seem acceptable that such a weight is healthy and should be admired.

    and p.s. i only know who ditto is cus of you…so neither are recognizable.

  60. 60


  61. 61

    Who the fuck is Beth Ditto?

  62. 62

    they are unsuccesful. i cant say whether their average because ive never heard their music but ill side with him over this fat bitch and her two fugly bandmates that i only know because i read this site

  63. 63

    i think it's fabulous that beth is comfortable with her body, but seriously, she's forever flashing her body in our faces. she is indeed a heavy woman, and she should dress so, appropriately. i work out every day, eat healthy, and maintain a low weight and i STILL would not dress the way she does; it's disgusting.

  64. 64

    I have never in my life ever heard of any of these people except on this site. You constantly blog about people that the rest of the world does not give a shit about. It's annoying.

  65. 65

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  66. 66

    perez the only reason i know who beth ditto is at all is because of your site. no one gives a shit about her stupid antics or her band except you apparently. i'm not saying they're bad, bc i never heard them, but no one cares. and journalists are allowed to have opinions. stop being a hypocrite!

  67. 67

    I've never heard of the Gossip, except on this site. and BTW, you know the entire fashion industry is stupid because "Lady" GaGa is considered a fashion icon.

  68. 68

    I agree…Beth Ditto is avergage, and kind of annoying…she works the whole fat lesbian thing way too hard…she doesn't have enough talent to back it up and she probably knows it, I am a feminist and also someone who believes in equal rights for gay/lesbian/transgendered people…i just don't think she is the greatest representative for either…she is kind of limited and does kind of force people to support her because of what she is..not because of how talented she is or isn't. she doesn't inspire me…she just kind of sucks

  69. sushi says – reply to this


    Re: eLePhAnT nOsE – Bingo.

    Perez loves Beth. Why? Because she's garish? It's not because she's fat since we know his comments about Jessica "Blimpson". So is it because she's gay?

  70. 70

    I knew who Alex Blimes was but baby I'd never heard of the Gossip before your site. Maybe I'm too old to get it but their music is average Webster Hall booooring.

  71. 71

    Beth Ditto IS a terrible role model.

    In the case of role models, I'd say we'd have to pick the lesser of two evils and go with the girl ten stone lighter than her. Neither extreme is good, but at least most girls ten stone lighter don't also make terrible music.

  72. 72

    the journalist is completely right in this case Anorexia isnt healthy but NEITHER is being obese it sends a bad image to young girls as well…. plus Gossip really isnt that great of a band I cant even think of ANYTHING they've done I hear more about Beth than the actual band! and that is sad a band shouldnt be about their front person it should be about the music as a WHOLE!

  73. 73


  74. 74

    Well they have only had one hit EVER!

    Their album didnt do great either. So Alex is correct.

    Beth is only famous coz she's a gross, obese WHALE. Just like Perez. No wonder he relates!

  75. 75

    The Gossup is "deeply average". They hit the nail on the head. She is a bad example, she'll probably be dead by the time she's 50

  76. 76

    oh come on… beth ditto is only 'famous' for being grossly over-weight and repulsive. music ?? puh-leeze.

  77. 77

    Beth Ditto is not someone i want representing "women." a warped representation of feminism!!! i agree w/Blimes… she's just as bad of "an example to young women as a girl ten stone lighter than her." she's a stinky cow. fugly… stinky… cow. sorry!

  78. 78

    she's fat. she's a lesbian. she is also very talented, has a fabulous voice and has a rock hard attitude. my guess is that she doesn't give a damn about what he said.

  79. 79

    Most of you people haven't heard of the Gossip because you only get your music off MTV. Gossip is AMAZING!

  80. 80

    I think he`s right - I don't know about the music, for I've never ever heard one of their songs, but she IS a bad example. She is unhealthy overweight and promoting it and just for the record: she dresses awfully … funny thing is: there are a lot of big girls, that look cute and pretty nevertheless - but she just doesn't - she does'nt even have a pretty face.

  81. 81

    perez do you think any of these douchebags who read your site would like the gossip ???

    hell no ! they are too stoopid for it !

    i don't why you like it anyway,

  82. 82

    dont't really give a shit, one thing i DO know is that she is one fat fucking heffalump.

  83. 83

    Perez! You can't compare a journalist's level of fame/recognition to that of a rockstars!
    He was doing his job- expressing an opinion and reviewing.
    Just cos you don't agree with him doesn't make him a douche bbs!

  84. 84

    i love the gossip they are amazing i hav neva even heard of the other dude
    and looks have nothing to do with it and i think she is a fab inspiration to all women hoo are lets say plus size

  85. Emz says – reply to this


    Alex Blimes tells the truth!
    She's obese!
    It's just as bad as somebody being anorexic because they are both unhealthy and bad role models.
    Everybody thinks that cause she's fat she's gonna make a difference or something.

  86. Emz says – reply to this


    And what does it matter who you recognise more instantly? :S
    That's a wierd question Perez and like someone else said you moan at Kirstie Alley for being fat but not Beth Ditto who's bigger anyway.
    You confuse me.

  87. 87

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  88. 88

    thats a GAY club band … thats all

  89. 89

    This woman really needs to go on a diet. My opinion of her went from 'Blah' to 'Get her off the internet' since the whole katy perry incident. I don't get her appeal, there's a fine line with having curves (which is good) and being THAT fat. You say that skinny women are a bad example to young females, well people this fat are also bad? The diseases obesity brings with it is not subject to joke about.

  90. 90

    Who are The Gossip anyways?? and how come you're deffending them so much??? is the fat girl your cousin or something?

  91. 91

    I agree with the journalist completely. I don't recognize beth ditto = average unsuccessful rockband.

    and she is a bad example for young women if we are talking size-wise. she's telling young girls it's okay to be obese, kudos to the journalist that had the balls to say it.

  92. 92

    beth ditto seriously needs to lose weight! he's right it isnt healthy or a good example, just like lindsay lohans weight is a bad example.

  93. 93

    Beth is disgusting… Its no healthy and what she wears really is pathetic.

  94. 94

    Honestly, when I see Beth Ditto all I see is Mcdonalds french fries, stacked upon cheese, upon cheese, upon meat patties, upon cabbage, upon a fake piece of lettuce, upon cheese. And when I hear her voice all I hear is cigarettes, against potatoes, against nails on a chalkboard, against a bad happy meal.

  95. 95

    Oh yeah, and I'm sure her nipples look like suction cups in a ymca bathroom

  96. free says – reply to this


    Erm….he's a JOURNALIST, certainly not doing his job to become famous? What kind of comparision is this?

  97. 97

    I agree with Alex and you will be hearing this more often …that …being overweight is just as unhealthy as being underweight….

  98. 98

    No fucking clue who she is. If it wasn't for this site she would be a no body. She is a bad example. You don't promote being fat, you promote getting healthy. Blimes is right, she is no better then some anorexic chick.

  99. 99

    FINALLY!!!! Someone voiced everything that I feel about Beth Ditto and The Gossip. THANK YOU, ALEX BLIMES!!!! Your name SHOULD be more recognizable than that of Beth Ditto!!!

  100. 100


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