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Michelle Obama Is Fur Free

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"Mrs. Obama does not wear fur" is the statement from First Lady Michelle following France's First Lady's similar recent sentiments.

According to Dan Mathews, senior vice president for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals U.S., "For Michelle Obama, respecting animals is obviously part of the social progress that she and her husband are working so hard to promote. By officially rejecting fur, these two style icons will make people everywhere see fur for what it is: old-fashioned and cruel."

Now if only the Obamas could commit to equality for gay and lesbian Americans!

[Image via AP Images.]

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98 comments to “Michelle Obama Is Fur Free”

  1. 1

    I'll give her some fur!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    WTF…. it seems my picture keeps changing
    Mario Fix this fucking site!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Mario have you been teabagged by teddy lately??????

  5. 5

    perez, obama said he was for civil unions and gay couples having the same rights as straight couples. but its a state issue, not a federal one. what else do you want?

  6. 6

    What is the Q for? Queer? I have never seen the Q attached to this effed up gay mafia lifestyle.
    They did take a positive stance. Positively against you sodomites getting married.

  7. 7


  8. buck says – reply to this


    except of course on her back

  9. 9

    Down with fur and I for one care that Michelle cares enough to be cruelty free.

  10. 10

    Holy crap….ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Too bad there ARE much more important things for the First Lady to be dealing with than FUR. Her attire is not even important. Try doing some good "Mrs. Obama". I DO NOT SEE WHY EVERYONE ADORES HER–DON'T GET IT OR SEE IT AT ALL.

  11. 11

    who care?! shes a nobody!!!!!!!!! i hate when people talk about them like they are a fucking holywood couple!

  12. Aries says – reply to this


    Love her, but HATE her posture! Not very becoming of a First Lady!

  13. 13

    "Style Icon"?Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    So PETA has forgiven the Obama'a and the Biden's for getting their dogs from Breeders?

  14. 14

    Re: Long Dong Connery – its all fucked up today, did mario get hacked?

  15. 15

    Mario, to be honest, she is not a pretty woman, very manly looking. But lets get down to it You are FAT and your face is HUGE!!

  16. 16

    kudos to her
    fur is so outdated and wrong

  17. 17

    love her!

    perez stfu when the wars over and economy is good then someone will focus on the gayness of this country

  18. 18

    Re: Modesto

    lmao you are an idiot

    its the fucking president and his wife! they're more IMPORTANT than a hollywood couple

  19. 19

    Well Perez, get used to the fact that the President you pushed so hard for gives more of a shit about animal rights than gay rights. The Obama's are fucking posers…

  20. 20

    Re: JigSaw – I think so……Re: RedWingsFan – tonights the night dude………….. what do you think?????
    I have a feeling the Penns might do it…………….. you going?????

  21. 21

    she looks like a freshly tarred road!! my gawd her hips are HUGE!!! fugly bitch.

  22. 22

    She has that slutty aunt jemima make-up on

  23. 23

    she is a tranny BEAST.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Re: Modesto – speak english or go home tard!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Nope-not going but I'll be watching with a group of buddies-As far as who's gonna win.We are 11-1 at home and our only home loss was in triple overtime!We'll see but I like my teams odds!

  27. 27

    Re: loribaby1 – Just like you DOUCHE!!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    The best thing President Obama ever did was to get that magnificent woman to marry him.

  29. 29

    Re: buck – You are a disgusting humanoid.

  30. 30

    She is beautiful inside as well as outside!
    Love her!
    What an amazing First Lady! She is an inspiration to all women!

  31. 31

    SO unnattractive. I don't get the hype.

  32. 32

    Re: Modesto – Amen

  33. 33

    Thank you, Perez, for not drawing a pee stain beneath the President, nor a cum stain on either party's mouth.

    Bet you were tempted, though.

  34. 34

    Does that mean she goes Brazilian? Who cares what this fur free ape wears? She looks like 10 miles of bad road. She needs to learn to stand up straight and roll those shoulders back so she doesn't look so hunched over. Not a very pretty woman thats for sure.
    Where is PETA on the escargot issue? Don't snails have rights? Who looks out for the slugs, saddly they have no voice.

  35. Mark says – reply to this


    As we all know weasels, mink, and chinchilla's are way more important than people. Just ask Peta.

  36. 36

    Re: RedWingsFan – Did you know the only team that beat the Wings in a game seven was the Leafs!!!!!!!!!!! back in the 40's…. LOL they did it twice

  37. 37

    yay!! love them!
    and Barack Obama has already said what he was gonna do for gay marriage (civil unions) so get over it!… there's more important stuff to worry about like the economy and animals dying. stop being so damn selfish.

    (btw, i LOVE that outfit on her… FABULOUS!)

  38. 38

    Re: Long Dong Connery – You said it! :)

  39. 39

    So she shaves down there. Big deal.

  40. 40

    Good thing she doesn't wear fur. A few hundred minks would have to be killed to cover those hips. Cripes, she's bigger than him.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    who cares stop making them celebrities cuz guess what THEYRE NOT. stick to celebrity gossip and find out useless information like if lindsay and samantha ronson are together or not

  43. 43

    ICK. That dress is unflattering and she has a wonky eye that irritates me, as does her posture.. The hype over how fab she is is craziness!! I have more class and fashion sense (minus stylists and handlers) in my big toe than that chick could ever buy!!

  44. 44

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Yea back in the good old days when everybody had woodensticks and nobody wore helmets!

  45. AMO says – reply to this


    She needs to devote herself to a cause that helps America. It's nice that she has chosen to not wear fur, but not news worthy. We have poor people, children in need of education, jobless people who need support… Focus on something more substantial, Mrs. Obama. So far her concern seems to be on her celebrity. You're not running for prom queen honey. Only release to the media actions that matter like you having a hand in bettering our country, thanks!

  46. 46

    They are just perfect. What a beautiful couple!

  47. 47

    I notice her posture isn't so good. I wonder if that is a physical defect instead of just bad posture.

  48. 48

    Even though she was wearing fur recently, and wearing designers with all fur collections this year. Just needed something to make headlines to show her "doing good" since she's done nothing else but globe trot and grope the Queen.

  49. 49

    Soooo I guess that means she doesn't wear leather either and follows a vegan diet?!? Yeah right…fur is such an easy target, but when you look at the big picture, it doesn't make sense to only draw the line there…most of these anti-fur activists are NOT very well informed!

  50. 50

    She's a hideous beast.

  51. 51

    FFS you start on fur and end on gay issues..what else with you..get fucking over yourself and off your god-damn soap box.

    ENOUGH OF YOUR GAY RANTS NOW. I am no in least bit homophobic until I read the endless shit you go on and on and on and on and on..about..then I effing hate you.

  52. 52

    I'm sure it's easy to comment about "fur" when asked. Gay issues are another thing. AND, BTW, the President is trying to work on it. You have to remember that he has to first get rid of other more "pressing" issues first i.e. economy, healthcare, people without jobs, children who are hungry, people living on streets. I have 100% faith in President Obama and his Administration that he is already pushing for equal rights for gays. Isn't it funny that so many states are already doing it on their own? Would never have happened with Republicans. Americans know that everyone deserves the same rights. It really doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, or whatever, as long as you are human.

  53. 53

    I'm glad she doesn't wear fur. What those poor animals have to endure is sickening. Hopefully designers will take note and stop using it.

  54. 54

    umm what does Michelle not wearing fur have to do with gay and lesbian americans?

  55. 55

    she looks great. barack looks even better. I'd do him.

  56. 56

    SHE IS AMAZING!! this is a real woman! we need more powerful women to step forward and prove that you can still be fabulous without fur! and her dress is GORGEOUS. yes!

  57. 57

    You can put lipstick on a horse, put it in a dress and have it marry Barack Obama but in the end it is still a fucking horse. She is nasty and will always be nasty.

  58. 58

    YEAH!!! Good for them!

  59. 59

    They look Great!!!!!!!!

  60. 60

    i would love to come on to a celebrity website and read about celebrities if i wanted to see bullshit about Michelle Obama id read the fucking news.

  61. 61

    Re: chillgirl76 – Oh yeah…It's REALLY strange because after he won the Election I had a dream that me and Obama were chillin and I bummed a Newport off of him. He is sexy I bet they have GREAT sex.

  62. 62

    she is like a monster.

  63. 63

    They are such a beautiful couple - I'm proud to be an American!

  64. 64

    Re: debbieT – One step at a time - usually changing one's views is a process and a personal journey. Many fur and leather wearers are not stupid, just ignorant to how those items come about and when they see the truth it is the beginning of their change over to humane ways.
    We must foster and be supportive of people who want to make the change….not tear them down. She is making an important step that will influence others.

  65. 65

    Yeah but will she wear leather???

  66. yob says – reply to this


    People come first, animals are a lower life form and put here for our use. Since everyone wants to quote from the bible!

  67. 67

    Re: yob – Somehow I don't think it says, "fuck the animals" in the Bible, but I'm not religious so hey…
    If you truly feel superior to all other creatures, then so be it, but you're not the kind of human being I'd ever want to be around - no heart, but then again, I'm probably not "cool" enough for the likes of you either.

  68. 68

    She can add that to the fact that she doesn't wear clothes from "Marshals" anymore either. Nothing but high end fashion designer duds, just like she claimed she didn't do when they were running for President. She's as full of shit as her husband! She also continues to wear clothes from designers who openly use lots of fur in their clothing lines. An empty statement from an empty headed idiot.

  69. 69

    I'd be happier if the Obaminations could stay the hell out of the damned media for a while, quit wasting our tax dollars, and actually do their damned jobs.

  70. 70

    Re: Wuffeh – Um….so when Bush was at his ranch vacationing every other week, you didn't mind that?
    Plus I recall seeing the former Prez and Laura out and about a hell of a lot more than the Obamas
    It's funny how Republicans absolve all perceived wrong doings from their party, but blast Demos for much much less…
    Yeah, after the last 8 years, I think I'll be a little more supportive to THIS President and first Lady.

  71. 71

    Re: Wuffeh – And in case you didn't notice, they ARE doing what they are supposed to be doing for our Country.
    Diplomatic social functions are what the US is based on - duh.
    A huge part of running the Country is actually mingling with other Nations and keeping up talks. It's not like they are going to your standard run of the mill parties or events. Or hanging out at the Ranch 24/7.

  72. 72

    YAY!!!!!!!!! Awesome! I love them even MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE THEN EVER!!!!! Don't worry Perez, the gay marriage help is coming from Obama, just you wait and see! I think he's focusing on allll the other stuff first.

  73. 73

    The chipmunk and the gay dumbo.

  74. 74

    Re: petiteCobaye Wow are you diluted beyond hope. Actually, in most years, Bush never visited his ranch more than 4 times during a vacation function (he's also invited dignitaries, which according to you is first and foremost importance). And it costs less than a "date" night in New York on the taxpayer's dime. You'll eat anything spoonfed to you by the media won't you? I guess the previous 40+ president's were all wrong in thinking US CITIZENS COME FIRST - not "appearances" bowing to president's who fund terrorists… my bad. Oh, and I guess you missed the memo, where almost all the agendas passed by Obama, contradictory to his OWN campaign promises were MCCAINS platform… or you missed that he's asked for MORE funding than Bush ever did for the war… yeah, convenient to bash isn't it?

  75. 75

    Re: imsoregistered – I could get into a giant debate with you, but I think you are a total moron and you feel the same way about me.
    Sorry, but I think Bush Jr is evil (I actually like his Father, believe it or not) and I believe that Obama is a huge improvement.
    We could go back in forth all day - and I know that Bush vacationed a Hell of a lot more that 4 times. My husband is active duty military and I can tell you of many many many military men and women that are glad to see Bush out of the white house.
    Oh and your bold type doesn't scare me a bit.

  76. 76

    good on her!

  77. 77

    fab fab fab! She should do the "I'd rather go naked…" campaign. That would be hot on her behalf and America's behalf.

  78. 78

    Has anyone else noticed that she always walks slouched over? Stand up straight!

  79. 79


  80. 80

    Re: petiteCobaye My husband is stationed in Colorado, deploying in 3 weeks to Qatar, don't you DARE give me that bleeding heart military crap. I'm sure you read the articles by both the Army Times and the Air Force times then that shows almost 70% and 80%, respectively, of the troops supported Bush and cannot stand Obama. Or the figures that more than 74% wanted McCain to win. Or that currently several thousand troops are being held in court martial for refusing to follow Obama's orders (for various reasons). Of course, you'd know that, IF you were actually military. You don't have the KNOWLEDGE to get into a "great" debate. I'm so SICK and TIRED of people LYING about military, it's a huge slap in the face to those of us WHO DO live the life of poverty for something greater than ourselves.

  81. 81

    Re: petiteCobaye Oh forgot to LMAO at the whiny comment about bold. Seriously, that's the BEST you could come up with after lying? ROTFLMAO!!!!! Your a shining example of the morons who voted Obama into office and damn near the brightest shine in showing just how self righteous people try to be, then insult TYPEFACE because you cannot back up your facts - that's quite a common thread with "you people" so to speak…

  82. 82

    Re: imsoregistered – Hey don't get all huffy over whom in the military is better than whom. I have talked with people who very much support Obama and I don't care what the percentages are - that is my experience with the military people I happened to talk with.
    Don't give me that shit about my husband not being in the military - how dare you…by your standards ALL OF US MILITARY FAMILIES MUST BOW DOWN TO THE SAME POLITICAL PARTY JUST BECAUSE WE'RE IN IT….bullshit - I still have a mind of my own and I feel safe, happy and pleased as be that Obama is in the White House. You can like who you want and I know not everyone in the Military thinks exactly the same way I do, but I've met many with similar ideals. So you can go back to your Stepford wife Republican life, but leave me to mine.
    I wasn't even talking to you directly to begin with. And screw you on facts….you don't know what I know - this is a vapid Gossip site…no place to for a political boxing match.
    I admire you for being a Mil Spouse, but that's it - I'm offended that you called out my DH's involvement…that's just plain wrong, no matter what we're debating about.

  83. 83

    Re: imsoregistered – I'm not lying by the way - it's who I've talked with - I'm not going to quote every damn text book and news room analysis…I'm going by my heart and I do read up on politics very much so, but I guess, unless I can number crunch till the cows come home, my opinion doesn't count?
    It doesn't matter really, Obama is here!

  84. 84

    Re: imsoregistered – And you really shouldn't give details on where your husband is Stationed or any personal information as to where he is going on an unsecured site…but I bet you already know that.

  85. 85

    NO SHE DOES NOT look good! She's fugly and is bow legged! WHY does the media insist on saying she looks good?????

  86. 86

    www.jlodown.com www.meetyourmeat.com

  87. 87

    good for her.
    fur is disgusting.

  88. zarle says – reply to this


    Well, it is the summer.

  89. 89

    could she be more smooshed into that dress? She truly needs a stlyist to help her realize she is short waisted, big hipped and big bottomed and what to wear to make these areas not look worse than they are. Especially when she puts her belts right up under her armpits. Belts are a no no for her strange figure. This dress is atrocious.

  90. 90

    Who fucking cares? I'm all for animal rights but groups like PETA are like totally over the top. I think Michelle O should wear Chastity Bono's beaver… it's not like she'll be wearing it anymore anyway.

  91. 91

    I love Michelle!!!

  92. 92

    Fur is for hags.

  93. 93

    I'd personally like to see her in some color. Black comes off as so drab on her.

  94. 94


    Finally we have cool people in the White House.

    Now if they'd only adopt a shelter dog as a sidekick for Bo . . . .

  95. 95

    she is lovely

  96. 96

    :O, omg, now I have to emulate her and never wear fur again [I never have but I am being sarcastic]…I will do one better and never even pet another animal with fur. Well all know, if the Obama family says they don't wear fur that makes them so super awesome and the first people EVER to be anti-fur.
    Perez needs to crawl out of the ass already.

  97. 97

    Like her, hate Obama and loathe you, Fidelito.

  98. 98

    If she wears leather and eats meat, not wearing fur is not significant at all.
    Unless it's only cruel to kill the animals with nice fur, then she's wonderful and not hypocritical at all.