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Protestors Want CBS To Give Letterman The Boot!

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Even though both parties have kissed and made up, a quickly-expanding number of online protestors are petitioning for David Letterman to be taken off the air for his off-collar joke about Sarah Palin's daughter!

They've also threatened to boycott the sponsors of the Late Show until he gets the axe!


Over 30,000 people have made the "pledge" on FireDavidLetterman.com to boycott the products sold by the sponsors and even organized a protest outside the Ed Sullivan Theater on Tuesday in NYC.

Once again… morons!!

Said Michael Patrick Leahy, spearhead of the campaign: "David Letterman's comments were disgraceful and beyond the bounds of common decency… It is highly inappropriate for a 62-year-old man to make sexual insults about a 14-year-old girl."

Leahy then went on to compare Letterman's joke to the extremely racist remark radio host Don Imus made in 2007 (calling members of a female basketball team "nappy-headed ho's") that eventually got him fired.

How could anyone ever compare the two???

CBS has yet to release a statement or comment on the issue, but we can't see the network firing Dave anytime soon!

Do U agree with the protest???

[Image via WENN/Getty Images.]

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399 comments to “Protestors Want CBS To Give Letterman The Boot!”

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  1. 101

    They should fire the writer of the joke, if he intended to make a joke about a 14 year old girl.

  2. 777 says – reply to this



    How many people did Palin offend in the 08 election? Hello..Palin is a bigot and has hurt millions of americans with her words..Take it lady you put your prego daughter in the spot light and now she is for the taking!

  3. 103

    Re: informed – …God you're dumb as hell.
    Is there a difference between someone in a POLITICAL arena making obvious racists jokes and an ENTERTAINER mocking two very real situations (Elliot Spitzer's prostitution issues and Palin's knocked up daughter)?
    You're damn right there is!
    When is this stupid shit going to end??? Are comedians now going to have to report to all politicians that they want to poke fun of beforehand so they don't dare go over the line.
    Dave Letterman is an entertainer on a late night television show, he's not a news reporter, a politician, a politicial commentator. NOTHING.
    He makes jokes about farts, sex, tv shows and anything else he thinks will get laughs.
    Jesus Christ, bunch of fucking idiots.

  4. 104

    Re: LIsh
    Her daughters are 18, 14, and 8. And you are calling them "slut bags" that need to have the "hell knocked out of them". An EIGHT YEAR OLD?! What kind of monster are you?

  5. 105

    I don't like Letterman, don't think he is funny. but this has gotten blown way out of proportion and is ridiculous. i am team Letterman on this and find that Palin is using this to gain more time in the news. He obviously wasn't talking about a 14 year old girl but the 18 year old. It was a joke. some jokes aren't taken well and some are. one never knows until it is out of your mouth. appoligies were made and it is done. LET IT GO

  6. 106

    Secondly this shit cracks me up. Palin wanted to be in the white house but turns into a sniveling whiner when Letterman makes an off the cuff joke???

    Seriously? Way to promote the stereotype of women.

    I am going to watch the Late Show every night and write CBS a letter. I hope this dumb bitch knows this is all working against her 2012 campaign.

  7. 107

    Morons yes, yet had Letterman said marriage should be between a man and a woman or anything negative towards gays, you would be leading the charge to have him removed.

  8. 108

    GO DAVE!

  9. 109

    back in september 08 when it first came out that bristol palin was pregnant, conan and jay made some far worse comments than dave has in the past week. this really has nothing to do with dave. palin is trying to drum up press to keep herself in the media. and btw not all republicans agree with her. team dave!

  10. 110

    You are the MORON. Of course you can compare the two. Both man insulted young girls. One insulted black girls, the other white republicans, so of course you don;t think Letterman should be punish. You belong to the fucking left who only think black and gays should be protected in this society. Well, you are wrong MORON.

    You belong, like Letterman, to a very sick group of celebrities who degrade woman everytime they have a chance.

    Imus shouldn't had to be fired, not Letterman, but both of them crossed the line….Stop insutilng women you fuckers….Have some respect, specially to girls…

  11. 111

    Re: MsJoanne
    If you had two daughters, and you went to a baseball game with one, then later a late night talk show host made a joke about your daughter getting knocked up by a baseball star at the very game, would it be so ridiculous for you to assume that that host was talking about that daughter?

  12. 112

    Re: Informed
    You are missing the key reason as to why the 2 white eyes in a black background is vastly different than the Bristol (and he WAS talking about bristol, not willow) impregnation joke. Dave made a pregnancy joke about Bristol because she made the very poor decision to not use birth control and thus get pregnant. And the reason her pregnancy has a poor reflection on Sarah Palin is because she's spoken so vocally about abstinence being the only acceptable form of birth control for minors, even though it's completely ineffective in curbing teen pregnancy. Whereas the eyeball joke is making fun of not a disagreeable decision that Obama has made, but instead it mocks his core identity of which he has no control. He did nothing to make himself black - he is black. Black is not a lifestyle it's an ethnicity. Yes, making fun of a woman who makes a poor decision regarding sexual promiscuity and/or birth control is probably poor taste but making fun of someone for their innate core identity is reprehensible.

  13. 113

    Quit giving Palin the media attention she wants! That's the only reason this bullshit is going on.

  14. 114


  15. 115

    Overreaction much? Team Letterman!

  16. 116

    Talk about spreading H8 Perez, how are you making things better by name calling.. It seems like that's the only thing you're good at besides spreading gossip. You're so hypocritical its ridiculous. While you're dishing out hate about someone who is governing one of the only states that isn't in an economic meltdown, you hurt your own causes by showing REGULAR 'moronic' people your convictions–basically, anything that serves you right. It's so selfish it's disgusting.

  17. 117

    So it's okay for comedians to make jokes about even worse things during one of their shows, but yet something so small as this is considered wrong?! Get over your fucking self Palin! They pimped her daughter's story for months, what was she expecting to happen?!

  18. 118


  19. 119


  20. 120

    Those foaming-at-the-mouth fascists don't watch Letterman anyway. CBS would be foolish to listen to their for-show whining. It's all politically motivated.

  21. 121

    Post on cbs. Team Dave!

  22. 122

    This is why Sarah Palin is scary. She mobilized the RIGHT WING THUGS. She symbolizes the END OF DEMOCRACY.

  23. 123

    Please! The fact 30K people would waste their time signing this considering all the other, much more important, things American's sound be petitioning against is beyond crazy.

  24. 124

    GREAT!! FIRE THAT LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 125

    It's beyond stupid that 30K people would waste time signing this given all the other real issues they should be focusing on right now!

  26. 126

    omfg, if i were him, i would not have even APOLOGIZED to that bit ch for that stupid off-hand remark. ho ly fu ck, she needs to go away.

  27. 127

    ummm i agree to protest this ole fuckin geezer…. its ok to make fun of a white woman, but as soon as black people get attacked its wrong!!!!!!!! wtf, im sick of black people getting to say watever they want about white people, and white woman get no fuckin respect. i think everyone should be equal, and i think dave letterman is gross!!!!!!!

  28. 128

    I'm sure the morons signing the portest are the people who showed up at Palin hate rallies prior to the elections.

  29. 129

    He has been on TV wayyyyyyyyy too long !! He IS NOT one bit funny….can him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 130

    Re: cheerioko – uh #13…if you think Letterman didnt know it was Willow..you are a complete idiot. Why apologize to Willow if she doesnt deserve one??? He sucks!

  31. 131

    Re: Jenfraud
    Since when is protesting something you don't agree with anti-democracy?! Do you know what they do to protestors in non-democratic countries? Call them names, then blow them up.

  32. 132

    I think it was distasteful of letterman to talk about 14 year old girl sexually he shouldn't of done that.. but i don't see him getting the boot anytime soon.. i mean it's david letterman

  33. 133

    David shitforbrains Letterman knew EXACTLY what he was saying and trying to get away with!..I,m so glad people called himon it & are seeing who he really is..a far left nut!

  34. 134

    Re: crazylilgal – haha, what the f u c k are u talking about. it's not about black & white, sweetheart, the remarks are of 2 totally different natures. letterman's joke was more about spitzer than the girl, anyways. idiot.

  35. 135

    Re: slayer44
    "So it's okay for comedians to make jokes about even worse things during one of their shows, but yet something so small as this is considered wrong?! "

    No, it's not. And in the nineties angry liberals tried to get Rush Limbaugh fired for insinuating that Chelsea Clinton was ugly. Which was wrong. I think calling a politician "slutty looking" simply because she is an attractive female, and talking about her daughters getting pawed at and knocked up is much worse.

  36. 136


  37. 137

    I agree with Dave's right to make the joke - even though I found it completely tasteless and misogynistic. I also agree with the protestors' right to protest. It's (still, for the time being) a free fucking country. People SHOULD make themselves heard. If you disagree with the protestors, get out there and protest in support of Dave. Geez.

  38. 138

    this is bullshit. he can say whatever he wants he is david letterman. and she is a nobody now and needs to stop talking it was a joke meant to be laughed at and taken lightly, obviously no one wishes harm upon her daughter.

  39. 139

    Re: mizani_diva – Well that makes lettermans fugly wife a skanky ho too then cuz they werent married whe he impregnated her..he then is the whoremaster too.

  40. 140

    $10 says they're both in on it and loving the press. just like speidi and whatever channel that crappy jungle show was on.

  41. 141

    Re: McBain – Thats what theyre trying to do!! Fire Letterman!! He wrote the joke..he hates the Palins.

  42. 142

    You know what's hypocritical? Selective outrage. You want Letterman to be fired, fine, then hold Rush Pigboy Limbaugh to the same standards. He made similar comments about Chelsea Clinton back when she was 13 and no one did ANYTHING. This is just selective outrage and it is PATHETIC.

  43. Shino says – reply to this


    Re: ~JOSIE~

    First time I agreed with something "said" here…arrigato Josie.

  44. 144

    Re: MarieRi – Cant wait to see what happens when Nobama's spawn get knocked and people make fun of it…Fucking Libs better have the same reaction about them.

  45. 145

    Yes, I agree with the protest just because I hate double standards! No one should get a free pass for political incorrect statements. And yes, that includes liberals! Dave should stick to jokes about adults, not easy targets like pregnant teenagers. How LAME is that?

  46. 146

    team letterman

  47. 147

    Re: smarteeangel101 – You must be scum then asshole!

  48. 148

    I have read a lot of the comments of people that think that this is overreacting. Thing is that many of you attacked Chris Brown, and rightfully so because it was horrible, when he went after Rhianna. So why do you allow a man to make comments like she looks like a slutty flight attendant and insinuating that her daughters are sluts. This is how violence against women starts. His words could cause some guy who beats his wife make it seem like its okay to degrade women. Fact is, he owes an apology to women in general and I am glad they are protesting. Just like Imus made a stupid comment and dealt with the wrongness so should Letterman, why does he get off the hook? Degrading women is degrading women.

  49. 149

    Why are people insisting this is about a 14 year old?? He made the comment about the 18 year old, who has birthed a child, thereby was at one point knocked up. Why is it that Mrs. Palin and Bristol can plaster Bristol's pregnancy and bastard child all over the place, yet get their panties in a wad over a stupid joke by a comedian who makes his living by making fun of people in the media??? WTF is wrong with these people??

  50. 150

    oh god! i cant believe they're still talking about this. the letterman comment wasn't even directed to willow palin, instead it was a direct jibe to eliot spitzer. america is going down. extreme PC is going to ruin us, mark my words.

  51. 151

    Re: crazylilgal – I dont thin you're CRAZY lil gal….youre right on baby!!! :)

  52. 152

    Re: lpancakesl
    Bullshit no one did anything! For one thing, pissy liberals STILL whine about it. They've written entire chapters in books singling out that comment and calling Rush Limbaugh all kinds of names. And it's been more than a decade. And all he did was call her ugly. That was wrong, incredibly uncalled for, but no one ever got fired for calling someone ugly, particularly since comedians from all ends of the political spectrum had been hinting about Chelsea being ugly, too. It is completely uncalled for for a comedian to spend two nights in a row making slightly misogynistic remarks and sexualized comments about a politician and her children.

  53. 153

    Re: discopiratebang – Um hello…freedom of speech would be a comedian being able to make a joke without having people go ape shit.

  54. 154

    It should never have come to his apologizing to that bitch…milking what attention she could get all over again…a joke is a JOKE. Just like her political career. :(

  55. 155

    We should start a petition to have Sarah Palin banned from the media. Sick of hearing this dumb bitch talk.

  56. 156

    I don't care for Letterman, but this whole thing is SO stupid. Letterman made a joke that could have easily been made by any other of the late night talk show hosts. I mean come on, he(among others) has said worse.

    Also, Palin needs to go away, nobody likes her.

  57. 157

    Re: kissmyassobama
    The Obama girls, should they ever conceive children out of wedlock, wouldn't likely stay pregnant as Obama himself said that he wouldn't want them to be "burdened" or "punished" by having a child. Which is a sad statement in itself. We should all hope that Bristol's situation would encourage teenagers- and everyone, really- to take every precaution available before they choose to have sex. And even then, no form of birth control is foolproof.

  58. 158

    Re: el polacko – The Obama girls aren't unwed teenage mothers! imagine using your kids for publicity and political gain? Gee, sure am glad you aren't my mommy/daddy.

  59. 159

    Letterman gets a woody every time he looks at Sarah Palin…and it PISSES him off he cant dump his load!!!…so he hates her instead. He knows he wants to tap that!! hehehe ….go get yer fugly wife Davey!! shiverrrr

  60. 160

    Re: sizzler
    People are insisting that the joke was about the 14 year old because the joke was, and I paraphrase, "Sarah Palin took her daughter to a Yankees game last weekend and she got knocked up by A-Rod".
    Which daughter did Palin take to the game? Willow. The 14 year old. Excuse us for putting two and two together and coming up with four.

  61. 161

    Give ME his job………………………I'll suffer the stress, Miss P ! You can be my fIRST GUEEST, GIRLFRIEND !!! WORK IT, MISS P ! WORK IT GIRL !

  62. 162

    Re: sizzler – made the joke about Bristol??? Hmm..I have some swamp land …er..I mean vacation land …in Florida I,d like to sell you.

  63. 163

    They're a bunch of fuckin' religious psychos, and Palin is their leader. God help us if those fucking nutjobs get power…

  64. 164

    lettssss seeeee, because you dont agree, the protesters are morons??? i think youre the moron you fking fa g g ot , go suck a di ck and stfu

  65. 165

    This is lunacy. I'm sick of Sarah Palin and I'm tired of Letterman's excessive apologies. It's always the Democrats who apologize to the Repulicans, never the reverse Sarah Palin is a media whore and is sucking every once of publicity (and sympathy) she can out of this mess. Palin strutted her family around during the campaign, her unwed pregnant 17 year old daughter front and center. She declared Bristol the Pistol would marry little Levi "later", but Bristol soon unceremoniously and publicly dumped poor Levi , ostensibly because he no longer met the "family values" of the Palin presidential family. Then Bristol suddenly appeared on the cover of People magazine with her illegitimate baby, glamorizing the image of unwed teenage motherhood, but in my view prostituting herself and her baby. For how much money, I don't know, but it was not an appropriate place for them to be. Sarah also drug her newborn baby with a handicap across stage after stage under blistering hot lights and amid loud boisterous crowds, among other dangerous conditions for a newborn. All for her own self serving political gain….she has a redneck hillbilly "Hatfields & McCoys" mentality and I think that is why she is keeping this "feud" going as long as she can bleed it dry of publicity and personal attention. I think Sarah Palin is a disgrace…..if she is presidential material, I'm Greta Garbo.

  66. 166

    Perez, Funny how you think it is fine to protest in West Hollywood and everyone else that protests are Morons.

    Letterman WAS funny, he has turned into a curmudgeon that largely sucks large balls. He just is not funny anymore and has allowed his personal politics to rot away his funny stuff.

    Bye bye Dave - your services are no longer needed, you are no longer relevant!

  67. 167

    Yet another example of Republican hypocrisy. Palin claims to be a "real American" but a real American would stand up for the "American" constitution and the right to free speech. Only in an authoritarian state could a politician single-handedly get a talk show host pulled off the air for a joke made about their family.

  68. 168

    Re: kissmyassobama – Sorry you say something honey? I was too busy wondering what kind of 12 year old mind came up with the nickname 'nobama'. My little brother could be more creative than that.

  69. 169

    Protest all they want, fine. They're 100% allowed to. But I totally disagree with them. There is absolutely NO comparison between Imus and Letterman and it's a disgrace that they're comparing racism with a snide comment. Letterman apologized, now let's all move on. And Sarah Palin needs to shut the fuck up, get over it, pick up a book and read instead…i'm sick of her ignorance.

  70. RJP3 says – reply to this


    When the Palin kids grow up they will resent being used as political props and to make political points by the crazy Creationist Gov of Alaska …. she should be ashamed of herself for using this to make political points. Dave should tell her protest mob to fuck off.

    BTW his ratings are WAY up since he started his apology shows.

  71. 171


  72. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, brother. What a diva tempest in a teapot. Glad she's not at the helm. Russia might 'offend' her, even if she can (sort of, not really) see it from where she lives. Letterman's a comedian. Bad jokes flop. Get over it. He has been more gracious than most think he needed to be, IMHO. This was a royal snit. You need to be unflappable and level headed if you want to lead others.

  73. 173

    Re: PrinceD – LMAO. Agreed.

  74. 174

    Omfg. Sarah Palin, shut the fuck up. The things people do for attention, amazes me. David Letterman has done nothing wrong, end of story. Stay in Alaska and fuck off. Ps Willow is pretty cute for a 14 year old. hahah

  75. 175

    Re: whatever2000
    Perhaps you also forgot the right to free assembly, which I'm pretty sure covers protests. The right to free speech technically should have covered Imus when he said what he did, and in a way, the constitution was upheld. He won a pretty hefty settlement over the termination of his job.
    If you're going to go around talking about our "rights" as true Americans, you should keep in mind that legalism is a two-way street. Letterman had the right to make an ass out of himself, Palin had the right to get angry about it (and eventually accept his apology, I might add), and these people certainly have the right to protest someone they think shouldn't be making sexist, inappropriate comments about females and children on entertainment shows.

  76. 176

    Re: kbk1972 Where's the even slightest thread that it was about Bristol. She wasn't even in the state. Aside from that, it was sexist and I'm frankly ashamed for a lot of posts here - especially given that so many are posting in the gay rights sections too. What a bunch of whining hypocrites. Now it's okay to be sexist, but not against gay marriage? It's okay to speak of a teenager having sex and that it's "funny" and "get a life", but if someone says "let the states decide" the world is ending? This attitude is what my husband is fighting for? Absolutely ridiculous the hypocrisy of some of you.

  77. 177

    This is the biggest bunch of bull shit I have ever heard. Palin needs to keep her fucking hole close or use it to suck a dick with. Dave didnt say SHIT WRONG. A JOKE mother fers.. Thats IT. Off color or not its a DAMN JOKE

  78. 178

    i believe these pictures are quite old perez. but yes, we will see it.

  79. 179

    Re: whatever2000
    Also, thirty thousand individual protesters are hardly a politician "single-handedly" getting someone kicked off the air.
    Dave doesn't deserve to get fired, but children of famous people, whether they are politicians, musicians, or other celebrities, don't deserve to have nasty things said about them on national television.

  80. 180

    People are so stupid. Do you really think Sarah Palin even gives a shit about what was said. All she cares about it publicity and all of you hyping it up and still talking about it are giving the dumb bumblefuck idiot exactly what she wants. She didn't win the vice presidency and now she has to find some other way to get her name in papers.

  81. 181

    Re: MarieRi
    Probably relatives of the creative geniuses that came up with "Sarah Failin'". Or "slutty flight attendant".

  82. 182

    oh come ON! this has been ridiculously blown out of proportion. dave has more class than that to intentionally and maliciously attack the little bimbo palin. IT WAS A JOKE and meant to be silly. get over it america [read: sarah palin]!

  83. 183

    Why should he be fired for making a stupid joke? Sarah Palin should be fired from her "political position," for being a stupid mom having a trashy daughter who got knocked up. The US is making fun of her trashy ass why should she take her self so serious. BLAH ON HER AND EVERY OTHER PERSON WITH A STICK UP THEIR ASS. BRING HUMOR BACK PEOPLE. LAME ASS PC JERKS!

  84. 184

    letterman was wrong, just like anyone who made jokes about chelsea clinton, amy carter and any other politician's child. let's get the facts straight. he may have be trying to do a bristol joke-which is in poor taste. (how many hs students are virgins? besides mario?) BUT-he should Sarah at a Yankee game, which Willow was at. HE AND HIS STAFF NEED TO DO BETTER RESEARCH. Can you imagine what that 8th grader went through? Hey Will, got it from alex RODriguez? Some 7th inning stretch wasn't it? So, how was his wood? Hey, now you can be his kids babysitter, stepmom and bff, all at the same time.. and on and on and on and on…. STUPID NON THINKING 'JOKES' FROM THAT IDIOT LETTERMAN HURT THE PERSON THE JOKE IS ABOUT.

  85. 185

    P.S. The "right" to free speech doesn't mean you can say whatever you want. Try saying something about an action against the president and see how far you get. Try saying bomb on an airplane (Meet the Parents joke here) and see how far you get. Try telling a cop off and see how far you get. There are LINES TO HUMAN DECENCY. The argument that "well there's worse things in the world" is stupid. Comparing this to ANYTHING else is moot - and an insanely juvenile tactic to degrade the situation because you can't attack the situation. He made a sexual joke about a 14 year old (BRISTOL WAS NOT EVEN IN THE STATE), and NO he did NOT apologize "twice", calling a joke tasteless is NOT an apology. Are some of you so damn selfish you'll whine when you don't get your way, then piss on others who want to get THEIR way?

  86. 186

    Hmm…doing more research on who exactly is protesting, found this on MarketWatch:
    "Anna Barone, who worked for Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign, and later for Democrats for McCain, called on CBS CEO Les Moonves to fire David Letterman for his sexist insults of both Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Palin's 14 year old daughter. " (She's probably not a right wing religious nut, she worked for Hillary Clinton!)
    And the petition is apparently up to over 45,000 signatures. I wonder how far this will go?

  87. 187

    he made a joke about RAPE derogatory towards women
    not cool dave

  88. 188

    Team Letterman.

  89. 189

    Letterman has turned into a 60+ yr old creep. I dont think he should get fired. I think he should realise that it's over & retire

  90. 190

    I think an apology is good enough, but someimes tv people need to be very careful about what they say, it can offend alot of people and cause real problems for the one that said it……

  91. 191

    When someone brings their family into the public eye they have to take the good with the bad. They will have cameras always following them, and when they do stupid things they will get scrutnized. Dave did nothing wrong, he did his job. He wasn't speaking as a 62 year old man he was speaking as a comedian. People who take that shit seriously are retarded. We should start a petition to Keep Dave!

  92. 192

    Not a Republican, so save your 'Neocon' replies Libs.

    Don Imus was fired for saying "Nappy headed ho's", which is not racist!
    I don't hear anything about race in his comment.
    If he got in trouble, so should David Letterman.
    Liberals are so hippocritical.
    Prejean say she's believes marriage is between a man and a woman, she gets a stick up her ass, Obama says it, and the world is still okay with him.

  93. Low says – reply to this


    I'm watching Dave now, when I didn't before, just to support him. It was just an off mark joke. He probably didn't even write it… Palin and her crazy peeps are just using this much like "Hidi and Spencer" to get press. That's easy to see… Dave's numbers will go up! I will be watching Dave. Support Dave!!!

  94. Boo! says – reply to this


    This knee jerk and over the top mobilization of vengeful fire Letterman people really makes me wonder about the accusations concerning what they really did to the ex-brother-in-law state trooper. Scary.

  95. 195

    As content as I am that Letterman apologized, the protesters are just expressing their right to speak freely. Calling them "morons" is just unnecessarily criticizing a group for giving their own opinion. And no, I don't think Letterman should be fired. But just because you don't agree with their side Perez doesn't mean you should call them names. God forbide someone call you a moron for supporting gay marriage. Hypocrite.

  96. 196

    People/groups/organizations who think Dave was wrong (and in some cases, should be punished):
    Al Sharpton
    National Organization for Women
    Several writers for the Huffington Post
    The entire panel of "The View"

    People who think the Palins should "lighten up":
    Perez Hilton

    Ew. Sarah Palin's views are diametrically opposed to those of several feminist organizations and publications, and even they are siding with her (or at least against Dave). And some of you fools still think this kind of humor is "ok". It's just sickening.

  97. 197

    So a legendary comedian isn't allowed to make jokes anymore?
    Ridiculous. Funny how republicans are always complaining that liberals are trying to take away their right to free speech, then they want Letterman to get fired.
    I'm willing to bet if a joke had been made about Obama's daughters, these protesters wouldn't bat an eye.

  98. 198

    I think Letterman is a hack - he's weird and unfunny and the crack at Palin and her kid was cruel and inappropriate. Further, he was too stupid to learn which daughter and made a crack at a 14 year old daughter of Ms. Palin. Now I'm curious, would you all feel the same way if his lines were aimed at the President's daughters?

  99. 199

    Re: hellojessi – And they're dumbasses too. Because all those nicknames are idiotic.

    I personally think Palin should have handled this in a way that came across as strong and determined, issuing a message to Dave himself or making a single unemotional statement.

    Instead she came across as such a whiner. I can't stand it when women on the one hand want to have the perception of playing with the big boys but start crying the minute someone says something mean. THAT'S LIFE. THAT'S POLITICS.
    People will say and do mean things, but every second you spend focusing on them is a second wasted not focusing on somehting much more important.
    I didn't like it when Clinton did it to Shuster and I don't like it now.
    And that's for you to absorb, not everything is dem/rep/lib/con. Sometimes an idiot is an idiot no matter what party they're on.

  100. 200

    She's a freaking hypocrite!!!!!! HELL NO, DAVE WON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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