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Taylor Swift's Thug Story!

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THIS VIDEO the country cutie made with T-Pain is faboosh and amazeballs!!!!

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362 comments to “Taylor Swift's Thug Story!”

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  1. 101

    as jack mcfarland would say, OH MY GA…

  2. 102

    oh my gosh that was so funny! ah i just love T Swift :)

  3. 103

    "Gretchen, stop trying to make 'amazeballs' happen. It's not going to happen."
    –slightly modified "Mean Girls" quote

  4. 104

    This also seems like a less-funny, less-offensive version of "Portman Raps."

  5. 105


  6. 106

    stop saying amazeballs!! ffs

  7. 107

    WTF…this is stupid as hell. T-Pain has gone downhill, and will probably stay that way if he keeps going down this route.

  8. 108

    this vid is crap,she is better off singing country songs,like my song not fair!!!

    taylor swift cant rap at all

  9. 109

    Firgie wanna be….

  10. 110

    "she didn't even swear." xD lmao.

  11. 111


  12. 112

    you gotta love tay tay

  13. 113


  14. 114

    that is sooo good haha i totally never imagined her doing something like that.

  15. 115

    so freaking cute

  16. 116

    lol super funny

  17. jayj says – reply to this


    i love her

  18. 118

    omg it sucks and she ain't that cool as she thinks

  19. 119

    hahah that was adorable! i look up to taylor. i love the white tee part lol

  20. 120

    its fucking ridiculus

  21. 121

    LOL . This is the best shit .

  22. 122

    LOL cute/hilarious! Props to Miss Swift.. and I agree she isn't half bad at the rap. BTW T-Pain has an amazing voice!

  23. 123

    LOL too funny. This was awesome, shows her diversity. It's good to see that in artists now a days.

  24. 124

    So cute. I love it!

  25. 125

    hahahaha she is amazing.

  26. 126

    Haha, she's so cute!

  27. Zip says – reply to this


    I couldn't stand her until now!!! That is such a cute song and she is a very good rapper!!! Very inventive and funny!!! Bravo!!! I have an amazing country song that I would love to do on her!!!

  28. 128

    OMG so good!

  29. 129

    cute, but really annoying. LOL

  30. 130

    haha love it :)

  31. 131

    Stop stealing AMAZEBALLS from Jessica and Hunter. Come up with your own catch phrase douche bag.

  32. 132

    Are you serious?
    This is crap.

  33. 133

    LOL I love her, she's so adorable in this. much better then miley

  34. 134

    What a refreshing, talented change from other female recording artists. :) Go Taylor!

  35. 135

    Taylor Swift is amazing.
    And this video is too darn funny.:P
    Loves it!

  36. 136

    omgggg this is actually amahhhzinggg!!!!!!

  37. 137

    she IS the freshest thang around. love it

  38. 138

    whoooot love u taylor and t-pain! this is awsome! so funny good job taylor!! hahaha

  39. 139

    lol if it is meant to be ironic, huge success, if this is meant to be an actual song to reinvent her a rapper, epic fail

  40. 140

    LOL BiG ASS CHAiN :)

  41. 141

    she is so adrable!!

  42. 142

    lmao thats prime! haha thats so funny, go t sizzle!! lol,

  43. 143

    lol i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 144

    haha awesome

  45. 145

    This is why t.swizzle > miley uglus

  46. 146

    tay did an awesome job

  47. 147

    I love TS.

  48. 148

    ahahahaha shes sooo cool

  49. 149

    this is bad. like her but…this is horrible.

  50. 150

    Re: brzlady – dude. relax. you do know this isnt a legit video right. it was part of the opemer bit for the cmt awards. its the furthest thing from serious.

  51. 151

    omg that is SO cute! LOL

  52. 152

    love it!

  53. 153

    omg so funny haha

  54. 154

    haha! love it

  55. 155

    I really loved this…hahaha

  56. 156

    haahhhaah so funnnyy love her

  57. DavHa says – reply to this


    hahahaha better than her singing

  58. raqs says – reply to this


    too cute, i love it.

  59. 159

    she luks like a stupid blonde da iz tryin 2 act all gangsta

  60. 160

    Re: pwincess – …. umm which was the point. welcome to earth.

  61. 161

    First off I think Taylor Swift rocks! Not sure if this video shows how she can sing anything well or just how easy it is to be a rapper. I loved the lyrics…she is the best!

  62. 162

    Love her but…kinda gimmicky.

  63. 163

    That is the single most retarded thing I have ever seen.

  64. mnw07 says – reply to this


    I fucking love this. Absolutely awesome :]

  65. 165


  66. 166

    That was dope! I wasn't even expecting the girl to rap and it was soo damn hilarious and adorable. The video seemed to be made to be sort of comedy and it worked. The girl did AWESOME.

  67. 167

    Re: pinkhotluv – Haha that is a stupid ass word.

  68. 168

    Taylor SO won me over w/ this video! She. Is. Awesome.

  69. 169

    o dear god… this is embarrassing to watch

  70. 170

    I LOVE this video! Hilarious and adorable!

  71. 171


  72. 172

    She should have done that at Bama Jam. The rednecks would have hated it

  73. 173

    Cute :D

  74. 174

    this is so cute and funny :)

  75. 175

    i didn't like that so much..

  76. 176

    LAME. Totally LAME.

  77. nizzy says – reply to this


    love it

  78. 178

    Omfg. That was hilarious and awesome. She rocks!

  79. 179

    I luv♥♥

  80. 180

    can't stand the ad before it so i never watched it

  81. 181

    LOL, that is so funny. "I didn't even swear….I said Yo" lmfao

  82. Paty says – reply to this


    The lyrics are so funny!!

  83. 183

    God awful she should stick to country because her rap aint making it.

  84. 184

    these stupid ads b4 the video are far too long. Why not have the ad be 15 sec. like everyother site

    Quit saying FABOOSH and AMAZEBALLS
    so stupid, makes your point moot when you say words like that

  85. 185

    Gotta love Taylor Swift. She such a good sport. Great video!

  86. 186

    I love her, she can do no wrong

  87. 187

    hahah I LOVE TAY SWIFT!

  88. 188

    She makes my cock swell to over 9 inches. I want her soft , virgin flesh to poke and lick and jerk off onto

  89. 189

    LMAO I love t pains chain and this video. Taylor is so awesome, I love her!

  90. 190

    Taylor Swift for President in 2016

  91. 191

    Effing amazing!!!!!

  92. 192


  93. 193

    She`s so sweet!! I love her :)

  94. 194

    LMFAAAAAOOOOOOO! i love t sizzlee ;)

  95. 195

    HAHAHAHA I actually like her after this…wow…funny shit :D

  96. 196

    LOL that was so good!

  97. 197

    shes so good

  98. 198

    god damn she's amazing! now i love her more than ever. that girl can rap!

  99. 199

    "I knit sweaters yo!!" "Extra-small white tee!"

    Ah I can't figure out which one I liked more but they're BOTH fucking hilarious. Man this made me adore Taylor Swift. So cute and I like that she put herself on the line for something that could have been totally screwed up.

    That's my baby girl!

  100. 200

    haha loved it. very cute and funny

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