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Taylor Swift's Thug Story!

| Filed under: Taylor Swift

THIS VIDEO the country cutie made with T-Pain is faboosh and amazeballs!!!!

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362 comments to “Taylor Swift's Thug Story!”

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  1. 201

    that was cute

  2. 202

    This is so hilarious GOTTA LOVE HER. So extremly funny I love that she can make fun of her self she's so amazing such a goddess

  3. ikke says – reply to this



    gurl has got it going on!

  4. 204

    I could hear her gasping for air after every line. LOL!

  5. 205

    oh my god she cant rap ! wow and this is the first time shes ever worn anything besides a sundress and them cowboy boots!

  6. 206

    Taylor is TOO cute!

  7. 207

    That is actually really cool, she has a good rap voice.

  8. 208

    Too Cute! Love it!

  9. 209

    lol that was sooo cute

  10. 210

    haha oh Taylor….i loved it…but please….stick to country :P

  11. 211

    this is so bizarre…but i like it.

  12. 212

    OMG! That is awesome! XD Good job Taylor!

  13. 213

    Re: LadyNikki – Are you stupid? You realize its a joke, right?

  14. 214

    aww LMFAO that was brills…

  15. 215

    haha, that was funny

  16. 216

    she's adorable!!!!

  17. 217

    Didn't like it. Funny or not she needs to stick to country music.

  18. 218

    Is this a joke?

  19. 219

    It wa quiet a performance.

  20. LDD says – reply to this


    LOL, that was cute… go Taylor!

  21. 221

    Fuck Yah

  22. 222

    Atrocious. And stop it with the juvenile attempts to impregnate the English language with your nonsensical shit. Amazeballs ain't catching on…you know, it's not "So fetch…"

    Yeah, you remember that…It ain't gonna happen.

  23. 223

    yep…loved it!

  24. 224

    She's an OK performer and a great songwriter. I LOVED the T-Pain Thug Song. White America must be terrified. Watch her sales and popularity go down a little because of this. It's a shame but it still happens even today. When a young White woman is in some way aligned with a Black man, even in business for a spoof like this it STILL happens. I think it's funny as hell though.

  25. 225

    That was the cutest, funniest thing EVER! I was a fan, but never really enough to buy her album - now I am going to go get it ;-) Just made me go from to like to love her! Sooo cute!

  26. 226

    That is ridiculously adorable…loves it!

  27. 227


  28. 228

    Love her!!

  29. 229

    oh my goddd taylor.
    i'm so embarrest for her. haah funny though.

  30. 230

    tpain is the only funny part about this. taytay sucks.

  31. 231

    ahaha! love it!

  32. 232

    ok, now that was funny. I get it. She's making fun of herself and showing a fun side. It was not nearly as horrible as her rendition of Def Lepards POUR SOME SUGA ON ME. That was horrible. But this was ok –

  33. 233

    The more I see of her the more I love her. That was brilliant! She's such a beautiful, talented, role model for girls now days….

  34. 234

    eh…it was alright

  35. 235

    seriously- amazeballs is fucking stupid. Quit!

  36. 236


  37. 237

    Loooooool!!!! OMG, Taylor! EPIC! I loved it! :)

  38. 238

    jesus christ its annoying when you say amazeballs. its a stupid word…. im not sure if it even is a word.

  39. 239

    lol, now that was sum funny shit

  40. 240

    This was hot and she was hot.
    This girl is bad ass.
    She has swag.

  41. 241

    This is hilarious! I LOVE Taylor Swift!

  42. 242

    Eh - sounds like the one done on SNL with Natalie Portman. Only her's was better.

  43. 243

    Not luving it, but I give her credit for putting it out there.

  44. 244

    EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW is she crazy are something

  45. 245

    wow…. what… a…. crackker…. :\

  46. 246

    LOL! i love her!
    "wait hold on, you guys beeped me and i didnt
    even swear!"

  47. 247

    That was so cute! Shes so down-to-earth

  48. 248

    That was hilarious. Good thing it was an intentional joke, otherwise it would have been awful.

  49. 249

    omfg soooo perf

  50. 250

    Wow…. This just makes her more annoying to me. Even her talking voice gives me a headache. I have to admit the words were funny, so I liked that part, but I can't stand her. She was already posing as a country girl, now she did this crap. It just shows me that she's doing everything she can to extend her 15 minutes which should have ended with the release of her second album. She still sucks.

  51. 251

    this is the funniest thing ive seen in awhile!!!!!!

  52. 252

    the opening was hilarious this was to cute!

  53. 253

    I'm not a fan of her but..
    I seriously laughed through the whole video.

  54. 254

    this has made my day:)

  55. 255

    oh em gee i love it…tswift is the shit.

  56. 256

    i love her so much shes amazing!!!!!

  57. 257

    lmao this is amazingggg

  58. 258

    i must say, i don't like her, but this is pretty ka blamo.

  59. 259

    Super cute!

  60. 260

    She was great and did this just for fun! Nice to see a different side of her.

  61. 261

    this is HILARIOUS

  62. 262

    I dont understand how everyone likes this video. I think its the worst song ive ever heard! if it was my choice, she just ruined her whole career

  63. 263

    I LOVE IT!

  64. 264

    hahahaaaaa. I LOVE TAYLOR!!

  65. 265

    haha luv it. She is too cute.

  66. 266

    Haha. That was awesome!

  67. 267


  68. 268

    NICE! I hope they release it because it's a good song actually.

    I'm starting to like this Taylor Swift girl..

  69. 269

    this reminds me of "natalies rap" from snl awhile back,
    but i just love taylor and tpain:D!

  70. 270

    T-Pain, "She didn't even swear."

  71. 271

    Re: proloz32 – don't worry. it was just a skit for the CMT awards.

  72. 272

    Re: Soda-Pop-Lover – wow..you can chill the fuck out because she's not trying to "pose" as a rapper. it was just a funny skit for the CMT awards.

  73. 273

    LOL so funny! I love her!!!

  74. Staci says – reply to this



  75. 275

    Stop saying "amazeballs," Perez. It's not even a cool word.

  76. 276

    that video is HIGHlarious and cute at the same time. I was laughing the whole time… but she can actually rap

  77. 277

    I'm on a BOAT!

  78. ans! says – reply to this


    cute video. she shouldnt rap anymore though! her voice gets annoying!

  79. 279

    LMFAOOO! hilarious.

    i love her.

  80. 280

    you can find me baking cookies at night hahahah i knit sweaterss yooo! hahah thats funny

  81. 281


  82. 282

    thats so funny i love it!!!!!

  83. 283

    this is so funny. i love how t-pain was like "she didn't even swear" in the end. lmfao

  84. 284

    that was too cute!

  85. 285


  86. 286

    Re: A_Gurl_Wid_Class
    Umm jealous much?
    This was amazing!!!!
    How is she not be herself, when she says she has blonde hair?
    Or when she says she's never been in a club or that she bakes cookies instead?
    OMG she is such a poser!!!

  87. 287

    lol! she is so flippin' adorable! LOVED!

  88. 288

    omg i love taylor

  89. 289


  90. 290

    imfao i love that!!

  91. 291

    this is really funny. only she could do this. i cant think of any other famous person around her age out there that would be able to pull this off

  92. 292

    taylor swift is just AWESOME!!!

  93. 293

    lol, that was cute.

  94. 294

    she has a good sense of humor love her to bits!

  95. ashay says – reply to this


    wow she is a joke

  96. 296

    hahha. love it!

  97. 297

    now that is what i call a LOL

  98. 298

    haha I love t swizzle =)

  99. 299

    Haha taylor swift is so funny, didnt ecpect that lmaoooo !

  100. 300

    "I knit sweaters, YO!"… and the ending was SO FUNNY!
    LMAO!! i love Taylor Swift, that was so cute :) … this made my day.
    i'm glad they picked her and not someone gay like Miley Cyrus.

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