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The Gosselins Are Quickly Losing Fans

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The Gosselin's might be in a bit lot of trouble!

All their media attention and cheating scandals helped bring in a very large viewership for this season's premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8, but the same can't be said about the following episodes.

Jon and Kate's season premiere on May 25th brought in 9.8 million viewers, which we're sure had Kate seeing dollar signs all over the place.

However, their episode on June 1st brought in 5.5 million. Another episode on June 8th brought in 4.3 million.

And their episode Monday night brought in just 2.9 million viewers! Talk about having a declining viewership!

TLC is trying everything it can to bring in the numbers. They had chef Emeril Lagasse on one episode, chef Duff from Ace of Cakes on another, and yesterday's featured the crew from American Chopper.

Enjoy the fame now you two, because it seems the world is tired of the bitchy mom and adulterous dad scenario.

[Image via TLC.]

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74 comments to “The Gosselins Are Quickly Losing Fans”

  1. 1

    they are trying waaay too hard.. i say just let them falll.. hahaa.

  2. 2

    I was never a fan. Never saw the show, but from watching The Soup, I can see that the woman is a bitch and the man is a pussaaaay.

  3. 3

    yes, put even 2.9 million viewers is better than their past seasons, before the cheating scandals. they are just losing all the people who picked up a tabloid, the people who never heard about the shower before all the drama. they'll be fine.

  4. 4

    Sooooo over them

  5. 5

    i dont watch this shit like the hills and this foolery, but why the phuck is that guy getting hooked up by american chopper? lets reward bad behavior and then let them parent their 8 into hypocrisy just like the rest of the flock

  6. 6

    people are finally just realizing that this show is a disgusting display… it's pretty much just become a reality show about having a reality show. snooze.

  7. 7

    the reason there were no viewers this past monday is because the episode was completely abbreviated from the american chopper 90 minute special. most fans watched that and didn't want to see a shorter version of the same thing!

  8. 8

    Well its about time people started to realize that pimping out our kids and using them as a spectacle as if they are in Ripleys Believe It Or Not is as bad as it gets as far as parenting goes….. two losers trying to make money off of their kids even if it means pretending you are still married is really pathetic.

  9. 9

    Don't mind the Dad but that Mother has got to go…

  10. 10

    "Your 15 minutes is now complete. Thank you, and have a nice day. Buh-bye!"

  11. LadyM says – reply to this


    Scandals aside… they are ruining what people loved about the show orginally…watching a large family live their everyday wacky lives….now they are adding all these stars, emeril, ace, chopper….its becoming just another celeb reality show …. now that jon and kate are celebs and living like celebs.. and looking more like celebs with their shiny white teeth and tummy tucks and famous friends…..the original appeal and charm is all gone…..

  12. 12

    I LOVE the show, and I've loved it since it started, but the problem this season is all it shows is Jon and Kate. Jon and Kate do this and get motorcycles and cakes and the cook and blah blah blah.
    The kids are adorable and that's why everyone loves the show. We want to see an episode of a them hanging around the house or playing outside. Not them showing us all the cool things they get to do.

  13. 13

    the show was a guilty pleasure, actually the early episodes still are..
    but in later episodes they started focusing too much on kate and then it was obvious that they were making so much money off of these kids. then it just got depressing.
    that shit ain't cute.

  14. 14

    there all fucktards!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15

    I think the show sucks now BECAUSE of all these specialty appearances. The show used to be about a huge family and how that huge family dealt with everyday hassles that people with fewer children didn't neccessarily have to. And about how the family themselves interacted with each other. Now it looks like every other Hollywood "reality" show. They might as well be the Osbournes. The big house, doesn't make a difference. It's the way John and Kate are acting about each other, within each other's presence and without, and how the innocence of these children just shines on through their bullshit.

  16. 16

    I only want to see one more episode — the one where Kate sits on that silly little interview couch, looks into the camera and says, "I admit that I belittled and emasculated my husband. I take responsibility for ruining my marriage. When my kids grow up to have severe problems, the fault will be mine and no one else's. I don't even really like my children any more, since they dared to grow and stop being tiny and cute. I'm a famewhore and that's not ok. So I'm walking away from all of this for a year, to give my family time to heal without me, without constant stress, tension and fear, and so the relatives I forced out of their lives can come back in, because that's the only way they will heal. Goodbye." Then she gets into a limo and it drives away…..Yeah, that would be the highest rated episode ever.

  17. babyg says – reply to this


    no, i watch and honestly while i don't want them fighting in front of the children …it's obvious they're not one big happy family anymore so they need to stop acting like it. people have marital problems, it's not a sin ! they should be real and stop putting on a show ! plus kate is still over controlling and jon keeps making these remarks about how he can't have girlfriends and how bad his wife is ! they're both a**holes !

  18. 18

    I never was interested in them! I did see the piece where the mean mom ignored her thirsty daughters request for water, but drank some herself, right in front of her, as her neglected daughter went without!!!!

  19. KSC says – reply to this


    Yeah, Jon's whole speech about going to make the motorcycle, doing something for him, blah, blah, blah WHEN on he recently spent a week in Utah with his girlfriend. Yeah, he never does anything for himself… LOSERS.

  20. 20

    The American Chopper episode was the best I've seen. It was great to see Jon hanging out with the guys. He seemed really happy. And I thought Kate was hilarious. I love them. I can't help it.

  21. 21

    Kate is a bitch and not in the less bit entertaining sort of way. I watched the show from the begining and watched the fame and money go to her head quickly. Jon just seems to just have fallen apart and lets her run the whole show. He never wanted her to have sextuplets in the first place. It should have been a sign when she willingly put the well being of her offspring at risk and then made sure everyone began documenting her every move. What a pig.

  22. 22

    thank god this crap is bringing all of our intellects down why move to the lowest common denominator America get out of the gutter

  23. 23

    I think that is the problem. Instead of focusing on the kids, which is what the show was about, the shows are all about product placements and pairing the family with other TV Shows. Last night's episode was a waste. Were the kids even on it? It's a big "Who Cares" now.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Sounds like "reality" to me. Just last week Bobby Flay showed up at my house to show me how to bbque. Shows like this are so ridiculous.

  26. 26

    kate/show is bad news.but hearing kates child say"mom your so mean" to drink that water in front of me when i said i was thirsty and asked for water 1st…was horrible.the child got no watere.kate did.she is a no good mother ,plus spanking the girl roughfly.both time she didn,t think camara was on…….

  27. 27

    because Kate's true color's are showing, spanking her kids, one that was caught of her spanking her daughter in front of the house that is on the front cover of one of the tabloids. she's a total selfish bitch!!!!!!

  28. 28

    mario, you just love twisting and twisting the truth soooo much. the gosselins are back to their regular ratings. that 9.8 million viewers were people like you who were turning in to an episode that was RECORDED MONTHS AGO to see if Jon walked out on Kate or if Kate had a nervous breakdown in front of the cameras. Their whole season had been just about canned when this crap came out. Some additional filming is being done, but most is from 2-4 months ago. After 7 million people did not get the meltdown they were looking for, the show is back to their 2 1/2 normal viewers. SO STOP THE LIES MARIO

  29. 29

    IT WAS A RERUN!!!!!!!!!!! That is why the viewership was low. Next week is a new episode. I bet the viewership goes up! I watch and it doesnt surprise me the dad is cheating on the mom…..she is a horrible wife!!

  30. 30

    It was obvious to me in the first season that Kate is a control freak. She called it "being organized". Jon looked whipped. From the beginning it seemed to me that Kate didn't mind pimping out her kids for money and I wondered what the ultimate effect would be on them. I stopped watching after that and now I see that I was spot on in my suspicions of Kate. I hope this show will get cancelled quickly so those poor kids might have a small chance of having a more norma, kid-friendly life.

  31. 31

    More like Hemmoraging watchers.
    I bet if they got back together people would watch again. She can't carry the show alone in all her bitchtastic snarky remarks against no one. She needs Jon there to take it.

  32. 32

    Kate beats her kids! Go to In Touch Magazine and see the article and pictures!

  33. 33

    Re: glitterpunk – So agreed. And by now we all know that everything these people have/do/eat is paid for by TLC. All the guest stars, the trips. I did finally watch two episodes of this new season and it was so ludicrous. The kids got like 5 minutes of show time and then it was all 'Charm City Cakes' 'Shiny Bus Showing up Unexpectedly to Whisk them all Awaaaaayyyy'

    So fake. This isn't about the kids. It's about the Mom and Dad living lives they don't deserve for having so many kids.

  34. 34

    Emeril, Duff and American Chopper are the reasons I don't watch. If I wanted too see them, I'd turn on their shows.

  35. 35

    I'll watch if Kate is gonna be boozin' it up!
    Maybe she can smack her kids in an angry rage!
    Maybe she will smack Jon to the ground!
    I want the two of them to go at it with some broken off booze bottles! Then maybe chase the kids!
    This show could be good, if they take my suggestions!

  36. 36

    Who wants to watch a show where the family is "acting" like they are fine, yet we are bombarded DAILY about how both parents are cheating on eachother? THEY NEED TO CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37

    Hey show creators. I know you're reading this. YOU JUMPED THE SHARK. Why are you bring in guest appearances? Chefs, cake makers, bike builders. BORING

    It's become the KATE show. pull the plug. America is sick of this hair tossing twit.

  38. 38

    It's because once the press really started looking at Kate, they dug up all the information that she is really the sociopathic nightmare that everybody suspected she was. Who is going to tune in to see that!?

  39. 39

    kate is the reason i dont like the show and i used to watch every episode. she seems fake and has lost all that is true to her in life. for someone who is supposedly highly religious she has lost her way for sure. she has no friends left, she is a bitch and she is focused on flashbulbs rather than her FUKCIN TWINS AND SEXTUPLETS. famewhore famewhore famewhore.

  40. 40

    just because some people don't believe in spanking their children, does not mean it is wrong. the BIBLE says "spare the rod, spoil the child." if you don't believe in that sort of discipline, fine. but it's her decision to discipline the way she sees fit. if cameras were in your home every single day, what would america see?

  41. 41


  42. 42

    oh how funny you are

    their rates were 2.3 or lower for the last 3 years

    ppl like drama and tlc fucked themselfs in the ass for putting the most controversal episode first they shoulda done that last.

    regardless i will always love that show no matter what.

  43. 43

    I still watch, I have to say I like re-runs better. They use to be like a…real family and now everything is all fucked up.

  44. 44

    The only reason I started watching the show is because even with the large amount of kids they have they seemed like a good couple! And it was nice to see a family that wasn't being torn apart. Now it's awkward to watch….and frankly rather boring.

  45. 45

    Well good. I can't for the life of me figure out who wants to watch (or watches) this crap anyway. TV sucks nowadays.

    Is that the best the networks have to offer? I'm sick to death of made up stars in "unreality" shows. It's pathetic television.

    Who does watch that show and why I wonder????????????????? It's crap.

  46. 46

    it just sucks now cause they do nothing together anymore and all these guest appearances now make the show seem like their trying to hard and its just to hard to watch to see these kids going thru this. i've watched since the beginning buti just can't watch those kids hurting anymore

  47. 47

    i always watched it before and now i don't BC when it bcame a show about 'kate and her show' i lost interest bc she bothers me in a huge way- its about her now and not the kids-

  48. 48

    I used to love that show in the beginning. Now I can't stand to watch a second. I now have a crush on Jim Bob Duggar. Save me, Jesus.

  49. 49

    I'm so glad. Kate is a flaming bitch - wait ’til those kids turn 18. They'll be out the door like lightning and I don't know how Jon puts up with her.

  50. 50

    i used to watch the show now i do not. cant stand it and i hope they just go away.

  51. 51

    Re: Granny Panties – sounds like you had a nice family

  52. 52

    i like the duggars better

  53. 53

    the prob is bringing those celebs on there… i wanna see what they do everyday like the old episodes….

  54. 54

    I couldn't be happier to hear those assholes are on the way out. Now if we could just get the fuck rid of Speidi…

  55. 55

    The reason no one watches the episodes is because they are getting really lame with their "guest stars". Really? Who has Emeril Lagasse cook in your kitchen and motorcycles specially built for you by Orange Coast Choppers? It isn't a "reality" show about a family coping with the stresses of raising 8 kids anymore. I'm sure it isn't what they envisioned 5 years ago, but clearly, changes should be made. A lot of the fun of watching it was Jon and Kate's relationship when they were loving. Now it is just painful to watch. No one wants to watch a marriage crumble for entertainment. Most of us have been there, done that and gotten the tee shirt.

  56. 56

    And yet, the kids will be the ones who suffer the most. Sad… :(

  57. 57

    I used to be a regular viewer of Jon&Kate, but I've lost interest because of the drama. It used to be about them, and their daily lives-now,with all the "guest stars" it has just become this contrived sideshow. I would bet my last dime that this will be their final season.

  58. 58

    They should just cancel the show and work on their family. The reason people don't watch it anymore is because it all seems so contrived now. If TLC thinks bringing in all these special guests will increase their numbers, they are wrong. The show used to be special because it felt like REAL reality but it really doesn't anymore.

  59. 59

    FYI to TLC, "celeb" chefs does not = ratings…i saw a bit of that episode and was goddammed saddened to see that they paid a celebrity chef to spend time with the gosselins how damn original…..sheeeeeeesh. (this is supposed to be about the family ….mainly the kids not emeril)

    and then the following week on american choppers, a show i dont even watch but happened to check upon, they have a special guest… JON GOSSELIN,
    W T F???

    doesnt this man have EIGHT kids to take care of??? (how much did he get paid to appear on american choppers tlc??)

    the "drama" at first was "interesting" but now they are milking it in a very unoriginal manner if i may add.

    i hope at this pace that the show gets cancelled….let them get back to REAL REALITY…

  60. 60

    They are losing fans because they are not a "real" or "average" family anymore. Real families or average families do not meet the Ace of Cakes guy, or cook with Emeril, or get to go on American Chopper.

    People can NO LONGER RELATE to this family. Kate and TLC both have completely turned this show upside down. I feel for the children. The show needs to come to an end now.

  61. 61

    The problem is that the show has lost the focus that made it successful in the first place. It used to be about raising all the kids and being a family. Now it's the Kate Gosslin show. Everything is about her, or she finds a way to make it about her. Nobody is interested.

  62. 62

    Awe, I love Duff!

  63. 63

    I STOPPED WATCHING BECAUSE THE SHOW USED TO BE ABOUT THEM RAISING THEIR KIDS….NOW IT IS JUST ABOUT JON AND KATE AND RATINGS……now they aren't a normal family, since they have tons of people from other shows make cameos..it was more fun when everything at least appeared to not be so set up!!

  64. 64


  65. 65

    the show has become about the two of them and not their children. they (the adults) deserve to go down….all the way back to their humble beginnings. those greedy, money hungry, fame whores.

  66. 66

    Oh my God, suddenly I felt scared…This woman is capable of killing her kids if they cancell her show. She will treat them like dirt. Poor kids, their mother is pure ego, a very arrogant and horrible human being and their father it's a sissy without a personality.

  67. 67

    I'm afraid for the kids. If the show is cancell Kate is capable of killing the children….or blame them for the cancellation. She is an arrogant, ego driven sadist and their father is a very weak man…Poor kids….

  68. 68

    I attempted to watch it the other day with my daughter (who thinks the kids are cute to watch) and about half way through it I had to change it. I just couldn't take it anymore. When my daughter (who is 6) asked me why I was changing it I said "because Kate's kinda mean and I can't watch it anymore".

  69. 69

    I think everyone is just getting tired of the whole thing. Why watch them on tv when they're all over every magazine & tabloid, & all over the internet? This is what they call oversaturation!

  70. 70

    The reason they are losing viewership is because of all the "guest" celebrities. I used to love the show pre-scandal when it was just the family doing things normal families do. Now it's just awkward and uncomfortable to watch. All Kate does is complain about all the free stuff she's getting (like solar panels on their mansion, and Jon's motorcycle." She actually says in an episode she HATES having those people in her house. Ugh, she makes me sick.

  71. 71

    The show seems to be hanging, with Kate still nagging Jon and still being a bitch. They need to seek marriage counceling desperately… I hope for there sake and the kids the marriage can somehow be saved..

  72. 72

    don't let the door hit you in the xxx on the way out

  73. 73

    its not that everyone is tired of them its just gotten really sad to watch, no one with a heart wants to watch a family fall apart.

  74. 74

    Losing their show could be the best thing for them ever. If TLC really gave a crap about those kids, they would have let them out of that contract last season when the whole world could clearly see trouble brewing. TLC my ass.