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Buffy: The Animated Series?

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Since the news that a new Buffy movie will come out sans Joss Whedon, we've gotten the sense that fans have been a little perturbed.

Fear not, because perhaps there is a light at the end of your vampire-loving tunnel!

What would you say to a Buffy The Vampire Slayer animated series?

You'd love it! We thought you might and you might just get it…with Joss Whedon in tow!

A source is revealing that the beloved cult vampire classic, which made the move to comics after the show ran it's course, could be returning to the small screen in an animated show based off of the comics. Very few details are available, but it stands to reason that the show will continue in the Buffyverse Whedon had created, thus being more appealing to fans.

As for Whedon's involvement, the source says: “Whedon’s involved, but not on an ‘in-the-studio’ kind of way. He will pop in at bench-marks and give the thumbs up to make the studio happen. Not as much involvement as any of us want, but its better than not any at all.”

We see a lot of potential in this idea. For one thing, we bet it would be easier to get the original cast to come back if all they had to do was voice-overs. Plus, we'd rather see an animated Sarah Michelle Gellar kick butt than the live one. She's getting kind of old and very pregnant!

What do U think? Will U watch an animated Buffy series?

[Image via Dark Horse Comics.]

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60 comments to “Buffy: The Animated Series?”

  1. 1


  2. 2


  3. 3

    no. original cast + joss or nothing

  4. 4

    they had a animation show in the works before but it didn't happen….. i wish it would…. original cast in tow

  5. 5

    someone should make GHosGIRL from the new YA books!

  6. 6

    Old? SMG OLD? She's 31. Mario. Same age as you. She isn't old!

  7. 7

    this is an ingenious idea! good for them :) i have a squad of friends who are gonna go apeshit about this.

  8. 8

    Yes i will watch the Buffy animated series!! There have been talks about doing this along time ago, i thought the idea was dead and i would only have a chance to just read the comics!! SOOO excited i hope this goes through, because you know their going to ruin that buffy movie

  9. 9

    I'll definitley watch a few episodes. Depends when it's on! I'm not going to lie I'm a huge fan of the original I have almost all of the seasons on DVD! shhh hehe

  10. 10


  11. 11

    OK, she's 32, but whatever. That's not old.

  12. 12

    lol… 32 is old now? Holy crap, Perez… the ideas you perpetuate about age are "amazeballs".

  13. 13

    buffy movie?? whaaa they better make that!!!!!!..cartoon not so much…

    i better star in the movie

  14. 14

    Its just not the same, let the show rest in peace!

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Hell yeah I'd watch! LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

  17. 17

    the movie, terrible idea, but the Cartoon series/movie would be awesome. Youtube Buffy Animated Series… it was what they were "going" to make, before Joss canned the idea. I would SOOOO watch it, but BOO to the movie idea…

  18. 18

    YES I would watch a Buffy animated series! Joss writes and produces, 70%. Bring the original voices of the stellar cast 100% !!!!

  19. 19

    Stolen from ONTD (Oh No They Didn't), just like 98% of everything posted on this site!

  20. 20

    no thanks

  21. 21

    if joss whedon is working on it, i might.

  22. 22

    I *heart* Buffy… so heck yeah I would watch, even if no one came back… as long as Joss gives it a thumbs up and looks in on it from time to time. Not to say I wouldn't want the original cast back but Sarah and Alison are mama's now, Tony and Eli are in shows and well the rest could use some work no doubt.
    The original animated series was cute, and I wish it would have continued, but there was far more to deal with then… now it would be easy!


  23. 23

    I'd take it. Im a HUGE Buffy fan and my first choice would be to have the series back but since thats highly unlikely I would take an animated series with the original cast voices (really why wouldn't they do it not like they're doing anything else) but please no 'new' movie. But Yay FOR THIS IDEA!!

  24. 24

    I'd watch it. Would be much better than that garbage the other people are trying to make. I might not like it as much as the live action version though… I wish they'd just extend Buffy for another season or something. Sigh.

  25. 25

    Old at 31? Oldness is so relative, but thats your age isnt it? and very pregnant? well a belly actually has to grow when someone is pregnant, but whats your excuse? r u pregnant on twinkies and krispy kremes? I think u may be waaaay overdue!

  26. 26

    I watched the thing on Youtube. It was pretty good. But they need SMG back and better animation like the covers of the comics. But I really hope they follow thru on this. I would be soo happy And I think animation would be good for it since in the series you couldn't do big special effects or actuall ymake buffy strong.

  27. 27

    She's not old and yes, she is pregnant. Get a bloody life before you start criticizing others. At least she has a career. Either Joss and original cast or nothing, no animated series

  28. 28

    SMG's pregnant????
    Anyway i wouldnt mind an animated series…. i was obsessed with the show up until buffy died for like the 3rd time and then went to college.

  29. 29

    I loved da show and I love da comics they r great

  30. 30

    i would definetly watch this!! Buffy is one of the best vampire franchise out there in my opinion! and BTW Sara Michelle is NOT OLD! She's in her 30's. since when is that old? Yeah she is pregant and shouldnt be doing any pyshical ass kicing but i think its awesome they are FINALLY giving the Buffy fans what they want and hoppefully those morans working on the new buffy movie will get a clue and re-think their moranic idea and give fans what they want!

  31. 31

    I would certainly watch an animated Buffy series. I wonder if Jo Chen (the very awesome artist who does the covers for the Buffy comic) will have anything to do with it. I hope so! ^_^

  32. 32

    Old?, she`s the same fucking age as you you underfucked piece of flabby ass!

  33. 33

    yes yes yes

  34. 34

    Ok not to throw water on everyone's parade but…

    This ISNT an animated series. They are going to animate the already published/distributed comics. As in cut them up and make them move like Clutch Cargo animation (without the moving mouths, of course).

    Nobody from teh original cast is associated (as of yet) and most likely, it will suck ass. Bummer.

    I saw bring back the original cast and writers and put them on HBO—they would have a monster hit on their hands.

  35. 35

    Re: chloevela – go to hell it wont be the same as josh whedon's Idiot! I hate when non buffy fans get up on here!

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: AlexReager – you need to be in the entertainment business my friend!

  38. 38

    i so very wish!

  39. 39

    didn't they have one in the UK ??? I know they had a Watchers show. Thanks for not writing on the pic Perez I love this Joan Chen drawing.

  40. 40

    whoa, perez. youre going to have to stop right there. i like you and all but there is no reason to hate on SMG. she is awesome person and example of hardworking woman in this industry of crazies. like everyone has already said she is ONLY 32 and yeah shes pregnant, 7 yrs into her successful marriage. people should start taking pointers on how to have a happy marriage in hollywood. dont talk crap about smg, not cool.

  41. 41

    Re: dazzlingdynamiteRe: condessaRe: DivasGoneRe: Jake123Re: hansonchick1983Re: GossipGal13
    good looks on defending sarah michelle =]

  42. 42

    Not the same, but I guess it would have to do. But I and my family would only watch it if the original cast were doing the voice-overs. Don't try to fool us fans, we can tell the difference too!

  43. 43

    btw, that pic above doesnt look like my SMG, just sayin!

  44. 44

    Why can't people come up with new, innovative ideas now-a-days instead of just re-vamping (pun not intended), rebooting …etc things that already exist? I love Buffy, but I also think it's had its time.

  45. 45

    I'd watch an animated series if the cast did the voices for their characters. I'd prefer a big Buffy/Angel movie tho

  46. 46

    heck YES I will watch this. I read the comics and would love to see this as an animated series!

  47. 47

    Perez, they've been talking about this animated series for YEARS- like, Buffy was still on air when they started. They already have episodes made, but it couldn't ever get picked up.

    We Buffy fans have given up on it. We'll believe it when we see it.

  48. 48

    YAAAAY! Hope its good and has original cast voices, or very close to them. The comic is terrific, and I know they'll be able to do more crazy shiz with the cartoon as well.

  49. 49

    I love me some Buffy it was a brilliant show. But this sounds absolutely shitty. This is the definitition of beating a dead horse. After 8 seasons of the show we all fell in love with, more than 5 years later they drag out a cartoon?

    WTF. So lame.

  50. 50

    Soooo excited! Of course I'll watch it!

  51. 51

    YES! i saw shorts for it on youtube months ago!

  52. 52

    They've had an idea for this for quite a long time. There's a facebook group if anyone is interested.

  53. 53

    Hells yeahs I would watch it. I love Buffy! I read some of the comics and they were great. And dude, Sarah is not old, she looks way hotter now when she was younger. I wonder what channel will they have it on.

  54. 54

    The comic adaptation, known as the "8th Season" of the show, was graphic noveling at its best. It picked up after the demise of Sunnydale and the awakening of all Slayers around the world. It kept show-wise realistic futures for the characters (Xander the Nick Fury type commander of Slayer Central, Buffy the CEO Slayer, etc). So if the animated series can live up to the quality of artwork and storytelling, then I for certain will watch it. "The Batman" and "Batman Beyond" animated series' proved it could be done; but please no major networks. Put it on USA, Sci-fi, even Cartoon Network! The majors will just screw it up.

  55. 55

    OMG!!!! I would LOVE this!!! They have been talking about this for years! It would be great to see it…Also Perez SMG isnt OLD you dumb fuck!

  56. 56

    There is *nothing* wrong with Sarah. Take a pill, Mario.

  57. 57

    I will check it out. I miss Buffy!!!!

  58. 58

    I'd watch if they got Eliza Dushku to voice Faith.

  59. 59

    i would cry with joy…fact

  60. 60

    As if it's NOT bad enough We HAD to be subjected to Sarah Michelle Gellar's nasty ugly ass in her show, but then an animated series? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!