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R-Patz Would Be Perfect For This!

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ANOTHER remake in the works!!!!!

Warner Bros is looking to writers for a reinterpretation of the 1985 hit Teen Wolf!!!!

The original film starred Michael J. Fox as Scott, a basketball player who discovers he’s a werewolf like his father. He gains popularity, notoriety and the ability to slamdunk. The only person who missed the old Scott is long-time gal pal Boof.

We hope they change the names!

The new Teen Wolf will be set for a theatrical release.

We know it's in early development, but we can see R-Patz doing some howling!!!!!

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104 comments to “R-Patz Would Be Perfect For This!”

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  1. 1

    Well, now there's a blast from my past.

  2. 2

    No, i go for Zefron.

  3. 3

    They should put R-patz in every movie

  4. 4

    I think Taylor Lautner (although obvious) is better for Teen Wolf…

  5. 5

    lol i think robert will stick to playing humans after the 4 twilight saga movies

    always interested in seeing him rip his shirt off though………we'll get it Nov 20th when New Moon opens:)


  6. 6

    i agree with perez but maybe he should just stick with being a dazzling vamp for now ;)

  7. 7

    this is gonna suck.

  8. 8

    Teen wolf?!?!?! Ughhh another seriously disappointing waste of money…GET CREATIVE PEOPLE WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY GET PAID FOR?!??!!?!?

  9. 9

    Why would they change the names! What about Styles!

    Who will play Styles?

  10. 10

    I guess the 21st Century has NO ORIGINAL IDEAS.

  11. 11

    From Vampire to Wolf… Lol it would be fun to see Rob in a remake that was so popular in the 80's

  12. 12

    I'm so fucking drunk that I don't give a shit!!!!

  13. 13

    As much as I love Robert, I do NOT see him doing this film. Would you think he would do another film concerning a werewolf when he mastered his role as the vampire? Too much of a cliche. Robert will be smart not to sign up to do this film because by the time he is done with Twilight franchinse he will be doing better movies than a damn remake! He is way too good to do a remake of any kind! This would be a major step down for his movie career!

  14. 14

    Enough with the remakes already! Does anyone in Hollywood have an original thought?

  15. 15

    What about Zac Efron?

  16. 16

    lol i love robert but he's not very athletic. maybe zefron, since he's already typecasted in musicals with basketball.

  17. 17

    I wonder if they'll include a flashing extra at the end like the original! ;-)

  18. 18

    They have to cast Shia!!! He would be awesome.

  19. 19

    Ughh First Footloose now Teen Wolf? Can these production companies please try to stop runining my child hood memories! They were good the first time around, leave them alone and come up with an actual new idea….and don't even get me started on Karate Kid

  20. 20

    Dont know if you cant take a vampire and change it to a wolf. Though I always though Gaspard Ulliel should have been playing Edward and RPATZ proved me wrong. But can't see him as a wolf really doesnt have that wolfy look LOL.

  21. 21

    I can't see Robert in this.

  22. 22

    OMG!! RPatz would be perfect for this. But i dunno if its a good idea for him to do it.. He might get type cast and he may be too intense for Teen Wolf.

  23. 23

    ewww. rpattz no thank he's a turn off. he's not even that cute

    go Taylor!

  24. 24

    Re: OOGLE

  25. 25

    Seriously now…didnt anybody in school learn NOT to copy other poeples work?!?!?! Sooo sick of the remakes

  26. 26

    umm, i LOVE Robert Pattinson, but i cant exactly see him scorin any threes.

  27. 27

    if robs smart he'll stay away from it. no more supernatural stuff after twilight…atleast not for a few years.

  28. 28

    NOOOOOOOOOOO are you kidding me!!! no way no no no no

  29. 29


  30. 30

    NOOOO. I like Rpatz. But they shouldnt remake this.. at all!
    they'll ruin it like evry good thing

  31. 31

    i think he should never act again. bad judgment call Perez

  32. 32

    dont think he should do a movie like this, not so soon after playing a vampire for 4(5) movies. maybe shia lebouf or even chase crawford…..

  33. 33

    Good call, Mario. The pale, sickly-looking Brit for the All-American basketball player role. I can totally see Helen Mirren as his love interest, the bookish wannabe cheerleader…and maybe Will Smith's kid as his history teacher.

  34. 34

    R-PATZ would be nice like a wolf! he's hairy so he doedn't need a costume lol

  35. 35


  36. 36

    awww man!!

    i want to audition for this movie!!!! I LOVED the origional!!!!!

  37. 37

    nooooooooo wolf!!!!!!! once a vamp always a vamp

  38. 38

    This is quite possibly the WORST idea ever…. he needs cool indie movies to build his career - if he wants to be the next Johnny Depp

  39. 39

    seriously.. hollywood… COME UP WITH NEW IDEAS!! There are struggling screen writers out there.

  40. 40

    no, perez, no. you think rob can play sports? no.

  41. 41

    this looks baaaaaaaaaad. wow.

  42. 42

    R-Patz would be perfect in my pants

  43. 43

    "R-Patz would be perfect for this" - …um no. Rob needs to stay away from the teen stuff for a while. Michael J Fox = cutie.

  44. 44

    Zefron Deff, he can pull off being funny. R Patz is just smoking hot and stares sexy, that's real talk

  45. 45

    LOL I miss Teen Wolf…I've so been expecting this to be remade..and yeah I could see Rob in this role for sure..he's got that wolfie hair down pat grr. Either this or Wolverine's little bro.

  46. 46

    Hey did you hear that they're also remaking Robocop! That's gonna be legendary!!

  47. 47

    remakes are bullshit.

  48. 48

    NOOOOOO!!! Leave the classics alone! Stop ruining them all. I love the original and love MJ Fox. Wish they would give new writers opportunities with original scripts. Not just take 80's classics and remake them. Flight of the Navigator. rumours of remaking THE GOONIES!!!! STAY AWAY!!!! Grrrrrr and if they have to make it please DON'T use R-PATZ!!!!!

  49. 49

    Why do Hollywood feel they have to remake EVERYTHING!? Nobody would be as good as MJF (had a massive crush on him when I was little!).

  50. 50

    What up Fox……….. :o )
    Canadian…….. #1

  51. 51

    Not another remake…ugg…

  52. 52

    Sorry Perez, Rob would be way too old for this. It needs an American about 18 to do it (poss Taylor Lautner).

  53. 53

    r-patz?? fox looks like zaquisha!

  54. 54


  55. 55

    I friggin love Michael J Fox's work, and to ruin my past like this, is RIDICULOUS. Come on Hollywood. WTF???? Damn I'm gonna study to be a writer…..

  56. 56

    ♥♥♥ Morning Moon ♥♥♥

  57. 57


  58. 58

    i think he is a tad beyond a teen wolf remake

  59. 59

    Why?! That movie is fucking retarded! They're just trying to milk the whole teenage monster movie idea dry. It'll be JUST like Twilight.

    "Say it… say it out loud"


    Fucking idiots.

  60. 60

    no mario…..try again

  61. 61

    um Taylor Lautner is the wolf in Twilight…he'd be perfect for this role. duh.

  62. 62

    If there has ever been a star I have heard about recently, that I would wish away, it is R-Patz!!!!!! I do not get the obsession, and you Perez, are downright annoying with it.

  63. 63

    Gees I loved this movie and the remake is going to ruin it!!! I dont think that R-Patz would be good for this movie

  64. 64

    Really R.Patz for teen wolf. The fucking guy is just about 1 dimensional, Until I see him in a comedy and Laugh then I will take the kid seriously. Fuck Perez and his gay crush.

  65. 65

    *lol* at people who took this seriously

  66. 66

    He won't do it even if it's offered to him. I doubt he would want to be looked at as the actor that is best known for playing a vampire AND a werewolf.

  67. 67

    I think that Zac Efron or Michael Angarano. Rob does not look athletic enough for the role.

  68. 68

    R-Patz?? Are you kidding me? If ANYONE was perfect for this role it would Zac Efron!

  69. 69

    Yeah I think Rob will be great for this movie if he is trying to lose his fan base!!! Are you kidding me?? I shudder to think of him as teen wolf…ugh

  70. 70

    Re: Long Dong Connery
    morning hottztuff
    is my passion….♥

  71. 71

    stop making freaking remakes!! pissing me off… ruining some of my fav movies this way…. if they remake breakfast club, i might just die lol

  72. 72

    Wouldn't that be ironic?
    Playing a vampire in one movie,
    and playing a vampire's enemy, the werewolf, in another?

  73. Drea says – reply to this


    Ummmm…. NO! Try Tyler Lautner… he would be perfect for this role!!

  74. 74

    first off, the first version of this movie was bad enough…please someone make these producers stop remaking shitty movies for another generation!!! and no, pattinson would completely ruin his career if he did a shiteous moive like this!!! someone stop the madness!!

  75. 75

    Why the fuck do they keep remaking the 80s movies ? whats next the Breakfast club? The Goonies? cant they come up with their own ideas instead taking classics and ruining them.

  76. 76

    oh geez…the 1st one wasn't even all that good!

  77. 77

    jeeesus, another remake!!!?? my god, they will surely butcher this one, too.

  78. 78

    Re: kallie_1978 – lol, i agree

  79. 79

    lol rob has chest hair!

  80. 80

    Zac would be so much better at this. But can we please not resurrect this? Next Back to the Future's going to be coming back….they just have to leave these movies alone.

  81. 81

    Can they not come up with any new ideas for movies? I mean seriously…they are going to ruin this movie. Leave it alone!!!

  82. 82

    Finally something I agree with you on. He looks almost like a wolf anyway.

  83. 83


  84. 84

    1) I cannot picture Rob playing basketball, it doesn't seem like the kinda thing he'd be into doing and 2) I think he takes himself a little more seriously then sticking to teeny-bopper movies… he seems more into characters with a bit more depth and conflict. This is more of a Zac Efron kind of role…

  85. 85

    r-patz? you mean t-ballz (taylor laurent) who is sexier and actually a wolf? i can agree with that!

  86. 86

    This makes me want to punch a baby in the face. . .QUIT REMAKING AWESOME MOVIES!!!

  87. 87

    Taylor Lautner is the BEST for this movie!!!!!!! Come on he already plays a wolf!!!

  88. 88

    Rob Pattinson [no offense his fans] I hated him in Twilight and I think hell ruin this movie too :)
    I think Taylor Lautner [yummm!!] is better for this movie.

  89. 89

    Re: QuinneVengeance
    Omgg. It soo fucking is. Rob ruins EVERYYTHINGG :p

  90. 90

    Re: MR PAPI
    YEE! Someone who agreess!!

  91. 91

    Pattinson needs to stay as far away from this crap as possible.

  92. 92

    wtf is up with all these remakes of 80s & 90's movies and tv shows. & NO rpattz cannot be a freakin werewolf, he's a vamp, not a dog.

  93. 93

    God NO!!!!!!!! Rob would absolutely never do anything of the sort! UUUGGG! Can we get a resounding HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. 94

    ha ha

  95. 95

    he would be perfect hahhaaha

  96. 96

    I agree and if you look at the pics closley R-Patz is really hairy I bet once he finishes puberty he has a hairy back

  97. 97

    no it would totally be Zac Efron because he seems to have a sense of humor

  98. 98

    Who is R-PATZ ? Another generation of unattractive, no talents. ANd I do mean "unattractive".

  99. 99

    if R-Patz does this I'm NEVER going to go see this!!

  100. 100

    naw i dnt see a wolf in him, but he cud prolli pull it off

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