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| Filed under: Oops!Leighton Meester

CLICK HERE to view very NSFW images from Leighton Meester's sex tape!!!!!!!
CLICK HERE to view very NSFW images from Leighton Meester's sex tape!!!!!!!
CLICK HERE to view very NSFW images from Leighton Meester's sex tape!!!!!!!
CLICK HERE to view very NSFW images from Leighton Meester's sex tape!!!!!!!
CLICK HERE to view very NSFW images from Leighton Meester's sex tape!!!!!!!
CLICK HERE to view very NSFW images from Leighton Meester's sex tape!!!!!!!
CLICK HERE to view very NSFW images from Leighton Meester's sex tape!!!!!!!


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322 comments to “WARNING!!!!”

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  1. 201

    hahahhaha thats what she deserves
    hope now she learns now

  2. Sky says – reply to this


    poor girl!! I love her tought

  3. 203

    Wow.. she never seemed the type to me, shes had a rough life.

  4. 204

    HAH. footjob.
    what the hell.

  5. 205

    Poor poor Leighton. This is horrible.

  6. 206


    poor leighton :(

    i really love her and thought she was so sweet and nice. i don't know why people are stupid enough to do this

  7. 207

    She's a certified Hilton now, right Perez?
    Pobresita. Not.

  8. 208

    Why would anyone feel bad for her? These sex tapes comes out so often because they want them to. Don't you think that if she really wanted to keep thi under raps she would? I doubt anyone could be that stupid, it just happens much too often. They think it will boost their career because they get attention from it. Dumbasses

  9. 209

    Yeah more sex scandall… we live for that

  10. 210


  11. 211

    That sucks! Poor Leighton!!!

  12. 212

    awww U.U i totally love her like queen B :)

  13. 213

    Ummm, That's embarassing! So, so embarassing, Blair!!!!!!

  14. 214

    wow!! good!!

  15. 215

    sucks for her

  16. 216

    hahahahaha!! lmao

  17. 217

    poor girl!

  18. 218

    Now guys what do you say to leigton for the nice sex tape?

  19. 219

    Listen up upper east siders, whose latest scandle makes all previous ones look like mear blemishes on an otherwise perfect ass? Looks like our old queen B's job has jst been down graded to an F. Id' get those feet march is i were u B, this can only get worse. xoxo

  20. 220

    This is stupid and how many years r we talkin about cuz she like 23 right so how do we know if she even legal in this tape and how dumb do u have to be to know ur going to be an actor but i'm gonna do a sex tape you better be the one filming it and keeping it. Because i'm tired of these stupid ass girls crying, This is your job and u should be 2 X extra careful with your privacy. IF any thing she has herself to blame. Even if it was the boyfriend's doing. No one held a gun to your head miss beverly hills princess. but enjoy your long lasting career. your feet earned it!

  21. 221

    Re: RAE4KMA – what that doesn't excuse the fact by the time she was 18 or 19 paris's tape was out . If your an actress you should know better. I'm tired of the young and in love excuse. WE are not catering to rich White dumbies!!! this is the real world know how it works!

  22. 222

    really sad for her that this is coming out. yes, she never should have done it, but still.. just sad.

  23. 223

    Re: Long Dong Connery – But the answer's always going to be a roundhouse kick to the face.

  24. ralcu says – reply to this


    OH-My ..

  25. 225

    I cannot see the pictures for some reason..

  26. 226

    sad and stupid…

  27. 227

    SEASON 3 of Gossip Girl Spoilers.

    If you haven't seen the Youtube Spoilers.
    on Robot House Blog

  28. 228

    what a slut!!

  29. 229


  30. 230

    Re: Tassle – me either, did u figure it out?

  31. 231


  32. 232

    Does anyone wanna pay to see my sex tape???????? Shit. Didn't think so. Who the fuck is named Leigton anyway?

  33. 233

    THAT SUCKS!! celebreties have really got to learn NOT TO VIDEO THEMSELVES..it always comes out some time or the other

  34. 234

    Well I feel bad for her, but honestly look at Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. They both had sex tapes and their careers took off. I still love you Leighton!

  35. 235


  36. 236

    WE LOVE YOU LEIGHTON!!!! :) hot ass, bitches!

  37. 237

    Oh my god, another tape

  38. 238

    Great, love it!! greetings from the Netherlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 239

    what pictures??

  40. 240


  41. Catty says – reply to this


    who the hell is she?? didn't know her….until now, it goes to prove that a sex tape make you kind of a pathetically famous object.

  42. 242


  43. 243

    Pfff big deal, everybody has sex at that age. The person who sold the tape is a LOOSER. Get a life!

  44. 244

    Re: Shirke from holland – true . the person who did tht is a big looser . and fucked up . wat goes around comes around .but its too much stupidity frm this young gals . rihanna and meester . frankly i think cassie dnt give a shit

  45. 245

    who the fuck is she?

  46. 246

    Please explain to me why you guys all got so pissed at him about posting the gay sex pics of that one dude, and now you think this is hilarious… Funny how you can all call him hypocrites and then laugh at this. Pot, meet kettle…Kettle this is pot. You're both black.

  47. 247

    I always knew she was a slut.
    She was born in prison for pete's sake!
    And god, she's but ugly, her tits are tiny and her ass is huge, bad combo!

  48. 248


  49. 249

    Oh god!! Aggressive!! She is still the best at Blair though.

  50. 250


  51. 251

    OMG. Is this real? I usually dont care but I really like Leighton :”(

  52. 252

    Re: Long Dong Connery
    u have
    any zex tapez
    do tellllllllllllllllll♥

  53. 253

    a footjob! lmao

  54. 254

    Well i say the same why are stupids and tape when have sex…come on!

  55. 255

    i can't believe that's really her!

  56. 256

    Footjob lmao…I do feel kinda bad for her though, but it will probably give her fame beyond belief..

  57. 257

    Ah good old-fashioned Hollywood.

  58. 258

    i think its fake

  59. 259

    blair blair blair

  60. 260

    omfg!!! been busted!!:)XOXO

  61. 261

    aaaw, hope she recovers from this one! She looks really good tho!

  62. 262

    aww ha
    its er own fault like
    shouldnt make one then should yeh

  63. 263

    who the hell is she?????????

  64. 264

    ok, i still cant get it on my computer:(

  65. 265

    she is so done

  66. 266

    i like her!! poor girl!!!

  67. mcg97 says – reply to this


    wow i didnt expect that from her

  68. 268

    Do you know that you had a possibility to be somebody?! You just had to throw it all away for a couple of stupid minutes of sex!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE LOOKED UP TO YOU?!

    Do you know that all of America is ROOTING for you? Do you know that? And then you come here and you treat this like a JOKE??? I have never in my LIFE yelled at a person like this!! When my mother yells like this it's because she loves me! I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU…WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! HOW DARE YOU! LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS! When you go to bed at night, you lay there and take responsibility for your SELF, because nobody's going to take responsibility FOR YOU. You're rolling your eyes and you're acting like you've heard it all before. You've heard it all? Well, you have no idea where I come from! You have NO IDEA what I've been through! But I'm not a victim. I grow from it, and I LEARN. Take responsibility for YOURSELF!

  69. 269

    0 0 cool

  70. 270

    so what? it's her life, she can do whatever she wants !!!!!!

  71. yori says – reply to this


    I love Blair!!

  72. 272

    Holyfuckingshit! I can't believe this! Woooooooooow. Pretty dumb, girl. And she's my fave too! Or maybe it wasn't an "accident". Hahah! This is crazy.

  73. 273

    Gross! That is so nasty. Look how big her ass is! Are all women's asses that big? I am glad to be gay honey.

  74. 274

    BTW, who is this chick anyway?

  75. 275

    she's hot

  76. 276

    omg~ jajaja

  77. 277

    tis tis….. when will they learn????????????????????

  78. 278

    her fault, agree with perez people shouldent make sex tapes inless there the only ones with the copy!! especially celebrities

  79. 279

    poor leighton…maybe she can get some money out of it though lol

  80. lolli says – reply to this



  81. 281

    oh, leighton.

  82. 282

    She must of fucked off someone. How dumb can you get!!

  83. 283

    I saw the movie it has a happy ending

  84. 284

    Re: hamiltonyan – now i am a bigger fan

  85. 285


  86. 286

    okay maybve she shouldnt have made the sex tape….i mean its pretty avious by now that when u get famouse…it all comes out…but ppl …GET OVER IT and move on…she's human

  87. dub77 says – reply to this


    thats tight ;)

  88. 288


  89. 289

    :D she is not sexy she is very stupid hahahahha and she has very big bottom

  90. 290


  91. 291


  92. 292

    love her still..but seriously? a foot job lol thats juss weird haha

  93. 293

    i can't see any pictures ! lol

  94. 294


  95. 295

    omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg Blaire

  96. 296

    i can't see the pictures?

  97. 297

    She looks better as a brunette! :p

  98. 298

    yum, i'd like to see more of this

  99. 299

    poor pre-teens watching GG!.
    no role models these days


  100. 300

    It's dumb how when that guy who directed Milk had his pics leaked Perez posted those on the main page so no one could avoid it, but with this he actually gave us the option of avoiding it. And these pics are much less graphic.

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