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Do You Know What Today Is???

| Filed under: AustraliasticNicole Kidman

It's Nicole Kidman's birthday!

The ice queen turns 60 today, and in celebration of her natal feat day, check out THIS pHOto gallery of the Botox beauty.

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139 comments to “Do You Know What Today Is???”

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  1. 101

    umm isnt she in her 40s? your such a prick perez

  2. 102

    I know she's over 40!

  3. 103

    Re: Haagen-Dazs – Ok DO you NOT get the joke??? Perez you ROCK!

  4. 104

    OMG! 60? no way

  5. 105

    eww xcalibur… if you have such a problem with perez stop reading it you fucktard.

  6. 106

    theyre being sarcastic…why hasnt anyone figured that out and you think Perez is the idiot, seriously people ………

  7. 107

    if one more retard doesn't get that perez was being sarcastic i will peronally slay them. fucking americans. i've lost all faith in humanity.

  8. 108

    He was joking about the 60 thing you retards.

  9. 109

    It's also my birthday:D

  10. 110

    Nicoles' more like 42yrs old. lol

  11. 111

    She's beautiful. . .you only wished you looked that good!

  12. 112

    asshole .. she's 42 .. why don't you take a look in a full length mirror. It will tell you with all that fat you won't make it to 60.

  13. 113

    lmfaolmfao. she's 42, you hoe.

  14. 114

    she used to look alot nicer, in about the moulin rouge era,
    but she is a realllly nice lady, and always classy, I dunno why people hate her

  15. 115

    my bday too!!!! all beautiful ppl are born june 20th!!!! :D

  16. 116

    60 my ass! That would be crazy if she looked like that at 60.

  17. 117

    Nicole is and will always be a beauty at any age. I think its kind of sad that a woman cant get older without the scrutiny of others. Men dont have to go thru anything like this. I think George Clooney looks like hell…but for some reason no one is calling him a senior at this point. I dont get all of the botox comments either…I think she looks like a 42 year old woman, aging gracefully. She has lines and wrinkles all over her face and kneck just like anyone would. Even if she got a shot of botox to the forehead now and again, which Im not even sure that is true, who gives a shit. I probably would to if I had the money and time. Nicole has said several times that she has never had anything done to her face. I think she is telling the truth and who cares if she isnt…she has an Oscar, is one of the richest women in Australia, a husband, a family that loves her, and a new baby. It's good to be Nicole! Love you babe!

  18. 118

    Nicole sat behind me at "Reasons to Be Pretty" last Sunday in NYC. She was lovely. She and hunky Keith seemed happily chatty.

  19. 119

    Perez you are such a biatch, but some of your readers are more of a worry. Seriously people, he was being sarcastic about Nic's age.

  20. 120

    True or false: you're not a good news source at all. Uh true. This really just proves that.

  21. 121

    Try 43 Fucktard

  22. 122

    Gosh!! He's joking, please!! Don't you get it when he aint serious??

  23. 123

    Re: Puffy – Eh no - he's a COMEDIAN! Comiden = that's you!

  24. 124

    For all of you bitching about people not understanding the joke…..a GOOD joke shouldn't have to be explained or analyzed. Perez's little attempt at humor here was fucking dumb and needlessly cruel. What do you have against Nic? Is it because she has a husband, a family, a new baby, a career, and is fucking gorgeous?

  25. 125

    60 my arse!!!!!!

  26. 126

    I do not believe you Perez,60,i need to know her secret.Happy birthday,marvelous!

  27. 127

    Shes 42 not 60

  28. 128

    Happy Birthday Nicole!!

  29. Ocean says – reply to this


    I WAS also thinkign what? 60? how coem? cause so it will make tom cruise what? 64??

    i doubt so!
    or it wioll also mena that she married Tom Cruise when she was over 50… no way!

  30. Ocean says – reply to this


    well she is 42 today btu loks much older than that and if she had botox and face surgery on top oof that then its catastrophic cause she looks much over the 50..
    not good.
    She looks much older than her real age..
    i was born a few years before her and looks 20 years younger so thats weird.

  31. 131

  32. 132

    Are you sure she's only 60? Cause the nasty bitch looks at least 65. I hope her plastic face melts off when she blows out her birthday cake.

  33. 133

    When you swallow too much cum, your brain goes, Nicole Kidman is 42. You horse ass, if she was 60 than when she had her baby she would have been 59, keep swallowing, your days are number.

  34. 134

    Re: no beer makes homer -go crazy!! – Americans need help with their basic math it would seem.. two replies and you still didn't get it right… *facepalm*

  35. 135

    oh my god reading through these posts where most of you scream SHE'S NOT 60 is ridiculous. a joke joke people!

  36. 136

    Re: blondybear – Ummm.. 12 years? I think you need to go back to math class to. 60-42=???? I assure you it is not 12!

  37. 137

    I'm pretty sure this was the most annoying batch of comments I have ever read. People don't get it, can't add, and really question if she's 60 or not. If I have to read "She's not 60, She's 42" one more time, I'm gonna go postal!

  38. 138

    A) He knows she isn't 60, he's just being nasty.
    B) Nicole is a class act. She is our day's Grace Kelly (with the exception of some role choices! :-) .)
    C) Nicole is gorgeous, seems very down to earth, and is VERY SHY, like Grace Kelly, who was also rudely referred to as an Ice Queen.

    Total girl-crush worthy! Happy B-Day Nicole! A wonderful actress!

  39. 139

    You're really struggling for insults, Perez. Nicole's gorgous and you are so very very sad.

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