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Jordan: Resurrected

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Is she trying to get her kids taken away????

Katie Price is no more; the last few days have seen the return of Jordan in full force!

The freshly-single mother of three has spent the last week getting her rocks off in Ibiza, and Saturday night was no exception.

The former glamor model pAArtied the night away at Boho nightclub in a gold lamé onesie, looking like the hot mess of the century.

Remember: you're 31, not 21!

[Image via Alex Broadway/WENN.]

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175 comments to “Jordan: Resurrected”

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  1. 101

    She really is pretty. She was HOT a few days ago. but she's out of control now! i think it's finally suck in to her that peter left her and now she's going crazy. katie stop acting like a fool!

  2. 102

    lol…she looks like a cardboard cutout in the second pic

  3. 103

    Oh gosh. I would be embarrassed to call her my mother.

  4. 104

    like i said before: i think this isn't the real katie price but a doll, a so called "real doll". specially on the 2nd pic it looks like a doll because

    - it has to be hold
    - it has no mimics
    - it doesn't look like skin but like silicon
    - the head is somehow "flat" like a head of a person of flesh and blood wouldn't be

    there are "real dolls" produced which look like celebrities.

    i think someone has played a joke on katie price. what the pics show isn't a human being imo.

  5. 105


  6. 106

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  7. 107

    aaaaaaaactually spent 3 minutes trying to figure out if the top picture was photoshopped or not…her head is FUCKIN huge what the hellllllllllllllllllllll her head looks like a balloon :|

  8. 108

    seriously that first picture is horrifying! I mean I know it's somehow distorted but I truly thought that was a blowup doll of a transvestite. How can anyone find those fake boobs attractive?

  9. 109

    Re: IamCanadian
    i googled. it is her, not a doll.

    there are dolls called "real doll" which are fabricated in a more sophisticated way than blowup dolls. this is how the pics look like. that she's laying back in the arms of this dude (can't stand on her own) and her artificial looks made me REALLY think it's a doll.

  10. 110

    She looks old wow! she kinda looks like pamela anderson all Eff up!

  11. 111

    what a classy tranny!

  12. 112

    Why is Phil Collins with her in the first pic? I thought he was dead.

  13. 113

    That's so weird…it looks like someone is carrying a fake person, like a mannequin or a wax person or something…weird.

  14. 114

    On second look they are weird because I think the head is Photoshopped on the body. The size is disproportionate.

  15. 115

    What a skank!

  16. 116

    she looks like a blow-up doll!

  17. 117

    why is she even famous again? English people are idiots

  18. 118

    she looks like a BLOW UP DOLL!! how disgusting!!!

  19. 119

    What an embarrassment… who dresses like that despite age?! You're not "truly hot" if you paid for more than half of it, babe.

  20. 120

    OK, she's hideous, but you've messed with the original photos from the British tabs (these are all over the Daily Mail/Sun) to make them look distorted. Even Katie/Jordan doesn't look this weird. And I can't believe I even care about any of this. ;-)

  21. 121

    Re: Apt. 54
    Believe it or not, the world is much bigger than the bloody U.S. of Assholes. This is the WWW (World Wide Web moron) so this site is read by more than just you Yanks.

  22. 122

    Did I see a cameltoe?

  23. 123

    the camel toe really brings class to the outfit. bravo.

  24. 124

    First of all: who the fuck is this bitch and why should I give a shit about her? And second.. CAMEL TOE!

  25. 125

    Ok, can you say "camel toe"? Jeez, she really needs to do something with her hott mess self. We should all pray for her!! hahahha God is the only thing that can help her now. (I'm not even religious)

  26. 126

    is that spurm in her mouth?

  27. 127

    eww camel toe lamme tranny trash! whatsup with this bitch and her split ass personality? she cant be katie plastic tits one day and jordan jizz guzzler the next…if britty loses her kids for shaving her head, this drunk ass can lose more than just her kids…her public interest is dead!

  28. 128

    She looks like a big tranny pinata.

  29. 129

    Ew! She looks like plastic hooker barbie. Scary!

  30. 130

    where did she buy that dress? she is horrible and sheis only 31 years old? looks like 45, and her make up? she did it drunk

  31. 131

    what an attention whore.

  32. 132

    She could be a beautiful woman if she wasn't so trashy. She is getting pretty tranny looking….the only way you can tell she's not is by those lovely shorts she's wearing. Ick!

  33. 133

    If Britney did this then everyone would want to take the kids away…………………………………………………………….

  34. 134

    yep, everyone loves a CAMEL TOE!! ewwww go home and think about your children lady..no one wants to see ur snatch!! LOL

  35. 135

    Re: Miz_Cullen – I'd take it.

  36. 136

    has she been raiding Bruno's wardrobe??

  37. 137

    I am sad, Katie and Peter seemed so well matched and happy together.
    Dont be too harsh on her, she is a hard worker and has been a devoted mother up till now

  38. 138




  39. 139

    imagine your neighbour instead of Jordy in these pics. Nobody would say anything about taking away their kids, just gossip that "she's just a biatz, drank twice in her holiday and oh, The husband is such a good person!"
    I consider this kind of partying quite normal and I watch pics of Jordy much rather than my neighbours…

  40. 140

    I don't understand why you make silly comments like 'Is she trying to get her kids taken away from her?' I have recently seen you on Katie's show where you were acting like best friends?! Don't you think you should be showing her a little support?

  41. 141

    what a fuckin munter.

  42. 142

    something is wrong with those pictures…….

  43. 143

    I hope Peter gets the kids, I liked her after she was on I'm a celebrity……. But now she is 'back' as Jordan (was Jordan ever really 'away'?) she is a cheap tart. Thank God the kids have a great parent in Peter.

  44. 144

    i dont think anyone can really judge her for what she seems to be doing, all that she has known for the past like 5 years is being a family and having pete there, and now its all gone. None of us can really say what she is doing is bad as we dont know how we would react if this happend to us. I hope the best for her as she is such a strong woman, if she's having a melt down let her she needs time to come to terms with it. What she's doing may be wrong but she's having a hard time. She isnt a trashy bitch, skank or a drag queen, she has made a fortune from how she started out and branched that out by having products etc she'll be back to Katie price just you wait, and in the mean time lay off her she needs time to let loose. I mean the picture of her is bad and she is wasted but look through anyones albums when they've been on a nightout we all look wrecked and probs just as worse as her but really who are we to judge?

  45. 145

    ok so she has gone a bit wild after her split with pete but com on think abotu it… when you split with the love of your life dont you want to try and have some fun to forget about your heartache. i say leave her alone let her get it out of her system she isnt a dilly woman she will come bouncing back.. all i can say is have some fun girl you deserve it :)

  46. 146

    Do a lot of celebs not realize that wearing a lot of make-up all the time only ages your face. It isn't attractive whatsoever and when you are 30 you end up looking like your 40! Isn't this something that is common knowledge?
    This person {I call her this because I have no idea who she is and why she is famous, I assume for being a whore… à la Paris Hilton} remind me of Janice Dickinson.

  47. 147

    Re: Apt. 54
    Ah, but fortunately for us in the UK!!! If you think she is trash you should see the slag that is Jodie Marsh…… Now she is a total skank!

  48. 148

    Once a slag, always a slag

  49. 149

    Now, I'm not her biggest fan, and yes she does look an absolute state here, but why are people saying her kids should be taken away???
    They are not with her, they are on holiday with their dad. It's not like they are witnessing her drunk and trashy. At home with her children she has always seemed a good mum who wants the best for her kids, and won 'mum of the year' in the UK.
    Personally I think she is struggling to cope with being 'dumped' by her husband, and this is how she is dealing with it. Being drunk means she dosn't have to think about reality. It may not be right, but who are we to judge how she copes?

  50. 150

    Brit slut??? exsuse me……… Harsh words there

    I think she has gone a little OTT but she is on holiday i surpose and im sure every1's holiday pictures from a place like Ibiza,Malia etc are quite simular. I speek on behalf of myself!! lol

  51. 151

    What an UGLY WHORE OUTFIT!!!!! Ewwwwww!!!!!!! Everybody with decency will never have dare to wear that shit for clubbing. So put some clothes on bitch!!!!!!!!

  52. kugar says – reply to this


    Doesn't that dumb f$*k know where she is in the first picture? She has the Iza written in magick marker on her leg and a fake tat on her arm. go back to the mother land bitch

  53. 153

    she's a dirty fucking hoe - everyone in England hates this bitch now. hope she never comes back. TEAM ANDRE =)

  54. 154

    *supercallafragilisticexpi-cameltosis* why does her head look so big?

  55. 155

    damn BOOBIES!! She looks like a wax figure with all that damn make-up on!

  56. 156

    Camel Toe Tranny Looks Like A Granny!

  57. 157

    seriously, i don't get it. "hey mr surgeon man, i want surgery to make myself look like a tranny. i want my lips to look like how my toes do when they've soaked in the bath for too long." wtf?? i've never seen a nice result when someone has had their lips done!

    and perez, you're a twat. you sit there on katie and peter's tv show chatting away to katie like she's your ~bfffl 4 life!!!~ and what the fuck was up with acting like peter was some mouldy sandwich or something? it was embarrassing to watch! were you afraid of him or something? you're a 2 faced loser with a pathetic excuse for a job and no one likes you. that katie and peter episode was enough to make anyone automatically hate you.

  58. 158

    is it a doll???

  59. 159

    HA deleted my comment how pathetic

  60. 160

    Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield …

    any how…she looks a Lot like Janice Dickison (just a "little" younger then Janice (maybe because of plastic surgery).
    She's just locked into the party and it's about Me lifestyle).
    I wouldn't let just any man touch me.
    I like natural things and her breasts look gross and obvious.
    Can someone please just get her and Janice D. a therapist?
    lol…but seriously.

  61. 161

    Her eyes are going in two different directions and are icy green…does anyone really think this woman is human?? Her drinking also explains her daughters FAS look.

  62. 162

    Didn't Bruno wear that outfit first?

  63. 163

    She has her children to look after…shes just being stupid now

    I really dont care for her anymore…she needs to get a grip :0

  64. 164

    I know this is perhaps her way of "dealing" with the split, but c'mon Katie what you doing?? Get a grip…you know you want Pete back and deep down he wants you…don't make him think he has made the right decision by acting this way.

  65. 165

    truly sad

  66. 166

    1. she has a camel toe.
    2. shes fucking 31? thats disgusting. go home to your kides goddamnit.

  67. 167

    She looks like a tranny.

  68. 168

    she looks like a mutant

  69. 169

    Who and the hell wears a get up like that? WTF!!!

  70. 170

    2 words - HOT MESS.
    but look at her "body guards"
    BROWN LOAFERS?! in ibiza? Really?
    Jordan looks overdressesd!

  71. 171

    what i dont understand about all you people commenting this is that you automatically assume that because a mother of three children is pictured drunk that she is therefore an unfit mother. this argument has no depth as many mums have been drunk in their lives.

    secondly, behind what is shown in this picture is a woman who is strong minded and willed and has brought up three children, one of which is severely disabled and she was done an amazing job, not asking for self pity or giving up. this shows any court, and any one who is heartless enough to say she cannot bring up children that she most certainly can.

    its all to easy to see a picture on here and automatically conceive a false opinion.

  72. auds says – reply to this


    that has got to be one of the most un-sexy outfits ever. she is so trashy and ugly! who IS this hoe-bag?

  73. 173

    She must be really missing her ex to stoop to such a horrid level - she looks absolutely ridcioulous and no dear your man is not going to want to come back to you now after seeing that pic - you look like damaged goods and/or one creepy looking blow up porn doll - get help and fast!

  74. 174

    OMG It's a FIRST! Jordan with her legs closed!!

  75. 175

    Camel-toe slut.

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