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Keep It Covered!

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Miz Paris Hilton committed the ultimate major fashion faux pas over the weekend!

No, no, no, she didn't wear denim on denim or mix and match plaids and stripes…

The innocently-oblivious heiress wore a bikini for a photo shoot while shooting My New BFF in Dubai!

"Paris had made a big public speech, saying how much she loved the Middle East and respected its culture. But the following day she was prancing around on the beach in her bikini and posing provocatively," an insider dished to the media.

Cover it up, P!


Especially because "bosses warned her Western tourists have been jailed for flouting the rules." Even TV producers had banned her from wearing a bikini while in Dubai to respect the customs of the country's people.

We don't want to see you back behind bars!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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125 comments to “Keep It Covered!”

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  1. 1

    that's such bull!!! i've been to dubai a few times in the summer and practically spent my whole time there in a bikini. noone says anything.

  2. 2

    Paris Hilton
    required to wear
    a burka at all times.
    Even back in the USA.

  3. 3

    haha. at least she Dorothy Lamour'ed that bikini. :D

  4. 4

    wait till the center for disease control finds out about this!

  5. 5

    paris be careful you know dont noby like america anymore….Ha! really tho i heart her so she needs to cover up!!

  6. 6

    wow, that kinda funnnny she should have worn a BURKINI :]
    and wtfff is she doing shooting my BFF IN dubai ? that's crazy paris.

  7. 7

    That poor girl is not to bright, is she???

  8. 8

    Paris, you look like a boy. No wonder you always have that arched-back stance. Trying to give the appearance of looking even remotely girlish? It tain't working.

  9. DALE says – reply to this


    Kelly clarkson was just on muchmusic and said she wants to send will i am's manager flowers for punching hilton's fat face, and said that she doesn't think he's very nice and that she's been punched before and didn't make a video crying about it. BURN.

  10. EricT says – reply to this


    Did you just call Paris Hilton "huge"?! She doesn't look quite as skeletal as usually, bot for a confirmed fat-ass to call that skinny little girl "huge" — it simply boggles the mind.

  11. 11

    She doesnt' even have nice boobs!

  12. 12

    Dubai is hardly Saudi, you're allowed to wear a bikini on the beach, she is breaking no rules… ignorance peolpe!!!!!

  13. 13

    I've actually been to Dubai and you would be surprised how some of the Emirati women dress on the beach. Most beaches have days scheduled for women only, and that's where you see the locals at the beach in their skimpy outfits…but then when it's time to leave they slip back into their abayas. However, at these women-only beaches cameras are not allowed. So that's where the problem might be.

  14. 14

    she looks like a man here

  15. 15

    Wow–I cant imagine living somewhere that dictates what you can and can't wear.

    Dubai sounds like a lovely place, if you don't mind being a slave to a fascist religion…

  16. 16

    like she has ever had ANY respect 4 ANYTHING!!!

  17. 17

    I lived in Dubai for 7 years. Was on the beach every weekend in a bikini and so was everyone else. There are no rules against it in Dubai. It's probably the airhead behavior that shocked people.

  18. 18

    To bad they didn't make the hook nose wonder wear a burka.

  19. 19

    I wanna see her suck off a camel.

  20. 20

    I lived in Dubai for 7 years. Was on the beach every weekend and so was everyone else. There are no rules against it. It must be the airhead behavior that shocked people.

  21. 21

    CRaig Ferguson I SAY!

    I don't know why, but he made her giggle like I've never heard Paris Hilton giggle before.

    I actually LIKED her for a few seconds. So I won't comment on this picture… Any more then I already have.

    Ferguson is SEXY. . . . . .

  22. 22

    i do

  23. 23

    OH PLEASE let her cover up that STD infected puss..yuck. She is so gross, a dirty skanky whore, her puss must be the size of a football. I dont know any man finds her remotely attractive.

  24. 24

    Re: lindsaynicolex3 – Hahaha!

  25. 25

    Dubai is AWESOME! And if you want to frolic the beach in a bikini, you can. You would be surprised how much the country caters to its tourists.

  26. 26

    hot bod…except for the mannish shoulders :P

  27. 27

    to the people saying "boo-boo-boo i dressed like a whore in Dubai and no one arrested me" –

    it's not only about getting physically reprimanded, it's about respect. esp after Paris made a point saying how she respects mid east culture, and her producers told her not to wear a bikini. Is it REALLY that hard to dress yourself? maybe people won't SAY anything to you but it's clear what message you send and how they see you (and Americans).

  28. pasey says – reply to this


    Only a gaybo would ask Paris Hilton to cover up! Interesting how you attack the person who you try to be like so much though hahaha

  29. 29

    Ummm…I went to Dubai on vacation last year and lived in my bikini. Everyone was in a bikini on the beach.

  30. 30

    dude everyone wears bikinis in dubai! it's not saudi arabia!

  31. 31

    Here is to hoping that she fucks some Arabs!

  32. 32

    Re: WhitneyMyLove – @ #15 - What you've said is just wrong.
    People can disagree, without posing that as a solution. Are you mad? Look within.

  33. 33

    lol what an idiot!

  34. 34

    PEREZ you are very mistaken stupid diva! Dubai, for your info, is the most westernized area in the middle east, and could it be….. YES!!! Plenty of women prance around naked on Jumeirah beach (were the pics where taken) and nobody gives a shit. OH and another thing you fucking twat… there is the Jumerah Beach Park which has partial nudity for women on certain days. YES THAT'S in the MIDDLE EAST you fucking uneducated fucktard!

  35. 35

    Come on! She is Princess P and rules don't apply to her. Rules are to keep the riff-raff in line and NOT for royalty. Ha!

  36. 36

    Perez, you're showing off your 'Mericaaan ignorance of the rest of the world. Good news, you can plan on wearing your bikini the next time (first time) you go.

    - Dubai is the "Hawaii" of Europe - major tourist destination that counts on EU tourist bucks
    - there are no compounds, bikinis are routinely worn on beaches
    - the 'flouting of rules' that will get you in trouble over there have nothing to do with dress styles or modesty - they have to do with drugs and alcohol - boxes, tshirts with alcohol logos or references and/or indiscreet drinking are considered very disrespectful and could get you in trouble

  37. 37

    I would dance and be merry, life would be a ding-a-derry,
    If I only had a brain.That's her favorite song

  38. 38

    Grow a pair of tits, bitch.

  39. 39

    perez i expect you to get your facts straight!! dubai is one of the most metropolitan cities in the world! even the arabs 'prance around beaches' in bikinis! cut it off.. she wont have her hear severed off for wearing a bikini =/ yes i do agree she shouldve respected the arab culture but having grown up in dubai let me just say this.. ITS NOT FUCKING BIG DEAL! the arab world doesnt need this shit!!!

  40. kugar says – reply to this


    Unbelievable she has no tits.

  41. 41


  42. Eddie says – reply to this


    will i am laid you OUT

  43. 43

    Re: Lickme – Your mean the Hawaii of the Middle East - specifically the GCC area. Right?! ;)

  44. 44

    she'll say she didnt know the customs…
    just like she didnt realize her license was suspended

  45. 45

    Perez Dubai is "freeier" than u think

  46. 46

    I've been living in Dubai for a very long time now.
    People are allowed to wear bikinis when their at the beach or a swimming pool, but their not allowed to wear thongs or see-through bathing suits.
    She won't be going to jail anytime soon, Perez! Don't keep your hopes up high.

  47. 47

    Dubai is not like the rest of the place. They are pretty relaxed there. Too bad… Would love to watch Paris whine and cry in a prison cell again. Remember when she hung on her mom's neck and just wailed? That was sooo much fun to watch!!!! The whole Hilton clan thought it was so unfair for their "princess" to be treated badly… booohooohooo…

  48. 48

    god piggy do some fucking research. or can not see out of that torn up eye. you are so fucking lazy.

  49. 49

    Re: Lickme – Dubai isn't in Europe….

  50. 50

    You need to get punched by everyone in Dubai for lying about their country. Just because there are women there that wear burqas and hijabs doesn't mean that it is required… or that bikinis are not allowed. God, you are fucking ignorant about the rest of the world. I hope NOH8 gets rid of your ass and I hope you get sued for slander, you jerk.

  51. 51

    Re: Eddie – his video was the funniest 11 minutes ever. if mario had a band it would be called captain wah wah and the cry me a rivers

  52. 52

    Re: EricT – wow…you clearly don't know what you're talking about. Paris's new word is "huge", just like how she used to say "that's hot"…she calls everything "huge" now. Perez isn't calling anyone huge….don't get your panties in a bunch.

  53. 53

    Good for her.

  54. 54

    Re: RedWingsFan – That was pretty damn funny!

  55. 55

    We could only WISH someone would arrest and jail Paris in another country. Lewd public display of flesh, drugs in a teddy bear, ANYTHING that would get her out of OUR country for a prolonged period of time….PLEASE>

  56. 56

    IGNORANCEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. You can wear bikinis in Dubai.

  57. 57

    Although I personally dislike paris on the best of days fare is fare. I live in Dubai and we are more open and free than a lot of people living abroad realise. A bit of research does go a long way. Dubai is the "Manhattan" of the Middle East and has more to offer than you sometimes expect but it is what it is and Paris certainly didn't break any rules. Drinking, cursing and lude behaviour publicly displayed are what get people in trouble and she certainly has done a good job of keeping herself in check while here I have to admit. So good luck to her and her new BFF. THAT will be something to watch.

  58. 58

    Just how DUMB some people on her are! Just because you "can "wear bikinis in Muslim countries, you simply do NOT do it! IT s a matter of RESPECT, you know!? Ah…am I really asking an AMERICAN for respect?

    Of course, no one there "says" anything when you dress like that as a tourist, cause they need your money, but HOW IGNORANT can you be to think that Dubai residents okay this in their mind????

    I m atheist and have no religion at all, but I would ALWAYS respect the customs in a country I visit! I would NOT cover up my face or hair but I d of course cover up my arms and body there - not cause they FORCE me to do but out of respect to theri customs there!

    (unfortunately most Muslim immigrants to Germany in turn do NOT respect the Western culture/customs and STARE primitively at women in skirts or even MOLEST them verbally or sexually! But maybe that s because just the uneducated SCUM of the Arab world moves to Europe as immigrant…

  59. 59

    Re: Queen mab

    Don t be so SELFISH - nobody abroad wants her! *G*

  60. 60

    Whatever, let her get caught and get arrested. People like her get on my nerves. They think they can get away with anything because they're: American, rich, white, good body, attractive (to some)….take your pick. Although I have to admit I'd love to have her small boobs for a day. (Big boobs are not all they're made out to be).

  61. 61

    She should colver up, especially that fly trap between her legs.

  62. epic says – reply to this


    Re: Sprite00Re: l0veladygagaRe: gravytootRe: kugar – i can't stand her, and i think she's rather average oder under average - but i have to grant her that she hasn't had a surgery, whether nose nor tits. and to me she looks great on the pic. but i'm european so that may be the difference - i can't stand silicone breasts - they look worse than small tits.

  63. 63

    PLEASE! Dubai is my home. Women used to go topless 15 years ago..
    Dubai is not Saudi. You can wear bikinis. There are closed off areas for Muslim women.. The only thing you have to worry about is Pakistani men staring at you the whole time!

  64. 64

    It's ok in some parts of Dubai to wear a bikini, get with it.

  65. 65

    She has ZERO TITS ! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech !

  66. 66

    ughhh thats gay, she should be able to wear a bikini as long as shes not butt naked!

  67. 67

    Dear Duckie, calm down. If you are like the rest of us that vacation there and you spend four grand per person to go visit, you wear whatever you want.

  68. 68

    Wearing one on the beach is acceptable, but I'm sure she wore her's all around town and out to dinner. Oh Paris, you dipshit.

  69. 69

    Somehow I get the feeling that we need to send WillIAm to take care of this situation…
    She can have all the money and the world but her lack of education is as big as her sacks of cocaine.

  70. 70

    Come on Perez. Don't make silly comments about Dubai. I have lived here for the last 2 and a half years and I go to the beach all the time. Women wear bikinis to the beach in Dubai. The only thing which is "Verbotten" on the beach is sex. That's what happened to the drunk Brit couple who were blasted and decided to have sex on the beach. No, no, no. Anyway, sex on the beach is accepted only in the bars around the world as a name of a drink, otherwise people would be arrested in every country if they decided to have sex on the beach. Anyway, Paris Hilton is a star in Dubai. She has been on the cover of every magazine and newspaper, looking beautiful in Arab dresses and acting very maturely.
    (previously from Los Angeles)

  71. jeff says – reply to this


    she needs a boob job

  72. AMO says – reply to this


    We would actually LOVE it if she were behind bars again. For longer than 82 minutes this time though.

  73. 73

    i love her necklace! and her shades! but i thought teeny tiny bikini tops would make the chest look bigger. hers look oh so flat.

  74. 74

    she needs 4 burgers 2 for her hips n 1 for each breast…

  75. 75

    No one is going to comment on how she is already filming her 3rd season of find a new best friend show when the second season just started. I guess this winner this season is just a BFFFN: best friend forever FOR NOW!

  76. 76

    Prostitutes in Dubai wear blue jeans… Yeah, funny I know that.

  77. 77

    She is so effin dumb she prolly has no idea what she means by respecting the culture.

  78. 78

    where the helll did her fake tits go??

  79. 79

    that is such bullshit. i lived in dubai for five years, went to the beach in my bikini practically every day and not once has anyone gotten in shit for it. learn your facts you snorlax

  80. RubyM says – reply to this


    As much as this story is bs and I don't even like Paris, what about those people that come to Western countries and don't respect OUR traditions? If we can't wear bikinis over there, they shouldn't be allowed to cover up their whole body except their eyes over here. Hypocrits!

  81. 81

    Re: SexyScorpio..NYC.. – LOLOL ~ u know this biatch has had a (or multiple) labia lifts!!! LOLOL

  82. 82

    She looks great!

  83. 83

    Complete bull. Everyone wears a bikini to the beach here. The only people who got in trouble were those who had sex on the beach! She can wear a bikini!

  84. 84

    how come sometimes shes flat and sometimes she has boobs? oh yeah push up bras…ha

  85. 85

    she looks better here than in recent Paris' utfits…she is inclined to look a bit too old and a bit of pre-ghost-like these days, becaue of being far too skinny for her age!!!! and too much make-ups of course…she should persue a more of classy and dutchess ways to have a look!!!!! She should try to look better more in natural ways like this….but of couse not in Dubai…

  86. 86

    who cares what paris does. lets keep her out of the news just like spencer and heidi.

  87. 87

    Women wear bikinis on the beach there all the time dumb ass. If she was just on the beach and not being lewd, its OK. You're a fucking moron.

  88. 88

    Whoever this "insider" is must be a real idiot. I have lived in Dubai for 12 years now and the places where you can where whatever you want are beaches, clubs, bars, hotels, parks, etc. You just can't dress indecent in malls, restaurants, roads, etc.
    I respect the culture and just because I do doesn't mean I don't wear shorts, bikinis, tube tops, etc.
    Dubai really isn't that strict and they won't arrest her for that. If she had sex on the beach then that is a different story.

  89. 89

    perez is a liar and hypocrite, leave this place perez. you no longer belong

  90. 90

    FYI: Islamic Law is NOT ENFORCED in Dubai On visitors. Western Culture is permitted.

  91. 91

    FYI: Islamic Law is NOT ENFORCED upon visitors in Dubai. Western Culture is permitted, But maybe not in all of the UAE. FOR SURE NOT IN SAUDI ARABIA.

  92. zaina says – reply to this


    This is so retarded. You can wear bikinis in most places in the Middle East, its not against the law. Could you be more ignorant?

  93. 93

    She is an idiot. Nothing new…

  94. 94

    Okay so I'm Muslim and I can say that we can and we wear bikinis if we want to, there's no such thing as "not allowed" or "you'll get into jail for not dressing properly", actually here in Egypt, you'll find most of the girls on the beach in bikini's, heck some of them are often half nude! But seriously, everyone's free to do whatever they want, and not all muslims wear burkas, I don't and I've never been to jail so yeah… get your facts straight first.

  95. 95

    That is bull!! I have lived in the middle east all my life and everyone wears bikinis etc….that are revealing and show skin, and no one ever said anything,and i never went to jail, yes they do look but where in the world do men not look?????!!!

  96. 96

    I'd love to see Mario behind bars.

  97. 97

    perez ur just another fat under educated amercian!

    in case u didn't know dubai is more modern than america, ppl wear bikinis all the time..

    wear shorts wear what ever u want!

    dubai is open minded of which u have just shown us u r not!

    maybe in 20 years america will catch up to our standards..

    till then celebrities will keep on coming to dubai ad stateing how amazing this city is!

    as paris said ” Dubai is way more classier than las vegas”

    ciao ciao peasent

  98. 98

    I cant stand her, she is just FAKE

  99. 99

    I love Paris :(

    Shes hott, leave her !

  100. 100

    for those ignorant people out there, dubai (where i live) is a tourist hub for its beaches, hotels and night clubs. there is nothing wrong with what Paris is wearing. 80% of the UAE's population are expats.

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