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My Statement

| Filed under: Personally Perez

The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 901

    Why are yall on this site when you dont even like perez!
    I believe you perez, and FUCK will.i.am

  2. 902

    The Black Eyed Peas suck! Will.i.am a Douche Sucks! How dare they let their handlers carryon like that in my city??…save that shit for the ghetto where they came from! The streets of Toronto are not a zoo for them to be acting like animals…good for u for voicing an opinion…again…just be classy about it homie…more ppl will hear you that way…

  3. 903

    And who the fuck do you think you are, that you think you have the right to dis the BEP new Album…who gives a fuck what you think. Your an upstart lil drama queen….with all the money you make from spinning shit why dont you get a decent fucking hair cut, and a god damn nose job! my god! and you called fergie fugly…have a look in the mirror you ugly twot!

  4. 904

    Keep your chin up, Mario. You have way more lovers than haters! I'm sorry this happened to you. Maybe you should hire a bodyguard.

  5. 905

    Perez, when you talk sh!t about people for a living, you kind of have to expect this to happen.

  6. 906

    Well the clear sentiment is that you desserved what happend to you. But on the other hand I dont think whom ever needed to assault you, unless you posed a physical threat, you dont strike me as much of a threat to anything except dignity.

    I enjoy your blog, and I hope you get well, but I think you should give up on this paticular story, if you be a dick long enough someone will hit you, I may not agree with violence and wish you a swift recovery, but maybe on some level this should be a wake up call for you.

    Besides dont do the fame whore thing just stick to covering people, and please enough with the gaga groupie stuff, at some point someone will probably punch you for that too, it gets real annoying.

    But in all seriousness, sorry you got your ass kicked, hope you get better soon, keep up the great blog.


  7. 907

    oh btw, say fuck, professional, and cry 30% more in your next video when someone beats your ass

  8. 908

    Perez baby, I am so sorry this happend to you!!!
    you are a human being and like such, should not be treated in
    a violent manner. I hope you stay strong && move on from them haters cause in the end… that's all they are!!! It is a SHAME how the police didn't come to your aide when you asked for them. That's why I dont really care for them as much, but anyhoo =) We are your biggest fans and hope that you can overcome this atrocity and be the great person that you are!!!!!!
    stay up baby!!! && WE'RE WITH YOU 200%

  9. 909

    Words hurt more than punches sometimes..

  10. 910

    Maybe this will teach you a lesson for talking trash about everybody. Stay out of the kitchen if you can't handle the heat!

  11. 911

    Re: homeboi – man…very amazingly put.

  12. 912

    I'm sure your big head was just in the way when the guy just happened to raise his hand in the direction you were popping off at the mouth. Mere coincidence, unfortunately.

  13. 913

    my heart goes out to you mario …. seriously goes out to you ….. i would have called the police for you … i can't go over the amount of people that think it was ok for will whoever to do that to you …. sure you get up peoples asses …. but thats what got you this all powerful website in the first place ….. you're an amazing person … and you don't need to do what others need to do to make something happen for themselves ………. obviously people just can't take criticism …. don't let it stop you though mario …. stay strong …. im thinking of you .. and i will keep you close in thought…. you are wonderful … and i love ya to bits …. and fuck the rest of the lot that think their shit doesn't stink .. and fergie is FUGLY !

  14. 914

    Yeah.. FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!! Thats bullshit.. Its okay Perez for every person who doesn't like you there are 5 more that love you.. :D
    Some people are stupid, irresponsible, shits who really have nothing better to do with their poor unfortunate excuses for a life, thats why they lash out on the people who are BETTER then them.. They are intimidated by you, you definatly have the upper hand here Perez… SO FUCK THEM!!!!!

  15. 915

    Claiming to write about others problems/drama while not wanting any yourself didn't come off so well so I quit it there. A few other things didn't set well either but I understand why you're mad/upset. That said, what you do for a living has consequenses. You basically piss people off for a living and you never expected this? I can't believe it took this long really. And violence can be warranted in some circumstances, but not here, this is trivial at best. But you still should have expected it. You should always expect it. You can cost these people money Perez. Lots of it. They may not react so well all the time. Watch yourself and pay a bit more attention and if legal authorities go after it, so be it. I doubt they will though.

  16. 916

    Nobody deserves to get their ass kicked as much as this piece of shit. Give me a fucking break… You talk shit about someone, they knock you a good one. Thats life. This guys acting like they murdered his kids. dude, you got knocked out for talking shit about someone… to 10 million people no less… FUCKING DEAL WITH IT

    Let the Toronto police deal with real crime you fucking loser

  17. 917

    I'm not always a fan of Perez because I disagree with many things he says and makes the obvious jokes. Whenever he makes those silly jokes about Madonna "purchasing" her children it pisses me off. However..I feel really sorry for him and from the first second I watched it until the last I saw that what he said is the truth, he seems very honest - what's the point in lying about that anyway, he has enough publicity and readers, he has a lot of money and fame now, I don't see the point in lying about this in order to gain a few more visitors. In fact, he's showing us how he really feels and showing his vulnerability to millions of viewers. He knows he could be laughed and mocked for it, that alone is proof enough to me, and should be to anyone. So I believe him. 100%.

    Wil.i.am: where is the love?
    ps. his website seems to be "down for maintenance" - right.

  18. 918

    Keep your head up….hope your doing better!!!

  19. 919

    oh perez - i agree - violence is never the answer and will.i.am is def a coward - he should have did it himself if it was to be done. fuck them - love u PEREZZZZZ!

  20. 920

    perez, i disagree with you at times cos some of the things you post here and there are just plain mean spirited.


    i do agree with you, violence solves nothing. and will.i.am's crew did not have the right to hit you.

    so please bring the black eyed peas down. i'm supporting you mainly cause their songs get old FAST. and its nothing but fluff, the actual lyrics generally suck.

  21. 921

    i forgot… i so hope you're okay…. BUT, you're worried about reminding fergie of how fugly (i'm certainly not disputing that) she is…while hanging out with gag gag? you've gotta keep it real, regardless of your personal interests, or better yet, agenda. i notice BEP was #1 on seacrest's site today & ga ga was #2. but, i'm just sayin. & yes,,,, they were so wrong to put their hands on you… i hope he has to do some terrible community service, or at least a rough day or two locked up.

  22. 922

    Re: Disturbed – uhhh cool it bitch. if u watched the vid…. you would hear him say the manager hit him… not will.i.am, kay?

  23. 923

    Someones lying, simple as that.
    Either way, iolence is NEVER the answer!!

  24. 924

    I have created an account on this site today just to leave this message. For five years you have said terrible terrible things about real people. Verbal and written violence is not the answer, nor is physical violence. After five years of this you encounter a mildly violent situation. That is karma and luck rolled into one! You still have a chance to do something positive with your life. Let it be…let it go.

  25. 925

    I'm never buying a Black Eyed Peas album ever again. What asshole would do something like that? Canadian police are dumb - especially in big cities. Perez I hope this doesn't change your view on Canada - we love you here. I hope your eye gets better. If I were you, I would write shit about BEP on here every freaking day!

  26. 926

    I can remember that a lot of people on here went on the bandwagon of calling Fergie "fugs..and old looking" or that their latest song was crap. Should all of you be attacked just for that than? Please…
    I am sorry this happened to you Perez. But "stars"should get some though skin..i mean like..getting worked up over your blog.. For goodness sakes.. If people like BEP take you THAT seriously..than they have major issues..come on now..
    No violence..never…should we accept this..for no reason.

  27. 927

    Mario, I am so sorry this happened to you. I like your very passionate stand against violence. Fuck Will.i.am, fuck Polo fuck the Black Eyed Peas.

    I hope this ruins them and sweeps them back into the HAZ-BIN.

    If you need me in NYC let me know, i have pot of gwarapo de gingibre and another de manzanilla. My grandma always touted their curing powers. Physical and mental.

    I recommend that you seek some professional help with your psyche, being battered is something serious, and can lead to Post Traumatic Stress, which can lead to one of the Bi-Polar disorders, amongst others psychosis. Lxike HIV if you treat it early it is best. Unlike HIV it is curable.

    Hugs and Puerto Rican Kisses, mi cariño.

  28. 928

    regardless of whether you had it coming or not, violence is never to answer, point blank. and sending someone else to do your dirty work is the lowest of cowardice. celebrities/managers should be happy they're even mentioned in a extremely popular blog, whether its negative or not…publicity is publicity. this incident is bullshit. i hope you feel better :-)

  29. Lilev says – reply to this


    I believe in U Perez! Go on and on! Take courage & keep being strong!

  30. Gen says – reply to this


    Perez, I have to believe Will.I.Am on this. You are too divisive and unreasonable to believe. Sorry, but you've got years of extraordinarily mean blogging going against you. Try being reasonable once in a while and stop your wanna-be diva behavior. It doesn't become you–or anyone really.

  31. 931

    I just wanna give you a big hug. :(


  32. 932

    The fakest video ever made. "Hey everyone its (dramatic pause) ..Perez.." You would lie, because you lie every day. Its what you do!

    Violence is never the answer, but neither is talking gossip about children. It's all double sided, moron. I don't feel bad for you in the least bit. This is what your lifestyle of talking fake shit has brought you. So be proud!

  33. 933

    dude, you bitch about everyone , you're such a fucking drama queen im on will. i.ams side, hes way to fucking cool to do something. Dumb ass blood is drawn if you bring it, and were not in war. You're gonna sit here a bitch about every one you got whats coming to yeah. Like people shouldnt feel sorry for you at all i dont think they should. I honestly thought you were alright but the thing is you ’cause' so much fucking drama. Go to high school its soo fulll of drama. Why dont you stop lieing and get a real job. Youre famous for no reason. Posting blogs is only making it worse for you, sue and do all the shit you want the way i see it Karma got you , so now deal with it.

  34. 934

    i think its ridiculous that people who call you scum continue to post on this website. If you really think he's scum why do you support his blog and business? Wish more people were lovers instead of haters. Preach on Perez, Love you site and support your right to free speech and gossip! :) Take care, get some rest and let your lawyer handle the rest. xoxoxo

  35. 935

    Are you all retarted (haters) ??!! Stop saying it's karma no one should be hit by anyone !! Even if he ”deserved” it wich is clearly not my vision but .. come on ! Hope your ok perez !!

  36. 936

    Believe me guys, watching this video and listening "boom boom pow" is the best thing ever! x

  37. javi says – reply to this


    im sorry to say this, but i do believe u got what u deserve. its been a long time comming. violence is never the answer, but if u instigate it with gossip, you'll stir up the lowest of human reactions and its more than likely you'll be the target of violence. be a man and shut up and move on. learn to be more careful next time.

  38. 938

    Karma's a bitch - after what you did to that gay screenwriter…posting those gay pics….you deserve this. Abuse comes in many forms. I'm a little embarrassed for you after watching your hysterical rant. Man up, pull it together. Granted, I don't agree you should have ever been hit.

  39. 939

    I am so sorry. I hope you feel better soon!

  40. 940

    RT: BIGGEST LYING ASSHOLE ON THE PLANET - Accused Will.i.am of beating his ass, even tweeted that Will was lying when he said he didn't do it, and the MANAGER for the Black Eye Peas turned himself into the police and admitted it was HIM!

  41. 941

    Let's boicot the BEP's music!!!!!!

  42. 942

    Re: bd09 – Well said! I tried to post the same thing several times, but Perez keeps editing. What a coward.

  43. 943

    Hey Karmas a bitch just like you are.About time someone slapped you around you drama queen.

  44. 944

    Where are your postings of the people in Iran being shot?
    Where's your support for freedom and liberation?

    So, are you a one-issue voter?
    Only gay-rights interests you?
    You never hesitate to ridicule the Palins, or Cheneys, Bushs, or Miss California.
    Or, are you really not proud of THIS president, for the first time?
    Tell us what you think, since your voice is so important, not only in gossip but in the political arena as well. Tell us Perez, people are getting shot and all you have on is pathetic little Lohan.
    Even dolphins have more space on your website.
    Where's Neda's memorial and bless her soul on your site ?
    You're such a fraud, just like your president…you're both pussies.

  45. 945

    maybe if you didnt talk shit about everyone, they wouldnt be pissed at you. i think you got what you deserved. all you do is talk shit about everyone on here. you talk about equality for everyone, yet all you do is make fun of people and criticize them. maybe this will open your eyes.

  46. 946

    so with all this banter… did will hit you, or did the manager? just answer the question - no other information is needed.

  47. 947

    What kind of brain damaged idiot would physically attack a person in public. It is the reaction of the undereducated.

  48. 948

    Cleary from this vid its you thats the fugly bitch!

  49. 949

    “I would never hurt someone like that” Now Perez you hurt people like this everyday when you write negative things about them. You can be very cruel.. However you do not deserve to be hit by anyone… And im sorry I just cant see Will I Am hitting anyone really.

  50. 950

    Karma is a bitch isn't it Perez??????

  51. 951

    I'm so sorry that happened to you. I don't always agree with what you say, (esp. about minors) but NO ONE deserves to be treated like that. I will burn all my BEP cds and curse those assholes forever. Stay strong, and fuck will.i.am ( I USED to be a fan)

  52. 952

    awe=( perez! im sorry=(…HOW RUDE! if will i am cant take a little critisisim hes in the wroong business baby. =\

  53. 953

    Maybe now you will understand what getting punched in the face feels like for celebrities who read the crap you write about them on a daily basis. You deserve what you got for writing things about celebrities children who never asked to be in the spotlight yet you dig up shit to write about them. You're pathetic and I'm surprised this hasn't happened to you sooner.

  54. 954

    That's horrible. For all the people saying 'you got what was coming to you' and 'you deserved it' I am in shock! No one deserves to be treated that way and disrespected with violence. Sure, you say mean things about people but that is your job and that is why people love you. You just tell it like it is. Get better soon!

  55. 955

    ok u know what there are a bunch of people who think they can say anything do any thing with out consequences to there actions laws of the universe are as follows yes you can get punched in teh mouth blood can be spilled until people become respectful famous quote "dont let your mouth over load your ass"

  56. 956

    Re: Disturbed – Disturbed-Nearly everyone understands that if you are a celebrity you are going to be on this site if there is gossip about you. This is Perez's site… everyone knows that his opinion is going to be said here . I do no think that you should be on here calling Perez a ' lying fat fuck ”. Please be a little bit more mature. If you would have paid attention to this video then you would have seen that in no way did he accuse Will i am of 'beating his ass ” he said that his manager hit him . The only thing will i am was accused of was getting in his face and being present when things happened.So get your story straight before you go on here and make an ass out of yourself

    Soooo sorry Perez for you to have to deal with such blatant children and for you being hit. Lubz ya Perez

  57. 957

    You looked absolutely ridiculous in that video. I don't advocate violence but you've spread so much hatred that I have zero sympathy for you. How many people have you hurt with your words? I bet you a lot of your victims would rather take a punch to an eye than being constantly humiliated on your web site. How damaging have your words and photos been to some of these people's lives and careers? You don't think about that do you though? All you care about is getting more hits. You're an arrogant, selfish prick that got what you had coming to you. Maybe if more of you "critics" got an ass whooping you wouldn't be so quick to spew out your hate talk. You're real tough when you're sitting behind the safety of your computer. So typical. I hope you're feeling the same amount of humiliation that you've put all these people through. Justice has been served.

  58. 958

    I love the last 5 seconds, sorry about you gettin hurt Perez. Love ya.

  59. 959

    so basically some ignorant asshole beat you up. people only resort to violence when they are two stupid and immature to have an actual conversation with someone about their difference. i mean what really did this solve. nothing at all. who cares if you talk a lot of shit. i mean its not like youre the only one the black eyed peas suck. they always have and they always will. fuck them perez…youre obviously better than them and i dont blame you at all for calling the cops or tweeting. you have to do what you have to do to stay safe, if someone is willing to hit you then theres no telling if they are willing to shoot you.

  60. 960

    Im very sorry Perez for what happened to you
    but I must say that if your going to sit there bashing a band that basically contributes to your site that you shouldnt say anything about them. Making a video response to what they did doesn't really help.
    Don't get me wrong your awesome.
    But maybe a little less bashing!
    what happened to you should have never happened and there is no excuse for that. They are professionals and should act like they are.

  61. 961

    dramatic much?

  62. 962

    youre fucking sick for writing a comment like that. who cares if he blogs his opinion on outfits, drama, music, anything? that definitely doesn't make it acceptable to even TOUCH him!
    and if he's this upset to cry on a video that millions will see, then why the fuck would you try to make it worse?

  63. 963

    Team Will.I.Am I am official done with Perez.

  64. 964

    Mario[Perez] I dont know Will's side of the sotry but I agree with you. Violence is never the awsner, Im not going to lie I did laugh at the end of the video because of your comment to Fergie at the end =p. I really hope you'll be alright, Im sure this will be hard for you to get past. When you were crying I was tearing up because it was just really emotional. I really hope your alright and that everything goes well for you can move forward! :)

    Lovee Tanya

  65. 965

    ”I AM NEVER VIOLENT”???? REALLY PEREZ?? YOURE POSSIBLY THE MOST HURTFUL VIOLENT PERSON ON THE INTERNET. Never has someone deserved something more. The manner in which you talk about 'HUMAN BEINGS' Is what 'DISGUST' ME. Words carry just as much weight as a punch ,which is why domestic vioence can be EITHER physical or verbal.
    Youre such a fucking narcissist! And how dare you talk about god, what do you know about spirituality. You are a vicious and agressive person, you can see the anger and hatred in your eyes. ALL you do is focus on lifes meaner bites and do so my demeaning other people in DIGUSTING ways. And you talk about gay people rights? HOW ABOUT WOMENS RIGHT YOU FUCK! How dare you talk about any woman in such vulgar and primitive ways! Women have come too far to be VERBALLY ASSUALTED by such spineless bastard. I would never wish pain on anyone, but the pain you cause other people in their lives by what you say, you deserve any amount of pain people are willing to throw at you. I applaud i.am.sam for finally being a celebrity to tell you to rightfully go fuck yourself and wipe that smug grin off your hideous face.

  66. 966

    I love you perez. Im on your website every day atleast 5 times a day. Black Eye Peas is a fucking horrible band if you can even call them that. Karma is a bitch and i hope the worst happens to them

  67. 967

    Oh cry me a river! You destroy people's lives on a daily basis by attacking them (with words or otherwise) and now you got attacked. YOU DESERVE IT, you big ol' crybaby. Words can sometimes hurt more than words. You look like a moron and you are a liar since you said WillIAm hit you initially. I'm glad someone finally hit you.

  68. 968

    lmao hahahahah u suck u suck
    they shoulda stabbed u
    ur so gay

  69. 969

    I am so sorry. You are right, violence is not the answer and once again, certain men are always looking for respect. they will not get it, not that way. Why can't we all have our own opnions and be able to share them with out someone getting in your face becuase its not "the right" opinion?! And theirs is? Ignore the negatvity perez and ignore the diet!! Go home, cuddle with Teddy, have a bubble bath, some chocolate and know there are millions more that love you than hate you!

  70. 970

    Money and fame obviously don't buy class. Sue him for all his Boom Boom Pow $ Perez. I don't always agree with what you say and you have sometimes said things on your website about my friends, but no one deserves to be assaulted for stating their opinion. We live in a free country.

  71. Gen says – reply to this


    Also, something like this was bound to happen–they way you treat others, etc., was bound to come back and bite you in the ass two-fold.

  72. 972

    You say you dont want drama…. but you are asking for it by talking all that shit about other people. Ofcourse Fergie or anyone else would get mad for calling her fugly. I mean I am sure you dont like it when people talk shit about you. Granted its all your opinion and you are allowed to have one. But dont be all surprised that you upset people. If you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen. You are a big girl (boy) deal with the concquences that comes with your actions. DOnt go cryin about it. Black eyed peas will always be richer and more sucessful that you. You are a hater on everyone! No one cares about you. And just because you are crying about this and being a lil bitch about it all it makes me like Fergie and Black eyed peas even more. You are pathetic Mario… Perez whoeven in the fuck you are. Go away no one cares about you!

  73. 973

    Karma Baby…Karma

  74. 974

    Perez stay strong.
    don't let insecure and pathetic people to bring you down.
    the fact you writes maybe mean things about celebs is not a justification of what they did to you. when someone wants and then goes into showbiz, it has to be clear that personal life and carrer will be under judgment till his/her death.
    I love you, i do believe in what you say, always support you!:)

  75. 975

    Okay I really don't know who the fuck I believe…but I mean…you said Will attacked you…but then you turned around and said it was his manager. Kinda stupid…

  76. 976

    Perez, be a a man, get over yourself, and stop playing to stereotype. I'm shocked no one has taken a swing at you before now. If that's all the guy could accomplish in 3 swings, you should count yourself lucky, shake it off and pretend it never happened. That would've been the adult way to handle things…then again, you did close the video with a direct insult to a woman who wasn't even there, so what more should I expect.

    My favorite line: "Then the BEP FOLLOW US BACK TO OUR HOTEL!!…where they were also staying." Dumbass.

  77. 977

    wauw, i totally have no respect for them anymore that is the lowest thing they could ever do!! i'm prayin'for you perez! you rock!! XxXxXx….

  78. 978

    I think it's stupid for people to say that Perez had it coming to him - what he does on here is a (highly successful) profession and people don't seem able to recognize that. Nothing ever warrants an attack like this - and to all you people who say he's lying, try watching the whole video where he SAYS it was the manager. I'm glad you're okay, Perez - and take care. I hope this doesn't ruin Toronto for you!

  79. 979

    Again, so sorry to hear about this. I hope you're okay and I hope it never happens again. Don't listen to the haters either, so what - you may voice your opinions and people don't like it but this isn't what you 'had coming' - Violence is NEVER the answer and I hope people realize this.

  80. 980

    Oh, sweetheart. I'm so sorry that you were a victim, here. I don't know what happened, but I do know that people shouldn't be treated like this. A lot of people love you, babe, just ignore the one asshole that doesn't. xoxo.

  81. 981

    I just Got Home 4 Lunch and Saw This! OMG! ((((((HUGE HUG))))))) This is Terrible! I am So Sorry Perez! U Can Be An Asshole But None Deserves That/This!

    I have 2 Go Redo My Makeup Now - I'm Bawling!

    Take Care of U Big Boy!

  82. 982

    I don't know what to believe honestly, but I do believe that you wouldn't be lying, and you look very upset. Violence is never the right thing. Maybe it was some kind of misunderstanding? Even though he shouldn't have hit you, you DID say things to him and it doesn't help what you call them in this video. Sry, but you should have waited a day b4 doing this, that was you can get perspective and maybe come off as a little more believeable. I don't believe BEP either. Don't know. You deserve to get alot of things for the things you write, but not this.

  83. Kee01 says – reply to this


    Perez…Suck It!

  84. AMO says – reply to this


    Enough about this… Do you have anymore gossip for us? Hope you've calmed down a bit.

    Fergie IS a fugly bitch! Will.I.Am = No talent ass clown.

  85. 985

    Re: RedWingsFan – Mario wonders why he got hit that kills me…

  86. 986

    this hasnt been up for long and already 1000 comments? jesus. i dont know if i want to waste 11 minutes of my life..

  87. *Jem* says – reply to this


    NOONE has the right to HIT you for voicing your opinion NO MATTER how mean you can be. I hope you sue those fuckers. I will say I'm a bit surprised you dont take security with you to these types of events, seeing that its not uncommon for you to piss off celebritiest, just saying.

  88. 988

    OMG, how disgusting? Just because you write about his horrible little band on your site? I don't blame you for the rage, Perez. I hope you file charges and continue to call them out on your site.

  89. 989

    Awww Perez! im so sorry! follow your website everyday!!!
    fuck bep!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  90. abced says – reply to this


    You know what fucking amazes me??? that people who are against you either have an account with you or took the time to create one just to talk shit about you!! you might be posting the gossip…but most of those people are the ones READING the Gossip !! so f them! who the fuck are they criticize or judge! they dont know what happened. Stay Strong no matter what happened your clearly upset and i hope all this crazy ass BULLSHIT ends soon and that whoever needs to apologize to whoever does so and calls it a day!

  91. 991

    Wow. Biggest drama queen ever. Don't talk about God either when you so clearly do not follow him. But, I do believe he was hit …not attacked… by Will.I.Am's manager but I really do not think it was as bad as he makes it because if it's the day after THREE punches to the same eye there would have been more than just a little scratch. This video just makes you look stupid, perez, or mario, whatever, because you are crying and you didn't keep your cool and your cussing and guess what you DON'T look like the bigger person here. You look like a child. You should have acted like an adult when you were filming this.

  92. 992

    PEREZ I LOVE YOU!! feel better.

  93. 993

    totally agree!:)

  94. 994

    I hate their new song, but it isn't like I ever liked that "band" in the first place.

    Team Perez!

  95. 995

    Umm gee Perez, insulting Fergie at the end shows Will is telling the truth. You are a disgusting woman hating loser who insults and verbally abuses her and then gets all teary when some REAL man defends her honor.

    You are Chris brown, just too girly to not hit, so you use her nasty abusive mouth.

    And you lied.

  96. 996

    I dont know what's funnier your statement are the comments to your statement. I agree you shouldn't put your hands on anyone unless they hit you first. But come on really you ain't see this coming. Did you really think that you can disrespect a woman like that to her face and the real men aroaund her or not going to try and defend her…really? i think you where secretly hoping something like this would happen..so hey you can only disrespect people with words for so long before they take it up a notch.. You really shouldn't talk so much shit without at least knowing how to defend yourself.

  97. 997

    I think Will He Be wants to make out with you.

  98. 998

    Ha Ha Ha, I'm in tears laughing over this. You got what was coming to you…. Take your whoppin' like a man and move on.
    Oh, and has anyone noticed perez is putting the fat back on?

  99. 999

    i'm on your side perez!

    stay strong!

  100. 1000

    Re: Phenomena – Please learn to spell for the love of God.

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