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My Statement

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The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 1001

    Perez grow up and stop being a big baby. Everyone needs a good beat down once in awhile and your one of them. Well you like everyone elses drama but you don't like your own. Well is comes with the territory. Some people just don't when to shut up and leave people alone and you are one of them. Do I feel bad you got assaulted??? Hell NO, you should have been beat down enough that you needed to go to hospital. You and every paparazzi out there needs to get the shit beat out of them because all you instigate shit and push people to their limits. Good 4 Will I Am if he did, everyone else should to till you learn and every papazzi learns to stop getting into peoples personal lives. How would you like it if people dug into your and find out things. Stop being being a gay baby, be a man for once and not a queen. Think of it like this it could have been worse and the rate you are going someone out their will beat you down even worse.

  2. 1002

    Re: purple_luver13
    When the fuck did the word 'thug' indicate a persons race??? Get real moron!

  3. 1003

    Holy shiite…Perez got owned - socked right in the eye for talkin' his trash. I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. Its a damn shame that it had to go down like this but…someone had to put you in your place.

  4. 1004

    Ha! KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!! Perez, it's KARMA. And it wasn't Will.i.am! You say it was and then say it was his manager. You're lying. And honestly, I'm sorry, but it's what you get for what you do. You sit back behind your computer and sometimes you are REALLY mean and nasty. You're the kid who was made fun of and now YOU'RE the bully. It's karma, straight up karma.

  5. 1005

    It saddens me as I read these comments to hear so many people say that you deserved this. That is ignorance talking. No matter what you say, you have the freedom of speech to do so. You write a blog, if people don't like it then do not read it. Violence is never the way to right a situation. Everyone yells and says things in the heat of the moment, but using your fist does not solve a damn thing. It doesn't even matter who is right or wrong in this situation, because the second someone decided to get violent, it became their fault. To those who say Perez deserved it, shame on you. No one and I mean no one deserves to be hit. EVER.

  6. 1006

    boom boom pow is the worst song ever anyway, fuck will.i.am… and fergie is DEF fug and not hot enough for her hubby

  7. 1007

    perez you are handeling this in the wrong way.

  8. 1008

    this is pretty sick that people are on will.i.am's side. sure, maybe is music is good (i disagree but whatever), maybe you think he's hot, maybe you think perez had it coming for writing things, whatever-that's no reason to think that its okay to physically attack someone. you're all fucking disgusting.

  9. 1009

    be strong perez, we'll stad by you!

  10. 1010

    I'm sorry that happened to you, Perez. Don't let that Neanderthal get away with it…take him to court honey.

  11. 1011

    Not that this helps, but I believe you.

  12. 1012

    Violence is never the answer?! You kidding right? So, when you verbally assault people "fuck you Will I AM" or emotionally assault them by drawing dicks on their faces and other areas then that's ok?! Fuck you Perez, you deserved it, stop pushing peoples buttons and maybe they'll let you live to see your next birthday. the rate you're going we wouldn't be surprised if you're on someone's hit list. Go back to the US - TORONTO hates you!

  13. 1013

    Sadly, it seems there are a lot of ignorant people on your website saying that you deserved it. Saying that violence is deserved is such an aggressive/bully mentality. Hope you completely ignore their comments because you are above them.

  14. 1014

    perez, feel better soon!!you did not deserve that!

  15. 1015

    perez, you said it was will that hit u, your stories changed. why would they follow u if they stayin at the same hotel?

    glad yr ok thox

  16. 1016

    I love you, Perez. So sorry you had to go through that!

  17. 1017

    Perez, you need to hire a bodyguard to go with you to events like this. People are CrAzy! and yes, Fergie is fugly, and the Blackeyed peas suck ass.

  18. 1018

    Are you done with your bawling now. Put some news up fat fuck!

  19. 1019

    People…he got punched…why is everybody crying??? Shit I got punched last weekend too…I didn't call the cops…I didn't cry…I didn't tell everybody in the world. Its apart of life…deal with it. If you've never been punched before, you haven't experienced life yet.

  20. 1020

    I'm sure Harry's laughing at the fairy.

  21. 1021

    Perez, I have been reading your site for about a year now, and I LOVE YOU! You say the things that everyone else is too coward to say themselves! What happened to you is unforgiveable in my heart! Be strong, and FUCK those who say you had it comming to you or whatever! Violence is NEVER the answere and I wish I could help you more than just writing this! I have never in my life wrote on a blog or made a comment on anything and i am 40 yrs old. This is so important and my heart goes out to 100%. Believe me I may live in little Bum Fuck South Bend in Indiana, I will rally for you in the name of violence and disrespect. Hopefully the BEP's will get what's comin to them! Please be strong and know I am thinking about you and hope for your speedy recovery inside and out! Love Ya, Julie

  22. 1022

    if there are witnesses, i DONT get how anyone of u stupid people can say that Mario is lying! And HOW DARE anyone say that he got what was coming to him? some of u people are sickening, if u don't like Perez Hilton, DONT go on this bleeding website, idiots!
    Mario, stay strong, you know that GOOD PEOPLE are on your side, so don't bother with the stupid losers who hate on you
    much love x

  23. 1023

    Pimps UP- Blogger Down!

  24. 1024

    He should have hit you harder. Fortunately the Toronto Police are not like the LAPD and have better things to do, instead of helping a crying little baby.

  25. 1025

    I am sorry what happened to you but could you please update ur site with gossip other than your own

  26. 1026

    Grow up.

  27. 1027

    oh one more thing,how can you say someone is unprofessional when your idea of professional is to come up with disrespectful nicknames for celebs you don't like like K-twat or draw cum coming out of people's with white paint on your computer. grow up.

  28. 1028

    omg! perez! i believe you 100%! what do you people mean that he DESERVED it? okay, he pisses people off by writing certain things about them. but that's his job…that's what he DOES. and why does his opinion matter so much to those people anyway? he's just ONE person! and he's not weak, or childish for calling the police! it's pyshical assault! he stood there and took it when will-i-am called him names and threatened him; and then he defended himself! he then was ASSAULTED and feared for his life! and i'm so so sorry that this had to happen in my country…i hope you choose to return sometime soon =)

  29. 1029

    keep doing what you're doing perez!! so sorry some people are filled with so much anger!

  30. 2xMom says – reply to this


    I believe you. Even though I don't know any of you. To Disturbed… his video even said that the manager did it. So I am glad the manager turned himself in. But why would that rapper guy say a fan did it?

  31. 1031

    Rick believes Mario.
    Much ado about something.
    It was the Canadian
    hate crime of the century!
    Fergie- shame on U,
    I thought u were a big girl now.
    Will U are… a dwarf bully.
    Printed, spoken or blogged.

    I only wish this were posted with the Lily Allen
    song "Fuck You"
    playing in the background.

  32. 1032

    ohhh this broke my heart…im so sorry perez.

  33. 1033

    i am completely on your side. this is your job and what you do, obviously with more than 10 million visitiors a day, your not here by yourself talking shit. violence is never the answer and what a douche will.i.am is for having someone lay a finger on you. i hope this all pans out in your favor. LOVE YOU PEREZ.

  34. 1034

    that sucks sorry dude.

  35. 1035


  36. YUCK says – reply to this


    I will be buying every black eyed peas album now. WOOHOO! I love fergie so much she is so cute you are jealous of her. will i am is a genius and so talented something you would know nothing about. I believe them you are a drama queen and by the way a huge hypocrite, since when do you care about God so much? you are verbally abusive and its about time someone physically abused you. you are so fugly where do you get off telling others they are fugly? I hope this isnt the first time someone kicks your ass. your little 12 minute video is full of a million contradictions. I just hope they would have broken your fingers so that they could have sent you a real message. you have let all your hype go to your fat head that in lieu of brains is filled with fat. so much I want to say but this will do for now I guess, you are not a victim you are a bitch if you fight back verbally why didnt you fight back physically you are just a mouth piece and btw why didnt your "friends" fight for you? oh thats right you dont have real friends. hahahahahha I wish I could draw lines on your pic.

  37. 1037

    how selfish of you to be making such a huge deal about this when people in Iran are experiencing real violence!

  38. 1038

    I believe you and I support you.

  39. Toya says – reply to this


    People who are saying Karma is a ….. How is that Karma? He dishes the gossip and who reads it? YES YOU ALL!! He can say what he wants on his website. Will.I.am is just mad cause his CD sucks! Fergie needs to go back to being a solo artist. I am not saying that Will.I.Am told his body guard or whoever to hit Perez but his video didn't say the truth! He just said that perez called him a … and nothing about what he did to perez, like he was so innocent.

  40. 1040

    This reminds me of the leave Brittany Alone video. Funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Oh, and grow some balls.

  41. 1041

    I would be tempted to do the same thing Perez because you can be such an asshole. Obviously you're not someone to fuck with in that regard. I dont usually agree with many of your outrageous antics but nobody has the right to hit you. The pen is mightier than the sword. So go kick his ass with words–we're behind you Perez!

  42. 1042

    there is no reason you would have to respect will.i.am. he is not your superior, he is not your boss. you don't answer to him.
    most of the people you write about laugh at what you say…he's obviously mad because their album isn't all that great and is taking it out on someone who actually said what they thought.

  43. 1043

    What about VERBAL VIOLENCE Perez ?? You insult and abuse other people every day for a living. I'm sorry but what goes around comes around.

  44. 1044

    Funny how everyone talks shit about perez but yet everyone is still on here crusing his site…

  45. 1045

    So sorry this happened to you, hope you're going to be ok :(

  46. 1046

    You are Right Perez!
    There is NO Excuse for Violence!!

    I Believe you Perez!

    I Used to Respect Will-I-Am!
    Will-I-Am You are a Liar & a Coward!!

  47. 1047

    You totally deserved that

    I'd have smashed your fucking teeth in.

  48. 1048

    Re: homeboi – WELL PUT !

  49. 1049

    Perez….I feel for you violence is never the answer, whether you are gay straight a celebrity or people like you who blog and entertain the world…some ppl just don't have a thick skin…you are awesome dnt let this break you down…you write about who you want not like there is a law against it where as assaulting someone is…the police should be more attentive…just show though your a celebrity the police don't run to everyones needs. love you…xx

  50. 1050

    I feel your pain more than you can believe. You should never put your hands on another human being. Feel better!

  51. 1051


  52. 1052

    Hope your ok .. x

  53. 1053

    Mario, bravo for standing up against violence. Things happen too frequently today that go unmentioned. I was never and have never been a fan of the Black Eyes Peas. I don't plan on being one in the future, either. The situation could have been handled a lot more gracefully on their side. Polo's attack was unprevoked and completely unnecessary. Will.I.Am may not have been the one to strike you, but he is still as much at fault for the altercation. His actions and the actions of people working for him were not needed. I completely support you on this one. Stay strong! Violence is NEVER the answer!!!!!

  54. 1054

    awww im sorry perez i feel sooo bad will.i.am has NO right to tell you to stop writing about him this is a free country and you can right whatever the fuck you want if he cant take the criticism than why is he a celebrity
    stay strong your great at what you do and they are obvi low lifes who thrive on following people around and scaring them
    i was actually a huge fan of the black eyed peas but they're fuuuucked
    you didn't deserve any of that you went to toronto to have a good time
    ignore all the haters i know your a pro at that
    and good for you for making this video to clear this all up will.i.am is a douche and i hope your okay
    lots of love buddy

  55. 1055

    Perez I am sorry for you! People hurt you and you do not deserve it!

  56. 1056

    Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry. I totally agree that violence is never the answer. I believe you — I see no reason for you to make this sort of thing up. I'm disgusted by will.i.am — he pretends he's all about peace, but look how he can't even control himself. Get well Mario / Perez! I don't always think what you say is nice, but you are allowed to share and people have a choice to come to your website and look. Interesting how the first comment talks about the manager taking the fall. Sounds about right if will.i.am's publicists are trying to cover. Sorry Black Eye Peas — no longer a fan.

  57. 1057

    Well, you need to stop being so HORRIBLE to people. :(

  58. 1058

    karma is a bitch. will.i.am will get whats coming to him. he cant handle a little bit of trash talk? well he obviously isnt in the right business .. stay strong perez!

  59. 1059

    Personally I really don't care about Perez but this site is so amusing….I mean some of the people that post here seriously need counseling or drugs. They get so worked up the moment anyone disses one of their fav celebrities like those celebrities are their friends in reality. I really miss that madonna fan that would write 30 posts defending her…her broken english and unstable mental state was so obvious in her postings….made me smile.

  60. 1060

    I'm disgusted at more than half these commenters!
    Regardless of what Perez says on a daily basis..its all for fun..everyone likes it..even celebs.
    Its just something he does.
    But NO MATTER WHAT should ANYONE be beaten.
    I'm sorry you had to go through this Perez.

  61. 1061

    You may technically be right - violence is never acceptable. But to be honest, neither are the things you do. You can't post venom, you can't shit-stir without eventually provoking an incident like this. If I may give further opinions on you - you are a truly pathetic individual, as I'm sure most readers of your site agree. You've become a tragic Z-list celebrity, like the ones you mock. Your treatment of gay people who are not open about it is absolutely disgusting, little better than homophobia. The minor celebrity lifestyle you lead won't last, and neither will the fake friendships. People don't like you, they tolerate you because of your site's power to reach millions. Once there is no benefit to being around you, they won't be.

  62. 1062

    ok, here is how it is .. clearly some of you are not really watching this video ..
    PEREZ DID NOT ACCUSE will.i.am of hitting him, it was his manager
    this website is perez's lively hood, he makes his living off of this .
    and you cannot say that perez ruins peoples lives, what about the paparazzi and the tabloids? perez just tells it like it is, and when you're a celebrity there are always going to be critics, it comes with the title of being famous, and yes, while some are harsher then others that still does not give someone the right to hit you, ever .. celebrities know thath people will always talk crap about them, so why get this mad over something that isnt true? usually when its lies they just laugh it off and ignore it, so don't you think that when people get on like this and overreact there has to be some truth to it?
    TO ALL YOU HATERS, if you dont like perez why get on his site? you are adding to the millions of viewers he already has? so if you hate him like you say you do, then why are you empowering him?

  63. nisky says – reply to this


    i agree in the sense that violence is never the answer, but dude, that video, you contradicted yourself so many times, at the comment at the end really wasn't needed. did you really expect to go this long insulting people and not expect anything to happen to you? you must be more egotistical than i thought. don't blame the black eyed peas for what happened, the manager acted on his own accord, they weren't controlling them dude. srsly, get over yourself, more important things in the world right now than someone 'hitting you'.

  64. 1064

    I'm sorry to hear that you have been violated, anyone that participates in violent acts will be judged by there maker and all you can do is take the right steps to be safe. Hopefully without any compromises to your integrity or morales. I have complete respect for you Mario/Perez. Keep doing what you love despite this set back. Hope you get through this.

  65. 1065

    will.i.am is a fool
    P.S you looked feroc at the mmva Perez! LOVE YOU

  66. 1066

    i love the end ,

  67. 1067

    I am so sorry this happened to you! I am glad to see that you are ok! I can't believe that a manager would do this to someone, just because you spoke your opinion! That just goes to show that he is an a$$hole! I am behind you 100% and f*ck what anyone else says about calling you a liar or not believing you! You are truelly an awesome guy and you deserve nothing but the best!!!

    Team Perez!!!!!

  68. 1068

    will i am is SUCH an asshole and i can't believe he did this to you, i love you perez/mario :) you're so much better than will i fucking am.

  69. 1069

    wauw i cant believe they would do that, that is the most lowest thing you can do!! you have evry right to have no respect for them anymore! i'm prayin'for ya perez! you rock!! XxXxXxXx

  70. 1070

    Perez, please know that your fans support you and we love you. Get a bodyguard. ASAP!!! You have far too many fans to not be guarded. Even the most revered of people have people that hate them. You need to protect yourself from any type of retaliation including physical harm. You are a celebrity. Celebrities have bodyguards. We will not think you are full of yourself if you get a bodyguard. Perez, I'm sorry that this happened to you. I send you all of my love and best wishes. Get better soon. I got your back. Also, Fergie IS a Fugly bitch. Pant wetter.

  71. 1071


    What about everybody who you make cry over your bullshit. That smartazz mouth wrote a check, that your azz couldn,t cash!

  72. 1072

    Violence is never cool. But, yeah, it was only a matter of time until this happened. Again, it's not cool to assault people, but you can only talk shit about people for so long, until someone totally crosses the line. Oh, well, I hope the manager gets sued, and I hope Perez donates the money to something like a domestic violence charity. And I hope Perez also reigns-in the nastiness a bit, cause it is pretty intense sometimes. But I hope he feels free to continue to shit on the BEP and Fergie, cause they clearly now deserve it more than ever. Feel better, Perez!

  73. 1073

    be strong perez, don't let anyone step on you. And I totally believe you, they get one hit and they thick they can kick everyone else down. I love you, od loves you and MILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the world loves you, can't say the same about BPC

  74. 1074

    some people apparently do not understand the meaning of the word compassion. It is not easy to be brave and take risks. Whether you like Perez or not, respect him for standing his ground. Centuries to learn and yet we still respond with violence…very sad

  75. 1075

    ITS WAR!! Black Eye Peas are dead to me. Shame, I did like their album…. oh well.

  76. 1076

    It sucks that this happened but rich people with "beef" are fucking stupid.
    There are children dying RIGHT THIS MINUTE around the globe. That is something to be upset and cry about, not two adults getting into a fight because they have empty Hollywood lives.

  77. 1077

    He cried like a little bitch!!!!!!!!!! OMG, dude, you got your ass kicked, big deal. You had it coming eventually, man up and get over it.
    Time to hit that diet again….

  78. 1078

    fk will i am!!! i believe you perez & i hope you are ok i'm so srry this had to happened to you.i couldn't agree with you more!!!

  79. 1079

    i'm very sorry that happened to you, sir.
    he obviously doesn't care. /=

  80. 1080

    oh perez im so sorry for what happened to you, no one deserves that. I hope that doesn't discourage you from coming back to Toronto!

    And those who said that he should have seen what was coming……oh please! Perez does gossip and states his own opinions, which is fine, everyone has their own… people dont have to read what he posts, in the end its your own judgment and opinion.

  81. 1081

    You Assholes Commenting on here who think Perez Deserved this are IDIOTS!!

    You Support Violence?? WTF!!

    Whether you agree with what Perez said to Fergie & Will-I-Am or not Viloence should NOT be Acceptable!
    What is the Matter with You??

  82. 1082

    Re: RedWingsFan – I hope not!!!

  83. dark1 says – reply to this


    Re: delici



  84. 1084

    the black eyed peas suck
    first of all what kind of name is that
    fergie is fugly for the record
    i had the chance to se them last friday in motreal, but FUCK them
    no one should ever hit another person, perez did not deserve this he is a human being just like everybody else, as far as the black eyed peas go, they are DISGUSTING and should be asahmed of their behaviour including their very unprofessional manager
    keep going perez, im proud of you for sticking up for yourself and being strong without using violence, you rule!!

  85. 1085

    I believe you, Perez. How are you doing now? I hope you're doing good. A lot of people are backing you up, you know?

    I can't believe what BEP did. That's like, contradicting the things they stood up for. Seriously "Where is the love?". You tell me, Will I Am.

    To all the people saying that Perez just wants publicity, well, in case you haven't noticed, Perez doesn't need that. AND if he really wants publicity, then he shouldv'e made up things like these A LONG TIME AGO. Maybe what, like 5 years ago when he just started?

    And about the crying, geez. What are you people, sheltered beings? Maybe none of you (or even me for that matter) has been attacked before, but I'm guessing you too would probably do what he did. To be scared shitless and to have no security? It's traumatizing, we have to remember Perez is a human too.

    Now what? Every bad comment from someone who dislikes Black Eyed Peas will get hit or attacked too? Haven't they heard of the saying YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYBODY?

    Perez can be mean at times, and over the top, But tell me, isn't that the reason why YOU keep checking the site everyday? He tells it as it is, and that's why people love him. If he's what you say a LIAR, then he should've just said that the latest single from Black Eyed Peas is fucking good.

    No one deserves to be treated like that, celebrity or no celebrity.

    I'm sorry, Black Eyed Peas, but you just lost a fan.

  86. 1086

    I completely agree that this is disgraceful what they did to you! Clearly what you were saying was getting the core of those people and deep down must have struck a cord of truth with them so they felt they needed to react that way. It just shows what weak moral character they have and they are pathetic human beings. U have every right in the world to speak ur mind n they are weak n resort to violence. I'm so sorry that happened to u, stay strong =).

  87. 1087

    boo hoo hoo, what a wuss you are…"maybe if you weren't so disrespectful to so many people, things like this wouldn't happen. if you dish it you have to be able to take it. im sorry that this ended in physical violence, but in all honesty you should have seen this coming." EXACTLY Now I would like to see Jack Black kick your but, no…maybe Kyle.

  88. 1088

    i want' the link to the will i am blog i want to see what he says, you are being alittle dramatic but thats not right what they did! FUCK THEM FERGIE IS UGLY!!

  89. 1089

    Violence is not the answer? Better not be cause you'll get your ass whooped p-wussy. Sure it wasn't Avril Lavigne?. You deserved it! If you said half the shit that the hatred that you spew on this website at me, I would break your fuckin jaw!

  90. 1090

    Violence is never the answer, regardless of the circumstances. Black Eyed Peas suck anyways.

  91. 1091


  92. YUCK says – reply to this


    they gave you a little boom boom pow. lOL LOL LOL

  93. 1093

    I'm so sorry for what he did to you! Stay strong

  94. 1094

    WTF First off as a Canadian I want o apologize for the police in Toronto im embarrassed the way thy treated you! belive me when i say you are not the first one to be ignored i mean theirs many great cops there but many bad ones too. I really hope this does not effect the way you think about Canada!
    2nd I am very proud of you for standing up for your rights! I will protest the black eyed pees from here on out which actually wont be hard as they all do suck big time!Violence is never the answer NEVER! im glad you didnt fight back and be the bigger man. although i think you should take some self defense classes so if and when needed you can defend yourself! (spencer? jk)
    so i agree and belive you Mario im so sorry i hope your ok xoxoxoxoxo!
    FUCK YOU BLACK EYED FUCKERS!!!!Never will you have my support EVER and yes i will tell my friend never to support you !
    I love you mario be strong, live strong I believe you
    It may be immature but i say any chance you get fuck them over mario please!

  95. 1095

    You're an idiot and got what you deserve. And if they were staying at the same hotel as you, they of course would go back there at the end of the night, and weren't "following you". The world does not revolved around you.
    Payback is a bitch, Suck it up!!!

  96. 1096

    Perez, what I love about you is that you never claim to be anything more than what you are. That is what I respect the most. That is how I try to live my life and I hope that you keep doing just that. I only recently began reading your page daily and always find something to chuckle about. I admit I have not always liked everything you posted but have never believed that you should be silenced, in any way!
    Wil.I.Am said that you should respect him! Where is his respect for you?! That always pisses me off. People who say that they need to be treated a certain way and don't act that way towards others.
    I guess he and his entourage feel that in Canada it is OK to assault people, when they don't like what is said. In Canada, that is a crime. In Canada we do have freedom of speech! But NEVER NEVER should it be followed up with assault.

  97. 1097

    sad :(

  98. 1098

    you cant beat up perez.. thats like beating up a child.. not a fair fight.. and who takes him seriously anyways? so ridic.

  99. 1099


  100. 1100

    First, I want to say that I hope you are doing ok Perez. I've gone through something similar and I agree that no one should have to go through that. It's sad that people that are suppose to be so "professional" act like children.
    If someone wants respect then they need to give it in return…not by demanding it and screaming in your face…who does he think he is "demanding" respect like he's god or something…please!
    All the people in the world and they're worried about what 1 person says about them…haha…you must be a pretty big deal Perez! Everyone has their own opinion and are entitled to say whatever they feel! Little bitches just can't take the truth! As for that Fergie bitch…tell that bitch to go smoke some more meth!

    get well soon Perez!
    && Fk them!! =]

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