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My Statement

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The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
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  1. 1101

    Perez you insulted and provoked him. What did you expect?

  2. 1102

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that. This is America and we should be able to say whatever we want without fear of being physically attacked. Just like every one who comments on your posts negatively get the freedom of not being punched in the face for being douche bags. You don't go out and punch all those people! Violence is not the answer people!!!

  3. jham says – reply to this


    PS - for everybody that says Perez' tweets were for publicity - if you read the tweets it's pretty obvious he wants some help and is scared, and I would have done the same thing if I had access to that many followers.

    He couldn't get the police there so he tweeted for people to call the cops. Also, tweeting that it was Will.I.Am who was following him was a really smart move. The liklihood that Will.I.Am would harm him after that is reduced significantly.

    Feel better Perez!

  4. 1104

    Wow…. are the black eye peas going to give a smack down to EVERY critic that doesn't like their album. That's crazy….. and Calling Fergie Fugly is being nice… that Bitch is ASS UGLY.

  5. 1105

    Yes, you should be afraid for your life, Mario. One of these days you are going to ruin the wrong person's career and they are going to something terrible. :( Maybe you should take this as a wakeup call. Time to reevaluate your life and maybe make some changes for the POSITIVE.

  6. 1106

    Well Black eyed Peas should learn to rise above it.
    They are going to get good and bad publicity.
    Do they think that what Perez says is going to make
    or break them ? They really shouldn't care so much
    I do agree with Perez on that point. My personal opinion
    is their music is obnoxious and annoying and I can't stand
    them. My hump lumps and now that your so 2000 and late.
    The lyrics sound like a 5 year old wrote them and the
    music grinds and annoys. However lots of people
    don't feel this way they love them.
    Obviously its just my opinion. Is he going to
    bitch slap me now.

  7. 1107

    Talking shit for a living is bound to have its repercussions. Negative press can damage a person's career and reputation which means you are ultimately messing with there MONEY!

  8. 1108

    ok video is a little dramatic… and you called them names but they still shouldn't have hit you. get well!

  9. 1109

    I don't think you should have been hit but words and more powerful the anything. People have lost everything because of their words.

    You are in the business to make or break someone and if my passion was being attacked by someone who has the power to take away. By any mean necessary.

  10. 1110

    Sorry you had a bad experience in T.O., violence is never the answer, but what you don't realize is that sometimes your harsh words hurt just as much as a punch to the face. Karma baby

  11. 1111

    i already posted (#807), but after reading more comments,
    I just had to say one more thing.
    I am not a P-defender. He should do that on his own.
    But this is really no different than someone writing a column or a review in any magazine or newspaper.
    Free speech protects not only the comments you like but the ones you don't like.
    P is allowed to say what he wants as are all bloggers/columnists.
    And i wouldn't want to live in a country where people can't blog their opinions for fear of retailation.

  12. 1112

    Getting a black eye/scratch by the Black Eye Peas is just too much! I hope you feel better soon.

  13. 1113

    Re: katy8akat
    fuck you he deserved

  14. 1114

    hey perez…i hope you're okay!
    i believe you 100%
    i'm in toronto, and if you ever need a bodyguard here, hit me up!

  15. 1115

    All I have to say is life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond.
    Regardless of who did what I would have hoped that Perez would have had more character than to act like this. Even if perez was the victim,insulting others and using profanity doesnt get you anywhere and its stooping to the level of the offender and I feel it would be in your best interest to remove this video from your website. You are so much better than this perez!!

  16. 1116

    Aww poor perez!

  17. 1117







  18. 1118

    Hi Perez! I can not believe you got hit because of your opinion! And another thing is people should LISTEN carefully to what you said. They are only hearing what they want to hear. I guess they need to get their ears checked or clean the wax out of them because they are saying Will I Am hit you when you CLEARLY STATE their managet POLO HIT YOU. Oh well Black Eyed Peas lost my respect and a fan. I hope you sue their asses and if not then dont worry you have millions of fans supporting you. And for those writing nasty shit on Perez comments you all stupid!

  19. 1119

    Perez, im so insanely sorry that this happened to you in Toronto. I am from Toronto, and am completely shocked that this happened in a city that I live in. You're right, you didn't deserve this and i believe that you wouldn't lie to get press, because you don't need the press, like you said. I'm extremely happy that you're alright, and hopefully Will.I.Am will be punished for this because that's unacceptable. So to Fergie and Will.I.Am, fuck you, i hope that you never set foot in Toronto ever again and you don't deserve the award you won that night. &Perez, I love you and I'm glad you're alright, and we're all hoping that this never happens again to you or anyone else. -Alannah♥

  20. 1120


  21. 1121

    You said those things about their new album BECAUSE IT'S YOUR JOB. Come on, it sucked ass! I would be pissed if you said otherwise. FERGIE NEEDS TO YGO TO HELL, she obviously can't take critisicm, what are you 5? YOU ONLY LIKE PEOPLE WHO KISS YOUR ASS FERGIE? I get it sometimes, you can be mean Perez, but you don't resort to violence, you talk about. I really hope you get better, no one deserves what happened to you, and you should SUE THEIR ASSES. I was gonna go see them play live this summer, NOT GOING NOW, I'm not a fan of bands who resort to violence. No thankyou. Get better and stay safe. :)

  22. 1122

    Hope you are ok Perez.Love Your page!!!!!!!!!!
    Greetz from Brazil

  23. 1123


  24. 1124

    THIS IS NOT KARMA its called entertainment!!!! You don't see ppl giving Kathy Griffin a beat down after all the shit she talks!!!! This is HIS JOB!!! Black eye peas are WAY out of line!!!! Fergie is a BITCH!!! its a JOB, just cause someone is your 'friend' doesn't mean they should LIE - Perez said their album wasn't good… and you know what… its NOT. He was honest!!!

  25. 1125

    Re: faerie217 – "You know what? I can't even believe the comments on here… If you guys dislike Perez/Mario, why even bother coming on to his site???"
    Uh…because we dislike him so much. Geeeziz. I don't know who's stupider. Perez or his fans.

    Don't like it? GOOD. I find it hilarious that you people back up his bitching and disgusting comments towards others then have the lack of brain to come here and bitch about people who are bitching about him. Too funny.

  26. 1126

    Hun, you should've calmed down before you posted anything.

  27. 1127

    To anyone who is saying that Perez deserved this is absolutely DISGUSTING!! Why would anyone wish this on anyone?? Yes, Perez may say a few negative things about people and draw dicks on their pictures on his site, but THEY ARE IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS…..they WANTED to be in the public eye!!!!! If they didn't want to be made fun of, they should have never tried to get into showbusiness. I, for one, have never been so fucking disgusted by how you guys are replying to this video. He made this FROM THE HEART and I can tell he is being 100% real. You all should be absolutely DISGUSTED. I am ASHAMED that anyone would think that he deserves this! Keep your head up, Perez!!!! Sue the FUCK OUT OF THEM and please press charges! No one has the right to put their hands on ANYONE. LOVE YOU!

  28. bethk says – reply to this


    OMG! i can't they would just call you out like that. Thats so fucked up. ANd Fergie……need to give you a chance to explain yourself.

  29. 1129

    This he said/(s)he said bullshit is ridiculous. You talk smack, you get smacked.
    You talk crap about other people, but you can't take it when they don't like you?
    Grow up, this isn't high school anymore.

  30. 1130

    You need to watch your mouth. You were at a club with people who were drinking and you sometimes feel you can say or write anything you want. Even on this video you are saying some pretty homophobic, mean, hurtful and angry things. Of course that makes people mad and you need to look at what you do and realize a lot of people get very mad. Why not just write a gossip sight and lay off the personal attacks on people.

  31. 1131

    hope you are alright perez! you are totally right violence is never the answer and lying only makes it worse. stay strong…you know what really went down!

  32. 1132

    This should have never happened to you, Perez. Regardless of how harsh you can be on your blog, it's YOUR blog. You have the right to dislike someone's album or think someone's ugly. I'm sure that if it were anyone else, it would have gone unnoticed and shrugged off. I hope both Polo Molina and Will.I.Am. are ashamed of themselves.

    They are grown men who are supposed to be professionals. You've never claimed to be anything other than yourself. You speak your mind and it just goes to show you that people can't handle the criticism.

    Kudos to you for not doing anything in retaliation aside from this video. Best wishes.

  33. 1133

    Re: faerie217

    believe it or not - fact is:

    HIS opinion hurts other people
    HIS site is (or was) promoting the new BEP album
    HE gets a lot of money for doing so
    HE does not get money from the BEP management to diss the BEP
    HIS statements are against conracts (and you know HE likes contracts - hello? Miss California anyone?) made with the management
    HIS story is bad, but HE is the one who was provocative FIRST!
    HE cannot take responsibility of HIS actions

    understand now?

  34. Elyce says – reply to this


    Good for you perez……I argee with you 100%….it doesnt matter what was said to who, volence should never be accepted(although defending yourself always is)……you didnt hit him and I'm sure you never said you were going to so there was no reason for the manager to hit you. Again GOOD FOR YOU

  35. 1135

    Bahaha omg you are such a whiner!! too bad he didn't knock you out cold, I would pay to see that!!

  36. 1136

    OK heat of the moment things were said and done, FINE.
    No excuse to put your hands on someone…Period.
    Sorry P, keep strong
    NEXT the black eye peas cds is shit it really is it's a complete waste. I've lost all respect for that whole camp mind u i only had 2 cents worth to start.

  37. 1137

    THIS BRINGS THE LOL'S!!!!!!!!!

  38. 1138

    how is he lying?
    obviously the manager would turn himself in to protect their image.

  39. 1139

    I am so sorry perez for what happen to you in toronto and i do belive you and i hope you will continue doing what you do because you are awesome at it, dont let anyone like that take you down.

  40. 1140

    Re: Letty Spaghetti – yeah funny as hell, we are all laughing our asses off at him

  41. 1141

    WOW as a gay man I say you get what you deserve. Now stop playing victim and go away quietly. You think you're all that. truth is Mario. You had this coming to you for a long time. You are not a voice for the gay community, but just the opposite. Stop playing victim Mario

  42. 1142

    Boom Boom Pow!

    Isn't payback a bitch? It's unbelievable the pages and pages of people who hate you Perez. Obviously you ain't man enough to take a punch and move on. Next time, keep your punk ass out of my city!

  43. 1143

    I am totally with you on this one. Sorry doll.

    and for all of the people who claim you deserve it or that you had it coming for the things you write, GET OFF THE GODDAMN WEBSITE! such hypocrites! you all read all of the things perez writes and obviously come back for more, (ex. you saw this post and commented on it), So if you hate him so much, LEAVE! and, for one thing, how could you have so much hate for a man you don't even know.

  44. 1144

    holy shit, wow. i'm sorry you had to go through that, mario! you're right, violence is never, ever the answer. we know you say some things on this blog that can definitely piss people off, and i oftentimes think you go way too far and act way too disrespectful towards some celebs with your posts, but that in no way means you deserve to be physically attacked.

  45. Irima says – reply to this


    Perez, I am glad you are ok. Your fans are here with you 100% and we love you dearly. I hope you charge the disgrace that is the bep manager. You know I am rather sad that Will.i.am would behave the way he did. He is always preaching "we need to love eachother", maybe he should learn to follow that himself before he tells others that. People can not expect respect from people if they don't show it themselves. And darling he does not respect you. Stay strong sweetheart. Love you bunches hun, your awesome. Give Gaga a kiss for me too.

  46. 1146

    OMG, you are SUCH a freaking crybaby. You have a little mark under your eye, GET OVER IT. I don't wanna hear you complain, and whine, and cry about getting beat up, until you accually do….

  47. 1147

    I will not support anything to do with this band & their sponsors. I will change stations when I hear them an the radio, and miss all the advertisers that follow their music.
    "Thugs" is correct. Once trash, always trash.
    Record labels take note.
    RFB in Palm Beach

  48. 1148

    I believe you Mario, and I'm sorry this has happened to you.

  49. 1149

    You can't be shocked that you got hit. It's not right, but when you dish trash, people will take it out on you.

  50. 1150

    That's what happens when you don't put out to down low brothers!!

  51. dark1 says – reply to this



  52. 1152

    It's understandable that you'd be very upset but I hope this will be a learning experience for you! You have to understand that VERBAL ABUSE via your FREE SPEECH can be just as hurtable as physical abuse. Violence is never an answer but you are also very violent with your words and hurt others the same way…. it's just not visible.

  53. 1153

    for someone who doesn't like drama in your life , you sure dramatized a lot . could have said your story in 3 minutes without all that draaammmaaaaa .

  54. 1154

    i think you should start talking nice about the celebrities because no one likes to be talked shit about them in a way you had it coming

  55. 1155

    Aww. I feel so bad. NOT!!! He lives for the drama and he craves it in his life. He wanted the drama with Carrie and he lived for that and now that that's blowing over he has to start something new. I don't think anyone beat him up. Where the cuts on his face? Where is the dry blood? I wish someone would beat Perez the fuck up. It's good to read this website, but that's all. He's not a good person. He's a disgrace to gay people and celebrities. He over acts everything. If they were all staying at the same hotel, can't we say that Perez followed them? WOW!!! if you're at the same place as someone, they're not following you. He sucks at being a human being!

  56. 1156

    anyone who reads this site daily will know that you speak honestly and give props when they are due. this assault is a reaction to WILL I AM NOT'S inability to deal with an honest opinion. he is a fucking asshole who could not even throw the sucker punches himself. i respect you perez for openly airing this statement which i do believe is the truth. don't cry over this asshole….he deserves none of that…..the fact that anyone would tell you that you did this for the press is HILARIOUS! unless you live in a bubble, everyone knows who you are ;) xoxo….ALWAYS a fan

  57. 1157

    Where is the transcript? Where is the captions?

    Either way, violence will never be the answer. Double jeers to Will.i.am and thousandfold jeers to the ones who continually bash Perez online from day one.

    Again, where is the transcript & captions for Deaf people to view what Perez has to say …

    *paging Bill Creswell!*

  58. 1158

    Maybe violence is never the answer, but I think you are the one who doesn't handle it well. I'm in come on, be a man at least, and don't cry for attention like this. I hate violence, but I must say this wasn't a surprise at all… You hate people so much sometimes….

  59. 1159

    Perez sweetie I am so sorry this happened to you. Nobody deserves to be treated this way. You have the right to your opinions just like everyone else and that is all you are doing on your site which I love dearly and cant get enough of. It is obvious that will and the manager are just insecure about themselves and their music and careers and saw the perfect time and place blame on someone else for what they are lacking in themselves. You are strong and we support you you are in our thoughts.love ya

  60. 1160

    I am so sorry this happened to you, Perez. You don't deserve it - no one deserves it. Power to you for standing up for yourself and empowering others to do the same. I will never buy a Black Eyed Peas or Fergie album again, or go to a concert. I am disgusted. Take care, Perez, and peace to you.

  61. 1161

    Also, I need to agree with you on the point you made about the new BEP album having some really horrible songs on it.

  62. 1162

    I hope Will i AM and his whole posse feel the backlash from this for a long time.
    Hitting someone cuz they don't like your music. SAAAAAAAADDDDD

  63. 1163

    Regardless of what was said, I am truly sorry to hear about your assualt, Perez. You are 100% correct in saying that violence is NEVER the answer! You and Will.i.am are grown man and the two of you should have come up with a mature way to handle the situation. I'll be praying for you (and Will).

  64. 1164

    "nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down …"

  65. 1165

    So Sorry Perez stay strong.

  66. n3v3r says – reply to this


    You deserved it! Where's the scar from your bleeding eye? I have seen both videos and I did take drama and you win hands down for an emmy award for the Most Dramatic blogger! Will.i.am didn't even cry and why in the world would you tweet something like that are you stupid or something. You disrespect some one you'll get disrespect back. You obviously want the attention other wise why in the world would you tweet about it? Come on I know that you are doing your job but when you disrespect someone then whine about it because the "supposedly beat you up" that's crossing the line. You know that you Perez Hilton could be arrested for making a false police statement.Remember police have ways to find out the truth so you better hope that you are telling the truth because Will.i.am can actually turn around and sue you for slander. You are just a blogging drama queen. Also if Jonathan Knight is gay that is his business not yours. If he wants to tell fans that he is gay then he will don't out him because you have nothing else better to do. Gossip is just the rambling of one's mind who has nothing else better to do.

  67. 1167

    It's understandable that you'd be very upset but I hope this will be a learning experience for you! You have to understand that VERBAL ABUSE via your FREE SPEECH can be just as hurtable as physical abuse. Violence is never an answer but you are also very violent with your words and hurt others the same way…. it's just not visible.

  68. 1168

    HA fuckheads need to grow up outta tha playground what is this junior high?

  69. 1169

    Payback is a bitch! Mario, you know this would eventually happen to you. You should have security around you 24/7. Your life is very dangerous, as you are making very powerful people very angry. I doubt this will be the last time you are assaulted. Never stop looking over your shoulder.

  70. 1170

    Re: YUCK – Oh yeah he's jelous of a meth addict? She's trash, come on for god's sake..Just another junkie..

  71. 1171

    Perez I'm on YOUR side!! Keep doing what you are doing and be well bb!!!

  72. 1172

    Re: Disturbed

    If you think perez is such a liar then why are you even a member of his site.it seems to me that you are the asshole..

  73. 1173

    Re: P.Hilton
    excuse me fuck you how dare you speak for toronto and Canada FUCK YOU!
    Perez is welcome here anytime but i think our country doesn't need peps like you speaking for it bitch!

  74. 1174

    you are a little naive if you didnt think that you had this coming. Keep on picking on Carrie Prejean or others that don't hit back

  75. 1175

    you are a pathetic, weak drama queen mario. it's too bad he didn't have a MACHETE to beat down your fat ass. karma is a huge bitch and you are feeling it now. you are just a FAT FUCK who insults people because of your insecurities. now go back to licking spencer's asshole.

  76. 1176

    That is disgusting behavior from Will I am the manager and Fergie. They can't intimidate and roughing people up because we think they suck and we don't like their music. Who the hell listens to them anyways…. LOSERS

    Press assault charges Perez, it's the right thing to do, 3 punches is no accident

  77. 1177

    : (

  78. 1178

    I feel for you Perez:)

  79. dark1 says – reply to this




  80. 1180

    No, violence is never the answer. An arrest should be made.

    Unfortunately, in this world, when you make a very public living humiliating others (granted, most often they too are public people and have made themselves open targets), you put yourself at risk for such retaliation. No, it isn't right. Violence is never the CORRECT answer. But, all too often, people answer incorrectly.

    Peace to all.

  81. 1181

    Re: LizardKinG – he is lizard….and i'm sure he won't mind if i make a direct quote……"i guess big girls do cry"……..bahahahahahahaha

  82. 1182

    Aww Perez. Hope you feel better soon. What a cock.

  83. 1183

    Perez, I agree that violence isn't the answer but not everyone understands that. Especially if you piss them off. I agree with freedom of speech however, you need to understand if you talk shit about someone they might come back and kick your ass. It might not be right but we don't live in a utopian society. You can dish it out but you can't take it. obviously if you're gonna talk shit about people and instigate shit with people then I think you got what you deserved. I agree with all the people telling you about karma. Put a steak on your eye and shut the fuck up. Hope you get over your case of the sads.

  84. 1184

    Is this your first day on planet earth, Perez. You've had this coming for a looooong time, buddy. You've done and said so many despicable things in the past 5 years with impunity *look it up* AND you've made a MINT off of it at the expense of sooo many people. You must be living in a dream world if you thought that you're weren't going to get touched up at SOME POINT. Quite frankly, im shocked that it doesnt happen more often. You should be getting punched dead in your face at LEAST once a day for the amount of shit that you stir up. I don't condone violence but make an exception for those who antagonize other for a LIVING - its absolutely revolting.

    Put some ice on your face and shut up.

  85. 1185

    That's pretty fucked up. If you can't handle the criticism, get the fuck out of the limelight of fame. It comes with the territory. I've lost a lot of respect now for the Blackeyed Peas. Mario, hang in there and be strong. hugs & kisses

  86. 1186

    PEREZ You are a wise man and I love you for that. Take my support. Be strong. I totally agree with you. FUCK YOU WILL I AM !

  87. 1187

    I'm sorry and I support you.

  88. 1188

    Good. Go call your lawyer. Woulda been 10 times funnier if a girl kicked your ass.

  89. 1189

    some gay rights activist you are. really? using 'gay' to insult him? fucking hypocrite. soooo incredibly disappointed.

  90. 1190

    To all the people saying this is what he deserved… u prolly said the same about Rihanna… we have evolved as human being far beyond needing to use violence to get our points across… Perez gets fucking paid to report on the lives of celebs… if u dont agree with his practices then why do u read his stuff? ur supporting it… Will had no right to try and intimidate perez, nor did his manager have any right to place his hands on him… the mature and professional thing to do would have been to just leave the situation alone after fergie confronted perez the second time… all of what happened just seems too coincidental to not all be related…

    Mario, i hope you are okay, and this hasn't shaken u up too much… the truth will indeed surface, and the lies will be exposed.

    i feel so ashamed of the readers who are blaming u, the victim… regardless of what u said to him [which in and of itself wasn't right] nothing should have escalated beyond that… and if it did… it should have been a verbal battle, not a physical one.

    i've said my piece.


  91. 1191

    for the win, Perez, way to stand your ground and call them for the trash they are!!

  92. 1192

    omg! i kept receiving tweet texts last night and i was really worried!!
    thanks God you are all right.
    you rock Perez!
    love u!

  93. 1193

    I hope they sue you for lying about Will.i.am and his supposed actions….that's defamation of character. You can't write that off as "oh I run a gossip site and I was just gossiping" You are stating lies as fact and are trying to have a negative effect on his career and life. I hope they sue the hell out of you; and you deserve it, you whiny bitch.
    ps….if you were beaten so badly, where are teh bruises, scratches, marks of any sort????

  94. 1194

    i think you all should be ashamed … you don't believe him why just because he is way better than you all are … will is lying why do u think he's not he wouldn't made a video to tell "his " story if he hadn't done anything … just leave Perez alone … if u think he lies why do u visit his site or watch video…

    be strong xoxo

  95. cgm81 says – reply to this


    I am sorry this happened to you! Stay strong and eff the haters. You're right - no matter what is being said violence is not the answer. I believe you.

  96. 1196

    Sorry that happened - but one can argue that not only is physical abuse never the answer — but verbal abuse as well.

  97. 1197



  98. 1198

    PR stunt!

  99. 1199

    You got what you deserve

  100. 1200

    You may want to think twice about calling someone a dumb bitch just because they don't agree with you.

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