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My Statement

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The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 101

    I have one question: Who drank more that night: YOU or The Black Eyed Peas? I believe I remember you posting a tweet that said something about you being able to drink now that you were through hosting the awards.

  2. 102

    You had this coming for a long time Perez.

    The hate you post about people sometimes, it never crossed your mind that someone might retaliate in a violent way?

    You "celebrities" need to grow the hell up, every last one of you.

  3. koph says – reply to this


    You make me proud, Mario.

  4. 104

    i have been waiting for something like this to happen. defo karma.
    i always thought it would be bruce willis that would of done the deed.
    ur a cyber bully.

    i have to admit though.. this shit is better than anything on the hills.

  5. 105

    the IRONY you RUIN peoples lives with your site and that was the smallest sample of the shit u have put people through. For example for outing people who then get beaten up, u might not have done it but you FUEL fights.

    You are the biggest shit sturrer so tough shit, and EVERYONE is laughing at your pathetic video as no one likes you!!

    **********TEAM WILL.I.AM*********************

  6. 106

    I'm not on any "side" because violence is pathetic but this is your karma, Perez.

  7. 107

    You're a lying hypocrite yourself. You keep saying you're a human being but you never act like one. You get off on drama in everyone else's lives and exploit it and make judgements on them like you're God and judge but you don't want drama in your own life? Get Real! You say you dish it and you can take it - apparently YOU CAN'T! Yeah you can say whatever you want but you also deal with the repercussions of the sewage that spews from your mouth as well. Quit being a crybaby. You provoke, you antagonize, you saw vile things about people everyday for profit and your ego is wayyyyyyyyyyy bigger than Kanye's could ever be. You think you can say and do what you want to people and nobody is going to come after you? Ha! You intentionally provoked him. You just said "I knew it would set him off". Well you get what you ask for hun. Suck it up and shut up. How do you like people getting off on the drama in your life now? Doesn't feel so good does it? You reap what you sow man.

  8. 108

    you're such a dramaqueen perez LMAO…WILL.I.AM you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 109

    So, you did lie? You said in your tweets that Will I Am assaulted you. Now you say it was his manager? Stop spreading lies, for christ sake.

  10. 110

    Don't Plug them ever again, You'll be fine.

  11. MilaP says – reply to this


    I'm so sorry this happened to you! Why can't we all just get along people? Violence is NEVER the answer! Black Eyed Peas officially SUCK !!

  12. 112

    You tell em Perez. I think you had every right to do what you did. Some people don't understand there just words…hello!

  13. 113

    GO PEREZ ! will i am is a gay mother fucker :)
    & fergie is a fugly bitch !
    whot whoot
    i love you.
    you are my new idol .

  14. 114

    I just took every black eyed peas song off of my ipod. I absolutely believe you, it sounds like something someone like him would say/do. He's trash, and trash usually doesn't care to live in a civilized society.

  15. 115

    Fergie is a fugly bitch haha

  16. 116

    fergie is fugly. perez, i was also a victim of violence and i want to tell you im sorry. yes you write things that are controversial, but the fact of th matter is, so do thousands of others. YOU DID NOT DESERVE THIS. i lhave a lo tof respect for you and your cander, and i think that your a talented journalist. take care of yourself.

  17. 117

    Good for you, everyone who knows him knows he is the
    BIGGGGGEST phony there ever was.

  18. 118

    I believe you 100%! I'm so sorry that this happened to you! Stay strong!

  19. 119

    YOU are a bully and you finally got what you deserved.

    It'll be Bruce Willis next, I'd say Britney but she's too busy brown nosing you.

  20. 120

    Agree PH that nobody deserves - under any circumstance - to be physically harmed.
    However, emotional abuse can be equally - if not more - harmful to people and leave much more lasting damage. eg. bullying, consistent name calling.
    Hope you recover soon and stay strong.

  21. 121

    I'm sorry you got attacked Perez! Keep your chin up!

  22. 122

    Violence is violence, physical or verbal. You verbally violate many people, this was coming to you. You are a bully! This is the beginning of the end ASSHOLE!!!!
    VIOLENCE IS NEVER AN ANSWER!!! Respect that!

  23. 123

    What kind of victim tweets while bleeding? come on!

  24. 124


  25. 125


  26. 126

    Maybe it shouldnt have gotten all violent, but you need to work on being NICER bc you ARE SOOOO MEAN sometimes, and GOD IS LOOKING AT YOU!! Words HURT TOO PEREZ, NOT JUST FISTS!!

  27. 127

    With the Internet booming, words speak louder then actions. I don't wish physical violence against anyone but you brought some of the violence against you. Yea…its not right but that's how society roles.

  28. 128


    You deserve it. I hope you get your ass kicked by everyone you talk shit about. "I'm a big boy and I can take it." NOT REALLY!

  29. 129

    although i do think your teeling the truth, you came off a tad dramatic… understatment of the year.

  30. 130

    Hey Mario, I am so sorry this happened to you… especially at what should have been an enjoyable night for you… I totally agree violence is never ever an answer and they should be held responsible for what they did to you… otherwise what kind of message does it send to the youth in an already violence riddled community ( I am from Toronto). I hope you are ok and know that people are feeling your pain.

  31. 131

    He definitely needed an ass-whooping w/ all the money he makes off talking shit about people w/ no consequences, though he's clearly LYING about what happened. Publicity seeking whore?! No surprise he would come up w/ this B.S. With all the lies he tells this is the boy who cried wolf.

  32. 132

    seriously are any of you assholes, evern watching his full video? Obviously not.. Watch it before you comment. Bless your heart perez.

    I know that karma is well deserved, and he will get his. My thoughts are with you right now….

  33. 133

    so you said after Miss California answered your (horribly politically charged,totally unfair) question that you were so mad you wanted to rip her eyes out? So I suppose violence is ok when someone disagrees with you? You are a ridiculously offensive person who now happens to be a hypocrite.
    Get off your soap box, pull your head out of your ass, and welcome to the real world.

  34. 134

    Wow. It's pretty awesome that people are copying and pasting replies—nice AEs.

    Either way, disrespectful or not, violence is NEVER the answer. {{hugs}}

  35. 135


  36. 136

    I really don't understand why people who obviously don't like you read your blog…its really stupid. I believe you, and agree that violence is never the answer. I recently had a friend in the ICU because of violence and never want to see somone that helpless.
    Stay strong! For every hater theres 5 more that love you!

  37. 137

    You didn't deserve to get hit, but you deserved to get told off.

  38. 138

    hahaha you make me laugh!
    I love how you over exadurate the whole thing and put emphasis on the agressive parts. You cause drama in your life. Seriously mate, its a reality check, its karma.

  39. 139

    Chicago supports u and believes u…we are gathering and going to destroy black eyed peas CDs will.I.am CDs and call for a ban against will.I.am for this horrible act of violence…Chicago stations have cut all black eyed peas music and will.I.ams music from it's radio stations…

  40. 140

    I really hope he doesn't get away with this. You are so right, NO ONE deserves to be treated like that no matter what they say.

  41. 141

    I hope your heart, mind and soul can heal from this. Stay strong!

  42. 142

    Perez, after this I will no longer be visiting your website, which I visited more than once a day. You cannot talk about people the way you do, and treat them the way you do, and not expect them to react in a negative manner. Though I would never wish violence on anyone, your response to this situation is not mature at all. Especially calling Fergie- who did NOT hit you or anything- a bitch. Also, tweeting for the police? Your SELFISHNESS caused others to be unable to get the help they needed. When you learn a little more maturity, I will consider visiting again. Until then, I hope you can learn the error in your ways.

  43. 143

    I would like to know.. if you hate Perez so much… why the heck are you reading the blog? jesus get a life people?

  44. 144

    omfg, I have never laughed so hard as I did watching this video…

    "from the bottom of my heart, I am a human being" LOL haha

    its funny, most of your "fans" are saying just what Im saying, you got what you deserved…must be lonely out there all by yourself…here is a tip…stop being an asshole and you wont get your ass beat

  45. 145

    WILL I AM is just as lame as his shitty band.

    Is he just realizing that his music is shit and people make fun of them??
    he needs to get over the fact that not everyone will like him.

    WILL I AM is a looser.

  46. 146

    some people dont even have the IQ to realize this IS entertainment (your web site)
    im so sorry you had to endure this shit in my country…
    you stood up for yourself and that's an amazing strength to have… most people dont have it within themselves.
    I hope this wont affect how you feel about Canada… but it's getting apparent we let too many assholes in…
    you are a diamond Perez and i tune in where ever you are… stay strong you are an inspiration!!!! black eye peas… bastards all of them … never did i like'em and fergie is fucken fugly… the dumb eyed bitch!!!

  47. 147

    aww perez

  48. palmy says – reply to this


    You got exactly what you deserve Perez.

  49. 149

    REMEMBER - Perez studied acting at one of the best drama schools in the world - TISCH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS @ NYU. He knows how to B.S. very well. He's a great actor.

  50. 150

    Good for you!!!

  51. 151

    Mario- Oh my God. I am sitting here crying my eyes out for you. You do make me happy - every day. Thank you for what you do. I am so proud of you for making a statement- stick to your guns. You know in your heart that these people are ashamed of themselves. How sad.
    Push on man-
    VIOLENCE is NEVER the answer!!!

  52. 152

    OMFG u have a lil smudge on ur face and ur acting like he beat the shit out of you come on now grow up

  53. 153

    That's terrible what an ass….. i hope he gets what he deserves. Violence is never the answer! i will never buy their music ever again!

  54. 154

    YAY! Finally! I don't condone violence and I'm a pretty compassionate person but I think you're the one person in the world I can be glad this happened to.

  55. 155

    This is the funniest video ever. You can't be serious right now? Whether it was Will i am or whoever, you had it coming….lol

  56. 156

    what a twat ! i ony signed up and did an acount just to say that ! im gona say it again
    WHAT A TWAT !!!

  57. 157

    thinking of you Perez!

  58. 158

    Under no circumstance is violence the answer .Stay strong Perez..

  59. 159

    hope your doing okay. sue the man.

  60. 160

    ohmygosh , stay strong and fee-yurce.
    youre fab-ul-ous , get well

  61. 161

    Sue the pants off of them Perez!!! They shouldn't have done that.

  62. 162

    What is going on?? I can't listen becausePerez I'm in class but Perez was attacked?? That's terrible!

  63. 163

    You are right, violence is NEVER the answer but some get it wrong on purpose.

  64. 164

    Stay strong, Mario. Anyone who says "oh, you had it coming" or "it's karma!" is an idiot and should take a look in the mirror. If someone doesn't support gossip, then get off of a gossip site!
    As you said, violence is NEVER the answer. Intimidation is NEVER the answer. It's never right to hit someone. So unprofessional.

  65. 165

    perez be careful with this vid.. people might use it as the new chris crocker vid …

    but hey stay strong! don't let them get you down like this! We love you and support you dear! and we believe you! so take your rest and let the police take care of this


  66. 166

    awww :( i sowwey. im totally on your side! panic can cause us to do some pretty scattered things. i know exaclty how flustered you probably were :( ily ily ily dont listen to these ppl trying to verbally bash you on your own blog. (you probably wont read this) -thx love

  67. 167

    I hope you get better!

    PS: If you don't like perez and what he writes why do you come here?

  68. 168

    you would not know the truth if it hit you in the face jerk

  69. 169

    Oh please Perez!! You make fun of people same children. You always hit below the belt. You deserve this. You are a horrible person. Maybe you will stop being so mean

  70. 170

    get those f'k'n web ads down, don't sponsor them. Cut em off, like you did the BMG people via Britney - never mention them again, watch their sales fall off. That Boom boom song is noise pollution, Fuck Will I am, Garbage.

  71. 171

    What a chris crocker drama!

  72. 172

    Don't listen to all the hate!! NO-ONE should be hurt even if you did call Fergie F'Ugly or write something they didn't like on your blog…Slagging some-one off ISNT hurtfull there just word's and people should get over it..But hurting some-one then following them is NOT RIGHT!!!

    Don't cry though hunni…U make so many of your fan's laugh from day to day with your witty comment's and your very up front blog's…We Love ya…Keep smiling hunni…xx

  73. 173

    I'm on team perez on this one. Violence is never the answer. When you get physical with someone for SAYING something, all that its doing is showing how weak YOU are as a person to ALLOW those words to hurt you. NO ONE can reach inside of you and FORCE you to feel ANYTHING. YOU make the choice to become angry or upset from words. And Will.i.am IS a coward.

    Maybe will.i.ams manager and chris brown should start a douchbags club.

  74. 174

    Perez. I am one of your biggest fans and I come to your site sometimes two or three times a day just to see what I have missed. In this situation I feel there is wrong on both sides. When Will.I.Am approached you and confronted you, it was wrong to call him a f*ggot. This is not a word that you would want said in your direction because it is hurtful and a word that should never be used just like n*gger. This word stirs up anger for so many reasons, for a black man those two words are plain horrible and disgusting.

  75. 175

    Perez, I created an account specifically to respond to this. I want to thank you for this message-you are absolutely right, violence is NEVER the answer. People may not like what you do, but that is what is so great about this country, THEY DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT. The Supreme Court holds freedom of speech and the press above almost all other civil liberties, and just because someone does not agree with what you say does not mean, in any capacity, that they have the right to resort to violence. I am so happy you made this statement, victims of violence need to know that regardless of what happened, they need to speak out. I hope you feel well soon, and keep doing what you're doing! There are millions of us that LOVE YOU.

  76. 176

    Re: misshoneyonline



  77. 177

    so theres always a first time buddy!! thats the risk of your job !

  78. 178

    As for the actions that followed when you said those things to him, I do not condone that either. I feel that both actions on both sides were wrong and this situation should have played out differently. I feel that as an artist you should understand that NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE YOUR MUSIC! I listen to all types of music and I can tell you several artist that I don't care for. I do understand that Perez, your blog goes out to millions of people and it can have an effect on an artist sales, so that can be sort of nerve breaking for an artist but they just need to come up with something better! Perez, hold your head up and do not let this slow you down. Keep it moving and keep giving us what we love. As for BEP…Get back in the studio and come up with music WE LIKE THAT ISN'T ANNOYING and maybe Perez will post good things like he has before with prior songs. Polo if you don't like that…come to Baton Rouge, LA and try to swing at me. I bet you won't make it to your car to follow me anywhere!

    Love you Perez,

    Sheena AKA Pizzazz01

  79. 179

    and also, your eye? i can barely tell you were hit, he probably bitch slapped you

  80. 180

    Why are you turds coming to HIS website and talking sh*t about him? U obviously love all this as much as I do. You watched over a ten minute video of him. I LOVE Perez and all of his blogs. Stars sgould know that people will have both good and bad things to say about them. It does not give them the right to HIT them. What else would all of us lames do all day if Perez did not speak his mind. I LOVE YOU PEREZ! Get well soon cupcake :)

  81. 181

    incase will.i.am really did that, it's pretty thoughtless to beat someone who can reach that many ppl in such a short period of time.

    more to come?!

  82. 182

    will is a fucktard.

  83. 183

    people read this blog for informtion on celebrities. people, myself included, want the drama of these celebs because we feel we need to bring them down to our level of normalcy. perez tells it like it is. his reports are true a lot of the time, and when they're not, he apologizes and corrects himself. he has an opinion, like everyone else in the world, and he has a right to express it. he in NO WAY deserved to be physically abused for something he wrote on his blog. millions of people like the black eyed peas, no doubt, but there are millions that don't like them as well. do you think Will.I.Am's manager should come up to me and punch me because i don't like them? I don't like Kristen Stewart, should she kick me in the shin? NO! Perez, like all of us are entitled to our opinion, and for people to think it was okay and that it was karma that perez got attacked: 1. you have to be twisted (was it okay that chris brown attacked rihanna? no, so why is this any better?) and 2. you clearly have no idea the meaning of what karma is. yes perez may be an asshole on his website, but you dont have to read it. anyone on the side of violence and Will.I.Am shouldn't be reading/viewing this to begin with. its shocking that people believe that violence is okay. it's never the answer, perez is right. fuck the black eyed peas and fuck you all for thinking that way.

  84. 184

    You people attacking perez and saying "he's disgusting and had it coming to him"…why do you read or come to his site?
    The more hits the site gets the more he will keep "reporting" on celebs and their silliness. you are just as bad as you think he is.

  85. 185

    LOL! Deserved you big GAY DRAMA QUEEN

  86. 186

    Lol maybe next time you'll watch your fucking mouth…This has been long overdue you even know that. What a bitch why tweet about it if you were really hurt? Pick up the god damn phone and dial its waaaay faster twat

  87. 187

    haha…. fergie is fugly. it had to be said.

  88. 188

    I'm so sorry Perez. You are this generations John Lennon. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. *Hugz*

  89. 189

    Sorry you were assaulted, Mario honey. Violence is never the answer, regardless of what might have been said between two parties. Like I tell my children when they fight w/each other, words cannot harm you and insults are never an excuse to physically strike out and hurt another person. Come to Kansas, Mario, and I'll take care of you! I'm a fantastic cook and you can get all the R&R you need! Hope you recover quickly!

  90. 190

    Perez, your words are often just as hurtful as a fist. Some who are not as eloquent with words and cannot hit back with words will hit with fists due to frustration. It's karma buddy, it just bit you on your ass. Try saying some nice things about people for a change…

  91. 191

    It is interesting that the background advertising I am seeing on Perez shows the Black Eyed Peas, I was I was Perez and I was angry, I wouldn't helping the Black Eyed Peas (and thus Will.I.AM) advertise.. This kind of seems like a publicity stunt.

  92. 192

    Perez quote: "I like writing about other people's drama, I don't want any in my own life". WTF? What the hell do you think you're going to get when you slam other people over and over. Perez, you are seriously delusional and a sad example of a human being. Use this "incident" as a wake-up call. Just because you "can handle" people slamming you doesn't mean other people can handle you slamming them all the time. You don't give a rat's ass about other people's feelings. You have a sense of entitlement that you in no way deserve. You need to realize that your words and razor tongue are just as bad as throwing punches. By the way, you have a scratch below your eye. You're eye wasn't going to fall out. You need to man the hell up! I love it when you say that the manager was "unprofessional" for punching you. There is nothing professional about anything you ever write or the pictures you post. You are a whiny baby and I can't believe anyone would take your side on this. There is one word for this. It's called "K-h-a-r-m-a". You get what you give, Perez. You know what? God is looking down on you too. You're words hurt people worse than punches. Please, think about that and change your ways. I don't condone physical violence, but I sure as hell don't condone the verbal violence that comes out of your mouth either.

  93. 193

    this day in age be happy you didn't get fucken shot……be happy it was just a good ol fashion beat down - youre worse then a 10 year old little girl…..

  94. 194

    maybe if you hate them so much.. u should stop advertising for them on the main page… ur background has black eyed peas all over it… strange..

  95. 195

    I hope you are going to be okay. You are so right, violence is never the appropriate answer. Stay strong! Karma can be a real b*tch, what goes around comes back around. Remember the Wicca rule of 3, What ever you do to or for another comes back to you 3 times worse or better.

  96. Bytch says – reply to this


    Mean words and intimidation pissed you off, Perez…..that's interesting.

    Throw stones at cars enough times and someone's going to get pissed off, stop and chase you down. Nobody should hit….but I can't believe you're surprised that someone was pissed off enough to.

    Make your police report like a regular person. I can't believe I just watched 11 minutes of that shit.

  97. 197


  98. Dani says – reply to this


    that is terrible!

  99. 199

    Ummm….you are screaming (it means somethin is shady about you Mario).
    Okay so its official-it don't matter the motivation you had-YOU FAILED RIGHT THERE WHEN YOU CALLED WILL.I.AM A F****T.
    So it is obvious that it is you who has been lying about the situation.

  100. 200

    I believe you Perez

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