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My Statement

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The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 201

    Will I Am is right, Perez. Don't write about them anymore - they aren't worth blowing a fart in their direction. I'm banning all their so-called work and spreading the word (not like I ever got into their crap anyway). Obviously "professionalism" is not in their vocabulary. Let them be - they'll sink faster than the Titanic. If they can't take criticism from you then think about how they really feel about their fans - the truth will come out. Seriously, what the f kinda name is Will I Am? I think we all know the answer to that one ~

  2. 202

    No one deserves to be hit no matter what. Even if you do not agree with what they say, be the bigger person and walk away. Sure perez might hold a lot of power over the celebrities he blogs about and sometimes it might not be what they want to hear, but that's what you deal with when you're in the spotlight. There will be people who like you and those who don't-that doesn't mean that you should result to violence to deal with your problems.

    This situation could have been easily avoided. I hope that those hurt because of this situation find peace. Get well soon perez!

  3. 203

    oh yeah and snitches get stitches BITCH!

  4. 204

    You pretty much just admitted that Will didn't do anything and that you can dish it but can't take it. You're such an idiot. Quite frankly, you deserved so much worse than you got. The only part of your video I liked was when you were crying like a little bitch. That was hysterical! Thanks for the laughs!

  5. 205

    PEREZ, I'm right behind you!

    Stay strong, BB!

  6. 206

    Re: Disturbed – seriously you expect sympathy? you got what your deserved, hopefully a precedent has been where you someone punches you in the face every time you post some bs criticizing somebody for being slightly over weight or because they made a bad movie. You actually made me like the black eyed peas. P.S. Can you make fun of mayweather jr.? I'd love to see him punch you.

  7. 207

    hey.. how can you people say such ignorant shit.. no one should be a victim of violence.. perez only gave his oppinions and that do not justify someone act violently towards you.. how can anyone think that such a thing solves any problem haven't we learned anything from all the wars in the world. I think it is sad that there is so many ignorant people in the world. I hope you are okay perez and you should know that you have many people behind you. If you don't like what perez is saying the don't read his blog for fuck sake stop being such ignorant bastards!!

  8. 208

    listen perez… im really sorry you were hurt but honestly i cant believe it has taken so long. what you do is not nice. you talk so nastily about people. you do it for money. you make fun of people for money. i remember as a kid my parents were not so nice, physically and mentally. the words honestly hurt more than the physical and still stick with me till this day. what you do is just as hurtful. dont try to spin that.

  9. 209

    you exemplify what is wrong with society. In every way.

  10. 210

    So Perez, I guess you find yourself as horrible as Issiah Washington. Remember he called someone a f*ggot and you thought he should be fired and run out of town. I guess you are just as disgusting. It is pretty sad that in your mind the most hurtful and disgusting thing to call someone is gay. That is pretty sad. Shame on you.

  11. 211

    lmao well rehearsed perez but what sucks is if you actually are telling the truth *for once* no one's probably going to believe you.

    it's like the boy who cried wolf. after so much bs you've spewed now when you need people to believe what you are saying most of them are going to turn their backs on you

  12. 212

    Wow, it baffels me beyond belief, that the amount of comments on here are so negative and hateful..I seriously do not understand that if you hate this man THHAT much why you would come to this site, why you would take the time to MAKE A ACCOUNT and come on here just so say shit like that..You realize you coming on here and making a profile and commenting, is giving the site profit..Do you think he cares what you say..um no becasue weather u like it or not, you coming on here just to bash him is supporting the site and he is profitting from it..SO Good for you!

  13. 213

    I honestly feel bad for you :(

  14. 214

    I'm really disappointed with anyone who says Perez deserves this. As a professional in the public eye will.i.am. and his manager should NOT have reacted to Perez AT ALL! there is no excuse what so ever to react in a violent manner no matter how you FEEL the other has treated you.
    Saying Perez deserves this….That's like telling a rape victim they deserved it, or had it coming. have a soul or heart or whatever. Perez may not be the BEST human being in the world but there are far worse and more deserving of being made to feel small and abused. If you come to this website you are just as bad as him (I'm not excluding myself in anyway I fit into the morbidly curious and interested by others problems slate)

    If you're going to say that Perez deserved this and that it was karma then realize you're just giving yourself bad karma by feeling those bad things toward another. You should be taking a long had look at who you are if you feel that will.i.am and his manager were in the right, because they were not.

    Feel better Perez!

    p.s. to anyone that called him fat hes looking WAY WAY better than before.
    keep up the good work perez

  15. 215

    no one deserves to be treated that way, and of course it would come from a THUG!

    I love you perez!

  16. 216


  17. 217

    you have hurt so many people in the last five years and it amazes me you believe you can get rich and be happy doing so. I'm shocked that something like this didn't happen sooner. Being assaulted is not cool, but maybe now you will rethink your contributions to our world.

  18. 218

    thinking of you, perez! stay strong

  19. 219

    I'm SO sorry Perez!!!! Get well soon……..and I really hope this does not darken your view of Toronto. We love you here, always will…….and you're ALWAYS welcome here!!!!

  20. 220

    Karmas a bitch, huh? You get what you deserve asshole.

  21. 221

    Perez Baby! You are amazing, and I totally agree with you! I read your tweets yesterday night, and felt so horrible that I couldnt do anything about it! Just keep going you are an adoreable, loving, caring, honest and AMAZING person, and I love you!

  22. 222

    i believe u perez :(

  23. Bytch says – reply to this


    Sorry, Perez…..but you having been punched fails in comparison to robberies, stabbings and people actually in life or death situations. Your call was low priority…stop bashing the Toronto Police Department you fucking asshole. You think your problems are the most important thing they deal with? Get the fuck over yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 224

    I agree! Violence is NEVER the answer to ANYTHING.
    I'm so glad you're ok!

  25. 225

    So what if you didn't like something of theirs. They should get over themselves. I thought this last single s-u-c-k-e-d! They acted like a bunch of children over this. They need to get over themsleves. Love ya man and hope your ok.

  26. 226

    you don't need or want publicity but instead of calling the police you tweeted - ya ok! :-D

  27. 227

    His career is over…

  28. 228

    OMG, you have got to be kidding me. You are actually having a attack over a couple of punches. Thank god you don't live in the hood. Give me a break. Maybe you deserved it. What gives you the right to verbally abuse people. Using words can definitely affect people as well. I'm not saying that you deserved getting punched but you have to look at what your doing as well. Posting negative things about people. That can also cause harm. Grow some balls! If you can ditch it, prepare yourself to take it.

  29. 229

    LAWL. you can dish it but you can't take it.

    You got less than what you deserved. I'm so going to itunes and buying every single BEP song now. I love them even MORE than i did before!!

  30. 230

    I don't feel for you.

  31. 231

    Dear Perez Hilton. I agree, violence is NOT the answer, BUT your job is actually to hurt people in another way: with words.
    It is a very dangerous job in a more and more violent world.
    You are not an anonymous tabloid, you are an identified person and you expose yourself to bad reactions. It's brave actually. You are not hidden behind the name of a trashy newspaper or magazine.
    Sooner or later, someone stupid who reacts with violence would do that.
    You must be strong and not become a victime. Be proud of what you do and don't pity yourself. I know you are shocked at the moment. But be smart. Most people will be blind Black Eye Peas fans and they won't follow you and most of the stars will be so happy to have a revenge againt what you said about them in the past… unless you show you're stronger than the one who attacked you. Don't become a drama queen and fight back in a smart, trashy, fun way. Put yourself together and bring back Perez Hilton.

  32. 232

    Perez you deserved to be punched for using those same hate words you preach so strong against! Its horrible that in a situation where you should defensed yourself you resulted to name calling and not only that HORRIBLE hate filled words

    You deserve the black eye

  33. 233

    Re: Disturbed – wow! seriously?! How bout this? Fuck you and yo momma!

  34. 234

    hope your ok perez! will.i.am is a horrible human being

  35. 235

    These people are supposed to be professionals. They are known world-wide. You would think that they were bigger than that going off on people who do not like their music which BTW sucks!

    Perez can be mean to people. SO FUCKING WHAT!!!! Deal with it and don't read HIS BLOG! If someone insults you it does not give you the right to assault them.

    Why are you disrespecting me? Because you're an asshole William!

  36. 236

    Geez, I wonder why anyone would want to attack you…

  37. KHawk says – reply to this



  38. Deja says – reply to this


    Whahhhhhhh Whahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop crying.

  39. 239

    Perez. I am so sorry what happend. You are right nobody should EVER be treated like that, and you should not stand for this. Please, in a situation like this, you have to press charges. You can not let him do that and then get away with it. I love you so much!!!! You know what? Thay do not deserve to be on your awesome blog. Never speak about them again, or only the lord know what they will do to you.

    In a time like this, remember that you are the better person.

    God bless you, and i hope verything works out.


  40. 240

    In the words of Cypress Hill:

    "What goes around comes around kid"

    Perez you Deserved what happened to you. Man up put a cold steak on your eye and man up.

  41. 241

    Oh I'm sorry are you fucker's on will.I.am's web site … No if it was not for Perez you assholes would be looking at CNN right about now so for you to say that's what you get then why the fuck do you keep coming back for more … Grow up you love what he has to say about pep's and love what he show's you. Never Attack some one for saying what they feel about things that are true. And boy what perez say's HELLO are true and funny .. Thanks for making my day all day every.. day.

  42. 242

    I didn't feel comfortable watching this, the feeling is genuine, the truth will out but you CANNOT fake the raw emotion expressed here. Whatever the situation violence is NOT the answer. No one deserves this.

  43. 243

    "then he followed me to my hotel….which they were staying at too" dork. both you guys are douchebags: you for crying like a baby for getting what's coming to you, and will.i.am. for giving a rat's ass what a blogger writes about him.

  44. 244

    stay strong my love!

  45. 245

    Re: Disturbed – Perez clearly states in this statement that the manager is the one who hit him…stop being an asshole disturbed…no one deserves to be hit…no matter what you think of them.

  46. 246

    Poor baby…you are so f*cking dramatic, not to mention hypocritical…you reap what you sow…this is the end of your little reign of negativity and hate…you have exhibited the universal laws of attraction…you got what's been coming for a long time…do you honestly think you're going to elicit any real sympathy? Your video is so laughable…."I AM IN SHOCK…I AM BLEEDING…MY EYE IS FALLING OUT OF MY HEAD..NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME" LOL

    And by the way, don't bring GOD into your little tyrade…there is nothing GODl-like in your hate filled blog….You should have gotten your fat ass beat down before and hopefully it will happen again.

    Learn to shout that FUCKING mouth of yours you big loser! One last thing, the things you write and say do hurt people, so get over yourself and quite feeling so damn sorry for yourself. YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED!

  47. 247

    hahaha got what you deserved.

  48. 248

    Also, ONTD ROCKS!

  49. 249

    This is like a law & order episode. GREAT video, it has HILARIOUS!

  50. 250

    OMG Perez i hope you are okay, i hope t hey arrest the asshole of a manager for hitting and you and WillIam for being a lying ASSHOLE!!

  51. 251

    Will.I.Am. started it so Perez is finishing it. That dumbass should have left him alone, Perez didn't do anything to him. Will.I.Am. should get kicked in his vagina for what he did to Perez. I love ya Perez.

  52. 252

    im really confused…





  53. 253

    I believe you. I hope your okay!

  54. 254

    :O poor mario! you shouldn't call people names like that though, but still, i can't believe they attacked you and then LIED!

  55. 255

    You know Mario, I agree with you that violence is never the answer and that it should never be accepted. I also feel for you because having been violated even with just one hit is something very shocking to have to go through.
    You should however (and this is not me saying what goes around, comes around) understand that when you're as powerful as you've become in the world of media -people are going to get upset and lose their heads. I'm frankly surprised that this is the first time it happens. Sadly whoever did this to you wasn't in a state where they could be that centered of a person to resolve their frustration by talking to you, or brush it off. Never forget that we are all individuals and what is ok in your frame of mind might be extremely offensive to someone else, and trust me, sometimes words are just as hurtful as a physical punch. I'm not saying you deserved this, but maybe this is a wakeup call for you to maybe think about where you're headed in life and about the negative energy you're putting out by trashing so many people relentlessly on your blog. I wish you resolution and that you come of out of this a stronger person. Much love/Szilvia

  56. 256

    Oh Mario, that was a powerful testimony. Thug was too good a word for them but…let's backtrack. Fergie put the chain of events in motion so don't excuse her psycho behavior. And while will i. am was threatening, big time, it was the manager who clocked you:(( They **all** share culpability in this. I NEVER want to listen to that group again. Just a bunch of assholes who can sorta sing. Disrespect? They were *looking* for an excuse to come after you. Do me a favor and don't dirty your column by even mentioning those idiots anymore. And I hope, in time, this unpleasantness fades for you. You were absolutely sincere and truthful. And…violence is never, ever the answer.

  57. 257

    Espero que estés bien!! Mucho ánimo!!

  58. 258

    They are terrible for resorting to violence…and i wonder, did they think that would make you stop talking about them? They obviously come from trashy backgrounds, anyone who will resort to violence is either trash or crazy, and deserve punishment. Incase they forgot, you make your living gossiping about everyone, thats your job, they should respect it. And don't let any of these other losers telling you that you had it coming bother you, they are obviously also trash.

  59. 259

    I you are Ok. there is never any justification for violence. No matter who assaulted you it's scummy.

  60. 260

    I LOVE YOU PEREZ! The witnesses will be able to say what really happened and you have lots of supporters out here! Fuck will.i.am fuck the black eyed pees!

  61. Token says – reply to this


    Perez, you're right. Violence is NEVER EVER the answer. And I think as emotional as you are right now, you said it perfectly. You don't need press. Black Eyed Peas popularity as declined (albeit slow..). They need it. You don't. I don't always agree with the things said on perezhilton.com, but causing another human being physical harm is PATHETIC.

  62. 262

    Verbal Assault is the same as Physical Assault.

    Everyone's a human being, assault is the same whether its verbal or physical. I think the moral of the story is shut your mouth and you won't get it filled.

  63. 263

    omg im so sorry

  64. 264

    you know whatever happened, violence is never the answer.
    full stop.

  65. 265

    he said u insult him

  66. 266

    Karma is a bitch.

  67. 267

    Stay strong, Perez. I know that you'll get through this. I totally believe you 100%. I love you!!! :]

  68. 268



  69. 269

    Re: Disturbed
    You're a moron. If you actually watched the video, perex never says that Will hit him, he said they had words and that Will's manager hit him, you idiot. Perez isn't lying.

  70. 270


  71. 271

    Hey Perez,

    I want to say that I really respect you after doing this. You were really hurt by this and I believe you. God knows who's lying and you are not the one.
    Bless you, and go around and tell your story because that is really importonant!

    Good luck!

  72. 272

    I can understand Will.I.Am getting upset buh to come right to ur face n dish it out n Thenn the manager hits U…Not Smart at all. Ur right violence is never the answer, i bet acholol was involved. Hope U get better, im sorry this had to happen in my hometown.

  73. 273


  74. 274

    That was such a great way to end the video.

  75. 275

    Don't listen to all these whining children, Mario. They wouldn't be on here naysaying you if you didn't make an impact on our world. WE LOVE YOU. Will.i.am. is a shirker who hides behind subterfuges, stay strong.

  76. 276

    clap clap clap…that was good….its a little over the top - but hey…it might just work…remember to save money.

  77. 277

    I'm so sorry this had to happen to you in Toronto of all places!
    I hope it doesn't make you feel negatively towards our city…and all your fans here!
    plz come back~ xo

  78. 278

    Poor you Perez :(
    I believe you. Violence is NEVER ok

  79. 279

    You cause drama, pain and discomfort for countless others with glee.


  80. 280

    Honestly perez, what did you expect? you're right, you shouldn't have been hit, but that's what happens when you create so much negativity. you talking about everyone else's business and drama is creating drama in your life so you're really bringing it on yourself. he was wrong to hit you, but emotional abuse is JUST as bad as physical.

  81. 281

    How traumatic and awful. I have never been hit in the face, and I can't imagine how frightening it must have been. I suggest some therapy so that you can try to avoid any kind of post traumatic stress, and don't stop. Don't stop what you do. I log in to your site countless times a day, and enjoy reading your blog. You are a survivor. Hang in there.

  82. 282



  83. 283

    you're right violence isn't the answer… but neither is attacking the way someone looks just because you're upset with one of their friends. way to take the high road. i really don't understand where your misogyny comes from… as someone who has faced prejudice, i would hope that you would be able to understand that women face their fair share too. you're more and more disappointing everyday.

  84. 284

    I am shocked! For whatever reason someone has a problem with another individual it is never okay to physically harm someone else. Perez is upset and scared, as he should be. There is no way to prepare yourself for what happened to Perez and he has every right to be upset and angry. This is a gossip site and it is his job to report and blog about what he knows and people who come to this site value his opinions but you don't always have to agree with them. Stay strong Perez

  85. 285

    I'm with you on this situation. looking at both your video and the one that WIll.I.am posted, it is clear to see who is being genuine, and who is covering something up.
    -I was skeptical at first, but I hope you continue to deal with this as is best suited. -Never really was a BEP's fan, now I've definitely lost much respect for them.

    - cold day in Hollywood.
    -E-mail me back. get better.

  86. 286

    I believe you Perez. xoxo
    Black eye peas new album does suck! you have the right to say anything you want to. They will get what they deserve. losers.

  87. 287


  88. sideh says – reply to this


    you are so incredibly stupid.
    you need to grow up. this video made you sound 10 years old. suck it up.
    violence is not the answer, but how cant you expect someone to take your bullshit and verbal abuse and not do anything? your fame comes from other celebrities so honey dont think so big of yourself. its been 5 years and im surprised this hasnt happened sooner. because you can 'handle' it doesnt mean other people can so sit the fuck down. you think way to highly of yourself. if will.i.am did beat you up i would do nothing but support him because your constant negativity and attitude towards other celebrities is degrading, insulting, and as hurtful as the pain he may or may not have inflicted on you.

    in all honesty YOU DESERVED IT regardless.

  89. 289

    I Lovee Yhuu :)
    Get Better, Hun

  90. 290

    I am suprised that all these people who hate Perez and think he deserved this actually have user names so they can comment on this website. I enjoy the site, but buddy, you had to see this coming sooner or later.

  91. 291

    I'm on your side Perez! the black eyed peas are jokes anyway….Fergie started the whole thing anyway…as a celebrity she should know ANY press you gave her was good for her! why should you lie if you dont like their music??? FREE SPEECH!!

    Hope the manager goes down….and for all of you thinking he deserved it?? Why are you even here reading his blog?? Idiots!

  92. 292

    Re: dior526 – he was trying to get other ppl to reach the police for him since they werent coming dumbass. pay attention because he has no need to seek attention.

  93. 293

    I hope u feel better! ANYONE let alone Perez(who makes a living off blogging) has the right to say whatever they want about anyone PERIOD. "first they will laugh at you, then they will become scared of you, and then they will fight you. Then you win." M.G.

  94. 294

    The most human side of you Mario that I have ever seen.
    Some have said that you deserve this/karma, etc but that's not true. This violent act is a reminder to us that many celebs think they are above the law.
    Next time get GaGa bodyguard to kick their asses.

  95. 295

    wOW shocking story but PEREZ every word is right i would have done the same to you and well done for not raisng your hand in return. I just took boom boom pow off my playlist BYE BYE

  96. 296

    U know, i've stayed loyal to you and defended you when I needed to.

    I'M DONE. You're an idiot drama queen…you had the 911 lines all tied up in Canada…what the hell were you thinking? Over a little blood…what if some child was dying while its parents were on hold for 911? What a fucking sissy bitch you are Perez. I'm never coming back to your site again…i'll find someone else.

    Wil.I.Am was RIGHT…its one thing to assert your opinion, its another thing to start all this shit…all he did was ask that you not disrespect fergie anymore…i don't like the chick that much either but you have crossed the line with comments recently.

    Its like this whole Prejean thing has made your head way too big. Eat some humble pie and maybe you'll get some readers back.

  97. 297

    HUH? You have No Boundaries Whatsoever and exhibit and spray your Rude Rude behavior, everywhere at all times. Plain old UGLY everyday, every way.

    But more important: nobody gives a damn, Perez.

    Go sit down.

  98. 298

    Hugs to you, Perez. I hope that the truth ultimately prevails and justice is served.

  99. lovsy says – reply to this


    to be honest in m not always on ur side and some of of your comments frequently irritate me BUT on this one i m all on ur side!!! whatever u may say or write about cannot be answered back by acts of violence.
    Do not try to understand people that resort to violence. Needless to say i m never buying anything from the black eye peas again.

  100. 300

    perez hilton is a LOSER

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