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My Statement

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The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 301

    I really dont know who to believe because Perez gossips not spreads rumors. But then again why would will i am want bad publicity?

  2. 302

    ok, i also think that violence is not the answer, buuuuuuut… i also believe in KARMA!!!

    this video was kinda funny!! xD

  3. 303

    Speak the truth Perez
    it was wrong what they did to you
    and i hope they get whats coming to them
    and i hope you feel better

  4. 304

    Ummmm….who the fuck cares? Really? You are mean and it was bound to happen.

  5. 305

    LOLOL! Im sorry but I think everyone saw this coming. You say horrbile things and people have feelings so it was bound to happen. You big girl!

  6. 306

    I can't believe this is true. I feel so sorry for you. Noone deserves to be punched in the face. I have cleared my iTunes from any BEP and Will I Am. I have no room in my life for these people who can't respect other people. I love you Perez. AAF.

  7. 307

    these stupid perez tv clips never work for me! what happened..what did he say? help me out peeps!!! his face isn't all bruised so it must not have been that bad!

  8. 308

    you dont have a heart after 5 years of being a nasty bit of shit you are lucky you have not had worse done. You mentally hurt people and I have had bruises bigger then that on my little finger.
    Hope the police see this, in fact I KNOW THEY WILL!

  9. 309

    I believe in your story. Your video is great and touching.
    Sois fort.

  10. 310

    thats what you get perez for talking shit you little bitch, if you can't back it up don't throw it out.

  11. 311

    Well my parrot feels better.

  12. 312

    i registered and logged in only to say

  13. 313

    OMG this was so funny!!! Perez is full of drama and I think he got what he deserved. He talks too much shit and I'm surprised It took so long for someone to do something about it.

  14. 314

    hang in there dont give up

  15. 315

    Shame on you Will.I.Am. For being such a pathatic human thing. You disgust me. Perez, I'm with you, because indeed. Violence is NEVER the answer. And how pathetic is it, to have you manager who is supposed to be professional, use violence against someone, who has an opinion you don't like. Well guess what, I didn't like Boom Boom Pow either in the beginning, are you gonna assault me too?

  16. 316

    Perez, Sweetie, I am SO SORRY that you have had such a traumatic experience. This society has become so violent, and these thugs only know how to use their fists or worse. I am sick of celebrities getting away with all manner of bad behavior, and I am glad that you made a police report, and are going to follow through. I hope the guy gets jail time. I wish you well. Much love.

  17. 317

    All of you mother fuckers who are on will I Am's side can go rot in fucking hell. Perez DID NOT deserve this and you all fucking know it. He did the right thing by calling the police. He should sue the pants off those mother fuckers and make this very public. there reputation as the black eyed peas should go down with them.

  18. 318

    So sorry Perez. WTF is wrong with these peeps commenting so negatively…obviously if they have a log in they frequent your site so why are they sticking up for Wil.i.am???? That shit is not right….

  19. 319

    So glad to hear that your fat ass finally got what it has coming. Perez you were an embarrassment at MUCH. No wonder your little bitch ass got slapped around (and now your making video "statements of truth"… ha ha ha… man you are a disgrace).

  20. 320

    Aw *Hugs*
    I have lost all respect for will.i.am
    Even though Perez, you dissed my favourite band (Tokio Hotel)
    I really do feel for you!!

  21. 321

    Perez, I love you and I'm sending good thoughts your way. There is no need for violence… and I've lost all respect for the black eyed peas, which is fine because I've never been a fan of their music.

  22. 322

    Will-i-am is a thug apparently…get them back by exposing them and their hood antics! They are so lame! Hang in there, P!

  23. 323

    (L)be OK :)

  24. Coif says – reply to this


    It was only a matter of time before you big mouth would get you in trouble. Respect is not given freely its earned. You continually make fun of women's weight, people features, you drawn on photos like a snotty child. Also you cant take it when someone dishes it out to you, we've seen that in your posts.

    Your only making it worse for you with this blog, instead of calmly and thoughtfully making a statement as to what happend to you, You rant and rave and do more name calling. When will you learn. It doesn't surprise me that someone hit you. It was just a matter of time.

  25. 325

    and for all you people being like, "wah wah wah, you deserved it, wah wah wah" i'd just like to remind you that the 1st amendment to the constitution of the united states gives perez the right afforded to him by the united states of america to say or write whatever he wants…i'm yet to see an amendment that says someone can use physical violence because they don't like what he says. will.i.am is just a douchebag crybaby.

  26. 326

    are you effing serious? you could pick up the phone to tweet but not call the police… yeah right- just being an attention whore.

  27. 327

    Wow, so this had some vaguely racist moments. Thanks!

  28. 328

    I don't know exactly what happened - I wasn't there. And everyone knows that video can be doctored. That being said… You're right Perez - violence is never the answer. However, throwing the kind of name-calling temper tantrum that you allowed your video to turn into is not the answer either. IF everything as you state it in the video is true, you only make yourself look foolish and immature by resorting to the absolutely ridiculous name calling. You say that because you dish it out, you can take it - this video says the exact opposite of that. It would have been so much better if you had taken the high road and refused to comment on this until (and if) you were approached by the authorities. I certainly didn't gain any respect for will.i.am and the peas from this, but I can tell you I have lost any respect I might have had for you. No, you didn't deserve "this" - but it's time to grow up now, Perez.

  29. 329

    okay, now wait a minute Perez. You said it yourself, "I like writing about drama in other people's lives, I don't like drama in my own life."

    While I agree that violence is never the answer, you tend to push people too far with your comments and disgusting drawings on the pictures that you post.

    Basically, you LOVE drama and you thrive on it.

    What goes around…………..

  30. 330

    Don't let them bring you down, be strong, be happy, be successful. As of now the Peas are out of my shuffle.

  31. 331

    WTF PPL?? Its scary to see how many ppl are so quick to support acts of violence. No one deserves to be hit.
    Stay strong Perez! You have support!

  32. 332

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! You deserve it you lying fat sack of shit! KARMA IS A FUCKING BITCH YOU FAT ASS!

  33. 333

    I don't believe in violence to solve problems either, but I do not believe in making someone feel like shit about themselves the way you do Perez. I also know people have limitation to what they can take. Like I said before unless someone gay or is a flag flying supporter you bash the crap out of them.
    What did you eventually expect to happen??? You are a very cold cruel person to some of these people. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. Not everyone has a cool collected temper and someday it might be worse So reconsider how you talk about people

  34. 334

    oh and one more thing….all this shit you're taking right now….


  35. 335

    Thank you for your statement, it makes me more proud of Will.I Am. Now i believe him more than anything in this world.Will.I Am is right, you're so dis-respectful. Calling Will.I AM a "motherfucker" and Fergie a "Fugly Bitch" rest credibility in your story, insulting someone never is right, like violence, but if you mix both things it could be dangerous.

    You got what you deserved

  36. 336

    Thank god you're ok and it wasn't worse. People are assholes and losers. Especially those who have to resort to violence because their too much of a dickhole to use their brain. CAVEMAN STYLE fist fight. Ugh. Good thing I found this out before supporting them and buying their album. I hope you're doing well and things work out and justice will be served. Those pieces of shit.

  37. slick says – reply to this


    better call the wahhhhmbulance!

  38. hummm says – reply to this


    I have just listened to your whole statement. So by your own admission (albeit it dramatically) - you got punched in the face - not by Will.I.Am - for being a bit of a bitch really.
    That happens every day to people.
    May make you be a bit nicer in future when things aren't really deserved eh?
    No, you shouldn't have been smacked - but firstly) you have THE smallest black eye I have ever seen, and secondly) you heard the saying 'what goes around comes around'?

    This is Karma Perez. You can't be a bitch and expect to get away scot free forever.

  39. 339

    Will i am should practise what he preaches

    where is the love MY ASS the closet cased, douche bag!!

  40. 340

    No crime is more compounded than when someone reverts to physical violence BUT… you are not innocent Perez. The things you write and the pictures you draw are harmful!! Words are not passive. You use your tongue like a weapon and frankly you've been tempting fate for a long time. You mentioned God several times. Ever read scripture on the curse of words? Biblegateway.com…go have a read. Lots of gossip columns exist that don't taunt people the way you do. You clearly have a disdain and disrespect for your fellow human beings that has brought you to this moment. Own it!

  41. 341

    AY MARIO ESPERO QUE TE SIENTAS MEJOR Y ESPERO QUE TOMES ACCION Y LOS DEMANDES POR ACOSO. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
    Eleanor Roosevelt, 'This Is My Story,' 1937

  42. 342

    Quite crying you drama queen!!

  43. 343

    wait, you DIDN'T expect this to happen to you at some point? fuck you, grow some balls you piece of shit parasite. i don't even know and I've been dying to put trademarks around your eye.

    ayo will.i.am, holls at me if you need a tag-team partner!

  44. 344

    stop being such a hypocrite.
    you bash people on your fucking website all the time.
    emotional violence hurts just as fucking much or more
    then physical. grow up. god, you make me sick. when you say
    "god is looking down on you" .. can you even live with yourself?
    you have a HATE site! grow some fucking balls.

  45. 345

    your right! violence is not the answer but thats what people do that dont have an answer!!! hope your doin okay!

  46. 346

    Oh and yeah, violence or using physical power is never the answer but then again using our wit to hurt others with words isn't either. Some people don't have wit but they got fists and guns, just sayin. We think we know what people can and can't do but they will do what they want anyway, even resort to violence.

  47. 347

    hmm im not so sure what to believe now… if its true i really do feel sorry for you perez :( hope you are ok. if its not true, then this is an all new level of low.

  48. 348

    I love how he says "I write about other peoples drama but I don't want drama in my OWN life". UHMMMMM

  49. 349

    Hey Perez
    Your so right violence is not the answer…I hope you feel better soon
    Just ignore all the bad comments on this video
    Well the Black Eyed Peas just lost a fan.. I hate them now


  50. 350

    i always thought the black eyed peas were shady… fergie looks like a bitch and will i am is just an idiot…
    What you do on your website is your job, how you make your money, and where something is sensitive you always leave that out, your never violent

    love you perez… and so does toronto…
    ps i saw you at ultra!! u looked sooo good

  51. 351

    This is a real-world example of what will happen to you if you step up in people's faces and act like a jackass. You think you're untouchable? Well where's your internet now to protect you? You got what you deserve and I'm sure MOST people that know of you think the same way. Tune in to late-night comedy when they read off the headlines to see what a joke you really are.

  52. 352

    Will.i.am is a fucking cowered, he could of hit u when he was in ur face, but he go gets his manager to do it for him, what a lil BIATCH!!! Feel better Mario!!!!

  53. Vespa says – reply to this


    Nice of you to speak out Perez. Very sad to watch you cry, you're obviously so hurt. Physically harming someone is low and cowardly, not to mention easy to do. It takes alot more strength to use your brain and fight back with words.

  54. 354

    Regardless of whatever opinion you express to anyone; I agree that a physical manifestation of anger is wrong and should have legal repercussions. Send that fucker to jail; and I also agree…Fergie IS fugly! Burnt out old meth head-and is shows. My empathy for a terrible evening you didn't deserve.

  55. 355


  56. 356

    Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think that both of them stepped over the line. If you didn't want to be intimidated, you should have told him to have a good night and walked away. You could write about it later, the pen is mightier then the sword and all that. Violence is never the answer but neither is provoking.

  57. 357

    You just closed the casket on your small-time career with the submission of this video.

  58. 358

    Pet Pet…I am so so sorry this happened to you! Violence is never ever the answer :( Pet Pet.

  59. 359

    Re: shutyourfuckinmouth – exactly. Notice how he still called fergie fugly and mouthed off to will.i.am when……..he was safe at home!!!

    Back your words perez, you start shit all of the time but when it comes to the punch (pun intended) you can't take it.

    Guess you should have backed fergie ferg instead of lady kaka.

  60. 360

    Being nasty and cruel is never the answer either. There was no call for the way you ended that video. Obviously you have deep seated issues with yourself to treat people the way you do. Maybe you should consider counseling.

  61. 361

    maybe if you wasn't such a attention seeking piece of shit. it wouldn't have happened, your scum of the earth if i ever see you il smack the shit out of you you fat fuck!

    and tweeting for the police is beyond attention seeking call 911 you fat dumb fuck!

  62. 362

    When you keep talking shit eventually you are going to get hit.

    Sorry bro, that's how it works.

  63. 363

    sorry to hear that..hope you are okay now..

  64. 364

    Perez, I am SO glad you made this video and you are speaking out about what happened. I am sickened by the people on this site that just sit on your website all day and slag you off. Really? How immature. If you guys don't like Perez Hilton get the hell off his site and get a life!

    Perez, what that stuppid William did, and what the manager of the Black Eyed Peas did is stupid. I am not surprised though. Their music is so stupid and it's all the same shit, the same hip hop culture. This should surprise no one.

    Please don't listen to the haters. Keep on doing what you're doing. You have an amazing personality and your true friends know that you wouldn't lie about this. You're right, no one should have to go through this!

  65. 365

    So, yeah, I might think you're crazy as HELL sometimes, but you're right… not an excuse for violence, no matter WHO hit you or WHEN it happened. All you all out there saying he's lying… I didn't hear him say that will.i.am hit him, I heard him say this Polo creature did.

  66. ELUC says – reply to this


    Poor Perez!! He is a BASTARD!!!

  67. 367

    Re: PrettyPinkPrincess

    it's make AN account. mind your grammar rules!

  68. 368

    So, you say that physical abuse is never okay. But, the emotional abuse YOU inflict on people every day IS okay??? Um. How?

  69. 369

    I may agree with what you do as far as gossip at times but you are right 'NO ONE' deserves to be treated the way you are stating. I am sorry you had to go through such a terrible thing and my prayers are with you at this time. My heart hurts for the pain your are in and I hope you receive a lot of support for this from the people that visit your website. Do not let them get away with this and remember, you do have moral support.

  70. 370

    i love you perez, i believe you and aggree with everything you said in this video, feel better!

  71. 371

    HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You can't say you didn't deserve this, you whiny little fat bitch. If you'd kept your fucking mouth shut more often, things like this might not happen to you. I hope you got taught a lesson. Now shut the fuck up and stop your lying, fat ass.

  72. 372

    Ok, "Disturbed". If you dont like Perez, then get the fuck off the website. Have u nothing better to do? And Perez, sry this happended to you. No matter what anyone writes, say's, violence is NEVER the answer to any problem! Shame on you guys (B.E.P)

  73. 373

    Perez I feel really sorry for what happened to you, no one deserves to be violently attacked. Will-Im-NOT and his Manager Porno should pay for what they did to you, I'd sue them for even stalking you! Your job is to dirt talk on people, they are celebs and they should know that when they took their jobs that people will do this, they are just big babies..other celebs are mature enough to take your cracks with a grin of salt…hope you get better soon, and Fugly shouldn't take what you say too personally it's not your fault some of her music sucks, when I see her anyway I always think of how she wet her pants and that totally turns me off from even listening to her music!! I never even liked the rest of the peas…they could just stay in the pod for all i care!

    Anyway Toronto loves you, please don't hold any of this aganist being here or us, I was hoping that you could stay for pride week but you are probably pretty anxious to get home now!

  74. ken2 says – reply to this


    I don't think you deserved this, but you have made amateurs into pros (Paris Hilton, Speidi, the Black Eyed Peas, LL etc etc etc), continually giving press to no-talents who have no business being famous to begin with…Fergie? The "singer" from the Candy shoe ads? Give me a fucking break, Mario……then, when you finally wake up and realize that these acts are a joke, and you say so, they revenge naturally, like the amateurs they were to begin with….Will.i.am? The name itself is a joke, the music is a joke, the band a marketing creation by a record company…..and YOU supported them, gave them undeserved press, actually gave them glowing reviews….lets face it, you have played with the insecurities of no-talent celebrities,you have supported their ludicrous artistic endeavors, and now they have turned on you……re-evaluate your taste level. If the Emperor has no clothes, don't flatter him, and then expect friendship and trust when the illusion vanishes….

    I am sorry you were hurt though. No one deserves to be battered. if i were you, i wouldn't take it lying down. You are a clever bitch.

    Remove emotion…make a plan and execute it.

  75. 375

    All these ppl are psycho, i love how all the "anti-perez" ppl have the balls to talk all this shit when they see your in pain. Regardless of what anyone writes about it never should resort to violence. You dont see ppl who write all these lies in the tabloids being beat up everyday by celebrity managers. Seriously fuck everyone who doesnt believe you, becuz for every 1 person who thinks your not telling the truth, 4 others believe you are. Stay strong

  76. 376

    Feel better Perez :(

  77. 377

    Unprofessional? You make a living out of being unprofessional? Hypocritical fat ass.

  78. 378

    About time too.Time someone shut your filthy cake hole.You have NO respect at all for anyone.Time your libellous crap got banned too.You do not do freedom of speech you incite to hatred with libel.

  79. 379

    You don't seek respect by hitting someone. It doesn't matter if it was the manager or whoever. You just don't hit. And for all you people going "You got what you deserved" - no one NO ONE deserves to be hit, no one deserves to be subjected to violence. No matter what you think of the blog (and what are you doing reading it if you hate it so much?) feeling happy because someone was attacked and beaten diminishes you as a person. You can roll your eyes all you want but that's how it is. Whoever hit him has diminished themselves. Don't judge, bitches. It will bite you right back in the ass. It always does.
    Get strong, Perez. This too will pass. ;-)

  80. 380

    all of you with your holier than thou bull shit "you shouldn't talk bad about people" should go suck a dick. everyone talks shit. EVERYONE gossips. why are you hating on perez for making a living off of it? no matter what anyone says, violence is not the answer. show me a person who has never ever said a single bad thing about someone else- you can't, unless you can show me god in the flesh. how high school and immature is it that you have so little self control you resort to hitting someone? i'm sorry i was taught in preschool that hitting others is not ok.

  81. 381

    get well soon, hun, and be safe…

  82. aly25 says – reply to this



    I do agree that violence is never the answer..however… the one thing I don't get is.. why did you tweet that it was Will I am that hit you? I mean, you coulda said he is a douche, that you dont like him..whatever..but you should have at least stated it was his manager that clocked you and not him.. you wouldnt want someone saying you hit them if it wasn't actually your fist that landed on their face, right?

  83. 383

    FUK THE HATERS PEREZ.. violence is never the answer..

  84. 384

    are you serious? i didnt know this happened i thought it was a joke; i read "being attacked in Toronto" i thought it was a Canadian who hit you. I hope your okay Perez us Canadians still love you!!!!

  85. 385

    There are a lot of people who are on here saying he deserved it. Well for saying that you deserve an a s s beating. VIOLENCE IS NEVER THAT ANSWER. If you cannot understand that then you have no place being on this planet. With that being said Perez/Mario I am sorry for what happened to you. Dont pay attention to the losers on here leaving hate comments. They leave comments so the Dum b a s s e s are obviously reading you. Way to prove a point people. If you dont like him then dont log onto his page geez! Will he is = D O U C H E

  86. 386

    Will.i.am jsut made you an honorary member of his group with his fist.

    Stay strong Perez, like Fergie says "Big Girls Don't Cry"

  87. 387

    im horrified at what happened to perez!!!! i hope that those fuckers get what they deserve & i can say that the black eyed peas wont be getting any business from me. LOVE YOU PEREZ!!!!!!

  88. 388

    You can verbally abuse whoever you want right, but when its dished to you, you cry like a little girl. Get over it

  89. 389

    I don't feel bad for you. You deserve it. It is called Karma, and frankly I am surprised it took this long for someone to beat your ass. I LOVE it!

  90. 390

    While I don't agree with any type of violence, AT ALL, I do have to tell you that as someone who was verbally & emotionally abused most of my life, what you say to and about these people on your site IS or can be just as damaging as what happened to you. You are violent with your words - I used to be like that and I hurt a lot of people and my one wish is that I could go back and do it all over and NEVER verbally or emotionally abuse someone. I wasn't there, I have no idea what really transpired between you and will.i.am but I do know that you need to understand that what you do is just as hurtful and can have lasting affects on someone.

  91. 391

    You're the coward. You sit behind your computer all your life making fun of people hotter and better than yourself to make your fat ass fell better.

  92. 392

    Re: blondyrmt – That's what he said and how he FELT, in no way did he act on those feelings!!! Everyone feels like ripping someones eyes out sometimes, but the ones who act on those feelings are LOSERS!

  93. 393

    I am so sorry for you Perez. I hope you can overcome this. Stay strong & take care of yourself. You are better than this. The Black Eyed Peas are gross anyway. Fergie–I'm sure her face stinks.

  94. 394

    I hope you read all the comments that discuss how this is all a "what goes around comes around" situation. You think that you can harm with words and insinuation and THAT'S okay but everyone has to deal with your meanness about people they care about. Why do you think you won't get punched in the face because of it? Prepare yourself for many punches if you continue to hurt. You are mean and all your "This is a good cause…" do not make up for the fact that you make your living pissing people off. If an asshole hurt someone you loved, how would you feel?

  95. 395

    OMG Perez, my heart goes out to you.Whatever happened was wrong.It's not right to be hit on just for giving your opinion.Yours and Will.i.am's sides of the story match except for the who hit you thing.It's obvious that even if his manager hit you he'll deny it. But the whole reason he came up and made a video is coz u said that HE hit you….that's the misunderstanding.Well, hope u get over this asap,God bless u.We all luv u Perez!

  96. 396

    Re: onholiday – Seriously don't you listen people sue him and write shit about him all the time. He didn't deserve to get hit. I bet you would act the same way if everyone you offended ever decided to hit you because I bet you have insulted someone at one time or another no one is holier than though after all no matter what they think.

    As for Perez no it wasn't deserved and I actually believe you more than Will.I.Am I think you are honest about what you do and you may mess up facts once in a while and you may fib, but your right you are human. All I can say is at least this had to do with your gossip when you were first talking I thought someone attacked you for being Gay and that would have been horrible.

  97. 397

    happy to know you're ok. :)

  98. 398

    im not on the site much but i had to log on and comment
    what you experienced was terrible - unforgivable. people like 'will.i.am' and those associated with him are uneducated animals who somehow got lucky. his lack of integrity is disgusting.
    i hope you get a chance to read this - you didnt deserve it. and your honesty is commendable. id love to think this might damage his career. but somehow i have little faith that it will.
    stay strong and positive. you have achieved so much and im sure will continue to do so.

    positive thoughts Patrick X

  99. 399

    the fact of the matter is, there's not one perfect person in this scenario, but violence shouldn't be the resolution. it sounds like will.i.am is insecure and does not know how carry or show his emotions. there will always be words that circle this world, good or bad. and yes perez has made his living from spewing the drama that encompanies the entertainment world, but you don't 'kill' (harm) the messenger people!! feel better perez!

  100. 400

    get better perez

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