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My Statement

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The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 401

    lol @ you

  2. 402

    Dear Perez,
    all the best for you from finland!
    i hope there is something to do to make BEP´s fame to disapear.
    I would love you to come to visit finland when every you got change.

  3. 403

    omg i do feel sorry for you but at the end of the day if your gonna talk about people the way you do then it was bound to happen ur crying because someone hit you people can also cry when u talk about them and call them hoes, bitches, perverts, fugly and all the things you say i hope now youve learned your lesson that you cant talk about people in the way you do and get away with it because you havent

  4. 404

    lol, you're such a douche, Perez. Maybe you should stop being an asshole to people and then you won't be hit. Attention whore much?

  5. 405

    i dont know whos telling the truth and to be honest i dont really care. Im sorry you were hit Mario, i hope you feel better and have all the support

    and fergie.. YOU'RE FUGLY BITCH


  6. 406

    Re: olivia.xo
    "…emotional abuse is JUST as bad as physical."
    Yep. That's right.

    Perez, you are an abuser and you don't like being abused. Too bad.

    You DESERVE worse.

    You are the coward. Sitting behind your computer screen and destroying the lives and career of others.
    This was a wake up call. YOU are the one at fault.

  7. 407

    I hope this all works out for you! Violence is NEVER ok NO MATTER WHAT and I applaud you for standing up and telling your story. Be strong, hun. You've got a ton of support and I'm amazed at how brave you're being. This is not easy, but you'll come through it! *hug hug hug*

  8. 408

    The problem is that people let words have way to much power over them,the weak minded can't handle anyone tarnishing thier fragile ego's. The Black Eyed Peas suck and are desperate to hang onto whatever star power they have left and Fergie is fugly.This whole dissing thing is like being in grade school and I like how Willy disrespected Canada with his juvenile behavior.Always remember Perez…never let em see ya sweat and feel better.

  9. 409

    Its healthy to cry and vent. This is not funny at all. I hope everyone can just get along

  10. 410

    Re: aj – Hey Aj-how ya doing?
    Mario went looking for trouble and he found it ,Eh?
    I wonder what Harry thinks about this?

  11. 411

    I would love to punch you in the face. Im suprised no-one has done it sooner

  12. 412

    Stay strong Perez!

  13. Paty says – reply to this


    Hi Perez, I´m really sorrt this happened to you.
    It´s awfull!!!!!
    I hope you get better soon and Will.I.Am step up to what he did.

  14. 414

    can somebody please tell me where i can see will.iam's video about this?

  15. 415


    fist, I am sorry this happened to you, but you have to accept that you are at the very least partially to blame for this whole incident. To be frank, I'm surprised this did not happen to you sooner. What do you expect, when you publish the hateful comments about people you don't like on a daily basis. You are a bully plain and simple and somebody was bound to fight back. Your attacks on people have been escalating for years and Fergie has been a frequent target. The things you have said about her are down right hateful. Everything from your fugly comments to comments about her thinning hair, to even insinuating she has peed in her pants.

    You use fighting words many, many times and I wish you would be more responsible with your commentary. Also, what did you possibly wish to gain by publishing this statement? It seems like you are going out of your way to escalate this situation. I'm sure there will be more to come….

  16. 416

    PEREZ, BABY!!! SOOOOO SORRY that you had to go through that!!! SPREAD your truth and don't let them get you down!! U. R. Right….WIll I. Am. is a LYING LOSER!!! VIolence is NEVER the answer!

  17. 417

    I think everyone needs to relax. Perez does his job, and he does his job well! Perez only tells the TRUTH and if you hated him so much why don't you get off his website? Hope you feel better Perez. Mwa!

  18. 418

    I am so sorry this would happen. It is pathetic this shit goes on this day and age.
    Be safe. Take care of you.

  19. 419

    This made me cry… but I smiled at the end. " Fugly Bitch " haha. You go Perez.

    Will I Am goes on Oprah like he's some perfect person.. giving money to poor kids for school. Now what do people think of him? He's an aggressive, psycotic maniac!

    Fuck you Will I Am.

  20. 420

    All this is so horrible you don't deserve this… Do something! but you must be proud of yourself and not being like them.. your video is so sad you shouldn't be crying for what they did just think they're so rude they can't do anything else but hit people! huge kissyy Perez (L)

  21. 421

    Sorry to hear that Perez. Hope you'll feel better soon.

  22. 422

    Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty. You owned what you said, what your actions are and evidently the Black Eyed Peas posse did not. They have lost a fan, they have lost $$ from my purchasing their albums, in particular Wil.i.am did. They should be concerned that their childish behavior will have them lose fans. They will be caught in their lies and should stop back peddling and be honest with us all. My heart breaks for you, but there are lessons here that you are learning from it, as hard as they are, you will grow as a person because of it. Stay truthful, stay real and let go of the anger. The Black Eyed Peas have a looooong way to go before they figure out their truth. Shame on them.

  23. 423

    Mario you have lots of people behind you. stay strong as the black eye peas suck ass anyways and fergie is fuckin ugly! You dont' have to explain to anyone anyways about your thoughts or comments on them… it's called free speech!

  24. 424

    are you guys fucking serious?
    why would perez lie? and if you don't beleve him, whatever.
    but to say he deserved it? omfg, thats crap. first of all, no one deserves shit like that. i do agree, however, that what goes around comes around, karma. so i beleve perez did have to suffer somehow because of what he rote about celebrities on his site, but to resort to violence? like seriously, that's not the way karma is intended to be. and i guess the reason you guys don't beleve him is because he said will.i.am assulted him, i guess he ment that he went up to him causing emotinal harm, but idk. but obviously, the manager hit hm (perez) and he said that in this video. it's not like he said, "will hit me!" so shutup about that. and seriously, how can you see perez cry like that and still be bitching?
    another thing, why would perez need attention? his site is already majorly popular? but i am still slightly unclear about the whole thing, so yeah.
    but NO ONE deserves shit like that, ok?
    and anyways, its their problem so whatever.
    and. . . .
    why are you guys even on his site if you seem to really hate him?

  25. 425

    You should never have been hit but you have to learn that when you personally attack someone and call them "fugly" that is HURTS. It can tear you down so much worse than a punch to the face but it won't leave a bruise so no one will have any pity for you or understand your sadness. You have got to take a new approach to your blog. Post the rumors, the gossip, the drama but leave your personal attacks out of it. You are NOT an innocent victim and you have to take responsibility for your part.

  26. 426

    Poor you…
    Keep Strong!!!!
    Will.I.Am is a dumbass,I don't love you Perez,but no one deserves this!!!!

  27. 427

    WOW thats so sad.

  28. 428




  29. 429

    Perez, Don't be intimidated by them and it is great that you did the video to let the world know that violence cannot be perpetuated, no matter who one is. Will I AM and his manager better be careful because I hope one day you will experience the same kind of thug violence that you inflicted on Perez. Will I AM, please take it like a man and take it up your ASS!

  30. 430

    Unfortunately, with the kind of business you are in, this stupid shit is going to happen from time to time. People can't take your opinions and honestly….and end up reacting in a childish way. I'm sorry you got attacked….but maybe you shouldn't have been so dramatic by calling the police….haven't you ever gotten into a fight before? Take it like a man.

  31. 431

    Poor you! What Comes Around Goes Around! Yiipppppppe!

  32. 432

    I think that you are absolutely, 100% right!
    no matter what you say or do, it shouldn't be resolved by physically hurting someone!
    no matter how much shit you say, it isn't worse than physically resorting to raising their hands to you!
    i say, fuck will.i.am, fuck furgie and the manager, what ever his name was, i think that it was just pathetic and childish, and something that would take place on a school playground!

  33. 433

    Although I do agree that violence is wrong, you should take a good look in the mirror at yourself.
    How many times do think you can verbally abuse people, in the name of your truth, before they strike back?
    I have seen you post adds about the word gay being used in a negative condentation in the past, yet the first time you want to hurt someone you call them gay?
    You do, and are, like the celebs you mock, it really is a joke, you crying, why not just get a lawyer and have them deal with it? Why come on here and talk about violence all the while admitting that you mentally abuse people everyday?
    News flash you don't have the right to say hurtful things just b/c you think it is true.
    Sorry for what happened to you, but in a way your like a school yard bully you may have had this coming.

  34. 434

    oh my word, perez… i thought you were gonna say you called him the "n" word, even which, i guess he wasn't supposed to hit you. &&& what's wrong with calling her fugly? she always looks like she's smelling something, her facial features are just akward. you look tired, honey… try to get some sleep. Ha! Ha! "you're FUGLY, BITCH" that's great! she is, so what? they're gonna beat people up everytime they say something? just remember violence is never the answer when you run into carrie prejean one day,

  35. 435

    umm and u attacked fergie at the end? what did she do? ur just mean and yeah u did deserve it

  36. 436

    I'm so sorry for what happened. Violence is NEVER the answer, and all the people who support it are promoting ignorance and hate on all levels. and to all haters of Perez what in the world are you reading and writing on his blog if you despise him so much?

  37. 437

    Holy shit. Fuck Will I AM!

  38. 438

    Maybe you should reflect. You're a bit of a hypocrite.

  39. 439

    I can't believe the haters are bothering to leave nasty comments here… Seriously, and they talk about karma, what a joke. The truth is, the people who are haters and BEP fans are not exactly the brightest, most polite, stylish, or worthy people, so if they're being negative, it's just not a problem. I'm sure you feel totally crap right now, you poor love. I read Perez all the time and it brightens my day, I would be gutted to think that anything like this would stop you doing what you're doing. I'm smart, stylish and live a fabulous life in London, who cares if some ghetto dwelling BEP fans are hating - they're not the type of people you want reading your blog anyway, you have fans who are in very high places, and should focus on them instead. Celebrities are not forced into the limelight, if they choose this life then they should expect to have fun poked at them by blogs such as yours…
    Keep on doing what you're doing, you're FABULOUS!
    Love from London xxx

  40. 440

    when I went to the MMVA sunday you were the light of my night
    and knowing that someone ruined yours breaks my heart.
    I'm so sorry that happened to you ,
    no one deserves that.
    please rest up.
    stay strong, and smile again beautiful.

  41. 441

    You dit NOT deserve that! I'm on your side, Mario!

  42. 442

    seriously, i read comments about how mario deserves what he gets and saying sh*t about him, but i bet you're all coming like ten times a day (creating a profile says ’nuff), reading the dramas but there is actually someone here who got beaten up for the news you're reading…

    so have some respect.

  43. SuKi says – reply to this


    Violence is never the answer…that is true, but not all understand that. Take care Perez!

  44. 444

    stay strong Perez! feel better!!
    he shouldn't have done that that's your job to talk about celebrities they shouldn't feel that conscious about what you say
    I'm so sorry this happened I believe you

  45. 445

    As a Toronto native, I'm sorry you had to experience the MMVAs in that type of fashion. As for the whole situation, its really really lame and immature. I do hope you seek legal action aganist BEPs manager. Im sorry that the Toronto cops took sooo long, believe me, they always take forever. And as far as everyone else hating, umm if you hate perez sooo much then why are you on the site? I'm pretty sure he has made a smart comment that made you chuckle before. You're not expected to be entertained by every single one of his blogs, I know I haven't. It's all very very immature, he said she said high school bullshit. I hope the manager gets what he deserves, and as far as the black eye Perez, you can rock it =P Now this whole event will get you soooo many hits on your site. Good Luck!

  46. 446

    talk shit get hit BITCH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Karmas a bitch huh fatso?

  47. 447

    Your right, violence is never the answer. Were all capable of rational communication. If they can't handle the negative or slander in the media… equally so the praises, then maybe they shouldn't have become a public figures. I am a daily supporter of this site and the TRUTH is always what is delivered!! I support my man!! GO baby Perez! luvz ya!

  48. 448

    their music is horrible
    fuck them

  49. 449

    Fergie YOU ARE a FUGLY bitch, and William your a piece of shit Will.i.am my fucking ass. Violence is NOT the answer, and people write shit about celebrities all the time so everyone who talks bad about the black eyed peas better watch out right?

    And for the dumb shits that leave comments saying "u can dish it but u can't take it you deserve it"

    He doesn't dish out fucking hitting people does he? NO so why should he be hit
    Perez, I love you this is a WIN for you take that fuck down.

  50. 450

    hey Perez, you dont deserve this violence. Yeah they could talk smack about you, but never physical violence. People often choose violence if they are to dum to argue!!
    They tried to intimidate and shut you up. Will thinks hes above all the press, like we should only worship him. The guy cannot go around to everyone that talks shit about him and intimidate them with physical violence.
    Hey Will your a fucking arseole (cum find me!!!!)

  51. 451

    Re: Fabulousness – shut the fuck up

  52. 452

    I stopped listening 2 minutes into the video. 1. Don't tweet if you've been assalted. Pressing 911 is so much easier. 2. Don't make a crybaby video about what happened, let the law and the police sort it out. 3. Drahama… Following your own advice from your "least-than-best-selling" book? 4. If you really don't want drahama, then delete this video.

  53. 453

    I hope your okay. I hope theres enough proof for the truth to come out in the police report/ in court.

  54. 454

    I love you Perez!! I'm glad your okay, all your fans will support you!

  55. 455

    FYI what u said was the truth. the BOOM BOOM song sucks ass! and another note: when u were brought up right, you are not used to someone attacking you… Perez is obviously reacting as a normal human being. I would know, the same thing happened to me a few years ago. Black eyed peas should be ashamed of themselves as they are supposed to be acting as adults this is inexcusable. its scary to think celebs act like this… i mean they have been in the biz a long time now… just think about how they used to act! TISK TISK

  56. 456

    i do not understand at all why you ppl comment on here or even go on his website if you dont like hes saying. Hes honest simple as that and if you cant handle it dont go on the fucking site. ppl make me sick. stay strong

  57. 457

    Bottom line..Black Eyed Peas suck. Dont blame Perez for telling the truth. Some people cant handle the truth. Is he supposed to tell everyone they are good when they are not?

  58. 458

    Prezzie!!!! :' (
    This video made me very sad to see you in so much pain physically and emotionally. I've never liked, per se, the black eyed peas, but now definitely there is no way i can respect or tolerate their music. i didn't realize 'boom boom pow' was supposed to be literal (you can giggle here at the small inappropriateness of that joke!)

    Feel better honey and enjoy next week!!!!! I know you love Cali. but Chicago loves you too!!!! so come out and enjoy OUR support peas be damned!

  59. 459

    Oh LOL! I made it 43 seconds into your fucked up video before I wanted to hit you myself. STFU you fat screaming queen.

  60. 460

    I hope you don't have a tarnished perception of toronto now! Will.I.Am - ya didn't even know his name until now. He needs the publicity not you. and violence is wrong no matter what you say to someone. I hope you win Perez!

  61. 461

    im so sorry Perez!

    black eyed peas suck anyways, and fergie is a fugly bitch that should sit on a stick!!!!!

  62. 462

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$UUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE, sue , sue the HIM!!!!!!

  63. 463

    Perez, I am so, so sorry that this happened to you! It breaks my heart to see such a funny, light-hearted, wacky guy crying and obviously feeling so traumatized. I believe your story. I just wanted to send some good energy your way. I hope your wounds heal, physical and emotional, and I hope that mofo gets what he deserves, through law or through karma. I think it's messed up that the police said that they would "try" to get there. That's just BS in general. Again, I'm really sorry. I'm a huge fan of your blog, whether you're praising or bashing, and just because you write nasty things about people sometimes, no one should have attacked you. It really made me sad to see you so upset. Please take good care of yourself and continue to stand your ground and do your thing! Your website rules! Don't let anyone corner you into changing who you are and what you do. Peace and love.

  64. 464

    All of these people who are writing "karma" and "you deserved it" are immature people. Ill-wishes towards someone will come back in your "karma".
    Perez- you are 100% correct, violence is never the answer. I'm so sorry this happened to you and hope that in the end of this ordeal justice is served and the people who are guilty admit to their wrong doing/ lies.
    For those of you who say "he deserves this"- FREE SPEECH is a right we have as all Americans. Perez can say whatever he wants, whether or not it hurts peoples feelings, etc. I am willing to bet that 99% of the people making comments on this website make comments in real life to people, about celebrities or even friends, of the same nature that Perez writes. You don't see journalists who write nasty things about about politicians, etc getting physically abused for the pieces they write. This is just an example of how numb our society has become to violence. It's a shame that we as people, have lost our compassion for others, respect for other people to say whatever they want (whether it be good, bad, kind, or criticizing) and the idea of "agreeing to disagree". Be mature, if you don't like what someone has to say about you, ignore it, be the better person. With instances like this you are lowering your respect for yourself and for others.

  65. 465

    Ok. So for all of you people who acually think that Perez would acually LIE about this whole situation, your stupid. First off, why would he lie in the first place? what would he have to loose? people would STILL come on this website, if not even more. Will.I.Am on the other hand has so much to loose and if theres "proof" that it WAS the MANAGER for the black eye peas then THERE YOU GO Will.I.Am got caught for lying because on his blog he says " ONE OF THE FANS HIT HIM" …yet the manager turns himself in saying it WAS him..ha get your story straight. Ether way, as much as perez humiliates or attacks celebrities with gossip..SO DOES MAGAZINES AND TV so if your going to blaim him, blaim the rest of the entertainment buisness…give him a break…he did NOT deserve to get hit…yelling at eachother or getting into an arguement is one thing..but your right perez..violence is not the answer…

    you go perezzzzzzzzzz mwaaaaaaaa

  66. tiffd says – reply to this


    Okay, So….I think that all these people saying bad things about you are so funny….They are on your website….commenting. That to me, means that your words do mean something and it just negates all their statements. CRAZINESS…and all the ones saying you were lying because you said it was wil.i.am…. Well, I think that if he was stalking you like that and then you got clocked from behind, I would of thought that too. I mean, I'm sure it was already crazy there and then to be punched in the face. Childish.

    All you haters shut up. Perez gossips for a living. He does not deserve to be hit. Nor does anyone else. It's called free speech.

  67. 467

    Perez Hilton, you are the motherfucker! you deserve what you got. I will believe Will.iam 100 time more than you! did you say bleeding? gosh, drama queen. your wound looked like a mosquito bite. you cry like a little whiny girl. exaggerated biatch!

  68. 468

    fucking stuped assss ahahahhhhahah

  69. 469

    This is the first time I've ever posted something on your website, but I felt this was a necessary.

    I don't feel sorry for you, Perez. You are an ugly person who writes ugly things about people. Something like this was bound to happen. You think you're so high and mighty and are invincible but you're not. This video was a joke.

    I hope this experience makes you think about what you do. We don't come here to read the mean things you write, we come to read celebrity news. So get off your high horse.

    PS: I'm soooo buying the new Black Eyed Peas album after this.

  70. 470

    perez might be an asshole at times but thats still fucked up !!! shit should never turn physical like that i hope you get well !!

  71. 471

    Sorry to hear that this has to happen);
    I haven't seen williem's video yet..could u like post it here?

  72. 472

  73. 473

    Well, Everyone knows Fergie is a fugly bitch meth face. What's new? HOW Juvenile and ghetto , no class to hit someone for expressing their opinion. She must be so insecure. Too bad, you still look 75 years old Fergie. Perez, I hope you are Ok. Be careful. You have a razor mouth but you are alright .

  74. 474

    "Blame it on the Alcohol".

  75. 475

    I'm literally in tears. I love Perez…FUCK YOU BLACK EYED PEAS!!!

    Fergie is fuglayyyyyy!!!!

  76. 476

    as if you didn't see it coming. y'know you kinda remind me of that Chris Crocker or whatever his name is, the one that was obsessed with Britney. you're such a drama queen.

  77. 477

    I think it's sad that he had to attack you over something so petty. There was NO reason whatsoever for him to do that to you. He is a man as much as you are a man (although now he is less of one) and the two of you should have been able to sit down and talk about it. You sound like the type of person that would go out for a coffee and talk it out. You are both entitled to your own opinions. It just sucks that he could not take yours. Violence is never the answer and this is a BAD move on his part. Feel better.

  78. 478

    Saw your skit with the Jonas Brothers….it was adorable.

    You are right….no matter ever what is said, physical violence is never justified. Lost respect for Chris Brown, not adding Will.I.Am to the list.

  79. 479

    maybe you should practice what you preach mario…………poor poor teddy

  80. 480

    You're a grown man. Fights happen every day. You know how many times my boyfriend has been punched? Get the fuck over it. You deserved it.

  81. sdco says – reply to this


    This is really intense… as much as I dislike you most of the time, that is eff'd up. Good on you for speaking out. Love to see that real emotion.

  82. 482

    even though
    K A R M A
    iz R E A L….,
    the freak didn't
    have the right
    2/touch U….ZO ZUE THE EFF

  83. 483

    Duh! Disturbed did we watch the same video. Perez did not say that dipshit hit him he said it was the manager. You must be an idiot! As for Will i am he is a loser and must've been high and probably was. He has seriously damaged his own reputation. Fergie needs to remove herself as far as possible from this situation. But, she probably antagonized the predicament with her attitude all evening. Grow up all of you. The world has far more concerns than this!

  84. 484

    Ok, really guys? If your so against Perez and what he does for a living, why are you endorsing his website by leaving comments? Perez obviously is a sensitive person, and regardless of what he says, people shouldn't be so pissed when things are said. If Perez doesn't say it, the National Enquirer or some other gossip mag or website will. And who gives a shiz if Perez didn't like their single? Honestly people!! WHO CARES? Not everyone is going to like you and your music. Respect is something that is gained and not just expected. Just because someone doesn't like what youve produce doesn't give them he right to hurt people. So, ya maybe Perez is a dramatic, but honestly, that was a pretty low blow my will i ams peeps. Get a life and grow some balls! Not everyone is gonna like what you do, you have to deal with it accordingly and like an adult! Way to send a positive message out to young kids!!

  85. 485

    Wow got hit 2-3 times and you were bleeding??? and you can barely see the mark, mario, you got what was coming… and i have seen you in action, you did not act the way you said… taken them to court, i would love to find out the real truth, not your fucked up version

  86. 486

    If you weren't such an ahole, this would have never happened. Try being a nice gay!

  87. 487

    oh my god please people think about it what if you were famous and this guy talked all kinds of shit about you and hated on you all of the time umm wouldn't you want to beat his ass? I'm almost 100% sure that most of you have thought about kicking someones ass that has wronged so please get off of your high horse. Perez preaches hate and hate leads to violence. it was bound to happen to him at some point in time and he's very lucky it didn't end up any worse.

  88. 488

    Now physical abuse is just as bad as verbal/written abuse so I guess you've had it comming…FYI just because your gay doesn't mean you can't fight back….manup Perez, what if someone tried to snatch your dog? Would you let them take your dog without a fight, cuz your losing your dignity without one.

  89. jopa says – reply to this


    Hmmm, Looks like someone's getting fat again.

  90. 490

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You're the funniest bitch in town. ( And here in the Netherlands )
    But you know what the thing is with bitches? Nobody likes 'm. And it is always a matter of time before a bitch runs into a boss and get's his bitchass whooped. I am strongly against physical violence, but you kinda had that one coming. The thing that upsets me the most, is that you didn't handle it like a true bitch; but instead post some drama vid , crying your pants off. You said you were a big boy. Big boys don't cry.

    You should grow up darling & Will's manager should mind his own business..what a douche. You have got to be a total lamer to get all worked up about the stories of some gossip queen.

  91. 491

    aww, perez

  92. 492

    dangggg check the haterrrrrs. they must really love you if they're taking the time to watch your video and read your tweets. also, if anyone commented this more than once, talking shit, grow up! love you girlfriend. i'm with you 100%. feel better! xoxo chels

  93. 493

    i don't get why the people that leave such horrible comments even have an account on this site. if you don't like it, don't read it. violence in never the answer. no one "deserves" to be physically hurt. to "perezhiltonisbiased", of course he's biased you retard!! everyone is! no one is on true middle ground! seriously people if you have something mean to say, don't say it. I'd love to see you reaction if someone wrote those things on your blog. Perez: keep your hater blocker's on!!! lol, and i'm glad you're okay!!

  94. 494


  95. 495

    I don't think that it should ever come down to violence. What bothers me is that you could've taken the high road and walked away from the situation before it ever got to that. Instead, you verbally assualted someone in a very public place..to their face. It's one thing to post what you want on your blog. It's something totally different to do what you did. The most disturbing fact in this whole mess is that you used HATE words to one up someone. Words that would offend you and cause your outrage!! I thought that you were an advocate for gays, les and transgender. Yet you use the same words that biggots use to tear other ppl down and insults 'closeminded' ppl use–to wound a straight man. I think that you have been lulled into a false belief that the comfort of this blog gives to exclusive rights to say/do things that wouldn't be tolorated out in public. The events that follow your actions are not a suprise to anyone. I wish that this would change you point of view on how you handle your celebrity and business. But sadly, I know you believe you were right in what you did-but I don't think a jury of your peers would feel the same. I'm sorry that this happened the way it did-but I'm even sorrier for everyone involved-because you acted like children on a playground.

  96. 496

    Sorry, but if anyone deserves to have their ass kicked, it's you. You hit people every day with your words and it hurts them, but you're too fucking stupid to see that. It's ok to hurt people as long as YOU'RE doing the hurting. You're such a morally bankrupt fuck, and you don't even see it. I look forward to your ass getting stomped in days to come.

  97. 497

    i believe you perez! keep strong (L)

  98. 498

    And, the Oscar goes to…

  99. 499

    I love you Mario, hang in there.

  100. 500

    i support you Perez!
    Violence is NEVER the answer!

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