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My Statement

| Filed under: Personally Perez

The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 5901

    Good Gawd, you really need to man up. A punch is no big deal, and you can't "Take it". If you anger someone, someone is gonna get angry right back at you. Personally, I'm glad someone punched you, and people really need to stop giving you attention you ATTENTION WHORE. I hope you grow up someday, and stop HIDING LIKE A COWARD calling people names from your own site, which they won't visit anyway. Let's all give a hand to a successful attempt of attention whoring

  2. 5902

    u should have seen this coming…sorry but its true…

  3. 5903

    Ummm… words can hurt just as bad as fists, people kill themselves because of what people say to them, so people die from words too, not just violence.

  4. 5904

    Lol you thought ur eye fell out? I think u earned it tbh. u say all this stuff and think it wolnt come back to get you and it finally has so u called the police? lol grow a pair

  5. 5905

    All of your fannz are dumb too ! & you talking shiit aboout soo many people , i think you deserved it . I cant belive you people , Celebritiez are human they can do some crazy shiit , soo your luucky you just got a couple punchez to the face. If that were mee , i would give you a fucking beating and a half . & it wouldent only be your face. I dont even know how people can like you …….
    Heeey people think of it thiiis waay , He talkez shiit about you and your friendz , you wouldn't just stand there & take it , you would do something about it .
    Perez , i would also like you to email me back or something Because i cant quite understand you. Thanx :)

  6. 5906

    i am a huge black eyed peas fan and i don't believe you you are one gay bastard

  7. 5907

    shut up lil bitch!

  8. 5908

    okay, so i dont think this is that big of a deal, people get punched in the face everyday. you people can hate me haha but i just wanted to get my opinion out there. its not this big of a deal. its stupid haha if someone wants to punch someone els in the face let it be. its done and over with. these are just childish celebs not making a good choice in front of the word and you people shouldnt idol anyone anyway. its wrong to the word of the LORD. only God is worthy of being an Idol. you shoulod not love anything about the world. the world is our own worst enemy. all of this drama is stupid.. but its quite entertaining. thanks for the laughs Perez :)

  9. 5909

    To be perfectly Frank with ye lad, people get punched all the time, and not just in the face…the gooch hurts a lot more!..I know, one of my mates thought t'would be funny to do this while I were asleep t'other day, it hurts like a bitch! And i'm talking ouch! With eight explamation marks of pain! Eleven minutes of whining is way too long, I went out of the room, made a cup of tea, came back and there it was, more complaining, gosh, you complain more than us English! Bah! I say to this, just sum it up in one word like a true man, bite your lip, plot revenge and make a nice cup of tea. And in the words of the Churchill Dog, OOOOOhhh Yesh!

  10. 5910

    your sooo wack, soooooo corny, sooooooooo NOT a celbrity…your desreve everything you got and more…I hope he kicks the sh*t out of your ass…FOR REAL…not a weak ass punch!!!

  11. 5911

    What do you expect when you do nothing but shit on people? Ya it wasn't right for someone to hit you, but seriously this is just pathetic

  12. 5912

    "i didnt ask for this, i dont deserve this"? dude i dont know why you think you didnt deserve it. I agree in most cases, violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is. You've been talking so much shit on people for years and you get punched once and you flip the hell out. Celebrities are the same as real people, you talk shit about them all the time and im suprised this is the first time you've been physically hurt. Words hurt too perez, if you were a famous person what if someone else talked shit about you every day? i just dont get why people are feeling sympathy for you.

  13. 5913

    Wow i can't believe it, only after a few seconds of hearing his voice it suddenly made me want to punch him myself.

  14. 5914

    dude. you got hit. so what? suck it up and be a fucking man. who gives a shit if they were wrong or not. everyone gets hit at some point in their lives but the rest of us dont bitch about it on camera

  15. 5915



  16. fenix says – reply to this


    holy shit your a little bitch

  17. 5917

    I love you Perez! Keep your head up! :-D Hugs && Muahhhh

  18. 5918

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha thats some funny stuff, in my personal opinion he should have hit you harder

  19. 5919

    Bitch please! You are an asshole. You deserve anything coming your way!

  20. 5920

    I nearly fell asleep watching this BS!

  21. 5921

    Sure the whole thing about you being hit was a bit over the top. Yet you have to understand that you verbally harass people everyday.

    If you write about people's drama your going to have drama in your own life.

  22. 5922

    you sound really gay r u a homo?

  23. 5923

    worse things happen every fucking day, suck it up you spoiled bitch. Get a real job.

  24. 5924

    dude are you for real? why does it matter it happened so you got hit… w/e its not the end of the world, you healed, pick up your big boy boots and keep doing w/e you do cuase its pretty sad when you act like a 16 year old from highschool at your age…

  25. 5925

    You should have watch your back then when his manager comes elbow him in the face but do that he grabs you but if I where you I would take karate or kick boxing or maybe mma just to get back at him

  26. 5926

    So let me get this strait. Not only are you a douche but a hypocrite to boot. " I like talking about other peoples drama… but i don't want drama in my life".. Yet i can dish it and take it… What a joke.

  27. 5927

    i cant fucken believe it! i hope you alright xoxo

  28. 5928

    This video did not need to be 12 minutes long but..the ending was the best part, good job.

  29. 5929

    Omfg, grow up. You got clocked in the face, so what. You deserved it for talking shit about someone. Get over it and move on, there are alot of worse things that happened to people. Fucking crybaby.

  30. 5930

    ur a fucking idiot first of all learn to pronounce ur s's and also if ur gonna talk shit about other people u should expect some retaliation. u said u can give it ad u can take it but apparently u cant bcuz u cannot take the fairly reasonable retaliation for what u doa punch. be a man about it and confront will.i.am dont blog about it.

  31. WTFH says – reply to this


    I have never seen a guy so fucking gay in my hole life damn!!

    Get a life dont tell people that they re gay
    If you re there saying omg im bleeding "am i gonna die" in this case take my advice STAY AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 5932

    The manager is a complete fool. The better way would have been to find a random fan, people can be bribed. Not to mention, to shut up someone who is endlessly insulting you, you don't punch their fucking eye! It's called the JAW, that will actually make it more difficult for him to speak. And this guy is clearly an only child, or at least the oldest if he has siblings, he really can't handle the way men speak (nor understand some dress code norms…the pink pajamas…).
    The world is a sad place if people sympathize with this guy. He clearly had it coming. I am simply amazed. He has caused much more emotional damage than he has received.

  33. 5933

    Violence is never the answer… unless it involves beating your ass.

  34. 5934

    ok i'm sorry but i cant take you seriously. your acting like a fucking baby by crying to everyone about being "aggressively shouldered." i mean come on, that's ridiculous. what do you think linemen do when they get shouldered?? your such a fucking baby, and for all of the people who sympathize for this douche, wow, you have no life

  35. 5935

    Okay Perez, I know that violence isnt the answer and your being a major hippocrite right now by making this vid your dust dishing more s**t on will.i.am. WILL.I.AM can get moody and people dont like it when you say shit about them on the internet he askes you said no so he spazzed. what he did was wrong and you deserve an appology but so does he! im sorry for ranting on you……. ps. your site is kinda slow might wanna update it sometime soon…… gool luck in the futer… luv ya >—(':')—

  36. 5936

    man…. definitely shouldnt have been beat up but all i can say is that u had it coming. btw calling someone a fugly bitch, wow, you should be prepared to get beat up a whole lot more.

  37. 5937

    Squishy- Well sir, I think for one that you are an incredibly cowardly person for not dealing with this by yourself if you are in fact a "big boy" and people do not die from punches to the face. In all honesty I'm extremely surprised that you have never (or SAY you've) never been punched in the face, because with the way you bash people I'm surprised no one has ever physically bashed your ass.
    Philip DeFranco is right, you're only bitching because that's what you are, I noticed this is the first nasty comment I've seen on this video, which I'm pretty sure isn't the only one that's been submitted for approval, well that's all for me, now it's time for me to go smoke a Camel Crush.

  38. 5938

    Perez you're so fucking retarded. You're the biggest drama queen I've ever seen and you're not even female. This is sad as hell. I'd hate myself if I were you.

  39. 5939

    Um, you know, talking sh*t for a living will eventually get you a smack in the jaw. Just because it took 5 years for you to get what was coming doesn't mean it's not coming.

    Note your bullying of Carrie Prejean. I'd have hit you too if you pulled that sh#t on my sister, so don't be so surprised. When you personally attack people, be prepared to get burned every now and then.

    You call Will.I.Am a coward, you single out a girl based on her belief's ….Tolerance my ass, Gays/Liberals are such hypocrites.

  40. 5940

    Um your a freaking retarded ass clown if you don't think you deserved that. You can't just go around saying and doing whatever the hell you want and don't think there will be consequences. Seriously here are the consequences of me typing this. Your fans probably are gonna flame me, an extremely off chance you might flame me, or an astronomically smaller chance we would ever meet and real life and you might be angry at me and maybe even you might snap and try and hit me though I doubt it. I accept all these and even more unlisted consequences to my action here and so should you.

    Really this video just proves you have not learned anything and you live in some fantasy world, I wish more people would hit you, then you might actually get it through your head that you can't be a flaming douche to everyone and get away with it. Be glad you were not shot or seriously harmed, in which case I would feel bad for you but you really got what you deserved, and your little display at the end of this video hints that you deserve more of it.

  41. 5941

    perez ur gay

  42. KLONE says – reply to this


    LOL what do u expect making a job of talking shit.

  43. 5943

    oh yeah violence is how ppl die…and disease has nothing to do with that…

    i know im gonna get swamped by hate mail n shit but heres the solution to not getting punched in the face…dont talk shit….

  44. 5944

    How can you sit there and act so innocent? Words hurt far worse than any type of physical pain. Your in the business of talking sh*t, man. If you're going to insult and be verbally cruel to people, then you of all people should know that you have a beating coming.
    Human beings are barbaric and primal, it's in our basic coding so, technically Will.I.am did act/react like a human being.

    Hopefully, you learned your lesson about trash talking other people, and you'll try not to be so rude and disrespectful. But, I doubt you will. Because you're just a sad, mean, little man who enjoys making others hurt and feel as miserable as you.

  45. 5945

    I think you should press charges. He may have been pissed off at being called a name, but that is no reason to turn to violence.
    Sorry for your experience

  46. 5946

    Okay, sad what happened… But why acting like it's the end of the world… I guess it's not done to hit someone, but don't you think u're way too serious? When people laugh at others, they just might hope they won't get something in return… sorry…

  47. 5947

    hahahaha I got what you deserved 5 years too late. I hope someone punches you in the face everywhere you go. Cheers :)

  48. 5948

    i remember when i had my first beer perez. quit being a whiney bitch, what goes around comes around dumbass, wow….ur actually surprised…wow

  49. 5949

    you are a phukking phaggot….what the phuk do you expect. When you talk shyt about people as your life you are bound to get punched in the face once in awhile. Man up and hit the bitch back….not that hard

    oh and you are extremely ghey

  50. 5950

    HAHAHAHAHA dude calm down
    u rite no one has tha rite to be their hands on someone else
    but id expect that to punched a time or two if i talked shit like that.
    im down for will
    and fergie is hot :)

  51. 5951

    Lol. You did deserver that. Man up. Stop gossiping about people so much :) .

  52. 5952

    is this a joke, sorry man but all you really do is talk shit on people, the reason this happened KARMA, that is the way the world works you make someone mad they retaliate, and to you people who have a problem with me saying this too damn bad, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, to be honest man you had this coming and now that karma is all set straight it's smooth sailing for you

  53. 5953

    why isnt my other comments showing up??

  54. 5954

    truth be told i made this profile so i could make fun of you perez, you had the shit coming so stop crying and it's gonna happen a lot more cus all you do is talk shit on people

  55. 5955

    ok dude.

    first of all, i GUESS i can TRY to say it is not right for you to get hit on the face. but come to think about it, ur the one who invoked him/his manager. Now, if i heard correctly, it was HIS manager who hit u, not Will.I.Am (please correct me if i'm wrong >

  56. 5956

    If you make a living from talking about people sometimes negatively your bound to get punched in the face.

    Simple school rules bud, you talk smack, you get a smack in your face.

    Anyway best of luck.

  57. 5957

    haha i will tell you why you got punched in the face
    1. you talk shit, and you cant back any of it up
    2. you totally look like the grinch in this video and nobody likes the grinch
    3. you use the words; fugly, agro, silly, and props
    4. you did a skit with the jonas brothers
    5. people dont die from getting punched once, and based on the fact that there is no mark on your ugly face, i dont even think you did get punched
    6. karmas a bitch
    -if you continue this stupid shit blog i wont be surprised if this continues to happen, so either shut down the damn thing or grow some damn balls you whimp

  58. 5958

    You are probably the gayest person in the world, you really deserve to be punched in the face
    I made this nick name specifically to tell you that I wish you would die.

  59. 5959

    CLOSE YOUR MOUTH FATTY AND YOU WON'T GET AS MANY DICKS JAMMED IN IT. BOO HOO HOO BLAH BLAH BLAH, YOU ANNOYING, BLOATED, UGLY ASS, FLAME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 5960

    HAHA! ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME! Will'I'AM did the right thing you shouldnt cry about this shit you get punched live with it…BOO HOO your embaressed MOVE ON YOUR EMBARESSING EVERY FUCKING CELEB OUT THERE!!!!!


  61. 5961

    Perez, quit being a whiny bitch. You call yourself a "big boy" then take the shit you dish. If you claim that "violence" is never the answer, then don't antagonize people so much. I find it hilarious that you say you "dont want drama in your life" yet you live for it. Fail. I hope next time the punches keep flying, maybe it'll teach you to shut up.

  62. 5962

    You were asking for it. You are famous for gossiping and talking shit about other people. He worked for his fame, actually did something worth having in the world. When you trash other people for five years that is what you deserve. You ignore it when people scream at you and tell you to stop being such a fuck then when they get through to you, you call the cops. Get it through your thick skull - PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HATE YOU, AND CAUSE PHYSICAL PAIN TO YOU AS LONG AS YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT THEM. IF YOU REALLY DON'T LIKE BEING PUNCHED IN THE FACE STOP PUBLICIZING YOUR PRICKISH GOSSIP.

  63. 5963

    You attacked his work and look what you got a hit in the face. That not that bad epically since i would feel better if you fell of a skyscaper and died. GO die in a hole. then burn in hell

  64. 5964


    Has anyone else realized that this guy is calling will.i.am a coward, but this guy makes his living by hiding behind his words and criticizing others, but gets really upset when someone insults him? And how he ran away from the conflict with will.i.am?

    Just saying.

    As far as I'm concerned, both sides here are morons.

  65. 5965

    if you're gonna talk crap, people are gonna get violent. sure you have a right to your opinion, but there are repercussions to everything. so don't be all shocked when someone finally throws something back at you.
    you didn't deserve to be punched, but they didn't deserve verbal abuse from you either. doesn't matter who started it. either group could have just walked away from the situation. so stop acting like a victim because you're just as wrong.

  66. 5966

    Sorry you got hit yo.
    But Personally i think you kinda deserved it, No one likes to be talked bad about you know?
    He probably felt like he was being threatened or something,
    When you say "I would have had more respect for him if he hit me himself" I don't think you would because you're just trying to make yourself seem like the bigger person.
    I also think that when that fan shoulder bumped you, It was probably just a random fan. It was really crowded there, and maybe he was coincidently a black eye pea's fan.
    Also i think that both of your stories are half lies, When something shocking happens your brain can't run properly so you remember things less clearly. In your perspective you think you're the victim, In his he thinks he is the victim.

    It's not right to use violence, But it's also not right to talk bad about others which is why violence usually starts.

  67. 5967

    There's something very "leave britney alone"-ish about this. Like, to see him get so emotional over being punched… Sure, it probably hurt, and sure, he was probably scared, but how is this a surprise? He totally deserved it. He talks shit about dozens of people every day and has done so for years. He doesn't see anything wrong with calling someone fugly and insulting their work… It's no small wonder that he hasn't been hit before.

    And anyway, like… for people who are abused by family members or who are involved in violent situations on a daily basis, it seems really sort of insulting that he's making such a big deal out of something that really isn't. He got punched. His life was not threatened, he wasn't hospitalized or incapacitated. His long, crying, weak-minded rant only shows how narrow his understanding is of the real world.

  68. 5968

    Ok all you do is talk shyt and get into people's "drama" want to be imune from your own drama??? makes perfect sense. dumb ass.

  69. klink says – reply to this


    No offense dude but u got wats been comin! Everyone else is postin ya a pity party but u go wat was comin man! u deserved somethin worse then a punch in the face! u talk smack ur gonna get ur ass beat…

  70. 5970

    man ur such a whiny little bitch. u got punched… whoa mannn ur gonna die. just shut up. i'd say u deserved it gossiping and being rude to other celebrities.

  71. 5971

    grow a pair you pathetic idiot

  72. 5972

    I've literally created an account so i could leave a comment.
    GROW a pair and shut the hell up. You're such a complete douche. Who the hell cares?? You're the one who gossips and talks bad about people for a living. HOW do you expect to NOT get your head beaten?
    It's shit heads like you that make young girls shit about themselves.

    You're a complete disgrace

  73. 5973

    Re: omgeeez – (love that you said grow a pair :P … i LOVE that hahaha)

  74. 5974

    man! for the love of God (who doesn't exist btw so I don't see how he could be ashamed of will.i.am) stop being such a fucking drama queen! so you got decked by some guy? whoop dee fuckin' doo! i barely even see a scar there, and who the hell are you to call anyone a coward when all you do is sit behind you computer screen talking shit about other people. you say no one should ever be attacked, that no human being should be hurt, well take a look at what you do you all fucking day, you attack and belittle people 24/7! you don't think they are "hurt" by this crap?

    if you ask me, you got what was coming to you for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time…

    PROPS TO WILL.I.AM and the rest of the BLACK EYED PEAS

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