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My Statement

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The truth about how I was attacked in Toronto!

There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
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Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 801

    This is terrible. Shocking! I agree with some of you, Perez says things that are shady, but he does not deserve to be beaten up for it! Will.I.AM thats unacceptable and ridiculous, you're a coward!! Will.I.AM and Polo should be ashamed, they're scum really and they BEP album sucks! I agree with Perez, violence is never EVER the answer.

  2. 802

    Should I be controlling my physical movements of keeping on clicking reading these comments since they are only funny words??? Words, so powerless right Perez? Oooooops! I even LOL'd a few times spontaneously to words…..

  3. Alien says – reply to this


    Oh honey- Im so sorry that happened to you. As a survivor of domestic violence, I feel your pain and you are right, violence is never the answer. Fuck all these losers responding badly to it. Be strong Perez and maybe you can turn this into a positive thing. Your fans love you and hope you can find some peace with this.

  4. 804

    This is my first visit to this site. Although everyone knows that Perez is overdramatic and writes crazy things, assault is reality and it is illegal. You should never have to be in physical fear for yourself. Ever. I have, too, lost all respect for will.i.am and the Black Eyed Peas. This is ridiculous, and I hope that will.i.am's manager gets jail time for this and will.i.am loses the lawsuit. If we allow things like this to go on in our society, it will only get worse. Grow the fuck up, will.i.am.

  5. 805

    How can people say he deserves it? He only writes this stuff because we log in to read it!! Everyone leaving comments obviously frequents this site! I believe that makes everyone who says he has it coming hypocrites! Then we all have it coming for reading all the gossip! No one deserves to be hit, they chose their careers knowing full well they would be in the spotlight. And Everyone is allowed their own opinion without getting hit, this is America!

  6. 806

    Perez I am 100% on your side .
    The Black Eyed Peas are disgusting
    They acted like conceded pricks at the MMVAs
    I could definitely see them doing something like this .
    I hope your okay

  7. 807

    Mario, maybe this incident will give you the opportunity to reevaluate what you do. You can not put all of this bad Karma out there and expect do to get it back. You mentioned God in your video and I feel that it is hypocritical of you to say that God would not approve of what they did to you without realizing that God would not approve of your actions either. Think.

  8. regie says – reply to this


    i totally agree with you perez baby, violence is never the answer and i'm glad that you didn't get hurt worse. i'm really angry about the toronto police though- seriously, don't they have enough staff that can handle MULTIPLE situations like this? please stay strong, you're going to have to be a model for those who are assaulted in the long run. for those who think perez is fake, he's a human being just like us. the only one who can truly judge is God, so everyone just needs to shut the fuck up because your negative opinions don't fucking matter in the end and they don't fix or make the situation worse.

  9. 809

    AAAAwwww….I am sorry you had to go through that Perez….KEEP UR HEAD UP AND FUUUUUCCCKKK EM…..don't let the haters bring you down…..


  10. 810

    Re: Original.Flavour
    "No person has the right to abuse another human being "
    Oh please! Listen to yourself. All he does all day is abuse people. You 'fans' are even funnier than he is.

  11. 811

    all the people who hate on Perez, why do you even visit the site? Stupid trolls.

    Perez, I believe you. Stay strong.

  12. 812

    Well Perez.
    you have to realize your playing god here.
    your making or braking people and not everyones gonna be happy with that obviously, you KNOW how hard it is to get into to hollywood, you KNOW that people are desperate to stay in it.
    and I TOTALLY agree there NO EXCUSE FOR HITTING SOMEONE! EVER! and they should be ashamed of themselfs but this is what happens you can't expect everyone to just ignore you or be content.
    but please do feel better Honey

  13. 813

    Hmph I am completely sure that Perez will not post another story for quite a while. He wants as many people to see this to make a frontpage. I THINK Will I Am is innocent though…

  14. 814

    I am torn apart on this. But I read thestar.com. And it says WILL.I.AM Manager turned himself in to police and the investigation is ongoing. So hopefully, justice will be served.

  15. 815

    Wil.i.am is the new Carrie Prejean

  16. 816

    I can't believe you called him a THUG what a racist comment

  17. 817

    you deserved it.

  18. 818

    i love how ppl bash u but still come and support your site LOL!…hope u feel better Perez!

  19. 819

    Poor Mario. I love you even though you can be a real jerk sometimes, but your pain was real. No one deserves that.

  20. 820

    I love you Perez. I am supporting you. I wish I was there in Toronto yesterday. I wish I could meet you one day. Perez, I love you :)

  21. 821

    How can you in good conscience post about Prop 8, advertise the NoH8 campgain, and then go and use a slur towards Will.I. Am like you did? Do you think that because you're a gay man, that that is allowed? Listen Perez, you live by the sword, you fall by the sword. You make a living off of ripping people to shreds, and finally it came back to bite you in the ass.

  22. 822

    haha you remind of the kid crying about britney spears. It was about time someone humbled you, you say five eyars you have been doing this and nothing has ever happend. You should be lucky that this is the first time, and hopefully not the last. You getting hit from behind equals to you saying terrible things about celebs children. I stand by your freedom speech and love reading the things you say but you have to know when and where, obviously you wouldnt make an off color joke about religion or race around those specific people. Get back to just talking shit and stop with your right and wrong you sound like an asshole.

  23. 823

    It's interesting and kind of pathetic how Fergie and will.i.am care so much about what you think and your opinion of them. They obviously realize how powerful you are and know how you can sway thousands of of people's views. I believe you, but also think you need to get a grip on your emotions and stay strong. I'm suprised at how many people are saying you deserved to be hit. Like you said, violence is never the answer - no one EVER deserves to be attacked like that. And how extrememly unprofessional of them! It just shows no matter how rich and famous will.i.am (stupid name btw!)/black eyed peas and their entourage become, they are and will always be THUGS.

  24. 824

    I'm really sorry for what happened, some people can't take the truth unless it's good for them. hope you feel better soon. whatever the side people are, violence is never the answer; and don't worry a lot of people are very concerned about you;

  25. 825

    Re: SarahBoston23 – WAHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHH. SHUT THE FUCK UP. just because you're from boston doesn't make you hard.

  26. 826

    I Cannot beleive the people who are blaming Perez and saying it is his fault and he had it coming. If he had it coming with writing all of this gossip y is it that all of you people seem to come to his website to read what he writes and watch his videos if ur just going to tell him he's an asshole and shit like that. how about you guys find something better to talk about and another website casue Perez does this to entertain US!!! the people who actually like reading this and dont judge perez it's called a job and he enjoys it and what would you do without perez probly be bored and not have a good gossip website to look at. So how about everyone that is against perez go fuck themselves cause VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!!! and no matter what Perez says its your own opinion that matters but if its against Perez how about you find a new website to look at. Get better soon Perez we all love you except for those other fuckers who need lives unlike us.

  27. 827

    Re: Phenomena
    "To all the fucking people on this website who are saying you deserved: you really need to get a fucking life. You don't like it THEN GET THE FUCK OFF THE WEBSITE BUT NO you fucking made a profile here just to put your 2 cents were it doesn't belong."
    No. I'll stay and I'll say whatever I like. YOU need a fucking life bitch.

  28. 828

    Re: JigSaw – 695 Not if she is a good, true Christian. But, you are probable correct verifying my point.

  29. 829

    Ok, so I've watched the video in its entirety and I've read many of the comments. Now I feel it's my turn to speak my piece.
    (1) First of all, I have to say that I have visited the site a few times in the past, and although some of the information I read was interesting, Perez, you're a little too flamboyant for my taste.
    (2) Assault is something that should NEVER happen to someone, whether they "deserve" it or not. Us as human beings with limited knowledge of what goes on in the world and in other peoples' personal lives have NO RIGHT to decided what is fair and who deserves what.
    While I admit 100% that what that manager did was completely out of line and totally inappropriate, by creating a situation where someone would resort to physical violence is also not right.
    Being the bigger and more mature person means knowing when to walk away and just let things slide. So what if he's all up in your face? So what if he's threatening you for your life? You pull out a camera, you document the situation. You get proof of what happened.
    But you don't say something that you know will provoke them to the extent that it COULD cause someone (specifically yourself) bodily harm.
    There was more, but this thing cut me off.

  30. 830

    Re: aj – you got that right, would sure be nice for harry to make a guest appearance today… even if he has to come back as someone else!

  31. 831

    Violence is the ANSWER and always will be….its apart of life, everybodies life. Violence will never leave. Its been here forever. You need to act like a man…and not a baby…when you get punched, you punch back…Its kill or be killed.

  32. 832

    Honestly, this was going to happen sooner or later. I am amazed that this didn't happen sooner, you have to learn to stop degrading people, because the people you insult have feelings too,just like all of us do. I don't believe this story at all, by looking at the both of you, I think that if Will would of hit you, your face would look worse than it does, I think you are just seeking publicity. I am on Wills side on this one.

  33. 833

    oh just fuck off….you suck shit anyway….litterally

  34. 834

    I think everyone's heard the quote, "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you." Well its that's exactly that. Will.i.am needs to learn everyone has there own opinions! He is so immature and disrespectful to go up to Perez and start shit. YOUR the one that doesn't know what respect is Will.i.am, so don't go on to Perez about not having respect, you prick.

    As you were saying saying Perez, violence is NEVER the answer, i know what violence is, I've been around it. Its one of the most foul and completely sickening things in the world. And I feel for you.

    And how Will.i.am was saying in his video that 'he was just waiting by a tree for his car, and you were getting beaten up by a fan.' WTF? Seriously, if someone wis getting beaten up just a few feet away from you, you don't just stand there and let them get beaten up. Your supposed to HELP them. No matter who it is!

  35. 835

    This is bullshit. Perez did NOT deserve this. He was attacked, how can you even say that he is lying? Can you NOT see the fucking mark under his eye? you can clearly see Perez is upset about this, and fucking Will doesn't show ANY emotion in his video. this is bullshit. I believe you Perez, And I support you 100%

  36. 836

    Re: fiona – under NO circumstances does someone EVER have the right to hit somone else. Perez has the right to write anything he wants to about an album, and, in his opinion the BEP Album The E.N.D wasn't good and he had every right to voice that opinion. it Gave Will.I.Am no right to be up in his face and be intimidating him and Perez did what he had to to make him leave, and that happened to be calling him gay. still does NOT give his manager the right to hit him

  37. 837

    anyone who thinks he deserved to be assaulted is a moron, although calling Will out as a queer wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do either. like it or not, Perez is in the gossip biz and for those of you too young or stupid to get it, this kind of hostility is not unusual. if I were Mario, I'd press charges against that tacky thug's ass and his douchey manager. their band is incredibly overrated anyway and Fergie is fugly, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

  38. 838

    PS. Perez, I am a Canadian, and I am extremely sorry for our shitty mountie system… They probably were all at Tim Hortons anyway…

  39. 839

    I'm so sorry Mario, i'm glad to know you're alright.

  40. 840

    Re: LizardKinG Re: JigSaw – poor mario-He got his ass kicked and he's fat again!Will the drama ever end?

  41. 841

    hahahahaha!! you fa@eg!! Too bad they didn't really work you over, you miserable puss stain.

  42. 842

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – bwahahahahaha, he thought his eye was falling out… and you can barely see the mark….. what a fucking wimp
    and i see the diet is shot to hell too!!!

  43. 843

    BOOM BOOM POW right in the kisser. Perez you should sue WilIAm for $100 million, and yes Fergie is Fugly. She should change her name to Fugly.

  44. 844

    Although I don't usually condone violence, I am not sure here. I find you extrememly annoying and this is the second time I have heard of you. First was the pageant and I still can't figure out what the hell you were doing judging it. As for your 'shock' over being hit? Perez, come on…. You think what you did was any better? There is a thing call Karma and eventually what you dish out comes back at you three fold. Your video above was even more childish than how you handled the confrontation. You are not dignified at all and you come across as someone who is a whiner and annoying. Karma is a bitch.

  45. 845

    what, did you think this was never going to happen??? you are a hateful human being and you got what you deserved. Karma's a bitch and hopefully this is the beginning to the end of you!!!

  46. 846

    this is not KARMA.. wtf is the matter with youppl!! I agree no one deserve to be treated that way, no one deserves to be punched!
    At the end of the day perehilton.com is his opinion, his blog, those who dont like it why ar eyou here? Stay trong perez!

  47. 847

    perez, i'm so sorry this had to happen to you. you're amazing. you, or anyone in that matter, deserve that. some of these assholes can't wrap their minds around it. but i hope you're doing all right, and stay strong.

  48. 848

    I believe Perez. I think that even though he can say some stupid and unnecessary things, he didn't deserve to be physically attacked.

  49. 849

    Perez, with everything you say about people, this was bound to happen. And although it was an unfortunate situation for you, be thankful as it could have been much worse. Violence is not the answer, but you intentionally escalated the situation. I am not saying you deserved it, but you knew he was angry and you could have "man'd up" and told him, "It's cool." and walked away. Take my advise and leave it alone, before you get really hurt.

  50. 850

    LOL.Poor Perez but

  51. 851

    While I do agree that this is your site and you are free to say whatever you want, I also agree that sometimes you do go too far. HOWEVER, you giving their album or song a bad review is NO reason for him to get in your face. Will.i.am SUCKS, he is a shitty producer, his lyrics suck and he is a douchebag.

  52. 852

    Stay strong Perez you are doing the right thing. Will I am is a douche to not be able to take a constructive critism or a joke or the truth.
    Telling by all the support he is so wrong and you are right.

  53. 853

    Don't be bitch and cry about it Perez. This comes with the territory. You make awefull comments about people and there siblings without regard. So take it like a man or in your case woman and deal with the consequences! Your delusional to think that you can attack people especially the way you do it and not expect retribution. Dude you play with people careers and reputations. I've lost respect for you for whining like this.

  54. 854

    ohhh..mot cool fergie had nothing to do with it so dnt call her names and dnt cry like a baby just cause u got lightly punched in the eye

  55. 855

    o boo hoo mario! U say your a big boy and you can take it but it looks like you cant take it. Your a grown man fucker, and your crying after a fight. lol… I've never even seen a female cry after a fight.

  56. 856

    Perez, I understand that you are upset, but why take a jab at Fergie at the end? From your own explanation of the events, she didnt do ANYTHING wrong. This just shows me that you have a lot of hateful venom in you and you do your best to hurt and "assault" people with your words. I dont feel sorry for you AT ALL!! I cant believe it took this long for someone to hit you. Im not saying you deserve it but youre the fool if you didnt think it would come to this point sooner or later.

  57. 857

    I understand what you feel, Perez. People should understand that business is business. If they have a problem with your write-ups they should have sue you… You are definitely right, VIOLENCE IS NEVER AN ANSWER TO ANYTHING… and it obvious that Will.I.am is super defensive. He don't waste time to post videos to "defend" himself. Maybe they are too scared ’cause they think that you are a powerful media. Never let them to do this to u. Stand up for your right. There are people who believe you. Cheer up!

  58. 858

    Liar - you don't even have a mark on you. That is so pathetic. Maybe next time someone will do you up right.

  59. 859

    I'm so sorry you have had to go through this experience. God is going to take care of you, and Will.i.am will get what he deserves. Continue to stand up for yourself. NO ONE DESERVES TO GET ABUSED. Especially not my you!

  60. 860

    what the f*ck? really???

    Will.I.Am is full of sh*t, we all know it….

    Stay strong tiger, it's just part of the business.


  61. 861

    All these people on here are saying "well you deserved it.." blah blah blah. HOW HORRIBLE. NO ONE i repeat NO ONE deserves to be a subject of physical violence. I'm so sorry. I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER LOVE. dont listen to these other people. they are all hypocrites and their "bad karma" bull shit will go right back to them and bite them in the ass. lots of love. get better xoxo

  62. Puffy says – reply to this


    Keep Strong!!!
    it just shows who week they are to turn to viloence

  63. 863

    People who are saying that Perez deserves it are simply pathetic. Come on, be adults, deal with it, perez's job is talking about celebrities, sometimes he just talks about something he likes, sometimes he critizes a band, a singer or whatever, so what ? What is ridiculous is to hate him for this, you are acting like stupid childs, perez hilton is not responsible of OUR voyeurism. Its just to easy to accuse him and think that HE is wrong. Perez Hilton is exactly like us, the only difference is that he's famous and influent. Attacking on people we don't like, or we are angry at, is acting like an animal, revenge is such an american obsession. Don't be such assholes.
    My thoughts are for you Mario. I'm sorry people are idiots.

  64. 864

    Some of the things you said were not okay, and I understand why someone would be mad at you, but its your JOB. and they have no right to hit you ! :(

  65. 865

    You make me fucking puke.

  66. 866

    I can't say that I am entirely unsympathetic to you. I mean violence is never the answer. However at the same time if it's true, and if anyone deserved to get their ass handed to them, it's you perez. And they're right. You had it coming. I just wish I could've been there to see you get your just deserts.

  67. 867

    well, as if I did not see this coming…
    you are right - violence is no answer, but have you ever thought about that words can hurt so much more? your eye will be okay in a few days, but what about people (like Britney Spears) that were hurt in public by words? Anyone remember how the Brit-Brit-Drama ended? And it was because of people like YOU, PEREZ or MARIO, you were talking so much shit about her!
    Back to the BEP:
    This site is ALWAYS sending out words that attack, violate, hurt, disrespect or humiliate the BEP, esp. Fergie. THIS is what comes for the answer. I don´t think it is right, but who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind. Where was your big mouth when you were face2face with those guys?
    And to get some things straight:
    you only "present" the few good things you were saying about Fergie, forget the many ugly things.
    you NEVER show respect for ANYBODY who does not pay you for this
    you are not that important that some A-listers will follow YOU!
    you are hiding behind your cam and say a lot of f*** to the members of the BEP, because THEIR MANAGER probably hit you? how childish is that?
    Fergie asked you very ladylike, you call her names.
    this video is a cry for attention. BIG CINEMA!!!

  68. 868

    I'm sure you have no control over when you trash someone (a real person) on a blog and the rest of your readers join the band wagon trashing them and they sit crying reading it about themselves. Speaking of God: Proverbs 16:28 A erverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends.

  69. 869

    People especially celebs should know by now what this website is all about. It's a gossip site, if it bothers them, don't read it, it's entertainment & not to be taken seriously. This reminds me of Jared Leto getting all pissy with Elijah Wood. And Fergie asking you why are you being mean…she should know the answer to that by now. Such fragile egos

  70. 870

    You have managed to not only achieve, but redefine the idea of the American Dream by capitalizing on who you are and on your own intelligent, unique mind. While doing so, you have also consistently used your successes as a platform to champion a myriad of social causes in ways that are both hugely relevant and appealing to many. It's been said that apathy is the greatest evil, and as such by igniting emotion in the masses over social issues you are one of the few people who has actually gained the ability to change the world. You bring those with enviable lives down to our level, and help bridge the gap between celebrities and the people who make them such. I was so sorry to hear that anyone would cross the line and actually harm you. While you are fairly malicious in your attack of certain personas, it cannot be forgotten that each of these people profits just as a result of your mentioning them, and also it is what they signed up for. No one profits from violence, as I hope the Black Eyed Peas and their manager will learn. Seriously, they shot to fame as a result of their single "Where is the Love?". Looks like it's time to practice what they preach.
    I hope you're okay, and know you're always loved.
    "I may not approve of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." - Evelyn Beatrice Hall

  71. 871

    If you don't have anything nice to say don't bother wasting your time writing it on here! I will pray for you Perez!! Hope you feel better!

  72. 872

    Perez — keep your chin up and you shouldn't make a cry-video lol…it only gives them something to laugh at. You know what they say: "you can get the person out of the ghetto, but you can never get the ghetto out of the person". Will-I-Am will always be a ghetto ass motherfucker. If this where the titanic they'd throw his ghetto ass offboard.

  73. 873

    You both are wrong for what happened..shame on both of you for that…get well soon Perez

  74. 874

    wow perez, i'm so sorry to hear this.
    what they did was absolutely wrong….
    violence should NEVER be the answer….
    shame on them. and get better soon!

  75. 875

    Boo, you whore.
    Perez your obviously upset and I do feel sorry for you, but what do you expect? You can't go round disrespecting people and writing hurtful shit about them on your blog. It's called karma. You need to stop being such a hypocrite and know that if you're going to aggravate someone then there's going to be consequences. No, violence is not the answer. But neither is making up fake rumours about other people.
    And come on, tweeting about it? You were with Gaga and her bodyguard and probably a bunch of other people.

  76. 876

    Hey Perez, what about all the HUMAN BEINGS you attack every single day? False gay labels, fake into about non-existent relationships and/or affairs, insulting peoples' appearances. You VERBALLY ASSAULT people EVER SINGLE DAY. A fist and a mouth isn't all that different. Maybe now you'll understand and turn a new leaf. You sit there crying over the assault. How many times have you made others cry? Countless no doubt. People are human. They have feelings both physical, emotional, and psychological. There's no line between a sword and a tongue in life my friend.

  77. 877

    Ummmmm, you totally remind me of Chris Crocker…..I think it was Fergie who whipped your ass.

  78. 878

    sorry that happened… i HATE people that think violence is the way to go.. That IS how people get killed… people get mad and start pulling guns….thankfully it wasnt taken that far. Yes this is a gossip site..yes some things are taken too far…but give me a break!!! PUNCHING someone because of WORDS used?? because they dont like your SONG?? im sorry but i am so tired of these "celebrities" thinking they are above all….and screw everyone else… get off your high horse "will i am" … and truth be told u (black eyed peas ) would be nothing without fergie…personally i dont care for any of them… especially after this… when you go looking for trouble..that is classless and trashy…

  79. 879

    Violence isn't the answer, but I you spew shit to someones face like you say you did then you kind of deserved it. I don't agree with it. Keep strong, I hope the police arrest their manage for assaulting you.

  80. 880

    I would like to hear both sides of the story before. Making any statements as to who was right or wrong. I love coming to your site to get the latest gossip (while @ work). I happen to also like the BEP. I heard that a fan whupped up on you because they didn't like what you were saying to will i am. I dont know I wasn't there, but both sides of the story need to be heard!

  81. 881

    Worst actor's performance since Chris Crocker.

  82. 882

    This is horrible people. Violence should only be used in physical self defense, never in retaliation of a verbal act. Grow up people! Perez is a personality, Mario is a person. This is pop culture, Stay strong Mario take some self defense classes and next time kick dat ass!

  83. 883

    SUCH A DRAMAQUEEN. Honestly. You are hurting people on so many levels and there you go crying over a punch in the face? You might not deserve to be hit in the face but on the other hand you are probably the lowest scum on earth and if someone really deserved to be hit, than it would be you.

  84. 884

    ahhh perez it is okay that was a low thing for someone so famous to do i hope that they all get in trouble for this. if they dont like what you write on your blog then they dont need to read it! shouldnt they have better things to do anyways? perez rules and your website does too so i hope you press charges!

  85. 885

    Well.. I think that what comes around goes around and whatever happens you'll learn from it.
    Violence is never the answer, but I hope that you and other learn from this too. Maybe next time you will notice a situation when it's just best to shut up and leave.
    Yes, everyone should have their rights to say their opinion but sometimes it's just the best thing to just leave and swallow your ego.

    And I can be pretty sure that you make some celebrities cry, and cause them much pain.. just with words.

    But take care Mario! This scould not happen, but try to learn from it and take a bubblebath and eat tasteful strawberry..

    Hugs from Finland

  86. 886

    i'm so sorry for u!!
    you're right, the violence is no the reason, the violence resolves nothing in this world. Only the words can make the difference.
    "Si nous devenions violents, nous n'aurions plus rien à défendre" like said dalai lama.

  87. 887

    What is the point in people leaving nasty comments? There is no need for voilence, I strongly agree with that, yeah Perez can be an arsehole but why do you come on his site and look at his posts? If you don't like what he does, don't look at it.

    And props to you perez for how you ended your video, the "and fergie, you are fugly bitch." - that did make me laugh. :)

    Perez be strong :)

  88. 888

    I'm sorry Perez! Stay strong !

  89. bd09 says – reply to this


    You are such a bad representation for gay men.
    You absorb all the publicity for prop 8.
    Then attack people with homophobic abuse.

    You had the potential to have been a much better role model.


  90. 890

    Drama queen.
    Will. i. am. is talented and makes money with his intelligence.
    You sound like a five year old boy.
    yea, you wouldn't hit someone cuz they'd kill you.
    Wow you're bold now that you're in a hotel room making a video.
    so how did he follow you if he's staying there.

  91. 891

    You know what? I can't even believe the comments on here… If you guys dislike Perez/Mario, why even bother coming on to his site??? Perez's job is to write about celebrities and his opinions on music etc. HIS opinions, because it's HIS site!!! Those of you on here talking shit, go on his site to read it so don't act like you think he deserves it when you come on here to read it!!! Regardless of his opinions or YOURS, no one deserves to be beaten down or hurt like this at all!! Even though Will.I.Am didn't actually do the hitting, you know that shit was planned. They both knew what they were doing and Will.I.Am didn't hit Perez not only because he's a cowardly little shit, but because he knew it would make people see the real asshole he is. It was all thought out that's what I think and it's sad that entertainers, people that actually knew coming into this business that they would be hearing both positive and negative criticism, would get so touchy over one person's opinion of their music.

  92. 892


  93. 893

    Sweetie ! I'm so sorry about what happened to you. I remember 2years ago a girl almost wanted to kill me because ” talked shit about her” which btw, wasn't even true. She hit me idk how many times everywhere, so first you're scared but then you wont think about it anymore and realize you're so mature and he's level 4yo and you're a grown up person. These kind of people are stupid you shouldn't even have made this video it'll make him happy. He doesn't deserve your tears honey ! Stay strong please, I love you

  94. 894

    Hahahahaha your video was intense but sorry no oscar! With all the bad shit you write what did you think was going to happen? No one was going to give you a pat on the back. You know Mario, words can hurt just as much as punches. Karma just caught up with you. Thats what you get for being sooo hateful. Oh, and I think you need new big boy pants. The ones you said you had on didn't work.

  95. 895

    OMG!!!! Sorry to hear that…. I hate to say that on some days I'd say that you deserved what was coming to you but I never actually thought that this would happen.


  96. 896

    You are right when you say: "Violence is never the awser" but don't use words such as "fu**" and "bi***", insulting it is not the awser too.

    Just call the police and let them do their work.

    PS: you use the word of God as you believe in him (i dont know if you do or dont) but if you do He will take care of the problem

  97. 897

    My god…you need become a MAN Perez. Stop calling yourself a girl and stop acting like a fucking brat and people will respect you more. Using your 'fans' to get back at people is just childish and ridiculous. You are NOT a real critic and you bash people s music or act for personal reasons affecting those artists carreers to fuel your own popularity. Im sad this happened to you… I see you are hurt…justice will deal with those thugs…but in a twisted way…this is also justice. Im not worried for you, you have more than most of us will ever have for support.

  98. 898

    I dont get why people who hate perez so much come here and leave comments… I'm so sorry that you are so upset and that this happened to you. It made me cry. You have so many fans who love you. Keep your head up!

  99. 899

    So wrong! I hope you get better soon, hugs and kisses!

  100. 900

    Sounds like Fergie is a big instigated meth hands bitch!

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