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Plea Bargain Reached For Chris Brown Case

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Coward. Epic coward.

A plea bargain has been accepted in the assault case against douchebag Chris Brown.

Brown's plea deal will require him to spend 180 days in a labor domestic violence program and get five years probation for felony assault.

If he violates his probation in any way, he'll get four years in prison.

Rihanna did not appear in court today and thus did not testify.

What do U think of the court's decision? Was it fair? Too tough or too lenient?

[Image via WENN.]

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215 comments to “Plea Bargain Reached For Chris Brown Case”

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  1. 101

    um, she didn't show because her testimony would have gotten him off scott free - people are allowed to use reasonable force when their untalented, psycho hosebeat old lady starts attacking them - yes, when a crazy bitch grabs the wheel of the car and tries to kill you, a punch in the face IS reasonable force
    are you people idiots? if there is a black equivalent to white trash, this girl is it

  2. 102

    i love the fact you get your ass beat perez

  3. 103

    Chris Brown has copped a plea in his assault case. He won't do jail time, but he will spend 6 months doing things like road cleanup. He's also been ordered to stay 50 yards clear of Rihanna.
    He'll spend 180 days doing community labor (8 hours a day — 1440 hours total) — which is, in effect, hard labor. He'll do his service in Virginia which is where Brown lives. A Virginia law enforcement officer told us Brown will be picking up trash, pulling weeds and washing fire trucks.
    He gets 5 years probation for FELONY assault — he pled guilty. He'll get supervised probation. He'll have to come back to court every three months.
    He must enroll in a domestic violence counseling program.
    The judge said if Brown and Rihanna are at the same public events, the 50-yard stay away turns into 10 yards. The stay away order lasts 5 years.
    The judge said she wanted to make sure that Chris Brown "was treated as any other person who comes through this court."
    If Brown violates probation, he could get up to 4 years in prison.
    Rihanna is in the courthouse but never entered the courtroom.

    So Brown is now a convicted felon and loses the right to vote or carry a gun.

  4. 104

    Why don't you get your shit straight and include the details, before making a post about someone's legal issues? He deserved the sentence he got. End of story. It's not too lenient. He's got a long five year road ahead of him. Granted, he deserved to travel that road. Jail is not always necessary to teach someone a lesson. Hard labor, and his failed music career will take care of him. Yes, Chris Brown beat the shit out of her. We all know that, but he did have a clean image & record before it happened. He's paying for his fuck up. Rihanna accepted the plea deal - it's a done deal. It HAD to be approved by her for it to get processed. She showed up; she didn't have to testify because SHE accepted the plea deal. Everything was handled the right way in my opinion.

  5. 105

    The easy thing is taking the plea deal. The hard thing is not violating probation.

  6. 106

    you see things in the paper with women/men testifying about someone assaulting them, putting them in the hospital, breaking bones, etc. and the accused, even if they have previous arrests, gets a slap on the wrist. SO YOU EXPECT CHRIS BROWN TO GET WHAT?????? Rhianna's face looked good after a few days, she did not testify, he did not have any priors and he has not been re-arrested. BUT-because she is famous, alot of people think he deserves life. The anger is in the wrong place. Anger is needed down in the court systems where you have persons with priors doing this over and over again, going in for a short vacation at the most and they are back on the street with no remorse. Money towards shelters and treatment to help these women(men) with self esteem and self worth-that they do not deserve what these men inflict on them. their children deserve a normal live- Not all this press on a 19 bad tempered immature man and a spoiled 22 girl on constant vacation who will not say a word.

  7. 107

    dick head dick head he deserved to get punished… bad!!!

  8. 108

    Let's pray he violates his parole.

  9. 109

    by the way mario, keep calling him a coward, an epic coward. maybe he does have a fan or two left that will punch you into next week also.

  10. 110

    Lame…he got away too easily. I don't understand why Rihanna had to be there if she wasn't even in the courtroom.

  11. 111

    I am very surprised that he received such a harsh sentence considering that it was a first time offense and that he had access to good lawyers.

  12. 112

    Re: carolineyy

    You act like he beat your ass. You were not there so maybe you should calm the hell down… she still has not spoken up on her own behalf which makes me think she is not that innocent.

  13. 113


  14. 114

    i wish he would have beaten you instead

  15. 115

    The deal was likely orchestrated by the D.A. with input from Rihanna's camp, a light(er) sentence for him in exchange for sparing her the ordeal of testifying. Sure he's a huge jerk, but that is actually rather chivalrous, and not at all cowardly. If he wanted to be an uber douche, he'd have tried to force her to testify and then his lawyer would have grilled her.

  16. 116

    wayyy to lenient!
    If it was anyone else he would have gotten deserving jail time!

  17. 117

    Ya rihanna did show up to court get it straight Perez, and i think chris is the man, he did well, if rihanna didnt say anything to get chris upset maybe all this wouldnt have happend, Way to Go Chris.

  18. 118

    This is All gyood Rihanna's Dumb

  19. 119

    Oh god I hope he screws it up and gets send to prison, at least for a couple of days.

  20. 120

    Man not for nothing didint she start beating on him first? If this is true then he has every right to defend himself. I don't agree of beating her this bad, but she should of had some sort of punishment too. Perhaps a smalller one but something bc she hit him too… If my info is not accurate then I take it back.

  21. 121

    actually she was there….the judge explained the stay away order to her…saw it on E! first. and he has 5 yrs probation, 180 days of community service and a domestic violence class…get your facts right!

  22. 122

    Does that mean that every guy can turn his girlfriend's face into hamburger and then walk around free? I'm so sad. This just seems wrong.

  23. 123

    Booya!!! And funny to think EVERYONE was on RiRi's side… Doesn't surprise me at all. The punishment for CB is just and I am sure he has learned from his mistakes. Now EVERYONE can shut their pie holes now, yes!

  24. 124

    Re: RedWingsFan – Yeah, hey whassup Wingz.

  25. 125

    Fucking idiot Perez…. she was in court.. she appeared AFTER his appearance in court. You can't even copy shit right, WTF is wrong with you? Should I call Will I am to knock some shit into you?! ASSHOLE!

  26. P!X!3 says – reply to this



  27. 127

    i mean, it's good he's being punished to THIS extent because honestly, for the rest of america, if you beat the shit out of your wife or girlfriend, you might spend the night in jail if she calls the cops or you'll get a restraining order against you. the law doesn't extensively punish abusers, they mostly encourage the women to leave and that's that. so he's getting more than normal people get but i also think that that's how the law should punish man on woman violence if prison is not an option.

  28. 128

    I think it's fair

  29. 129

    Ur pet Poodle Ri is the coward.
    All she had to do was tell what happened that night-but she couldn't.
    Don't blame him because she choose to stay silent.

  30. 130

    ps - love you perez, words do not warrant violence. EVER. it's not an excuse. if people are so concerned with what someone else is blogging about them than maybe they need a shrink to help them with their self esteem. insecure people resort to violence. it needs to be stopped.

  31. 131

    He got enough of a sentence. We weren't in the car with the two of them. I don't EVER think that violence is the answer, but I also think that if he was abusing her before, she really should have kicked him to the curb before it got this much out of hand. Chris will always have this matter hanging over his head and that's good punishment for him. People won't forget easily when you are a violent looser.

  32. 132

    I think it is fair considering that Rihanna did not testify…but I will never look at Chris Brown the same way again…he is revolting…

  33. MP says – reply to this


    Too lenient, like most other violent crime sentences in this country. If someone beats the crap out of someone else they should go to jail. No slap on the wrist followed by probation. I have a feeling if Rihanna were more vocal about wanting to see him punished for his crime he may have done some time, but for whatever reason she doesn't seem like she wants to see him punished. I wish her the best in the future and hope she makes better choices in her boyfriends.

  34. 134

    i don't think he's a coward. chris brown did what he had to do to save his ass and although i don't condone (or approve) domestic violence of any kinds, i think rihanna is the real coward. she let him get off scott free! her testimony could have dramatically altered the outcome of this case and she basically let's him off the hook. these two are totally still together, it's the only explanation for this fuckery.

  35. 135

    UMM WHAT? Fuck CHRIS BEAT HER DOWN> what a jizz-wad. he should be taken to prison, and gang raped and beat down…lol but other than that..he is a great guy : )

  36. 136

    I like that!! I'll settle for it. Mess up and it's jail for you bitch! 180 days in a domestic violence labor program? AWESOME! btw for all you supporting him, he wouldn't have gotten 5 yrs probation and 180 labor hours if he was innocent you dumb fucks

  37. 137

    put him in jail!!!!

    chris brown ,me das asko T___T

  38. 138

    I think it's too tough. You need to think of how many times this happens a day in the United States and many a times they only get a slap on the wrist. 5 YEARS OF PROBATION.. are you kidding? That's a little overboard. I dont condone beating woman or anything like that but at the same time you cannot just give him all kinds of penalties just because he is a celebrity.

  39. 139

    4 words
    shut the fuck up
    you people defend this fuck because hes hot!??? god he should be kickin your ass instead!riri did show up and shes gorgeous grow up haters chris brown is DONE only reason he still makin money is cus of retards like you that support him maybe one day you'll get your ass kicked by your man that is if you have one (= ciao!

  40. 140

    Waaaay too lenient! He should be locked up!

  41. 141

    Re: vanillalatte Don't be ignorant. A plea BARGAIN is a BARGAIN with the other party pressing charges. Rihanna's lawyer had to accept too. But maybe that line of thinking is too ignorant for you. LOL!

  42. 142

    Re: great white north – what exactly is "a suck"?

  43. 143

    Re: carolineyy Oh shut up already. You already said it - you weren't there. You saw some pictures. I got a picture of some oceanfront property in Iowa too! Just $2. I have pictures, that's the proof!

  44. 144

    Re: carolineyy God I hate when the kiddies are out for the summer from elementary.

  45. 145

    All you who are saying that Rihanna hit him first, that's not true! According to the fucking police report, Chris Brown hit first and never stopped.

  46. 146

    Who the fuck makes these laws? Seriously. No wonder so many women die in the hands of abusers like this. Because they let them free do some bullshit program that won't help and then let them roam free. They should go to JAIL! Chris Brown should go to JAIL for attempted murder!

  47. 147

    I hope he kicks her ass again just so that she'll stop being so stupid. they're both idiots who deserve each other. BOTH TRASH!!

  48. 148

    Re: Rickneeds2kno – I agree with that one. Justice wasn't served with OJ at the time, but I think he's paying for it now.

    Same with Chris Brown. And YES, he is a coward and a punk and an asshole. A REAL man does NOT resort to violence (Yes, and that means you "Will.I.Am.NOT".

    Karma is a bitch and Chris Brown will get his. It may take a while, just like it did with OJ, but it happens.

  49. 149

    asshole. if he beat up on a man like that, he'd be in jail already. but cos it was his girlfriend, it's all ok. sick to death of this douche.

  50. 150

    standard sentence. . .

  51. 151

    ugh i hope he'll violate his probation. 5 yrs too much for him not to =D

  52. 152

    All the morons chanting "beat her" or that she deserved it are cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Give me your address and say that to my face so I can show you what a b!tch karma is.

  53. omz says – reply to this


    of course it was going to end up like this the dumb ass bitch did not stand up for herself… she is fucking pathetic PEREZ YOU NEED TO STOP TRYING TO MAKE HER SEEM LIKE A VICTIM SHE WAS NOT ANYMORE SHES A FUCKIN IDIOT

  54. omz says – reply to this


    Re: JoeyDub – LMAOOOOO

  55. 155

    i think it is just the right punishment.

    and perez, why do u say its coward? he stepped up to the plate and plead guilty? what else did u want from him, seriously.

  56. 156

    damn perez…what do u want? y is it that when people admit there guilt it is still not enough…give him a chance 2 do what the judge ordered him 2 do before u crucify him…this is my pet peeve, people admit or are found guilty & it's still not enough! just keep punishing…

  57. 157


  58. 158

    Too Tough. The average Joe would have gotten a lesser sentence. And the pics leaked out of government hands. I'd sue the LAPD in a civil suit.

  59. 159

    she did appear but didn't have to testify because he took the plea bargain

    plus, you said that brown should plead guilty, instead of pretending he was innocent. so he plead guilty and you still aren't happy, why?

  60. 160

    LOL! Guess you were too busy crying and whinning and you missed the news… that's what happens when you don't copy paste from T M Z, Rihanna WAS there, she came in right after Chris exited.
    Hey Chris and Will should meet up and discuss about Black Eyed Perez..

  61. 161

    Re: TooAnnoyedTooCare – What a sad excuse for a husband you have. I mean the fact you can guarantee he'd smack you around if you touched him is such a sad thing to know. Guess he wouldn't feel bad smacking the shit out of you or whatever but I'd like to believe he'd stop before physically hurting you.

  62. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Im So Fabulous I Piss Glitter – A suck = a suck up= a brown noser = whiny, cowardly/devious. Great White North, feel free to correct me.

  63. 163

    it's really pissing me off that people are now saying "comments like this are why you got beat up perez". the people who make those comments are the ones that would resort to violence, and given the story we're commenting on it's pretty apparent nothing good comes from that. grow up and learn to fight back with your words instead of hitting someone like a meathead.

  64. 164

    He get what he deserves!

    Rooting for Rihanna!

    He get what he deserves!

    Rooting for Rihanna!

    He get what he deserves!

    Rooting for Rihanna!

    He get what he deserves!

    Rooting for Rihanna!

    He get what he deserves!

    Rooting for Rihanna!

    He get what he deserves!

    Rooting for Rihanna!

    He get what he deserves!

    Rooting for Rihanna!

  65. 165

    I think the punishment is fair…if this was any other case the punishment would be the same. Just becuase rihanna is so widely adored and Chris Brown has been portrayed to be a moster doesn't make it any different from other cases just like it. Violence is a serious crime and one that I feel is fixable by training a person's mind differently rather than sticking them in jail. Trust me, by the end of all this, I think that he will have learned….At least we can hope!

  66. 166

    makes me sick…you hit a woman be a real man go do some jail time let the guys in there hit you maybe teach ya a lesson well deserved…COWARD CHRIS.

  67. 167

    Re: imsoregistered

    The "pressing charges" part of a case is over once a complaint is filed against someone and that person is arraigned. At that point the victim of a crime can not want to continue but it's up to the district attorney to decide whether to proceed because it's them handling the case, not the victim's lawyers (they would sue in civil court for $$$). Only a prosecutor has standing to bring a criminal case.

    A victim does not necessarily have to ok a plea bargain. The presiding judge does. Either a court can extend a plea bargain or the judge can.

    Also, it's standard practice to NOT have a witness in the courtroom until they testify. Since all the issues of scheduling, written motions, and pleas are taken care of before testimony begins nearly all the time, of course she would be outside the courtroom until after the plea was entered.

  68. 168

    If he is in a rehab program, that's far better than crowding up the jails. At least in the rehab program, he can learn how to deal with his issues & not have this problem again. If he's in jail, he'll probably do the same thing again. I think it was a fair decision, & it's pretty much what anyone on their first offense would get. Hopefully he can get his act together, because if he can, he'll deserve a second chance. If he doesn't, then he deserves what he gets.

  69. 169

    Perez is a joke… search for blackeyedperez on cafepress

  70. 170

    i think it is fair without rihana testifing but if she had they should have thrown that coward in jail

  71. 171

    Hey Perez…I know black news isn't really your forte…but geez! Rihanna did show up to court today! Please retract/correct this. Or at least start linking up to the black gossip sites to get your stories right (and give them credit too!)

  72. 172

    I think it's fair because til this day .. I feel like I still don't know the whole story. On top of that, people keep forgetting Rhianna hits him too!

  73. 173

    THIS is a joke. hes such an ass for beating her. He deserves what any other person would get in this situation: JAIL time. he is such a jerk ill never buy any of his music'.

  74. 174

    He should be in jail but I'm not disappointed he'll f up again so i think he'll be going to jail anyway I'll just wait patiently for that day. he's a douche!

  75. 175

    all bitches need a little slapping around now and then

  76. 176

    he should have gotten jail time!
    i hate that celebrities get off so easily

  77. 177

    Of course he was gonna get off with a plea deal - scumbag! Hope his career suffers because of this. I do like his song "Forever" but other than that he is an asshat. Rhianna did not do herself any favors either! Very disappointed in her!

  78. 178

    perez is a liar and hypocrite, leave this place perez. you no longer belong

  79. 179

    It's fair because Rihanna did not testify…

  80. 180

    Plea deal means he is convicted.

  81. 181

    Idiots. All of them and you, Mario.

  82. 182


    chris brown can bash me any day ;]

  83. 183

    Shut up Perez - what the hell do u know! Cant even get ur facts right, Rihanna was there! You are the idiot! Dont be making Rihanna out to be some kinda martyr - she knows what went down - all we can do (including u Perez) is speculate but aint no way she innocent! I hate u Rihanna, i hate u!

  84. 184

    I definitely think there is more to this story than everyone knows. I believe Rihanna had her own part in this whole situation and it would have been a blow to her reputation to let that out. I feel she wanted a least some leniency for Chris as well as both of them just wanted this to be over, so that's why a plea agreement was met. If they weren't in the public eye I don't think Chris would have got the same sentence, but I'm sure they both learned a big lesson. Of course his lesson will last much longer.

    I like both of them as artist and I hope they can continue to be successful.

  85. 185

    No-one deserves to be hit, he should of gotten a real sentence so he would learn his lesson

  86. 186

    I think the two of them are fuckin up on coke… she came to Ireland & the photo's of her said it all..her jaw was on the other side of her face… it would explain his outbursts too…maybe thats why she didn't go to court incase that all came out…. maybe!

  87. 187

    Rihanna was there but she was brought in after Chris was sentenced. The judge explained she had to keep her distance from his as well.

  88. 188

    Ok.. I got the inside story.. stop making accusations to either of them..
    and BTW: Rihanna was in court yesterday, she did not give her testimony because Chris plead guilty as charged. let's just say this, a car is not worth to go to court over…

  89. ONIT says – reply to this


    No man should beat a woman but no woman should beat a man especially when he is driving. Even though they split, both had a nice cover-up. Now he's simply the beater and she's still the nice girl. Both should be ashamed of themselves. Grow up and start being a positive role model.

  90. 190

    Chris Brown is an asshole and we all know that now. He deserved to be locked up for at LEAST a year, but even HAD he been locked up it would probably be 1 day in, then let out.
    But Rihanna? You are a dissapointment. Not testifying. What about all your young fans who might one day end up in this situation?
    Men DON'T hit women. And if they do, you should do everything in your right to send them down.

  91. 191

    how the hell is chris brown a coward for accepting a plea deal? i think he's a huge douchebag but do you really expect him to take a jail sentence rather than a plea deal? really? lol you make no sense sometimes.

  92. 192

    tamarahv, and everyone else, violence is never an option, same goes to chris brown, who is a fucking knob for what he did. simples. tsk!

  93. 193

    I think its fair & I hope they both shine to teach others the value of life and living, Peacefully

  94. 194

    rihanna had women all over the world looking up to her. she let everyone down, especially herself.

  95. 195

    Having seen the pictures of how beat up she was, I think it was WAY too lenient.

  96. 196


  97. 197

    Rihanna was in court. The reason that they didn't hear her side is because the moment they began, I assume, the Defense team plead guilty for Chris and got his plea deal. Had they continued to plead Non-guilty the hearing would have been much longer and they would have spoken to Rihanna. BUT Chris knows he did it and they knew that Rihanna's presence and statement would show him as guilty so they avoided that altogether and just plead guilty.

  98. 198

    Sad thing is … he'll do it again..facts prove abusive behavior happens again .. without counselling. Wait and see. His career will be affected with all the weekly court impositions … so in the long run justice was served. Let's just hope he doesn't hurt another girl.

  99. 199

    It was a plea bargain, not a judgment or decision from the Court. It has nothing to do with leniency from the Court because a plea bargain is struck between the people (i.e. the State) and the defendant. Whether the State should have proposed such a deal is the only question to opine on, because the State acts "for the people".

  100. 200


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