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Plea Bargain Reached For Chris Brown Case

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Coward. Epic coward.

A plea bargain has been accepted in the assault case against douchebag Chris Brown.

Brown's plea deal will require him to spend 180 days in a labor domestic violence program and get five years probation for felony assault.

If he violates his probation in any way, he'll get four years in prison.

Rihanna did not appear in court today and thus did not testify.

What do U think of the court's decision? Was it fair? Too tough or too lenient?

[Image via WENN.]

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215 comments to “Plea Bargain Reached For Chris Brown Case”

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  1. 201

    as if this dick face will stay wout of trouble for five years. he'll fuck up somehow on his probation and straight to jail where his ugly trash face belongs!

  2. 202

    that's exactly what i thought would happen

  3. 203

    Hmmmm…. considering it's a first time offense, I think it's fair. Should he repeat, I say instant jail time!

  4. 204

    She did appear in court….she just didn't testify..I heard she was late!!!But anyway I have lost alot respect for BOTH Chris and Rihanna.I never really liked Rihanna in the first place because in my opinion,she cannot sing.I was a big fan of Chris Brown's and now I have to find someone to replace him.SUCKS for him though.His career is OVER.He has lost alot of fans because of this whole thing.It will be hard to gain them back.

  5. 205

    Re: jessica_martsan – The ignorance of your comment simply shows (thankfully) that you've never been in a relationship with an abuser. Keep up the good work with your own life and take it easy on those with different circumstances at least until you've educated yourself on the cycle of abuse and it's effects on the mental health of it's victims.

  6. 206

    Deff team Rihanna!!!, n why tha F*** are there s0 many ppl 0n Perez's website but bitching ab0ut Perez W0w ur all l0sers w/ nuttin betta t0 do. I luv ya Perez keep ya head up these ppl are Jokes!!

  7. 207

    Well he is young dumb and you know the rest. Give him a few months and I am sure he will now what 4 years in prison looks like. Once an abuser always an abuser.

  8. 208

    chris is sticking his tounge @ that bitch saying" haha; i win bitch. now sTFU b4 i beat ur ass".

    —-> true sTORY [ i got pic}

  9. 209

    I think the radio stations should stop playing Rihanna's songs just like they stopped playing Chris Brown's. What kind of example is she setting? Not a good one for all the girls out there. She deserves to get beat again for that one.

  10. 210

    i think its fair. its not like he isnt getting reprimanded at all. what he did was awful yes, but she didnt press charges or speak up. so because of her lack of actions he got off easy

  11. Punki says – reply to this


    case should have been dropped when the bitch got back with his ass. i still like the duet he did with elmo.

  12. 212

    How can some of you disgusting people say such hateful things about Rhianna? Do you even know how fucking twisted you sound? You make me want to barf. I'm sure you've been beaten before, raped or had a very hard life yourself so I'm just gonna settle on that for now. I'm sorry your life sucks. May you find inner peace in the future or in another life. I would be embarrassed if I were you. No shame.

  13. 213

    I see it this way we all make a bigggg deal about celebrities and there personal problems.. But at they end of the day it's none of our business they have a right to there privacy!!!

    But I will say this what Chris Brown did was wrong point blank!!! But what if the tables were turned and Rihanna was the one who beat his ass hypothetically, and all the women in the world was like yes Rihanna taught him a lesson.. And he never put his hands on her to defend him self.. Would she have gotten the same treatment because she was a women!!! And I'm not taking anyone's side! It's just a sad situation that happened!

    I say this with a closing, no one should put there hands on anyone regardless of sex or age! If your having an argument walk away an talk about it later if you still can't talk about it with out getting angry just drop it be the bigger person in the situation!!! DON'T RESORT TO VIOLENCE!

  14. 214

    doesn't anyone feel bad for chris brown? i mean he's somewhat suffering for his wrong doing.. A.) LOSES the LOVE of his Life. (Rihanna) B.) he gets 5 years PROBATION! C.) his idol MICHEAL JACKSON died! what else is going to happen? i knoe its wrong that he touched a woman, the way he did but you should cut him just alittle slack.

  15. 215

    cant act like shes innocent in all this im sure she was being a crazy bitch she obviously had to instigate it in some way.

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