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I'm Sorry

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"People make mistakes. I have made many in my life, but this past week I have made more than I can count on one hand.

I am sorry. And I mean it. No one is forcing me to write this. I am not feeling pressured to say this. I am speaking out because I realize that the last few days have been more hurtful to me - and many others - than the repeated blows I suffered to my head in Toronto this past weekend.

I have been filled with incredible sadness and regret.

I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word - that's been personally used against me and the gay community - to hurt someone that was verbally attacking me. It was stupid.

Apologizing for me is not easy. Writing this was not easy. Life is not easy. But everything happens for a reason and I will take away a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.

Violence is never the answer. Never.

Victims should not be mocked.

The "F" word will never be uttered from my lips again. Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt - or as part of their everyday speech - I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well.

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. I should have been the bigger man and walked away from an unfortunate situation. Instead, I chose - in a very misguided way - to stand up for myself and only made things worse by how I - under pressure, anger and extreme emotion - handled the situation.

I am sorry.

I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.

I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words, and to all the people who have ever emailed me to thank me for all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years.

I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not.

I will be donating any money collected from my lawsuit against Polo Molina, road manager for the Black Eyed Peas, to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

And I will continue to speak out for equality and support the great work done by LGBT organizations, such as LAMBDA Legal and HRC.



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  1. 901

    An apology without brining other people, organizations and your future charity plans woudl have been better - To simply apologise for hwat you have done is smarter thing, more appropriate thing to do than tru some spin-doctoring.
    Anyway, hope you have learnt something. and hope that yoru readers, at least the gays here have also figured out thinsg for themselves.
    Gossip neednt abuse another persons weakness - sex tapes, hidden sexual orientation etc - becasue then it becomes malice. and that is no longer fun.

  2. 902

    Hi Perez. I hope you get the chance to read your supportive comments. It sucks that people are raking you over the coals for your behaviour, considering what happened to you in TO. It sucks that you have to continue apologizing for something that happened to you. Celebrities apparently can't be human these days, and I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with so much backlash. Is anyone criticizing Polo? Nope, haven't seen a bad word about him anywhere. People were just waiting to attack you verbally, and I'm sickened by it. Albeit, maybe you've seen the other side of the media attacks and will now be nicer about what you say about other celebs… but by no means did you deserve what happened to you, and the subsequent media backlash. I hope you come through this unscathed, and wish you all the best in the future. I will always be a fan and will continue to read your site. Stay strong, you'll get through this - you're a winner :)

  3. 903

    How does it feel, perez? Funny how no negative posts are listed.

  4. 904

    That sounded sincere. The word should not be used by anyone. I am of the same feeling about the N word. It should not be used, especially by African AMericans. And you know that you were wrong to use the F word. thanks Perez

  5. 905

    Nor should you apologize to GLAAD. They really are the thought police. Though the next time an Isaiah Washington situation happens, maybe you'll see it differently.

    But it is good to hear you'll move on from the other "f" word.

  6. 906

    Re: Lopez Hyatt – Post of the Day!

  7. 907

    oh, will you shut it already. u lost.

  8. 908

    you are an asshole and taught younger people that it is ok to say what you did

  9. raqs says – reply to this


    well done perez, good move on your part. Now no more talk of this just move on now as best as you can. xes

  10. 910

    I"m still in awe that you have the balls to file a lawsuit. What you said was deplorable yes, but its the malicious intent you had behind it is pretty disturbing. I'm curious, if you didn't have cameras and masses of people around would you still have done the same thing? After watching the video again, you escalated the situation immensely. Even walking towards them. I'm not sure what you are trying to prove or how you are qualified to even do whatever it is that you do but you have to expect people are sick of the shit by now. You have this attitude like they should kiss your ass because you're "Perez Hilton". Yeah and? There's being entertaining with shock value, and then there's over the top hatrid to get people's attention. Talking about people's children? Wow

  11. 911

    i love u even more . :) )) . ur a great person

  12. 912

    Agreed…Lopez Hyatt rocked it eloquently

  13. 913

    Kudos son(:

  14. PFluk says – reply to this


    You are still an ignorant douche who hasn't realized that talking shit for reals can get yer ass whipped.

  15. 915

    That was a sincere apology, however, you should also apoligize to the celebrities that you've also said hurtful words too. Its one to thing to say you dont like thier work but you alos call people ugly, fat, etc. Violence may not be the answer, but words can hurt just as bad.

  16. 916

    thi is not an apology!!!!
    you may say your sorry but you are only giving excuses for you behaviour and you are still blaming everybody else!
    "the repeated blows I suffered to my head"
    "someone that was verbally attacking me"
    "Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt … I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well"
    "I chose … to stand up for myself"
    "under pressure, anger and extreme emotion"
    "GLAAD … my former employers"
    "all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years"

    you are not apologizing you are still justifying!!!

  17. 917

    There you go! Awesome and thank you! You have now become a man!! Truly! Live and learn and make amends and not repeat the mistake! You are teaching us ALL how to be better gay men. We make mistakes.
    I hope others will learn as well.

  18. 918

    Okay so now you apologize to all you may have offended with one remark. I was kinda hoping you would apologize to all you have offended one at a time with all the non necessary coments day in day out! That would take true courage!!!!!!

  19. 919

    bwahaahha thats right you stupid fat turd face. get your foot out of your mouth!

  20. 920

    insincere and a hipocrite. you cannot make fun of people constantly and hide behind a blog and expect nothing back, i am not saying violence is the answer, its not, but in the world we live in people will resort to violence when pushed, u know this and cannot claim ignorance. You should be thankful that any one of the celebs that you have offended in cowardice for no reason at all other than peronsal dislike has not done something like this before. move on, learn your lesson. doubt you will though, tomorrow you will have offended at least ten more celebs with ur childish comments.

  21. 921

    Good for you keep strong bbe.x

  22. 922

    Everyone has been in this situation before which usually ends in much regret. We all need to be forgiven at some point…..no one here is innocent.

  23. 923

    everyone can have words coming out due to stress.
    you were stressed by a jerk.
    Press charges, win BIG BIG money in memory of Matthew.
    We love U.

  24. 924

    Perez… I don't wanna wish you bad things, but you keep talking shit about people that has ANYTHING to do with you, and still want to be respected and loved, you didnt deserve the violence, but u tried hard to earn it… and it seems that u havent learned anything about the last weekend issue… I don't wanna say this but i'm sure this will not be the last time someone tries to hit u!

  25. 925

    Violence is never the answer! no matter what and you shouldnt have to say sorry for being attacked

  26. 926

    I agree with your statement that violence is not ok, but the things that you say and write about people are just as damaging as any physical scar. You pick on and criticize people's looks, you bully celebrities into "coming out", what gives you that right? You havent got a bad reputation for no reason Perez, you reap what you sow. Your a 31 year old man, you need to start acting like one, you can't write what you like about people and expect to get away with it. Your only sorry this time because you've been caught out and people have now seen you for what you truly are, a hipocrite!.

  27. 927

    GLAAD never asked you to apologize to THEM. GLAAD was unhappy you used the word, of course, but they wanted to apologize to the gay community for using that word in the first place….
    Granted… you did, but continue to make backhanded insults… doing so does not constitute and apology.
    "I'm sorry I called will.i.am a gay slur, but I was defending myself…. so I used the word."

    You're still blaming will.i.am and Polo for YOUR use of the word.
    They are not the reason you used that word…. you are.

  28. 928

    Good for you, Mario, for finally apologizing in a proper way and not in a half-assed way.

  29. 929

    That was not an apology

  30. 930



  31. 931

    Why NOT spologize to GLAAD?

  32. 932

    PH - I like your site, and there are some qualities that I admire about you. I've thought over the past few months that you definitely have some growing up to do (your handling of Miss California, your bullying of certain celebrities, etc.) and this is certainly a start. Glad to see the words "I'm sorry." Good for you!

  33. 933

    Learn and grow Perez, that's all you can do. Something bad happened to you, but now your eyes have been opened to how something as simple as the misuse of a word in anger can be misconstrued…and you will hopefully go on to be more understanding of those who in the future make the same mistake as you. When we stop growing, we stop living, and you are still growing. I applaud that. I also applaud you taking the high road and admitting where you've been wrong-this also hopefully serves to make you more tolerant of others errors, when they too act…well, HUMAN. It's OK. You're going to come out for this better, love. I know it.
    God be with you.

  34. 934

    The only reason you are apologizing is because you are overwhelmed by the bad publicity and that many groups are reaching out to the companies that advertise on your site and asking them to no longer purchase ads there.

  35. 935

    your 15 minutes are almost up hope you enjoyed them

  36. 936

    Too much "I" in this apology for it to be sincere. Though you may feel that your intentions are for the greater good, you have certainly done more harm than good for the gay community than perhaps even you seem to comprehend; and all for ego and entertainment's sake. Too much drama; take the high road and fight honorably - use your celebrity to make a positive and inspiring impact.

  37. 937

    Attention seeking behavior… much?

  38. luvh8 says – reply to this


    the present is the present because its a gift to redeem oneself… your words are powerful and invoke positive and negative responses in the universe. you are very bright and charasmatic why not use your gift how it is intended¿ to create beauty in these dark ages instead of perpetuating hopelessness….=^..^=….☆

  39. 939

  40. 940

    Perez you really didn't need to write this apologize…You have apologize enough already!! Too damn bad for those who wish not to accept it….as far as i'm, concern they only what more violence in this world and continue to have lots of hatred and are just very insecure unhappy people…
    ~Luv ya Perez~!

  41. 941

    This wasn't even an apology! It's so double sided. You are trying everything you can to still make will.i.am look bad… lawsuit, mocking the victim… when are you going to get it!
    Get over yourself and start apologizing to all the people you've hurt with your insensitive comments… I can name about a hundred! (Which, by the way, is less people than will.i.am has ever physically hurt, I'm sure)

  42. 942

    I love you Perez.

  43. 943

    Well the damage has been done I mean obviously… thats why you are apologizing. Well at least your making a turn in the right direction FINALLY… even if it is to save your ass… honestly its just a really stupid word to say keep it out of your mouth and you wont be in this situation. SIMPLE. You wanted to be in the public I well here you go girl have your Lindsay moment.

  44. 944

    you have proved to be the bigger man, well done, i think it is good you are still going ahead with the lawsuit though as violence should always be challenged. i hope you can get back on track and heal from this experience x

  45. 945

    Mario you still don't get it - you are a disgrace to the gay community and I will never forget what you have done to it. I don't believe you and I hope you pay the ultimate price - you get humbled. I don't like what you stand for and others are coming out in record numbers - gay - straight etc to show their disdain for your hate. Whether you know it or not - every time you write something untruthful you are committing a hate crime. I don't believe you will ever change.

  46. 946

    And to everyone saying "oh celebrities egos are out for control these days" in support of what happened to Perez. Who do you think has the biggest ego atm? I'd say Perez even outshines Will.I.am in that department.

  47. 947

    YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 948

    Oh FFS shut up.You have engineered more attention than was ever warranted.Do not like violence.Then do not use violent laden words to attack other people..a field your site exists for. You asked for this, you got it. Live with it and shut up promoting yourself as some do gooder when all yuor career is about defaming celebrities and bigging up gay icons even when their talents are non existent.
    GROW UP.

  49. 949

    The first time I've ever felt the need to comment. I have to say, you don't seem that sorry, contrite or repentant - which I think is a shame.

    Here's the thing. Words hurt…sometimes as much as fists. You lost your temper and said something stupid….he lost his and did something stupid. You have not been disfigured - you have not been prevented from working and earning a living. It's your pride that took the real dent. You will get over it.

    Seriously. Look at the news today. People are dying in the streets of Iran. Where does this incident really lie in the bigger scheme of things? The thought that you are seriously going to be taking up (valuable) court time persuing this matter - only makes you seem somewhat petty.

    You and Polo are both big, well paid boys. Why don't you both donate a chunk of change to charity. Do it privately, not to bathe yourself in glory. Pick a number….any number - get your people to call his people….then put this matter to bed and move on with your lives.

    You are right - saying sorry does take guts. But only if you do it right.

    Think about it.

  50. 950

    It takes a lot of stregnth to admit that you were wrong. Thanks for standing up and taking responsibility Perez- still lovin' you and sending you good thoughts!

  51. RC says – reply to this


    FINALLY! It sucks to have to eat crow, but if you served it you should be willing to eat it. I am so happy to see your words. I didn't want to get to the point where I didn't like you anymore. Like that matters at all to you. At any rate I am proud of you. I know that took a lot.

  52. julu says – reply to this


    What did you fall out of the headlines, Perez?

  53. 953

    damage control perez?

  54. 954

    Re: fawnmodel

    No he is not a "good guy" just a wannabe who is cynically manipulating apologies as damage control, in the face of overwhelming criticism and contempt from press and public, lest his site be banged to rights and closed down. Do not be naive.. this is ALL about self benefit, not altruism.

  55. 955

    give it up perez… you've shown in the past that you are the LEAST forgiving person. Now you want a different set of rules applied to you when you're in damage control. You would be killing someone like me (non-gay) if I had said similar… and you would have no mercy and take no apology. (See Isaiah Washington…) You are a self-serving sociopath.

  56. 956

    So the shoe's on the other foot now? Actors and others have lost their jobs for using the "f" word thanks to smear campaigns initiated by you and the gay community. Your gay agenda means nothing now, you have fucked up your career big time. No amount of spin is going to help, you will always be remembered for this and nothing else. You took pleasure in other people's pain, now it's payback time. Celebrities are abandoning you, where's your precious Lady GaGa? I haven't seen any comment from her. These people played you asshole, the only reason you were their "friends" was because of the publicity. They know what a jerk you are but it's all part of the fame game. You need to be taught a lesson like the others, your hateful verbal abuse has finally caused your downfall. I will continue to write your advertisers and sponsors to let them know I won't buy their products. You thought you could get away with anything, that you were above reproach. It's time you learned who has the real power here, it's the ordinary person. Good luck getting back anything you used to have, you got everything you deserve.

  57. 957

    I really used to love reading your blog. You'd have the occasional funny bitchy comments on it which was okay because it wasn't too extreme, just enough to titillate. Lately, you've gotten nastier and more spiteful and you've said some truly horrible things. Worse, you encourage others to take a negative view on anyone caught in your crosshairs. I would understand if you'd been unjustly treated, but come on Perez some of these people you don't even know. Instead of making a living out of witty, entertaining and tongue in cheek articles like you used to - you're building a career out of ripping down other people. Sometimes you do it before they can even get off the ground. I saw you were nominated for the teen choice awards, I shook my head. The way you come across now, no-one should look up to you - let alone our leaders of the future. Stop relying on the vitriol and pick it up Perez. You should be doing better than this.

  58. 958

    You make a living verbally punching people in the face so it is about time you got a taste of your own miss guided success. Of all people you should never use hurtful words that you yourself should stand against. All you are is a hypercritic which was bound to be discovered. I hope your advertisers take note.

  59. 959

    Don't bother supporting us. Just piss off back to bin where you came from

  60. 960

    You are being too hard on yourself. I think maybe you are not realizing that you have been assualted and in turn, you are affected by that. You think you are upset because you used a few choice words….not so bad Perez. Really, you didn't do that much harm.

    Take a look in and see what happened on the outside. You have been abused physically. It is their problem and not yours.

    Feel better, remember the people that love you, and move on. Let the rest get over it…..suckers!

  61. 961

    Ha Ha the only reason your saying sorry is because of the backlash. Your statement "by me reclaiming a hurtful word " is your waying of back pedaling. no-one believes it you crybaby. Man up will you you give normal non-pansy acting gay men a bad name. Your nothing but a joke, No-one respects you. I think it is funnny as shit you got smacked up. BTW I have seen kids in the school yard roughhousing harder than you got hit. let me say it again HA HA HA HA

  62. 962

    Oh and don't listen to the people on here….they will only make you feel bad over and over again.

    You have no idea what types of people are commenting on here. They could be and are coo-coo! I can tell by what I have read so far.

  63. 963

    still don't feel bad for you! as much as you tried to spin what happened into some glorious thing you did by responding to a threat in a non violent way… but at this point you were using a horribly hateful word TO RESPOND TO NON VIOLENCE AT THAT POINT. threats are just that… empty. you were filled with hate and you should be ashamed you've cost the GLBT progress… a movement already slowly struggling with a two step forward and one step back sort of cycle… you ARE that one step back. I am so embarassed of you and for you

  64. 964

    what ever?? you will go back to your same cocky way's just as soon as you think this has blown over.. it took for someone to hit you in your face, for you to see your faults and verbal attacks on people… you will never change, don't believe you for a minute.

  65. 965

    how did you come up with $25,000 for the lawsuit? Is that 5k per chin?

  66. 966

    ok perez we don't need a news letter from you everyday about how vilence is never the answer
    you called him that name to provoke him to do something and you make a video and 2 statements
    OK we get it deal with this in the court room and not your blog

  67. 967

    Yeah right, you are apologizing for PR. No one believes you. You got what you deserved.

  68. 968

    Ok, you made a mistake..you apologized now let us all move on…Chapter closed…next chapter begins…..

  69. 969

    I know you are a good guy. xoxo

  70. 970

    I used to really respect you Perez and how you stood up for equality and the gay community, i know you were angry but if the tables were turned and someone had said this to you you would have caused mayhem on your website dissing the person who said so called things to you, but you choose to use these words and you had no option but to say sorry! … i'm not agreeing what happened to you was right it was awfull, but you yourself have lost a lot of respect from a lot of people from your choice of words!

  71. 971

    Geez, are we still hearing about this? It's not news. I'm getting married tomorrow….Now THAT'S news!!! ;-)

  72. Paty says – reply to this


    I think you are doing what you can and in the best way you can. Sometimes we say things we don´t mean…And I believe you are sorry.
    I hope this goes away soon.

  73. 973

    Way to apologize, but you STILL shouldn't deflect the blame onto someone else. Regardless of what happened after, you provoked the situation by using a homophobic slur.

  74. 974

    Re: Vishnu – Hah! That's hilarious!!! Good one!

  75. 975


  76. 976

    it's a start. but i think you have a long way to go dear.

    you should not have been hit. but you need to realize why there is so much hostility against you.

    your words have been very cruel and mean spirited for many years now. not only does it hurt the person you are victimizing, but also all the people who read it.

    please wake up. i think there is hope for you, but it might take a lot of therapy and self help.

  77. 977

    I guess since you did not say in your last rambling non paragraph statement that you were sorry you decided to say sorry now. Give me a break, you were pressured to say you were sorry! Plus this one showed more intelligence and was easier to read since you used correct grammar. Just remember words can hurt.

  78. 978

    Your mouth is violent if you ask me. Next time you comment on someone's "ugly" child or make fun of someone's hard luck, maybe you should ask ask yourself if they deserve this. It is the same as a punch from a Black Eyed Pea. Your "hate" is coming back to haunt you.

  79. 979

    Wow since when did people become so hateful? I never thought that this site had become so serious? I never took it that way nor thort Perez was being nasty? I've always taken it in good humour and laughed along with the jokes. If it was so serious would there not be more lawsuits? What do people achieve by coming on here and sitting behind their computers making statements like go die or you are so disgusting etc. It doesn't achieve anything and it certainly doesn't get you any further ahead as a person. I think inevitably Perez screwed up and he apologised end of story and now we can move on :) Love you Perez!

  80. 980

    I think you regret what you said. Its obviuos you knew you were wrong,but why do I feel like I hear blame being shifted in your apology? Also, I think that you suing is wrong because lets just face it…you werent in angel in this scenario. He shouldnt have hit you but like you said you have walked away. Well you can still walk away from the situation a better person…you dont have to sue.

  81. 981

    perez man dont sweat the small crap believe it or not you did the right thing if it were me bieing a retired marine i would have taken things a little firther. the dumb a. that assualted you only showed you one thing. that all you have done over the years was right and YOU made a difference keep up the good work AND ALWAYS STAND UP FOR YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT or people will continue to come after you

  82. 982

    Perez is so full of shit.

    "I am sorry. And I mean it. No one is forcing me to write this. I am not feeling pressured to say this. I am speaking out because I realize that the last few days have been more hurtful to me - and many others - than the repeated blows I suffered to my head in Toronto this past weekend."

    "I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word - that's been personally used against me and the gay community - to hurt someone that was verbally attacking me. It was stupid."

    Great job, Perez, way to keep reminding us of what a poor little victim you are.
    Your stupid apologies don't sound sincere at all. After reading this I continued to be under the impression that you feel a great injustice has befallen you. Get off your high horse. You're worthless.

  83. 983

    You can't even apologize with out the dramatics. Always qualifying everything, excuse this, but that, whoa is me.

    You're an ass

  84. 984

    I still feel offended by your original remarks and reaching out to Isaiah Washington and repeatedly apologizing while still casting yourself as the consummate and innocent victim and still placing blame on the BEP camp isn't gaining you any points in my book. I'm sure they can be a little egotistic, but when you're famous, that tends to happen. I've seen it with friends. BUT, YOU ARE NOT INNOCENT and you have a LOT that you still need to do for me to really believe anymore. For the time being? I'm switching back to Pink Is The New Blog. Not even half the sass and snark of your site, but at least Trent is a resepectable human being.

  85. 985

    I'm done with you, I've lost all respect. You're like a cigarrete cancer stick; dirty, addictive, unhealthy and of bad taste and moral. But like I quit smoking in the past I'm now quitting you.
    I'd watch my back if I were you, karma's out to get you, this is only the beginning and you know it.
    You went too far, you're falling now…


  86. 986

    i think, aside from this black eyed pea event, that you constantly harm and hurt the plight of the gay the gay community. you're apologizing for the hurtful things you have said and done over the last couple of day but what about the weeks and months and years prior to that. all you do is hurt people, you make fun of people, their work, their look. all you do is spew hate and you stir up a hornets nest whenever you get a chance. you get a whoopin just once because of it and you cry foul. you are a disgusting person.

  87. 987

    You have no perspective of what's important. Feel sorry about the careers you destroy and the children you make fun of. Until that changes you will continue to get your ass beat. You are full of spite, and that's not a good thing.

  88. 988

    fuck you perez. your an asshole, youv'e always been an asshole, and you always be an asshole. just fuck off.

  89. 989

    You have banned people from this site because you didn't like their comments or opinions. Maybe you should be apologizing to them. If you hadn't shown your true colors, you would still be verbally attacking celebrities and children with no remorse. Your apology is nothing but a weak attempt to get back what you have lost. You are history and hopefully this site will be history too. There are much better gossip sites out there than this one, this one is only about you and your agenda now. Not a nice feeling to be on the other side is it Mario?

  90. 990

    I believe all the hateful comments people have posted to Perez were persuation for him to keep writting "Sorry's" to the public.

  91. 991

    Bravo, even better than the first apology and certainly more heartfelt. Now let the courts handle this further, today is a new day.

  92. 992

    I'm sorry that you were attacked, Perez. I hope that you can recover soon, and I also hope, with all my heart, that at the end of your fight for gay rights, you can meet an amazing, and completely worthwhile ending.

  93. 993

    theres no more you can say perez, let it go and move on-
    those of us that have always admired your openess will still be there- but now that nite too, will always be there- learn from it and you know that the gay community is one of the most loyal, always with you group in this country.
    they'll still be with you BUT so will the word you used.
    you're now doing the right thing. Try to put it to rest and I hope the BEP whose music I do like, especially Fergie, will do the same.
    Its not a nice world out there today and even us unpublic figures know that.
    All the same, be strong and I applaude this post. I hope other rational posters out there will too.
    I don't know, i guess We've all said things we wish we hadn't.

  94. 994

    Pretty coneventient that my post, telling you exatly what a POS titty baby that you are being… NEVER showed up.

  95. 995


  96. 996

    I am shocked it has taken Perez this long to come to such a realization. Perez is a huge hypocrite, and I am surprised he has gone this far without such a thing happening to him already. Perez uses this website as a tool for slander, bullying (especially young females), calling babies ugly, to name a few, yet is shocked when he is assaulted in public. If you ask me, he got what was coming to him! Perez admits his website receives millions of hits per day, but acts as though he has no part in the maliciousness the celebrities he slanders must endure, even though he is directing an incredible amount of negativity towards these people and making it that much harder for them to live their lives. Take responsibility for your actions! Disgusting. It's about time this happened. You get what you give Perez! And how ironic that Perez suffered due to that specific word he used to offend Will.I.Am… ha, it makes this situation that much more perfect. I do not feel sorry for him in the least! This apology is misdirected. If Perez was truly sorry for the hurt he has caused certain members of society, he would change the nature of this website drastically.

  97. 997

    good good… you're still a bitch for suing. Curious… you did your first outcry as mario, but your apology is 'sincerely, Perez." What's up with that?

  98. 998

    You overcame your own arroganze….good for you….and inspiring for others. ( : some doors are closed now, but new ones will be opened. There is no "guilt" at all. With writing this….you managed to overcame one of the biggest obstracles- your ego image. If it was really heartfelt by you….it will bring good into your life. If it was a fake…nothing will change in your own dramastory. So stay clean boy..on view levels and be aware of every single word which leaves your mouth.Give the good in you more room…well you already did. Well done boy!

  99. 999

    Ok, now how bout trying to be just a little bit nicer all around. Stop making fun of everyone so much. It's getting kind of offensive wether you are gay or not. Some of the things you say are very hurtful. It's a wonder you didn't get the shit beat out of you sooner.

  100. 1000

    for this, you are the bigger person…..this is very heartfelt Perez, we all know how emotion alone can send a situation into a downwards snowball.
    I LOVE YOU PEREZ and i think that anyone who knows/respects you will know you are sorry for your choise of words, and we will not hold that against you. people say things they do not mean in the heat of the moment.

    stay strong Perez….xooxox

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