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I'm Sorry

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"People make mistakes. I have made many in my life, but this past week I have made more than I can count on one hand.

I am sorry. And I mean it. No one is forcing me to write this. I am not feeling pressured to say this. I am speaking out because I realize that the last few days have been more hurtful to me - and many others - than the repeated blows I suffered to my head in Toronto this past weekend.

I have been filled with incredible sadness and regret.

I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word - that's been personally used against me and the gay community - to hurt someone that was verbally attacking me. It was stupid.

Apologizing for me is not easy. Writing this was not easy. Life is not easy. But everything happens for a reason and I will take away a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.

Violence is never the answer. Never.

Victims should not be mocked.

The "F" word will never be uttered from my lips again. Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt - or as part of their everyday speech - I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well.

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. I should have been the bigger man and walked away from an unfortunate situation. Instead, I chose - in a very misguided way - to stand up for myself and only made things worse by how I - under pressure, anger and extreme emotion - handled the situation.

I am sorry.

I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.

I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words, and to all the people who have ever emailed me to thank me for all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years.

I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not.

I will be donating any money collected from my lawsuit against Polo Molina, road manager for the Black Eyed Peas, to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

And I will continue to speak out for equality and support the great work done by LGBT organizations, such as LAMBDA Legal and HRC.



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  1. 1201

    so, you're sorry to the GAY community only…..they are not the only group that has been hurt by your speech. People get hurt EVERYDAY on your site, by insulting them for things they cannot change (potato face, slutty cyrus) give me a break those words are just as hurtful if not more than f.a.g.g.o.t. You need to realize THIS before you can really have remorese

  2. ass says – reply to this


    Yeah, like Perez would every say this on his own. We all know he's a childish, petty man, and doesn't give a fuck what anybody thinks. I'm sure his publicist told him to release a statement before he starts losing advertisers his site gets flushed down the toilet.
    Perez, many, many people have pointed out the fact that you using gay slang words is a bad thing, even though you've said you're allowed to say them because you're gay yourself. No, it doesn't really work like that. Although you claim to be a supporter of gay rights, so many things you say and do contradict this and actually HURT the gay rights movement, and it finally punched you in the face. Literally.
    This is just a lame attempt at saving face and keeping the spotlight on you. You said something stupid, you got punched, it's over. Let it go, WE all have. You seem to think that we actually care about you and what happens to you, but you're wrong. We come here for celebrity gossip, not Perez.

  3. 1203

    Finally, something that is honest. This I can respect. We all make poor choices in life and it takes a bigger person to admit them. There is hope for you yet.

  4. 1204

    Oh and I notice you're sucking up to the few celebrities that stick up for you like Heidi (seriously? her song is better than any of the BEP's stuff) and Ditta!

  5. 1205

    Everyone makes mistakes, Perez, and I give you a lot of credit for not only having the courage to apologize but also donating any money collected in your case to a foundation. It shows that you are going to court for morals and not money. Way to go!

  6. 1206

    Oh dear. I am afraid everyone with an ounce of common sense saw this coming. Man uses objectionable term. Man decides to sue a third party for objecting to his use of the term. Man donates (in the unlikely event that he receives) damages to those most offended. Quite transparent. This reader, as with many thousands of others, is now lost to you.

  7. 1207

    We haters don't like you because you keep bullying people and thought that was alright. Tell you what - you get what you deserve and if you don't wise up there are more people going to give you something to scream about. You think if you sue you can get money out of it..well there are people lining up to sue your ass. So save that money because you are going to need it. Stop your stupid statements, they are nothing but another way of you trying to hide your real personality, cry baby who can't even respect others and want people to respect you. Sorry honey this is the real world. GROW UP!

  8. 1208

    Good for you being the bigger person, people should really get over this, and move on. Next time if there is ever a "incident", you should really sleep on it before immediately running to blogging and the internet. It only brings bad publicity and give haters more of a accomplishment.

    In the end the truth always comes out.

  9. 1209

    physical violence isn't right, but you're pathetic for not being able to take what you dish out. Not only that, but you used a slur that would make you would cry "homophobia!" if someone used it on you? And that's ok because it was in the heat of the moment?

    fucking sad, mario. too little, too late.

  10. 1210

    You are a moron. You have made your money hurting others, with verbal attacks and vicious innuendo. You are a sad little man who has very little going for him other than a big, nasty mouth. And now that mouth has led you to the inevitable. I have joined your pitiful site for this one comment: SHUT UP! And now , I will watch with glee as you begin your downward spiral toward anonymity and blessed silence for the rest of us. Peas forever, Perez, never.

    Ah, I feel better.

  11. 1211

    this is so half assed. stop playing the victim! even in your admission of wrong doing you imply you were 'under pressure' when you handled the situation? who pressured you- your ego?! and filing a lawsuit is continuing all of this ridiculous crap. your face doesn't look different- and you want to sue because your embarrassed. grow the fuck up!

  12. 1212

    Good for you, we all make mistakes, and without these mistakes we would never learn to evolve..I am just glad u are not profitting off of this incident but putting it twords a good cause…god bless u perez

  13. 1213

    I signed up just to say I will be contributing to will.i.am's manager's legal funds. Hopefully he wins and on the way out of the courtroom, punches you in your other eye you fat fuck.

  14. 1214

    Very good to make your contributions as well Perez. Vert heart felt message. Hope they get to read the message.

  15. 1215

    really perez I hate you, I swear to God if the BEP don't performe in the Netherlands the 4 of july, I will do anything. and how can you apologize to the gay's and not to Will. your just Gossip horny and will do anything to get attention, what was it?? was the site not being watched enough?/
    Shut the fuck up!!!!!!

  16. 1216

    Re: Ginnic01

    One bad word? Are you stupid? He has harrased the black eye peas repeatedly dumb whore

  17. 1217

    not posted my comment AGAIN you obese gorgon. i hope you die today.

  18. 1218






















  19. 1219

    Much better - better to take responsibility for your part in the situation.

    Now you need to recognize, if you haven't already, that you hammering away - day after day, month after month - on young girls such as Rumer Wilis, et al - is just as hurtful, just as terrible (if not more so) as getting punched.

    You need to admit that your site causes much pain to people that you needlessly embarrass & humiliate. STOP DOING IT. Be nicer to people - focus on the nice things - stop assaulting people like Rumer and Sienna over things they have no control.

    Finally - drop this stupid lawsuit - let it go. It will be best for you, your site, your career, etc. Accept what you did - accept that you helped cause the incident and LET IT GO.

  20. 1220

    Thank you. It never was about the opinion of others, myself included. We're just background noise, it was always about your conscious telling you to do the right thing. You've done it, I appreciate it… now you can get back to being a garden variety jerk :)

  21. 1221

    much better

  22. 1222

    Way to keep yourself relevant. Just stop.

  23. Stank says – reply to this


    Oh my gawd Perez! ME ME ME ME ME! You're NOT sorry. You're only sorry you got CAUGHT with the tide of public opinion being against you. However, everybody deserves a second chance. Maybe you WILL learn a lesson from this.

    Seriously, I'm concerned for you Perez. How do you ever expect to have a meaningful relationship with another man when you're so catty, petty and vindictive (you've filed a lawsuit against the man who hit you yet you will continue to vomit your verbal abuse on others). If you DID date someone and it didn't work, knowing your history, you would verbally crucify them on your gossip site. What sane man would subject himself to that potential threat?

    You can be clever and have fun without having to make jokes at the expense of others.

    For some reason I don't think you WILL change. I think you're just waiting things out and then you'll return to being catty and verbally abusive as usual. You seem to think those qualities "made you." That is the saddest thing of all.

  24. 1224

    Bravo to you , Perez, for such an eloquette apology. So well-worded and obviously heartfelt. Like I stated yesterday, it's unfortunate that you are being mocked as the victim, when the sucker-punching a-hole should be the one mocked!
    Keep fighting the good fight, doing what you love & believe in, & you will be reaping the benefits of karma–in the way you should be! Not how all these media whores use the word for their own convenience in the incorrect way. Love ya!

  25. 1225

    Good for you Perez. Now just move on and relax. Try to have a good weekend. After the hell this week has been for you, you really deserve it.

  26. 1226

    Maybe next time you'll get knocked out

  27. 1227


    I don't know you personally but I'm really proud of you… as a man, a fan and as a father old enough to be your own.

    We all make mistakes and when we do, life affords us the greatest opportunities for growth. Those opportunities are Blessings that few have the courage to embrace… you are one of those courageous people and for that you should be proud and grateful.

    Your apology is accepted because it's OBVIOUSLY from the heart and clearly you learned the lessons… violence begets violence, hatred begets hatred, ego begets ego, and Love begets Love.

    Peace be with you my friend.

  28. 1228

    my last visit - so over you and your increasingly commerical and totally deluded blog. you are underservingly successful and a pathetic arsehole.

    all this for a tiny scratch! lost any (if had hardly any) respect for you and the crap you spout!


    You've revealed yourself for the pathetic baby you are.

  29. 1229

    And by the way to all of those saying Perez 'got what was coming' and all of that, think about the nasty posts about celebs (and Perez) that are on this site daily! So are all of those people going to be sucker-punched sometime soon?? We're all here because we love dish about these (sometimes) messed up celebs, so the way I look at it, we're just as guilty!

  30. 1230

    do you know that words hurt to? calling people fugly and picking on celebs kids? perez i would punch you to if i knew where you lived

  31. 1231

    physical violence isn't right, but you're pathetic for not being able to take what you dish out. Not only that, but you used a slur that would make you would cry "homophobia!" if someone used it on you? And that's ok because it was in the the moment?

    Not that she was right at all, but remember stupid little Carrie Prejean? well she got caught off guard too. and she stuck her big fat foot in her mouth too. And proved she was and idiot. just like you.

    fucking sad, mario. too little, too late.

  32. 1232

    If you were really sorry you would drop the fuckin charges against your attacker you fuck tard. You make me sick really. Get over yourself and drop all the bullshit about that night. You are the ugliest gay man in america, lets take a poll, O wait you just took a pole last night.

  33. 1233

    perez you are a genius love from iceland

  34. 1234

    your life is a mess and you wont collect a penny from that lawsuit

  35. 1235

    calm down Perez! its OVER!! i could care less that you used the F-word b/c i KNOW you're not a homophobe! anyone who thinks you are is severely retarded.

  36. 1236

    dude, you got what you deserve. get over yourself and move on.

  37. 1237

    I am so proud of you Perez for standing up and apologizing on your own terms. This takes a lot of courage and I am beyond impressed you reached out to Isaiah Washington. That takes a big man.

  38. 1238

    Thank you. Humans make mistakes, learn from their mistakes and help others avoid their mistakes. I accept your apology and support your choice of amends.
    Big GAY HUG to for you Mario.

  39. Stank says – reply to this


    Funny or Die has a great video from Breckin Meyer and Zac Efron parodying Perez.

  40. 1240

    perez, you are a bitch who got bitch slapped. get over it.

  41. 1241

    You dick! You used a slur that would make you would cry "HOMOPHOBIA!" if someone used it on you? REACHING OUT TO ISAIAH?? hahahah!!!

    And aplogizing will make it ok because it was in the heat of the moment? Suing will make it okay because you're going to give $ away? When Canadian tax payers are going to pay for the suit????

    you are a sad *little* man. nothing's going to change that until you stop running a site where you call people names and then go in public and get pissed because someone calls you out on it.

  42. 1242

    i think this statement is very big of you and i am very proud of you.
    good job. life is not easy.

  43. Fabu says – reply to this


    Perez, my love, we all make mistakes… the difference is that most people don't apologize when they realize it… you have! You're a better person for it and I have great respect for you. You apologized for a rude comment that you made… how about that asshole wil.l.iam apologize now for being such a douche??? Perez, I'm proud of you for who you are and what you stand for. Whether you apologized or not, the violence done to you was wrong, Period. You are the better person for realizing that you also did something wrong because you apologized. I love your honesty thru this terrible incident, it's truly refreshing.

  44. 1244

    While I completely understand why you feel the need to apologize for useing a certain derogatory term, in the heat of the moment, I feel it is unnececary for you to do so. We all have said things when we were angry and upset, and this shouldn't exclude you. I think that these assholes involved in this incident, did what they did, not out of any kind of honorary reasons for a friend, but because they don't like you, or what you do for a living. Plain and simple. Plus it's obvious they can't take constructive criticism!!!!!!! Live long and prosper, don't let the haters cause you to second guess yourself!!!

  45. 1245

    Normally I say, don't shit where you eat, but words are words
    and people need to get the crap over their problem with
    certain words.
    Iran's president, this morning called Obama, just another Bush.
    Do you think that Obama is going to let that bother him?
    In this case Obama should be bothered, since Bush took
    every dime that everyone had and broke this country..he's
    the last person that I would want compared to. Get over it!

  46. 1246

    Those people who feel sorry for him are just a bunch of stupid ass-hole,i do not defend violence because i know how it feels getting beating up by kid almost all my life but you did deserve that punch perez sorry to say that but it is true,what you did to poor Miss California was HORRIBLE you young man are a mean person shame on you i think you sould APOLOGIZE to her and that all i got to say

  47. 1247

    good for you perez! we still love you! Good luck fighting those jerks in court! i support you!

  48. 1248

    why do people keep posting that Perez is "a good person"??? He is scum!!

  49. 1249


  50. 1250

    these apology speeches stink … wait let me start over…I forgot to put what I was going to say in quotation marks……

    "These apology speeches stink of poorly veiled attempts to curry favor and garner sympathies, from a man whose regret and remorse appear to stem only from a loss of public favor, quite dissimilar to the public response to the Rihanna beatdown.

    I'm not even a violent person, and I'd like to punch you in the face for the maudlin insincerities you choose to spout within your quotation-marked speeches."

  51. bimbo says – reply to this


    I greatly admire your courage and honesty in owning your mistakes. All my best to you.

  52. 1252

    Congrats! you're on the road to spiritual well being! Good for you Mario. Truly. Dropping the lawsuit would really show that you are the bigger man and you can still make a statement about violence and hatred by doing as such but this is really a good thing you've done so feel proud. We all do make mistakes and it does take a bigger man to walk away so maybe you'll figure out a way to walk away from the lawsuit too and still be able to make a statement about violence. Hopefully this is just not a life lesson learned for you but for your readers too. Yeah for Mario!

  53. 1253

    "I am not feeling pressured to say this"


  54. 1254

    I don't actually expect you to print this. While no one likes being bathed in someone else's hate, when you grow up it tends to make you emotionally stronger until just the wrong person comes along and find the chinks in your emotional armor and makes you feel like a hurt little kid again. And in those moments, sometimes one's mouth becomes a howitzer and says the thing they know will hurt, because you don't want to get hurt again. It's always astonishing when your'e 30 something and someone finds a chink into that armor and hurts you.It's never fun getting manipulated and I think in the future you will be more careful getting out of things like that because you're not stupid.My advice to you would be to be careful about public statements about this or how you feel, even if the other side is trying to get a reaction from you. You ought to sit back and watch them run around like rabbits with out a head and let them look like the assholes they are. People are going to be watching you for how you behave and people who never heard of you or who don't like you are going to jump on anything you do that makes you not look like a gentleman.

  55. Niobe says – reply to this


    I am glad that you have realized the wrong in your way. They (whoever hit you) were really wrong, but you did not see the error in your ways, I am glad that you have. It sounds very genuine, I hope from this you learn that we cannot be so judgemental, we all make mistakes.

  56. 1256

    ho my god drama queen.

    Your words ring hallow I don't believe a syllable. I also believe someone wrote this for you as it is far more eloquent than anything I've read from you and it's obvious just want to keep your website up. Good work covering your a$$.

  57. 1257


  58. 1258

    good job!…now i think you get it…

  59. 1259

    As a rep for the homo community, we do not accept your apology and please learn to write english.

  60. 1260

    Are you sure you were attacked by Polo Molina that night. I saw the picture of you on the red carpet and it looked like the fashion police were about to bitchslap you.

  61. 1261

    Nice Perez ( sarcasm), but you're still playing the victim and making excuses as to WHY you said that awful word. Banning comments is a wusses way of handling the criticism.

  62. 1262

    Hrm….the whole Carrie Prejean ordeal now this?…I don't agree with her views but you tore her up like a pitbull on a steak patty- I can't help but thinking- Karma much?….

  63. 1263

    hmmmm, u reached to IsaiH Washigton a little to late dont you think. He has lost his home and his dignity after his F word comment that you tried to have him burried for.. He has yet to be forgiven but u want folks to forgive you. I think not.. You know the more I read the madder I get and I wasnt even mad at you until this appolgy letter… You asked for forgivness yet you are never ready to forgive others so quickly. thats just sad Perez.. And I have always been on your side in the paST….Now im just not sure what your motives are.

  64. 1264

    I'm sorry too. You are absolutely right, Violence should never be the answer.

    "This Too Shall Pass".

    Walk with peace

  65. Theo says – reply to this


    Spin, baby, spin….

  66. 1266

    Hang in there, Perez. I've used that word before when I was totally not in my right mind, b/c, for us, that's the worst thing you could ever call anyone and at that point, we did want to hurt someone very badly.

    I am outraged by my peers in the gay community who are not supporting you at this time. I'm actually not discussing this with any friends, unlike the Prejean debacle, b/c I honestly don't think I could handle anyone not supporting you right now.

    You did not have it coming. You are a good person, who had or has a lot of pain. You did not deserve it. As for the hatred coming your way, it only takes one candle to empty a room of darkness. I am trying to be that candle for you, Perez xoxo

  67. 1267

    You're only human Perez! ….but in the public eye. Some might say you got some of your own medicine. Just take it easy!

  68. 1268

    You completely embarrassed yourself and didn't do a whole lot for racism, hate toward gays, etc. either… It was only a matter of time before you were confronted due to your blogging…it's just unfortunate that you didn't know how to react or respond. I think you should disappear for a while, maybe we'll forget what a bitch you are.

  69. 1269

    damage control…
    keep the money you think you can collect - show a pic from today and no one will se anything near your eye! - because you might need that for the lawsuit Will.I.Am will hopefully start!
    Team BEP!

  70. 1270

    It takes balls to apologize and I guess you have them!

  71. 1271

    Nicely Said

  72. 1272

    Couldn't do it eh? Couldn' just apologize and leave at that. Had to still spew your bile and hate. Taking shots at GLAAD, and organization that has over the years done more for the community than you can imagine, but hey you could "care less" about them. Also why bring up the "N" word? Obvioulsy to make what you said seem not so bad. This statement reeks of damagae control. Obvioulsy you are feeling this backlash in the all mighty wallet. This is why we are seeing the attempts of humility, but too late they are transparent. To be honest, no one was surprised to hear you so say such hateful things that night. You do it EVERY day not just when you are "misguided or under pressure." And now hopefully you might see that your "repeated blows" to people's characters and souls hurt way more than your swollen eye. Grow up Mario.

  73. 1273

    thank you for finally apologizing. better late than never.

  74. 1274

    you should of walked away, but are filing a lawsuit, wtf?????
    you will lose so much more, from lawyer fees to being sued yourself
    get real

  75. 1275

    You know what Perez, I am gay and I use that word too….its just a word and if people take it to seriously, screw em! You were being attacked, and just like any normal person, you lashed out. Screw anyone who took offense. We love you and I am not insulted you decided to use that word. People will blow anything out of proportion.

  76. 1276

    Perez you have a really skewed sense of your own importance! People are dying everyday in Iran…that's news. Do you really think the celebs really like you? They are just afraid of what you'll blog about them. I think you're an embarrassment to gay people and I can't wait to see the backlash.

  77. 1277

    You make me want to vomit!

  78. 1278

    Pot Meet Kettle Perez! As always, there is a set of rules for you and a set for everyone else. You demanded that Isaiah be fired from his show…and he was. You did the same thing he did and feel all you have to do is apologize? You are the WORST kind of homophobe there is.

  79. 1279

    *Rolls eyes* "I will take away a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.
    " Really?.. like what?… "Victims should not be mocked." uh… you mock and make ppl victims of your verbal abuse… that sad truth of it is, no matter what "I'm sorry" letters you post.. You have pretty much lost whatever credibility you had… and believe me, there wasn’t much to loose in the first place…

  80. 1280

    now!!!!!!! I think you've said enough Perez..if thats thats enough for some people than screw them!! I don't hear anyone from the balck eyed peas apoligizng. SCREW THEM ALL!!!!! Since when is it that a person can't make a mistake, we all make mistakes even Gladd, everyone in Tv has said something they shouldn't have and regret. My god jusy move on from it, why do people have to drag this stuff out and insist io an I'M SORRY. MY GOD!!!!!!!

  81. 1281

    oh puhleeze! newsflash! you won't be collecting a dime! this aplogy is about as real as shauna sands breasts! you are a vile man and should be ashamed of everything you have done to people over the years!

  82. 1282

    "In order to prove your sincerity and remorse, I demand that you escort Audrina to that jungle survival reality show. May you both get ulcers and become hosts for hatchling parasites, whose eggs may find suitable nesting ground in your wretched skins."

  83. 1283

    1/2 ass apology ! Why would you say that about GLAAD , they never misrepresent the gay community you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. 1284

    Hey Perez,

    I realize that you will delete my comment, however I felt the need to comment as this happened in my beloved Canada, so here goes anyway.

    We all know you are gay and have no problem with that, but damn boy you need to grow a pair.

    You cut people up, intrude on their lives, make fun of them and BULLY them with your sword (pen).

    Then you cry like a friggin baby when someone hits you for it.
    What did you expect. I am surprised that it has not happened before this.

    Get over yourself you wimp. People are in real peril in the world and all you care about is that stupid little war you are having with the Peas that YOU brought upon yourself.

    You look like a fool and all of Canada is laughing at you.

    I have lost all respect for you and will no longer read or promote your site.

  85. 1285

    Too little too late. You won't be forgiven, it will all just slide from here.

  86. 1286

    love you, Perez! Ignore the nasty comments.. they're bitches.

  87. 1287

    I'm glad to see you finally got your ass kicked. You are one of the most hateful and distateful people in the media. I don't know why anyone pays one bit of attention to you. The hateful things you said about Ms California for expressing her personal opinions were clearly against what this country stands for. I know several gay people and support them, but you cast a negative light on the lifestyle in your mannerisms and behavior. Maybe you could start focusing on the positive instead of being so negative all the itme.

  88. 1288

    Keep your chin up. We all make mistakes. I don't see any apologies from the guy that hit you. It'll all work itself out.

  89. 1289

    Re: backseatsurfer9 – the lawsuit isnt again will i am!!! how can he counter sue?

  90. 1290

    Perez your a mess. Your caught between growing up and your career. You can't do both.

  91. 1291

    Right On Perez!!

    I am Proud of you especially considering Everything you have endured this past few days!!

    Surround yourself with the people who love you & Care for you!

    Stand Tall Perez!!

  92. 1292

    More PR BS??? a bad one BTW.

    You're still a shallow piece of sh!t. You're burning bridges that you may need when your 15 minutes will be over.

    Isaiah is laughing at you. PENDEJO.

  93. 1293

    Since you blocked my comment Perez, how about I take another approach; Knock, knock. Who's there? Fay. Fay who? A Fay-got his ass whooped by a Black-Eyed-Pea! LMAO.

  94. CAM5 says – reply to this


    Perez, you fucking suck and lets not pretend otherwise. Your job is to invade people's privacy and then the majority of time talk shit about them, unless it is Lady Gaga. She cant do wrong in your eyes. If you talk shit about people, what do you think will happen? Make no mistake, do not think otherwise, you got your ass kicked because you deserve it. There is no other reason. It wasnt a hate crime because you are gay. It is for no other reason besides you talking shit about people. You deserved it. Drop the lawsuit and be a man. The lawsuit just makes you look worse. Youre basically telling people that youre defending your right to talk shit about other people. It is lame. Then you use the F*% word. Good for you buddy. Youre a real winner. I hope gay people around the world realize that youre just a loser who got his ass kicked and deservingly so. Fuck you.

  95. 1295

    OH COME ON!!!!!! First of all, I dont know how anyone can believe ur "apology"–its full of shit! Yesterday's was bad enuff, but today's even worse. The way to truly apologize is to say "I'm sorry" and leave it at that! The second u add a "but" or a "I mean it" or a "nobody's forcing me to do this" ur just cancelling out ur psuedo-apology. I HAD liked ur blog, but lately u've not been funny or gossippy or anything cool, u've just been an asshole, plain and simple. I support gay rights, but I didn't think the way u treated Carrie Prejean was justifiable–if nothing else, u just made her a hero and made it harder for gays because of ur bullying. Now this, with a band that I dont even like (on their best day the Black eyed peas are a joke) but still…it's obvious u started the row with them. My grandma had a saying–if u go looking 4 trouble, ur gonna find it. Ur good at that, Perez, but nothing else, and I wont be reading ur blog again. And as for u comparing ur itsy bitsy black eye to big violence all over the world, please. I saw more asswhupping when I was in preschool.

  96. 1296

    You are such a strong and sincere individual.

  97. kikie says – reply to this



  98. 1298

    This one was better. I think you have really had time to reflect and hopefully it will turn a negative thing into a positive thing for you.

  99. LUMPY says – reply to this


    you do a lot of good plolitically . you reach people who might not be informed. perhaps you should take this incident and realize that calling people or children etc names is not funny or cool or clever its just hurtful. Gossip and making fun of peoples outfits cool. But change your ways man, Because as you see when people are pressed they make mistakes. Think before calling a little child ugly they have feelings as you do evident by your tears…

  100. 1300

    Eff the haters! I apologize for laughing at your expense. It’s not funny he hit you & all these people that have turned on you are the real joke. You are who u are & we all come here for the jokes/drama. People suck. I hope he goes to jail 4 parole violating & you shine on! Perez…Loves it!

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