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I'm Sorry

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"People make mistakes. I have made many in my life, but this past week I have made more than I can count on one hand.

I am sorry. And I mean it. No one is forcing me to write this. I am not feeling pressured to say this. I am speaking out because I realize that the last few days have been more hurtful to me - and many others - than the repeated blows I suffered to my head in Toronto this past weekend.

I have been filled with incredible sadness and regret.

I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word - that's been personally used against me and the gay community - to hurt someone that was verbally attacking me. It was stupid.

Apologizing for me is not easy. Writing this was not easy. Life is not easy. But everything happens for a reason and I will take away a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.

Violence is never the answer. Never.

Victims should not be mocked.

The "F" word will never be uttered from my lips again. Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt - or as part of their everyday speech - I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well.

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. I should have been the bigger man and walked away from an unfortunate situation. Instead, I chose - in a very misguided way - to stand up for myself and only made things worse by how I - under pressure, anger and extreme emotion - handled the situation.

I am sorry.

I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.

I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words, and to all the people who have ever emailed me to thank me for all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years.

I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not.

I will be donating any money collected from my lawsuit against Polo Molina, road manager for the Black Eyed Peas, to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

And I will continue to speak out for equality and support the great work done by LGBT organizations, such as LAMBDA Legal and HRC.



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  1. 1501

    Are you going to apologize to Carrie Prejean for persecuting, slandering and insulting her because her view was different from yours?

  2. 1502

    Perez, you should apologize to will.i.am for lies as well.
    you should apologize for using this word against him. not just by pronouncing it.

    we demand on justice.

  3. 1503

    What the heck kindof an apology is this? Each of these "apologies" you have released seems to come with a whole lot of blame being laid elsewhere when it seems you're the one that escalated this from a conversation to a heated conversation.

    You're downfall as an advocate for gay rights started with the excessive poundings you took on Miss California. Support a movement, don't try to tear a person down in the process. Really, who cares what Miss California thinks?

    And WTF does Isaiah Washington have to do with this? Who cares if you "reached out" to him? What does that even mean, did you tweet him? Or do you just want a pat on the back for it.

    Maybe you should just stick to your blog and computer and stay away from the people you are constantly trying to defame.

  4. 1504

    Since when does a tiny Dora the Explorer bandaid cost $25,000?

  5. 1505

    You're still making excuses. This is a backhanded apology. You are saying your sorry at the same time that you are making excuses as to why you did what you did.

  6. 1506

    You can't slam people on your website Perez and not expect people to get pissed. You said it yourself - words hurt too!!! Let it go Perez, the lawsuit and your hurt. Not everything is a lawsuit. You need to move on.

  7. 1507

    You're such a Major Liar. You said that Will.I.Am attacked assaulted you on your video but I guess you knew you were full of shit so now your suing his Road Manager. Hey Perez if assaulted you wouldn't you be suing him? I have no respect for you. Liar!

  8. 1508

    THATS MORE LIKE IT PEREZ… this i believe!! good for u… ;)

  9. 1509

    So fat Perez can't understand why the gay community has trashed him big time. I guess he is too stupid to realize that the gay community sees him as a self serving hypocritical liar. He calls everyone else all kinds of filth and lies about then, whether they are gar, straight, male, female, republican or democrat. then when he gets cold cocked for deliberately provoking the reaction so he would have some juice for his blog he get's all indignant. MORON!

  10. 1510

    How many fake names do you have on here pretending to support you? Oh, they would be the ones that all say the exact same thing" apologizing on your own terms". What a joke. So, in your apologies it's clear you think it's okay to use the "F" word as long as it's under extreme circumstances. You are just a mean-spirited, person. Watching the video Will.i.am was speaking in a normal adult tone and you don't want to hear anyone's views or opinions but your own. Then you started calling names!

  11. 1511

    You should now drop the lawsuit and take it like a man. You have no injury, you are just another example of a greedy american who does nothing but tax our legal system. Get over it.

  12. 1512

    Good for you, P. It's a good situation to grow from.

  13. 1513

    Perez I have been following this site since the MONTH it was born and I have always been a fan.
    Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has moments that they wish they could take back, but I have always said that I believe you are truly a good person. There are many things about you that I admire. You may insult and make fun of a celebrity, but you are also the first to point out their successes or support them if you believe in what they are doing or creating.
    You slice when you need to but you also give credit where credit is due.

    You are firm in your beliefs, and a strong man. Be proud of yourself, hold your head up and continue to operate in that fashion.

    You're right, violence is never the answer. But you've also made mistakes in this situation and you are owning up to them.

    Just move forward, deal with this privately now and find a resolution.
    Stay true to yourself, P… your real fans will always be here!
    Mary Beth

  14. 1514

    lots of HUGS to you Perez! You are human as we all are and you have won my heart over even more! While I am not gay, I hope others continue to support you. We ALL make mistakes and sometimes it is important for us to go through different changes in our lives, but we untimately grow and become better people because of it!


  15. 1515

    Perez, overall as human beings, when we are faced with unexpected and hurtful circumstances that call for immediate verbal action, nothing is out of bounds. I have followed you for a long while now (years) and I must say that you are in the business and NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, GOSSIP AND CALL OUT FUGLY BITCHES…you have class. NO, you did not deserve what happened to you and you should pursue ever course of action necessary to voice the injustice that happened to you that night. Unfortunate it is, YES, but it happened. I am well aware of your good deeds for many, many causes Papi. Keep doing what you do!!! Fuck the haters!!! Mucho alguyo y amor!!! H E L E N!

  16. 1516

    What do you expect to get out of a lawsuit? nothing but MONEY! You are pathetic and worthless. Go get a REAL job. Do something meaningful, stop chasing fame. You filing the lawsuit just shows how much your "heartfelt apology" is worth. JACK SHIT. Yes, you are sorry, you're a sorry human being. Start apologizing to the right people and for the right reasons. Or you might just want to save your breathe. No one believes it anyway.

  17. 1517

    There is no reclaiming a word. There is using a word and not using a word. You used it. Your aplogy is half-assed.

  18. 1518

    Much better, Perez! Bravo.

  19. 1519

    Your use of that particular word is the equivalent of friendly fire in combat. Isaiah Washington’s use of the word was an act of insensitivity and ignorance, something you’d expect from an “enemy” (I use enemy not in the sense of opposition against the gay community, but simply as one outside of it). Your use of the word is inexcusable.

    But the bigger picture here is your overall word choices and the content you spew on your blog. Apparently, there have been no lessons learned from this whole altercation, judging from the continual snark laced in between your concessional posts. You still judge people shallowly on their looks, you still out celebrities against their will, and you still forcefully penetrate in people’s private lives for the sake of your stories.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, your bullying tactics are not unlike those employed by high school bullies against adolescent homosexuals. Again, you should know better than to use those same tactics yourself. If you really want to legitimize and elevate the gay community, then you should really transform your blog overall.

  20. 1520

    Much love honey. I just don't understand why people are SO upset with the F word when black people use the N word like nothing. Both words are hurtful to some people. I love you Perez and my mom does too:)

    Mi amore,

  21. 1521

    However you want to look at it to make yourself at peace,…do what you may. But, for anybody who has ever faced any criticism in their life for their beliefs or exual background, etc…the word you used was out of hate towards another person. I watched your video and could not believe that you would ever think that it is OK to say that,..no matter what context. The "f" word, as you used it, reminded me of those people who have been bullied, killed, and demoralized for being themselves. If you apologized on your own knowing that it was wong to say,…cool. But, if someone had to bring it to your attention, hopefully, you learned and will grow. I respect what you do, but watching that video clip of yourself,…there was a 'look' in your face that said more than words could.

  22. 1522

    it's too late now… you can't just show your true colors and then try to cover them up again. it's not like we all don't know that words are your choice of weapon. you spew hate and venom out of your mouth all day long. your "involvement" in the fight for equality doesn't help in the slightest, it only hinders.

  23. Jai says – reply to this


    It takes a brave person to admit when they are wrong, especially publicly. Keep your head held high and stay strong.

  24. 1524

    I love you Perez and now I respect you even more because accepting mistakes is not easy anymore. People at this time never accept they are wrong so you deserve respect like any other human being. To those people that ever said that Perez deserved to be punched or that it was karma, you gays are animals for thinking that way, NO ONE deserves to be hit. Only animals solve their problems with violence (not all of them). We should move forward and forget those times when problems were solved with violence. I love you and support you Perez and of course I will be checking your site everyday. Keep it up

  25. 1525

    Perez, My gay BFF totally approves your actions!!! So guess what? Fuck everybody else, when you are being punched in the face repeatedly by a member and/or entorauge member none the less a manager of a well "respected" GROUP…which US as fans put them where they are today…like I said …Nothing is out of bounds…I don't thing for one second you disrespected the gay/lesbian community at all….you just kept it gansta and stood up for yourself….

  26. 1526

    beautifully written

  27. 1527

    Re: soccer mom – AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 1528


  29. 1529

    Lol lawsuit.

    After the crap you said, you DESERVE to have your ass kicked.

  30. 1530

    I commend you for your efforts to restore your image and credibility in the media and in the gay community by pledging to donate any funds you are awarded from this lawsuit. It is probably the most pragmatic approach you can take at this point. However, I disagree with your choice to discredit and single out GLAAD. You should not be taking this opportunity to convey your personal feelings about that organization. GLAAD has made many contributions to the gay civil right movement, regardless of what you feel about them. Your choice to single them out and reduce their efforts makes your apology insincere.

  31. 1531

    You're a sad liar. STFU.

  32. 1532

    Perez you are amazing! Hang in there! You're loved and adored by many!

  33. 1533

    But the bigger picture here is your overall word choices and the content you spew on your blog. Apparently, there have been no lessons learned from this whole altercation, judging from the continual snark laced in between your concessional posts. You still judge people shallowly on their looks, you still out celebrities against their will, and you still forcefully penetrate in people’s private lives for the sake of your stories.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, your bullying tactics are not unlike those employed by high school bullies against adolescent homosexuals. Again, you should know better than to use those same tactics yourself. If you really want to legitimize and elevate the gay community, then you should really transform your blog overall.

  34. 1534

    What you fail to see … Pezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,
    is that your wounds and scars can be seen.
    You can call the police, report it, document it, get a lawyer to protect your rights.
    You said that you were Shocked, Horrified, Sickened and Dismayed that people would celebrate your beating. …..The people YOU abuse and wound on a daily basis have no scars on the outside to show for it or anyone to call, its funny how ITS OKAY FOR YOU TO DO THIS …..Now think about all the bad things people are saying about you, the names that you are being called, and people celebrating your misfortune, and the persecution that you feel you are being put under.
    Just because they are a public figure doesn't mean its okay for you to abuse them verbally, and worst of all when a private citizen states an opinion and if you don't agree you give out their company name and email address so he can now get hate mail…. I WAS REALLY PISSED AT YOU FOR THAT ONE! .. and i don't even know him.

  35. 1535

    Re: gregoryjames
    Yawwn …. WHO FUCKING CARES!!!

  36. 1536

    haha weirdo

  37. 1537

    Hey, I'm surprised you are not taking a cheap shot at Farrah…..

  38. 1538

    Re: ilaaloo

    "Perez I have been following this site since the MONTH it was born and I have always been a fan."

    Then you need to get a life sweetie…..

  39. 1539

    You went on a vicious attack which effectively ended Isaiah Washington's career & reveled in glee when he was losing his home. Too little, too late for 'reaching out' to him, Perez.

    You're right to apologize, and you do deserve credit for that though.

  40. kugar says – reply to this


    YOUR APOLOGY IS NOTHING BUT DAMAGE CONTROL AND NOW AFTER YOU brutally defamed Isaiah Washington NOW you say you have reached out to Washington, someone YOU incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not. MAYBE A LITTLE TOO LATE THERE DUDE after you helped, with your slanderous insults tear him down and he lost his show and then his house now you say you reached out, YOU ARE SO FRIGGING FAKE !! Why don't you help him by giving him money to get his house back FOR HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN, because i am positive that before you yelled out the F Word the other night you did not give 2 sh**s about Isaiah Washington you frigging FAKE A** LOSER.
    I use to like you Perez but now you got as bad as the other sites always wanting to defame celebrities just because of whatever.

  41. Swami says – reply to this


    Love it!

    Absolutely brilliant. You have earned respect back.

    This is what you needed to do, and you have done so, brilliantly.

    You have my respect once more.

    xoxo Swami

  42. 1542

    perez..i wish you would have put a picture up and allowed us to scrawl little white tears
    gushing out of your eyes, and draw a big vagina on your forehead, and put little white
    dribbles coming out of your mouth, like you do so lovingly to all the pictures on your site….
    no fair, no fun.
    stop whining. man up.

  43. JD77 says – reply to this


    Perez, we all make mistakes, but at least your man enough to apologise. Don't worry you have loads of people around the worlld who ;love you, hey we all fuck up. Whats done is done as long as you learn from your mistakes t hats all that matters.

    Much love to you Perez I love your website and have been following it in the uk since it started.xxxxx

  44. 1544

    first of all, i would like to say good for you perez. you apologized for saying a terrible word when you were in extreme emotional distress. second of all i would like to point out to backseatsurfer9 and others who believe the same thing as him/her that will.i.am can try to sue perez for slander but he would NEVER win. In order for someone to sue another for slander, they have to prove 2 things: malice and intentional falsehood. Since will.i.am is a celebrity it would be so hard for him to prove that perez's statements in the past about him were intentionally false. his statements may have been malicious but these two criteria are so subjective that it would be so hard to prove either of them especially since will.i.am is a celebrity!

  45. 1545

    KARMA….remember what you did with Miss California. Now is your turn! karma has reached you, moron.

  46. 1546

    I am so tired of people letting that "word" have so much power! Tha word is overshadowing the fact you were punched…something is seriously messed up with that!

  47. 1547

    We all love you, Perez.
    ( =
    You're a great person .

  48. Matut says – reply to this


    interestingly enough…not alot of Black Eyed Peas coverage since the incident…did Wil.I.Am 'hit' home?

  49. 1549

    While I think some people really think you deserved what happened, what I think more people were admonishing was the nuts-o video you made, and so their outbursts were a bit misdirected. That video was probably something you should have slept on before making public.

    Anyway, while you're in this life-change mode, why don't you stop using words like 'homewrecker' and 'slut' to describe women and apologize for using them? You have no right to throw those words around, and although you may stand up for the rights of many groups, you come off as a sexist and ignorant pig in that regard.

  50. 1550

    Oh, and you commented that people wouldn't be saying what they did if you were a woman. Well, actually, women for years have been accused of provoking attacks. "Don't dress that way then; you're asking for it."; "You shouldn't get drunk at a frat party."; "Why are you walking alone at night?"; and the like.

  51. 1551

    That was an honest and respectable apology Perez.

  52. 1552

    Best of luck Perez. Stay strong. Big Hugs xxx

  53. 1553

    Perez- take a deep breath and realize one thing. Even though you used the 'F' word out of hatred and fear, it took a giant step away from all the good you have done, the ultimate thing you need to remember is you are who you are and you have done alot more good than bad as Mr. Perez Hilton. Any word can be used to identify, and that same word can be used to hurt. I am proud to be a lesbian but that word coming off someones tongue in hatred can make me angry, even the word gay can be used hurtful, but its what we are. Stand tall and proud - apology accepted… now get back to work we have Washington to work toward.

  54. 1554

    We were all shocked you would say such an aweful word but, glad you apologized -

  55. 1555

    I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.

    actually perez, its not i could care less, it is i couldnt care less. because if you could care less, i sure you would. just trying to make america grammatically correct.

  56. 1556

    let it go!!!! be the bigger person and forget about wii.i.am and polo!
    Dale chico!!!! deja todo eso atras y ocupate de tus chismes que es por lo que te queremos!!!! y nunca vuelvas a decir "F"…cos you are one too!

  57. 1557

    It's good that you apologize but you have to also acknowlege your hypocrisy. Many many women would prefer a punch in the face to a photo you post with arrows drawn to highlight their cellulite. Yes, you are a gossip and celebrity reporter. But you mock physical appearance which is cruel. Celebs do enough stupid / silly stuff to report on…you seek out ways to be cruel. Emotional violence is still violence. And previous posts have pointed out that you were barely bruised. Gotta take it if you're gonna dish it.

  58. 1558

    i thiink you need to work on your people skills.. calliing a africaan american a F*****T you were just askiing for iit.. i'm not agreeing that what will.i.am did buut honestly you should've seen iit comiing eventually.. when you taalk about others it will come back and bite you in the ass or in this caase get you punched in the face

  59. 1559

    I would give you props for this if it showed a change of heart. But it doesn't. I think it's ironic and typical that you claim you are suing Polo Molina "to protect your right to free speech". Well, what about Carrie Prejean's right to free speech?!? Should she be suing you for the same protection? After all, while you may not have punched her in the face for her opinions, you aggressively called for the destruction of her career because she dared to disagree with you. You support the rules only when they can be bent around your personal agenda. You are a repugnant troll.

  60. 1560

    Perez, Perez, Perez?Are you really interressted in human equality no matter what race, gender, sexuality and so forth?Are you for fucking real?I thought so,but that stupid clip just openned up my 3rd eye.I thought you were much more mature than that.I really did.Do what you gotta do but at least stand up to it because i don`t think that you are really aware of what you are doing.If people wouldn`t need a PC to releave their inner troubles and at least for a couple of minutes run away from reality, you wouldn`t be what you are, the queen of all media!Whatever mayne, take care and all the best to you…

  61. 1561

    you dont have to explain or apologize to know one! you did what you needed to to get away from the situation
    black eyed pees suck you rock dont worry i still am a big fan!

  62. 1562

    it is a good thing that you apologized
    love u perez
    keep the good work

  63. 1563

    hi perez….
    after further thought, this is my last comment to you and my final time looking at your site.
    your apology is commendable…and again, kudos to you for it!
    however, it only came after the media flare-up; you did not seem to see anything harmful in your behaviour when you made your video statement about the event.
    like so many others in positions of power (albeit pop power), you were caught showing an ugly side of your nature. and you apologized when you were caught.
    suggestion: close down the site, go away and get your head cleared out (writing, buddhist meditation, counselling….). look into your anger. look into your attitudes and your opinions and the ugly side of your nature. save yourself before your ugliness obscures your beauty.
    and then come back as a real person with authenticity and integrity - not one who does what he tells others not to do, what he shames others for doing. coem back as a man unlike so many politicians and others intoxicated by their power the world over. do go away. and then do come back.
    come back as a real person, mario. and then you can be of service.
    as you are now, you are not serving a function. overall, your negativity is an obscuration of the issues.
    all the best to you!
    i see your true nature, it's beautiful!

  64. 1564

    You know what Perez i'm very proud of you - if you would want to change you would want to change for the better & it takes a real person to admit it, especially to his own site, heehee good for you =] keep up the good work

    The Nickname xoxo

  65. 1565

    too little too late. you start back peddling and you never catch up again. stay with the excuses. you should be ashamed and truly embarrassed.

  66. 1566

    Perez, I have always been a follower and I think you funny tell it how it is and try to see the good and bad in everyone…but I was so upset to read and hear about what happened. Things should never go to violence but two wrongs dont make a right. After the way you hve talked about equality and when the whole isaiah washington thing came out, i was shocked to see you say that. No one will ever know the exact details of what happened, I think its great you apologized, but you should learn from it and keep it to yourself. You always rag on people, but right now you are no better than them. I hope everything works out for the best though regardless

  67. 1567

    ok its gr8 that ur apologizing but we get it! its gettin kinda old

  68. 1568

    You should feel bad though…honestly i had always liked you until now…you crossed the line that you always bitch abt other people doing

  69. 1569

    The one thing that I don't understand is why would you call him the f-word? I mean I know it's an offensive word but I wouldn't be offended if someone called me that because I'm not gay. If I were younger and friends at school teased me constantly and called me the f-word that would be different, but an adult, it doesn't really bother me if someone called me that in an argument because I know I'm not, it would be like someone calling me the n-word and I'm white. And I especially didn't get it because it was coming from you, a gay person. If anything, and I'm not saying you are, but you would be the one who is a f-word. So that really had me baffled, and then I started thinking okay maybe Perez knows something we don't. Is Will.I.Am gay???????? Especially after watching the you tube video of him talking about the incident, he seemed a little gay to me? Just wondering…………..

  70. 1570

    love you perez

  71. 1571

    Good for you Perez. Now everybody, SHUT DA FUCK UP! there. I feel better now.

  72. 1572

    Re: zepcat – What the…??? "I AM A LITTLE DISAPPOINTED THAT YOU ARE PUBLICLY APOLOGIZING FOR A FEW MISBEGOTTEN WORDS."???? This was not about a "few misbegotten words". It was about Perez Hilton being a woman-hating, slanderous, sexist asshole who for MONTHS and YEARS has tried to use his blog to destroy lives and careers. It was about him viciously taunting someone who was trying to reason with him - WATCH THE FOOTAGE AND WAKE UP! It was about him INTENTIONALLY inflicting harm by way of unacceptable verbal abuse.His use of the "F" word was just the icing on the cake. Damn straight the turd should be publicly apologizing.In fact, he should be licking some serious Leboutin for the lies he spreads about Fergie, Jennifer Aniston, LeAnn Rhimes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan, Posh Spice, etc. and THEN he should publicly and sincerely apologize to will.i.am for the lies he spread about him. Then he should go work at Starbucks for the rest of his sorry life.

  73. 1573

    Sure violence is never the answer, but I just watched your video Perez, and your behavior was truly shocking. Those words have caused such violence throughout history and unfortunately they still are. You were supposed to be a role model…although criticizing and humiliating women for their body size or appearance is also unforgivable in my book. I'm one of my only friends who will even read your site, but I think this is the straw for me. Sorry.

  74. 1574

    Door….horse ……bolted….sorry Perez you are soooo sprung

  75. 1575

    we all fuck up. glad you are taking the high road.

  76. 1576

    I think the apology means so much more now, cuz you had a couple days to cool off and think about it. Its not easy, but you did the right thing. I'm so sorry for all the hateful messages you have received saying that you deserved it. Among many other hateful things. Just remember those of us who appreciate you, your craft, and what you have done for the LGBT community.

    ~ nicole sanders

  77. t4nj4 says – reply to this


    I love the juice you bring, and I am sure you're a great guy as a person, but I think you're too mean sometimes. Try being a nicer person, Mario, I'm sure you'll feel better in the end too!! The guy should never have hit you, but having a job like yours comes with certain risks. You can tell how you feel without hurting people to the bone, really! Keep up the good work and enjoy what life brought you. You met Madonna for heaven's sake!!!

  78. 1578

    Good for you Perez. Yes, your language was a little vile, but what can you do when you are under so much pressure, hurt, and misery? I am on your side 100% no matter what. You are an inspiration! I love you to death for supporting Gay Marriage. I think that everyone should have a right to be open about their sexuality.

  79. fiya says – reply to this



  80. 1580

    PPL. who want to burn you at the stake are just player haters.
    Perez, I love you. We are ALL IMPERFECT human beings.
    And actions speak louder than words after all.

  81. 1581

    Good job, Perez. I congratulate you on this. Apologizing is never easy.

  82. 1582

    Why are there so many "Go Perez" comments on the first pages of this drama fest? One thing you got right… you are for sure one sorry excuse for a human.

  83. 1583

    Re: gessie – Perfectly worded.

  84. 1584

    I'm happy you reached out to Isaiah because you were really going hard on him. I don't believe Isaiah is a homophobe so I hope you speak to all your gay friends in hollywood and get them to forgive him because he needs to work.

  85. 1585

    nicely said.

  86. 1586

    I am so disgusted people are saying you got what you put out. If that were the case then Will.I.Am, Fergie (really ugly bitch), and Polo should have written a blog about you. Violence is NEVER the answer and I am happy you are suing. Hopefully this will teach people not to put their hands on others.

  87. 1587

    Awwww this is sad. The whole situation. First of all, you shouldn't have said that, and I'm not blaming the victim. Because he should never have hit you. I'm glad this can start to blow ovahhh.

  88. exit says – reply to this


    Forgive and Forget…
    Can't wait to see the Picture of all of you together…
    Careful going to Court…
    He who cast the first stone…

  89. 1589

    Re: pookie bear – Um #1601—can you name ONE good thing Perez has done? Just ONE, positive, decent thing IN THE PAST? What is "all the good you have done"? I challenge you.

  90. 1590

    You go, Perez! Go on fighting for free speech! Fight against the nazi bullies and politically correct hate speech enforcers that seek to intimidate you. Never surrender! Never give up!

  91. 1591



  92. 1592

    I know it takes a lot to apologize especially being someone who's public identity has become so huge. I appreciate and accept your apology and it brought a smile to my face to read this. Thank you, not only for all the work you have to done to promote equal rights, but for stepping up and doing the hardest thing. I was outraged when I heard what you had said, just as I'm sure a lot of people were, but I do believe you when you say you are sorry. You are human and your apology is all I could ever have wanted. Thank you, from the bottom of my big rainbow heart. You truly can change things. We all can.

  93. 1593

    Re: MistaC87 – Yeah, that's the really strange part. People here seem to forget that Perez makes it a habit to out people before they're ready to make their sexual orientation public. He did it with Lance Bass, he did it with Ricky Martin, AND he did it to Adam Lambert. Perez, keep your fucking mouth shut when it comes to someone's sexual orientation. You don't like your dirty laundry aired out for the world to see, so why would you think these people would too?

  94. 1594

    Re: b a t k i s s – Hey, no nothing by experience. what i am saying is he never should of added fuel to the fire. dont know if you saw the video, but perez was the agressor, every video like this of him he taunts, look at the ones on you-tube of him and the media, he should of either walked away, or said what they wanted to hear (wether he did it or not)

  95. 1595

    Perez, your apology is absolutely commendable.

    As a Torontoian, I feel terrible that you had to go through such an unnecessary ordeal while in our great city.

    I just wanted to say that I love your website, I read it on a daily basis (sometimes more than once a day :) & please continue to keep up the great work that you do!

    I hope you feel better soon!

    lots of love,


    Ps: Your makeup looked awesome at the MMVA's!!

  96. 1596

    I choose to leave a message for the first time for you and it doesn't get posted…ironic.

  97. 1597

    What ur still not pressing charges?

  98. 1598

    Now apologize for that stupid hair, your fat ugly face and for being a general, all around, ANNOYING ASSHOLE!!! You fat ass ugly fuck fart!!!

  99. 1599

    that is nice 4 toronto but i know how u feel u feel sad but anyway we all support u b/c u r a nice person

  100. 1600

    i think that its awesome that you are able to admit your mistakes dude even if your mistake came as a result of someone elses huge fuck up. props to ya and you rock!

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