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I'm Sorry

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"People make mistakes. I have made many in my life, but this past week I have made more than I can count on one hand.

I am sorry. And I mean it. No one is forcing me to write this. I am not feeling pressured to say this. I am speaking out because I realize that the last few days have been more hurtful to me - and many others - than the repeated blows I suffered to my head in Toronto this past weekend.

I have been filled with incredible sadness and regret.

I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word - that's been personally used against me and the gay community - to hurt someone that was verbally attacking me. It was stupid.

Apologizing for me is not easy. Writing this was not easy. Life is not easy. But everything happens for a reason and I will take away a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.

Violence is never the answer. Never.

Victims should not be mocked.

The "F" word will never be uttered from my lips again. Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt - or as part of their everyday speech - I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well.

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. I should have been the bigger man and walked away from an unfortunate situation. Instead, I chose - in a very misguided way - to stand up for myself and only made things worse by how I - under pressure, anger and extreme emotion - handled the situation.

I am sorry.

I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.

I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words, and to all the people who have ever emailed me to thank me for all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years.

I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not.

I will be donating any money collected from my lawsuit against Polo Molina, road manager for the Black Eyed Peas, to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

And I will continue to speak out for equality and support the great work done by LGBT organizations, such as LAMBDA Legal and HRC.



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  1. 1601

    Mario perhaps it may be time that you pull your head out of your ass. I heard you go on about getting assaulted,crying like a child.

    Yet you said if Carrie Prejean would of won the crown you would of snatched it off her head. It's ok that you are going to assault someone or threaten it. God forbid it happens to you.

    With all the shit you talk about people and the names you call them, I expect to hear about you getting hit again.

    You should practice what you preach pal.

    Or learn how to defend yourself.

  2. 1602

    Re: MinnesnowtaRe: Minnesnowta
    I agree with you on this. Couldnt have said it better.

  3. 1603

    I always knew you were a bigger man, Perez.

  4. 1604

    You are so right Perez! We love you and you look so handsome in this video of the apology! www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADiZpOPRzFo

  5. 1605

    Special thanks to all the Perez Haters…who continue to help support Perez Hiltons blog website each and everyday by simply typing www.perezhiton.com onto your computer screens!!!! PEREZ LOVES YOU TOO!!!!

  6. 1606

    OOh Perez, good for you. Go one step further. Drop the charges, hold a fund raiser dinner with the BEP and send the proceeds to your charity. You well get more money, more respect and it will should the world how to resolve conflict without the law. Be the bigger man dude! Let your ego go sometimes.

  7. 1607

    You know, everyone is really sick of hearing about you. There are more important things going on in the world right now. No one gives a shit about your lawsuit or your half-assed apology. Get over yourself.

  8. 1608

    why do you have to collect money for the lawsuit? and then donate it to a foundation.. I HOPE!!!

  9. 1609

    I think that after this lesson, maybe you should learn to hold back from your critical and unjustified judgments. In my opinion, you have a lot more to apologize for than just this one instance. You are the definition of a hypocrite.

  10. 1610

    I'm not sure why you seem to make a distinction between physical and verbal attacking. You were smacked….you asked for it. You have this forum to go on and on about being victimized. SERIOUSLY! What can all the peeps who have been shamelessly attacked by you do to show the world their hurt. Words leave scars that go far beyond the physical. I know you are well aware of that. Why do you take such arrogant pleasure in verbally tearing people down?! You looked like such a baby on youtube. No sympathy from me. You'll probably call me a homophobe because that's what you call anyone who calls you out. But not so much. I have a gay son that I love a whole lot. Get a real job!

  11. 1611

    You brought this on yourself. It's funny until you get your ass kicked, huh? Next time it won't be just a punch to your nasty face but maybe a knife in your back. You can't say whatever you want and not suffer the consequences of your words.
    Go ahead and file your law suit, you won't see a dime and you'll give the gay and lesbian community a bad name for it.

    You're an attention whore and this is what happens to attention whores. :)
    Anyone who supports you is an idiot because all you do is spread hate from your fat nasty whore body.

  12. 1612

    Re: gabesmom – I HATE HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 1613

    Re: Gigi4life – I don't hate Perez. I just hate some of the things that he has said and done.

  14. 1614

    Oh, admit it Perez. If somebody called you or your friend a f****t, you'd want to punch him in the face too. Why are you still trying to sue Molina when you know from the bottom of your heart that he did the right thing?? Are you really sorry??

  15. 1615

    This is perfect, good work man.

  16. 1616

    Good for you and well said

  17. 1617

    good for u perez.
    love u

  18. 1618

    You are just a more annoying version of Bill O'reilly. Just as much of a bully and just as loathed. Only everyone is laughing at you.
    It's time for you to become a footnote in pop culture history.

    Maybe we will see you on a "Where are they now" special in a few years.
    You're a Has-Been in the making. Funny how not even you're "friends" have stood up for you. I notice your beloved Gaga being very quiet about this issue.

    Fact of the matter is that the vultures are circling. Now people have no reason to fear you they will turn on you with the ferocity of wild dogs.
    Which is what you deserve. The only fans you have are the famewhore's Speidi but pretty soon they wont even want to be tarnished by you.

    Poor little lamb you tried so hard to fit in with the "in" crowd all your life. But now just like they did to you growing up they have cast you out. Because they have realised what a non-entity you are.

    Counting down until your site goes under.

  19. 1619

    I LOVE YOU PEREZ!!!!!!!
    ALways have always will!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 1620


  21. 1621

    Can't wait for you to dye your hair orange to match the prison jumpsuit.
    The only reason you are apologizing is because your lawyer told you to. Because he did a little research on Canadian law. Enough said. Like my Mama said, "Don't ever put something on paper that can come back and bite you in the ass." You've done better than that. You did it in a video. What a schmuck.

  22. 1622

    Kick Ass Perez that's what we've been waiting for you to say, and I knew you would…. and not just the comments from last weekend. Don't sweat what people are saying about you… Your being true to yourself, and will come out of this more grounded! Props to you for admitting your mistakes, about 90% of this countries population would never put themselves out there like that!! I HEAR YOU!!

  23. 1623

    FUCK YOU!! you are not sorry for being a dick

  24. 1624

    I just want to say that although words can hurt, I feel that freedom of speech is why we live in this country. There is no freedom to hit.

    I think the apology was very big on your part and I applaud you for contacting Isaiah…things are said by many people in the heat of the moment that may label them as something they are not.

    Keep your chin up! You definitely still have support out there!

  25. 1625

    nice one. now lets move on. i hope you keep up your usual standard of vitriol! it's what makes this site such fun! in the words of the immortal stanford: other people do arts & crafts, we judge.
    celebs put themselves up for ridicule, so they can suck it up.

  26. 1626

    it takes a real man to apologize, perez. thank you.

  27. 1627

    You're a great person and a hot guy! ;) Don't change we all love you liike that ;P

  28. 1628

    oh yeah…if you were my dog, I'd be driving you to the vet right now to "put you down!"

  29. 1629

    fuck the black eyed peas.. they're just a bunch of douche bag haters… used to be a fan, but NOT ANYMORE…

  30. 1630

    I'm sorry that all of this happened. It was a tragic event and could have easily been avoided if the Will.i.am and the Black Eyed Peas didn't take the comments so much to heart. I wasn't there with you or a witness by any means, but it is obvious that something is not right with it. Of course you are going to speak about them! you are a celebrity gossip columnist and they are big celebrities! they should accept the fact that you are just doing your job and mean no harm. Good luck, Perez. I hope that things are settled out fairly.

  31. 1631

    Sounds like DAMAGE CONTRol! Are you loosing sponsorship? U talk bad about other celebs but YOU are a TRUE mediawhore! Most bloggers stay unseen, but not you. You provoked Will on purpose to gain press! Don't be like that! U got this thing working for you so don't blow it like this!

  32. 1632

    "I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers." It's "I could NOT care less". Damage control much? You still sound like a pissed off little jr. high school girl. You need to learn how to stand up and fight a fight like a grown man. Like a human being. You talk all that noise about how you're a "human being". Act like one. Then the respect will come. Don't go around asking for respect. Show that u deserve it. Just because you;re a human being DOES NOT mean u deserve it. Grow a set.

  33. 1633

    Perez, by this apology, you are the bigger person. You have taken full responsibility for what you done/said. I have so much respect for you because of this. It takes alot of balls to apologise and take responsibility, especially for somebody like you who says they don't find it easy to aplogise to people. You admitted what you said right from the start, and you've recognised it and taken resposibility. It's a very mature thing to do and I really can't explain how much respect I have for you now.

  34. 1634

    you do realize that wil.i.am will sue you back for slander…and the toronto police too!!??….gaybaiting is worng….

  35. 1635

    I think you rock and always have know matter what you have said. Your only human like the rest of us :)

  36. 1636

    Perez, I don't always agree with everything you say or post, and sometimes I leave harsh comments, but I know you are a good person, and nobody, no matter what kind of a person they are, deserves to be physically assaulted. I am so sorry about what happened in Toronto. It's not an easy situation, no doubt, but I think you are handling it as well as anybody else possibly good. Love to you!

  37. 1637

    I knew that you would see clear after that primative anger subsided. Anger is so poweful. Growing up is painful; Im now sure that is why old people are so crabby! I've been with you from the start, always will be.

  38. 1638

    Thank you Perez. Humility is rare these days.

  39. 1639

    How bout a round applause everybody for PereZ!!!! woooohooooo!!! he says SORRY… wow., that's good… We must never be shy to apologize.. it will lessen the guilt we have in our hearts…

  40. 1640

    AMEN!!!! you rock Perez! you are seriously one of my idols now
    you've went from love to hate to love for me and i praise you for apologizing to the gay community and ur fans
    you are seriously one of the most honest bloggers when it comes to your personal life and i congradulate you for that :-D love you!!!!

  41. 1641

    PEREZ!! youw write so much shit about everyone that you could have seen this coming to you.

    No it's not right that someone uses vilence but hello wake up! this is the real world and you just can't say something en not fasing the consequence.

  42. 1642

    Good on ya perez. You deserve respect xoxoxo

  43. 1643

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and some have more balls out courage than others, but words are sometimes harsher than fists. But you apologized so all the best to you. I'm sorry for what happened to you, and I hope the manager sincerely regrets it

  44. 1644

    no wait… THIS IS THE MOST HILARIOUS BULLSHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN! lol… you are so pathetic…

  45. 1645

    One more thing… You said people wouldn't be saying these things or acting this way if you were a woman. That right there, from my observations, is your biggest problem: You cannot seem to come to terms w/the fact that physically, anatomically YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN. Does that need repeating? YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN. A big bad scary man didn't walk up to your inferior physical stature and pummel you to bits as much as that's what you'd like to think happened. You are a MAN…A MAN who knowingly taunted & provoked violence upon himself. A MAN who was clocked by another MAN. If there was any justice in the world you truly would've gotten worse so as to ensure the lesson never left your small mind. Young animals & young children learn their place by taking their lumps…It just took you a few more years out of the sandbox.
    Say it w/me: I am NOT a WOMAN. I am a MAN. I am NOT a WOMAN. I am a MAN. I am NOT a WOMAN. I am a MAN. I am NOT a WOMAN. I am a MAN. I am NOT a WOMAN. I am a MAN.
    And, if this is a FACT you don't like or, as I suspect, actually HATE about yourself then change it.

  46. 1646

    no excuse, if he would have said that to you, ALL HELL WOULD OF BROKEN LOOSE, and you out of all people.. tsk tsk…. hypocrites around every corner..

  47. 1647

    hahahaha :) )

  48. 1648

    business is business…

  49. 1649

    was only a matter of time before all sh-t-talking about other celebs would catch up with you. ur only lucky u havnt gotten more beatdowns. more to come if you keep up ur ways.

  50. 1650

    You were sorry. june 25th at exactly 12:32a.m you were sorry..

    anytime after or before you couldn't give a shit about the gay community. admit it. you probably
    just said this shit because you wer forced to..not by choice.

    ur sick.

  51. isita says – reply to this


    love you Perez!!!!!!!! nada puede justificar nunca la violencia! no te mereces eso! you are awesome Mario! Besos desde España

  52. 1652

    Re: the absolute truth – pwahahahaha yeah Jesus was all about that dude on dude action. Maybe your mom still does.

    But seriously, get over it damn, get out more people, if this really upset you so bad, you need a LIFE. Go and cry about something real, like I dont know, millions of people dying in Dafur.

  53. 1653

    you r not geting anything from molino, except an ass beating, his last name is molino…..enough said

  54. 1654

    Re: Hate Low Class People

    This is incredible. Good for them for seeing it for what it would have been, a taint on the Sheppard foundation which they do not deserve. Their point being since you called someone a homophobic slur we don't want your money. Bravo.

  55. 1655

    I have adamantly refused to comment on this story in the hopes that in time Perez would be able to look at it with a bit of distance and do the right thing. And he has. Calling people out 24/7 is bound to get you in hot water, but violence really isn't the solution. That said, I am pretty sure even I could be pushed too far. In regards to his use of the term he chose… it made his point. He was angry. He wanted to push a button. I am glad he apologized to those he offended, but even I, as a lesbian, would probably have said the same thing in a tense situation if I really wanted to get a reaction. Words hurt. And they can get you hurt. People are killed every day for the words they use. I don't think what happened was karma, though I do feel that in his position he runs the risk of having this happen. I just think it was a bad situation. Good for you for apologizing to those you hurt and not to organizations that simply demand it. Don't let it set you back, Perez, just push forward, put this whole week behind you, and work towards making a difference. Despite what we may think, none of us are perfect.

  56. 1656

    Re: JennyLynn2009 – Is it internet day at the looney bin?

  57. 1657

    Perez, u r very classy guy, I like that u r taking the high road and proving u r better than the trash that tried 2 intimidate u!

  58. 1658

    You are a sick and pathetic "excuse" of a man.

  59. 1659

    Way to go Perez!
    I've been standing behind you ever since your first video statement. B.E.P. is officially dead to me :)
    People need to relax.
    How many of you have called people… that word… before hm? I'm sure a lot of you have. I hear it all the time at my school. He only used it because he wanted Will.I.Am out of his face and that would be the worst possible thing to say BECAUSE it's coming from a gay man. Now it may not have been the best thing to say, at least he apologizes for it.
    As he said before, he doesn't need press or publicity on this. He's just making statements on his site like Will.I.Am made that video lying about what happened.
    If any of you haters stopped bitching about everything for 2 seconds and look at the site, you can tell he's changed.
    He doesn't need all you slandering him, asses.

  60. coops says – reply to this


    oh also, in your video, "I am a human being and no one deserves to be treated that way" … maybe you should consider treating people the way you want to be treated… you definately don't follow this statement now…

  61. 1661

    I have to say that I am so disappointed in u Perez. I now see that you are someone who does not like to admit to his wrongdoings. You like to just place the blame on everyone else. I am so irritated at the fact that you think in the same paragraph you a write how saying the f' word is something you plan to take out of your vocab and at the same time you encourage people do the same with the N' word. How dare you! focus on you. I plan to forward this to every blogger who reads your site. Its disappointing how you are in the news for what you said but yet you choose to just through the N'word in there. wow grow up. Arent you like 30 something? Learn reponsibility.

  62. 1662

    Honestly… your comments toward Will.I.Am were hypocritical and small. I am in no way saying that the BEP manager did was right, but neither were your actions. I read this as a way to cover your ass and not a heartfelt apology. You say that you "should have been the bigger man"… but you run a website that tears people apart. I don't take this as anything but a PR push.

  63. 1663

    Why don't you learn to think before you speak? Next, apologize for what you wrote about Michael Jackson.

  64. 1664

    You did the right thing now, Perez. You have realized that you made a mistake and now it is time for you to move on from this. Don't let the haters out there make you feel like crap. Good work.

  65. 1665

    Re: Debtee – he deserves to have a bad week, he brought this on himself!!!! Perez sucks….

  66. 1666

    That's Awesome Perez! Good for you for apologizing. We all are guilty of using offensive language when we get mad.

  67. 1667

    can you apologize for constantly posting sexually degrading posts about women ? no.

    can you apologize for mocking and making fun of the mentally challenged (Tina) no.

    can you apologize for calling already severely skinny women " fat pigs " circling their imperfections ? no.

    i wouldn't be surprised if there are girls who are suffering from anorexia from your site. and what you say.

    i did love the gays. but now i kind of think gay people like you are hypocritical. now i don't care. i don't care about gay rights anymore.

    I give up with you perez.

  68. 1668

    You know, Perez, it really is nice to see the human side of you once in awhile. ;) I know it must have been hard for you to write this, and I’m sure there are many, including myself, who appreciate your honesty. One great thing about being human is that we’re entitled to make mistakes; it’s the only way we learn. I’m relieved to hear that you have not disregarded the valuable lessons that can be taken from this experience, and I hope that you use those lessons to grow as a human being. What was done to you was wrong, but I’m glad you have finally taken responsibility for your own mistakes. When promoting equality, you will no doubt receive criticism for your past misuse of anti-gay slurs, but keep on fighting; this battle is too important to allow our pride and personal issues to get in the way. I also hope you take away an important lesson from the public backlash received following this incident. Abuse, both physical and verbal, should never be tolerated. Especially with verbal abuse, the pain inflicted is often misunderstood unless you are on the receiving end of it. I hope that you realize that what you say and how you run your site can have a detrimental impact on other people’s mental well-being, and I hope that you will be kinder in the future. Your blog is entertaining without the negativity. ;) Peace.

  69. 1669

    Hard for you to write an apology? Give me a break. Grow up. You're an idiot baby cryer. You will not be remembered.

  70. 1670

    Very noble. (:

  71. Alva says – reply to this


    Perez, Violence is never the answer! I agree completely with you on that. But there are at least 7 types of violence, and in the comments you use
    repetedly against many people at least the psychological and emotional violence are always there.
    What you give, you recive back! So dont be so shock!.
    Use your power and your 3 million visitors to make this world a better place by leaving out any kind of violence!. You have that power, use it wisely.

    Hope you be well soon. Ive worked with people victimized by all types of violence and is a painful journey, keep strong Chico!

  72. 1672

    Uh - the correct way of saying this "I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers."

    …is "I couldn't care less"

    If you could care less, then you care a little.


  73. 1673

    Polo Molina is my new hero.

  74. 1674

    You admitted it yourself that your comment was a calculated attempt to provoke the people who attacked you. You said this after the incident. I find this disgusting coming from someone who presents themselves as an ambassador for gay rights. You have become one of the fame whores you so hate, you go out of your way to milk publicity out of controversy. You are disgusting and ego-maniacal. You are not a celebrity, you are not a journalist, you are not a social commentator. You are some guy that writes disparaging remarks about people who have chosen to live in the public eye. For that reason I never respected you to begin with. I read your site for a few laughs. Honestly, I think the Superficial is far better. Please, do my country a favour and don't come to Australia with Britney later this year. We don't want you.

  75. 1675

    Thank you, Perez. Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone has his mistakes broadcast across the internet as a popular figure in the entertainment world, and the gay community. Even under duress, one has to think before they speak. I thank you for your apology. Humble looks good on you, Seksi!

  76. 1676

    Gay America = Straight America

    You trash people for a living. But it's people like me allow you to get paid because I read your words. So maybe I'm the reason you feel like you can take it to any level you please. Or maybe it's more than that. Perhaps you have this delusion of grandeur that makes you feel you're impervious. Who knows? Point being is it's time for you to man-up. You did something stupid and you paid a price. Stop acting like you're the only victim and that you set back gay-rights a decade. You aren't that important. I will say this, you probably advanced gay-rights. You proved that gay America is like straight America. You lack the ability to accept responsibility and blame everyone else for your problems or issues. Gay America is just like Straight America, we're all a bunch of whiny a-holes who can't man-up and accept responsibility.

    By my calculation Gay America = Straight America America. You advanced your cause. Good Job!

  77. 1677

    Get over yourself Perez. You are only apologising because so many people don't sympathise with you. You criticise people for being a famewhore and that's exactly what you've become. You still haven't learnt from this experience and this 'apology' still attempts to make you look like the victim.

    There is no need to give to the Matthew Shepherd Foundation because they have recently released a statement saying that they won't accept a donation coming from someone who used such a derrogatory word. Their aim is for people to stop using that word.

    I think your apology should also include what you said about Fergie in your 12 minute rant. I don't think you should ever criticise people's looks…. you're not beauty yourself. You are as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside.

  78. 1678

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAG you probably made a whole bunch of bogus accounts and commented on your own video to make yourself look not so much of a retard as most and probably everybody dose i so hope you read this and take it to heart because no matter how much you appoligize you are not going to change the fact that will i am is so much of a cool dude and more people care a bout him that they do remotely about you + tottally agree with britney barnes that an apology cant change what u said in ur videos so SUCK IT (not literaly btw)

  79. 1679

    your probably just one of the people that wished they were melested by micheal jackson and beat up by chris brown when they were kids

  80. 1680

    your probably just one of the people that wished they were melested by micheal jackson and beat up by chris brown when they were kids. ur a weeny head

  81. 1681

    Black eyed peas rule why because will. i. am punched u in tha face

  82. 1682

    weeener dog face bitch

  83. 1683

    you love having no pants partys at old folks homes FAIL

  84. 1684

    Fore being a douchbag pretty much then ?

  85. 1685

    i hope you decide to put a fire work up your ass

  86. 1686

    Words very seldom justify an offensive physical response. People should not hit. That being said, words spoken by someone you have no emotional or sentimental investment in, should not personally offend or hurt you. As an example, the individuals who said they were hurt by what D. Imus said, are portraying themselves as weak, auto-victimizing individuals, who are volunteering themselves to be placed beneath the person who offended\hurt them. If someone is offended by the words of a person they are not emotionally vested in, they have a very serious self-esteem deficit. We should all be thankful that our founding fathers were not such wimps. Think about…. "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." -J Mills

  87. 1687

    you don't need to apologize perez, everyone gets mad and says things in the heat of the moment. You did not deserve what happend to you at all. You are a very strong and noble person for apologizing and I have nothing but respect for you. You are so great at what you do, don't let anyone bring you down. Keep that gorgeous face of yours held high! :)

  88. 1688

    Perez Hilton is a bottom-feeding parasite that is a parody of the worst gay stereotypes–catty, mean-spirited, and melodramatic. Even his pseudonym is co-opted from the celebrity world. He has no discernible talent so he takes pleasure at latching onto the famous and those that avoid him he tries to cast them in the most unflattering light possible, relishing in their imperfections and lamentations–not cool!

    This is America and the 1st Amendment gives you certain rights for free speech (which I am employing now) but there are limitations so do not be so naive as to think that incendiary rhetoric doesn't often comes comes with consequences, in this case an ass-kicking! We are America, we talk shit and we kick ass! Frequently, one is the result of the other. I do not feel sorry for him but I am surprised that it has not happened more often. Hopefully he starts a 12-step program at (AA) Attention-Whore Anonymous. I apologize to any actual whores out there for lumping you together with this asshole!

  89. 1689

    i tottaly understand why you said that to him - it was a spur of the moment thing i understand as when i argue with my brother i get so angry that i just yell the first insult that comes to mind
    people do these things without thinking and i just wanted to say that i do understand
    violence is NEVER the answer too and good on you for being the bigger man perez and for apologizing

  90. 1690

    two points I want to make perez. firstly how can you consider calling someone a f****t in anger, reclaiming the word? Secondly, your overinflated ego believes that you have done good work for the community. If anything, those that have been sitting on the fence concerning our rights have been pushed over to the other side because of your ridiculous scuffles with Miss California, and now Wil I AM. Please dont speak out on behalf of the gay community or its issues anymore. You are doing incredible damage in the shameless name of self promotion.

  91. 1691

    You twat.
    Violence was definantly the answer in this case after your awful censored comments about MJ.
    Rot in hell you scumbag

  92. 1692

    "But because the lawsuit presumably involves the physical attack prompted by Mr. Hilton's admitted use of an anti-gay slur, the Foundation will be unable to accept any funds obtained in such a manner."

    funny you didn't post this.

  93. 1693

    why are you apologizing? This is who you are, you make rash comments, you make fun of people, you call names, you get in arguments…….I wouldn't apologize for shit!!!! you are a dick and always will be and thats why every one of us are reading your site!!!!!!

  94. ckent says – reply to this


    HAHAHA! You're such a tool. Yeah. Fantastic of you to apologize on your OWN site. Yeah. Big huge effort you jerk. Try picking up the phone and calling Martha Stewart, the Today show, GMA…go on Letterman and The Tonight Show. While you're at it, pull a Richard Gere and buy some ad space in a major newspaper and have them print your "sincere" apology. Or, yeah, just go ahead and settle for your OWN….FREE website. You jerk. I'll never come back to this site again. For the record, if you do any of things now that it's been suggested to you, you're gonna look like a bigger jerk.

  95. 1695

    perez, i saw your 12 minute video describing what happened. i am not the world's biggest lesbian gay bi whatever they call themselves fan, but i agree there is no excuse for violence in response to free speech. that guy and his whole thugtourage are a bunch of douche missiles. you stand your ground and don't apologize. i cannot say i am surprised about what happened, though. you're lucky you didn't get shot.

  96. L <3 says – reply to this


    your a damn disgrace how do you go make fun of trannys and what not call will.i.am the eff word and still expect ppl to hear you out when you speak of equality???

  97. 1697

    you got what was coming…so don't think you're noble for apologizing yourself. so what…you were in the wrong you deserve nothing for apologzing.

  98. bucho says – reply to this


    Just wanted to say that I bought a black eyed peas album in support of them today.

  99. 1699

    Good for you Perez!!!

  100. 1700


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