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I'm Sorry

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"People make mistakes. I have made many in my life, but this past week I have made more than I can count on one hand.

I am sorry. And I mean it. No one is forcing me to write this. I am not feeling pressured to say this. I am speaking out because I realize that the last few days have been more hurtful to me - and many others - than the repeated blows I suffered to my head in Toronto this past weekend.

I have been filled with incredible sadness and regret.

I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word - that's been personally used against me and the gay community - to hurt someone that was verbally attacking me. It was stupid.

Apologizing for me is not easy. Writing this was not easy. Life is not easy. But everything happens for a reason and I will take away a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.

Violence is never the answer. Never.

Victims should not be mocked.

The "F" word will never be uttered from my lips again. Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt - or as part of their everyday speech - I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well.

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. I should have been the bigger man and walked away from an unfortunate situation. Instead, I chose - in a very misguided way - to stand up for myself and only made things worse by how I - under pressure, anger and extreme emotion - handled the situation.

I am sorry.

I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.

I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words, and to all the people who have ever emailed me to thank me for all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years.

I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not.

I will be donating any money collected from my lawsuit against Polo Molina, road manager for the Black Eyed Peas, to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

And I will continue to speak out for equality and support the great work done by LGBT organizations, such as LAMBDA Legal and HRC.



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  1. Baizy says – reply to this


    Perez, I bet after this a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Like kisskiss said good for you for doing on your own terms. It seems like you've come out of this situation a little more mature. Now the best thing for you to do is leave everything where it is and not dwell on it on your blog anymore or in public. Let this be a personal thing between you and the other party and the Canadian court system. God Bless.

    Also I hope this situation does not deter you from coming back to Canada, because that would suck.

  2. 202

    apology accepted! we all still love youuu. everyone makes mistakes.

  3. 203

    You seem confident that you are going to receive some type of compensation in this trial. I'm going to reprint a comment posted by a Perez reader called Uncle Scoopy - its worth a re-read.
    "This may backfire on you. Canada's laws are not the same as in the U.S. There is nothing in Canadian law equivalent to the First Amendment.

    Quite to the contrary, "hate speech" is a crime, and sexual orientation is one of the protected areas.

    Section 319, the hate speech law, says that if it can be shown that the speech was so abusive that it was likely to incite listeners or readers into violent action, and if the the speech was made in a public place, then a person could be convicted.

    Public place: check
    Incited listener to violence: check
    Directed against a protected group: check

    Suggest you engage criminal counsel in Toronto"
    Suggest you think twice about claiming victory too early Perez. You have a crime to answer yourself!!!!!

  4. 204


  5. dhi says – reply to this


    It's going to be OK. We all make mistakes sweetie.

  6. 206

    The PITY PARTY was over 2 days ago…get over yourself. You aren't sorry for anything you are regretful and pathetic.

    You talk shit about people, profit from it, gloat about it and now you got punched in the face for it.

    Suck it up, get your horse teeth capped and move on! You are a pathetic "man"

  7. 207

    Re: kisskiss – I think you need to ammend your name to Kiss Ass - Perez is doing NOTHING on his own terms - the gay community is baying for his blood - so he's saying sorry now why????

  8. 208

    I call bullshit. You are just sorry that nobody is on your side, giving you sympathy. If you were truly repentent of the slur, then you would immediately have issued a statement of this effect along with your pathetic vlog. You should apologize to Fergie for all of the emotional duress that you put her through as well.

  9. 209

    esta pagina es una mier…da especialmente el perez hilton ese mari….con que viene a hablar de nuestra querida JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT que son puras bobadas solo para perjudicarle la carrera a jenn o no se lo que quiere pero bueno a palabras necias oidos sordon para jennifer y jamie con tal que ellos saben que lo que hablan en esta PU…TA pagina son babosadas no les paran pero aqui hay mucha gente que apoya a jennifer y la queremos y estos tambien son puros estupidos que comentan cosas que no son…. primero vete en un espejo perez hilton que lo que das es asco y miedo pareces una vaina rara entonces como nadie te acepta no te queda de otra mas que hablar de las personas bueno por lo mismo te entendemos un poco pero ya deja de hablar pura PAja mmg…. y no hables mal de jamie kennedy y de Jennifer Love Hewitt ok

  10. 210

    why don't you appologize to fergir for calling her a fugly bitch?!??! imature. mario!

  11. 211

    Perez, i love you, and admire you! and if you want me and us all to love you even more, and if like you said, you want to walk away from this like a king, don't file a lawsuit, you'll be the king, walk away just with your own truth and integrity. going into a lawsuit, with whoever, is more violence of words. lets just live in peace man, just shake hands and walk away, it will feel good, promise. and congrats again, you're awesome.

  12. 212

    Rock on Perez! Rock on!

  13. 213

    You are the bigger man here. What a heart fealt letter. Violence is never the answer no matter what we say. Sometimes when we are put into a situation like that way say things we don't mean and you did exactly that. At least you had the courage to admit it was wrong. I hope you can move on from this and let all the bad turn into something good for you. Keep your chin up and know that alot of people are thinking of you at this difficult time. xxxxx

  14. 214


  15. 215

    everyine makes mistakes perez and yours doesn't make you a bad person. keep strong and keep standing up for what you believe in. although i am not gay, i know people who are and i know you are helping America become less biased towards gay people. do you perez, do you !!

  16. 216

    good for you perez!

  17. 217

    Gosh what a back stepping hypocrite. He's just a shit talking poser. It's pretty ironic and amazing that it took someone from such a corny band to knock some sense into such a poser.

  18. 218

    you spelled duress wrong

  19. 219

    you get zero sympathy from me.
    your video showed your true character.
    you are in spin control mode now and it just makes you look more pathetic.

  20. 220

    Dear Perez,

    We love you. Keep on doing what you do. Thank you for your honesty. You're a caring, compassionate guy. All the best to you.


  21. 221

    Good for you Perez. What's done is done, and it's really fantastic that you are recognizing this as an opportunity for personal growth.

  22. 222

    You apologized a couple of days ago, you apologized today, you can only apologize so many times before it loses its authenticity.
    Yes it was a bad word to use, whether gay or straight, no it does not condone a physical attack.
    Stop calling yourself a victim because both of you behaved poorly. You are as much a victim as Will.I.Am for being called the "F" word.
    Finally, you have stated this many time "It will blow over". You have to realize that you provide more entertainment than the Black Eyed Peas. Especially lately.

  23. 223

    You are still a piece of work. You and your insane principles (NONE)! It is okay for your to use hurtful words and label celebrities (adult and underage) and draw obscene pictures on their faces but when it is you who's the victim you try to be sensitive and sympathetic to LGBT and the gay community? You are a selfish two-faced liar and a poser. You only care about yourself and not others. If you sincerely mean what you just said, you'll drop the charges and forgive BEP's manager and get on with your life. It is what you call taking the high road!

  24. 224

    Perez we are all guilty of saying/doing things against what we believe in, or may cross the line and not mean it the way it has been perceived. Apologies accepted, don't hurt anymore. We have ALL done it one way or another. Don't worry be happy :-)

  25. 225

    hey perez i know it has been a hard few days but like u said everything happens 4 a reason i believe ur coming out strong from this experince and im glad u stuck up 4 ur self good 4 u :) xoxo

  26. 226

    You are one lost and confused soul.

  27. 227

    That was hard to read - I can't imagine what I'd do in your situation. Your adrenaline was probably running sky high, and that fight or flight sensation must have been overwhelming. I do think it was great to stand up for yourself, and I agree with you about choosing the wrong word. Regardless, that doesn't justify what was done to you at all.

    I am glad you are standing up for yourself. I admire that you will donate the money to such a good cause. Good for you, Mario!

  28. 228

    We all say and do things in the heat of the battle that we wish we could take back. No one expects to be attacked, and so, no one is every prepared. We fire our mouths off like shotguns, bringing out anything and everything that will make some kind of impact. You're only human,Mario. You have manned up and apologized for anyone who may have been hurt or offended in the crossfire. I sure don't see any apologies coming from Will.i.am and Polo. It's unfortunate that they don't know how to do the right thing, but clearly you do. Sleep well Mario-everything's gonna be alright.

  29. 229

    Better. But no cigar. At least you are making progress. I think it will take time for you to truly "get it". Hopefully, you won't have completely destroyed your career and any ounce of respect you have, though not by me, before that happens.

    Peace to you and good luck in you journey. You have a LONG way to go.

  30. LIsh says – reply to this


    OMG you're suing. Okay while I dont think violence is the answer, I also don't think using "remarks" such as the one you used is right either. I think what you said in your above comment is enough for you to drop this lawsuit. You said that you reached out to Isaiah Washington…He was someone who got BASHED for saying the "F" word, I mean to the point where he was fired, now you of all people have done the very thing that he did. I don't think it's right for you to file a lawsuit because even though you didn't use your fists, you were just as wrong as that guy was for hitting you. You said what you said to upset and belittle Will i am, you said it to piss him off, when you use words like that you're not expecting to not upset someone, and you can piss someone off bad enough to get a reaction out of them. If you didn't want a reaction you should not have said what you said. You provoked him, maybe not with your fists but you did provoke him. I hope you don't continue with this lawsuit and if you do I hope you loose. You were just as wrong Perez, you really were.

  31. 231


  32. missB says – reply to this


    violence is never the answer but neither is name-calling

  33. 233

    it's sad that it has become an everyday word… even for a gay person it doesn't have the same value it used to.

  34. 234

    I love you Perez, and I don't want you to be sad or hurt. Why are you the bad guy in this? I'll always support you. You're the best!

  35. 235

    good job perez :) your letter is very sweet :)

  36. 236

    Perez. Chill a bit. Drop the lawsuit. Forgive the idiot who hit you. You can save this if you put yourself above the fray. Leave the lawyers out of this. Getting an attorney involved is lower than being hit. No one can win. Everyone gets drained of resources. Everyone loses.

    Stop bleeding your heart on film. It looks pretty bad. If you've never been hit you've had a sheltered life. It was wrong, but you're here and well and have many years of ripping folks to shreds within these blogs of yours. Chill, chill……chill……….Be cool, be calm, be collected.

  37. 237

    I'm really sorry this week has been so rough for you. I'm glad you apologized the way you wanted to and not when GLAAD or anyone else demanded it. No matter what anyone thinks, what you said does not justify someone physically harming you. What you do might hurt people's feelings but it doesn't compromise their safety. With this apology, I hope you can just put this incident behind you. Best wishes love ! xoxo

  38. 238

    Dear Perez!

    You mock people every day. Sometimes I'm scared that when young women read your blog they may develop eating disorders or a self-hating image because of what they look like and it isn't good enough or they'll be made fun of. I think you are a good man. I also believe that this is your wake up call to change things and how you handle yourself on your blog.

    I don't think violence is the answer but I also don't think that provoking violence with our tongues is any less violent. I feel that both of you were EQUALLY wrong. You knew that your actions were going to be more aggressive and I'm sorry that you ever believed that it was necessary to use such a hateful slur against ANYONE.

    Hopefully you will realize that your actions in the past have been cruel. You mock people that can't help how they look or who they are. Do you even think it's healthy to keep saying nasty things? I understand being honest and that's fine but your comments have been outright cruel so hopefully you'll learn and we can all sing kumbaya. Good luck to you Perez!

  39. 239

    perez is an ass. he gets hit and immediately sues. if we got rid of everyone that sues and lawyers, we could be a chill place. have fun being an ass instead of taking the high road

  40. 240

    Oh and your billboard on La Brea next to Mashti Malone's was totally blocked by that palm tree, what a waste of money for advertising. plus everything was too small to read- Advertising FAIL

  41. 241

    stfu already

  42. 242

    Re: tanjentsdotcom – um, sorry but I call BULLSHIT!! what fans?

  43. 243

    For a man who rips people apart for publicity due to simple mistakes as your own and doesn't accept apologies from others….i applaud you for asking for forgiveness and trying to create the ultimate double standard (sarcasm). Golden rule…..remember it. You are just seeking publicity and milking this for all its worth. Let it go.

  44. 244

    It takes a big man to admit he was wrong , even bigger one to say it out loud. =]
    Best wishes.

  45. 245

    You know Perez, I believe you are being sincere. We all throw out words that aren't meant to hurt anyone but the person w/ whom we are arguing. Esp. when THEY bring us to that level to begin with. I have pretty thick skin. No word(s) will ever bother me. The N word, the F (either F word), even the C word that so many women hate; I just don't care… they're words, get over it, seriously. Unfortunately, we are living during the most politically correct times and it's a big ole pain in the ass. We have to act and speak according to the weakest of people - those who get offended by everything. Anyone who is "acting" so horribly offended by your words truly is not… it's a form of attention seeking. People like to play the victim… but there was only ONE victime here, and that was you. Your personal space was completey violated. Physical pain was brought to you. You did not HARM anyone… and so this was NOT self-defense on asshole's part. It was immaturity, ignorance, and wrongly used machismo at best.

  46. jgood says – reply to this


    Perez, THANK YOU!!!
    I know it's hard to come to grips — especially for what you went through.
    But, thanks for taking the high road and admitting it's never cool to call anyone a racial slur — much less hit!!
    Love you again Perez!!

  47. 247

    The only way for me to believe this is trully heartfelt would be if you actually decided that you would stop bullying people all the time. Then I might feel like you really got something good out of this. Right now, I think you're sorry you got in trouble over your behaviour, not about the behaviour itself.

    I used to dislike you, Perez, but I'm starting to really hate you now. I came here only because you are pretty fast getting a hold of whatever is happening in the entertainment industry and uptade often. I've never liked the treatment you make of the information, though. I'm still coming here out of morbid curiosity, to see how you'll deal with all that shit that you've been stirring. Once this is all over, I'm out of here and I swear to God that I'll never be back.

    You're an ass, Perez. You just proved it once more tonight, claiming that you got it when you actually spent the whole day posting hatefull stuff on your damn site!

    The only thing you're sorry about is that people don't buy your shit no more. You're done, honey. Now that you're going down the latter, watch for the moment you come face to face with the people you sent down there first. Watch out for they might make your life miserable and we'll all be looking and making fun of your fat bully ass.

  48. 248

    God Bless you dear!
    Feel what is right for your soul at this time. Move on, before you become miserable. Get some therapy and massages and redirect yourself. You are a very talented soul, and VERY REAL!
    Your transformation would be the most amazing thing in history beside gay rights and civil rights, etc etc
    Really, just think about your positive power and the awesome effect you will have on the US.
    I am an actress, so I know the evil grind of the gerbil wheel. I decided to take a break now for 2 yrs before I hit tv again.
    Just be happy, fall in love…and think about if you pass on manana…how do you want to be remembered…and if there is a maker, what are you to feel proud abaout.Best of luck to you. You are amazing!

  49. 249

    we say and do things in the heat of the moment. I have been there and I understand. A person must lean to grow from the mistakes of the past and it seems to me that you are doing just that, in so doing this you are a better person

  50. 250

    STOP TELLING HIM TO STFU AND LEAVE THIS SITE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ IT. god. it's HIS site he'll say whatever the fuck he wants and if he wants to make 900 more posts then he can and you can just blow it out your holes. good job perez, mama loves you.

  51. 251

    really perez? you think this is really going to fix everything? cool you apoligized but you trash celebrities everyday as if your any better then they are and then your excuse for it is "it's just what I do and everyone knows that" that doesnt make it right. You right nothing like this has ever happened in the four years you've been doing this but it's about time it has because what you say about people is repulsive and you should be apoligizing for that instead of using the f word. I fully support will i am and the black eyed peas.

  52. 252

    Perez, you spout hateful things day in and day out. If someone doesn't think or feel the same way as you, hate spills out of you. You have been cruel, indecent and unkind to many. Basically, you're a bully. And the only way to knock bullies down is to literally knock them around. That's what happened to you. I don't condone it. In fact, I hate the very idea of violence.

    Let's take the treatment of Miss California. She spoke her mind. Many of us don't agree with her–in fact I don't agree with her– but she deserves respect. She deserves equality, too.

    But instead of saying "Miss California, I think you're wrong and here's why," you called her the "C" word. That, Mr. Perez, is hate. She didn't deserve that.

    Your apology is welcomed by many. But let's see if you mean it. Let's see if hate comes pouring out of you again.

    I doubt you have it in you. Bullies are filled with hate. And you are nothing but a bully.

  53. 253


  54. 254

    Perez ur still my hero. :) )

  55. 255

    Lawsuit? For what?? Just stop! The apology is good - just walk away for this. I love ya Perez and support you and what you do, but a lawsuit…..? Making you look desperate for attention….

  56. 256

    Don't worry Perez, we love you still =)
    Keep on doing what you do best, WRITING!!!
    Take care and have a great day ahead!

  57. 257

    You finally came to your senses after you realized you are on the verge of losing everything. So why not apologize to GLAAD? They gave your fat ass a job when you needed one. You're just mad they called you fat ass out on your wrongs. You are still an imature little bitch. You probably need to apologize to Fergie too before Josh Duhamel gets ahold of your ass and give you a few more knuckle sandwiches.

  58. 258

    Re: myko0201 – So certain communities have ownership of a word? I guess the great 1st amendment that Perez keeps defending his right to doesn't apply to you. You are either a a) troll b) leotarded c) 15 years old or d) all of the above.

  59. 259

    that was cute !!

  60. 260

    Karma's a bitch isn't she?!
    Miss California expressed her opinion, you used a degrading term - what you did was SO much worse!
    You should be ashamed of yourself. Hypocrite of the highest order!

  61. 261

    Perez, I really don't know what to think. I was really happy to see this heart felt apology, but disgusted by the whole situation. I have seen what you have written about Fergie — calling someone fugly is demoralizing and dehumanizing. To not think you have to answer for this is rather perplexing. I do not fault you for your behavior and getting upset and saying something in the heat of a moment, but it does not sound like Will.I.Am was out of line or intimidating you. You intimidate, demoralize and dehumanize people on a daily basis. It is not karma, but there must be some deeper soul searching.

  62. 262

    Additionally, I just want to say that if people don't like what Perez does for a living, then go away. Seriously, as much as I can't stand some of what P. writes and that I do disagree with more than not… he is doing what brings him an earning. What are the rest of you doing? Do you gossip? Do you talk shit? Just because you don't blog doesn't mean you're better than he is. You're just walking the typical hypocritical walk. Boils down to jealousy. And I maintain to my dying day that Rumer Willis is the ugliest person in Hollywood.

  63. 263

    Again, very well said Perez.

    Just be true to yourself, that is all that matters.

  64. 264

    Very mature of you.

  65. 265

    To have written this it shows what a good person you were brought up to be. You clearly have good morals, manners and also respect.
    Fighting is disgusting and can effect people physically and mentally forever no matter how big or small the fight. Weak as to the guy from the Peas. You did nothing wrong whatsoever Perez and were seen as an easy target to these weak boys. P.S. My first ever comment and I have used this site daily since I was about 21. Love Lib in Melbourne x

  66. 266

    Thank You!!! Your website makes my day and always gives me a smile or laugh. I think of you as a "friend", really. You have taught me SO MUCH about gay issues and rights. This recent incident, however, has made me not believe in you or what you stand for. It has made me not even want to visit your website anymore. Your apology had changed that. It takes a lot to admit a wrong and say you are sorry. I accept it and now feel a lot better about my daily visits with you. Time to move forward. Thanks again :)

  67. 267

    relax calm down forgive . drop the lawsuit. Be cool, be calm, and be collected. Once you get lawyers involved, you've lowered the interacions between people who only have a monetory interest in your life, no other.

    Just forgive, forget. I can see why this might upset you so much if you've made it this far and have never been hit. Just let it go. let it go. You win if you let it go.

  68. 268

    it sok baby, don't be sorry

  69. 269

    As a homosexual, I was quite upset at your use of the "F" word. You do not speak for the gay community, but there is no doubt that your blog has influenced many (good and bad) in forming their opinions about homosexuality and proposition 8.
    I do think that you have learned a lot in this last week, not only about who you are as a person, but also about how you've portrayed yourself to the rest of the world. I also think you've learned that while freedom of speech is the law and your right, your words can hurt as bad a blow. You did not deserve to be hit, ever. Polo Molina was wrong, you were wrong, yet blows should not have been thrown. I'm glad to see you're going to use the money to do some good. The Black Eyed Peas should match the amount. I think that you should all meet up and bury the hatchet. Life will go on, there are people dying for a greater cause in Iran. Why fight over this?
    Much Love,

  70. 270

    You're still one of biggest pieces of shit on Earth, and this basically changes nothing. I wouldn't trust you if the only two people left were you and hilter or you and jesus.

  71. 271

    I believe you've really thought about this and I believe you mean it when you say you're sorry. Good on ya. Love ya.

  72. 272

    Hey Perez, Good on you for owning up to your faults and apologizing. I think a lot of people will appreciate it.
    =) Feel better.

  73. 273

    what, do you have have 10 million views a day anymore? damage control………

  74. 274

    YOU'RE ACTING LIKE YOU WERE SHOT. you wouldnt last a minute in the hood.

  75. 275

    Ho hum. Hate speech is on this site daily, directed toward whomever the sniveling insincere snobs are who write this dreck deem to be too old, too fat, too thin, too enviable, too unattractive or too whatever-stereotyped-BS, while others (tho its hard to tell the diff,) are held up as "truly" artistic, attractive, yummy, blahblahblah. Whata buncha hypocritical hype that stands only for selling out, everything and everyone, showing how low the whole whoring world has sunk if following this debauched fakery & sniping envy that uses and abuses others for its own profit!

  76. 276

    it sucks what happen but you are being melodramatic
    get over it

  77. 277

    Re: fattie25 – Keep Canada out of this!!!

  78. 278

    You get it now, and it's bold to admit with humility your mistake and to apologize for it. Keep on keepin' on, and use this to make you stronger and wiser, and to help others grow as well.

  79. 279

    Perez ,are you still going to hurt people with your words ? or are gonna change ? because talking shit about celebrities can be violence too ,you destroy families and careers ,that's awful

  80. 280


  81. 281

    Re: Modesto

    Why should he… Fergie IS an ugly bitch.

  82. 282

    Really Perez? You bash other celebrities for a living! Your right that nothing like this has ever happened in the four years you've been talking bad about people but it's about time it has. You should be apoligizing for affending tons of celebrities instead of the gay community for using the f word. What you say is repulisive and I back up will i am and the black eyed peas 100%. They did not deserve to get bashed and Fergie didn't deserve to be called fugly or anything else you said. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  83. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: Minnesnowta – my thoughts exactly this cowabunga is stressing me out with all his fucking melodrama I really need to crack his fat ass.

  84. Bytch says – reply to this


    You apologize then still justify why you did it as though it is understandable. Fuck you. If anyone publicly liked you then, they sure don't now. Lady GaGa was standing there and doesn't even want to comment on your pathetic ass. Actually, I like her now.

  85. 285

    I do not see how Will.I.Am is wrong at all in this situation. He did not hit you. He did not dehumanize you with gay slurs. To insinuate that he planned the attack is disingenuous and is just trying to make a lawsuit juicier.

  86. 286

    You say violence is bad, but what about how you bully people via your site??? yOU CONSTANTLY CAUSE EMOTIONAL HARM, AND VIOLENCE. UGH.

  87. 287

    Perez apologized so he won't lose his sponsors

  88. 288

    This is nothing but damage control since it's been all over the news with Perez and his hypocrisy. Too late.

  89. 289

    TOO late and very insincere. How about sending some money to the families in Toronto that lost a love one because you tied up the emergency phone lines with your stupid tweet.

  90. 290

    Re: anteater26 – OF FUCK YOU!! PETA DOES NOT SUCK!! go read about how many victories they've had and how much they've accomplished. fucker

  91. 291

    very mature and noble, i respect you perez, your awesome, fuk william!

  92. 292

    its a couragous thing you've done perez,

    apologizing is not easy
    but i dont think anyone couldve said it better

  93. 293

    Re: cigarro – totally agree.

  94. 294

    you seem really nice… good for you..! :)

  95. fiera says – reply to this


    The fact that you acknowledge your own mistakes and apologize for it says alot!!! Stay strong Perez and I hope that everything turns out right in the end. Sometimes, it takes a horrible experience like the one that happened this past weekend for the ones involved to reflect and check themselves for their actions.

  96. 296

    Perez is a fat piece of shit. Hes also incredibly ugly and an arrogant moron.

  97. 297

    Very nice apology! It takes a strong man to admit when he's wrong. Don't let the haters get to you!

  98. 298

    Jerks should always get punched in the face… ALWAYS!! Maybe then they will think twice about being a jerk. They shouldn't be shot, stabbed, or any other thought someone might have, but JERKS SHOULD ALWAYS BE SLAPPED OR PUNCHED IN THE FACE! Your apology shows a humble man, well done! But I still believe JERKS SHOULD ALWAYS BE PUNCHED OR SLAPPED IN THE FACE!!

  99. 299

    You can say "I'm sorry" how much you want to the gay communities, but WILL SAY "I'M SORRY" TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE THAT YOU HURT??

    'Cause that this is so much painful than a phisical attack.

    Bruises will disapear, what you do on people's mind remains…

  100. 300

    Re: Melanophob – Did you think that up all by yourself??


    Dear Perez,
    I have a new word for you.

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