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I'm Sorry

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"People make mistakes. I have made many in my life, but this past week I have made more than I can count on one hand.

I am sorry. And I mean it. No one is forcing me to write this. I am not feeling pressured to say this. I am speaking out because I realize that the last few days have been more hurtful to me - and many others - than the repeated blows I suffered to my head in Toronto this past weekend.

I have been filled with incredible sadness and regret.

I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word - that's been personally used against me and the gay community - to hurt someone that was verbally attacking me. It was stupid.

Apologizing for me is not easy. Writing this was not easy. Life is not easy. But everything happens for a reason and I will take away a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.

Violence is never the answer. Never.

Victims should not be mocked.

The "F" word will never be uttered from my lips again. Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt - or as part of their everyday speech - I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well.

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. I should have been the bigger man and walked away from an unfortunate situation. Instead, I chose - in a very misguided way - to stand up for myself and only made things worse by how I - under pressure, anger and extreme emotion - handled the situation.

I am sorry.

I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.

I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words, and to all the people who have ever emailed me to thank me for all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years.

I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not.

I will be donating any money collected from my lawsuit against Polo Molina, road manager for the Black Eyed Peas, to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

And I will continue to speak out for equality and support the great work done by LGBT organizations, such as LAMBDA Legal and HRC.



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  1. lib says – reply to this


    a couple of weeks ago Aubrey O'Day was robbed in an allyway and YOU SAID SHE DESERVED IT. YOU CALLED INSINUATED IT WAS HER FAULT FOR WALKING DOWN A ALLYWAY since she was a dumb BLONDE and it is CLICHE. IRony much???????????? Robbery is ILLLEGAL TOO? THINK ABOUT IT! :)

    Article::::::: Wednesday afternoon, Aubrey O'Day, fired Danity Kane singer, was slated to shoot photos with TV Guide. As she made her way to the building through a nearby alleyway, someone came from behind her and stole all the belongings she was holding, including an expensive dress by designer Zac Posen.

    Or so she claims.

    With her crap stolen, she was forced to wear something that was off the rack at the TV Guide studio.

    Oh, the horror!

    Speaking of horror, have you never seen a scary movie Aubrey? Bad shiz always goes down when the dumb blonde goes down an alleyway!

    But on a lighter note, her pooch Gi

  2. 502

    Did you apologize to Dustin Lance Black?
    You're a self proclaimed "gay rights activist"….
    He is a gay man…. You've backstabbed him…. It's hard to imagine the humiliation, emotional distress, pain and mental anguish you caused him.

  3. 503

    I wish I could say that my respect for you has been earned, but honestly. I don't think I ever respected you as a human being. You are just way to hurtful sometimes towards some of the celebs. Miley, a 16 year old girl does not deserve what she gets from you, a 30 year old man. Neither does Jenn Aniston, or even Evan Rachel Wood (as annoying as she is) for that matter
    I am surprised this hasn't happened sooner. I don't condone what was done to you, but you did provoke him by verbally abusing him, You could have taken the higher road and just walked away, then I may have had some respect for you.
    I wonder how much this series of events have changed you. You say you won't ever utter the "F" word again. But how will your blog change? Will you still be just as hurtful and mean?

  4. 504

    Your apology was nice but you got what you deserved. You reap what you sow. Yes, you do have the right to say what you want, but that doesn't mean you can say anything without consequences. Every one is not going to respect your right to say what you want to while disrespecting them. Because you're going to run into somebody that's going to f*** you up and you did that the other night. There's a proper way to critique people and you don't do that. Yoou do it in a malicious b**** way. I hope someone else beats your ass worse than what you got so you can see that their are consequences for not only actions but your words as well.

  5. 505

    I think that was cool.

  6. 506

    WOW, that must have been some punch in the face………

  7. 507

    I understand where you were coming from. I think people need to understand what kind of situation you were in…
    I know you would never use such words on an everyday basis.
    This was a situation where you felt threatened and violated.
    I hope the gay community and the world as a whole will understand you and not condone you for your actions.
    I'm sure you apology was greatly appreciated and I hope people take it seriously! This has obviously been a tough week for you and I hope you find the strength and support to push through it and grow as a person.

  8. 508

    You are going to sue???? You puke, you deserve all the grief you get! William ought to sue you! You ripped the crud out of a girl for her opinion, and I just bet you got great joy out of HER pain! Just remember, what goes around comes around!!! Your pain is well deserved! She didn't attack YOU personally, but you did your best to tear her up personally! I guess the fact that she doesn't agree with you, she deserved it….right? How closed minded can you be?

  9. 509

    finally..something sincere. but u still deserved it. u had it coming blah blah blah. now we can put this behind us. but i still hate u and will continue to view your site. im still team Wil.I.Am. don't want to see u standing up for my rights.

  10. 510

    This is becoming like the Letterman/Palin girl thing. You have already apologized, and those of us that understand that things come out sometimes before you really think, have accepted. If people can't accept that, F**K em. Quit apologizing. They are still going to visit your site.
    P.S. Don't compare yourself to I.W. It isn't exactly the same

  11. 511

    I have never posted here, but I am an avid followed of yours. I felt like I needed to comment though. I think it was very sincere and brave of you to say all this. I have personally learned something from this too for I see have seen how awful violence is and never the answer, but words can be like violence as well too. Therefore I dont think I will be visiting this site again, just because I dont want to support hate and cruelty even if it is only about celebs and just in jest, I know we deal with this in real life enough and I dont want that on my mind. But I think you are very sweet and amazing for all you have done in the past days, keep your head up bb. You have shown that you are compassionate and I would like to leave on a good note. You are beautiful though don't forget that.

  12. 512

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz insomnia sucks!

  13. 513

    i hate to say this but i do admire you for apologizing. and while you're at it, apologize also to the underage girls you called "slut" or "whore" in your past blogs. it's never too late to be a good person mario. being outspoken about your opinions and being totally mean/rude to anybody are different things. i'm glad you learned something from this experience. i know i said a lot of horrible stuff to you and i also apologize for that. just keep your end of the bargain and i'm sure a lot of haters will start looking at you for what you really are. peace and take care :)

  14. 514

    hey perez, i watched your vblog again, and i heard you say i didn't deserve this, no one deserves this, no one should be treated this way…can the same not be said of those you verbally abuse and hurt each day. the more i consider the hypocrisy, the more upset i get. That being said, I think we are all catty and hurtful at times, and need to learn lessons. I think you have done tremendous good in getting issues of equality, gay rights and the harm of Prop 8 out there. I wish you the best.

  15. 515

    Perez- Please don't be so hard on yourself. In times of chaos people sometimes say things they don't mean. The fact that you apologized and accepted personal responsibility speaks volumes about your character. Best of luck to you while you venture through this time in your life. Keep up the great work. - Miranda from Michigan

  16. 516

    Also, way to be the bigger man, but still file a lawsuit. Didn't your dumb teeth ever get knocked in when you were young? Judging by your shock (PPL GET ANGRY, PEREZ, OMG!), you were probably smarter back then and decided to keep your teeth closed.

    Remember the lesson, manboobs.

  17. 517

    Blah blah blah.
    Whatever Perez. You're boring me.

  18. 518

    You're fake. You go by a fake name. You're a loser who hides behind a computer screen and can't hold his own in a public situation. Get over it. What I find interesting is that in a tough situation, the only word you could come up with was that one. Great job, way to use your words, "Perez". You can dish it out but you can't take it, which is pathetic. Do you know how horrible you make people feel on a daily basis? When someone actually turns the table you act like a child. You had it coming and I am happy you made a fool out of yourself and are continuing to do so.

  19. N3554 says – reply to this


    It's okay, Perez. I know you feel extra pressured because you're a celebrity. We all say things we regret here and there. We are HUMAN and thrive off of nothing but imperfection. Always forgiven, bbz.

  20. 520

    I think it is great that you are trying to make ammends and do right in this situation. The fact is we are all only human and it just so happens that sometimes we say and do things we do not mean and I genuinely believe you did not mean what you said and that you are truly sorry. I personally love your blog and while I know at times it can be a little raunchy or distasteful the fact of the matter is that is what makes it fun and appealing. People truly need to lighten up a little if you ask me…I read people dissing the things you do in real life (such as the incident you are speaking of above) and things you put on your blog and all I have to say is people need to not be so uptight and they need to get the hell of their high horse. I have never met anyone who is perfect and I don't think just because you are in the public eye that you should have to walk around on egg shells worrying about trying to be perfect. It was a mistake and you have been the bigger person and admitted it and tried to do right, if people cannot accept that then screw them. And another thing I don't care what you did or said no one, and I mean no one had the right to physically harm you…It's as the saying goes sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us.

  21. 521

    "i'm sorry, but i'm still suing for getting slapped…

    Your grandfather would look at you and say, good so far son, but finish the apology and drop the lawsuit. whoever hit you was wrong, but it was in the heat of the moment, boys/men get in scraps all their lives, and by your own words you were the one to throw the gasoline on the fire.

    be the better man and drop everything. even if you donated the money to the poorest orphan on the street, the lawsuit is still puerile and undermines any credibility of this apology.

  22. 522

    Uauu Perez!! eres una gran persona, siempre te e admirado y con essto mucho mas! Soy un gay Venezolano que se vino a vivir a Mexico porque su familia no lo quiere ver mas! y cada vez que entro a tu blog uauu es como decir si puedo salir adelante, te admiro loco y espero que nunca dejes caer esa chispa que tienes que te hace ser lo que eres!


  23. 523


  24. 524

    This too shall pass! Onward ho! We'll keep reading, if you keep making us laugh! In the great words of Gaga, JUST DANCE!

  25. 525

    Honestly I don't believe you, you have never shown any sensitivity for others feelings. You are just using this to further your agenda which is self promotion.

  26. 526

    Good for you Perez. Sounds like you are also growing, and maturing from this too. Anyhoo, I am glad that you are learning so much from this. Well stay strong, and cheerful. byebye.

  27. 527

    OMG Enough already!!! Perez, you were wrong, Will.i.am was wrong. Let's just end it. It all seems so contrived at this point.

  28. 528

    This is not an apology. You have not accepted responsibility for starting a serious altercation. When you apologize to GLAAD and drop your stupid lawsuit over a bruise that Angelina Jolie takes in stride shooting movies, that will be an apology.

    You have come unglued — the pressures of hitting the big time have turned your head into a blimp. Time to come out of the clouds and act like a human being instead of the schoolboy bully who can't take it when somebody stands him down.

  29. 529

    good boy p. we love you. and forgive you. everyone says stupid things sometimes. especially when someone else acts like an asshole first.

  30. 530

    PEREZ! Please don't beat yourself up about this, it was NOT your fault! Will.i.am is a little bitch for making his manager do his dirty work. No one should act like that. You NEVER deserved violence. Anyone who says otherwise is hateful and hides behind their little avatar spewing poison at you from a safe distance. You are successful and LOVED! I encourage you to sue because you need to show the world that they MUST support the victim (you). Do not apologize for what you said, by using that word you are taking its power away. You must forgive yourself.

  31. 531

    perez.. you are a fucktard. just please shut the fuck up. fucktard.

  32. 532

    I LOVE YOU! And i am glad you wrote that heart felt message

  33. 533

    extremely hypocritical you are. i'm glad you're apologizing for it. it is somewhat commendable.

  34. MvM says – reply to this


    First at all Perez you are so sweet a true person i am huge fan of yours come to Portugal we love you.
    In this case i like to say i am with you no matter what against violence always actually i hate BEP so lool. If i have the right to say i few words i choose I support PEREZ HILTON.
    In case you have some time to read my message i will love that.
    A big and sweet hug and kisses.

  35. 535

    You just can't out and out apologize, can you? You have to mention all the good work you've done promoting equality to make yourself look like not such a bad guy and mention the fact that you got punched in the head to explain your actions. What you did was wrong. Slandering people got you into this situation, shutting your website will get you out. But you think you're a celebrity, so that will never happen. Good luck finding happiness. Karma's a Bitch.

  36. 536

    "I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality MAY be tainted by me RECLAIMING a hurtful word"?

    so now you are drawing parallels between your use of a slur to attack someone and the ACTUAL reclaiming of the n-word in black culture to be a term of endearment?

    Mr. Hilton, it was at this point that this apology lost credibility for me. You are simply trying to justify your actions yet again and by taking subtle swipes at the black community at that. You were not reclaiming anything. You were deliberately and maliciously trying to attack and embarrass someone by calling them a *f*cking f*ggot*. Don't insult our intelligence.

    This so called apology is oozing with a sense of self-righteous indignation and an insincere attempt at damage control to cover your ass from being called on being a hypocrite… hence this sudden and oh-so-convenient change of heart about the Isiah Washington debacle.

    I don't think there's any hope for you as far as true introspection and sincere repentence. Maybe you should just drop it.

  37. 537

    and stop it with the amazeballs. it ain't happening. fucktard

  38. 538

    FUCK YOU! you are the world's biggest hypocrite dude…have some respect for yourself PLEASE…will.i.am fuckin rocks…and you are acting so immature and stupid by posting freaking videos to transmit messages like 'NEVER use violence' and bla bla bla…once again FUCK YOU! bastard! gay rights are completely stupid..i mean come on! things should be done as they have been said…God created a man and woman so they could be together, thats what the bible states…and gays and lesbians are fucking this world! I HATE PEREZ…I FUCKING HATE YOU! AND YOU BETTER START APOLOGIZING TO THE BLAC EYED PEAS…THEY COMPLETELY ROCK…AND YOU ARE JUST A STUPID GAY WHO'S A COMPLETE HYPOCRITE AND LOSER! GET A LIFE AND STOP WRITING ABOUT PEOPLE'S DRAMA…ITS OBVIOUS THAT SOONER OR LATER YOU'D GET A PUNCH IN YOU FUCKIN EYE…HOW CAN YOU NOT EXPECT IT…YOU TALK SHIT ON PEOPLE…YOU SHOULD DESERVE MORE THAN SEVERAL BUCNHES…I WISH THEY'H KICKED YOUR FUCKIN ASS AND BREAK IT INTO TWO FAT PIECES!

  39. 539

    hey perez…
    ever heard the term. "the pen is mightier than the sword"?
    think about it you pos.
    what you write about people does have an effect.
    maybe your little incident will remind you that they are people too.
    just like you…
    hiding behind "it's only words" is complete bs.
    get a fucking clue.

  40. 540





  41. 541

    Fuck you, Perez.

  42. 542

    You are great! Very noble and strong, keep your head up, they are as many people who support you than haters.

    Team Perez!

  43. 543

    It's not a big deal!!! At least you're actually gay, it's just a word! I realize it represents hate, but black people use the "N" word, girls use the "B" word, etc. etc. People just want to hate you

  44. 544

    Well said except for the "dig" to GLAAD. That comment ditracted from the sincerity of your words. Having said that, what humility you have shown.Let's move on!

  45. 545

    You should also stop making crude remarks about women.

  46. 546

    Hey Mario! everyone makes mistakes, but it takes a strong person to apologize for those mistakes… don't sweat the small stuff cuz in the end the only ones who truly matter are your family and close friends ;) ….and remember….MIAMI, FLORIDA LOVES YOU!!!!!

  47. 547

    And while your at it, STOP CALLING WOMEN SLUTS AND WHORES ALL THE TIME! We have as mutch right as men to have an active sexlife! And mocking women who are just living their life is not really doing much for ecuallity of the sexes eather! Think of THAT next time Miley whatshername poses for pictures or some girl decides to sleep with a married man. Who is the bigger whore!?!?

  48. 548

    Anyone who cannot see that this is just him justifying and defending himself AGAIN needs some serious analytical reading skills. I do not think he deserved to be hit, at all, but maybe this knocked some reality into him. You cannot always trash talk people and not expect a backlash.

  49. 549

    Yawn. Yet another "apology" after you realized the dreadful effect your selfish, disgusting self has had on your "blog" and "career". You truly are the "fugly" one "Perez".

  50. 550



  51. 551


    Please don't sweat it too much. We all say things out of emotion we don't mean. My husband died when he was 30. I few weeks after his death a friend of the family commented that she wished her husband would die. Then she saw me sitting there and freaked. I didn't take her comment to heart. And no one should take yours to heart either. You were reacting to a situation, that's all. Anyone who makes more of it needs real problems to deal with.

  52. 552

    it's couldn't care less. could care less = possible to care less = make no sense. love ya!

  53. 553

    good for you, perez. this is really sincere and everyone who was hurt by your choice of language should forgive you. bravo for your strength, this is not an easy thing to do.

  54. 554

    Perez baby, we forgive you. We are behind you. EVERYONE makes mistakes. It slipped. Look at all the good you've done. You're not a saint Perez-it isn't right for people to expect you to be perfect just because you're a celebrity and your job is to critique other celebrities lives. Calm down. They is no need to continuiously apologize. We get it boo. Chill. You're doing great Perez. They are always haters out there that just hide in the shrubs waiting to pounce you when you're down-(any chance they can get) and that's what is exactly is happening to you. I think people are making a big deal about it because who you are and because what you say about others. If I said it one of my gay friends would slap me and that'd be the end of it. But no need to stay on your knees begging america for forgiveness. Stand strong. You make a mistake. We all do. Stop looking at your faults-thats what the haters are here for. You keep your head clear and positive for that court hearing babes. Stay strong.
    Love ya,
    Melanie :]

  55. 555

    I don't believe Perez's bullshit. Yeah, you apologized so your "loving" 10 person fanbase can come crawling back to you. Look at your fugly fatass face in the mirror. You SHOULD have been the bigger man and walked away. But that's just who you are Perez. You saw an opportunity to get your name out in the press, and you used every bitchy drama-queen premenstrual thing you could to do that. And than, you fake this apology to make you look like the good guy. You can't be sorry for who you are, Mario, because that will NEVER change. You will forever be known as the 450 wrinkly pedophile that had no contribution to society. Why don't you grow a pair and not make these public announcements like your the Queen of Douche-land just for attention.

  56. 556

    I think it is a wonderful thing - and a wonderful example you're setting - to take responsibility for your actions/words. It's easy to cast total blame. It takes strength to acknowledge your own mistakes. Few situations are totally one sided (one person is totally wrong, the other did nothing wrong.) You said something you shouldn't. He hit you and he shouldn't. Good for you for standing up. This statement serves as an example for others. Hopefully we can all have the courage to accept self responsibility in our every day lives.

  57. 557

    No worries, it's a storm in a teacup. Apparently we share the same birthday so I empathize. I challenge you to rise above this lunacy.

  58. 558

    You need to apologize to Will. I. Am. for saying he hit you, you hypocrite.

  59. 559

    honestly perez your gunna lose in the lawsuit unless you have alot of eye witnesses and picture prooff of the person actually punching you.. give it up hun please.

  60. 560

    Re: sherwood – psycho..

  61. 561


  62. 562

    You challange them to quit using a word? what, u use it so much that is a challenge? everybody saw the video,ure just stupid

  63. 563

    Re: reinbeau – THIS is what you finally believe?! It's just trying to make people feel sorry for him…again.

  64. 564

    If it makes you feel any better

    Fergie is fugly, indeed.

    We all back you up on that one, heh!

    The F word really does not compare to several punches in the face
    it IS offending, yes, but I am ABSOLUTELY sure that this Will.I.Am dude has said far worse words in other occasions and it did not get as bad as you saying it to him.

    So what? you called him that, PLEASE
    How stupid can a grown man be to punch someone in the face because he was called the F word.

    Grow the fuck up, BEP and posse

  65. 565

    I'm proud of you perez…I matched next to you in Los Angeles this last year…I've made many mistakes in life. I was hoping you would own up to this mistake…you'll come away from this situation stronger. Please take into consideration the children of our universe…they need our love and support…Bravo!!!!!!!

  66. 566

    alright Perez. This a virgin comment. I have been reading your blog on and off since its early conception, but for the first time I have decide to write a comment. I feel like today you have become more than just blogger who feeds my daily grind for gossip. I didn't care about your self-promotions, I only wanted the citric celebrity juice you squeeze everyday. But today I realized there's actually pulp within the orange. Thanks for apologizing. As a proud gay man, I can now completely emphatize with your traumatic experience. Yes WORDS do hurt and the "F" word hurts just as much if not much worse than a physical blow because it can lead to bigger consequences such as HATE crimes. Again, your apology has been accepted and thanks for your advocacy. I hope justice will be served.

  67. 567


  68. 568

    I have disagreed with you throught this whole situation. But now I can say that you are truly forgiven. Thank you for being the bigger person and apologizing. We still luv you Perez!

  69. 569

    You are a sad individual. Still slamming people in your apology.
    Do you have any idea how your hurtful words have effected people.
    Just as an example
    I recall when you smirked on the view as you said it wouldn't be on your conscience if Britney Spears committed suicide because of some of your horrific things you had written about her.
    You are such a vicious person who cries wolf the first time the tables are turned on you.
    Ironically all celebrities have said when you are confronted you shy away. If you are so proud of your hateful things you write be a man and stand behind your words, what a coward. You are nothing to be proud of, just a sad pathetic person
    I say it's karma coming back to you. It's time for someone to replace you someone who will do it with more style and ethics. You have peaked, it seems hollywood is already turning on you.
    See Ya Mario

  70. 570

    Re: HooahGirl

    No. He needs to be hard on himsellf.

    He is quick to call people out when they utter one thing that might be slightly anti gay and he goes through the fucking roof.

    He needs to understand that other people make mistakes, and not to be so damn hard on them when they do.

  71. 571

    PEREZ!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU! we know you said it out of rage and didn't mean it in the sense everyone else is making it out to be. please stay strong. ;o)

  72. 572

    I just LOVE how some people will come here and say how much they hate Perez. Why are you here then? If you hate him soooo much? Honestly? Do you not have something better to do? I mean if he isn't sincere the way you want, or you think his apology came "too late".. if you hate him so much why does it bother you so? Over dramatic much?
    Will. I . Am Is a has been, so are the black eyed w/e's, and THIS proved it!
    But then their manager knew that any publicity including bad is good publicity.
    Makes me wonder if sales are down or something….
    As far as this being the end of Perez? I hardly think so. I mean you are all still coming here to see what he is saying aren't you? Even if you don't agree.
    So why don't the people who come here day after day, and bash him and tell him to get a life and shut up take they're own advice?

    *steps off soap box*

  73. 573

    Perez, I know you feel like shit but you are NOT a bad person and this was NOT karma and you DID NOT deserve to be hit. I'm glad you apologized, it was the right thing to do and I think you have learned a lot from this experience.

    You need to quit beating yourself up, and keep blogging. I think its time to let this run it course and blow over.

    Good Luck and Stay Strong

  74. 574

    You slander, make fun of and humiliate people for a living. You completely got what you deserved. You say violence is never the answer, but to insult a celebrity to a point where a concerned employee (Polo Molina) stepped in, is not the same as hitting ? Donating money after you verbally abused someone is not going to make it right. You publicly owe will.i.am an apology for your despicable behavior.

  75. 575

    You're a hypocrite, you "claim" that violence is not the answer to everything, so what about verbal violence? you talk the most shit about everyone here on your blog, so what? you think thats alright? well apparently you do. so you know what you should do? suck it up and grow some balls! people honestly dont care! So…i guess all im trying to here is SHUT THE FUCK UP! and honestly, If dont want people to "threaten" you, i suggest you talk less shit about people here. How do you gain respect when you dont respect others.

  76. 576

    well done perez… very nice of you to do what you did

  77. 577

    "When a great meanness comes my way I get out of the road.

    When those small meannesses come I take them and take them until they accumulate into years of unhealed baggage and we are crushed underneath the weight of it all." –writtingmamma (blogger, 2007)

    When you were attacked physically, it was a great meanness. Unfortunately, you weren't able to get out of the way. Sad.

    When you hurled the epitaph, it was a small meanness. However, you should have understood the 'why' of the reaction. For that roadie, it was probably seen as a racial aggression on your part, only one of a string he has encountered throughout his whole life. As a gay man, you certainly can understand this. You may be lucky that this man can't use "hate crime" reaction as a defense.

    At least this latest appology shows you're finally starting to get it. Honor and integrity, Perez. No more meanness, either large or small. That's the ticket.

  78. 578

    How we endow the so-called enemy is of extreme strategic importance. If we elevate homophobes by investing them with power, they will rise to that expectation and assume the power we give them. Homophobes should be treated in the same way a caring doctor treats a patient. They are frightened. The suffer from a phobia. They need firm guidance and TLC from those of us who are more mature and know better that God is Love, not Fear. We should never validate their nonsense, but we should never doubt the sincerity of their anxiety. It is real, and screaming at them will only elevate it. Allen Ginsberg, one of my mentors, taught me this.

  79. 579

    Re: backseatsurfer9 – Your a moron he is not slander the Black Eyed Peas or their music. He is stating he is suing their road manager and if Will.i.Am sues back that would be poor on his end because he would most likely loose especially if the road manager did do it and since no one has said he hasn't done it then I am assuming he is a bit guilty. Besides dumbass Perez gets sued a lot already so he probably wouldn't care.

    On another note good for you Perez. You are apologizing on your own terms. Hey your only human and all humans lose control hopefully next time you will just walk away.

  80. 580

    This makes me tear up :( I'm sorry too Perez. You're amazing…

  81. 581

    Well, you LIE again. Of course you felt pressured to write this - the whole world is disgusted with you and you just filed a frivolous lawsuit that you ridiculously claim is about protecting your right to free speech so, taking a page out of Angelina's book of deception, you've gotta' try and look like the good guy. Well, you're NOT. And you're NOT the victim here. You were clearly and unquestionably the AGGRESSOR and you continue to be so with these stupid statements. Your facade of humility crumbles to dust with your snide comment about GLAAD, proving that you still refuse to handle this with grace. Maybe some wide-eyed and brainless people buy your claim to innocence but I don't.

  82. 582

    Quote: "Victims should not be mocked." Douche. You, Mario. You belittled the Man for three years and got punked for it. Poke the Tiger and you're going to get bitten. But then, every MAN knows that. You, not so much. Next time, I hope it's enough to shut you up permanently.

  83. 583

    Don't believe his crocodile tears! Contact all of his website advertisers (HBO, TV Land, Mod Cloth, AMI) and demand that they pull their advertising immediately! He's not sorry - he's just sorry he got in trouble.
    Don't forget he called for Isaiah Washington to be fired for making homosexual slurs. Why does Perez think those standards don't apply to him!
    Contact the advertisers - this is the only way to be sure that this type of hate speech is not repeated!

  84. 584

    And one more thing very few have made history by following the rules…so Perez for all the haters out there just ignore them because your doing what you know and they are jealous and dumb because if they really didn't care they wouldn't leave a message. If I see a story i don't care about I don't write hurtful things in hopes that the person who wrote it may look at it…instead I pass it by. Sometimes I disagree with what is on here and I state that clearly, but I don't go around calling anyone a fucktard or something dumb like that seriously what is the average IQ in America that the entertainment industry makes money off of year after year….53 folks. Not even joking that is the term industry leaders call the masses the 53 crowd.

  85. 585

    Re: Faith28 – Sorry; you are wrong. Word can hurt. In fact, words can kill. Ask the parents of any child who committed suicide because of bullies.

  86. 586

    you go girl

  87. 587

    have never seen a uglier face in my entire life.

  88. 588

    Perez….you really dont even have to explain yourself! we have all said something in the heat of the moment …something we might not be too proud of. you're a good person and if no one can understand your P.O.V….that's their problem and they are all a bunch of fukheads. you really shouldnt be saying sorry…but i guess it matters to you because the entire world is connected to you and ur career. u wont even read this but im sending u good vibes. xx

  89. 589

    Re: MrsTenderloinz – hi mrs tenderloinz, um, I mean Perez

  90. 590

    Sorry, Mario. It's not just your words this past week. It is your words over the course of the past FIVE YEARS. It is the way you constantly try to out gay people who cannot, for their own personal reasons, come out of the closet. It is because of the way you treated Dustin lance Black but posting personal pictures online and ridiculing someone who has done more good for the gay community that you ever have. It is because you are an internet bully — someone who chooses words to hurt people the same way a fist hurt you last week. It is because of all of this that the gay community, and many in the straight community will see to it that your website of hate is brought down. Your time, and webite are through. Trust me. It will happen.

  91. 591

    Where's the apology to Jesse Metcalfe and the other Celebs you've laughed at when they've been physically assaulted?

    Yeah, Apologize to the dude who made the same mistake you did.

    Makes you feel less guilty.

    You avoided mentioning the Jesse situation because you wanted to throw in the "violence is never the answer" and have it taken seriously, when everyone who reads this blog has seen you relish, and talk shit when celebs you don't care for get physically assaulted.

    You a Douche, dude.

    The end is Nigh.

  92. 592

    Next week is a new week. :) You Rock Chico! a fergie le huele!

  93. 593

    voilence is always the answer against pigs who runnin their BIG mouth and think they are something their not.always.

    use the bat next time pls.

  94. 594

    Thank you for that :) I am so proud of you for owning up to your mistakes, and donating the money you recieve to a great foundation. All the haters should stop hating because there is not ONE of you that hasn't made a mistake. Also for all of those who are preaching that "Words can hurt more then physical pain" and then go on to use WORDS in an effort to hurt Perez? umm? you do realize you are doing exactly what you say you hate..right? so practice what you preach and stop :)

  95. 595

    Re: BradKreative – Oh shut up. You're defending a man who spreads hate verbally on a daily basis you moron.

  96. 596

    Somebody watched the view today and decided to comment again. ENUFF ALREADY!

  97. 597

    I personally, love you! I think u are too damn funny with everything you write. You're truly unique and i would love 2 kick it wit u. But on some real shit, you talk so much SHIT! NO, you did NOT deserve to be attacked. No one deserves to be hit. But sadly i kinda saw this coming your way. In the video blog you posted as the apology, you said that this type of behavior is how people die. Well, did you ever realize some of the hurtful and nasty things you say about these celebs could set off suicidal thoughts? My love, you have a way with words! These people are human beings they have feelings just like you and I. And the blogs you write about them may very well just be as painful as when will.Iam's manager punched you in the face. He def could have handled everything more maturely but how does the old saying go "karmas a bitch". Time to move on, keep doing what you do and let it go. He'll get what he deserves. But in the meantime, remember everything you do comes back around. Good and bad! I love ya perez! Feel better xoxoxo

  98. 598

    Re: gabboo – The BEP or rather Will I Am's statement is so far and above this crap..he never blames anyone else, just takes responsibility bam, over. Perez says I'm sorry, BUT I was provoked, BUT it wasnt my fault BUT BUT BUT, it doesnt fly with people who believe in responsibility which his supporters clearly dont

  99. 599

    and now this lyin coward mario suddenly backs off a little bit,extends his "statement"…hes got too much shit for his big mouth,advertisers starts to take a look a it and then the hypocrite backs off…

  100. 600

    Can't you apologize without emphasizing over and over again how you were the victim? Some humility would be nice too instead of repeatedly patting yourself on the back. Still seems like you: just. don't. get. it.

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